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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Fiegel, Chas.fromBeck, A. M.188289:524
Fields, A. A.fromMason, Josephus S.188080:355
Fields, A. A. & M.toWells, J. E.188081:570
Fields, DelphinetoLong, Henry F.187462:141
Fields, DelphinefromSchele, John F.187771:163
Fields, F. B.toRobinson, Wm. S.187978:463
Fields, FrancisfromUnited States184972:181
Fields, Francis B.toYagerlenner, John187875:270
Fieler, MarytoOrmiston, Mary187875:333
Figel, Charles G.toSeibold, David187361:55
Figel, Chas G.fromJones, Wm. H.187461:497
Figel, Chas.fromArcher, Jno.188396:88
Figel, Chas. Sr.fromGable, Christian188182:326
File, Adeline (Et al.)toHowe Machine Co.187875:276
Filing, LisettafromKukelhan, Frederick187564:454
Filley, Benj.toPearson, Thos.188081:324
Filley, Benj.fromSnowden, Wm.188081:323
Filley, JosephtoDorsey, Robt.187360:255
Filley, RosannahtoDorsey, Robert187668:287
Filling, LyettafromBoblya, L. J.188598:555
Filson, Harriet A.toOrff, Estheer A.187771:214
Filson, Harriet A.fromOrff, Esther A.187771:80
Finan & StephensonfromMonahan, Daniel187360:539
Finan, EdwardfromAnderson, A. H.188079:73
Finan, EdwardfromAnderson, John187771:382
Finan, EdwardtoAnderson, Mary187772:397
Finan, EdwardfromArgo, A. S. (Marshal of Monroeville)188391:463
Finan, EdwardfromAuditor188392:295
Finan, EdwardtoCassady, Jacob187462:540
Finan, EdwardtoConnolly, Wm. A.187771:280
Finan, EdwardtoConroy, Thomas H.187360:31
Finan, EdwardtoCoverdale, E. G.188081:223
Finan, EdwardfromGilchrist, John187771:334
Finan, EdwardtoHaley, Catherine187669:56
Finan, EdwardfromHaley, Martin187669:17
Finan, EdwardtoLaughlin, James187464:242
Finan, EdwardfromMcDonald, J. G. (Et al.)188081:223
Finan, EdwardfromSheriff187770:261
Finan, EdwardtoSteinman, Adam187564:578
Finan, EdwardfromWorden, E. R.187874:541
Finan, EdwardtoWorden, Jno. B.187874:542
Finan, EdwardtoWorden, Seymour & John B.187464:564
Finigan, Daniel (Will of)to188182:462
Fink, JacobfromAshley, E. D.187566:232
Fink, JacobtoMaxfield, O. W.188080:470
Fink, Jacob & MaryfromBlessing, Peter188498:474
Fink, Jno. J.toDeven, Jno.188182:523
Fink, Jno. J.fromSmith, S. J.188081:239
Fink, MaryfromAshley, E. D.187466:231
Finkenbiner, John S.fromAveline, Junis A.187566:451
Finn, EllentoGoodman, F. X.187874:417
Finn, EllenfromGoodman, F. X. (Guard)187874:406
Finn, EllenfromGoodman, F. X. (Guard)187874:416
Finnan, EdwardfromMonahan, Daniel187463:625
Finnan, EdwinfromOBrine, Mary187462:439
Finnan, Eliza J.toMonahan, Ellen187463:415
Finnen, E. J.fromNail, S. S.187462:331
Finnon, EdwardfromKreusch, Jno. P.187669:110
Finnon, EdwardtoReville, Jules H.187669:165
First Nat. BanktoBarrett, Jas. L.188082:36
First Nat. Bank Lima, O.toArgo, M. E.188182:480
First Nat. Bank Lima, O.fromAuditor1879A:145
First Nat. Bank Lima, O.toBarnhart, Harriet187977:353
First Nat. Bank Lima, O.toBrice, C. S.188081:281
