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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Fobing, J. M.fromState of Indiana184671:372
Foche, Jno. A. (Et al.)toNessel, Michael188185:241
Foehl, Jno. A.fromSchramm, John187770:355
Foellinger, C. H.fromFoellinger, Dorothea (Guard)188184:106
Foellinger, C. H.fromFoellinger, Sophia (Et al.)188184:105
Foellinger, Dorothea (Guard)toFoellinger, C. H.188184:106
Foellinger, E. C.fromFoellinger, Sophia (Et al.)188184:103
Foellinger, J. M.toFoellinger, Jacob187566:131
Foellinger, J. M.fromMcDonald, E. H.187566:120
Foellinger, JacobfromAgster, Annie M.187464:96
Foellinger, JacobfromFoellinger, J. M.187566:131
Foellinger, JacobtoHaberkom, E. T. & Anna187975:559
Foellinger, JacobtoMcClaren, H. & E.188494:251
Foellinger, John M.toMcDonald, Ernst H.187565:552
Foellinger, M. D.fromFoellinger, Sophia (Et al.)188184:103
Foellinger, M. M.fromFoellinger, Sophia (Et al.)188184:103
Foellinger, P. M.fromFoellinger, Sophia (Et al.)188184:104
Foellinger, Sophia (Et al.)toFoellinger, C. H.188184:105
Foellinger, Sophia (Et al.)toFoellinger, E. C.188184:103
Foellinger, Sophia (Et al.)toFoellinger, M. D.188184:103
Foellinger, Sophia (Et al.)toFoellinger, M. M.188184:103
Foellinger, Sophia (Et al.)toFoellinger, P. M.188184:104
Foellinger, Sophia (Et al.)toFoellinger, Sophia M.188184:103
Foellinger, Sophia M.fromFoellinger, Sophia (Et al.)188184:103
Foet Wayne & Leo Gravel Rd.Co.fromFigel, Chas.188495:526
Fogel, DelanafromForrand, Richard187567:346
Fogel, DelanotoBacon, F. B. (adm.)187568:103
Fogel, PhilipfromSheriff188082:265
Fogel, PhiliptoYoung, Elizabeth187876:405
Fogel, PhillipfromSwartz, Henry187361:605
Fogerty, E. (Guard)toChase, Stephen188494:304
Fogerty, EdwardtoHogan, Timothy188598:75
Fogle, PhilipfromWilliams, John187876:23
Fogwell, DavidtoAllen County187461:197
Fogwell, Willim (Adms.)toLopohive, George188081:529
Fogwell, Wm.fromHays, Matilda188289:325
Fogwell, Wm.toHelle, Charles F.187467:467
Fogwell, Wm.fromNicodemus, Margaret187361:618
Foley, BridgetfromQuinn, Mary A.188599:28
Foley, PaulinefromCordevey, Pierre187772:53
Follinger, DoratheafromDennis, Julia A.188393:352
Foltz, A. E.toFink, Jacob188298:473
Foltz, M. (Et al.)toGirding, Lewis188288:37
Foltz, MarthatoAnderson, H. C.188597:512
Foltz, MarthafromCommissioner in Partition188598:194
Folyz, A. E.fromBarney, Geo. & Sol.188098:571
Fomey, Jos.toPerkins, Sarah A.188088:533
Foneka, Chas. S.toEdwards, Daniel187873:319
Foneka, Chas. S.toParker, Elli187873:352
Foneka, Chas. S.toShadle, Arimita187873:353
Fonner, D. M. & W. H.fromRock, M. J.188496:202
Fonner, D. M. & W. H.fromRock, M. J.188494:576
Fonner, Wm.fromDillman, Jacob187567:311
Fonner, Wm.fromFisher, Hamilton187567:310
Fonner, Wm.fromLipes, David D.187566:448
Fonst, Jno. W.fromGriffin, L. E.188393:464
Foot, H. B.fromMilburn, B. F.187874:455
Foot, Jos. G.fromKillian, S. A.188185:64
Foote, AbrahamtoGrover, John J.187465:412
Foote, J. G.toFoote, Wm. & Owen188081:142
Foote, J. G.toPearson, J. L.188187:491
Foote, J. G.fromRupert, M.188286:481
Foote, Jos. G.fromBaldwin, D. P.187875:84
Foote, Joseph G.toFoote, Wm. & O. M.188081:215
Foote, M. & J.fromMurphy, A. P.188290:108
Foote, M. & J. B.fromMurphy, A. P.188290:332
Foote, W. A. (Et al.)fromEdgerton, C. & A. P.188596:626
Foote, Wm. & O. M.fromFoote, Joseph G.188081:215
Foote, Wm. & OwenfromFoote, J. G.188081:142
