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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Giant, JacobfromGerardot, Lewis187565:8
Giant, JacobfromWatson, Sarah A.187772:52
Gibert, Jno. F.fromMeyer, John188079:262
Gibson, Chas. A.fromOBrien, Patrick187978:357
Gibson, DavidfromKumfer, Martin187566:280
Gibson, DavidfromMcMillan, John188080:92
Gibson, DavidfromShammerle, Fredk.187463:620
Gibson, DavidtoShammule, Fredk.187463:621
Gibson, DavidfromSheriff187874:381
Gibson, David (Ex.)toSeymour, C. A.188081:71
Gibson, David (ex.)toZuber, B.187667:215
Gibson, Francis (Will of)to187367:215
Gibson, James H.toGibson, Nancy A (heirs)187462:479
Gibson, JohnfromZem, Sophile187359:493
Gibson, John M.fromGibson, Samuel a.187574:45
Gibson, Nancy A (heirs)fromGibson, James H.187462:479
Gibson, Samuel a.toGibson, John M.187574:45
Gick, GeorgetoDicke, Henry187976:479
Gick, GeorgefromMeyers, Diedrick187463:585
Giddings, F. S. & Co.fromBach, Nelson187978:44
Giddings, F. S. & Co.fromMason, Josephus S.187875:224
Gier, Jane W.fromKennon, Alex187363:390
Gieseking, D. W.toDeck, Jno.188081:87
Gieseking, D. W.toThomas, C. (Et al.)187982:558
Gieseking, DiedericktoGieseking, William187873:283
Gieseking, Dieterich W.toGieseking, John187374:118
Gieseking, F. W.fromAltekruse, E. A.188496:375
Gieseking, JohnfromGieseking, Dieterich W.187374:118
Gieseking, WilliamfromGieseking, Diederick187873:283
Gifford, Mary A.toCarmen, Franklin & Wm.187462:366
Giggy, Charles W.fromGray, Susan187874:302
Gilbert, DavidfromDawson, E. R.188082:4
Gilbert, J. B.toNewcomer, C.187977:565
Gilbert, J. V.toBullard, Sherman L.187771:515
Gilbert, James B.fromNieman, Buella187976:155
Gilbert, Jas. B.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187667:305
Gilbert, JohnfromRockhill, Howell C.187976:205
Gilbert, John V.fromAlexander, John187771:473
Gilchrist, C. P.toWohlfort, Martha E.187669:17
Gilchrist, Chas. P.fromWohlfort, R. W.187669:16
Gilchrist, JohntoFinan, Edward187771:334
Gilchrist, JohntoLewis, Jesse187262:266
Gill, Geo. W. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Gill, J. S.fromBines, Elizabeth187463:61
Gill, Jos.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Gill, JosephfromHopple, E. G.187669:518
Gill, JosephfromHopple, Emma187669:519
Gill, JosephfromHopple, Hueslis187875:87
Gill, JosephfromShield, Anna187669:518
Gill, Joshua S.fromAuditor187465:92
Gill, Joshua S.toBaker, S. F.187462:290
Gill, Joshua S.toTryon, John M.187565:89
Gill, Joshua S.fromWhite, James B.187565:121
Gill, JospephfromPrentice, E. S.187669:519
Gill, S. E. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Gillespie, susantoLerch, Lydia187566:245
Gillet, Charles M.fromGillet, Wilkes187564:548
Gillet, HollistoBark, Elizabeth187874:199
Gillet, HollisfromColeman, Jacob187566:236
Gillet, HollistoGoeglein, Geo (Trustee)188081:185
Gillet, Hollis F.fromGarret, John187475:250
Gillet, WilkestoGillet, Charles M.187564:548
Gillett, C. M. & H.fromClayton, M. A.188186:301
Gillett, C. M. & H.fromMiracle, E. (Et al.)188081:122
Gillett, D. D.fromBarton, C. M.187983:19
Gillett, D. D.fromBostick, Louisa188290:71
Gillett, D. D.fromHayes, Fred (Assignee)187978:528
Gillett, D. D.toHiatt, A. L.187978:369
Gillett, D. D.toHill, C. A.188183:43
Gillett, Dwight D.toBarton, Charles M.187976:255
Gillett, Dwight D.toEhle, Edward T.187872:545
Gillett, Dwight D.fromRockhill, Howell C.187771:235
Gillett, Dwight D.fromRockhill, Hugh M.187771:235
Gillett, Dwight D.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187771:235
Gillett, Dwight D.fromSheriff187878:197
Gillett, H. F.toKrominaker, Wm.188183:350
Gillett, WilkestoKrumer, Chas.188183:209
Gillett, WilkesfromWhite, Jas. B.188183:391
Gillett. D. D.fromAuditor188289:465
Gilmartin, EdwardfromBenoit, Julian188288:238
Gilsett, Charles M.toWeikart, William H.188079:463
Gimbel, MichaeltoLindeman, L. F.185278:333
Gimpel, Pauline (Et al.)fromBogasch, Anna188289:551
Gims, G. D.toWagner, J. B. & S. M.187978:455
Ginther, G. E.fromRuth, Ephraim (Adm.)188082:502
Ginther, Geo. E.fromBell, H. D.188081:3
Ginther, H. D.fromBowers, D. L.188494:388
Ginther, SidneyfromBower, J. T.187978:330
Ginther, SidneyfromBower, Jno. T.187873:103
Ginther, sidneytoBurgart, Peter187565:420
Ginther, SidneyfromBurgart, Peter187976:277
Ginther, SidneytoBurgart, Peter187976:293
Ginther, SidneytoGrumot, Victor187976:278
Ginther, SidneyfromLeonard, Harvey187565:418
Ginther, SidneytoMartin, Julian187873:55
Ginther, SidneytoMelmater, J. C.187359:410
Girard, JulestoBercot, Pauline187566:227
Girard, JulestoCouerderey, Hermine187566:228
Girard, JulestoOddou, Louis & Philomen187566:229
Girardot, Alexis Jr.fromGerardot, Stephen187463:605
Girardot, CharlesfromDeLaGrange, Mary187668:162
Girardot, FrancisfromTimbrook, John187566:116
Girardot, JulesfromBoissenet, Chas.188494:86
Girardot, JulesfromForce, Wm. M.187360:272
Girardot, JulestoLupken, Liborius188183:154
Girardot, Louis Sr.fromRichard, Elizabeth188079:428
Girardot, StephenfromPio, Alex & Jos. W.187359:421
Girardt, AnthonytoCunin, Genevieve187358:529
Girardt, JulefromShatto, Nicholas187567:54
Girding, FrederickfromAnderson, Henry C.187976:124
Girding, LewisfromAnderson, Anna (Et al.)188288:37
Gish, Samuel (Will of)to186363:622

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