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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Drage, FredfromDehne, E.188182:296
Drage, Lilly F.fromSargent, Charlotte & John187564:428
Drake, E. F.fromHutcheson, H. H.188183:188
Drake, E. F.fromYoung, Oscar L.188183:189
Drake, Edwin F.fromSheriff188080:460
Drake, J. D.toBlase, Louis188081:4
Drake, J. L.fromSheriff187978:342
Drake, James H.fromBird, Ochmig187566:477
Drake, James H.fromMiller, Geo. (by admrs.)187566:502
Drake, James H.fromRupert, Ira187566:198
Drake, Jas. H.toMiller, Jacob W.187875:574
Drake, Jas. H.toMiller, Jacob W.187976:423
Draker, A. (Et al.)toDraker, Frank188079:377
Draker, AnthonytoDraker, John187564:423
Draker, Anthony (et al.)toDraker, John187564:423
Draker, AntonfromDraker, John187770:161
Draker, FrankfromDeturk, L.188079:377
Draker, FrankfromDeturk, L. (Guard)188079:378
Draker, FrankfromDewald, N.188079:377
Draker, FrankfromDraker, A. (Et al.)188079:377
Draker, FrankfromHeathman, David187873:147
Draker, FrankfromWessell, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)188079:377
Draker, Frank E. (Et al.)toHppel, Edward188079:144
Draker, Jno.toKelsey, Phebe187782:272
Draker, Jno. & AnthonyfromBarbour, M. F.187463:109
Draker, JohnfromDraker, Anthony187564:423
Draker, JohnfromDraker, Anthony (et al.)187564:423
Draker, JohntoDraker, Anton187770:161
Draker, JohntoFry, Jacob187770:255
Draker, JohnfromKelsey, James T.187565:315
Dratt, JohntoDratt, Peter187565:571
Dratt, JohnfromMeeks, James F.187462:591
Dratt, MahalafromDratt, Peter187668:491
Dratt, PeterfromDratt, John187565:571
Dratt, PetertoDratt, Mahala187668:491
Dreaback, IsaactoCummins, Henry187875:227
Drebert, FrankfromKrah, Christian187359:356
Drebert, Frank (Et al.)toDrebert, Henry & Jno. K.187976:212
Drebert, Frank (Et al.)toDrebert, Henry & Jno. K.188080:437
Drebert, Henry & Jno. K.fromDrebert, Frank (Et al.)187976:212
Drebert, Henry & Jno. K.fromDrebert, Frank (Et al.)188080:437
Drebert, Henry & Jno. K.fromJohnson, J. W. (Et al.)188080:437
Drebort, Henry & Jno. K.fromJohnson, Jno. W.187976:213
Dreco, Wm. E. (Et al.)toMuldoon, Jane188082:343
Dreibelbiss, AnnafromEngle, John187349:422
Dreibelbiss, C. G.fromCorcoran, Mary188183:107
Dreier, AntontoWeyer, Emelia187673:17
Dreier, AntonfromWeyer, Martin187667:485
Dreier, HenrytoConrad, E. B.187770:507
Dreier, HenrytoMudge, Ellen B.187771:105
Dreier, Henry & Wm.toDiether, Louis187565:190
Dreier, Henry & Wm.fromFerguson, John187359:305
Dreier, Henry & Wm.toFoster, Asher187464:425
Dreier, Henry & Wm.fromHillegass, Josiah D.187349:400
Dreier, Henry & Wm.fromLillie, Mary E.187359:585
Dreier, Henry & Wm.fromWheeler, Mary P. & Nelson187349:401
Dreier, Wm. & HenryfromBoling, Celestia187360:189
Dreier, Wm. H.toConrad, E. B.187770:507
Dreier, Wm. H.fromEmerick, Andrew J.187570:435
Dreier, Wm. H.toGage, Jas. B.187668:148
Dreier, Wm. H.fromGage, Robert187668:146
Dreier, Wm. H.toGage, Robt.187668:147
Dreier, Wm. H.toMudge, Ellen B.187771:105
Dreiers, Wm H. (Plat of)to187873:186
Dreiers, Wm. H. Platto187873:186
Dreis, ElizabethfromZimmerman, A.187873:210
Dreker, A.fromDreker, Therisia (dec. by will)187981:413
Dreker, Theresia (Will of)to187981:443
Dreker, Therisia (dec. by will)toDreker, A.187981:413
Dreplain, Catherine (Et al.)toRose, C. F.188079:179
Dresbach, IfromKerns, Luther187463:217
Dresbach, IsaacfromBloomhuff, Catherin187358:369
Dresback, IsaacfromFox, Margaret A.187565:411
Dresback, IsaacfromHerbert, John187873:97
Dresback, IsaactoKeller, Malvina187978:358
Dresback, IsaactoMiller, Amherst187873:175
Dresback, IsaactoRichards, Smith187875:376
Dresback, IsaacfromSheriff187875:374
