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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Dobbins, H. J.fromReed, Geo. W. (Et al.)188598:524
Dobbins, HenryfromHenderson, Adaline188598:85
Dobler, Theo.fromMetheany, Jno. M.188495:401
Dochrman, Wm.toHahn, M. F.188287:516
Dochrman, Wm.fromMeyers, Maria188081:107
Docter, H. G.fromHerr, Jno. P.188287:142
Doctor, H. G.fromDoctor, Wm. A.188286:230
Doctor, H. G.toZuber, H. S.188286:432
Doctor, HenryfromColeman, Warren & L. F. (Et al.)187873:396
Doctor, Louisa E.fromBrown, Geo. F.187668:529
Doctor, N. C.toAshley, Geo. L.187977:464
Doctor, N. C. & S. A.toAshley, G. L. & T. H.187977:415
Doctor, N. C. & S. A.fromAshley, Geo. L.187977:539
Doctor, N. C. & S. A.fromAshley, T. H.187977:414
Doctor, N. C. & S. A.fromGreer, E. M.187977:444
Doctor, Nathan C.toBarthold, Fredk. L.187360:282
Doctor, Nathan C. & S. A.fromAshley, George L.187672:379
Doctor, Wm. A.toDoctor, H. G.188286:230
Dodain, CarolinefromCommissioners by Partition187976:540
Dodain, EdwardfromCommissioners by Partition187976:540
Dodain, FrancisfromCommissioners by Partition187976:540
Dodain, JosephfromCommissioners by Partition187976:540
Dodain, PhilomenafromCommissioners by Partition187976:540
Dodain, RosafromCommissioners by Partition187976:540
Dodane, EdwardtoDodane, Francis188080:489
Dodane, EdwardfromDodane, Jos.188597:540
Dodane, FrancistoBoiteux, G. & F.187976:539
Dodane, FrancistoDidier, Victor187875:529
Dodane, FrancisfromDodane, Edward188080:489
Dodane, FrancistoMonot, Peter M.187773:337
Dodane, Jos.toDodane, Edward188597:540
Dodane,J. & E.fromLangard, Rosalie188494:73
Dodez, G. C. (Adm.)toHatmeyer, E. C.188495:121
Dodez, HelenfromArmstrong, Malinda187670:303
Dodez, HelentoBash, Soloman188081:356
Dodge, Jno.fromStrope, Letta188494:95
Dodge, Jno.toTaylor, R. E.188497:529
Dodine, FrancisfromLungard, John188392:162
Doeheman, Wm.toZuber, Nicholas188393:444
Doehnnan, WilliamtoKliener, John188080:173
Doehnnann, HenrytoBoyle, Mary188079:51
Doehrman, F.fromNahrwold, Conrad188288:228
Doehrman, WilliamfromBunck, Conrad187772:310
Doehrman, Wm.fromMorris, E. J.188495:410
Doehrman, Wm.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188391:39
Doehrman, Wm.toSchramm, F. J.188394:13
Doehrman, Wm.fromWaltemath, H.188182:437
Doelker, CarolinetoWilkens, Christian187667:295
Doelker, Jacob (et al.)toFischer, Isaac186667:491
Doenges, C.fromStein, Peter188599:182
Doenges, FrederickfromKirsch, Carl188080:286
Doenges, S.fromStein, Peter188599:182
Doenges, Wm. (Et al.)fromLichtsinn, Wm.188496:129
Doenzies, JohnfromVanVoorhis, Frank187360:273
Doerfler, GeorgetoEckert, Fredk.187464:305
Doering, C. A. (Et al.)toKentner, E. S.188182:201
Doermer, Peter Jr.fromLumbard, S. C.188495:629
Doetor, NeeurytoColeman, Mary187874:383
Doggett, A. J. toCooper, Jas. S.187874:120
Doggett, A. J.fromPool, Saml.187788:162
Dolan, A. H.toDawson, Amasiah187978:517
Dolan, C.toDolan, N.187463:416
Dolan, Catharine (et al.)toDolan, Charles1875699:306
Dolan, CharlesfromDolan, Catharine (et al.)1875699:306
Dolan, Chas.toCrow, Mary A.187462:452
Dolan, Chas.fromNelson, Wm. R.187358:541
Dolan, N.fromDolan, C.187463:416
Dole, F. B.toLipes, D. H.188393:494
Dole, FranklinfromLipes, D. H.188183:465
Dolhage, SophiatoRose, Chas. W., Sr.187168:399
Dolin, Cynthia AnnfromOrff, E. A.187875:585
