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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Eddy, Robt. E.fromHunt, A. H.187772:228
Eden, Hannah E.toGrover, Samuel187874:324
Edgar & WernhofffromColerick, John A.187565:521
Edgerton, A. P.fromArcher, Catharine187671:32
Edgerton, Alfred P.toFt. Wayne Gaslight Co.187262:464
Edgerton, Alfred R.toKamm, Fredk.187161:61
Edgerton, C. & A. P.toFoote, W. A. (Et al.)188596:626
Edgerton, E. C.toEdgerton, J. K.188288:243
Edgerton, E. C.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187887:428
Edgerton, J. & K.fromAbbott, R. B.187978:334
Edgerton, J. K.toBaker, Alex187360:333
Edgerton, J. K.toBaker, Cain187360:281
Edgerton, J. K.fromBearss, Oliver J.187360:293
Edgerton, J. K.fromBenjamin, Cyrus & Abby187461:432
Edgerton, J. K.toCarrier, A. H.188184:575
Edgerton, J. K.fromColyar, Jno.188496:180
Edgerton, J. K.fromEdgerton, E. C.188288:243
Edgerton, J. K.toEsmond, Geo.188194:485
Edgerton, J. K.toFrance, E.187977:400
Edgerton, J. K.fromFrance, Elizabeth187977:359
Edgerton, J. K.fromHough, John187359:490
Edgerton, J. K.toKariger, Andrew187361:275
Edgerton, J. K.fromKariger, Andrew187669:249
Edgerton, J. K.toKnoblauch, Otto188287:538
Edgerton, J. K.toMcDonald, James J.187360:413
Edgerton, J. K.toN. Y. C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:3
Edgerton, J. K.fromNelson, Wm. R.187360:549
Edgerton, J. K.fromNoble, Hannah & Lyman187359:529
Edgerton, J. K.toPugh, Eli F.187360:62
Edgerton, J. K.fromSheriff188182:503
Edgerton, J. K.toTrustees Bethel M. E. Church187360:363
Edgerton, J.K.toWyatt, Barbara187361:106
Edgerton, Jos K.toGolden, Margaret & Elizabeth187461:494
Edgerton, Jos K.toGranger, M. B.187669:67
Edgerton, Jos K.toOpliger, Harriet L.187461:495
Edgerton, Jos, K.toCarbaugh, Wm.187668:382
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromAuditor1875A:125
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBaker, Jacob187572:429
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBaker, Jacob188287:437
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBaker, Jacob188393:250
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromBaker, Jacob188393:90
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBass, John H.187358:502
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBatchelder, Frank H.187772:354
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromBaylis, Harry (Et al.)188495:507
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBerger, Eugenie188080:231
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBobay, Phillip187463:224
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBremer, Jno.188289:554
Edgerton, Jos. K.toBrothers Gideon187772:364
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromBunting, Elijah188184:322
Edgerton, Jos. K.toCalbetzer, Aaron188393:595
Edgerton, Jos. K.toCastle, Jacob187771:546
Edgerton, Jos. K.toCour, Augusta187679:175
Edgerton, Jos. K.toDaniels, Jos. L.187566:75
Edgerton, Jos. K.toDollarhite, Emsley187567:438
Edgerton, Jos. K.toEckart, F. & H. E. Lucker187978:260
Edgerton, Jos. K.toEdgerton, E. C.187887:428
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromEsmond, Geo.188185:421
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromEwing, Geo. W. (est.)187358:448
Edgerton, Jos. K.toFulmer, James187772:271
Edgerton, Jos. K.toGrosjean, Jno. & E.188194:16
Edgerton, Jos. K.toHenline, John187772:363
Edgerton, Jos. K.toKariger, Andrew187674:465
Edgerton, Jos. K.toLaugham, J. & A.187771:547
