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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Haag, CharlestoKirchner, Ernest188494:544
Haag, Chas.fromCarnahan, U. L.187463:229
Haag, Chas.fromRanner, Geo.188081:147
Haag, F. & M.fromMichael, H.188495:600
Haak, TheordorefromMiller, Amelia187976:45
Haarselhorst, H. G.toReinhard, Mathias187873:22
Haase, FrankfromThimler, Jno.188495:148
Habbard, John H.fromBowen, George W.187564:464
Habbert, J. H.fromStead, Jos. (Et al.)188079:494
Habbert, Jno. H.fromFerrall, J. D. (Et al.)188079:494
Habecker, E. (Et al.)toSkelton, B. W.188193:97
Habecker, E. (Guard)toMunson, Chas. A.188496:566
Habecker, EliastoDepler, George187565:524
Habecker, Elias (Guard)toSkelton, Benj. W.188193:96
Habecker, Wm.toEhinger, J. & R.188392:212
Habecker, Wm.fromWhiting, A. M.188392:164
Habel, AndrewfromBrackenridge, Jos.187669:295
Habel, C. & L.fromBrackenridge, Jos.188391:155
Habel, Chas.fromBrackenridge, Jos.187669:296
Habel, Chas. J.toScheuman, Ernst188598:618
Habel, ChristinatoWallies, G. F.188186:156
Haberkom, E. F.fromRastetter, Elizabeth188390:439
Haberkom, E. F.toRastetter, Louis188390:440
Haberkom, E. T. & AnnafromFoellinger, Jacob187975:559
Haberkorn, Emil F.fromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187770:492
Hackett, E. (Et al.)toWheeler, E. G.188288:214
Hackett, E. (Et al.)toWheelock, E. G.188288:255
Hackett, E. A. K.fromFlemimg, Wm.188495:51
Hackett, E. A. K.fromFleming, Wm.188081:123
Hackett, E. A. K.fromMorss, S. E. (Et al.)188081:127
Hackett, E. A. K.fromNelson, Wm. R. (Et al.)188081:127
Hackett, Geo. (Dec.)toOrr, Eleanor N.187482:112
Hackett, GeorgetoZollars, George187264:375
Hackett, George (Will of)to187482:112
Hackett, Mary A.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188288:459
Hadsell, A. A.toMcCoemick, T. H.188291:235
Hadsell, Austin A.fromBowers, Jacob187668:413
Haensch, AugustfromHohnhaus, Geo.188391:411
Haewood, E. B.fromCole, M. J.187490:569
Hafeeker, EliastoMunson, Chas. A.187873:490
Hafeeker, Elias (Guard)toMunson, Chas. A.187873:491
Haffman, JacobfromStump, Samuel187875:238
Haffner, ChristtoWeiser, Joseph188495:247
Haffner, ChristianfromSheriff188290:6
Haffner, MaryfromBard, Samuel188393:454
Haffner, WilhelmenafromSweet, Hannah (Guard)187669:95
Haffner, WilhelminafromBrown, Wm. J.187463:148
Hafner, J. (Et al.)toBitler, S. D. (Et al.)188494:446
Hafner, Jno.toBucker, E. F.188286:265
Hafner, Jno.toMiller, M. & H.188185:298
Hafner, Jno.toMiller, M. & S.188185:297
Hafner, Jno.toWochuker, F. H.188186:70
Hafner, JohntoHecker, Henry & J.187361:361
Hafner, John Geo.fromForsythe, Jane E.187169:441
Hafner, WilhelmenafromPeabody, S. J.187669:95
Hagan, Jno.toPatten, Bridget188184:232
Hagan, MarytoBloom, Martin187566:260
Hagan, Wm. F.fromBoyle, Mary187772:197
Hagedorn, HermontoLange, John H.187772:159
Hageman, C.toRothgeb, Jesse188286:166
Hageman, Jos.fromAuger, L. E.188184:145
Hagemann, Jos.fromKing, C. A. & F. J.187283:288
Hagen, GeorgetoSpencer, M. V. B.188392:567
Hagen, HenrytoWheelock, E. G.188182:349
Hagens, FranktoPhillips, John T.187461:510
Hager, HenryfromLoos, Wm.188290:121
Hager, MargaretfromSchnelker, H. (Admr.)188079:526
Hagerman, CarolinefromRyan, Thos.187668:354
Hagest, Geo.toLoyd, Thos. Wm.188598:110
Hagest, Geo.fromSahner, Marcus188598:109
Hahn, CarolinefromOlds, Sarah E.188287:84
Hahn, H. & C.fromGlutting, A. F.188080:14
Hahn, HenrytoBindle, G. & W.188186:114
Hahn, HenrytoGlutting, A. F.188080:13
Hahn, HenryfromSchotemeyer, H.187977:355
Hahn, Jos.toFlaig, E. & B.188391:431
Hahn, Jos.fromHahn, M. F.188289:322
Hahn, M. F.fromDochrman, Wm.188287:516