Foote, Wm. (Et al.)fromGreenlees, A. L. (Et al.)188082:154
Foote, Wm. A.fromFray, Ellen Sulley (Ex.)188183:148
Foote, Wm. A. (Et al.)fromEichelsdoerfer, L.188288:106
Foote, Wm. W. (Et al.)fromFray, E. S. (Et al.)188082:154
Footer, Mary E.fromORourke, Wm. S.187978:169
Forbes, J. H.toBarker, W. & E. B.188184:53
Forbing, GertrudefromForbing, John (et al.)187772:47
Forbing, GertrudefromFranke, Catharine (et al.)187772:47
Forbing, GertrudetoOgden, B. F.188494:373
Forbing, Gertrude (et al.)toForbing, John & J. Sd.187772:35
Forbing, Gertrude (Et al.)toForbing, Joseph187775:26
Forbing, Gertrude (et al.)toForbing, Peter & Jacob187772:37
Forbing, Gertrude (et al.)toFranke, Catharine187772:49
Forbing, J. & J. H.fromApp, H. J.188390:258
Forbing, J. & J. H.fromBass, Jno. H.187977:218
Forbing, JacobtoForbing, Peter187772:332
Forbing, JacobtoForbing, Peter187872:459
Forbing, JacobtoMiller, Catharie188495:211
Forbing, JacobtoWalton, C. E. & E. W.188289:189
Forbing, Jennie H.fromHanna, J. E.188496:162
Forbing, Jno.toApp, H. J.188390:257
Forbing, Jno.toArens, Jno. H.188182:258
Forbing, Jno.toBrammer, J. H.188496:172
Forbing, Jno.toDyk, Anton188496:120
Forbing, Jno.toMichael, Herman188496:253
Forbing, Jno.toMiller, Jno.188495:340
Forbing, Jno.toNowek, Edward188496:376
Forbing, Jno.toReehling, Conrad188597:528
Forbing, Jno.toSchuricht, Herman188599:115
Forbing, Jno.toSkinner, B. C.188496:214
Forbing, Jno.toStouder, Elmyra187975:584
Forbing, Jno. toWente, Christ188496:455
Forbing, Jno.fromWiemeyer, Wm. T.188182:256
Forbing, Jno. & J. H.fromDicke, Frederick188289:7
Forbing, Jno. & J. H.fromHanna, S. F.188495:307
Forbing, Jno. & J. H.fromPhillips, Deborah188183:582
Forbing, Jno. (Et al.)fromBond, H. Mc.188496:372
Forbing, Jno. (Et ux.)toBrabandt, H. B.188598:147
Forbing, Jno. (Et ux.)toSchubert, C. A.188598:146
Forbing, Jno. (Plat on Sub. Div. by)to188496:199
Forbing, JohntoBroom, Jane187360:330
Forbing, JohntoPoehler, Charles187872:456
Forbing, JohntoSchmid, Lorenz187360:207
Forbing, John & J. H.fromBird, Ochmig Jr.187975:583
Forbing, John & J. Sd.fromForbing, Gertrude (et al.)187772:35
Forbing, John & J. Sd.fromFranke, Catharine187772:35
Forbing, John (et al.)toForbing, Gertrude187772:47
Forbing, John (Et al.)toHamm, A. & B.188289:446
Forbing, John M.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal184671:372
Forbing, Jos. (Et al.)toDowning, J. B.188494:372
Forbing, JosephfromForbing, Gertrude (Et al.)187775:26
Forbing, PeterfromForbing, Jacob187772:332
Forbing, PeterfromForbing, Jacob187872:459
Forbing, PetertoPoehler, Charles187872:523
Forbing, Peter & JacobfromForbing, Gertrude (et al.)187772:37
Forbing, Peter & JacobfromFranke, Catharine187772:37
Forbuch, Joel F.fromLoper, S. M.187668:436
Forbush, A. B. (Et al.)toFuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)188290:202
Forbush, E. B. (Et al.)toFuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)188288:393
Forbush, E. B. (Et al.)toVonderan, Jacob188286:528
Forbush, E. B. (Et al.)toWoodworth, Emily188287:335
Forbush, J. F.fromCartwright, L. F. (Et al.)187977:64
Forbush, Joel F.fromLalone, Charles187771:257
Forbush, Joel F.toSchmieder, H. F.187977:202
Forbush, Joel F.toScott, Mary A.187977:202
Forbush, Joel F.toSwayne, Samuel F.187771:259
Force, William M.toBadger, K. L.187873:116
Force, Wm. M.toComparet, Sarah H.187361:513
Force, Wm. M.toCrouse, Chas. F.187462:144