Edgerton, Jos. K.toLawrance, Milo187874:392
Edgerton, Jos. K.toMadden, M. E.188286:261
Edgerton, Jos. K.toMarks, Martha J.187980:232
Edgerton, Jos. K.toMessler, Thos. D.188290:243
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromMiller, Chas. H.187976:102
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromMiller, John M.187359:578
Edgerton, Jos. K.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:395
Edgerton, Jos. K.toNordlinger, Fredk.185558:528
Edgerton, Jos. K.toPearson, Abbert187679:223
Edgerton, Jos. K.toPittsburgh Ft. Wayne C. R. W. Co.188182:461
Edgerton, Jos. K.toPrice, R. C.187678:215
Edgerton, Jos. K.toRuffing, Peter187477:196
Edgerton, Jos. K.toSallot, B.187565:545
Edgerton, Jos. K.toSallot, B.187567:159
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromSheriff185982:459
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromSheriff187772:233
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromSheriff187772:235
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromSheriff187772:238
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromSheriff187773:428
Edgerton, Jos. K.fromSheriff187873:415
Edgerton, Jos. K.toSmall, John187567:172
Edgerton, Jos. K.toStephens, James187359:491
Edgerton, Jos. K.toVonderan, Jacob188288:56
Edgerton, Joseph K.toBaker, Jacob187467:19
Edgerton, Joseph K.toCalbetzer, Aaron187361:43
Edgerton, Joseph K.toDeHaven, Caroline187464:28
Edgerton, Joseph K.toFischer, Jabst187873:552
Edgerton, Joseph K.toFulmer, James187566:372
Edgerton, Joseph K.toHargrave, Franklin L.187873:552
Edgerton, Joseph K.fromHill, Cynthia A.187360:501
Edgerton, Joseph K.fromMcMillan, James187873:356
Edgerton, Joseph K.toP. Ft. W. & C. R. R.Co.187770:120
Edgerton, Joseph K.fromReid, Adam D.187564:520
Edgerton, Joseph K.toReuffing, Peter187463:544
Edgerton, Joseph K.toRoss, James, P.187669:499
Edgerton, Joseph K.toStanley & Bieber187465:311
Edgerton, Joseph K.toTrustee Washington Tp.187669:388
Edgerton, Joseph K.toVanOopen, Bernhard187872:502
Edgerton, Joseph K.toWagner, J. B.187673:563
Edgerton, Joseph K.fromWheeler, Mary R.187360:109
Edgeston, A. P.fromBond, C. D. (Trustee)186096:629
Edgington & LutzfromStedman, Lurena187462:396
Edington, JamestoBarkley, Levi187569:120
Edington, JamesfromClemmer, G. W.187565:341
Edington, JamesfromLutz, Jacob S.187565:343
Edington, JamesfromLutz, Jacob S.187569:119
Edington, JamestoRoundebush, Thos.187978:35
Edington, JamesfromSmith, D. E. 187875:212
Edington, JamestoStites, Almira187873:207
Edington, JastoHess, Jacob187682:531
Edlin, J. H.toLabbott, Levi C.187976:461
Edmond, GeorgefromBeaver, M. E.187669:259
Edmonds, Geo.toMosier, Jno. M.188597:231
Edmonds, Wm.fromGunder, Geo.187361:194
Edmonds, Wm.toGunder, Sarah A.187361:193
Edsall, C. M.toEdsall, Simon188495:303
Edsall, C. M.fromEdsall, Simon188495:303
Edsall, C. M.fromSheriff188183:292
Edsall, C. M.fromSheriff188183:65
Edsall, C. M.toWilliams, J. J.188289:308
Edsall, C. W.fromEdsall, Jos. W.187669:338
Edsall, C. W.toEdsall, Wm. S.187495:509
Edsall, C. W.toWolke, F. H.187874:153
Edsall, C. W. (Coms.)toMerrillat, August188184:343
Edsall, ClarencefromEdsall, Peter187771:282
Edsall, Clarence W.fromEdsall, Peter187771:559
Edsall, Clarence W.fromLillie, Mary E.187358:544
Edsall, E. F.toBash, Chas. S.188185:549
Edsall, E. F.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188080:413
Edsall, E. F.toStier, Frank188392:533
Edsall, E. F. & J. W.toMazrine, J. B.188085:524