Dresback, IsaactoTrustee Springfield Tp.186563:477
Dresback, JosephtoLemon, John S.187064:166
Dresback, L.fromSnyder, F. T. (Et al.)188182:297
Dresbeck, L.fromGrice, J. (Et al.)188182:297
Dresler, August C.fromHofmeyer, Caroline187565:74
Drew, S. A.fromPilliod, Geo. (Et al.)187977:12
Drew, William E.fromAuditor1876A:101
Drew, Wm. E.toZimmerman, Andrew187873:144
Dreyer, C. F. H.toDreyer, F. H. W.187977:554
Dreyer, C. F. H.fromProbasco, L.187977:552
Dreyer, Chas.fromColton, S. A. (Et al.)188288:542
Dreyer, Chas.fromCrane, E. (Guard)188288:514
Dreyer, F. H. W.fromDreyer, C. F. H.187977:554
Drier, Wm. H.fromMudge, S. R.187771:145
Driftmeier, ErnstfromGreene, Mary M.187359:499
Driftmeier, ErnsttoRolape, Angela188183:264
Driftmeyer, ErnestfromJoslin, William H. (Et al.)188182:433
Driocoll, BridgetfromConroad, Elizabeth187874:42
Dripps, Jane M.toMayer, Jos. M.187771:406
Driscoll, EdwardfromHamilton, Andrew H. (et al.)187566:363
Driscoll, EdwardtoMcDonell, Johanna187358:522
Driscoll, EdwardfromMcDonnell, Johanna187565:122
Driscoll, EdwardfromOShaughnessey, G.187874:354
Driscoll, EdwardfromOshaughnessy, Michael187261:181
Driscoll, EdwardtoWelling, Henry187771:34
Driscoll, Edward J.fromFleming, Wm.187360:139
Drivelbec, MarytoCartwright, John J.187463:168
Driver, CassenafromSheriff187874:24
Driver, CasseneytoDriver, Willis M.187462:559
Driver, Casseny (partition)fromDriver, Enoch G. (et al.)187463:538
Driver, CharlestoMiller, Abraham185780:203
Driver, D. D.fromFitzgerald, J. W.187977:538
Driver, D. D.toGrodrian, A. W.188082:30
Driver, D. D.fromMcCormick, L. & P.188082:29
Driver, ElizabethtoNesbitt, Jeremiah188182:553
Driver, Enoch G.toBlack, John T.187360:524
Driver, Enoch G. (et al.)toDriver, Casseny (partition)187463:538
Driver, George R.toSpencer, M. V. B.187669:451
Driver, MarytoClark, James187773:578
Driver, W. M.toBowen, Catharine187671:349
Driver, W. M.fromBowen, J. F.187671:348
Driver, W. M.fromIrving, Jno.187463:372
Driver, Willis M.toCaps, Jno. E.187667:289
Driver, Willis M.fromCarroll, Alfred A.187567:77
Driver, Willis M.fromDriver, Casseney187462:559
Driver, Willis M.toJackson, Harriet187566:340
Driver, Willis M.fromMeegan, C. E.187669:84
Driver, Willis M.toSpindler, Augusta187669:125
Driver, Willis M.fromSpindler, W. S.187669:124
Driver, Wills M.toIrving, Melissa187463:371
Driver, Wm.fromBeebe, Frances187567:268
Driver, Wm. H.toEmerich, Mary A.187566:436
Droegemeyer, WilhelmenafromRead, H. A.187978:438
Droegemeyer, WilhelminatoRunke, Wm.187978:292
Droegemeyer, WilhelminatoYergens, Wm.187978:292
Droegmyer, John A.toRanke, Wm.187461:511
Droge, HenryfromDirkson, John187976:49
Droger, Margaret A.fromLaidlau, Walter187462:441
Droste, D.fromWoebking, C.187463:360
Droste, Elisa (Et al.)toRose, A. F.188182:208
Drover, HenrytoBeck, Francis Jos.187771:170
Drover, HenryfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185067:430
Drover, HenryfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185267:429
Droz, Hannah E. (Et al.)toRorick, John K.187978:94
Druenger, JosephfromMartin, Victor H.187874:150
Druhet, Christene (et al.)toKees, Frank & Polly187773:3
Druhet, ChristinafromGuillman, Joseph187773:2
Druken, Henry & ElizabethfromHanschan, Frederick187873:499
Druker, HenrytoHanschan, Frederick187873:498
Druley, James W.fromStouder, Sarah A.188079:72
Dryer, AnthonytoGrothans, Christina187874:404
Dryer, AnthonyfromGrothans, Henry187874:403
Dryer, ChristianfromSkinner, B. D.187360:52
Dryer, Geo.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:21
Dryer, GeorgetoCrone, August187565:534

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