First Nat. Bank Lima, O.fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187976:515
First National BankfromTaylor, Robert S.187770:256
Firzgerald, FrancesfromFitzgerald, Wm.187874:105
Fischer, IsaacfromDoelker, Jacob (et al.)186667:491
Fischer, JabstfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187873:552
Fischer, JobsttoBrudi, Joseph187873:237
Fischer, JobstfromBueter, F. H. (Et al.)188392:70
Fischer, JobsttoGothe, Gustof187873:237
Fischer, JobsttoGrime, Carl187667:496
Fischer, JobstfromGrime, Carl187667:510
Fischer, JobsttoSchuler, Jacob188183:35
Fischer, John E.fromGrime, Carl187667:509
Fischer, MargaretfromBecker, Fredk.188185:472
Fish, B. R.toTilton, Josiah187976:465
Fish, Mary E.fromLichtenberger, John 187565:91
Fish, Wm. W.fromHanna, Chas.187359:604
Fishback, W. P. (Master)toEdwards, J. (Trustee)188081:283
Fishback, Wm. P. (Master)toAmerican Church Missionary Society188183:451
Fishback, Wm. P. (Master)toArgo, M. E.188183:214
Fishback, Wm. P. (Master)toFt. Wayne Nat. Bank188183:214
Fishback, Wm. P. MastertoRolestone, R. G. & Clark, B. F.187979:203
Fisher, AbelfromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188393:563
Fisher, AbelfromBond, Chas. E.188598:461
Fisher, AbelfromBond, Chas. E.188598:462
Fisher, AbelfromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188495:420
Fisher, AbeltoBright, Wm. J.187463:4
Fisher, Abel (Et al.)toMcDonald, R. T.187976:564
Fisher, Andrew J.toMcDounough, J. B.187570:21
Fisher, Anton (Coms.)toBuchheit, Elizabeth187875:285
Fisher, Anton (Coms.)toUnger, Gottlieb188079:329
Fisher, D. C.fromHanna, Henry C.187463:530
Fisher, D. C.fromLarch, Frank187875:184
Fisher, D. C.toMichaels, Herman187668:211
Fisher, D. C.fromSheriff187771:446
Fisher, D. C.fromWasserbach, John187567:179
Fisher, D. C. & Tons, H.fromLogg, Wm.187567:85
Fisher, D. C. & W. H. CoombsfromSheriff187771:448
Fisher, D. C. & W. H. Coombs (Ex.)fromSheriff187771:286
Fisher, D. C. (Coms.)toHeiney, Nicholas187978:113
Fisher, D. C. (Coms.)toKuhnert, F. A.187874:405
Fisher, D. C. (et al.)fromFairfield, Charles W.187771:188
Fisher, D. C. (ex.)toBusking, Henry187669:276
Fisher, D. C. (Ex.)toHough, Jessie W.188080:400
Fisher, D. C. (Ex.)toHough, Sarah D.187976:477
Fisher, D. C. (ex.)toLinden, Geo. W.187772:91
Fisher, D. C. (Ex.)fromSheriff188079:361
Fisher, D. C. (Ex.)fromSheriff188079:363
Fisher, D. C. (Executor)toHough, Sarah D.187977:156
Fisher, D. C. (Exr.)toBass, Jno. H.188082:64
Fisher, D. C. (Exr.)toBass, Jno. H.188082:66
Fisher, D. C. (Trustee)fromHunter, Wm. T.187977:34
Fisher, D. C. (Trustee)toMcQuiston, Jno.187977:58
Fisher, D. C. (Trustee)fromMcQuiston, John187977:57
Fisher, D. C. (Trustee)fromSheriff187979:569
Fisher, David C.toFisher, Robertson J.187464:111
Fisher, David C.fromForce, Wm. M.187360:192
Fisher, David C.fromHelmer, C. J.187565:614
Fisher, David C.fromKing, C. A. & F. J.187359:355
Fisher, David C.toLerck, Frank187464:56
