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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Dubois, ElvinatoBourie, Ophelia187771:374
Dubois, LouisfromFulk, Benj. F.187362:12
Dubois, LouistoMaloney, John187671:23
Ducat, F. E. (Et al.)toEley, Edward187978:310
Duck, ElizabethfromVila, Lewis187463:327
Duck, F.toVila, Lewis187463:328
Dudenhaefer, C.toNoble, Sarah188286:277
Dudenhafer, ConradfromDudenhafer, Frederike187783:270
Dudenhafer, FrederiketoDudenhafer, Conrad187783:270
Dudenhafer, Fredrike (Will of )to187783:270
Dudenhafer, George P.toDudenhafer, Phillip187565:541
Dudenhafer, PhillipfromDudenhafer, George P.187565:541
Dudenhafer, PhilliptoZollinger, Frederick187360:149
Dudenhafer, PhilliptoZollinger, Valentine187360:148
Dudenheifer, PhilliptoHofmann, A. M.188287:293
Dudenhoefer, G. P.fromRohrer, S. B.188599:208
Dudenhoefer, G. P.fromStevens, Mary187667:445
Dudgeon, C. H. & L.fromCoblentz, Ephriam188079:533
Dudgeon, Chas.fromBenninghoff, David188496:61
Dudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)toBissell, Geo. P. (Trustee)188080:33
Dudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)toEdward, J. (Trustee)188081:23
Dudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)toEly, C. D. & S. H.188080:592
Dudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)toMunson, Chas. A.188080:41
Dudley, Wm. W. (Coms.)toGoodman, A. C.188080:387
Duemling, F. F. H.fromBirkner, C. B. (Et al.)188184:346
Duemling, F. F. H.fromConcordia Collage188293:367
Duemling, F. F. H.fromNiemann, J. H. (Et al.)188184:346
Duemling, F. F. H.fromPaul, H. c. (Et al.)188184:346
Duemling, F. F. H.fromSauer, H. G. (Et al.)188184:346
Duemling, F. F. H.fromSauer, H. G. (Prest. Concordia College)188293:367
Duemling, F. F. H.fromThieme, J. G. (Et al.)188184:346
Duemling, F. F. H.fromTrustees Concordia College188184:346
Duffey, EmelinefromFletter, charity188191:249
Duffey, Geo. F.toPratt, Wm. T.187359:517
Duffy, LouisafromDuffy, Thomas (est.)187565:539
Duffy, Thomas (est.)toBowser, Jacob C.187565:539
Duffy, Thomas (est.)toDuffy, Louisa187565:539
Duffy, Thomas (est.)toDuffy, Wm. P.187565:539
Duffy, Thomas (est.)toDuggy, Thomas H.187565:539
Duffy, Thomas (est.)toPratt, Wm. T.187565:539
Duffy, Wm. P.fromDuffy, Thomas (est.)187565:539
Dugan, ElizafromMarquardt, P.188081:569
Dugan, J. W. EstatetoDugan, Phoeba188289:500
Dugan, James W.fromDickerson, Joshua187463:449
Dugan, Jno.fromMarquardt, Jacob188183:426
Dugan, Jno. toMarquart, P.188081:151
Dugan, Jno.fromRandall, Geo. W.188183:2
Dugan, PhoebafromDugan, J. W. Estate188289:500
Dugan, PhoebefromAllen Circuit Court188289:505
Duggy, Thomas H.fromDuffy, Thomas (est.)187565:539
Duglay, F. (Et al.)toDuglay, Lorain188391:113
Duglay, F. (Et al.)toDuglay, Lorain188392:178
Duglay, FletcherfromDuglay, Jos.188081:456
Duglay, FletchertoDuglay, Lorain188394:309
Duglay, FletcherfromDugley, L. (Et al.)188391:113
Duglay, FletcherfromJimmerson, M J.187781:455
Duglay, FletcherfromRacine, F. L. (Guard)188391:385
Duglay, Jos.toDuglay, Fletcher188081:456
