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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Enbry, JosephtoKanges, Diantha187873:282
Endinger, GeorgefromBeebe, Francis & wife188392:424
Engart, S. M.toWalters, Eli187772:280
Engart, Sophia M.fromWait, Thomas187772:279
Engel, Jno.toEngel, Jno. (Wife)188597:530
Engel, Jno. (Wife)fromEngel, Jno.188597:530
Engelking, H. D.fromMudge, Ellen B.187875:234
Engelking, H. D.toTodd, Lois188392:332
Engelking, H. D.fromWamhoff, William188392:473
Engelking, W. F. (Et al.)toBeck, Leopold188390:455
Engle, A.fromHance, Barbery A.187566:436
Engle, A.fromSweet, Nancy J.187566:436
Engle, AlexfromMcCulloch, Hugh188494:31
Engle, AmielfromMcMahon, Thos.187259:443
Engle, AmieltoTrustee of Flatrock Grange No. 955187976:194
Engle, AmmielfromGailey, May187566:436
Engle, AmmieltoSweet, N. J.187581:258
Engle, E. B.toYouce, Christian187873:333
Engle, Geo.fromEngle, John187898:342
Engle, Geo. toHobrock, J. H.188392:191
Engle, Geo.fromLeple, F. (Et al.)188185:286
Engle, Geo.fromTraub, Sophia (Et al.)188185:286
Engle, J. B.toLongsworth, H.188287:465
Engle, J. B.fromMorley, Park B.187360:61
Engle, Jacob B.toMoreley, Catharine187360:6
Engle, JohntoDreibelbiss, Anna187349:422
Engle, JohntoEngle, Geo.187898:342
Englert, FranktoJohn, Nicholas187359:547
Englert, FranktoWolf, Doretha187770:444
English, JamestoColter, Jacob (Et al.)188496:593
English, JamesfromEvans, S. B. (Et al.)188081:546
English, James (Guard)toRanninger, Frederick187676:309
English, Jas.fromMcIntosh, Benj.188080:491
English, Jas.toMcIntosh, Benj.188392:210
English, Jas.toMeyer, Deidrich188079:328
English, Jas.fromTwadell, E. (Et al.)188081:546
English, ThomasfromChute, Richard185767:285
English, ThomasfromPrince, Jno. S.185767:285
Eninger, SamuelfromWells, Joseph C.187671:114
Enninger, SamuelfromHaifley, George (Et al.)187979:433
Enright, Jay M.fromEnright, Jno.188079:323
Enright, Jno.toEnright, Jay M.188079:323
Enright, JohannatoBartels, Fredk.187565:297
Enright, Johanna & MaryfromEnright, John187462:291
Enright, JohntoBartels, Frederick187566:53
Enright, JohntoEnright, Johanna & Mary187462:291
Enright, JohnfromSmith, Cornelius S.188079:285
Entemann, C. (Et al. Trustee)toWasserbach, Jno.188392:347
Enyard, M. L.toMason, Nancy188286:489
Enyart, M. L.fromWalters, Eli188186:429

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