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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Faber, C. A.fromBrackenridge, Jos. (Et al.)188184:418
Fabker, G. H.toSiemon, A. F.186272:74
Fackman, C. F.fromUnited States184068:130
Facks, CatharinetoFacks, Frances A.187463:23
Facks, Frances A.fromFacks, Catharine187463:23
Facks, Frances A.fromFacks, Sophia & Caroline187463:23
Facks, Francis A.fromRiehle, May187463:23
Facks, Sophia & CarolinetoFacks, Frances A.187463:23
Fackshaber, Jno. L.toSnider, Jno. W.188079:490
Fahlsing, F. W.fromBreese, Eliza187977:168
Fahlsing, F. W.fromBreese, Geo. H.187977:169
Fair, AndrewfromBrown, Elizabeth188494:460
Fair, AndrewfromWaterson, Susanna187464:86
Fair, ChristianfromFair, Gabriel187573:14
Fair, Christian N.toCass, Matilda187873:15
Fair, FranceliafromCommissioners by Partition187975:455
Fair, FranceliatoFitch, Matthias187977:483
Fair, GabrieltoFair, Christian187573:14
Fair, GabrieltoHathaway, S.188081:302
Fair, GabrielfromMuir, James & H.187361:328
Fair, Jacob C.fromHutton, Mary A.187371:282
Fair, Jacob C.toHutton, Mary Ann187976:257
Fair, JacobletoMadden, Thos. Sr.187360:366
Fair, PetertoDolin, Lucetta187979:128
Fair, SamueltoAnderson, Stephen188182:245
Fairbank, ClarktoGodown, Fanny F.187360:200
Fairbank, ClarkfromGodown, John M.187360:199
Fairbank, ClarkfromStinger, Ellen R.188080:70
Fairbank, ClarktoStringer, Elza T.188080:71
Fairbanks, Jno. B.fromShurick, Frank S.187669:23
Fairfied, CharlestoRacine, August187976:181
Fairfield, Anna S.fromBarnes, J. B.187566:121
Fairfield, Anna S.toBarnes, Joshua B.187566:121
Fairfield, Anna S.fromBenson, Magdalena187463:614
Fairfield, Anna S.fromDavenport, Colson L.197464:68
Fairfield, Anna S.fromHelm, Harriet187564:468
Fairfield, Anna S.fromTaylor, Robt. S.187463:600
Fairfield, Anna S.toWilliams, E. T.187565:616
Fairfield, AsatoFairfield, Cyrus186867:287
Fairfield, C. k.fromBeeler, Maria188185:16
Fairfield, C. K.toBeeler,Maria187978:33
Fairfield, C. K.toHesner, Henry187669:241
Fairfield, C. K.toKuntz, Edna187978:439
Fairfield, C. K.toMurphy, Jno. J.188183:328
Fairfield, C. K.toNestel, Daniel188079:19
Fairfield, C. K.fromNestel, Daniel188079:22
Fairfield, C. K.toStahl, Jno.187463:343
Fairfield, C. K.toWhite, C. M.188081:164
Fairfield, C. K.toWinger, Hans K.187463:317
Fairfield, C. W.fromKrummelbein, Adam188183:142
Fairfield, C. W.fromRobinson, M. F.188081:92
Fairfield, C. W.toRobinson, Mary188081:246
Fairfield, Charles W.fromAuditor1877A:103
Fairfield, Charles W.fromAuditor1877A:104
Fairfield, Charles W.fromAuditor1877A:106
Fairfield, Charles W.toCoombs, Wm. H. (et al.)187771:188
Fairfield, Charles W.toFisher, D. C. (et al.)187771:188
Fairfield, Chas,toBowen, Catharine187463:444
Fairfield, chas.fromHart, J. R.187670:391
Fairfield, Chas.fromRacine, August187976:360
Fairfield, Chas.fromSlocum, Clark E.187670:391
Fairfield, Chas. W.toKiehnerd, F. A.187872:556
Fairfield, CyrusfromFairfield, Asa186867:287
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toAdler, John G.187360:359
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toBennett, Adam J.187872:492
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toBloomhuff, Catharine187360:560
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toBoyles, Robert D.187359:365
Fairfield, Cyrus K. toBoyles, Robert D.187359:376
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toBoyles, Robt. D.187462:377
Fairfield, Cyrus K.fromColerick, Walpole G.187359:367
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toErickson, John187462:135
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toGilbert, Jas. B.187667:305
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toHall, Evelyn D.187265:590
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toKnoll, Wm. B.187360:344
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toPeterson, Chas.187462:136
