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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Dwelly, Sarah A.fromWard, Sarah187771:549
Dwenger, Jo. Rt. Rev.fromNoll, J. A.188289:266
Dwenger, Jos.fromBenoit, Julian188596:563
Dwenger, Jos.toDoyle, Lena187977:145
Dwenger, Jos.fromHarber, John187977:385
Dwenger, Jos.toHipsking, A. M.187978:315
Dwenger, Jos.toHoward, W. B.188186:22
Dwenger, Jos.toLiembard, S. C.188286:252
Dwenger, Jos.fromMayer, Andrew (Dec.)187490:279
Dwenger, Jos.fromMcCulloch, H.188495:183
Dwenger, Jos.toSmith, M. S.188599:130
Dwenger, Jos.fromSteiner, Geo.188081:6
Dwenger, Jos.toTrentman, A. C. 188189:563
Dwenger, Jos.fromWhite, Jas. B.187878:314
Dwenger, Jos. A.fromWemhoff, Jno.187982:162
Dwenger, Jos. Bp.toFt. Wayne & Jackson R.R. Co.188079:496
Dwenger, Jos. Bp.toKoorsan, Jno. M.188080:594
Dwenger, Jos. Rev.toCogan, Alice188182:165
Dwenger, Jos. Rev.fromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Dwenger, Jos. Rev. Rt.fromHedeken, Michael187268:260
Dwenger, Jos. Rt. Rev.fromMohr, H. H.188287:298
Dwenger, Jos. Rt. Rev.fromMonahan, E. (Et al.)188289:266
Dwenger, JosephtoBurns, Mary M.187976:129
Dwenger, JosephtoButer, Henry187566:203
Dwenger, JosephfromHartman, Homer C.187465:100
Dwenger, JosephtoHiebler, Bernard187360:12
Dwenger, JosephfromMeegan, Caroline E.187565:618
Dwenger, JosephtoPatten, Bridget187565:162
Dwenger, JosephfromPierr, John187463:36
Dwenger, JosephtoPoor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ187873:523
Dwenger, JosephtoPoor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ187873:524
Dwenger, Joseph, Rev.fromCannady, Mary187771:64
Dwenger, Rev. Jos.fromO'Grady, Patrick187567:222
Dwenger, Rev. Jos.fromSchroeder, Wm.188080:486
Dwinger, Jos. Rev.fromBaker, Editha188185:162
Dwinger, Jos. Rt. Rev.fromGolden, A. W. (Et al.)188289:266
Dwyer, M. A.fromSeabold, Christ188391:560
Dwyer, M. A.toSeabold, Christian188185:489

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