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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Frach, J. J.toKeefer, P.187463:242
Frain, FrancoisfromFrain, Prasper187975:415
Frain, FrancoistoFrain, Prosper187975:416
Frain, PraspertoFrain, Francois187975:415
Frain, ProsperfromFrain, Francois187975:416
Frame, I.fromAuditor187463:294
France, ChristfromRobinson, J. L.187873:335
France, Daniel S.toEmenhiser, Sephen187461:473
France, Daniel S.fromEmenhiser, Stephen187462:565
France, Daniel S.toFranke, Frederick187872:547
France, Daniel S.toFry, James187873:70
France, Daniel S.fromGood, Henry187872:522
France, Daniel S.toWiegman, Wm.187872:535
France, DeliahfromFlaugh, Christian187669:292
France, DelilahfromFleming, Wm.187772:405
France, E.toBleekman, H.187982:82
France, E.fromEdgerton, J. K.187977:400
France, E.fromWhite, Jas. B.187982:81
France, ElizabethtoEdgerton, J. K.187977:359
France, ElizabethfromPapa, Wm.187976:524
France, ElizabethtoPapa, Wm.187977:259
France, ElizabethtoWhite, J. B.187977:445
France, Harry F.toNill, Barbary E.187567:89
France, Harry F.fromWill, Thos. H.187567:4
France, HenrytoNeedstine, Emeline187565:281
France, Henry F.toMiller, Israel187674:409
France, Henry F.fromMiller, susan C.187674:408
France, J. E. K.fromColerick, M. A.188289:483
France, TebotoAmmons, Barbary187566:236
Frances, A. & S. A.fromHartshom, Luther187977:284
Frances, Wm.fromHoffman, Jacob187770:212
Franch, R. E.toFrench, John A.187771:128
Francis, Wm.toHuffman, Jacob187772:381
Francis, Wm.fromHuffman, Jacob188183:224
Francisco, H. A.fromArnold, Rhoda188599:57
Francisco, H. A.fromAuditor188597:289
Franik, MandelfromHedges, Wesley (Et al.)187874:472
Frank, A. & C.toMcCulloch, Hugh188080:117
Frank, AndrewtoSmith, H. W.187873:239
Frank, Eliza J.toWiebke, Henry187573:531
Frank, Ella (Et al.)toZuber, Frederick188082:332
Frank, FrederickfromFrank, Henry (Et al.)187979:279
Frank, George A.fromMack, A. J.188079:110
Frank, HarmantoFrank, Mary187980:405
Frank, HarmonfromFrank, Henry (Et al.)187979:277
Frank, HarmonfromFrank, Henry (Et al.)187979:278
Frank, HenrytoFrank, William187979:527
Frank, Henry (Et al.)toFrank, Frederick187979:279
Frank, Henry (Et al.)toFrank, Harmon187979:277
Frank, Henry (Et al.)toFrank, Harmon187979:278
Frank, Henry Sr.fromFrank, Wm.187668:295
Frank, Marion S.fromDunifon, Samantha187361:596
Frank, Marion S.fromHaynard, Chas.187361:595
Frank, MaryfromFrank, Harman187980:405
Frank, MendelfromMcCracken, J. K.187874:472
Frank, MendelfromMiller, D. S. (Et al.)187874:472
Frank, MolliefromDawson, J. W.188081:257
Frank, WilhelminafromBishop, Chas.188495:386
Frank, WilliamfromFrank, Henry187979:527
Frank, Wm.toFrank, Henry Sr.187668:295
Frank, Wm.fromHeckler, Thos.187668:294
Franke, CatharinefromForbing, Gertrude (et al.)187772:49
Franke, CatharinetoForbing, John & J. Sd.187772:35
Franke, CatharinetoForbing, Peter & Jacob187772:37
Franke, Catharine (et al.)toForbing, Gertrude187772:47
Franke, Chas.fromFranke, Henry187361:73
Franke, F. W.fromBrouwer, J. (Et al.)188391:441
Franke, FredfromBrouwer, J. (Et al.)188391:439
Franke, FrederickfromFrance, Daniel S.187872:547
Franke, H.fromBrouwer, J. (Et al.)188391:440