Fisher, David C.toMichaels, Herman187359:358
Fisher, David C.toMiller, Wm.187359:457
Fisher, David C.fromTons, Henry187772:441
Fisher, David C.fromWebber, Frank A.187566:227
Fisher, David C.fromWhite, James B.187463:637
Fisher, David C.toWorden, John B.187770:45
Fisher, David C. (Executor)fromSheriff187977:499
Fisher, David C. (Executor)fromSheriff187977:502
Fisher, David C. (Trustee)fromSheriff187770:451
Fisher, David Coombs (Trustee)fromSheriff187770:453
Fisher, Dora C.fromBissell, Geo. P. (Trustee)188081:287
Fisher, E. G.fromGreene, Mary M.187671:417
Fisher, Elias (guard.)toFreeman, Robert187670:527
Fisher, Ethelbert G.fromGreene, Mary M.187873:149
Fisher, HamiltontoFonner, Wm.187567:310
Fisher, IsaactoBandan, Frederick187667:504
Fisher, IsaactoNeff, Jacob186668:327
Fisher, J. (Et al.)fromMahony, Jas.188079:327
Fisher, JobstfromAdams, Jno. Q.187397:117
Fisher, JobstfromBrudi, Joseph187669:182
Fisher, JobstfromGothe, Gustav187669:182
Fisher, JobstfromRitter, Benjamin F.188079:142
Fisher, JohnfromMcDonnough, J. B.187670:20
Fisher, JohntoMcDonnough, James B.187465:270
Fisher, LouisatoLubkin, Rudolph187565:385
Fisher, M. E.fromCooper, J. P.188182:405
Fisher, MargaretfromKrimmel, John187566:19
Fisher, Margaret & AntontoStrodel, George187565:284
Fisher, R. J.fromAuditor1878A:131
Fisher, R. J.fromAuditor1878A:131
Fisher, R. J.fromBowser, S. S.187875:565
Fisher, R. J.fromBraun, Mary188287:137
Fisher, R. J.toNewton, O. L187976:346
Fisher, R. J.fromPickard, T. R.187775:563
Fisher, R. J.fromSheriff187873:228
Fisher, R. J.fromWallace, Fanny187775:564
Fisher, Robertson J.fromFisher, David C.187464:111
Fisher, Robertson J.toNewberger, Louis187464:379
Fisher, Robertson J.fromWeaver, Wm. F.187565:351
Fisher, SamuelfromBowman, Henry187669:24
Fisher, SamueltoBowman, Henry187669:327
Fisher, William B.toSpore, W. D.187679:460
Fisher, Wm. B.toDoty, R.187567:250
Fisher, Wm. B.fromHanna, Henry C.187463:502
Fisher, Wm. B.fromHanna, James T.187565:320
Fisher, Wm. B.toLawrence, Alex187667:386
Fisher, Wm. B.toMauk, F. M.187668:283
Fisher, Wm. B.toNiemann & Dammeyer187566:296
Fisher, Wm. B.toPence, Wm. H.187668:308
Fisher, Wm. B.toStewart, D. B.187567:379
Fisk, Wm. W.toD'Isay, Alida L.187566:283
Fisk, Wm. W.fromRossner, Julius187566:277
Fisk, Wm. W.toShuman, Amanda187771:166
Fisk, Wm. W.fromShuman, Erastus187771:165
Fisk, Wm. W.toSmith, Otis B.187975:483
Fisset, PhillipfromYoung, Christian187980:96
Fisset, PhillipfromYoung, Stephen187980:95
Fitch, A. H.fromBird, O. (Et al.)186985:379
Fitch, A. H.fromBowser, J. C. (Et al.)186985:379
Fitch, A. H.fromMapel, Lewis S.187566:24
Fitch, Appleton, H.toMapels, Lewis S.187361:383
Fitch, Aurelia B.fromFrary, Melissa F.187565:444
Fitch, DavidfromCommissioners by Partition187975:455
Fitch, DavidfromFitch, S. E. (widow)187874:202
Fitch, HarveyfromCommissioners by Partition187975:455
Fitch, HarveyfromFitch, S. E. (widow)187874:204
