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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Dacheleiner, John W.toRuthrauff, Henrietta E.187462:54
Dada, Frederick Wm.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal184979:379
Daffom, JohnfromDaffom, William188079:260
Daffom, WilliamtoDaffom, John188079:260
Dafforn, Wm.toHaiber, John187462:349
Dafforn, Wm.fromJeffries, Adam187462:371
Dager, Frederick (et al.)toBandelier, Charles187566:82
Dager, PetertoBandelier, Charles187566:83
Dager, Peter, Sr.toBandelier, Chas.187359:399
Dager, Peter, Sr.toDayer, Magdalena187158:392
Dagne, J. (Et al.)fromSwift, Alphens187182:84
Dague, CatharinetoSwank, Alex187160:210
Dague, E. D.toAdams County Bank of Decatur188183:375
Dague, E. D.toBarone, Isaac [Barrone]187464:82
Dague, E. D.fromPurman, D. C.187874:190
Dague, E. D.toWilliamson, Alex187361:458
Dague, E. D. & M. E.fromBarnhart, John187875:297
Dague, E. D. & M. E.fromRow, John A.187875:296
Dague, E. D. (Et al.)toZollars, Allen187976:434
Dague, Jacob & E. D.fromHough, John187365:313
Dague, Jacob (et al.)toShank, Daniel187773:77
Dague, Jacob (Et al.)toSwaney, S. J.187975:534
Dague, Jacob (Et al.)toVanhorn, A. J. & L.187976:218
Dague, James W.toHart, Jonathan187360:606
Dailey, AmandafromLindenwood Cemetery187668:158
Dailey, Edward T.toDever, John187875:243
Dailey, Edward T. (Et al.)toDailey, Samuel187877:55
Dailey, HenryfromDailey, John187461:552
Dailey, HenrytoDailey, Nancy187461:553
Dailey, JohntoDailey, Henry187461:552
Dailey, John L. & Wm. M. (by atty.) toDever, John187875:243
Dailey, Mary A.toDever, John187875:243
Dailey, NancyfromDailey, Henry187461:553
Dailey, SamuelfromDailey, Edward T. (Et al.)187877:55
Dailey, SamuelfromDever, Clara187877:55
Dailey, SamuelfromEarl, Wm.187362:54
Dailey, SamuelfromManning, Mary A. (Et al.)187877:55
Dailey, SamuelfromMaxfield, O. W. (Et al.)187877:55
Dailey, Samuel fromMcCormick, Martha (Et al.)187877:55
Dailey, SamuelfromMurphy, Geo.187877:55
Dailey, Samuel (Et al.)toDever, John187874:147
Dailey, Samuel (Et al.)toDever, John187875:243
Dailey, Samuel (Et al.)toMcCormick, Martha187877:54
Dallarhite, EmsleytoBoswell, Mary187980:336
Dalman, ChastoFell, Jas. F.188183:162
Dalman, Chas.fromCounty Commissioners188183:31
Dalman, Chas.fromCunnison, Matilda188186:112
Dalman, FrederickfromGers, Sophia188080:326
Dalman, Jno.fromBond, J. D.188598:124
Dalman, JohnfromDalman, Thos.187462:204
Dalman, MaryfromDavis, B. C.187976:432
Dalman, Thos.toDalman, John187462:204
Dalman, WilliamfromJustus, Lewis S.188079:211
Dalman, Wm.toBonard, Donatus187360:215
Dalman, Wm.toSeymore, C. A.187875:162
Dalmon, JohntoMollou, George187667:497
Dalton, TimothytoO'Shaughnessy, Mary187364:80
Dame, AmandafromDidier, F.187566:55
Dame, AmandatoDidier, Francis187771:462
Dammeier, A.toLinker, Henry E.187668:259
Dammeier, HannahfromLange, Wm.187770:77
Dammeier, K.fromLinker, H. E.188082:80
Daniel, AlberttoHerrick, Mary E.187360:351
Daniel, Jas. L.toOber, James M.187771:534
Daniels, AbigalfromEckles, N. P.187875:481
Daniels, Albert H. (Et al.)toSmith, Elizabeth187375:199
Daniels, Harriet A.fromOber, James M.187774:305
Daniels, J. R.fromHollopeter, Jacob186776:544
Daniels, Jas. L.toShirley, Geo. W.187771:534
