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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ehinger, CarlfromEhinger, Conrad (et al.)187771:140
Ehinger, CarlfromEhinger, Werner187978:156
Ehinger, CarltoN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:402
Ehinger, CarlfromSmith, Feronica187669:289
Ehinger, Chas.fromEhinger, F.187361:137
Ehinger, ChristianfromEhinger, John B.187362:95
Ehinger, Conrad (et al.)toEhinger, Carl187771:140
Ehinger, F.toEhinger, Chas.187361:137
Ehinger, FerdfromSchoenbein, A. (Et al.)188187:230
Ehinger, Ferd.fromBegue, Maria188187:230
Ehinger, J. & R.fromHabecker, Wm.188392:212
Ehinger, Jno.toScharf, Chas. A.188183:236
Ehinger, John B.toEhinger, Christian187362:95
Ehinger, Jos.fromClark, M. E.188186:86
Ehinger, M. A. (Et al.)toGrover, A. T.187977:388
Ehinger, MichaeltoNoll, Theresa187464:279
Ehinger, RoberttoSmith, Michael187872:565
Ehinger, RomanfromSchwager, Peter188289:286
Ehinger, WernertoEhinger, Carl187978:156
Ehle, AugusttoBeck, Henry187567:408
Ehle, AugustfromClauss, Jno. C.187566:179
Ehle, AugustfromEhle, Edward187436:517
Ehle, August N.fromMiller, August188494:182
Ehle, August N.toMiller, Sophia188494:356
Ehle, E. A.fromMudge, E. B. 188496:334
Ehle, E. R.toEhle, Michael188496:441
Ehle, EdwardtoEhle, August187436:517
Ehle, EdwardtoEpple, Gotlieb187669:369
Ehle, EdwardfromHensel, Frank187668:69
Ehle, Edward & MichaelfromTaylor, Robert S. (Guard)187467:100
Ehle, Edward T.fromEhle, Michael188182:318
Ehle, Edward T.fromGillett, Dwight D.187872:545
Ehle, MichaelfromByers, Rosette188290:79
Ehle, MichaelfromEhle, E. R.188496:441
Ehle, MichaeltoEhle, Edward T.188182:318
Ehle, MichaeltoLeugacher, Christian188597:61
Ehle, WilhelmfromDienhart, M.188185:176
Ehle, WilhelmfromMiller, Anastasia188183:175
Ehle, Wm.fromRomy, R. L.188288:21
Ehle, Wm.toRomy, R. L. & C. A.188288:12
Ehlert, FredericktoSchultz, C. & W.188080:45
Ehman, CarolinefromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Ehniger, CashfromSmith, Michael188080:198
Ehrhadt, L.fromSheriff188496:381
Ehrhardt, L.toLang, Christian188598:119
Ehrhardt, MagdalenafromFoster, Chas.188599:148
Ehrman, C. (Et al.)toKiser, Rebecca188288:18
Ehrman, C. (Et al.)toPoor Hand Maids Jesus Christ188287:418
Ehrman, C. F.fromMartin, Jacob188391:465
Ehrman, C. F.fromSchmoll, Gottlob188494:168
Ehrman, CharlestoMichael, Herman187875:127
Ehrman, Chas.fromRobinson, Jas. M.188494:581
Ehrman, Geo.toKrah, Jno. H.188290:62
Ehrman, J. A.toBeaty, Theo.188390:514
Ehrman, M. & R.fromVizard, Michael188496:115
Ehrman, MarytoRobinson, Jas. M.188494:580
Ehrmann, C. F.fromTaylor, R. S.188186:200
Ehrmann, Geo.fromFox, H. A.188390:422
Ehrmann, Geo.toFox, H. A.188390:423
Ehrmann, Geo.fromMichael, H.188290:208
Ehrmann, HenryfromMuier, B. D.188394:138
Ehrmann, J. A.fromLower, Sylvester188185:40
Ehrmann, MaryfromMichael, H.188080:506
Ehrmann, MatthistoMichael, Herman187564:317

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