Edsall, Emma F.fromPurman, E. E.188079:381
Edsall, J & A.fromFox, Alice M.188494:402
Edsall, J. P.toSprankel, Jno.185290:518
Edsall, Jos. W.toEdsall, C. W.187669:338
Edsall, Jos. W.fromZollinger, Chas. W.187358:486
Edsall, Joseph P.fromUnited States184970:273
Edsall, Lucy A.fromCommissioners by Partition187571:192
Edsall, Lucy A.toEdsall, Simon188080:277
Edsall, Lucy A.toMunson, Chas. A.187875:90
Edsall, Lucy A. (et al.)toBird, Ann187567:230
Edsall, Lucy A. (et al.)fromBird, Ochmig187567:229
Edsall, MaryfromEdsall, Peter187463:392
Edsall, PetertoBass, John H.187359:589
Edsall, PetertoBird, Ochwig (assigner)187975:550
Edsall, PetertoEdsall, Clarence187771:282
Edsall, PetertoEdsall, Clarence W.187771:559
Edsall, PetertoEdsall, Mary187463:392
Edsall, PeterfromEdsall, Simon188080:274
Edsall, PeterfromEdsall, Wm. E.187462:539
Edsall, PetertoKaough, Wm.187976:228
Edsall, PetertoVioland, Joseph187565:174
Edsall, PeterfromVioland, Joseph187565:96
Edsall, S. S.toBlandoit, Felix187463:203
Edsall, S. S.toEdsall, W. S.187463:206
Edsall, S. S.toEdsall, W. S.187463:207
Edsall, S. S.fromOrff, Christian187463:205
Edsall, SimontoAbbott, R. B.188080:273
Edsall, SimontoAbbott, R. B.188082:286
Edsall, SimontoAbbott, Rosetta B.187978:300
Edsall, SimontoBaker, Jos. J.188081:345
Edsall, SimontoBass, John H.187359:590
Edsall, SimontoBicknese, Fred188184:240
Edsall, SimontoColeman, James187461:236
Edsall, SimontoCordrey, Thos. P.187567:422
Edsall, SimontoEdsall, C. M.188495:303
Edsall, SimonfromEdsall, C. M.188495:303
Edsall, SimonfromEdsall, Lucy A.188080:277
Edsall, SimontoEdsall, Peter188080:274
Edsall, SimontoGrier, Jos. H.188184:462
Edsall, SimontoGuthmann, F. X.187976:565
Edsall, SimontoHahn, W. & J.188080:474
Edsall, SimontoHahn, Wilhelmina & J.188080:200
Edsall, SimontoHartman, Nancy A.187461:571
Edsall, SimontoKlinger, Isaac187977:275
Edsall, SimontoOhsa, E. & J.188080:473
Edsall, SimontoOhsa, Elizabeth & J.188080:199
Edsall, SimontoPeltier, Catherine188185:244
Edsall, SimontoPeltier, Catherine188288:144
Edsall, SimontoRice, B. F.188184:462
Edsall, SimontoRomy, R. L.188185:361
Edsall, SimontoRossner, Julius187566:555
Edsall, SimonfromSchele, August187360:492
Edsall, SimontoSchele, August187360:519
Edsall, SimonfromSheriff187874:167
Edsall, SimonfromSheriff188079:304
Edsall, SimonfromSheriff188080:34
Edsall, SimontoSiegmund, H & J.188079:312
Edsall, SimontoSlataker, D. Lee188289:449
Edsall, Simon S.fromCartwright, John M.187361:132
Edsall, Simon S.toDewald, Henry187466:230
Edsall, Simon S.fromEdsall, Wm. E.187565:227
Edsall, Simon S.toEvans, Nathan187462:39
Edsall, Simon S.toZollinger, Chas A.187462:544
Edsall, Simon S. (et al.)toOrff, Esther A.187463:340
Edsall, Simon, S.fromHartman, Nancy A.187461:570
Edsall, W. S.fromColerick, H. J.187463:281
Edsall, W. S.toDay, Henry187463:231
Edsall, W. S.fromEdsall, S. S.187463:206
Edsall, W. S.fromEdsall, S. S.187463:207
Edsall, W. S.toJacoby, Geo.187463:116
Edsall, W. S.toWiegand, S.187463:116
Edsall, William S.toBesson, John B.187463:154
Edsall, Wm.toBass, John H.187359:588
Edsall, Wm. E.toArmstrong, E.187577:285
Edsall, Wm. E.toEdsall, Peter187462:539
Edsall, Wm. E.toEdsall, Simon S.187565:227
Edsall, Wm. G.toCentlivre, Chas. L.187566:357
Edsall, Wm. S.toCoombs, John M.187565:522
Edsall, Wm. S.fromEdsall, C. W.187495:509
Edsall, Wm. S.fromEvans, Nathan187462:49
Edsall, Wm. S.fromGeary, Mary187462:50
Edsall, Wm. S.fromGeary, Mary187565:489
Edsall, Wm. S.toGeary, Mary187566:128