Daniels, John A.toZise, Lewis187976:545
Daniels, Jos. L.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187566:75
Daniels, Jos. L.fromShirely, H. A.188080:543
Daniels, Jos. S.toShirely, Harriet A.187774:305
Daniels, JosephtoOber, Geo. W.187771:512
Daniels, Joseph L.toDaniels, Saml. D. H.187670:70
Daniels, Margaret S. E.fromErick, Wm. H. (et al.)187372:436
Daniels, Margaret S. E.fromHerrick, Horace (et al.)187372:436
Daniels, Margaret S. E.fromSmith, Elizabeth (et al.)187372:436
Daniels, S. D. H.toOber, H. B.187778:512
Daniels, S. S.fromStevens, Mary187667:445
Daniels, Saml. D. H.fromDaniels, Joseph L.187670:70
Daniels, Saml. D. H.toHeadley, Etiazer187978:135
Daniels, Solon A.fromDaniels, William B. (Et al.)187774:21
Daniels, Solon A.toJames, William187874:22
Daniels, William B.toMarquit, Alfred187873:115
Daniels, William B. (Et al.)toDaniels, Solon A.187774:21
Daniels, Wm. B.toEckles, N. P.187875:480
Daniels, Wm. B.toMarquit, Sarah187365:266
Danneier, Wm.fromFreeings, Jacob188081:191
Dannenfelser, C.fromChase, I. E. (Et al.)188288:454
Dannenfelser, ConradfromHelsel, Jno.187976:81
Danoch, A. M.toCartwright, E. M.187876:250
Danoch, A. M.fromCartwright, J. M.188080:520
Daque, Jacob E. D. & RudolphfromSwift, Alpheus187163:612
Darby, Jno.toCramer, Jno. A.188080:373
Dard, CharlestoDeGray, Alida L.187771:420
Dard, F. L.fromNewland, E. E.187874:473
Dard, F. L.toNewland, E. E.187977:427
Darling, Geo. W.fromBrunkhait, Saml.187271:493
Darling, Geo. W.fromJames, Wm. J.187566:90
Darling, Geo. W.fromJames, Wm. J.187571:543
Darr, Jno.fromBell, Mary A.188079:537
Darr, JohnfromDaugherty, Wm.186769:275
Darr, JohntoWeitfeldt, Henry188182:447
Darroch, A. M.fromCartwright, J. M.187772:231
Darroch, A. M.fromKnepper, C. (Et al.)188080:520
Darrow, D. C.fromBond, S. B.188183:458
Darrow, Jas. R.fromFerrall, J. D. (Et al.)188080:255
Darrow, Jas. R.fromStead, Jos. (Et al.)188080:255
Darst, I. (Et al.)toWork, Robt.187977:13
Darst, PermeliatoBrener, Martin187977:538
Daugherty, A.fromKime, John187463:332
Daugherty, AlfredtoHayden, John W.187566:298
Daugherty, OliverfromMcCahan, Geo.187360:431
Daugherty, Wm.toDarr, John186769:275
Daugherty, Wm.toKnipstein, Frederick187669:53
Daum, E. J.toComway, D. M.187877:466
Daunenfelser, C.fromBrinck, Morris187567:42
Davenport, Colson L.toFairfield, Anna S.197464:68
Davenport, Epha A.fromBurgess, Henry187063:37
Davenport, L. C.toBower, Jno. F.187567:220
David, RoberttoDavis, John Y.187371:78
Davidson, Wm.fromBond, C. D.187360:269
Davidson, Wm.toSummers, John184574:562
Davidson, Wm.fromWilliams, Jesse L.187359:392
Davis, A. S.toErwin, Jeremiah187374:336
Davis, Augusta S.toHough, John187360:44
Davis, Augusta S.fromMcCulloch, Charles187567:4
Davis, Augusta S.fromScheidmantle, John B.187358:531
Davis, B. C.toDalman, Mary187976:432
Davis, Benj.toFrease, Daniel187874:556
Davis, Benj.fromJameyson, Jon187874:555
Davis, CatharinefromWass, Jno.187978:62
Davis, CatherinetoMock, Jacob187978:433
Davis, CharlesfromKamm, John J.187566:162
Davis, Chas. G.toMunson, Chas. A.187873:489
Davis, E. V.fromMeeks, Nancy188080:554
Davis, E. V.toMeeks, Nancy188081:49
Davis, Elias W.fromArcher, John H.187462:431
Davis, Elias W.toDavis, Elizabeth187669:445
Davis, ElizabethfromDavis, Elias W.187669:445
