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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Dice, GeorgetoHutchins, Wm. H.187668:195
Dice, HenrytoBrown, Stanley188392:335
Dice, HenrytoDice, John187872:545
Dice, HenryfromHutchins, Permentia187668:234
Dice, HenryfromKeller, Jacob188390:481
Dice, JohnfromDice, Henry187872:545
Dick, Katharine (et al.)toMayer, Wm. & H. Dicke187771:432
Dicke, DedrickfromDicke, Henry188286:461
Dicke, DedricktoDicke, Henry188393:49
Dicke, DiederichfromPaul, H. C.188393:36
Dicke, F.fromHolmes, Joanna188289:15
Dicke, F.fromPepe, Francis188288:342
Dicke, FredericktoForbing, Jno. & J. H.188289:7
Dicke, HenrytoDicke, Dedrick188286:461
Dicke, HenryfromDicke, Dedrick188393:49
Dicke, HenryfromGick, George187976:479
Dicke, HenryfromMeyer, W. D.188286:422
Dicke, HenrytoMeyer, Wm.187873:397
Dicke, HenryfromMeyer, Wm. D.188081:298
Dickenson, H.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Dickerson, Geo. W.toLinden, Geo. W.188080:205
Dickerson, Geo. W.fromSeville, Melissa187873:99
Dickerson, J.fromAuditor187772:28
Dickerson, J.fromGriswold, G. O.188288:363
Dickerson, JeffersonfromTompkins, Eliab H.187360:422
Dickerson, JoshuatoBolyard, Samuel W.187465:601
Dickerson, JoshuatoDugan, James W.187463:449
Dickerson, JoshuafromHough, Jno.187463:128
Dickey, R. B.fromBeard, C. F.187873:519
Dickey, R. B.fromBeard, C. F.187873:519
Dickey, Robt. B.toWaltemath, F.187874:195
Dickson, HenrytoSith, A. J.188599:25
Didier, AlexistoMarchal, Peter187464:350
Didier, AlexisfromViolon, Joseph187359:352
Didier, E. & F.toMulharen, H.188495:300
Didier, F.toDame, Amanda187566:55
Didier, FrancistoBlood, Reuben188286:436
Didier, FrancisfromBlood, Reuben188286:264
Didier, FrancisfromCarmike, W. S.188183:284
Didier, FrancisfromCarnrike, J.188184:38
Didier, FrancisfromDame, Amanda187771:462
Didier, FrancisfromJenkinson, J. J. (Coms.)187978:515
Didier, FrancistoLazzarine, Amedes188079:517
Didier, FrancisfromOrff, Jno.188289:533
Didier, FrancistoOrff, Jno.188289:516
Didier, FrancisfromOrff, Jno.188289:532
Didier, Francis & SophiafromHedekin, Thos. B.187461:449
Didier, FrancoisfromCarnrike, W. S.188183:284
Didier, FrankfromSnyder, Simon187978:195
Didier, FranktoSnyder, Simon188080:65
Didier, J. & A.fromParks, Volney188391:528
Didier, JamestoMeyer, Wm. D.188496:152
Didier, John Jos. C.fromBechtold, Lewis188598:370
Didier, Joseph C.toDeGrattery, Jas.187668:411
Didier, M. D. (Et al.)fromMason, Josephus188182:512
Didier, M. V.fromWartweibe, E. B.187669:317
Didier, Mary V.fromDegrattery, James187668:440
Didier, PhilomanefromMason, Josephus188182:513
Didier, PhilomenetoRandall, P. A.188182:561
Didier, SophiafromMaars, John C.187461:448
Didier, ThiebauttoReid, Adam D.187566:350
Didier, ThiebauttoReid, Rodantha J.187566:349
Didier, ThiebouttoCartwright, Geo. S.187668:203
Didier, ThiebouttoCartwright, Lydia187668:202
Didier, V. & J. C.toRehner, Bernard188079:241
Didier, VictorfromDodane, Francis187875:529
Didrich, JacobtoWery, Henry188496:366
Didrick, J.toCull, Cornelius (heirs)187463:249
Didrick, JacobfromCoverdale, A. S.188596:570
Didrick, JacobfromHumbert, Alex187772:211
Didrick, JacobtoHumbert, Alexander187772:260
Didrick, JacobtoKrudop, Jno. B.187874:55
Didrick, JacobfromKrudop, Jno. B.187874:56
Didrick, JacobtoSheridan, Anna Bell187669:117
Didrick, JacobfromSheridan, Anna Bell (et al.)187669:118
Didricks, JacobfromBerndorf, Wm.187463:15
Didricks, JacobtoCoverdale, A. S.188596:569
Didricks, JacobtoFink, Fred188495:584
Didricks, JacobtoHortsman, Fredk. H.187462:481
Die Dentsche Evan Luth. St. Patris G. U. ConfessionfromTrustees of Ger. E. L. St. P. Cong.188393:462
Diebold, CatherinefromDiebold, Jos.188199:3
Diebold, HenrytoRichard, A. P.188079:360