Force, Wm. M.toFisher, David C.187360:192
Force, Wm. M.fromFisher, W. B.188598:201
Force, Wm. M.toGirardot, Jules187360:272
Force, Wm. M.toHough, Sarah D.187360:191
Force, Wm. M.toMaurer, Jacob187161:369
Ford, Aug. PyketoWells, C. E.188182:470
Ford, C. D.toRandall, P. A. (Et al.)188394:40
Ford, Chas.fromEly, Tharesa R.187359:502
Ford, Chas.toRockhill, Wm. W.187462:578
Ford, GeorgefromCole, Emily187975:546
Ford, GeorgetoDrew, Elizabeth188183:561
Ford, JamestoHoffman, Nicholas & John187360:383
Ford, MarytoCummins, Luenis187873:394
Ford, MaryfromWiddifield, M.187978:189
Ford, Mary (Et al.)toClawson, M. A.188293:512
Former, Wm.fromAshby, Lavinia187874:456
Forney, JeremiahtoPerkins, Geo. W.187668:424
Forrand, RichardtoFogel, Delana187567:346
Forsithe, Jno.fromVanhoozan, N.185390:246
Forster, FranktoOglesby, W. B. (Et al.)188396:430
Forsyth, Charlotte (Et al.)toMeiser, Benj.188079:592
Forsyth, ElizatoAmmer, Daniel187565:305
Forsyth, ElizafromBorden, James W.187258:394
Forsyth, ElizafromColerick, Henry R. (est.)187566:329
Forsyth, ElizatoUbelhoer, Philip187463:152
Forsyth, Jno.toForsyth, Jos.185490:248
Forsyth, Jos.fromForsyth, Jno.185490:248
Forsyth, JosephtoVanhoosen, George187470:375
Forsyth, Sarah A.fromPerkins, James A.188494:540
Forsythe, ElizatoSchnelker, Henry187566:339
Forsythe, ElizafromSheriff187463:150
Forsythe, J. E.fromRousseau, Reuben187874:464
Forsythe, Jane E.toHafner, John Geo.187169:441
Fort WaynefromBandau, Fred187566:371
Fort WaynetoConnell, R. W.187668:250
Fort WaynefromSchultz, Christian187566:371
Fort Wayne & Jackson R. R. Co.fromClark, B. G. (Et al.)188079:207
Fort Wayne & Jackson R. R. Co.fromMcCulloch, Hugh188391:503
Fort Wayne (City)toMichael, F.188080:412
Fort Wayne CityfromHoagland, Pliny (trustee)187358:404
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:399
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:402
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:405
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:407
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:410
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:413
Fort Wayne CitytoLanghour, John W.187462:416
Fort Wayne CitytoLaughour, John W.187464:235
Fort Wayne CitytoLaughour, John W.187464:237
Fort Wayne CityfromWhite, James B.187359:556
Fort Wayne CityfromWhite, James B.187359:433
Fort Wayne City (by Clerk)toHough, S. D.188288:373
Fort Wayne City HospitalfromHanna, O. S.188391:527
Fort Wayne G. B. L. & S. A. No. 4toJacob, Geo. & Wm. Bittler187882:569
Fort Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.toKnoder, Geo. W.187977:569
Fort Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.toNewell, Agnes188394:334
Fort Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.toTyler, Clara R.187774:138
Fort Wayne Lodge No. 14 I. O. O. F.fromSheriff187874:133
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoAbbott, R. B.187984:395
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoAltekruse, E. F. W.188184:162
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoCashman, Jno.188288:141
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoCoolican, E. B.188090:212
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoEsmond, Geo. (Trustee)188597:96
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoGriebel, E. S.188391:428
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoHackett, Mary A.188288:459
