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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Flach, Chas. (Et al.)fromRanke, Wm. (Et al.)188391:340
Flach, Chas. R.toDelong, Isaac187359:453
Flacherty, SarahfromMulharen, John187264:148
Flaharty, Israel (Et al.)toLaw, T. M. L.185290:409
Flaherty, PatricktoSchmidt, F. W.188287:276
Flaig, E. & B.fromHahn, Jos.188391:431
Flakerty, Sarah & PatricktoHartman, Homer C.187464:140
Flanagan, E. E.toMaxwell, Geo. W.188391:514
Flanagan, EdwardfromFlanagan, Jno. Jr.188185:576
Flanagan, EdwardtoFlanagan, Jno. Jr. & A.188185:577
Flanagan, Jno. Jr.toFlanagan, Edward188185:576
Flanagan, Jno. Jr. & A.fromFlanagan, Edward188185:577
Flanigan, CharlestoBracht, Catherine187976:288
Flanigan, CharlesfromBracht, Joseph187976:287
Flanigan, E. Jr. & Jno. Jr.fromFlanigan, Jno.188079:531
Flanigan, Jno.fromBulger, E. J.188184:9
Flanigan, Jno.toFlanigan, E. Jr. & Jno. Jr.188079:531
Flanigan, Jno.toVodely, Andrew188289:353
Flanigan, PatrickfromDunn, Michael187464:93
Flaugh, ChristiantoFlaugh, Michael187669:500
Flaugh, ChristiantoFrance, Deliah187669:292
Flaugh, ChristianfromGood, Henry187669:297
Flaugh, H. J. (Et al.)toFlaugh, Jno. M.188495:244
Flaugh, JacobfromFlaugh, Jacob Sr.186293:556
Flaugh, Jacob Sr.toFlaugh, Jacob186293:556
Flaugh, Jno. M.fromFlaugh, H. J. (Et al.)188495:244
Flaugh, Jno. M.fromHoffman, E. (Et al.)188495:244
Flaugh, Jno. M.fromMock, A. E. (Et al.)188495:244
Flaugh, Jno. M.fromQuandt, A. B. (Et al.)188495:244
Flaugh, Jno. M. (Et al.)toQuandt, A. B.188494:239
Flaugh, M.toGood, Henry188183:531
Flaugh, MariafromBowen, G. R. (Adm.)188186:59
Flaugh, MariafromHobbs, Caroline188186:58
Flaugh, MariafromMock, Jacob188186:58
Flaugh, MariafromRandall, P. A.188494:430
Flaugh, MariahtoLenhart, H. C.188494:276
Flaugh, MichaeltoBrewer, George187667:303
Flaugh, MichaelfromFlaugh, Christian187669:500
Flaugh, MichaelfromFleming, William187772:366
Flaugh, MichaeltoFry, James187976:223
Flaugh, MichaelfromFry, Jas.188183:433
Flaugh, MichaeltoHoffman, N.188393:423
Flaugh, MichaeltoMarquette, Phillip187976:224
Flaugh, MoriafromHowe, Sarah Jane188393:337
Fledderman, J. G.toBrannan, Julia187571:408
Fledderman, J. G.fromCraw, M. R.188081:378
Fledderman, J. G.fromRockhill, H. C.187771:469
Fledderman, J. G.fromRockhill, H. C.187975:400
Fledderman, J. G.fromRockhill, H. M.187771:469
Fledderman, J. G.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187771:469
Fledderman, J. G. & M. E.fromGeiger, Henry187977:566
Fledderman, J. G. & wifefromLink, Anna M.187772:153
Fledderman, J. G. & wifefromMayer, Anna (widow)187772:152
Fledderman, J. G. & wifefromMayer, Catharine187772:152
Fledderman, J. G. & wifefromMayer, Dorthea187772:152
Fledderman, J. G. & wifefromMayer, Frank187772:152
Fledderman, J. G. & wifefromMayer, Justina187772:152
Fledderman, J. G. (et ux.)fromBanigan, Mary C.187772:152
Fledderman, Jno. G.toKramer, Bernard187667:513
Fledderman, John G.toKruse, Carl187565:421
Fledderman, John G.fromRundel, Charles187566:483
Fledderman, John G.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187464:290
Fledderman, M. E.toGillett, D. D.188288:494
Fledderman, M. E.toWelsheimer, E. A.188599:32
Fleddermsn, Jno. G.fromRockhill, Howell C.187872:452