Duglay, Jos.toGandy, O. (Et al.)188085:312
Duglay, LoraintoDeck, Jno.188497:538
Duglay, LorainfromDuglay, F. (Et al.)188392:178
Duglay, LorainfromDuglay, F. (Et al.)188391:113
Duglay, LorainfromDuglay, Fletcher188394:309
Duglay, LorainefromDeck, Jno.188597:251
Duglay, LorainefromRacine, F. L. (Guard)188392:121
Dugley, L. (Et al.)toDuglay, Fletcher188391:113
Dugly, FletcherfromFarmer, A. (Guard)187781:455
Duhme, Herman (Et al.)fromKnouse, M. B.188495:474
Duiger, Robt. toWitte, Julius187873:336
Dukeman F.toMayer, Julia188182:428
Dukeman, AugustusfromDavis, Susan H.188184:206
Dukeman, Fredk.fromKing, C. A. & F. J.187462:169
Duley, Jno. toDouley, Solomon187391:217
Duley, Jno. toDouley, Wm. 187391:217
Duley, Jno. (Dec. Will of)to187391:217
Duly, Wm. F.toMetcalf, M. V.187669:263
Duly, Wm. F.toStirlen, Alexander187669:263
Dumell, M. H. & A.fromLeubking, S. W. H.188080:187
Dunbar, M. A.toBusching, Henry188598:13
Dunbar, Mary A. & Wm.fromHough, John187359:348
Duncan, Saml.toDupont, Marcellus187669:307
Dunfee, AlicefromCommissioner in Partition188394:19
Dunfee, C. & H.fromCommissioner in Partition188394:14
Dunfee, E.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:123
Dunfee, E. & L.fromJones, Levi M.188186:62
Dunfee, E. W. (Et al.)toClifford, Jas. & Jos.188187:173
Dunfee, Emmet W.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:123
Dunfee, EmmetttoHummel, J. G. & W. S.188597:160
Dunfee, H. E. (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition188081:123
Dunham, F. & J. M.fromJones, Levi M.188186:61
Dunham, FranktoNinde, Jas. W.188496:296
Dunham, H. L.toFrost, Harriet188080:567
Dunham, Jennie (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188394:19
Dunifon, HenryfromMiddeton, Geo. A.187361:122
Dunifon, HenrytoSchlaudruff, Lewis187461:509
Dunifon, SamanthatoFrank, Marion S.187361:596
Dunifon, SamanthatoWilliamson, Alex187361:458
Dunifon, SamanthafromWilliamson, Alex187360:112
Dunifon, Samantha A.fromGerardot, Joseph187465:179
Dunkel, J. (Et al.)toMarkel, E.185088:158
Dunlen, M. N. (Et al.)toDunten, Geo.186689:348
Dunn, Charles W.fromSwift, Bayless187774:251
Dunn, Chas W.fromSwift, Alpheus187770:352
Dunn, Chas, W.fromChaffin, R. B.187978:457
Dunn, Chas. W.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.187874:252
Dunn, ChristinafromRamsey, Peter & wife187360:224
Dunn, ElizabethfromPepe, Paul187976:150
Dunn, ElizabethtoPepe, Paul188080:62
Dunn, James W.fromWaite, Isabella187669:123
Dunn, James W.toWaite, Thomas187669:124
Dunn, MichaeltoFlanigan, Patrick187464:93
Dunn, WilliamfromSheriff187975:380
Dunn, William & wifetoRamsey, Peter187160:223
Dunn, Wm. H.fromLamle, Gottlieb188494:284
Dunten, Daniel I.toBallon, James185974:387
Dunten, E. H. Sen.toDunten, P. G.185274:386
Dunten, E. H. Sen.fromErrixson, Wm.184874:384
Dunten, EllisfromDunten, Lucinda188497:276
Dunten, Geo.fromDunlen, M. N. (Et al.)186689:348
Dunten, Geo.fromLewis, B. P.186689:348
Dunten, Geo. W.fromBallon, J. E.186889:349
Dunten, Geo. W.fromCone, Geo.187888:504