Diebold, Jas. (Et al.)toSchuhler, John187873:216
Diebold, Jos.toDiebold, Catherine188199:3
Diebold, Jos.toMiller, Anastasia188184:85
Diebold, Jos.fromReichard, A. P.188184:532
Diebold, JosephfromGreene, Mary M.187461:299
Diebold, JosephtoSchilling, John187461:331
Diebold, JosephfromShilling, John187975:384
Diebold, Joseph (Et al.)toDiebold, Katharine187873:153
Diebold, Joseph (Et al.)toHoke, Mary187873:153
Diebold, Joseph (Et al.)toReichard, Andrew P.187873:153
Diebold, KatharinefromDiebold, Joseph (Et al.)187873:153
Diebold, KatharinefromKramer, Barbara (Et al.)187873:153
Diebold, KatherinefromMettler, Catherine (Et al.)187873:153
Diebold, KatherinefromShilling, Elizabeth (Et al.)187873:153
Diebold, KatherinefromWike, Theressa (Et al.)187873:153
Diebold, M.fromBauer, K. J. (Et al.)188290:1
Diebold, M.fromMichael, H. (Et al.)188290:1
Dieckmeyer, MinafromWalda, Wm.187874:30
Dieckmeyer, Wm.toMenze, William188090:83
Diederich, H. W.fromConzelmann, A.188288:576
Diederich, H. W.fromFricke, Augusta188496:280
Diederich, H. W.toList, Susanna188495:270
Diederick, H. W.toHartman, Jno. H.188290:132
Diederick, H. W.fromKoenig, Helena188288:577
Diedier, VictorinefromRehner, B.188079:296
Diedrick & PepefromRoy, Ferdinand Sr.187359:564
Diehe, MichaeltoJacobs, G. & Mary188598:479
Diehl, Eli.fromVaetter, Julius188495:373
Diehl, M. & Co.fromKnentzel, Mary188287&132
Diehl, MichaelfromBittinger, Geo. L.188184:417
Diehl, MichaeltoJohnson, S. E.188495:37
Dieistein, AntontoPage, Wm.187677:575
Diel, Jno.fromHusted, M. J.188188:434
Dienhart, M.toEhle, Wilhelm188185:176
Dienhart, MathiasfromWilliam, John188393:22
Dienhart, MathiastoWilliams, Barbara188494:193
Dierstein, AntontoLahmeyer, Daniel188494:343
Dierstein, C. (Et al.)toHayden, F. J.187876:562
Dierstein, ConradtoClauss, John C.187566:495
Dierstein, ConradtoKeller, Joseph187566:151
Dierstein, FredrickafromLangohr, John W.187770:92
Dierstein, SamueltoHaynes, Frank188080:73
Diersteine, C.toKing, Rachael187976:376
Diersteine, FredfromKing, Rachael188496:208
Dierstine, SamuelfromPickard, Thomas R.187566:482
Dierstine, WilhelminafromBond, C. E.188286:303
Dieterick, A. J.fromVancamp, Jas.188596:234
Diether, C. F.fromTrustees German Methodist E. Ch.187874:241
Diether, L. & Campbell, I. W.fromCooms, Jno. M.188182:320
Diether, L. Campbell, I. W.fromHayden, Eliza H.188182:384
Diether, LouisfromCampbell, I. W.188494:466
Diether, LouisfromDreier, Henry & Wm.187565:190
Diether, LouistoHuestis, W. H.83:4061881
Diether, LouisfromJones, L. M.188289:283
Diether, Wm. A.fromReed, Hugh B.188393:242
Dietrich, Alfred J.fromAuditor186758:269
Dietrick, Alfred J.toBoger, Saml. J.187672:400
Dietrick, D. F.toDeitrick, Jas. A.188495:84
Diffendanfer, H.fromSmith, Mary A.187874:511
Diffendanfer, Sarah & J. M.fromSmith, Mary A.187874:511
Diffendarfer Partition Platto187976:323
Diffendarfer, CatharinetoBonnell, Jno. H.187669:453
Diffendarfer, CatharinefromHire, Elias187566:221
Diffendarfer, F. L.toDiffendarfer, H. C.187876:54
Diffendarfer, F. L.fromDiffendarfer, S.187776:52
Diffendarfer, H.fromDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, H.fromGray, Susan (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, H. (Et al.)toMayer, Theo.188081:218
Diffendarfer, H. (Et al.)toMiller, Wm.187978:411
Diffendarfer, H. C.fromBowers, C. A.188184:183
Diffendarfer, H. C.fromDiffendarfer, F. L.187876:54
Diffendarfer, H. C.fromMeiser, Benj.188188:293
Diffendarfer, Henry C.fromPaige, E. G.187978:170
Diffendarfer, Henry C.toRapp, John187463:573
Diffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, John187875:293
Diffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)toSmith, Barbara187875:290
Diffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)toSmith, Mary A.187875:292
Diffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)toSnyder, Eliza187875:289
Diffendarfer, J. A.toWhite, James B.187873:69
Diffendarfer, J. M.fromDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, J. M.fromGray, Susan (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, J. M.toMayer, Theo.188081:218
Diffendarfer, JacobtoDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187675:511
Diffendarfer, Jacob (heirs)fromSheriff188081:227
Diffendarfer, Jno.fromLeitch, Daniel (Et al.)187875:293
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, H.187874:511
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, J. M.187874:511
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)fromDiffendarfer, Jacob187675:511
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, S. S.187874:511
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, Sarah187874:511
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toGeiger, Augusta187874:511
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toGray, Susan187874:301
Diffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)toLeitch, Mary187874:511
Diffendarfer, JohnfromDiffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)187875:293
Diffendarfer, JohnfromGeiger, Augusta (Et al.)187875:293
Diffendarfer, JohnfromGray, Susan (Et al.)187875:293
Diffendarfer, JohnfromSnyder, George (Et al.)187875:293
Diffendarfer, John (Et al.)fromDiffendarfer, Samuel187675:309
Diffendarfer, S.toDiffendarfer, F. L.187776:52
Diffendarfer, S. I. (Et al.)toMayer, Theo.188081:218
Diffendarfer, S. S.fromDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, S. S.fromGray, Susan (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, Saml.toMayer, Theo.188081:218
Diffendarfer, SamueltoDiffendarfer, John (Et al.)187675:309
Diffendarfer, SamuelfromHeffelfinger, Jeremiah187462:172
Diffendarfer, SamueltoHeffelfinger, Margaret L.187462:551
Diffendarfer, SamueltoHull, Rufus K.187567:100
Diffendarfer, SamueltoMadden, Wm.187569:241
Diffendarfer, SamueltoMorrison, Sarah187462:639
Diffendarfer, SamueltoRoss, Wm.187160:195
Diffendarfer, SarahfromDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarfer, SarahfromGray, Susan (Et al.)187874:511
Diffendarger, Henry C.toRuley, Thomas D.187566:266
Diffenderfer, C.fromShaff, F. M.188391:96
Diffenderfer, H. C.toBaxter, Jas.188084:529
Diffenderfer, H. C.toLehnecke, Catharine188598:152
Diffenderfer, H. C.toOmaus, Geo. W.187978:325
Diffenderfer, H. C.fromRobinson, James187771:285
Diffenderfer, H. C.fromRubey, Thomas D.187872:484
Diffenderfer, H. C.toSpringer, Jacob186793:410
Diffenderfer, H. C.toTonellier, J. J.188187:160
Diffenderfer, S. J. (Et al.)toStraus, F. W. (Et al.)188081:523
Diffendorfer, G. W.fromBrookens, Rachel188392:39
Diffendorfer, G. W.fromBrookens, Ralph187470:187
Diffendorfer, G. W.fromWickliffe, M. S.188392:522
Diffendorfer, H. C.fromAuditor1876A:82
Diffendorffer, H. C.fromMiller, Martha (Et al.)187978:265
Diggins, Charlotte (Guard)toTrustee of New Haven Universal Society187879:238
Dignan, HannahfromDignan, John (Dec.)188196:49
Dignan, JohntoTrustee of JeffersonTp.188079:119
Dignan, John (Dec.)toDignan, Hannah188196:49
Dignan, M. S.fromLindsey, Scott188598:12
Dile, AnnafromCummings, Lucius188396:174
Dile, AnnatoShutt, J. C. & C.188499:187
Dile, AnnafromSowers, Christian187670:543
Dile, AnnafromSowers, Christian187976:409
Dill, AnnatoStuart, John C.187875:203
Dill, GeorgefromHutsel, John W. Sr.187464:145
Dilld, Thos. J.toModewell, J. M.188496:80
Dille & PotterfromDille, Catherine187360:424
Dille & PotterfromWebber, Mary E.187360:424
Dille, C. (Et al.)toMcClaren, E.187091:221