Fleischer, EdwardtoHanna, Eliza Jr.187361:154
Fleishman, E. D.fromAllen Circuit Court188393:392
Flemig, Wm.fromSheriff188290:134
Flemig, Wm. (Et al.)toGause Agricultural Works188390:496
Flemimg, O. E.toBoester, Fred188290:37
Flemimg, Thos. H.fromRockhill, Ann Maria187469:314
Flemimg, WilliamtoCarral, Alfred A.188082:126
Flemimg, WilliamtoFaust, John188496:81
Flemimg, Wm.fromAuditor188290:17
Flemimg, Wm.fromAuditor188392:24
Flemimg, Wm.fromAuditor188392:25
Flemimg, Wm.fromAuditor188494:267
Flemimg, Wm.fromAuditor188494:269
Flemimg, Wm.fromAuditor188494:567
Flemimg, Wm.fromBarnes, J. B.188184:229
Flemimg, Wm.toBertheand, L.188390:568
Flemimg, Wm.toBowser, Sarah M.188494:627
Flemimg, Wm.fromBrackenridge, F. A.188290:233
Flemimg, Wm.toGallmeyer, D.188494:475
Flemimg, Wm.toHackett, E. A. K.188495:51
Flemimg, Wm.fromHarmon, J. K. (Et al.)188393:324
Flemimg, Wm.fromSheriff187358:514
Flemimg, Wm.toSturgis, M. C.188286:506
Flemimg, Wm.toTownsend, Geo. W.188391:561
Flemimg, Wm.toWalter, Euphemia187670:3
Fleming Mfg. Co.fromPeters Box and Lumber Co.188390:389
Fleming, Ellen (Et al.)fromMayer, Andrew (Dec.)187490:279
Fleming, F. G.toGibson, H. I.188286:490
Fleming, F. H. & F.fromKariger, Samuel188598:466
Fleming, FrancestoKariger, Samuel188598:467
Fleming, FrancisfromGriffith, Levi188393:142
Fleming, H. F.fromFleming, Mary (Et al.)188494:71
Fleming, H. F.fromGlutting, A. F.188494:113
Fleming, H. F.fromMayer, Geo. J. E. (Et al.)188494:71
Fleming, H. F.toTrentman, A. C.188597:150
Fleming, Helen F.fromFleming, Mary C.188495:212
Fleming, J.toBrown, R. E.188185:47
Fleming, Jas W.fromNelson, Wm. R.187471:187
Fleming, Jas. W.toNew York Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Co.188289:572
Fleming, Jas. W.fromOlds, Henry G.188287:550
Fleming, John C.fromGreen, Mary M.187359:439
Fleming, John C.fromGreene, Mary M.187367:2
Fleming, JonathanfromCasselman, John187668:298
Fleming, Mary (Et al.)toFleming, H. F.188494:71
Fleming, Mary (Et al.)toMayer, Julia188494:80
Fleming, Mary C.toFleming, Helen F.188495:212
Fleming, O. E.fromBaker, Catherine188081:404
Fleming, O. E.toFrance, J. E. K.188393:515
Fleming, O. E.fromHanna, H. c. Jr.188288:190
Fleming, O. E.fromNelson, J. D. G. (Et al.)188393:558
Fleming, O. E.fromRockhill, W. W. (Et al.)188393:538
Fleming, O. E.fromRumsey, Rebecca R.188393:557
Fleming, O. E.fromSteinberger, Ella188080:245
Fleming, P. E.fromCraw, A. M. (Et al.)188393:558
Fleming, Robt. E.fromEwing, Wm. A. (ex.)187570:565
Fleming, Thos. H.toGriffith, Levi & S. A.188393:37
Fleming, Thos. H.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187358:402
Fleming, WilliamtoFlaugh, Michael187772:366
Fleming, WilliamtoHammond, Dyan187772:365
Fleming, WilliamtoHood, H. G. & Thos.187772:550
Fleming, WilliamtoMcDonald, A. C.187873:514
Fleming, WilliamtoMills, Samuel188192:592
Fleming, WilliamtoOrr, Susan187872:482
Fleming, WilliamtoP. Ft. W. & Chicago R. W. Co.187875:367
Fleming, WilliamtoSchnelker, M. G. (Et al.)187879:427
Fleming, WilliamtoTaylor, John188393:219
Fleming, WmtoWilmot, J. E.187667:200
Fleming, Wm.fromAlter, Jacob (Et al.)188288:417
Fleming, Wm.fromAmdt, Mary188288:207
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1870A:107
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1870A:121
