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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Gearhart, M. A. & Wm. S.fromTons, Henry187771:374
Gearin, Ellen (et al.)toColerick, W. G.187267:282
Geary, MarytoEdsall, Wm. S.187462:50
Geary, MarytoEdsall, Wm. S.187565:489
Geary, MaryfromEdsall, Wm. S.187566:128
Geary, MaryfromGeary, Wm. Jr.187462:48
Geary, MaryfromHedekin, M. C.188498:539
Geary, MarytoHedekin, M. C.188598:540
Geary, MarytoHedekin, Thos. B.188495:503
Geary, Mary & Wm. Sr.toEdsall, Wm. S.187463:473
Geary, Wm.toHedekin, Thos. B.188495:496
Geary, Wm. Jr.toGeary, Mary187462:48
Geary, Wm. Jr.fromSinclair, Samuel E.187462:47
Geaugue, A. M.toMiller, Catherine188496:33
Gebele, CharlesfromGebele, Mathias187565:340
Gebele, Chas.toGelebe, Mathias187565:9
Gebele, KarlfromSchmid, Lorenz184669:
Gebele, MathiastoGebele, Charles187565:340
Gebele, MathiasfromTrustees W. & E. Canal184869:348
Gebert, J. F.fromFark, Frederick188290:240
Gebert, J. F.fromMeyers, Jno.188390:388
Gebert, Susan (Et al.)toSpitler, Elias188186:228
Gebhard, A. M.fromGebhard, Geo.188390:421
Gebhard, A. M.fromHarding, Frederick187976:252
Gebhard, Geo.toGebhard, A. M.188390:421
Gebhard, Wm.fromHarding, Frederick187976:253
Gebhard, Wm.toHardung, Frederick187976:494
Gebhard, Wm.toMeyer, F. C.187874:178
Gebhard, Wm.fromMeyers, F. Chas.187567:1
Gebhart, C.fromMiller, Isael187566:426
Gebhart, CeceliafromBaier, C. & M.188183:319
Gebhart, CeceliafromBaier, N. ( Guard)188183:320
Gebhart, CeciliatoKline, Bernard188184:471
Gebhart, ValentinefromBaker, Ambrose C.188596:617
Gebhart, Wm.toBastian, Jacob188185:295
Gebherd, Wm.toMeyers, F. Charles187567:8
Gebirt, S. (Et al.(fromCommissioner in Partition188188:375
Geels, Geo. (Adm.)toLauer, Justine188185:303
Geels, GeorgetoArlink, Herman187374:294
Geels, GeorgefromArlink, Rosanna187374:293
Geels, GeorgefromArlink, Rosanna187874:293
Geerdes, Herman H.toNussman, Jno.187668:380
Geerken, Geo.fromHanna, Chas.187771:403
Geerken, George S.toGeerken, Henry (Et al.)187977:2&3
Geerken, HenrytoRose, Henry A.188183:555
Geerken, Henry (Et al.)fromGeerken, George S.187977:2&3
Geeseking, D.toNickey, A. B.188286:570
Geeseking, D. W.toGeeseking, F. W.188183:482
Geeseking, F. W.fromGeeseking, D. W.188183:482
Gehant, AppolinetoLangard, Jno.188495:365
Gehring, JacobfromThomas, Calvin187981:247
Geiger, A. (Et al.)toMayer, Theo.188081:218
Geiger, A. (Et al.)toStraus, F. (Et al.)188081:523
Geiger, AugustafromDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187874:511
Geiger, AugustafromGray, Susan (Et al.)187874:511
Geiger, AugustafromSnyder, Geo. (Et al.)187874:511
Geiger, Augusta (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, John187875:293
Geiger, Augusta (Et al.)toGray, Susan187874:301
Geiger, Augusta (Et al.)toMiller, Wm.187978:411