Dolin, EllafromSheriff187977:51
Dolin, Jno., Jr.toOrff, Esther A.187772:527
Dolin, LucettafromFair, Peter187979:128
Dolin, LucettafromHand, Wm. E.187272:352
Dolin, LucettatoHand, Wm. E.187772:352
Dolin, LucettatoHand, Wm. E.187979:129
Dolin, RobertfromBailey, Peter B.185879:33
Dolin, RobertfromLong, Henry F.187359:418
Dolin, RoberttoSchomp, David187358:394
Dolin, S. E.toCartwright, Alex188288:503
Dolin, S. EllenfromMaichal, Jno. C.187977:329
Doll, FredericktoLower, Jesse187564:453
Dollarhite, AlexfromBatchelder, J. R.188185:417
Dollarhite, AlexfromDollarhite, Emsley188392:501
Dollarhite, AlextoDollarhite, J. & I.188497:143
Dollarhite, AlexfromLarge, Saml. E.187668:195
Dollarhite, AlextoLuce, Wm.187669:113
Dollarhite, AlexfromRicketts, Elisabeth188392:502
Dollarhite, E.toDollarhite, Ison188294:102
Dollarhite, E.fromSmall, John187875:200
Dollarhite, E.toStewart, E.187577:397
Dollarhite, E. & E.fromWillbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)188079:163
Dollarhite, EmsleyfromBoswell, Mary187978:391
Dollarhite, EmsleytoBoswell, Mary, Sr.187262:230
Dollarhite, EmsleytoDollarhite, Alex188392:501
Dollarhite, EmsleyfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187567:438
Dollarhite, EmsleytoStewert, Elizabeth187264:73
Dollarhite, IsonfromDollarhite, E.188294:102
Dollarhite, J. & I.fromDollarhite, Alex188497:143
Dollerhite, AlexfromDollerhite, Emsley188292:181
Dollerhite, Alex (Et al.)fromDollerhite, Emsley188392:84
Dollerhite, E.fromThomas, Wm.188185:289
Dollerhite, EmsleytoDollerhite, Alex188292:181
Dollerhite, EmsleytoDollerhite, Alex (Et al.)188392:84
Dollerhite, EmsleytoDollerhite, Isom188292:180
Dollerhite, EmsleytoDollerhite, Jno.188292:182
Dollerhite, IsomfromDollerhite, Emsley188292:180
Dollerhite, Jno.fromDollerhite, Emsley188292:182
Dollman, E. & F.fromMason, Jas.184391:220
Dolman, CharlestoDolman, Frederick187667:396
Dolman, CharlesfromDolman, Frederick187667:394
Dolman, CharlestoTrustees Union Church187671:155
Dolman, FredericktoDolman, Charles187667:394
Dolman, FrederickfromDolman, Charles187667:396
Domte, E. & C.fromThiel, Wm.188286:294
Domte, Wm.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:9
Donaby, JamesfromGridley, L. H. (Et al.)188597:533
Donahay, JanetoDonahoe, Peter188082:2
Donahoe, B.toDonahoe, Peter188082:3
Donahoe, FlorencetoTresselt, Christian188080:439
Donahoe, HughtoShaw, David J.187567:139
Donahoe, Jno. (et al.)fromMcGuyre, T.187566:104
Donahoe, PeterfromDonahay, Jane188082:2
Donahoe, PeterfromDonahoe, B.188082:3
Donahoe, PeterfromDonahoe, Rosey188082:3
Donahoe, PeterfromShaw, David J.187667:164
Donahoe, RoseytoDonahoe, Peter188082:3
Donahue, Anna M.fromSheriff187875:129
Donahue, MaryfromBowen, Geo. W.188183:420
Donahue, SusantoRose, Mathias187565:402
Donaldson, Wm. S.toSlagle, Geo. B.187361:292
Donart, JanetoSteinman, Jno.188185:105
Dondeck, AugustfromPepe, Paul187873:243
Donges, F.fromDonges, John187669:138
Donges, FredericktoSchroeder, Wm.187771:332
Donges, JohntoDonges, F.187669:138
Donges, MinafromHellman, Fred188393:459
Donley, S. A.toPeters, J. C. & M.188495:224
Donley, S. A.toTreadmann, Frank188290:16
Donley, Sarah A.fromHolmes, E. T.188393:269
Donley, Sarah A.fromHolmes, Rowland188393:278
Donley, Thos. B. (Et ux.)toMagnihan, A. J.188289:548