Franke, HenrytoFranke, Chas.187361:73
Franke, HenryfromThieme, John G.187361:72
Franklin, M. H. (Etal.)toBurrier, Isaac188081:233
Franklin, ZachariafromFarner, Noal187462:630
Franklin, ZachariahfromMiller, Cornelius187462:630
Frantman, JacobfromBaker, Kilian188391:305
Frantz, FebofromCress, Wm. T.187463:406
Frary, M. F.fromBrooks, Wm. H.187463:108
Frary, Melissa F.toBrooks, Wm. H. Jr.187463:18
Frary, Melissa F.toFitch, Aurelia B.187565:444
Frary, Mellissa F.toWalter, Wm. B.187463:6
Frary, Millissa F.fromAlliger, S. M. & B. H.187364:342
Frary, Wm. F.fromAlliger, Sarah M.187361:66
Fratenburgh, RachelfromLarge, Charles186859:324
Fray, E. S. (Et al.)toFoote, Wm. W. (Et al.)188082:154
Fray, E. S. (Et al.)toHull, L. O.188082:157
Fray, E. S. (Ex.)toHull, L. O.188183:514
Fray, Ellen Sulley (Ex.)toEckert, Jno. C.188183:148
Fray, Ellen Sulley (Ex.)toFoote, Wm. A.188183:148
Frazier, C. L.fromBeard, Jno. M.187667:289
Frazier, Harriet H.toCorson, Mary187361:51
Frazier, O. G. (Et al.)toWhitten, Jno.188079:190
Frazier, Oliver G.toCorson, Mary187361:50
Frazier, Wm. J.toBeard, Jno. M.187668:288
Frazier, Wm. J.toCunnison, James187668:306
Frease, DanielfromDavis, Benj.187874:556
Freck, HenrytoBrunner, John187360:285
Fredenickson, ChristopherfromAuth, Peter187873:551
Frederick, Saml.toGarman, Benjamin F.187461:268
Frederick, SamueltoGarman, B. F.187668:168
Frederick, SamuelfromGarman, B. F.187670:413
Frederick, SamuelfromGarman, Benjamin F.187461:246
Frederickson, C.toRicke, Jos.188183:57
Frederickson, C.toStraus, John187873:482
Frederickson, CatharinefromBuhr, Henry188495:602
Frederickson, ChristophfromColle, Julia S.187566:437
Frederickson, ChristophertoAuth, Peter187873:5
Frederickson, ChristopherfromAuth, Peter187873:551
Frederickson, Genora M.fromRemmel, Aug. C.187772:421
Frederickson, JacobfromWhite, Jas. B.187667:446
Frederickson, Jno.fromSmith, Joseph186667:490
Frederickson, JohntoRemmel, H. L.187668:362
Frederickson, John P.fromSeibold, David187566:384
Fredley, L.fromKever, Henry187976:492
Fredline, MarytoCrabill, Jacob187770:499
Fredrickson, C.fromBuhr, Jacob188081:272
Fredrickson, JacobtoWhite, Jas. B.187873:433
Fredrickson, JohntoColyer, John187568:151
Fredrickson, John G.toGallea, Electa M.187565:243
Fredrickson, John P.fromArcher, John H.187360:315
Fredrickson, John P.toSeibold, Margaret187566:385
Freeings, JacobtoDanneier, Wm.188081:191
Freeman, E. & Geo.fromMyers, Henry187774:48
Freeman, EdmundtoBowen, M. L.188080:99
Freeman, F. C. (Dec.)toFreeman, Mary186682:93
Freeman, F. C. (Dec.)toFreeman, Robt.186682:93
Freeman, F. C. (Will of)to186682:93
Freeman, Geo. W.fromFreeman, Warren187570:557
Freeman, George W.toAldrich, Willard187564:503
Freeman, Jos.toRoss, Robt. M.187667:454
Freeman, Julia C.fromRudisill, A. Melis L. Est.187463:29
Freeman, LutherafromHoffman, Emma E. (et al.)187770:577
Freeman, M. E.fromBowen, M. L. (Adm.)187978:538
Freeman, MaryfromDykes, Andrew & Sarah (et al.)187463:499
Freeman, MaryfromFreeman, F. C. (Dec.)186682:93
Freeman, MaryfromMetcalfe, Daniel F.187464:471
Freeman, Milton M.toFreeman, Robert187670:528
Freeman, N. B.toEckart & Linker187359:464