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1870A:120
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1873A:124
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor187377:211
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor187577:214
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1875A:122
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor187577:212
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1875A:123
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:112
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:114
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:110
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:113
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:111
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:119
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:109
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor187772:249
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1877A:108
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor187771:189
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:150
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:153
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:152
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:148
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:151
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:149
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor1879A:147
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:432
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:426
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:430
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:424
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:422
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:420
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:434
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188184:428
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188287:199
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188287:197
Fleming, Wm.fromAuditor188494:265
Fleming, Wm.toBash, Solomon187771:175
Fleming, Wm.toBash, Solomon188495:203
Fleming, Wm.toBeck, Leopold188391:310
Fleming, Wm.fromBecker, Margaretha188394:111
Fleming, Wm.toBenward, O.188184:566
Fleming, Wm.toBeverforden, S.188391:482
Fleming, Wm.toBierbaaum, Wm.188288:218
Fleming, Wm.toBilser, Jacob188495:387
Fleming, Wm.toBilser, John188495:390
Fleming, Wm.toBixler, Jacob187669:66
Fleming, Wm.toBleekman, Jerome187668:463
Fleming, Wm.fromBond, H. M. C.188598:430
Fleming, Wm.toBond, H. Mc.188598:448
Fleming, Wm.fromBond, S. B.188598:431
Fleming, Wm.toBond, S. B.188598:446
Fleming, Wm.fromBond, Stephen B.187668:323
Fleming, Wm.fromBond, Stephen B.187668:322
Fleming, Wm.fromBond, Stephen B.187668:324
Fleming, Wm.fromBorden, James W.187565:293
Fleming, Wm.fromBowser, Jacob C.187358:424
Fleming, Wm.fromBrackenridge, G. W. (Ex.)188290:215
Fleming, Wm.toBrase, Fred187579:483
Fleming, Wm.toBrauwer, George187771:26
Fleming, Wm.toBunck, Conrad187461:384
Fleming, Wm.fromBurgess, Henry187976:483
Fleming, Wm.fromBurgess, Henry188287:200
Fleming, Wm.toCameron, Jas.188391:284
Fleming, Wm.fromCity of Fort Wayne by Treas.187369:198