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoHamilton Nat. Bank188290:112
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoKaiser, Mary188185:72
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoRedelsheimer, D. S.188286:555
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoStockman, Mary188496:84
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoThompson, H. F.188498:157
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoWilliams, E. L.188289:27
Fort Wayne Nat. BanktoYohey, Maggie R.188393:347
Fort Wayne Organ Co.toConroy, J. & M.188185:22
Forthmiller, AlicefromCommissioners by Partition187873:509
Forthmiller, CatharinefromCommissioners by Partition187873:509
Forthmiller, H.& Hellwarth, M.fromHettler, Christopher187873:359
Forthmiller, HenryfromCommissioners by Partition187873:509
Forthmiller, J.& Hellwarth, M.fromMiller, Joseph187873:358
Forthmiller, JacobfromCommissioners by Partition187873:509
Forthmiller, Jacob (et al.)fromForthmiller, Nancy187873:85
Forthmiller, NancytoForthmiller, Jacob (et al.)187873:85
Fortieve, LouisfromKennark, Wm.187462:493
Fortreide, LouistoGermain, R. M.188598:336
Fortreide, LouisfromRockhill, Howell187873:574
Fortried, LouistoBoester, Henry187462:634
Fortriede, LouisfromHarding, Fred187772:53
Fosnight, S.fromBickhart, Isaac188286:282
Fosnight, SarahtoBrown, S. J.187985:121
Fosnight, SarahfromHerrick, Horace187774:482
Fosnight, SarahfromOmo, Jos. H.187980:21
Fosnight, SolomonfromHerrick, Horace187774:481
Fosnight, SolomontoHerrick, Horrace187771:16
Fosnight, SolomontoHiggins, Geo.188288:86
Fosnight, SolomontoKillion, Simon188082:551
Fosnight, SolomonfromMitchell, J. t.187674:479
Fosnight, SolomontoShafer, Washington187365:73
Fosnight, SolomontoStopher, Joseph D.188080:136
Fosnite, SolomonfromStopher, Jos. D.188288:87
Fosseight, EmmafromBrown, C. H.188598:183
Foster, A. W.toGage, Robert187566:21
Foster, AndrewfromJones, L. M.187669:168
Foster, AndrewfromLocke, Josiah188394:47
Foster, AndrewfromSheriff188184:337
Foster, AsherfromDreier, Henry & Wm.187464:425
Foster, Asher W.toGrayless, Geo. W.187360:73
Foster, Chas.toEhrhardt, Magdalena188599:148
Foster, Chas.toJackson Tp.188081:325
Foster, D. N.toFoster, Scott188288:164
Foster, David N.fromHall, Israel187873:277
Foster, E. E.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Foster, F. J.toWhitaker, Jos. W.188185:371
Foster, JessetoFoster, Levi187574:483
Foster, Jesse Sr.fromFoster, Levi188597:343
Foster, Jno. G.toDelirman, Jacob188183:172
Foster, John g.toFoster, Scott187280:247
Foster, L. & Wm. BrownfromBower, Jno187193:566
Foster, LevifromFoster, Jesse187574:483
Foster, LevitoFoster, Jesse Sr.188597:343
Foster, LevitoKeefer, Henry187361:152
Foster, Lydia T.fromBurgess, Henry186360:336
Foster, Mary E.toStone, Solon188287:546
Foster, R. S. (Sp. Coms.)toJacoby, Elizabeth188186:147
Foster, S. & D. N.fromHamilton, Mont.188185:273
Foster, S. C.fromChilds, E. P.187463:292
Foster, ScottfromFoster, D. N.188288:164
Foster, ScottfromFoster, John g.187280:247
Foster, Thomas J.fromBurgess, Henry187566:218
Foster, Thomas J.fromWilliamson, Marion F.187565:614
Foster, Thos. J.toORourke, Wm. S.187978:168
Foster, Thos. J.toSwift, Alpheus187360:592
Foulk, M. J.toFritcha, Henry188390:303
Foulks, A. G.fromWoods, George188393:101
Foulks, A. G.toWoods, L. J.188393:102