Donnelly, AmbrosefromCamran, Caleb J.188080:45
Donnenfelser, C.fromBengnot, J. B. (Guard)188597:255
Donnenfelser, ConradfromRoy, Francis (Et al.)188597:256
Donnivan, J. W.fromLindenwood Cemetery188184:57
Donohay, C. &. J.fromWhite, Jas. B.188081:240
Donohue, A. M.fromSeabold, Christ188391:240
Donohue, Michael (heirs)toLewis, John H. [Luers]061:531
Dooley, JohntoKerns, Solomon C.187360:380
Doover, LouisatoWaldschmidt, Geo.188289:393
Doriot, EmiletoTelley, G. W. & F. H.188184:91
Doriot, JuliusfromRahe, John Henry187977:339
Doriot, JuliustoSmith, Casper A.187566:358
Doriot, JuliustoZillers, Prudence187977:373
Dormt, JanefromCoverdale, E. G.187565:282
Dornte, Wm.toMiller, Saml.188186:349
Dornte, Wm. & LizzietoGross, Christian & Wm.187566:530
Dorsey, Geo. J.fromMinick, Oliver188289:34
Dorsey, Geo. Robt. & johntoBoulton, Joseph186663:559
Dorsey, James M.toHarvey, Malinda187462:214
Dorsey, JohntoGreenawalt, John E.187566:391
Dorsey, JonathantoRose, John187667:494
Dorsey, Jos.fromMcCurdy, Mc.188188:381
Dorsey, Jos. J.fromGruber, Jno. J.187568:382
Dorsey, Mary JanetoRose, John187667:493
Dorsey, RobertfromFilley, Rosannah187668:287
Dorsey, RoberttoWalford, Hariet187266:511
Dorsey, Robt.fromFilley, Joseph187360:255
Dorsey, Robt.fromHall, Isaac188496:201
Dorsey, Robt. (Et al.)fromBillman, Elias188390:460
Dorsey, ThomasfromBoulton, Betsey (et ux.)187463:525
Dorsey, Wm. Jonathan & Thos.toBoulton, Joseph186663:557
Dorwin, Wm. R.toKreusch, E. 187463:192
Doswell, A. E.fromDoswell, Geo. W.188495:615
Doswell, A. E.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188494:308
Doswell, Geo. W.toDoswell, A. E.188495:615
Doswell, Geo. W.fromNelson, Wm. R.187360:169
Doswell, Geo. W.toStouder, Catherine188290:151
Doswell, Geo. W.fromTaylor, R. S.188186:67
Doswell, H. E.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188494:308
Dothage, S. E.toBoshilier, Louis188597:432
Dothage, SophiatoRose, Chas. W. Jr.187797:141
Doty, JosephtoStauffer, A.186975:418
Doty, R.fromFisher, Wm. B.187567:250
Doty, R. E. & M.fromWhitehead, A. & H.187977:238
Doty, RichardtoBonter, G. W. P.188183:539
Doty, SolomonfromHall, Alvin187463:445
Doty, W. P.fromPoulson, Sarah A.188397:630
Doty, Wm.toLamaster, Isaac188496:161
Doty, Wm.fromLindenwood Cemetery188393:418
Doty, Wm. & M. J.fromLamaster, Isaac188496:209
Doucot & FavierfromPepe, August187565:548
Douer, HenryfromCuller, Eliza J.187462:620
Douer, HenryfromZent, Franklin S.187362:618
Douer, HenryfromZent, Lavinia C.187362:617
Dougall, Allan H.fromPowers, Jesse C. (Admr.)187981:495
Dougall, Allan H.toPowers, Volney187565:160
Dougall, Allan H.toWilliamson, Jessie C.188081:496
Dougan, MichaelfromUnited States184091:84
Dougherty, E. E.toRuhl, B. A. 188294:602
Dougherty, Jno. (et al.)toMcMahan, Thomas187772:414
Doughman, AbrahamtoNew York chicago & St. Louis R. W. Co.188184:123
Douglas, A. & G.fromBechtel, J. W. (Et al.)187875:112
Douglas, A. & G.fromDouglas, Jno. (Et al.)187875:112
Douglas, A. & G.fromPainter, Nancy (Et al.)187875:112
Douglas, AlberttoBender, G. & S.188289:491
Douglas, AlbertfromHollopeter, Geo. W.187975:558
Douglas, C. D.fromPaine, Lemuel C.188392:480
Douglas, Jas. W.fromZimmerman, Elias187379:336
Douglas, Jno. (Et al.)toBeghtle, Lydia187881:467
Douglas, Jno. (Et al.)toDouglas, A. & G.187875:112
Douglas, Jos.fromBotteron, F. L.188288:211
