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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Gabbet, Chas.toStrassburg Beer Brewing Co.188080:372
Gabbey, ArchibaldfromShores, George W.187565:82
Gabby, AbrahamtoShores, Elizabeth187566:120
Gabel, ChristiantoLasselle,C. E.187978:116
Gabel, F. L.fromJohnson, Wm. C.188081:544
Gable, ChristianfromArnold, A. W.188496:17
Gable, ChristianfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187875:189
Gable, ChristiantoFigel, Chas. Sr.188182:326
Gable, ChristianfromGable, Peter187770:151
Gable, ChristiantoHenderson, Charlotte188079:214
Gable, ChristiantoNestel, Martha A.188080:525
Gable, ChristianfromSheriff187874:278
Gable, ChristianfromSheriff187978:370
Gable, DaniefromGable, Fred L.188182:359
Gable, Frank A.toMedsker, Isaac N.187361:476
Gable, Frank A.toRapp, christian G.187359:594
Gable, Frank A.toRapp, Christian G.187462:610
Gable, Fred L.toGable, Danie188182:359
Gable, HannafromSchmidt, Lorenz187669:243
Gable, HannahfromSchmid, Lorenzo187668:373
Gable, P. G.fromBoyle, R. D.188286:487
Gable, PetertoGable, Christian187770:151
Gable, PetertoKoch, Christian187360:571
Gable, PeterfromMichall, Herman187564:413
Gable, Peter & ChristianfromFleming, Wm.187668:355
Gablenz, CharlesfromTag, Christian J.187873:425
Gablenz, Chas.toTag, Christian J.187873:424
Gaff, M. E.toTaylor, Jno. M.188079:495
Gaffney, CatherinefromWelsh, John187360:316
Gaffney, Wm. (Coroner)toMunson, Chas. A.187875:134
Gage, Jas. B.fromDreier, Wm. H.187668:148
Gage, RobertfromArcher, C. C.188183:166
Gage, RoberttoDreier, Wm. H.187668:146
Gage, RobertfromFoster, A. W.187566:21
Gage, Robt.fromDreier, Wm. H.187668:147
Gailer, MarytoMartz, P. S.187367:40
Gailey, B. A.toAber, D. J.188082:107
Gailey, B. A.toBrown, N. P.188082:106
Gailey, B. A.fromRandall, P. A.187977:326
Gailey, MarytoAber, David J.187771:502
Gailey, MaytoEngle, Ammiel187566:436
Gaily, Mary (et al.)toMartz, Philip S.187872:499
Gale & Fellin (et al.)fromGale, Anthony187060:228
Gale, AnthonytoGale & Fellin (et al.)187060:228
Gale, Geo. A.fromSheriff187669:287
Gale, George A.fromGale, Henry P.187464:152
Gale, George A.fromJohnson, Francis M.187464:150
Gale, George A.fromSheriff187675:356
Gale, Henry P.toGale, George A.187464:152
Gales, SimonfromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188184:212
Gallagher, A.fromMurphy, Dennis188080:505
Gallagher, AnthonytoVizard, John187874:189
Gallagher, Jno.fromDevore, D. G.187668:220
Gallagher, Michael (et al.)toMcMahan, Thomas187772:414
Gallaher, MarytoBowers, John T.187361:36
Gallaher, MarytoRatledge, W. M. & A. V.187361:38
Galland, HenrytoDevaux, Felicie187771:413
Galland, HenryfromDevaux, Xavier187771:412
Gallaway, C.fromPinkley & Waltz (Ninkley)187261:454
Gallaway, C.fromWaltz & Pinkley (E. L. Watz)187261:454
Gallaway, C.fromWilliamson, Alex187261:455
Gallea, Electa M.fromFredrickson, John G.187565:243
Galliger, AnthonyfromVizard, John187565:579
Gallmeier, ChristianfromCullen, Patrick187770:539
Gallmeier, ErnstfromBrunson, Nathan188183:61
Gallmeier, F. W.fromBaark, Bathold187978:293
Gallmeyer, C.fromHughes, E.187463:259
Gallmeyer, D.fromPease, Adam187375:573