Dunten, H. C.fromPulver, J. M.188496:373
Dunten, H. C.fromPulver, Thos. E.188496:374
Dunten, H. F.toCummings, Jos.185794:376
Dunten, H. J.fromGay, M. E.188297:28
Dunten, H. J.fromMorris, Geo. W.188599:98
Dunten, LucindatoDunten, Ellis188497:276
Dunten, M. N.toMorton, Laura E.187978:548
Dunten, Manville N.toPreston, Fred187362:29
Dunten, MiltontoBadiac, Jane P.188082:75
Dunten, P. G.fromBallon, Jas. (Et al.)186074:388
Dunten, P. G.fromDunten, E. H. Sen.185274:386
Dunten, P. G.fromPulver, Louisa N. (Et al.)186074:388
Dunten, Paul G. & H. E.fromSteppens, Thomas M.187673:165
Dunten, Paul Y.toShoaff, Eliza J.187874:390
Dunten, W. H. H. (Et al.)toDunton, P. G.186074:388
Dunten, Washington (Et al.)toRindhold, Henry187873:110
Dunton, H. C.fromDunton, Lucinda187567:516
Dunton, LucindatoDunton, H. C.187567:516
Dunton, M. J.fromWood, Commodore188391:470
Dunton, M. N.fromMorris, Geo. W.187875:32
Dunton, P. G.fromDunten, W. H. H. (Et al.)186074:388
Dunton, P. G.toWood, Commodove188191:466
Dunton, WashingtontoKetchum, Andrew J.187565:268
Duodick, AugfromPepe, Paul188186:366
Duodick, Aug.fromPepe, Edward188286:367
Duodick, AugusrtoPepe, Paul187975:532
Duodick, AugustfromPepe, Paul188080:451
Duodick, AugusttoSheridan, E.188287:483
Dupell, C. A.fromHanley, M. & E.188391:580
Dupell, C. A.fromHanley, S. A. (Et al.)188391:571
Dupell, C. A.fromKuhn, Catherine (Et al.)188391:571
Dupell, Chas. A.fromBranstrator, R. N. (Et al.)188495:496
Dupell, Chas. A.fromHanley, J. M. (Et al.)188495:496
Dupell, Chas. A.fromHanley, Mary (Et al.)188597:473
Dupell, Chas. A.fromNorback, Margaret188597:473
Dupeyron, CelestinetoSaussote, John B.187359:309
DuPezron, J. B.fromManuel, Jules (et al.)187668:330
Duplain, CatherinetoBobay, Jno. B.188080:166
Dupont, L.toCayot, P. F.187668:74
Dupont, M.toBernardin, C.188081:254
Dupont, MarcellentoBernardin, Hortenso187379:169
Dupont, MarcellusfromDuncan, Saml.187669:307
Dupont, MarcellusfromDupont, Peter187464:124
Dupont, MarcellustoLardier, Francis187771:64
Dupont, PetertoDupont, Marcellus187464:124
Dupont, PeterfromSheriff187771:14
Durbin, AngelinefromArcher, John H.187360:234
Durbin, AngelinetoGaut, Joseph187668:183
Durbin, ZulernatoLindsey, Scott188079:219
Durbon, R. A. & Co.fromKyle, N. P.187668:338
Durbon, Richard A.toDouglass, Wm.187873:89
Durfee, Julia A.fromMcCulloch, H.188082:405
Durfee, Julia A.fromNussman, John188182:406
Durfee, Wm. A. & John A.fromThieme, Andrew187358:535
Durrie, HoracetoBender, Adam187669:171
Dush, J. B.fromParker, Nathaniel187568:145
Dustman, H. A.fromPoole, Florence187463:597
Dustman, Henry C.toBarone, Isaac [Barrone]187464:83
Dustman, Henry C.toRimsnider, Henry187463:618
Dustman, M. A.toFrance, Rosa A.188495:495
Dustman, M. A.fromMcAllister, Alex188495:494
Dustman, M. A.fromStratton, Robt.188495:280
Dustman, SolomontoHendry, Wm.187262:506
Dutcher, Wm. B.toUnderhill, Catharine187567:36
Dutcher, Wm. B.fromUnderhill, Francis W.187567:12
Dutman, Henry C.fromClem, Andrew J.187463:617

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