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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Eckart & LinkerfromFreeman, N. B.187359:464
Eckart F.toLitot, Geo. A.187463:110
Eckart, AnnafromEckart, Fred188494:125
Eckart, F.fromHanna, Saml. F.187566:55
Eckart, F.fromHauss, Susanna187977:432
Eckart, F.toKampe, C. A.187977:447
Eckart, F.fromSheriff188182:400
Eckart, F. & H. E. LinkertoRillie, Robt.187668:477
Eckart, F. & H. E. LuckerfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187978:260
Eckart, F. & wifetoReuss, Jno. B.187566:503
Eckart, F. & wifetoSchmuckle, Fredk.187566:504
Eckart, FredtoArgo, M. E.188393:252
Eckart, FredfromCarnahan, Clara L.187875:116
Eckart, FredfromCarnahan, Wm. L.187875:110
Eckart, FredfromCestia, Peter188084:220
Eckart, FredtoEckart, Anna188494:125
Eckart, FredfromEvans, S. Cary187566:505
Eckart, FredtoFt. Wayne Nat. Bank188393:252
Eckart, FredtoHamilton Nat. Bank188393:252
Eckart, FredfromHanna, Martha E.187976:408
Eckart, FredtoHunt, J. T. & S.188495:14
Eckart, FredtoLangheinick, G.185784:199
Eckart, FredtoLeach, Edward187975:473
Eckart, FredtoLeonard, Thos. J.188191:548
Eckart, FredfromLinker, H. E.188082:96
Eckart, FredfromLinker, H. E.188082:97
Eckart, FredfromLinker, H. E.188082:99
Eckart, FredtoLinker, N. E.188082:100
Eckart, FredtoLinker, N. E.188082:98
Eckart, FredtoMcCulloch, Chas.188082:28
Eckart, FredtoMiller, Jno. M.188184:197
Eckart, FredtoN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:394
Eckart, FredfromNelson, Wm. R.187360:29
Eckart, FredfromSeabold, J. G.187977:138
Eckart, FredfromSheriff187975:470
Eckart, FredfromSheriff188081:55
Eckart, FredtoTimmis, Jessie188494:189
Eckart, Fred & H. E. LinkertoFalker, Frank187568:412
Eckart, Fred (Et al.)toHake, Frank188495:234
Eckart, FredericktoAurentz, Solomon A.187771:27
Eckart, FredericktoAurentz, Solomon A.187771:28
Eckart, FrederickfromCarnahan, W. L.187874:448
Eckart, FredericktoCertia, Peter187564:392
Eckart, FredericktoFalker, Frank187669:54
Eckart, FredericktoLeach, Edward187879:118
Eckart, FrederickfromLocke, Josiah188392:430
Eckart, FredericktoNeuenshwander E.187567:378
Eckart, FredericktoNeuenshwander J. M.187567:377
Eckart, FredericktoSeabold, J. G.187977:135
Eckart, Frederick (et ux.)toLinker, Henry E.187359:515
Eckart, Fredk.from187873:269
Eckart, Fredk.toHeckman, Ernst187566:498
Eckart, Fredk.fromJones, Wm. H.187567:88
Eckart, Fredk.toKampe, Charles A.187567:122
Eckart, Fredk.toLitot, George A.187567:118
Eckart, Fredk.toMelching, Ernst187566:499
Eckart, Fredk.fromSchoelkopf, Jacob F.187464:303
Eckart, Fredk.fromThompson, Byron S.187360:173
Eckart, Fredk.toVoirol, Frank187566:491
Eckart, J. C. & R. A.fromSinclair, S. E.187977:370
Eckart, R. E.toSinclair, S. E.187977:369
Eckart, Y.toBiddle, T. M.187881:278
Eckels, E. E.fromJones, Levi M.188393:263
Eckels, Jas. M.fromHolcomb, Almon186190:148
Eckels, NancyfromJones, L. M.188290:147
Eckels, W. J.fromBenz, Mary S.188494:399
Eckels, W. J.fromHarvey, Jno. S.187976:560
Eckels, W. J.fromHutchinson, Chas. W.188494:398
Eckels, W. J.fromPeters Box and Lumber Co.188288:505
Eckels, Willis J.toBicknese, F.188079:298
Eckels, Willis J.toErvin, John O.188392:442
Eckels, Willis J.toKlippest, Geo.188079:298
Eckerle, A.toMontague, August187361:16
Eckert, FredfromPrezinger, J. R.188393:436
Eckert, FredfromSheriff187978:440
Eckert, Fred (Et al.)toCoombs, Jno. M.188289:301
Eckert, FrederickfromClark, John H.187976:584
Eckert, FredericktoClark, Lydia M.187976:585
Eckert, FrederickfromHarmsdarfer, G. A.187670:508
Eckert, FrederickfromMelching, Ernst187874:563
Eckert, FrederickfromRoppa, Wm.187667:257
Eckert, FrederickfromSheriff187567:231
Eckert, FrederickfromSheriff187875:255
Eckert, FrederickfromSheriff187975:542
Eckert, Fredk.fromDoerfler, George187464:305
Eckert, Fredk.fromMcKinnie, Henry187359:459
Eckert, Jno. C.fromFray, Ellen Sulley (Ex.)188183:148
Eckert, RachelfromRundel, Elizabeth A.187874:509
Eckes, Jas. A.fromMitchell, G. W.187874:450
Eckhart, Fredk.toLinker, Henry E.187360:373
Eckhart, Fredk.toLinker, Henry E.187360:374
Eckles, Geo. A. toEckles, N. P.187876:98
Eckles, Jas. A.fromEckles, N. P.187874:449
Eckles, Jas. A.toMitchell, Geo. W.187772:14
Eckles, Jas. A.toSmall, John187874:451
Eckles, Jno. H.fromJames, Geo.188080:607
Eckles, N. P.fromAshley, E. D.187569:212
Eckles, N. P.toBrown, S. J.187876:98
Eckles, N. P.fromCasgrove, F. K.187777:334
Eckles, N. P.toDaniels, Abigal187875:481
Eckles, N. P.fromDaniels, Wm. B.187875:480
Eckles, N. P.fromEckles, Geo. A. 187876:98
Eckles, N. P.toEckles, Jas. A.187874:449
Eckles, N. P.toHettinger, Henry188395:465
Eckles, N. P.toMitchell, Geo. W.187772:14
Eckles, N. P.toSturm, Margaret187976:327
Eckles, N. P.toThomas, E. & J.188495:164
Eckles, N. P. & J. A.fromLaclair, Peter O.187771:388
Eckles, N. P. (Et al.)toSmall, Jno.187977:387
Eckles, Nathan P.toMarquit, Alfred187979:236
Eckles, Nathan P.fromReichelderfer, Lewis187780:180
Eckles, Sam'l M.fromAshley, Susan L.187367:309
Eckles, Saml. M.toMaxfield, Orange187669:314

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