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toRobb, Milo T.187462:541
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toSeibold, Chas. J. W.187360:559
Fairfield, Cyrus K.fromSeibold, Chas. J. W.187462:635
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toSeibold, Chas. W.187462:129
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toSpringer, Loren187360:428
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toSpringer, Lorin187462:128
Fairfield, Cyrus K.fromSpringer, Lorin187462:636
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toSwart, Margaret E.187359:533
Fairfield, Cyrus K.fromSwart, Marietta & Amos M.187565:492
Fairfield, Cyrus K.fromTaylor, R. S.187360:276
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toTaylor, Robert S.187463:601
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toWalker, Leonard S.187464:229
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toWilliams, John H.187463:50
Fairfield, Cyrus K.toWilson, Mary H. & Geo.187461:427
Fairfield, Cyrus K. & Annie S.toColerick, Walpole G.187359:366
Fairfield, Cyrus K. & Annie S.toTaylor, Robert S.187359:375
Fairfield, James M.toHays, Chas. A. & C. M.187875:250
Fairfield, James M.toHuffman, Christian187565:460
Fairfield, James M.toPhillips, John T.187060:111
Fairfield, James M.toReich, Stanford187565:404
Fairfield, James M.toZimmer, Susan M.187463:513
Fairfield, Lucy A.toBeams, Henry187062:80
Fairfield, Willard A.fromSheriff188079:564
Faler, MaryfromBoerger, Wm. Henry187564:326
Fales, ElifromSpitter, Emily188081:175
Falk & LamleyfromAuditor188597:456
Falkenborgh C.fromSchomp, David187466:72
Falkenburg, CalebfromLitchfield, Nancy187569:300
Falkenburg, ElitoArcher, John H.187461:576
Falkenburg, ElifromSinclair, Saml. E. (Comr.)187461:576
Falkenburgh E.fromSchomp, David A.187160:441
Falkenburgh, ElitoArcher, John H.187360:473
Falkenburgh, Sarah E.toWaters, Stephen187462:436
Falker, FranktoCertia, Peter187770:47
Falker, FrankfromEckart, Fred & H. E. Linker187568:412
Falker, FrankfromEckart, Frederick187669:54
Falker, FrankfromLinker, Henry E.187669:54
Falkinburgh, ElitoDeck, John187772:370
Falkinburgh, ElifromKnaga, Hester187572:370
Falls, Daniel M.toOlds, Chas. L.187771:72
Falls, Daniel M.toStory, Harriet187163:526
Falls, Jos.fromBrown, Jno. (Adm.)188290:141
Falls, Jos.toDevilbiss, Allen187668:251
Falls, JosephfromCarry, Francis J.187565:249
Falls, JosephfromGrandstaff, A. N.187567:305
Falls, JosephfromGrandstaff, J. S.187567:357
Falls, JosephfromGrandstaff, J. W.187567:307
Falls, JosephfromGrandstaff, O.187567:357
Falls, JosephfromGrandstaff, S. N.187567:307
Falls, MargaretfromAuditor188186:339
Falls, MargaretfromBittinger, Geo. L.187873:557
Falls, MargaretfromBittinger, Geo. Sr.187873:557
Falls, MargaretfromButcher, Edward187359:519
Falls, MargaretfromHulse, Wm. L.187874:96
Falls, MargarettoMeyer, Wm.187875:25
Faloy, DanieltoBrown, Bridget187567:130
Faloy, DanielfromHayden, Eliza H.187669:80
Faltz, MarthafromCommissioners by Partition188080:353
Falvy, DanielfromBrown, Mathew187567:104
Faman, Owen (Et al.)toLindenwood Cemetery187978:383
Famer, Noah (Et al.)toZeis, Lewis187978:201
Fanand, Wm. C.fromMitten, Emmet187978:536
Fanner, AndrewtoMcCurdy, Alexander187349:403
Fanner, AndrewtoWaterson, Susanna187461:304
Fansler, IsaiahfromStiver, Jacob N.187780:43
Farber, Anna R.fromKannamann, Catharine187570:163
Farber, Anna RebeccatoKannamann, Catharine187570:7
Fark, EdwardfromBode, Henry Jr.188494:626
Fark, FrederickfromRomy, Robt. L.187361:612
Farmer, A. (Guard)toDugly, Fletcher187781:455
Farmer, AndrewtoEstabrook, A. T.188082:493
Farmer, ChristinafromMason, Benjamin187349:428
Farmer, Nancy (guard.)toSchlatter, Christian J.187465:30
Farmer, Wm.fromAshby, Lavinia187874:456
Farnan, MaryfromBaker, Henry187262:17
Farnan, O. & M.fromRobertson, R. S.188183:472