Freeman, N. B. & A. G. Barnett (Assn. in Bankruptcy of)to187710:561
Freeman, N. B. & Barnett, A. G. (Assignment in Bankruptcy of)to187710:561
Freeman, PhebefromHoffman, Andrew E.187361:124
Freeman, PhebefromHoffman, Andrew E.187361:133
Freeman, R. L.fromMcBride, Henrietta187670:528
Freeman, R. L.fromMcKinney, Elizabeth187570:531
Freeman, RobertfromFisher, Elias (guard.)187670:527
Freeman, RobertfromFreeman, Milton M.187670:528
Freeman, Robt.fromFreeman, F. C. (Dec.)186682:93
Freeman, Robt. L.fromHumbird, Nancy E.187770:532
Freeman, Robt. L.fromManning, Catharine187670:529
Freeman, Robt. L.fromMires, Mary Ellen187570:530
Freeman, Sarah (Et al.)toMcBride, Mitchell187878:395
Freeman, WarrentoFreeman, Geo. W.187570:557
Freese, O. & Chas.toPhillips, C. W.188080:478
Freiberger, IgnatiusfromBurt, Mary J., Charlotte B. & Wm. H.187464:15
Freiberger, S. & L.fromSheriff187880:242
Freiberger, S. & L.fromSheriff187980:239
Freiburger, S. & Bro.fromAuditor188287:152
Freiburger, S. & L.fromBissell, Geo. P. (Trustee)188290:114
Freiburger, SimontoFreihirger, Leopold187668:88
Freidline, Jno.toFriedline, E. & J. D.187977:460
Freihirger, LeopoldfromFreiburger, Simon187668:88
Freiman, Luthera M.toHoffman, A. E.187875:366
Freistroffer, HenryfromHelrrike, F. W. E.188182:465
Freitag, S. (Et al.)toKeefer, Fred188183:335
Fremion, Jos.fromBashelier, Lewis188390:290
Fremion, Jos.fromPaine, L. C.187977:313
Fremion, Jos. H.fromHill, Owen E.188182:342
French, B. & C. B.fromBond, S. B.188184:542
French, C. P.fromBeverforden, Sophia187771:39
French, Charles G.fromAuditor1878A:133
French, Chas. G.fromAuditor1878A:133
French, Chas. G.toSwart, Meinhard187362:65
French, Clericy P.toHerrington, Mary187770:521
French, EvangelatoBrennan, Julia187670:573
French, J. A.fromMiller, Charlotta187772:109
French, John A.fromFranch, R. E.187771:128
French, John A.toJohnston, John C.187772:194
French, John A.fromWorden, John B.187772:107
French, Maria C.fromGrey, Henry C.187565:290
French, Maria C.fromRudisill, A. Melis L. Est.187463:29
French, R. E.toBenton, Chas.187772:220
French, R. E.fromEichar, Alexander187771:79
French, R. E.fromHolcomb, B. J.187771:410
French, R. E.toRust, Oscar187772:169
French, R. E.fromSnyder, I. L.187772:219
French, Ransom E.fromHolzworth, Louisa187771:126
French, Ransom E.toWorden, John B.187771:498
French, Ranson E.toBlaisdell, Maria M.187772:309
Frentman, J. A.fromBlase, W. (Et al.)188290:13
Fressid, Wm. H.fromBond, L. A. (Guard)188599:126
Freyburger, JohnfromTaylor, Andrew J.187461:471
Fribinger, S. & L.toKley, Lizzie188080:249
Frice, AmosfromGlutting, Andrus F.187978:247
Fricke, CarolinefromRieter, Wm.187566:194
Fricke, Wm.fromHough, John187360:491
Fricke, Wm.toRieter, Wm.187566:193
Fricke, Wm.toRump, Ernest F.187461:541
Friday, HenrytoWoods, Wm. S.187463:542
Friday, Henry & AmeliafromWoods, Wm. S.187463:543
Friece, MalindafromBoger, D. D.187977:416
Friece, MalindatoGlutting, Andrico F.187978:247
Friedline, E. & J. D.fromFreidline, Jno.187977:460
Frisby, A. E.toLovall, S. B.188079:473
Frisby, Ann ElizafromLovall, Saml. B.188079:159
Frisby, Ann ElizatoLovall, Saml. B.188079:160
Frisby, CandistoJohnson, Joseph P.187463:461