Douglas, Jos.toMeyer, H. W.188287:539
Douglas, William (Et al.)fromBongan, John188392:501
Douglas, Wm.toBongan, Jno.187977:234
Douglass, A.toZimmerman, J.187463:258
Douglass, AlberttoCedar Creek Tp.188396:127
Douglass, AlbertfromDouglass, Saml.187262:250
Douglass, AlberttoGrubb, Jas. L.188187:260
Douglass, AlberttoHollopeter, Geo. W.187976:356
Douglass, AlberttoMcCrory, James P.187670:289
Douglass, AlbertfromZimmerman, Jackson D.187468:159
Douglass, ElizatoDouglass, Jas. W.188185:330
Douglass, ElizafromHollopeter, Wesley187066:380
Douglass, Eliza (Et al.)toTrustee Cedar Creek Tp.186383:357
Douglass, GayfordtoHollopeter, Geo. W.187875:438
Douglass, GaylordfromDelagrange, Francis187361:126
Douglass, GaylordfromDelagrange, Justin187361:126
Douglass, GaylordtoMorel, Edward187463:21
Douglass, HenriettatoDouglass, Saml. (Heirs)187873:231
Douglass, J. W.toVanCamp, Jas.188392:419
Douglass, James S.toZimmerman, Jackson187362:78
Douglass, Jas. W.fromDouglass, Eliza188185:330
Douglass, Jas. W.fromMyers, C. A.188597:169
Douglass, JohnfromDouglass, Samuel187570:486
Douglass, Jos.fromWeikart, Wm.187668:360
Douglass, JosephtoMeyer, Henry187369:169
Douglass, JosephfromWeikart, Wm.187463:439
Douglass, Joshua S.fromHeiber, George187259:369
Douglass, Joshua S.toHutton, Mary A.187359:370
Douglass, Saml.toDouglass, Albert187262:250
Douglass, Saml. (Heirs)fromDouglass, Henrietta187873:231
Douglass, SamueltoDouglass, John187570:486
Douglass, T. S.toHeintzelman, S.188288:294
Douglass, Terence S.toZimmerman, Jackson187362:77
Douglass, UrcillafromReed, H. B.187569:15
Douglass, W. B.fromDills, I. J.188391:487
Douglass, W. B.toHaller, Gotlieb188598:321
Douglass, Wm.fromDurbon, Richard A.187873:89
Douley, SolomonfromDuley, Jno. 187391:217
Douley, Wm. fromDuley, Jno. 187391:217
Doup, E. R.toLeeson, John188390:504
Doup, E. R.toReed, Chas. O.186972:94
Doup, E. R.fromWilson, J. E. (et al.)187372:95
Dow, AlonzofromHunter, J. E. (Et al.)188391:129
Dow, AlonzofromMartin, Thos.188391:129
Dowd, HenryfromSchoenlein, C. B.188393:533
Dower, Jennie (Adm.)toMcKeeman, M. A.188295:85
Dowie, CatharinefromLong, Elizabeth187981:318
Dowie, John R.toBarton, C. M.187875:242
Dowie, John R.toLong, Elizabeth187976:147
Dowlig, BartholamewfromSheriff187975:341
Dowling, B.fromSchnelker, H. (Adm.)188183:308
Dowling, BartholomewfromArmitage, Wm.187772:442
Dowling, BartholomewtoMoriarty, Mary187873:194
Dowling, Bartholomew W.fromBacon, Samuel187772:340
Dowling, Thos. (Et al.)toFleming, Wm.187688:426
Downing, J. B.fromForbing, Jos. (Et al.)188494:372
Downing, J. B.fromFranke, Jno. H. (Et al.)188494:372
Downs, JamestoTrustee Springfield Tp.185963:476
Downy, DennistoArentz, Geo.187668:368
Doyle, JohnfromGrim, F. & M.187667:233
Doyle, JohnfromSwank, Alex187360:211
Doyle, JohnfromSwift, Alpheus187361:24
Doyle, John & wifetoGrim, F. & M.187667:234
Doyle, LenafromDwenger, Jos.187977:145
Doyle, LenafromKramer, Alexander187669:96
Doyle, LenatoKramer, Joseph187770:510
Doyle, LenatoSellemeyer, A. H.188186:126
Doyle, Louisa (Et al.)toComeille, A. L.188496:447
Doyle, Louise (Et al.)toScheeler, Jacob (Et al.)188496:571
Doyle, MichaeltoKeel, David187071:106
Doyle, SenatoMayer, Michael187771:438
Doyle, T. & L.fromDay, Henry188286:250

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