Farnan, Oliver & MaryfromZeller, Joseph187565:321
Farnan, OwenfromOlds, H. G.187463:216
Farnan, OwentoOlds, Henry G.187565:399
Farnan, OwentoRogers, S. L.187463:215
Farnan, OwentoZeller, Joseph187565:321
Farner, C.toCrisenbay, P. S.187566:172
Farner, ChristianfromShordon, Daniel188183:74
Farner, ChristianfromZeis, Jacob187360:10
Farner, ChristinafromHood, Robert187978:243
Farner, ChristinatoShordon, Daniel188183:63
Farner, CyrusfromCrisenberg, Peter S.187568:402
Farner, NoaltoFranklin, Zacharia187462:630
Farney, JeremiahfromMcNay, Owen187670:160
Farnsworth, A.toBielings, Wm. W. 184680:349
Farrand, DelilahfromBittinger, G. L. & A. W.187976:393
Farrand, DelilahfromRickett, Jane187770:279
Farrand, OwenfromHeibert, Dederick (adm.)185273:9
Farrand, OwenfromNeirman, Herman (admr.)185273:9
Farrar, JosiahfromTibbles, Harriet E.187464:147
Farras, JosiahtoTibbles, Harriet & John H.187464:148
Farrel, CorneliusfromFarrell, James M.187670:116
Farrell, C. C.fromSelps, Mary187976:422
Farrell, Charles C.fromFarrell, John C. & Francis J.187358:473
Farrell, Charles E.fromFarrell, Margaret187669:516
Farrell, Chas. C.toSeiler, Peter187977:529
Farrell, CorneliustoJustus, Lewis S.187874:59
Farrell, CorneliustoWoods, Samuel187773:548
Farrell, EdwardtoBubb, Anthony187567:30
Farrell, EdwardtoHaiber, John187567:112
Farrell, EdwardtoSelpat, Mary187976:421
Farrell, F. I.fromSweet, Warren187977:336
Farrell, Francis J.fromFarrell, John C. & Chas. J.187358:474
Farrell, Francis J.fromFarrell, Margaret187669:517
Farrell, J. W.fromCartwright, J. S.188185:578
Farrell, James M.toFarrel, Cornelius187670:116
Farrell, James W.fromSheriff188079:547
Farrell, James W.toWoods, Samuel188082:340
Farrell, Jno. C.toHarber, Gertrude187668:151
Farrell, John C,fromFarrell, Margaret Sr. & Chas. C.187564:438
Farrell, John C.toBubb, Anthony187668:101
Farrell, John C. & Chas. J.toFarrell, Francis J.187358:474
Farrell, John C. & Francis J.toFarrell, Charles C.187358:473
Farrell, MargarettoFarrell, Charles E.187669:516
Farrell, MargarettoFarrell, Francis J.187669:517
Farrell, MargarettoWyss, Frank187462:616
Farrell, Margaret Sr. & Chas. C.toFarrell, John C,187564:438
Farrenfelder, J.fromBenner, Wm.187463:395
Farret, VenosfromGerardot, Alexis187362:462
Farroll, CorneliusfromHeckberr, Lenah187572:57
Farroll, CorneliustoJustus, Lewis S.187572:57
Farroll, CorneliusfromMercer, Lorenzo187572:57
Farthmiler, DavidfromBurgess, Henry187463:241
Farver, MalindafromWalter, Jos.187978:486
Fast, Sarah A.toGappinger, John187976:143
Faulkner, Mary M. (et al.)toOtt, John187371:555
Faulkner, Wm. M.toVoetter, Julius187565:377
Faulks, Charles S.fromLantz, John F.187772:491
Fauret, LucasfromMiller, John R.187566:386
Fauser, Jacob (Et al.)toGolden, Elizabeth188083:135
Fausler, IsaiahfromBumir, Adam Sen.188080:44
Faust, FrankfromKing, C. A. & F. J.187267:251
Favert, VenicetoAmmons, Barbara187361:515
Favoret, VenostoGerardot, Alexis187771:102
Favoret, VenostoSavio, Frank188082:282
Fawley, Jno.fromLawrence, Milo187977:298
Fawley, JohntoKelley, J. B.188182:566
Fawley, MarthafromKelley, J. B.188182:567
Fay, EzratoHays, Robt. C.187669:88
Fay, James A.toBlessing, Peter187564:479
Fay, James A.toCoonrad, Joseph187565:531
Fay, James A.toDinnis, Henry C.187362:576
Fay, James A.fromHartman, Homer C.187568:523
Fay, James A.toOlds, H. G. & J. D.187467:455
Fay, James A.fromRupert, Ira187565:621
Fay, James A.fromSheriff187463:589
Fay, James A.fromSheriff187464:244
Fay, James A.fromSheriff187758:497
Fay, Jas, A. (Coms.)toKoester, Jno.187483:348
Fay, Jas. A.fromFleming, Wm.187668:86
Fay, Jas. A.fromHolman, Wm. J.187668:87
Fay, Jas. A.fromSheriff187472:135
Fay, Jos. A.toPaine, Lemuel C.187668:228
Fay, Jos. A.toPaine, Lemuel C.187668:381
Fay, Julia P.fromPaine, Lemuel C.187668:295

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