Frisby, D. M.toPearson, E. A.187077:71
Fritcha, Christopher (Et al.)toFritcha, Henry187978:86
Fritcha, Christopher (Et al.)toFritcha, Julian187978:87
Fritcha, HenryfromFritcha, Christopher (Et al.)187978:86
Fritcha, JulianfromFritcha, Christopher (Et al.)187978:87
Fritz, MichaeltoCarry, Lavina187771:391
Fritz, MichaelfromDeHaven, Thomas187565:258
Fritz, ReubentoGrant, J. Q.187876:142
Fritz, ReubenfromSteiger, David187360:77
Fritzcha, C & J.fromSmith, John Wilson187472:498
Froehlich, CarlfromRossner, Julius187669:176
Frohlick, SimonfromCoombs, John M.187565:425
Froizard, AlexanderfromHanley, John (Ex.)187465:336
Frossard, AlexandertoBegue, John187572:362
Frossard, AlexanderfromGrine, Carl187463:613
Frost, HarrietfromDunham, H. L.188080:567
Frost, J. H. (Et al.)toNat. Exchange Bank (Tiffin, O.)188079:334
Frost, James H.fromFrost, John F.187670:62
Frost, John F.toFrost, James H.187670:62
Frost, John F.toFrost, Josiah B.187670:62
Frost, John F.toZeller, O. C.187670:62
Frost, JosephinefromFleming, Wm.187976:363
Frost, JosephinefromWhite, Jas. B.187874:246
Frost, Josiah B.fromFrost, John F.187670:62
Fry, AbsolomfromSeavey, G. W.188080:238
Fry, FranklintoHathaway, John Sr.187978:339
Fry, FranklinfromLindenwood Cemetery187569:379
Fry, FredericktoCullen, Patrick187065:478
Fry, GeorgefromBird, Bouser & Maples187465:149
Fry, GeorgetoHite, Margaret187571:203
Fry, GeorgefromNail, John (adm.)187571:202
Fry, GeorgefromPolk, Wm.188079:318
Fry, GeorgetoSeibert, Francis M.187465:150
Fry, H. W. & JacobfromCody, Maurice188182:180
Fry, HenrytoLogan, Jane187771:310
Fry, Henry W.fromFry, Jacob187667:342
Fry, Henry W.fromFry, Jacob187667:344
Fry, JacobfromBrehn, Jno. F.187668:426
Fry, JacobtoCraw, Maria R.187464:221
Fry, JacobfromDraker, John187770:255
Fry, JacobtoFry, Henry W.187667:342
Fry, JacobtoFry, Henry W.187667:344
Fry, JacobtoGeoglein, Kleinmiller & Trier187360:547
Fry, JacobfromLenharr, Harriet187361:280
Fry, JacobtoLinker, H. E.188182:477
Fry, JacobtoMommer, Jas. Jr.188079:470
Fry, JacobfromPeters, John C.187464:198
Fry, JacobtoPeters, John C.187464:212
Fry, JacobfromRockhill, William186380:146
Fry, JacobfromRockhill, William186480:145
Fry, JacobtoShrader, Gerardus J.187360:142
Fry, JacobtoSteinaker, F.188081:286
Fry, JacobfromSuoneker, Fred188081:267
Fry, JacobtoTrentman, B. & Son187771:180
Fry, JacobtoWiebke, Chas. F.186958:495
Fry, Jacob (Et al.)toLauer, M. & A.187978:479
Fry, Jacob (Et al.)toLauer, M. & A.187978:480
Fry, JamesfromFlaugh, Michael187976:223
Fry, JamesfromFrance, Daniel S.187873:70
Fry, JamesfromFry, John187876:349
Fry, JamestoHammond, D.187465:415
Fry, Jas.toFlaugh, Michael188183:433
Fry, Jno. W.toHayes, Seymore187876:559
Fry, JohntoFry, James187876:349
Fry, JohntoFry, Philip187976:350
Fry, JohntoMarguardt, Philip187876:149
Fry, JohnfromMarquardt, Jacob187874:557
Fry, JohnfromPurman, Samuel187770:519
Fry, JohnfromSheriff187874:159
Fry, John W.fromCummins, E. W.188079:522
Fry, Jos. B. (Et al.)toWeisengurger, Geo.188081:12
Fry, MargaretfromCraw, Maria R.187464:197
Fry, Mary M.fromBohn, Wm. A. & C. A.188599:200
Fry, PhilipfromFry, John187976:350

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