Edsall, Wm. S.fromGeary, Mary & Wm. Sr.187463:473
Edsall, Wm. S.toHill, Charles L.187565:429
Edsall, Wm. S.fromLillie, Mary E.187466:572
Edsall, Wm. S. & SimontoHattersley, Alfred187464:44
Edsall, Wm. S. & SimontoJacoby & Wiegand187464:17
Edsall, Wm. S. & SimontoLillie, James & John & Baltes, Michael187464:22
Edsalle, Peter to Detwig Bird (Assn. in Bankruptcy)to187975:550
Edwads, J. (Trustee)fromBassler, Henry H.187977:228
Edward, H. & Emma (Creditor)fromHenry, Geo C.187465:11
Edward, H. (Creditor)fromRank, Newson187165:18
Edward, H. (Creditor)fromRobertson, R. S. (Comr.)187365:20
Edward, J. (Trustee)fromDudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)188081:23
Edwards, D.toLunz, J. G.188287:101
Edwards, DanielfromAuer, Jacob (Et al.)188496:549
Edwards, DanielfromFoneka, Chas. S.187873:319
Edwards, DanieltoFoulks, Chas. S.187875:183
Edwards, DanieltoFoulks, Harriet188598:94
Edwards, DanielfromGlass, Emory (Et al.)188496:549
Edwards, DanieltoGreek, Wm.188598:93
Edwards, DanielfromHowison, A. S.188183:443
Edwards, DanielfromHowison, Anna S.188080:74
Edwards, DanielfromJohnson, Phebe188392:548
Edwards, DanielfromMason, Nancy187667:324
Edwards, DanielfromStasscliff, James M.187564:556
Edwards, Daniel (Admr.)fromLindenwood Cemetry187875:349
Edwards, Danl.fromFoulks, Chas. S.188393:401
Edwards, FranktoBarkley, Abram188598:419
Edwards, FrankfromBevelheimer, Danl.188391:200
Edwards, J. (Trustee)toBaade, Wm.188183:342
Edwards, J. (Trustee)toBaker, C. & A.188081:399
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromBigelow, I. S. (Comr.)187975:419
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromFishback, W. P. (Master)188081:283
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromHiggins, C. R. (Et al.)187976:94
Edwards, J. (Trustee)toHomung, C.188288:139
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromLangohr, J. W.187977:172
Edwards, J. (Trustee)toLyle, J. Q.188185:124
Edwards, J. (Trustee)toMeyers, W. H.188286:419
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSheriff188182:467
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpencer, B. J. (Coms.)188081:30
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpencer, B. J. (Coms.)188081:32
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpencer, B. J. (Coms.)188081:34
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Comr.)187978:152
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187873:483
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:149
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:151
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:152
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:154
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)188081:118
Edwards, J. (Trustee)fromWalton, C. H. (Et al.)187977:94
Edwards, JohnfromUnited States183870:16
Edwards, JohnfromUnited States183870:203
Edwards, JonathantoBond, Henry188188:175
Edwards, JonathanfromHedekin, Thos. B.187874:399
Edwards, JonathanfromSheriff188080:129
Edwards, JonathanfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)188080:195
Edwards, Jonathan (Trustee)toBond, Henry R.187976:485
Edwards, Jonathan (Trustee)toBond, Henry R.187976:486
Edwards, Jonathan (Trustee)toNeidhart, Jos.188183:300
Edwards, LucindafromWhite, James B.187360:588
Edwards, MacfromWhicker, Wm.187362:369
Edwards, MarthafromKline, Wm. E.188287:532
Edwards, Sarah E.toLefever, Martin G.187565:499

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