Geiger, Augusta (Et al.)toSmith, Barbara187875:290
Geiger, Augusta (Et al.)toSmith, Mary A.187875:292
Geiger, Augusta (Et al.)toSnyder, Eliza187875:289
Geiger, H. & Mayes, M.fromMiller, Joseph188080:455
Geiger, HenrytoFledderman, J. G. & M. E.187977:566
Geiger, HettiefromHayes, Melissa A.188081:426
Geiger, HettietoHayes, Melissa A.188081:427
Geiger, Wm. A.toMarcy, Julia187772:526
Geiger, Wm. A.fromRichey, Lemuel187770:178
Geiger, Wm. A.fromRichey, Lemuel187772:4
Geis, PetertoGeis, Phillip187565:494
Geis, PhillipfromGeis, Peter187565:494
Geis, PhilliptoUngerer, George187359:381
Geiseking, Diedrick W.toValentine, John W.187773:93
Geisman, A. & E. L.fromJeffries, Adam188290:40
Geisman, Geo.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Geisman, Jno.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Geisman, R.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Geisman, Wm.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Geismar, AdolphtoSchilling, M. B.188392:85
Geismar, AdolphtoTrentman, H. J. & Bro.187564:418
Geismar, AdolphtoWeimann, Annie C.187464:195
Geismar, AdolphfromWiemann, Wm. 187564:296
Geismar, E. L.toKaag, M. F.188081:275
Geismar, E. L.toMossman, W. E. & L. D.188185:381
Geismar, E. S.toSonnenburg, D.188184:228
Geismar, Emma L.fromJones, L. M.187872:496
Geismar, Emma L.fromTrentman, H. J. & A. C.187669:116
Geismar, John AdolphfromVanVoorhis, F.187461:437
Geismas, E. L.fromCarson, W. W.188392:352
Geismur, A. & E. L.fromPaine, James D.188080:167
Gelebe, MathiasfromGebele, Chas.187565:9
Gell, E. A. C. (Ex.)toWanamaker, Jno.188290:2
Geller, C. C.fromBash, Chas. S.188286:203
Geller, Chas. C.fromKriete, Chas. F.188494:291
Geller, LudwickfromZuber, Panteleon187565:549
Geller, TheodorefromBowen, Marvin L.187360:512
Geller, TheodoretoSchlaudrauf, L.187771:467
Gellner, H. (Dec.)fromLindenwood Cemetry188082:105
Geneting, A. F.toSchram, Mary E.187875:104
Genth, Christina K. (Et al.)toGenth, John A.187975:405
Genth, ElifromBowersock, Andrew187566:493
Genth, ElitoGenth, Jnno. A.188597:15
Genth, Jnno. A.fromGenth, Eli188597:15
Genth, John A.fromGenth, Christina K. (Et al.)187975:405
Genth, Wm. A.fromWever, Sarah187463:508
Geoffrey, PetertoJeanpierre, Celestin187565:56
Geoffroy, PetertoKrick, Henry188597:165
Geofroy, Claude J.toGeofroy, Peter187875:164
Geofroy, PeterfromGeofroy, Claude J.187875:164
Geoglein, Kleinmiller & TrierfromFry, Jacob187360:547
Geohard, Wm.fromMeyer, F. C.187874:179
George, Lorenzo D.toHood, Amy187060:275
Geotje, SophiatoGoetje, John (by will)187283:260
Ger. B. L. & S. A.fromSheriff187463:268
Ger. Insurance Co. of Freeport Ills.fromSheriff187975:434
Gerald, GabriallefromGerard, Louis187772:259
Gerard, A. & C.fromLehman, Conrad188288:544
Gerard, AnntoHouser, Saml. L.187461:514
Gerard, AugustetoJaclson Township188288:545
Gerard, FeliciafromReiniche, F.187874:43
