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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Guenther, HenrytoKramer, Christian187461:530
Guenther, J. W.fromAuditor1877A:100
Guenther, J. W.fromBogear, Simon (heirs)187565:110
Guibeler, FelicetetoUrbin, Alfred187772:64
Guibeler, FelicetetoUrbin, Alfred & Louisa187772:65
Guibeler, FelicetetoUrbin, Louisa187772:64
Guibeler, FelicetefromUrbine, Alfred187772:63
Guibeler, FelicetefromUrbine, Louisa187772:63
Guibeler, JeremiahfromCotton, John187462:390
Guibeler, Poirson & PievertfromCorbat, Marguerite187461:545
Guiblen, F. M.toCorbat, Vandelien188079:180
Guibler, JeremietoCarier, A. H.187359:350
Guiff, JohntoGandy & Nickey187977:354
Guilford, PhoebetoWarner, James187670:49
Guilford, Sarah M.toStover, John187469:503
Guillamne, Louis A.toEvard, Jno. A.187668:105
Guillamne, Louis A.toFitzgerald, Francis187668:342
Guillarime, L. A.fromWinkleman, Chas.187463:306
Guillianne, Jas.fromRoy, Sophia188081:177
Guillman, JosephtoDruhet, Christina187773:2
Guillot, Jno.fromPurman, Samuel187463:100
Guillott, John O.toWhitright, Naomi188080:58
Gumbert, Chas.fromGumbert, M.187978:63
Gumbert, HenryfromBlum, Henry188597:228
Gumbert, M.toGumbert, Chas.187978:63
Gump, JeremiahfromKohr, Abraham187978:160
Gump, WmfromWillbur, Geo. W.188081:201
Gumper, Sarah C.toSudhoff, Henry187360:414
Gumpper, J. D.fromJinks & Rice (Assignment of)188390:585
Gumpper, J. D. & C. C.toSchroeder, L. S. C. & J. H.188182:446
Gumpper, J. D. & C. C.fromVesey, W. J. (Coms.)188182:442
Gunder, Geo.toEdmonds, Wm.187361:194
Gunder, Sarah A.fromEdmonds, Wm.187361:193
Gundy, Mary A.fromMiller, John (heirs)187566:525
Gundy, Mary A.toMiller, Lucretia187569:70
Gundy, Mary A. (et al.)toMiller, Wm. H.187568:239
Gunkel, FloriantoGunkel, Otto187361:89
Gunkel, OttofromGunkel, Florian187361:89
Gunkey, Henry F.fromMayer, Ernst187461:613
Gunther, HenryfromKramer, Christian187770:175
Gunther, John W.fromBeebe, Richard187359:385
Gunther, MinniefromKramer, Christian187770:175
Gusching, F. (Et al.)toNeuhaus, R.188080:508
Gusching, Jos.toAllgeier, Anthony188182:182
Gusching, Jos.fromBond, J. D.187978:437
Gushing, Jos.fromHonrck, Henry188182:430
Gustin, S. (Et al.)toBurrier, Isaac188081:233
Guston, J. H.fromWyman, M. D.188183:488
Gutermuth, Benj.fromThorp, Geo. B.187874:78
Gutermuth, J. G.fromBush, E. K.188392:338
Guth, CarolinefromGuth, Frederick188081:269
Guth, FredericktoGuth, Caroline188081:269
Guther, MaryfromTrimple, Jacob (Est.)187462:91
Guthermuth, Jno. G.toThieme, Andrew188183:20
Guthman, CathinnetoGuthman, Francis, X.187874:46
Guthman, Francis X. Sr.fromGuthman, Mary (et al.)187566:561
Guthman, Francis, X.fromGuthman, Cathinne187874:46
Guthman, Mary (et al.)toGuthman, Francis X. Sr.187566:561
Guthmann, F. X.fromEdsall, Simon187976:565

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