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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Fuchohnber, Jno. (Adam.)toFuchohuber, Jno. L.187873:549
Fuchohuber, Jno. L.fromFuchohnber, Jno. (Adam.)187873:549
Fuchs, Geo.toEvans, Jos.188081:111
Fuchs, J. S.fromFederspiel, Jos.188390:582
Fuchs, VoreinkafromEvans, J. A.188081:141
Fuchshuber, J. F.fromPeoples, Alexander J.187772:402
Fuchshuber, J. L.fromBundy, Jos.188391:50
Fuchshuber, J. l.toMalanaphy, Frank188393:461
Fuchshuber, J. L.fromStratton, Robt. (Coms.)188286:545
Fuchshuber, J. L.toTrustees St. M. E. L. Ch. Pleasant Tp.188393:207
Fuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)fromFawcett, M. E.188288:393
Fuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)fromForbush, A. B. (Et al.)188290:202
Fuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)fromForbush, E. B. (Et al.)188288:393
Fuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)fromHayden, F. (Atty.)188288:393
Fuchshuber, J. S.toSnyder, J. W.188082:118
Fuchshuber, J. S. (Et al.)fromRenfrew, R. G.188290:226
Fuchshuber, J. T.toAndorfer, Jos.188288:400
Fuchshuber, J. T.fromFroehlich, Carl188286:495
Fuchshuber, Jno. A.toTrustee Luth. St. Mark Ch.187462:472
Fuchshuber, Jno. F.toMsDowell, David H.187772:324
Fuchshuber, Jno. L.fromEpple, Gottleib188390:253
Fuhrmann, J. J.fromStophenhagen, Fred188390:408
Fulk, Benj. F.toDubois, Louis187362:12
Fulk, FredericktoVanhoozan, Nathaniel185375:46
Fulk, Geo. F.fromFulk, Jacob187873:476
Fulk, JacobtoFulk, Geo. F.187873:476
Fulk, JacobtoFulk, Jno. C.187873:477
Fulk, Jno. C.fromFulk, Jacob187873:477
Fulk, JohnfromMarye, John L. (trustee)187160:152
Fulk, MartintoRandall, Perry A.187873:355
Fulkerson, D. L.toHorn, W. S.187566:118
Fulkesson, HuldahfromHill, Cynthia A.187771:141
Fuller, A. M.toJustis, Lewis188495:573
Fuller, Amos M.fromParkison, Johnston S.187668:371
Fuller, Childs & Co.fromCarey, M. (Assignee)187977:556
Fuller, Jno. W. (Et al.)toBarbour, M. F.188393:554
Fuller, Jno. W. (Et al.)toBarbour, M. F.188393:480
Fuller, Jno. W. (Et al.)fromSheriff188393:498
Fulls, Wm. J.fromSimonton, James186749:421
Fulmer, JamesfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187772:271
Fulmer, JamesfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187566:372
Fulton, Julia A.toKnode, L. B.188186:197
Fulton, Mary (Et al.)toLampert, C.188185:126
Fults, M. J.fromAuditor188288:298
Fults, M. J.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188288:300
Fults, M. J.fromCrane, Geo. D.187988:298
Fults, M. J.toRockhill, H. C.188288:302
Funk, JacobfromBlood, Martha (Et al.)188184:150
Funk, JacobfromCasebeer, Sarah (Et al.)188184:150
Funk, JacobfromFunk, Jno. C.188393:154
Funk, JacobfromFunk, Leonard (Et al.)188184:150
Funk, JacobfromHanson, M. J. (Et al.)188184:150
Funk, JacobfromNycum, Wm. (Et al.)188184:150
Funk, Jno. C.toFunk, Jacob188393:154
Funk, K. J. (Et al.)toFunk, Leonard188183:408
Funk, L. J.fromRuppert, Eli188290:48
Funk, LeonardfromBlood, M. (Et al.)188183:408
Funk, LeonardfromFunk, K. J. (Et al.)188183:408
Funk, Leonard (Et al.)toFunk, Jacob188184:150
Funk, M.fromWass, Saml.188081:277
Funk, M. V. B.fromShimp, Richard187477:242
Funk, M. V. B.fromStoneman, Margarett187677:462
Funk, MargaretfromSturm, Margaret187565:265
Funk, MathiasfromBolyard, A. F.187566:158
Funk, MathiastoTodd, Harvey187771:506
Funk, MathiastoTodd, Wm. H.188495:468
Funk, Mathias & MaryfromTodd, Harvey187772:101
Funk, Wm. M.fromTodd, Wm. H.188495:469
Furbach, GeorgetoSchaich, Martin187668:374
Furguson, Jno.fromHoverstock, Wm. (Adm.)188494:145
Furney, JeramiahfromHood, Jas. W.187780:93
Furnish, J. A. (Et al.)toOHerrin, D. E.187875:266
Furste, E. B.toFleming, Wm.188391:174
Furste, E. b.toFurste, Jas. E.188494:120
Furste, E. B.toMichael, Herman188392:337
Furste, ElizabethfromFleming, Wm.188392:285
Furste, Jas. E.fromFurste, E. b.188494:120
Furthmiller, AlbertfromKillworth, Geo.188597:302
Furthmiller, DavidtoBurgiss, Henry187461:594
Furthmiller, HenryfromFurthmiller, Jacob188286:347
Furthmiller, JacobfromBurgess, Henry187462:567
Furthmiller, JacobfromFischer, J. E. (Et al.)188286:299
Furthmiller, JacobtoFurthmiller, Henry188286:347
Furthmiller, JacobfromGrime, C. (Et al.)188286:299
Fussre, E. B.fromDewald, Geo.188183:344
Futter, AmeliatoBeck, Anna M.187772:205
Futter, AmeliafromBeckman, Francis J.187272:97

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