Fleming, Wm.fromCity of Ft. Wayne187371:550
Fleming, Wm.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:321
Fleming, Wm.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188288:418
Fleming, Wm.fromCity Treasurer187371:182
Fleming, Wm.fromCity Treasurer187371:552
Fleming, Wm.fromCrau, Geo. D. (assignee)187771:565
Fleming, Wm.toCuningham, J. C.187771:121
Fleming, Wm.fromDeardorff, O. (Et al.)188287:432
Fleming, Wm.fromDowling, Thos. (Et al.)187688:426
Fleming, Wm.toDriscoll, Edward J.187360:139
Fleming, Wm.toEmrick, Barbary187464:288
Fleming, Wm.toEvans, M. C.188393:34
Fleming, Wm.fromFarwell, J. V. (Et al.)188393:324
Fleming, Wm.toFay, Jas. A.187668:86
Fleming, Wm.toFee, Thos. W.187667:200
Fleming, Wm.toFrance, Delilah187772:405
Fleming, Wm.fromFrance, Wm.187787:196
Fleming, Wm.toFreistroffer, Simon188597:342
Fleming, Wm.toFrost, Josephine187976:363
Fleming, Wm.fromFt. Wayne City187366:574
Fleming, Wm.fromFurste, E. B.188391:174
Fleming, Wm.toFurste, Elizabeth188392:285
Fleming, Wm.toGable, Peter & Christian187668:355
Fleming, Wm.fromGard, B. (Et al.)188287:432
Fleming, Wm.toGerardin, H.188288:311
Fleming, Wm.fromGerardin, H. (Et al.)188288:417
Fleming, Wm.toGillett, Chas.188289:473
Fleming, Wm.toGlutting, A. F.188494:112
Fleming, Wm.fromGoeglein, Jno.188288:210
Fleming, Wm.fromGookins, S. B. (Master)187688:426
Fleming, Wm.toGrammayer, John187771:75
Fleming, Wm.toGrammeyer, Jno.188081:27
Fleming, Wm.toGrand Rapids & Ind. R. R. Co.187874:420
Fleming, Wm.toGreiner, A. (Et al.)187977:412
Fleming, Wm.toHackett, E. A. K.188081:123
Fleming, Wm.toHaiber, C. F.188182:540
Fleming, Wm.toHaiber, C. F.188287:309
Fleming, Wm.toHale, D. P.188287:289
Fleming, Wm.fromHartman, H. C. (Assignee)188391:66
Fleming, Wm.fromHartman, H. C. (Assignee)188391:64
Fleming, Wm.toHayden, E. H.188185:29
Fleming, Wm.toHayden, Fredk. J.187565:454
Fleming, Wm.toHiggins, C. R.188495:384
Fleming, Wm.fromHire, Elias188494:566
Fleming, Wm.toHire, Elias & S. E.188494:561
Fleming, Wm.toHoover, Jas. (Est.)188184:153
Fleming, Wm.toHorning, George187566:378
Fleming, Wm.toHough, Jno.187360:326
Fleming, Wm.toHoward, W. B.188189:569
Fleming, Wm.toHoward, W. B.188186:19
Fleming, Wm.fromHoward, Wm. B. 188288:208
Fleming, Wm.toHowe, Estes187462:362
Fleming, Wm.toHyslop, C.187463:362
Fleming, Wm.toJacoby & Wiegand187360:308
Fleming, Wm.toJacoby & Wiegand187667:460
Fleming, Wm.toJohnson, F. M. (Et al.)188290:233
Fleming, Wm.toJohnson, Isaac187461:255
Fleming, Wm.toKane, J. M. & P. H.187771:132
Fleming, Wm.toKohr, Abraham187670:64
Fleming, Wm.toLansdown, Job188287:581
Fleming, Wm.toLarwill, M. W.187576:419
Fleming, Wm.toLauferty, Max J.187360:426
Fleming, Wm.toLawrence & Whistler187668:157
Fleming, Wm.toLewis, Amanda187565:304
Fleming, Wm.fromLocke, Josiah188391:489
Fleming, Wm.toLong, Elizabeth187361:203
Fleming, Wm.toLongsworth, H.188287:465
Fleming, Wm.toLordier, August187360:82
Fleming, Wm.toMayer, G. J. E. & L. C.188184:374
Fleming, Wm.fromMayer, Geo. J. E.188495:52
Fleming, Wm.toMayer, Julia188494:79
Fleming, Wm.fromMayer, Julia188495:51
Fleming, Wm.toMcCartney, Jno.188392:259
Fleming, Wm.fromMcCullough, G.188393:144
Fleming, Wm.toMcDonell, Johanna187358:523
Fleming, Wm.fromMcKeag, Agnes (Et al.)188289:111
Fleming, Wm.toMiller, Jno. B.187567:313
