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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Emanuel, JonastoBarney, Solomon187565:47
Emanuel, JonasfromHursh, John C.187564:522
Emanuel, JonasfromWise, John187873:569
Embre, FrankfromMiller, Mathias187461:269
Embry, Emma D.fromTyler, Justin A.187365:78
Embry, James E.toWilding, Ella187567:137
Embry, James S.fromCruse, Adelia B.187361:417
Embry, James S.toCruse, Adelia B.187361:420
Embry, James S.fromWallace, Matilda187360:131
Embry, Jas. S.toMason, Jno. F.187667:201
Embry, Jos.toEvans, J. P.188081:396
Embry, JosephfromBarbour, Myron F.187464:204
Embry, JosephfromQuicksell, Peter187772:69
Embry, L. S.toEmony, L. F.188183:511
Embry, Lewis S.toHinman, Adaline L.187566:474
Emde, Louis W.fromBurt, Daniel W.187362:33
Eme, C. F.toMiller, Margareth187463:325
Eme, Claude F.fromParrot, Peter F.187873:137
Eme, JosephinetoParnin, Auguste187566:373
Eme, O. F.fromMiller, Mathias187463:45
Emenhiser, AmaziahtoLipes, C. T.187978:404
Emenhiser, FannyfromEmenhiser, Stephen187873:91
Emenhiser, J. W.fromEmenhiser, Jos.188183:297
Emenhiser, Jos.toEmenhiser, J. W.188183:297
Emenhiser, Jos.toEmenhiser. J. R.188183:296
Emenhiser, Jos.fromShopman, D.187977:103
Emenhiser, MarytoAnderson Bauserman & Fredline187365:442
Emenhiser, S.toHenry, Moses188083:55
Emenhiser, S.toMiller, S. M.187368:77
Emenhiser, SephenfromFrance, Daniel S.187461:473
Emenhiser, StephentoAlbaugh, Eli187361:254
Emenhiser, StephentoAlliger, David187261:598
Emenhiser, StephentoBiggs, Eleazer187362:159
Emenhiser, StephentoClemmer, G. W.187361:472
Emenhiser, StephenfromDevilbiss, Allen187669:483
Emenhiser, StephentoDevilbiss, Allen187669:484
Emenhiser, StephentoEmenhiser, Fanny187873:91
Emenhiser, StephentoFrance, Daniel S.187462:565
Emenhiser, StephentoMcWhirter, Catherine J.187360:462
Emenhiser, StephentoOgle, Jno. J.187360:518
Emenhiser, StephentoPotts, Wm. A.187364:181
Emenhiser, StephenfromPotts, Wm. A.187567:322
Emenhiser, StephentoRiley, Jesse187174:485
Emenhiser, StephentoRoudebush, Wm. A.187361:266
Emenhiser, StephenfromRoudebush, Wm. A.187567:321
Emenhiser, StephentoSteadman, Lurena187362:395
Emenhiser, StephenfromTodd, Jesse187770:335
Emenhiser, StephentoTodd, Jessie187771:6
Emenhiser. J. R.fromEmenhiser, Jos.188183:296
Emenkiser, AlmedafromKyser, Cecellia187565:367
Emerich, Mary A.fromDriver, Wm. H.187566:436
Emerick, A. J.toNuttman, J. D.188081:450
Emerick, A. J.toZimmer, J. G.187361:14
Emerick, Andrew J.fromBloomhuff, Sam'l H.187462:27
Emerick, Andrew J.toDreier, Wm. H.187570:435
Emerick, Andrew J.fromHenderson, Angeline M. (et al.)187565:404
Emerick, Andrew J.fromSprang, Jacob187270:129
Emerick, Andrew J.toTons, Henry187567:52
Emerick, AugustinafromEmerick, C. G. (by will)187981:579
Emerick, BarbarafromEmerick, Henry187771:177
Emerick, C. G. (by will)toEmerick, Augustina187981:579
Emerick, CharlesfromSheriff187669:521
Emerick, Charles G. (Will of)to187981:579
Emerick, DavidtoSherrod, S. S.187668:229
Emerick, HenrytoEmerick, Barbara187771:177
Emerick, HenryfromEmerick, Jacob187667:546
Emerick, HenryfromLopshire, Elizabeth187565:453
Emerick, HenryfromRhoads, David187565:453
Emerick, HenryfromUlery, Mary J.187565:453
Emerick, JacobtoEmerick, Henry187667:546
Emerick, Jacob (dec.)toWill186470:152
Emerick, Jacob (Will of)to186470:152
Emerick, M.toSchaper, Christian188183:121
Emerick, M. A.fromZimmerman, Jno.187567:181
Emerick, Mary A.toWestcott, Sarah K.187668:449
Emerick, MatildafromCommissioners by Partition188079:44
Emery, CharlesfromHanna, Hugh T.187579:69
Emery, CharlesfromLindenwood Cemetery187670:516
Emery, JohntoSmall, John187872:506
Emery, SarahtoHanna, H. T.187579:23
Emery, SuzanfromEarlywine, Harrison187362:42
Emler, AmandtoHeibler, John185568:429
Emmenhizer, Jos. A.fromEmmenhizer, Stephen187770:346
Emmenhizer, StephentoEmmenhizer, Jos. A.187770:346
Emmenhizer, StephentoTodd, Jesse187770:359
Emmerick, Charles G.fromPeters, John G.187565:384
Emmons, Jno.fromBuell, A. W.188083:583
Emoire, Wm. B.fromRemmel, Augustus C.187360:147
Emony, L. F.fromEmbry, L. S.188183:511
Empie, Thos. B.toMiller, Jno. M.187978:39
Empie, Wm. B.toGordon, Wm. H.188080:462
Empie, Wm. B.toHill, Cynthia A.187358:401
Empie, Wm. B.fromRemmel, A. C.187975:505
Empie, Wm. B.fromRemmel, A. C. & H. L.187975:504
Empie, Wm. B.fromRemmel, H. L.187975:503
Empie, Wm. B. (Et al.)fromLindenwood Cemetry188082:160
Empire, Louisa R.fromRemmel, Harmon L.187360:233
Empire, Thos. B.fromWhite, James B.188080:250
Emrick, AdamfromWood, Orin D.188079:257
Emrick, BarbaryfromFleming, Wm.187464:288

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