Foulks, Chas. C.fromElberson, Saml. C.187462:299
Foulks, Chas. S.fromEdwards, Daniel187875:183
Foulks, Chas. S.toEdwards, Danl.188393:401
Foulks, Chas. S.toLantz, Jno. F.187668:406
Foulks, HarrietfromEdwards, Daniel188598:94
Foulks, Milton C.toReed, Sylvanus D.187365:55
Foultz, MarytoKelsey, I. H.188185:137
Foundry, R. W. & J. W.fromDevaux, Isaac187361:163
Fouses, Susan (Et al.)toGolden, Wm.188183:455
Foust, Jno.fromSmith, Jno. W.188185:567
Foust, Jno. W.toSowers, C. & A. M.188393:465
Fowler, B. B. & JenniefromConnett, Isaac187673:256
Fowzer, R. B.fromSykes, Wm. C.188186:99
Fox, A. M.toBent, Peter188598:67
Fox, A. M.fromBloomhuff, C.188391:409
Fox, A. M.toKelley, J. M. & C. M.188287:296
Fox, A. M.fromThompson, A. M.188598:59
Fox, A. W.fromConnett, Marin188184:117
Fox, Alice M.fromBent, Peter188598:60
Fox, Alice M.toEdsall, J & A.188494:402
Fox, AugusttoHosler, John187565:180
Fox, AugustfromHosler, John187568:173
Fox, AugusttoHosler, John188185:329
Fox, C. J. (Et al.)toBartemeyer, E.188080:541
Fox, C. J. (Et al.)toNierman, J. T.188184:51
Fox, C. J. (Et al.)toTrentman, J. A.188080:539
Fox, C. J. (Et al.)toTrentman, M. E.188080:540
Fox, CatharinefromNelson, W. R.187369:395
Fox, Ellen (Et al.)toBreen, Wm. P.188184:479
Fox, FrancistoHayden, J. W.188289:100
Fox, FrancisfromHayden, J. W.188289:101
Fox, G. & L.fromRastetter, Louis188496:123
Fox, Geo.toBechman, Frank188290:192
Fox, Geo.fromNinde, L. M. (Et al.)188290:241
Fox, Geo.fromSheriff187358:426
Fox, Geo.fromSwayne, S. F. (Et al.)188290:241
Fox, Geo. & LouisfromRastetter, Elizabeth188495:6
Fox, GeorgefromTrentman, B. H.188187:88
Fox, George (guard.)toKramer, Charles187364:500
Fox, H. & A.fromFox, Jos. (Dec.)188185:246
Fox, H. A.toEhrmann, Geo.188390:422
Fox, H. A.fromEhrmann, Geo.188390:423
Fox, HenryfromZuber, Pautteon188182:159
Fox, Henry (Et al.)toFox, J. (Et al.)188291:161
Fox, Henry A.fromTaylor, R. S.188185:1
Fox, J. (Et al.)fromFox, Henry (Et al.)188291:161
Fox, J. V. & C. J.fromBartemeyer, E. (Et al.)188080:538
Fox, J. V. C. J.fromTrentman, M. E. (Et al.)188080:538
Fox, JamesfromBrackenridge, Geo. W. & Jos.186365:219
Fox, JamesfromBrackenridge, Hannah186365:219
Fox, JamesfromBrackenridge, Joseph186365:219
Fox, JamesfromBreen, Wm. P.188184:479
Fox, JamestoFox, Mary188391:294
Fox, JamestoGamble, Mary188391:293
Fox, JamesfromRichards, Catharine188289:86
Fox, Jas.fromAbbott, R. B.188081:138
Fox, Jas.toMommer, Jos. Jr.188288:462
Fox, Jas.fromWilliams, M. H.188185:341
Fox, JehialfromCommincavish, Felix187771:62
Fox, JehialtoSink, A. M.187977:89
Fox, Jos. (Dec.)toFox, H. & A.188185:246
Fox, Jos. (Dec.)toFox, Josephena188185:246
Fox, Joseph (Dec. Will of)to188185:246
Fox, JosephenafromFox, Jos. (Dec.)188185:246
Fox, LouisfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187873:533
Fox, LouisfromEsmond, Geo.188498:222
Fox, LouistoManom, H. A.187874:526
Fox, Louis (Adm.)toBierbaum, H.188080:422
Fox, Margaret A.toDresback, Isaac187565:411
Fox, Margaret AnnfromCummins, Moses187363:606
Fox, MaryfromFox, James188391:294
Fox, PhilanderfromCoolman, Adam L.187462:550
Fox, PhilandertoWaugh, Hannah187567:111
Fox, PhilandertoWaugh, Wm. T.187463:133
Fox, ValentinefromBrackenridge, Jos.188391:484
Fox, ValentinefromConnett, Caroline187668:163
Foxbing, GertrudefromFranke, Catharine188495:346
Foy, Jos. B.fromLaemmle, David187476:104

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