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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Cubberly, Lewis P.fromHiatt, Anson, L.188392:235
Culbertson, E. J. (Et al.)toBowser, S. F.187790:484
Culbertson, S. V. (Et al.)toEmpie, Thos. B.188393:396
Culbertson, S. V. (Et al.)fromWeakley, H. H.188185:372
Cull, CatherinefromWhite, Jas. B.187975:486
Cull, Cornelius (heirs)fromDidrick, J.187463:249
Cullen, PatrickfromBurgess, Gideon187461:332
Cullen, PatrickfromFry, Frederick187065:478
Cullen, PatricktoGallmeier, Christian187770:539
Cullen, PatricktoQuants, Charles187165:479
Cullen, PatricktoZollinger, Henry C.188079:137
Culler, Eliza J.toDouer, Henry187462:620
Cully, MarthatoHinkle, Wm.187771:334
Cully, MarthafromSheriff188186:87
Cully, MarthatoWhipkey, S. A.188287:411
Cultter, P. A.toBailey, M. S. & I. M.188189:35
Culver, Geo. W.toChappel, Philemon186364:23
Culver, Geo. W.toCooper, Wm.188184:336
Culver, Geo. W.fromHillegass, Jacob186464:23
Culver, HenrytoCulver, Jno.188597:405
Culver, HenrytoLoughlin, Henry187566:440
Culver, HenryfromMason, Henry M.187565:100
Culver, HenryfromMeads, Thomas187565:100
Culver, Jno.fromCulver, Henry188597:405
Cumins, E. W.toConine, H. B.187770:382
Cummings, F. J. T.fromHerrington, E.187888:31
Cummings, J.toMcBennett, F.188183:394
Cummings, J.toMcBennett, F.188183:394
Cummings, J.fromMorgan, O. P.188185:504
Cummings, J.fromWilliams, M. H.187977:146
Cummings, J. L.fromCummings, M. I.188080:19
Cummings, J. L.fromStellwagon, Jos.187775:74
Cummings, J. W. (Et al.)toAuer, Jacob188394:93
Cummings, J. W. (Et al.)toSunderman, Henry188394:90
Cummings, JeremiahtoWilda, A. A.188394:330
Cummings, JerryfromColerick, Maria A.187565:568
Cummings, JerrytoTrarbach, Charles187874:288
Cummings, Jos.fromDunten, H. F.185794:376
Cummings, Judith L.toCummings, Mary J.189773:540
Cummings, L. J. F.toHogle, Belle M.187976:110
Cummings, LuciustoDile, Anna188396:174
Cummings, M. I.toCummings, J. L.188080:19
Cummings, M. I.fromHogle, B. M.187980:19
Cummings, Mary J.fromCummings, Judith L.189773:540
Cummings, T. J. T.toRemmell, Harmon L.187359:571
Cummings, Thos. J. T.fromTemplar, Henry187359:447
Cummins, C. E.toPerkins, Ruth188599:173
Cummins, C. E.fromRuppert, Elias187674:211
Cummins, E. W.fromConino, H. B.187874:102
Cummins, E. W.toFry, John W.188079:522
Cummins, HarrytoDriver, Jno. W.188599:158
Cummins, HenryfromCummins, Moses187465:158
Cummins, HenryfromDreaback, Isaac187875:227
Cummins, J. D.toMettert, W. H.187775:49
Cummins, J. D.fromReichelderfer, Aron188290:268
Cummins, Jos. D.fromHood, Henry G.187272:369
Cummins, Jos. D.fromWebb, Craton187572:368
Cummins, LuciusfromBrown, W. E.188391:366
Cummins, LuenisfromFord, Mary187873:394
Cummins, M. (Et al.)toTraxler, Rosetta188085:363
Cummins, MargarettoBauer, Kajetan J.187461:549
Cummins, MarthafromMills, Samuel188083:306
Cummins, MarthatoRuppert, Manassee188183:107
Cummins, MosestoCummins, Henry187465:158
Cummins, MosestoFox, Margaret Ann187363:606
Cummins, RosafromWebb, M. R.188087:191
Cunie, GenvafromGerardot, Alexis & Lewis187360:481
Cunin, GenevievetoBolyard, Amons187361:517
Cunin, GenevievefromGirardt, Anthony187358:529
Cuningham, J. C.fromFleming, Wm.187771:121
Cunningham, C. S. (Et al.)toBultemeier, Conrad188395:251
Cunningham, J. H. (Et al.)toOglesby, W. B. (Et al.)188496:430
Cunningham, John C.toRemmel, Ada E.188080:251
Cunningham, MarytoHarrod, Jos.188082:207
Cunningham, MaryfromHarrod, Joseph187359:431
Cunnison, J.fromMacKall, M.188080:76
Cunnison, JamesfromCunnison, Robt.187462:358
Cunnison, JamesfromFrazier, Wm. J.187668:306
Cunnison, JamesfromMackall, Monterville188080:76
Cunnison, Jas.fromHanna, Sarah C.188286:376
Cunnison, MatildatoDalman, Chas.188186:112
Cunnison, Robt.toCunnison, James187462:358
Currant, Sylvanus S.fromKeever, Samuel187359:329
Current, Sylvanus S.toBeaber, D. D.188079:300
Current, Sylvanus S.toBeaber, D. Lafayette187462:167
Curry, EmmatoZies, Lewis187978:199
Curry, Jas. (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition187975:447
Curry, JohntoSwayne, M. J.188391:553
Curry, MichaeltoSwayne, Mary C.187772:372
Curry, Michael & JohnfromCommissioners by Partition187975:447
Curtis, MargaretfromWolf, Wm.188081:245
Curtis, Saml. H.fromWilliams, M. H.187978:271
Curtis, Walter E.fromBurgess, Henry188393:60
Cush, James B.toMoynihan, John187360:184
Cushing, MichaeltoKennerk, John186464:126
Cushman, Don AlonzotoCushman, M. C. S.187187:102
Cushman, Don Alonzo (Dec. Will of)to187187:102
Cushman, M. C. S.fromCushman, Don Alonzo187187:102
Custer, EdwardfromCrau, Edward L.187669:69
Custer, Geo. G.toHartman, Nancy A.187361:570
Cutler, Wm. M.fromLillie, Samuel188291:533
Cutshall, E. (Et al.)toAbbott, R. B.188183:397
Cutshall, E. (Et al.)toAbbott, R. B.188183:397
Cutshall, ElizabethfromWood, Laura A.188391:544
Cutshall, Jos.toBittinger, M. H. & A. H.187585:346
Cutshall, Jos. H.toWood, Laura, A.188391:543
Cutshall, Thos.fromKlinger, Isaac188391:99
Cutshall, W. H.toRandall, P. A.188287:149
Cutshall, WillisfromBobay, Adelaide188081:550

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