Dille, CatharinefromDille, Jos. H.187772:92
Dille, CatherinetoDille & Potter187360:424
Dille, CatherinetoWebber, Mary E.187360:425
Dille, J. H.fromPotter, Wm. H.187567:320
Dille, Jos. & H.toHaynes, F.188289:314
Dille, Jos. H.toAylsworth, N. J.187667:413
Dille, Jos. H.toDille, Catharine187772:92
Dille, Jos. H.toKeel, A. C.188495:76
Dille, Jos. H.toSwayne, Saml. F.187667:332
Dille, Joseph H.fromSwayne, Saml. F.187669:
Dilley, JohntoNewhouse, Jno.184188:88
Dillman, JacobtoFonner, Wm.187567:311
Dillon, EdwardfromHough, John187463:570
Dillon, ElwoodtoBowman, H.187875:533
Dills, Chas. E.toLindsey, Scott188397:489
Dills, I. J.toDouglass, W. B.188391:487
Dills, Jno. W.fromDavis, Jno. Y.188598:248
Dills, Jno. W.toShutt, S. S.188599:31
Dills, Thos. J.fromCressler, Eliza E. (Et al.)188393:109
Dills, Thos. J.fromJohnosn, Huldah188185:249
Dills, Thos. J.fromJohnson, H. 188184:176
Dills, Thos. J.toJohnson, Huldah188287:116
Dills, Thos. J.toJohnson, Huldah188393:187
Dills, Thos. J.fromMurray, Jane (Et al.)188393:109
Dills, Thos. J.fromSpencer, Ann M. & J. C.188288:478
Dimond, E. A.toRandall, P. A.188288:335
Dimond, HannahtoRandall, Jas. W.188394:75
Dimond, Wallace W.fromHoward, Ilove188080:299
Dinger, Robt.fromWitte, August187565:327
Dingman, ElizabethtoBrown, Chas. H.187463:465
Dingman, ElizabethtoShaffer, Sturgis C.186466:155
Dingman, ElizabethtoWard, Elwood187359:538
Dingman, Geo. W.toKain, Louisa187159:398
Dingman, Geo. W.fromKaine, Samuel187159:397
Dingman, P.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185383:422
Dingman, ScotttoWhite, James B.187361:93
Dinkel, J. C.fromJustus, L. S.188286:308
Dinkel, Jno. C.toRobinson, Caroline188394:420
Dinker, ElizabethfromMatker, Joseph187360:521
Dinklag, E. (et al.)toMeyer, John187872:487
Dinklager, E.toMetkeo, Mary187979:24
Dinkler, E.fromMeyers, Bernard187977:511
Dinkler, E.toMeyers, M.187977:512
Dinnis, Henry C.fromFay, James A.187362:576
Dirkson, HenryfromStudabaker, D. (Coms.)187978:242
Dirkson, HenryfromStudabaker, David (Comr.)188080:409
Dirkson, Jno. (Et al.)fromBrown, John188392:307
Dirkson, JohntoDroge, Henry187976:49
Dirkson, JohnfromSmith, Lucinda187875:469
Dirkson, JohnfromSpangler, Michael (et al.)187567:144
dIsay, A. L.fromSmith, I. A.187874:70
dIsay, A. L.toWhicker, C. A.187975:536
dIsay, Alida L.fromPotter, Joseph L.187872:496
Dishong, AbelfromDishong, William187772:520
Dishong, Morris M. & PeterfromWhite, James B.187360:6
Dishong, Morris W. & PetertoWhite, James B.187566:242
Dishong, WilliamtoDishong, Abel187772:520
Disler, F. P.fromMartin, Jacob L.187669:230
Disler, HenrytoMuller, Victor187771:468
Disler, HenrytoOpdyke187565:464
Disler, I. W.fromTytus, M. E.188495:318
Disler, Ira W.toBaird, Julius W.187465:205
Disler, Ira W.fromMartin, Phebe & Jacob187465:204
Disler, M. A.fromLysher, C. B.188185:313
Disler, Mary A.toOpdyke, D. F. & A. W.187772:539
Disler, SamuelfromMyers, Jacob T.187571:205
Disler, SamuelfromMyers, Keziah187571:206
Disler, Samuel (Et al.)toHasler, John187978:514
Ditmars, H. A. & M. B.fromHutton, H. M. (Et al.)188080:264
Ditmars, H. A. & M. B.fromHutton, Mary A.188080:264
Ditmars, P. (Guard)toWest, F. C.187885:58
Ditsell, Wm.fromKuhne, Emma188183:95
Ditto, MargaretfromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Ditto, MaryfromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Dittoe, A. J. (Et al.)toHoneck, Alex188193:216
Dittoe, A. J. (Et al.)toMoran, P. A.188185:56
Dittoe, M. G. (Et al.) toBrant, F.188185:343
Dittoe, M. G. (Et al.)toCraft, F. (Et al.)188185:343
Dittoe, M. G. (Et al.)toLauer, M. W.188193:56
Dix, EstherfromMisner, A. & G.188494:379
Dix, P. A.fromLadig, Jno. J.188184:230

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