Gerard, LouistoGerald, Gabrialle187772:259
Gerardat, AnthonyfromConverset, August188184:573
Gerardin & AlterfromBurgess, Henry187360:392
Gerardin & AlterfromBurgess, Henry187360:393
Gerardin, H.toBerry, Wesley188392:128
Gerardin, H.fromFleming, Wm.188288:311
Gerardin, H.toMariotte, Louisa188392:218
Gerardin, H. (Et al.)toFleming, Wm.188288:417
Gerardin, HpolitefromSchulz, Peter187462:170
Gerardot, AlexistoFarret, Venos187362:462
Gerardot, AlexisfromFavoret, Venos187771:102
Gerardot, AlexistoGerardot, Joseph187361:440
Gerardot, Alexis & LewistoCunie, Genva187360:481
Gerardot, Chas.fromConverset, August187874:484
Gerardot, Chas.toConverset, August187874:525
Gerardot, Chas.fromGirardot, Jules188494:374
Gerardot, EdwardtoConverset, August187361:606
Gerardot, EdwardfromGrardot, Alexis187771:101
Gerardot, EdwardfromOlds, Hester A.187361:439
Gerardot, JosephtoDunifon, Samantha A.187465:179
Gerardot, JosephfromGerardot, Alexis187361:440
Gerardot, JosephfromGrardot, Alexis187771:101
Gerardot, LewistoGiant, Jacob187565:8
Gerardot, LewisfromMiller, John R.187566:395
Gerardot, LewistoMiller, John R.187566:413
Gerardot, SrephentoMowrey, Paul187360:505
Gerardot, StephentoGirardot, Alexis Jr.187463:605
Gerardot, StephentoNoel, Henry187361:512
Gerberding, AugustfromBegue, Maria188185:328
Gercrken, Geo.fromHanna, Saml. 185598:551
Gerdes, Herman H.fromNussman, John187566:420
Gerdhefner, E.toCramer, David188396:313
Gerding, FredfromSheriff187976:86
Gerding, FrederickfromAnderson, Henry C.187976:124
Gerding, FrederickfromCommissioners by Partition188080:353
Gerding, John H.toBeckmann, Henry185670:80
Gerding, John H.toBleke, Charles185670:80
Gerding, John H.toKromer, F.185670:80
Gerhart, M. A. & W. S.fromBeck, Anna M.187772:261
Gerig, AndrewtoGerig, Peter187464:381
Gerig, AndrewfromOverholt, John187464:382
Gerig, andrewtoSchlatter, B. B.188185:393
Gerig, AndrewtoSchlatter, B. B.188288:203
Gerig, J. O.toLochner, Jacob187772:210
Gerig, JacobfromGerig, Jos.188391:188
Gerig, Jno.fromYaggy, David188079:519
Gerig, JohntoGrabill, Joseph187462:61
Gerig, JohnfromSchlatter, Barbara & John187464:329
Gerig, JohntoWitmer, Jos.188079:518
Gerig, Jos.toGerig, Jacob188391:188
Gerig, JosephfromDever, Ellen & John187360:160
Gerig, JosephfromGerig, Margaret188079:296
Gerig, MargarettoGerig, Joseph188079:296
Gerig, PeterfromGerig, Andrew187464:381
Gerig, PeterfromLungafelt, Wm.188598:235
Gerke & YoungfromMcClure, Wm.187461:244
Gerke, C. & H.fromMickow, Jno.188289:552
Gerke, CatharinefromGerke, John D. (heirs)187461:562
Gerke, FrederickfromBartels, Frederick187977:253
Gerke, FrederickfromBruick, Morris186567:364
Gerke, FredericktoGerke, H. F. A. 186979:380
Gerke, FrederickfromSchneider, Wm.187464:241
Gerke, FredericktoTrustees G. E. L. St. Peters Ch.187772:215
Gerke, G. H. fromGerke, J. H. L.188185:498