Fleming, Wm.toMiller, Jno. M.188185:9
Fleming, Wm.toMorss, Saml. E.187981:115
Fleming, Wm.fromMunsel, Mary T.186470:219
Fleming, Wm.toMunson, Chas. A.188080:214
Fleming, Wm.toMurdoch, A. (Executors)187979:21
Fleming, Wm.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:28
Fleming, Wm.fromNelson, I. D. G.188084:233
Fleming, Wm.toNelson, W. R.187981:115
Fleming, Wm.toNew York Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Co.188289:567
Fleming, Wm.toNew York Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Co.188289:570
Fleming, Wm.toNew York Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Co.188289:573
Fleming, Wm.toNinde & Swayne187565:495
Fleming, Wm.toNolan, Johanna187565:333
Fleming, Wm.toNuttman, I. D. Jr.187874:378
Fleming, Wm.toOliver, Paul187471:292
Fleming, Wm.toPfeiffer, Jno. C.188597:431
Fleming, Wm.toPittsburgh Ft. Wayne & Chicago R. W. Co.188495:85
Fleming, Wm.toPrange, Charles187875:148
Fleming, Wm.fromRandall, Perry A.188290:235
Fleming, Wm.fromReed, Daniel (et al.)186670:216
Fleming, Wm.fromRuge, Jno. G.188185:261
Fleming, Wm.toRunnion, E. S.188185:307
Fleming, Wm.toScherle, A. (Et al.)187977:412
Fleming, Wm.toSchneiders, M. G.188392:222
Fleming, Wm.toSchnelker, Begue187361:259
Fleming, Wm.toSchultz, Henry188291:404
Fleming, Wm.toSchwarze, Henry188289:98
Fleming, Wm.fromSheriff187576:417
Fleming, Wm.fromSheriff188183:322
Fleming, Wm.fromSheriff188184:488
Fleming, Wm.fromSheriff188184:491
Fleming, Wm.fromSheriff188289:112
Fleming, Wm.fromSheriff188289:114
Fleming, Wm.toSimonton, H. J.188392:255
Fleming, Wm.fromSmith, S. S.188095:202
Fleming, Wm.fromSpencer, M. O. B.188288:416
Fleming, Wm.toSteinke, E.187463:389
Fleming, Wm.fromStrong, Ezra186470:219
Fleming, Wm.fromStrong, L. P.186470:222
Fleming, Wm.fromStrong, Seth186470:222
Fleming, Wm.toTaylor, Jno.188393:487
Fleming, Wm.toTempleton, S. M. (Excutors)187979:21
Fleming, Wm.toThain, Mary188290:10
Fleming, Wm.toTimbrook, Jno.188392:253
Fleming, Wm.fromTreasurer City187371:120
Fleming, Wm.fromTreasurer City ( J. A. Droegemeyer) 187668:155
Fleming, Wm.fromTuell, Wm. B.187771:126
Fleming, Wm.toWaltemath, C. H.188391:281
Fleming, Wm.toWard, Sarah188496:114
Fleming, Wm.fromWatros, Nancy186670:221
Fleming, Wm.toWebber, John187566:544
Fleming, Wm.toWilliamson, R.188287:334
Fleming, Wm.toWilson, W. T.187581:167
Fleming, Wm. (Et al.)toAugustine, Wm.186373:585
Fleming, Wm. (Et al.)toGlover, J. L.188288:456
Fleming, Wm. (Et al.)toHake, Frank188495:234
Fleming, Wm. (Et al.)toHimbert, M.188495:565
Fleming, Wm. (Et al.)toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188188:431
Fleming, Wm. (Et al.)toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188188:430
Flemming, WilliamfromAuditor1879A:147
Flemming, WilliamfromAuditor1879A:148
Flemming, Wm.fromCraw, S. B.188187:154
Flemming, Wm.fromSheriff187772:24
Flenning, Wm.fromCrane, Geo. Dawgnee187976:489
Fletcher, AsatoGrate, Runa187568:139
Fletcher, C. C.fromBleekman, Jerome187670:99
Fletcher, C. C.toBowman, Emeline187668:255
Fletcher, C. C.toMudge, I. R.187874:27
Fletcher, C. C.fromRemmel, A. C.187770:98
Fletcher, C. F. (Heirs)toParrant, H. E.188494:426
Fletcher, Chas. N.fromPoole, Florence188079:156
Fletcher, Chas. N.toRomey, Robt. L.188079:226