Fitch, MathiasfromCommissioners by Partition187975:455
Fitch, MathiasfromFitch, S. E. (widow)187874:203
Fitch, MatthiasfromFair, Francelia187977:483
Fitch, O. B.fromAlliger, Sarah M.187363:321
Fitch, Otis B.fromAlliger, Sarah M.187360:60
Fitch, S. E. (widow)toFitch, David187874:202
Fitch, S. E. (widow)toFitch, Harvey187874:204
Fitch, S. E. (widow)toFitch, Mathias187874:203
Fitch, SarahfromCommissioners by Partition187975:455
Fite, R. L. (Assignee)toClem, A. J. (Et al.)187975:451
Fite, R. L. (Assignee)toClem, Noah188080:512
Fite, R. L. (Assignee)toMcMahan, Thomas188081:424
Fitgerald, Louis (Trustee)fromMiller, Benjamin188079:568
Fitzgerald, BridgetfromCommissioners by Partition187975:453
Fitzgerald, EllenfromBaird, Jno.188184:464
Fitzgerald, Ellen & PetertoKasmier, John187564:519
Fitzgerald, FrancisfromGuillamne, Louis A.187668:342
Fitzgerald, HenryfromCorrigan, Eliza187567:188
Fitzgerald, HenrytoDelgrange, Jos.187978:552
Fitzgerald, J. W.toDriver, D. D.187977:538
Fitzgerald, James W.fromFitzgerald, Lucinda187772:303
Fitzgerald, Jno. H.fromBurns, Catherine187669:239
Fitzgerald, Jno. H.toTieman, Mary188182:214
Fitzgerald, John H.toBurns, Patrick187669:238
Fitzgerald, John H.fromPickard, Thomas R.187462:397
Fitzgerald, John H.fromTieman, Mary187876:532
Fitzgerald, L. (Trustee)fromSheriff187977:128
Fitzgerald, LouistoMiller, Michael188079:482
Fitzgerald, LucindatoFitzgerald, James W.187772:303
Fitzgerald, M. R.fromMcKinley, Benj.187771:418
Fitzgerald, Mary B. (Et al.)toRevert, Henry188079:311
Fitzgerald, PatrickfromJustus, Lewis S.187361:2
Fitzgerald, PatricktoKeef, Catherine187462:118
Fitzgerald, PatrickfromKeef, William187462:117
Fitzgerald, PetertoMarkel, Charles187565:67
Fitzgerald, PetertoSchoerpf, Jno.187463:355
Fitzgerald, PetertoShanebeck, Daniel187463:453
Fitzgerald, WilliamfromHerbert, John188079:52
Fitzgerald, Wm.toFirzgerald, Frances187874:105
Fitzgerald, Wm. Jr.fromBeegan, Eliza188394:547
Fitzgerald, Wm. Jr.fromBropley, Wm.188394:546
Fitzgerld, BridgetfromSinclair, S. E. (Adm.)188080:101
Fitzgibbons, MargaretfromMcCaun, John187976:189
Fitzmorris, JohannatoShine, Daniel187462:424
Fitzpatrick, ElizabethfromFitzpatrick, Michael187771:423
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth (et al.)toLoveall, Mary E.187364:276
Fitzpatrick, JohntoFitzpatrick, M.187771:411
Fitzpatrick, M.fromFitzpatrick, John187771:411
Fitzpatrick, M.fromHartman, Homer C.187358:447
Fitzpatrick, M.toMaily, Patrick & Bridget187771:548
Fitzpatrick, M.toO'Shaughnessy M.187565:245
Fitzpatrick, M.toOShaughnessy, J.187771:530
Fitzpatrick, M. E.fromOShaughnessy, Jas.187976:95
Fitzpatrick, MaryfromO'Shaughnessy, John187771:553
Fitzpatrick, Mary E.fromOShaughnessey, Jno.187874:273
Fitzpatrick, MichaeltoFitzpatrick, Elizabeth187771:423
Fitzpatrick, MichaelfromMaily, Patrick187770:276
FitzSimmons, P.toShirey, Peter187171:575

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