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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Evans, A. S.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:348
Evans, A. S. & Co.fromCosgrove, F. K. (Adm.)188187:372
Evans, Amos S.toEvans, Jno. P.187566:462
Evans, Amos S.toKasmier, John187771:198
Evans, Amos S.toLangohr, A. J. & C.187669:83
Evans, B. B.fromBullard & Studabaker188598:593
Evans, B. B.fromBullard, J. M.188289:430
Evans, B. B.fromEvans, Isabell188080:294
Evans, B. B.fromEvans, J. F.188081:222
Evans, B. B. EstatefromBullard, Jennie M. (Et al.)187880:295
Evans, B. B. EstatefromCrabbs, Elizabeth (Et al.)187880:295
Evans, B. B. EstatefromEvans, Robert (Et al.)187880:295
Evans, B. B. EstatefromStudabaker, H. (Et al.)187880:295
Evans, Barbara B.toBullard, Jennie M.187873:11
Evans, Barbara B.fromBullard, Jennie M. (Et al.)188080:296
Evans, Barbara B.toCrabbs, Elizabeth187771:460
Evans, Barbara B.fromEvans, Joseph K.187671:459
Evans, Barbara B.fromEvans, Joseph K.187771:472
Evans, Barbara B. (et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Evans, Barbary B.toEvans, Bennett B.188183:373
Evans, Barbary B.toHenderson, Eliza C.188081:386
Evans, Bennett B.fromEvans, Barbary B.188183:373
Evans, Bennett B. (Et al.)toStudabaker, Harriet187874:87
Evans, D. E.fromStudabaker, David187773:462
Evans, Delley (Et al.)toStudabaker, Harriet187874:87
Evans, EdwinfromAuditor1880A:173
Evans, EdwintoBass, Jno. H.188081:109
Evans, EdwinfromHanna, Chas.188081:88
Evans, EdwintoMoran, Peter187976:298
Evans, EdwintoMoran, Peter187977:29
Evans, EdwintoSeabold, Christ188183:515
Evans, EdwinfromSheriff187875:239
Evans, EdwinfromSheriff188079:194
Evans, EdwinfromSheriff188080:155
Evans, EdwinfromSheriff188182:422
Evans, EdwinfromThompson, Anna M.187668:232
Evans, ElizabethtoHill, E. J. & Rudisill, E. E.187163:510
Evans, Elizabeth (Et al.)toStudabaker, Harriet187874:87
Evans, HarrietfromStudabaker, David187773:462
Evans, Harriet T. (et al.)fromStudabaker, David (Trustee)187668:348
Evans, Henry (Trustee)toBass, Jno. H.188081:361
Evans, IsabelfromEvans, Robt.187976:232
Evans, IsabelltoEvans, B. B.188080:294
Evans, J. A.toFuchs, Voreinka188081:141
Evans, J. F.toEvans, B. B.188081:222
Evans, J. P.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:348
Evans, J. P.fromEmbry, Jos.188081:396
Evans, J. P. (Et al.)toBradley, J. D.187976:101
Evans, J. P. (Et al.)toRussell, A. C.187976:101
Evans, Jesse F.fromEvans, Robert187976:131
Evans, Jno. K.fromStudabaker, David187773:462
Evans, Jno. K. (Heirs of)fromSheriff187669:3
Evans, Jno. K. (Heirs of)fromSheriff187669:7
Evans, Jno. K. (Heirs)fromSheriff187770:455
Evans, Jno. P.fromEvans, Amos S.187566:462
Evans, John K.fromSheriff187262:234
Evans, John K. heirsfromAuditor187463:42
Evans, Jos.fromFuchs, Geo.188081:111
Evans, Jos. A. Jr.fromEvans, Regina188079:458
Evans, Jos. R.fromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Evans, Joseph K.toEvans, Barbara B.187671:459
Evans, Joseph K.toEvans, Barbara B.187771:472
Evans, Joseph K.toStudabaker, Harriet187873:221
Evans, McDonaldfromRandall, P. A.187977:206
Evans, McDonald & Co.fromWhite, Jas. B.187771:246
Evans, NathanfromEdsall, Simon S.187462:39
Evans, NathantoEdsall, Wm. S.187462:49