Fletcher, Chas. N.fromRomy, R. L.188079:247
Fletcher, Chas. N.fromSwift, Isabella B.187772:30
Fletcher, Chas. P.toAngel, B. D.187874:176
Fletcher, Christopher C.toAldrich, Chas. H.187770:326
Fletcher, Christopher C.toGrotholtman, Adolph187566:452
Fletcher, J. F.fromBeals, Wm. (Et al.)188390:307
Fletcher, J. F.fromBeals, Wm. (Et al.)188390:291
Fletcher, J. F.fromFelger, Jno. (Et al.)188390:307
Fletcher, J. F.toSeeger, Fred188390:309
Fletcher, J. F.fromSteger, R. (Guard)188390:306
Fletcher, J. F.fromSteger, Rudolph (Guard)188390:299
Fletcher, JenniefromCasll, Geo. S.187976:506
Fletcher, JennietoHarmon, Daniel187267:299
Fletcher, JenniefromHattersley, Alfred187875:23
Fletcher, JenniefromSheriff188080:304
Fletcher, JennietoStephan, H. & Co.188287:515
Fletcher, Jos. F.fromFelger, John (Et al.)188390:291
Fletcher, M. M.fromAlliger, S. F. (Et al.)187284:279
Fletcher, M. M.fromKingsley, J. H. (Et al.)187284:279
Fletcher, M. M.toKirkwood, C. C.188184:282
Fletcher, M. M.fromMiller, A. F. F. (Et al.)187284:279
Fletcher, M. M.fromMiller, A. F. F. (Et al.)188184:281
Fletcher, M. M.fromScott, Lucy M.187884:280
Fletcher, Maria M. (et al.)toKingsley, Julia H.187360:15
Fletcher, Maria M. (et al.)toScott, Lucy M.187060:137
Fletcher, Mary E.fromBleekman, Jerome187670:97
Fletcher, Mary E.toSmith, Samuel T.187772:360
Fletcher, Mary E.fromSnow, Isaac B.187566:207
Fletcher, Mary E. & C.toSnow, Jennie M.187566:205
Fletcher, Mary M. (Et al.)toHart, George188079:221
Fletcher, S. A.toMilligan, H. J.188496:138
Fletcher, S. J.fromLocke, Josiah188597:336
Fletcher, S. J. (Et al.)toJohns, L. B.188598:501
Fletter, C.fromYerks, Nathaniel187168:200
Fletter, CharitytoBaird, Julius W.187671:476
Fletter, charitytoDuffey, Emeline188191:249
Fletter, H. A.toHimes, H. A. & D.188184:179
Fletter, MargaretfromWhite, Jas. B.187874:580
Fletter, Saml. C.toJordan, M. J.187667:333
Fletter, W. B.fromBodine, J. E.188290:300
Fletter, W. B.toLeischer, Saml.188390:454
Flick, C. B.toFlick, Mary188289:285
Flick, C. B.toFlick, Mary188392:95
Flick, Clara B.toFlick, Mary188391:554
Flick, Clara BellefromRead, James M.188079:459
Flick, MaryfromFlick, C. B.188289:285
Flick, MaryfromFlick, C. B.188392:95
Flick, MaryfromFlick, Clara B.188391:554
Flick, MarytoRanch, Noah188597:442
Flickinger, H.fromShank, Daniel187669:304
Flickinger, J. F.fromFlickinger, Jno.188394:44
Flickinger, J. L.fromWillbur, Geo W.187874:531
Flickinger, Jabez L.toFlickmger, John187875:95
Flickinger, Jno.toFlickinger, J. F.188394:44
Flickinger, SylvesterfromAlderman, Frank188393:265
Flickmger, JohnfromFlickinger, Jabez L.187875:95
Flinn, C. M.toBradberry, Sheried188182:236
Flinn, C. M. & M. E.fromErvin, Jno. O.188393:571
Flinn, C. M. & M. E.toErvin, Jos. F.& C. W.188393:572
Flinn, C. M. & M. E.fromSeabold, C. & G.188183:253
Flinn, Charles M.fromUmstead, Elizabeth187670:249
Flinn, Chas. M.toBauer, K. J.188184:373
Flinn, Chas. M. (Et al.)fromErvin, John188392:443
Flint, H.fromFishback, W. P. (Master)188390:588
Flint, H. (Et al.)toMollering, Wm.188390:590
Flood, EllentoHealth, M. C. & M. E.188288:562
Flood, M. & H.fromBreimeier, E. (Et al.)188289:46
Flood, M. & H.fromHesemeier, H. (Et al.)188289:46
Flynn, JosephinetoMetzger, H. M.188289:185

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