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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Elberson, Saml. C.toFoulks, Chas. C.187462:299
Elbert, BenoitfromSchmidt, Jacob & Henry J.187465:587
Elbert, BenoittoSchmidt, Mary187465:588
Elbert, D.toGroesinger, C. & R.188185:118
Elbert, DelphinefromRydolph, Wm.187360:187
Elder, CynthiafromNoble, Sarah188289:5
Elder, Wm. (Trustee)toMoynihan, A. J.188393:509
Eldridge, BarbaratoQuicksell, Peter187565:216
Eley, EdwardfromDucat, F. E. (Et al.)187978:310
Eley, EdwardfromMercier, Mary (Et al.)187978:310
Eley, Geo. W.fromBowser, J. C.187669:109
Eley, Jno. H.toMcCurdy, McLain187876:227
Eley, Jno. H.toSimmons, R. R.187876:227
Eley, JohnfromKesler, Marion P.187360:340
Ell, FrederickefromAxt, Moritz188289:697
Ell, FredrickefromStegmeier, Catharine188289:396
Ellegison, HenrytoSchreiber, John187362:137
Elliott, AlmiratoMays, Joseph187568:175
Elliott, AlmirafromReichelderfer, Lewis187463:429
Ellis, Jno.fromLehew, M. S.187873:512
Ellis, JohntoMcIntire, Oliver. B.188079:466
Ellis, John W. (et al.)fromCox, Jacob D. Comr.187671:82
Ellis, John W. (et al.)toWabash Railway Co.187771:89
Ellison, F. E. (Coms.)toRobison, Jas. B.188183:509
Ellison, F. E. (Coms.)toRobison, W. S.188183:508
Ellison, J. L.fromBryson, Jos. B.188495:13
Ellison, J. S.fromBauer, K. J.187876:67
Ellison, JanetoSuter, Edward187771:527
Ellison, Jno. L.toFigel, Margaret A.188494:394
Ellison, John T.fromHays, Wm.187462:442
Ellison, John T.toMickels, Jonathan187566:489
Ellison, John T.toSuter, Edward187771:527
Ellison, LeRoytoSuter, Edward187771:527
Ellison, PhoebetoSuter, Edward187771:527
Ellison, Phoeby E.fromBullard, Geo.188494:395
Ellison, RichardtoSuter, Edward187771:527
Ellison, T. E.fromReiter, Frederick188392:231
Ellison, T. E. (Et al.)toGross, Wm. F.188185:354
Ellison, Thos. E.fromAllen, C. W.187977:548
Ellison, Thos. E.toReiter, Frederick188392:231
Ellison, Thos. E.toShordan, Danl.188287:386
Ellison, Thos. E. (comr.)toLee, Geo. D.187772:158
Ellison, Thos. E. (Et al.)toHankers, Bernard188289:463
Ellison, Thos. E. (Et al.)toNahrwold, C.188391:16
Ellison, Thos. E. (Et al.)toNahrwold, Conrad188495:69
Ellison, Thos. E. (Trustee)toBeach, H. L.188290:193
Ellison, Thos. E. (Trustee)fromBloomhuff, Catharine188286:525
Eloph Jos. & ElizabethfromClark, Thomas (et al.)187772:268
Eloph, H. & M.fromClark, Jos. (et al.)187772:289
Eloph, H. & M.fromEloph, Jos. (et al.)187772:289
Eloph, HenrytoNew York Chicago & St. Louis Rw. Co.188184:134
Eloph, Henry (et al.)toEloph, Jos. & Elizabeth187772:268
Eloph, Jos. & ElizabethfromEloph, Henry (et al.)187772:268
Eloph, Jos. (et al.)toClark, Thomas187772:317
Eloph, Jos. (et al.)toClark, Thomas187772:324
Eloph, Jos. (et al.)toClark, Victoria187772:318
Eloph, Jos. (et al.)toEloph, H. & M.187772:289
Elophe, HenryfromElophe, Joseph187975:538
Elophe, JosephtoElophe, Henry187975:538
Elophe, NicholasfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185879:93
Elson, Wm. H.toReichelderfer, John D.187461:548
Elson, Wm. H.toWebb, Crayton187359:581
Elson, Wm. H.toWiddifield, M.187667:548
Ely, A. F.fromEly, Nancy (Et al.)187978:326
Ely, A. F.fromGrubaugh, M. A. (Et al.)187978:326
Ely, A. F. (Et al.)toEly, Nancy187978:275
Ely, Adam F.fromBecks, Jas. C. (Comr.)187977:30
Ely, Adam F.fromGrubaugh, Margaret188496:178
Ely, C. D. & S. H.fromDudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)188080:592
Ely, Caroline D. (Et Al.)toGillette, D. D.188290:197
Ely, D. (Receiver)toBauserman, W. H.188185:194
Ely, EdwardtoGrubaugh, M A. & M.187976:370
Ely, EdwardfromRandall, P. A.188597:151
Ely, EdwardfromStirlen, Alex (Guard)187978:372
Ely, EdwardfromTrease, Geo. W.187976:383
Ely, Geo. W.fromAnderson, E. G. 188381:445
Ely, Geo. W.toBell, R. C. & C. E.188286:540
Ely, Geo. W.toCromwell, J. C. & M. C.188391:432
Ely, Geo. W.fromHartman, H. C.187566:19
Ely, Geo. W.toJohnson, F. A.188082:67
Ely, Geo. W.toQuinn, Edward187669:132
Ely, Geo. W.fromSheriff187668:442
Ely, Geo. W.fromSheriff187978:258
Ely, Geo. W.fromSheriff187978:256
Ely, George W.toSaunders, Mary E.188182:388
Ely, J. D. & A.fromBodine, F. A.188184:142
Ely, John H.fromHall. N. B. (guard.)187358:425
Ely, NancyfromEly, A. F. (Et al.)187978:275
Ely, NancytoGrubaugh, M. A.188090:318
Ely, NancytoGrubaugh, Margaret188090:317
Ely, NancyfromGrubaugh, Margaret (Et al.)187978:275
Ely, Nancy (Et al.)toEly, A. F.187978:326
Ely, Nancy (Et al.)toGrubaugh, M. A.187978:274
Ely, Nancy (Et al.)toGrugaugh, Margaret187978:276
Ely, Tharesa R.toFord, Chas.187359:502

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