Gallmeyer, ErnestfromThieme, John G.187360:138
Gallmeyer, ErnstfromGood, Henry187462:184
Galloway, M.fromBarrone, A. & I. F.188390:334
Gallway, C.toRaynor, J. L.187463:421
Galmeier, ChristianfromGalmeier, Wm.187670:32
Galmeier, Wm.toGalmeier, Christian187670:32
Galmeier, Wm.fromGalmeirer, Christian187670:31
Galmeirer, ChristiantoGalmeier, Wm.187670:31
Gandy & NickeyfromGuiff, John187977:354
Gandy, O. & Nickey A. B.fromHathaway, John187975:394
Gandy, O. Nickey W. B.fromHathaway, Stephen187875:377
Gandy, OscarfromHom, Patrick188081:270
Gandy, OscarfromHutsel, John W.187349:431
Gandy, OscarfromHutsel, John W.187349:432
Gandy, OscartoHutsel, John W. Jr.187462:57
Gandy, OscartoHutsel, John W. Sr.187462:57
Gandy, Q.fromDeck, Jno.187977:550
Ganong, JoeltoDevoe, Elijah187574:172
Gans, Anna M.fromHarnischfeger, Peter187565:388
Gans, John C. Sr.fromWagner, J. B.187771:461
Gant, JosephtoMonroe, Angeline187875:266
Gappinger, Jno.fromKlotz, Catharine187977:444
Gappinger, JohnfromFast, Sarah A.187976:143
Gappinger, JohnfromHull, Eliza J.187875:124
Gappinger, JohnfromHull, Geo. W.187875:124
Gappinger, JohnfromJohnston, Emma (Et al.)187978:273
Gappinger, JohnfromKlotz, Andrew187976:433
Gappinger, JohnfromKlotz, David (Et al.)187978:273
Gappinger, JohnfromSheriff187772:313
Gard, BrookfieldfromSchwab, John187872:448
Gard, BrookfieldfromWhite, Jas. B.188079:488
Gard, Jas. F.fromZent, Sarah A.188183:153
Gard, M. C.fromBrown, Mariah188494:597
Gardhefner, JamesfromO'Rourke, P. S.187979:85
Gardhefner, JamesfromTam, Silas187979:85
Gardner, Sarah (et al.)toKees, Frank & Polly187773:3
Garey, Wm. Jr.toGrim, Ferdinand187359:543
Garey, Wm. Jr.fromO'Rourke, Edward187463:456
Garlough, CatharinefromPickard, Thomas R.187465:389
Garman, Adam D.toPape, Charles187771:264
Garman, Adam W.toPape, Caroline187772:536
Garman, B. F.fromBrackenridge, J. (Et al.)188288:444
Garman, B. F.fromFrederick, Samuel187668:168
Garman, B. F.toFrederick, Samuel187670:413
Garman, B. F.fromStonner, Emilia187771:319
Garman, Benjamin F.fromFrederick, Saml.187461:268
Garman, Benjamin F.toFrederick, Samuel187461:246
Garman, Benjamin F.toThomas, Jonathan187461:325
Garman, EnochtoGarman, W. H.187978:50
Garman, EnochtoMyers, M. F.187668:299
Garman, FranklinfromWzckoff, Eliza A. (Est.)187360:91
Garman, SophiafromPape, Charles187771:265
Garman, W. H.fromGarman, Enoch187978:50
Garmer, SophiafromPape, Charles187771:63
Garret, JohntoGillet, Hollis F.187475:250
Garretson, AndrewtoBaltz, Alexander187772:170
Garrett & WhitesidefromSheriff187668:437
Garrett, G. T.fromMoss, R. & L.187567:178
Garrett, HenryfromGreenwald, S. (Et al.)187975:463
Garrett, HenryfromHursh, Elizabeth (Et al.)187975:463
Garrett, Z. T.fromByers, Andrew187876:392
Garrett, Z. T.fromGlock, Martin187467:176
Garrett, Z. T.fromPring, Jas. W.188083:245
Garrett, Z. T.fromPring, John187976:454
Garrett, Zachriah T.toUplinger, John187669:452
Garrig, JohnfromGrabill, Joseph187463:2
Garrison, Chas. A.fromJones, F. W.187977:418
Garrison, Geo. W.fromHarden, Wm.187770:268
Gart, HenryfromWeber, Andrew187770:122
Gart, HenrytoWeber, Julia Ann187873:92
Garta, EmmafromBaltzell, Peter188290:144