Gerke, H. F.fromDenne, Minnie188391:27
Gerke, H. F.toGerke, J. H. L.188288:66
Gerke, H. F.toHanuel, Francis188392:324
Gerke, H. F.toMoellering, W. L.188495:331
Gerke, H. F.fromMoellering, Wm. L.188393:409
Gerke, H. F. A. fromGerke, Frederick186979:380
Gerke, H. F. A.fromRummell, Albert187873:344
Gerke, H. F. A.toRummell, Albert187873:346
Gerke, Hanry F. A.fromStellhorn, Frederick187872:501
Gerke, Henry F.toMyers, Ernst187461:343
Gerke, Henry F. A.toStellhorn, Frederick187872:500
Gerke, J. F. (Et al.)toMeyers, Jno.188393:556
Gerke, J. H. L.fromBargus, Mathilde188080:279
Gerke, J. H. L.fromBoerger, R.187463:300
Gerke, J. H. L.toGerke, G. H. 188185:498
Gerke, J. H. L.fromGerke, H. F.188288:66
Gerke, J. H. L.fromLeffler, C. H. W.188080:152
Gerke, J. H. L.toSetdelmeyer, H. R.188185:490
Gerke, J. H. L.fromSheriff187873:503
Gerke, J. H. L.fromSturgis, C. M.188080:507
Gerke, J. S. & L.fromSheriff188081:62
Gerke, Jno. H.fromHieber, Michael187668:327
Gerke, John D. (heirs)toGerke, Catharine187461:562
Gerke, John D. (Heirs)toLange, J. Henry187361:415
Gerke, John D. (heirs)toMeyer, Jno F. W.187461:558
Gerke, John D. (heirs)toMeyer, John F. W.187461:561
Gerke, John D. (heirs)toMeyer, Juliana187461:559
Gerke, John D. (heirs)toMuchlenbruck, Martha187461:560
Gerke, John D. (heirs)toSchwier, Anna187461:557
Gerkel, Wm.fromMarhenke, Henry187360:235
Gerlach, F. & J.toMaiser, J. & C.188287:554
Gerlach, FrederickafromHelmke, Edward187771:489
Gerlach, JacobtoHelmke, Edward187771:488
Gerlach, JacobfromReed, Hugh B.187358:396
Germain, R. M.fromFortreide, Louis188598:336
German Ins. Co. Freport Ills.fromSheriff187772:156
Gerner, Jas. L. (Et al.)toBumtt, Diana1879
Gero, PhiliptoBeverforden, S.187977:447
Gero, PhiliptoHarrison, Wm. & Mary187770:270
Gero, SophiatoAhern, Thos.187977:530
Gero, SophiatoGodwin, Frances187977:434
Gerrardot, Jos.toBeugnot, Jno. B.188197:118
Gers, PhiliptoMollet, Peter187875:24
Gers, SophiatoDalman, Frederick188080:326
Gers, SophiafromMollet, Pete187875:28
Gethart, A. M.fromBastian, Jacob188185:294
Getrosht, W. H.fromGetrost, C. M. (Et al.)188291:585
Getrost, C. M. (Et al.)toGetrosht, W. H.188291:585
Getrost, W. H.fromBittinger, A. H. (Coms.)188391:586
Gets, SamuelfromShutt, Samuel185770:562
Getts, AndrewfromSchappach, Andrew187566:484
Getty, F. (Et al.)toKelug, Gregor188391:435
Getty, G. & A.fromPequignot, C. F.188187:477
Geubb, Charles M.fromBanks, Alonzo T.187566:576
Gevinner, FredfromGrier, Jos. H. (Et al.)188289:455
Gevinner, FredfromRice, Benj. F. (Et al.)188289:455
Geye, HenrytoMeierding, Catharine188080:116
Geye, HermanfromSherdon, Daniel187874:8
Geyer, Chas.fromHubbs, Caroline188597:250
Geyer, Chas.fromMcCulloch, C. (Trustee)188290:124
Geyer, HermantoNiebel, gottfried188185:264

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