Evans, ReginatoEvans, Jos. A. Jr.188079:458
Evans, ReginatoRodemacher, Joseph187668:409
Evans, ReginafromRohyans, Gesuia187874:36
Evans, RobertfromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Evans, RoberttoEvans, Jesse F.187976:131
Evans, Robert (Et al.)toBullard, J. M.187880:297
Evans, Robert (Et al.)toEvans, B. B. Estate187880:295
Evans, Robert (Et al.)toStudabaker, Harriet187874:87
Evans, Robt.toEvans, Isabel187976:232
Evans, Robt. (Et al.)toCrabbs, Elizabeth187874:591
Evans, S. B. (Et al.)toEnglish, James188081:546
Evans, S. CarytoBaatz, Wm.187463:396
Evans, S. CarytoDawson, J. Wallace187359:460
Evans, S. CaryfromDay, Henry187462:386
Evans, S. CarytoDepler & Trentman184767:20
Evans, S. CarytoEckart, Fred187566:505
Evans, S. CarytoFt. W. J. & S. R. R. Co.187462:388
Evans, S. CarytoGasso, August187667:294
Evans, S. CarytoGrosenor, Henry187463:552
Evans, S. CaryfromHill, John E.187462:3
Evans, S. CarytoJones, Sarah A.187360:225
Evans, S. CarytoKime, Henry187462:34
Evans, S. CarytoKime, John187462:34
Evans, S. CarytoKingan, James187565:147
Evans, S. CarytoLoomis, P. B.187668:206
Evans, S. CarytoMayer, Chas. F.187462:393
Evans, S. CarytoMcCulloch, Chas.187566:505
Evans, S. CarytoMcMillen, Jas. B.187668:307
Evans, S. CarytoMoller, John187462:21
Evans, S. CarytoMottinger, H. E.187463:398
Evans, S. CarytoMottinger, N. W.187463:397
Evans, S. CarytoNichols, Calista187667:362
Evans, S. CarytoNichols, Celesta187463:451
Evans, S. CarytoPepp, Louis187359:448
Evans, S. CarytoRock, Joseph G.187359:554
Evans, S. CaryfromRock, Sarah J.187359:531
Evans, S. CaryfromRockhill, Wm. W.187359:530
Evans, S. CarytoSchwartz, Christian187463:448
Evans, S. CaryfromSheriff187461:317
Evans, S. CaryfromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187358:470
Evans, S. CarytoWashington Tp.187360:217
Evans, S. CarytoWehler, Charles187465:215
Evans, SamuelfromStudabaker, David187773:462
Evans, Sarah H.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187872:554
Evard, Ami C.fromEvard, Louis187463:578
Evard, BerthafromCattez, Joseph187465:41
Evard, BerthatoZiegler, Louisa187668:310
Evard, ClementfromHoagland, Pliny187360:203
Evard, ClementfromMillimater, Jacob C.187360:379
Evard, ClementfromWilliams, Jesse L.187360:203
Evard, JamestoWait, Hester187361:11
Evard, JamestoYerks, James M.187464:373
Evard, Jno. A.fromGuillamne, Louis A.187668:105
Evard, JohntoSappington, Jacob187873:188
Evard, JohnfromWood, Daniel187361:156
Evard, JuliusfromBlume, C. (Et al.)188394:8
Evard, JuliusfromLangley, John187978:309
Evard, LouistoEvard, Ami C.187463:578
Evas, B. B.fromBullard, J. M.188290:176
Eveland, MarytoBell, W. M.187360:469
Eveland, P. & M.fromBurgess, Henry188393:57
Eveland, PeterfromVanRenssclaer, Charlotte187770:450
Evens, Jos. A.toHonick, Henry187463:381
Evens, ReginatoRohyans, Gesina187566:577
Evens, S. CaryfromKimes, Henry187668:133
Everd, ClementtoEverd, Julius188082:190
Everd, JuliusfromEverd, Clement188082:190
Everett, C. W.fromWood, Alanson187670:24
Everingham, J. J.toRemington, E. H.187771:170
Everingham, John J.fromJones, L. M.187770:101
Everingham, L. A.fromRemington, E. H.187773:271
Evers, HermanfromSchmid, Lorenz187360:209
Evers, HermontoEssig, John187565:76

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