Garter, James B.fromSargent, charlotte187669:506
Garton, James B.toKeiffer, Jacob187669:309
Garton, James B.fromSargent, Charlotte & John187564:507
Garver, CharlestoGarver, F. D.187873:561
Garver, CharlesfromRobertson, R. S. (Comr.)187372:383
Garver, CharleyfromHanes, John187572:384
Garver, DavidtoBowers, Mary Ann187569:437
Garver, DavidfromGorrell, I. N.186370:292
Garver, DavidtoGraver, F. & E. E.187273:560
Garver, F. D.toDawer, M. E.187875:22
Garver, F. D.fromGarver, Charles187873:561
Garver, F. D.fromGarver, Franklin187873:562
Garver, Finnan D.toGarver, Sarah E.187874:275
Garver, FranklintoGarver, F. D.187873:562
Garver, J. L. (Et al.)toLangley, Wm.187978:205
Garver, J. L. (Et al.)toLaughley, Thos.187978:285
Garver, MatildafromBurritt, Jno. R. (Et al.)187978:137
Garver, MatildafromLangley, Willian (Et al.)187978:137
Garver, Sarah E.fromGarver, Finnan D.187874:275
Garverick, A.toBowser, Jno A.187771:225
Garverick, AarontoLopshire, Catharine187667:506
Garverick, AaronfromLopshire, Geo.187359:563
Garverick, AarontoNicodemus, Caroline187670:147
Garverick, AarontoNicodemus, Susannah187670:147
Garverick, AaronfromOrr, Michael187463:447
Garverick, AarontoWade, George G.187671:28
Garverick, HenrytoBradberry, Benj.187978:319
Garvey, P. H. & M.fromBrackenridge, G. W.188288:462
Gary, MaryfromGary, Wm.187360:523
Gary, Wm.toGary, Mary187360:523
Gary, Wm.toGlass, Emery187060:240
Gaskill, Ann L.toWilkerson, Thos J.187672:392
Gaskill, Anna L.fromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Gaskill, Anne L.fromWilkerson, Thos. J.187668:167
Gaskill, IsaactoGaskill, M. H.187874:295
Gaskill, M. H.fromGaskill, Isaac187874:295
Gaskill, M. H.toWeaver, Geo.187978:226
Gaskill, MichaelfromSewell, Lawrence (Et al.)187978:40
Gaskill, Michael (Et al.)toMcCoy, Thomas187978:159
Gaskill, MichelfromMcCoy, F. J. (Et al.)187978:40
Gasner, L.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Gass, Joseph P.toReid, Margaret187164:334
Gass, Joseph P.toRenfen, Robt. G.187361:148
Gasser, A.fromMinnie, Mary L.187261:46
Gasser, NicholastoRitter, Jacob187262:537
Gasso, AugustfromEvans, S. Cary187667:294
Gasso, AugusttoMiller, Amelia187770:155
Gates, AbrahamfromBlakley, Wm.188091:279
Gauder, George S.fromWilliams, Samuel M.187566:247
Gauder, George S.toWoods, Jane187567:126
Gaus, Jno. C. Sr.toGay, Mariah E.187879:161
Gaus, John C. Sr.fromHunter, Wm. S.187873:295
Gaus, LouistoHarnischfiger, Peter187564:467
Gause Agricultrual WorksfromBond, L. A. (Guard)188390:494
Gause Agricultrual WorksfromBond, S. B. (Et al.)188390:496
Gaut, H. K.fromAuditor186594:572
Gaut, Hiram K.toGriffith, John187358:433
Gaut, JosephfromDurbin, Angeline187668:183
Gaverick, AarontoWidsgall, Lewis187668:501
Gavin, MargarettoGavin, S. R.187669:285
Gavin, Margaret & S.fromMaier, Elizabeth J. & Jno. G.187565:237
Gavin, S. R.fromGavin, Margaret187669:285
Gavin, SedoniafromKeyser, Mary H.187361:31
Gawthrop, B. F. (et al.)toJames, Geo.187567:212
Gay, M. E.fromBallon, Jas. E.188395:9
Gay, M. E.fromBurke, J. A.188288:61
Gay, Mariah E.fromGaus, Jno. C. Sr.187879:161
Gaylord, E. J.fromSweet, Francis187977:530

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