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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Gladieux, CelestiafromShell, Jacob H.187464:137
Gladieux, CelestinfromRodocker, Levi188079:197
Gladieux, FrancisfromBegue, M. (Et al.)188390:385
Gladio, FrancisfromHall, Chas. & Norman187464:325
Gladio, FrancisfromLomont, C. F.187566:43
Gladio, Francis (et al.)fromLomont, Theophite187771:162
Gladis, FrancisfromCommissioners by Partition187976:124
Glancy, HughtoCochran, Rachel P. 187667:511
Glancy, HughfromCochrane, Wesley187667:511
Glancy, Nancy J.toCochrane, Rachel P.187564:562
Glaser, EdwardfromBeck, Metcaefe187976:480
Glass, E.(Et al.)fromBrandriff, A. D.188290:64
Glass, EmerytoAntrup, F. W.187668:469
Glass, EmeryfromGary, Wm.187060:240
Glass, EmeryfromHelmkamps, Henry188183:98
Glass, J. J. N.fromAuditor of Allen Co.1878A:134
Glass, J. J. W.fromAuditor1879A:138
Glass, J. J. W.fromAuditor1879A:138
Glass, J. J. W.fromAuditor188087:525
Glass, J. J. W.fromAuditor Allen Co.1878A:134
Glass, Jas. W.fromVoetter, M. E.188182:527
Glass, NancytoKeil, America187880:588
Glaucy, Nancy J.fromCochrane, Wesley187564:567
Glazier, NathanfromDeal, Marie187173:399
Glenn, J. S.fromGreene, M. M.187463:308
Glenn, James C.fromMcIntire, John H.188079:150
Glenn, Jas. C.fromPierce, Geo. W.188079:151
Glenn, Mary E.fromGreen, Mary M.187359:363
Glenn, Mary E.fromGreene, Mary M.187566:432
Glissenkamp, Wm.fromWiegmann, Augusta187359:333
Glock, FredericktoRoller, Margaret J.187874:303
Glock, MartinfromBowser, Alexander187362:561
Glock, MartintoGarrett, Z. T.187467:176
Glosser, FranktoShuler, Wm. (Et al.)187875:523
Glover, J. L.fromMcElfatrick, Eve187564:412
Glover, J. L.fromMcElfatrick, Saml. (et al.)187770:298
Glover, J. L.fromMcElfatrick. Jno. E.187770:298
Gloyd, J. D. (Et al.)fromBowser, Theo. (Et al.)187795:630
Gloyd, J. D. (Trustee Perry Tp.)toRoy, Flortin187874:491
Glulling, A. F.toSchram, Philip188079:446
Glutting, A. F.fromAmdt, Mary188290:52
Glutting, A. F.toGrayless, C. W.188081:312
Glutting, A. F.fromGrayless, Nancy188081:311
Glutting, A. F.toHahn, H. & C.188080:14
Glutting, A. F.fromHahn, Henry188080:13
Glutting, A. F.fromLong, Sarah M.187978:420
Glutting, A. F.toLong, Tobias A.187978:421
Glutting, A. F.fromSchram, Mary E.188079:445
Glutting, A. F.fromSchram, Phillip187875:103
Glutting, A. F. (Et al.)fromBlum, C. (Et al.)188185:236
Glutting, Andrico F.fromFriece, Malinda187978:247
Glutting, Andrus F.toFrice, Amos187978:247
Glutting, E. F. (Et al.)toRekers, C. A.188083:354
Glutting, JacobtoKline, Margaret187770:64
Glutting, Jacob ComostoKline, Margaret187669:228
Glynn, MathiasfromAuditor187462:198
Glynn, MathiastoCounty Allen187462:196
Glynn, MathiastoRyan, Margaret J.187772:79

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