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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Eraus, S. CaryfromAuditor187461:321
Erbine, FrankfromSchomp, A. D.187463:141
Erdel, ValentinefromCartwright, Jas. M.187772:119
Erdel, ValentinetoCartwright. E.M.187772:81
Erick, Geo.toRodenbeck, C.188495:394
Erick, Geo.toRothenbeck, C.188288:191
Erick, Geo.fromRothenbeck, F. C.188288:203
Erick, S. G.toHarkey, Jno. N.188597:267
Erick, Wm. H. (et al.)toDaniels, Margaret S. E.187372:436
Erick, Wm. H. (Et al.)toSmith, Elizabeth187375:199
Erickson, Jno.toGauld, A. B.188287:451
Erickson, Jno.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188391:332
Erickson, JohnfromFairfield, Cyrus K.187462:135
Erickson, JohnfromSeibold, C. J. W.188080:329
Erixson, Wm.toVean, Jno. S.188082:20
Erizson, Wm. H.fromReed, Sarah187882:17
Erlsten, Mary JanetoShutt, Geo.187269:155
Erp, Wm.fromBacon, S. (heirs)187461:505
Errick, S. G.fromHartsell, F. A.188081:234
Errick, Wm. H.toHerrick, Mary E.187360:351
Errixson, Wm.toDunten, E. H. Sen.184874:384
Ersig, Wm.fromHelmke, F. W. E.188287:139
Ersig, Wm.toHelmke, M.188287:140
Ersig, Wm.toTaylor, M. A.188186:225
Ersig, Wm. & D.fromTaylor, M. A.188186:224
Ertel, C. G.fromPfeiffer, Chas. G.188495:399
Ertel, Geo.toSchush, Geo.188495:370
Ertel, Geo. & C.fromSchust, Geo.188495:369
Ertel, HenryfromGrannemann, K. H.188496:45
Ertel, V. & C.fromSmith, Geo.188291:423
Ertel, ValentinetoSaners, J. A.188290:316
Ervin, J. F.toGopfert, Bernhard188496:230
Ervin, JeremiahtoArcher, Catherine M.187976:185
Ervin, JeremiahtoErvin, Jno. & Martha J.187976:283
Ervin, JeremiahtoOhneck, Adam187667:283
Ervin, Jeremiah & R.fromVoinet, Constant187673:94
Ervin, Jno.toErvin, R. A.187978:290
Ervin, Jno.toRobinson, Jas. H.187566:113
Ervin, Jno. & Martha J.fromErvin, Jeremiah187976:283
Ervin, Jno. (Guard)toSchoenlein, Chas. B.188393:452
Ervin, Jno. O.toFlinn, C. M. & M. E.188393:571
Ervin, JohntoChase, Phebe187566:328
Ervin, JohntoErvin, Joseph F. (Et al.)188392:443
Ervin, JohntoFlinn, Chas. M. (Et al.)188392:443
Ervin, JohnfromRobinson, James H.187568:148
Ervin, John O.fromEckels, Willis J.188392:442
Ervin, Jos. F.& C. W.fromFlinn, C. M. & M. E.188393:572
Ervin, Joseph F. (Et al.)fromErvin, John188392:443
Ervin, R. A.toAke, Elias188184:63
Ervin, R. A.fromClausmeier, E. F.188184:139
Ervin, R. A.fromErvin, Jno.187978:290
Ervin, R. A.fromRomy, C. A.187977:480
Ervin, R. A.toRomy, C. A.187978:291
Erwin, JeremiahfromDavis, A. S.187374:336
Erwin, JohnfromChase, Stephen187566:327
Erwin, JohnfromRoss, Benjamin187565:36
Erwin, Richard K.fromMoore, John187360:4
Erwin, Richard K.fromStouder, Simeon, W.187360:5
Erwin, Richard K.toStouder, Simon W.187360:5
Erwin, RoberttoBowers, John T.187361:36
Erwin, RoberttoRattedge, W. M. A.187361:38

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