Davis, HellenfromBeaver, Jno.188080:381
Davis, HellenfromWebb, M. A.188080:382
Davis, J. B.fromArgo, M. E.187873:297
Davis, J. B.fromArgo, Martin E.187873:297
Davis, J. B.fromArgo, Martin E.187980:331
Davis, J. B.toMeeks, Nancy187667:237
Davis, J. B.toMeeks, Nancy188081:48
Davis, J. B.fromMeeks, Thos.187667:211
Davis, J. W.toCovington, Thos.186475:442
Davis, John C. & Augusta S.toMcCulloch, Chas.187565:541
Davis, John G.fromBeck, Francis J.187462:74
Davis, John G.toDavis, Samuel T.187567:13
Davis, John Y.fromDavid, Robert187371:78
Davis, Jos. B.toBrandenbury, G. W.188080:556
Davis, Jos. B.toNash, Jno. P.188080:555
Davis, Joseph B.fromMonahan, Ellen & David187564:297
Davis, Joseph P.fromMeeks, Thos.187669:515
Davis, MartinfromDavis, Robt.187373:313
Davis, Nora L.fromDavis, Phraortes187772:355
Davis, P. B.fromAldridge, Erastus187361:17
Davis, P. B.toArcher, John H.187465:64
Davis, P. B. & N. S.fromMcElfatrick, Josiah H.187566:440
Davis, PhraortestoDavis, Nora L.187772:355
Davis, RoberttoDavis, Samuel T.187364:546
Davis, Robt.toDavis, Martin187373:313
Davis, S. T.fromGrout, Mary A.188081:299
Davis, S. T.toMyers, H. G.188183:360
Davis, Saml. T.fromEby, Daniel (Et al.)187873:478
Davis, Saml. T.fromKline, John (Et al.)187873:478
Davis, Samuel T.fromDavis, John G.187567:13
Davis, Samuel T.fromDavis, Robert187364:546
Davis, Samuel T.fromKline, Israel187770:259
Davis, Samuel T.fromSmith, Mary E.187566:571
Davis, W. T.toSweet, Hanna187873:494
Davis, W. W.fromAdams, Wesley188080:564
Davis, Waldo T.fromMills, Francis187872:483
Davis, Wm.toCreditor, Edward H. & Emma187465:11
Davison, C. W.toSlater, Christena W.187668:73
Daw, FredericktoWalton, C. H.187874:244
Dawer, M. E.fromGarver, F. D.187875:22
Dawes, Isaac B.toEarlywine, Wm. H.187873:226
Dawkins, HenryfromBurgess, Henry188393:59
Dawkins, J.toTrustees Jefferson Tp.187463:363
Dawkins, Jno. (Et al.)toMaples, L. S. (Et al.)185777:50
Dawling, B.fromMoriarty, Mary187978:513
Dawson, AmasiahfromDolan, A. H.187978:517
Dawson, C. M.toKingan, James187565:146
Dawson, E. R.toCooper, Lois A.188083:182
Dawson, E. R.toGilbert, David188082:4
Dawson, E. R.toSeibert, Doretha188183:208
Dawson, Elizabeth J.fromBleckman, Henrietta187668:129
Dawson, Emma R.toCoardway, Louis188081:448
Dawson, Emma R.fromPape, Charles187872:536
Dawson, Emma R.fromPeters Box & Lumber Co.187874:119
Dawson, J. W.toFrank, Mollie188081:257
Dawson, J. W.toHaiber, Nicholas187361:74
Dawson, J. W.toKingan, James187565:147
Dawson, J. W.toWillke, Wm.187361:10
Dawson, J. W. & Emma R.fromMorris, Samuel187565:462
Dawson, J. WallacefromEvans, S. Cary187359:460
Dawson, J. WallacefromHolcomb, Jas. E.187873:135
Dawson, J. WallacetoMorris, Samuel187565:461
Dawson, J. WallacetoRichhart, Joseph187771:533
Dawson, John W. (Will of )to187778:341
Dawson, M. J.toAlderman, Frank188182:416
Dawson, Martha J.fromSheriff187670:400
Day, E. R.fromSheriff187873:558
Day, Eli H.fromSnyder, Anna M.188080:144
Day, HenryfromEdsall, W. S.187463:231
Day, HenrytoEvans, S. Cary187462:386
Day, HenrytoGossou, August187462:107
Day, Henry D.fromTons, Wm.187462:487
Dayer, MagdalenafromDager, Peter, Sr.187158:392
Dayer, PeterfromAuditor1873A:64

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