Hahn, M. F.toHahn, Jos.188289:322
Hahn, W. & J.fromEdsall, Simon188080:474
Hahn, Wilhelmina & J.fromEdsall, Simon188080:200
Haiber, C. F.toBaade, C. F. W.188597:381
Haiber, C. F.fromFleming, Wm.188182:540
Haiber, C. F.fromFleming, Wm.188287:309
Haiber, C. F.fromSchmidt, Bankatz188497:183
Haiber, C. F.toSchmidt, Eva M.188497:185
Haiber, Chas. F.fromKempf, Louisa188494:576
Haiber, Chas. F.fromRich, Edwin188598:389
Haiber, JohnfromDafforn, Wm.187462:349
Haiber, JohnfromFarrell, Edward187567:112
Haiber, JohnfromHart, George187667:434
Haiber, M. E.toSchaphorst, E. & W.188290:189
Haiber, NicholastoChristman, Nicholas187461:592
Haiber, NicholasfromDawson, J. W.187361:74
Haiber, NicholastoHourigan, Michael & Mary187567:147
Haiber, NicholasfromRing, John187567:135
Haiber, NicholasfromSorg, Joseph187565:362
Haiber, PeterfromWolford, Harriet R.187461:229
Haifley, Geo.fromAmstutz, Barbara (Et al.)188391:387
Haifley, Geo.fromAmstutz, Jos. (Guard)188391:388
Haifley, Geo.fromHarnish, Jno.187978:478
Haifley, Geo.fromWitmer, Lydia (Et al.)188391:387
Haifley, George (Et al.)toEnninger, Samuel187979:433
Haifley, J. B.fromSchlatter, C. S.188287:117
Haifley, J. B.toZeis, Lewis188390:529
Haifley, John B.fromZeis, Lewis188079:432
Haifley, S. P.fromShutt, Daniel188288:579
Haifley, S. P.toShutt, Daniel188288:580
Haikey, AdamfromHartsel, Paul187461:441
Haine, Cynthia H.toCotton, John187976:503
Haines, EphraimfromLantz, Jacob187565:450
Haines, EphriamtoWhite, James B.187770:394
Haines, EphriamfromWhite, James B.187773:10
Haines, F. E. (et al.)toNuttman, J. D. & J. D. Jr.187770:316
Haines, Francis E.toSmith & Ward Treas. & Trustee187566:405
Haines, FranklintoSwayne, Mary C.187771:294
Haines, SarahfromBowers, Mary A.187669:110
Haire, AugustustoRockhill, Wm.187565:182
Haitiourkall, HenrytoNiermann, Juliana T.187976:268
Hake, FrankfromBond, S. B. (Et al.)188495:234
Hake, FrankfromEckart, Fred (Et al.)188495:234
Hake, FrankfromFleming, Wm. (Et al.)188495:234
Hake, FrankfromLang, Anna (Et al.)188390:547
Hake, FranktoPape, Charles188392:113
Hake, FrankfromReading, Anna (Et al.)188390:547
Hake, FrankfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)188079:504
Hake, FranzfromHake, John187884:71
Hake, Geo.fromHake, Jno.188291:231
Hake, H.fromHake, Jno.187887:427
Hake, JacobfromHake, Jno.187893:69
Hake, Jno.toHake, Geo.188291:231
Hake, Jno.toHake, H.187887:427
Hake, Jno.toHake, Jacob187893:69
Hake, JohntoHake, Franz187884:71
Halcomb, J. E.toBecker, Emil187770:311
Halcomb, J. E.toLauferty, A. S.187770:311
Hale, D. P.fromBittinger, G. L.187874:363
Hale, D. P.fromFleming, Wm.188287:289
Hale, D. P.toGuiff, M. & J.188287:290
Hale, D. P.toStauffer, David188187:289
Haley, BridgettoLeiningor, Thebald188185:78
Haley, BridgetfromWilson, J. F.187873:488
Haley, CatherinefromFinan, Edward187669:56
Haley, CatherinefromMcDonough, Jas. B.187978:172
Haley, DanieltoWilliams, J. H.187566:132
Haley, Geo.fromHaley, Jacob188082:510
Haley, GeorgefromHaley, Jacob187976:359
Haley, GeorgetoRandall, P. A.188081:331
Haley, HenryfromHaley, Jacob188081:359
Haley, HenrytoRandall, P. A.188081:332
Haley, JacobtoHaley, Geo.188082:510
Haley, JacobtoHaley, George187976:359
Haley, JacobtoHaley, Henry188081:359
Haley, JacobtoHalsey, Henry187566:450
Haley, MartintoFinan, Edward187669:17
Haley, Mary (et al.)toMcMahan, Thomas187772:414
Hall, AlvintoDoty, Solomon187463:445
Hall, AlvintoHeath, E. (Trustee)188598:483
Hall, Chas. & NormantoGladio, Francis187464:325
Hall, Chas. H.toMerillot, August188183:402
Hall, Evelyn D.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187265:590
Hall, HiramtoBittinger, Geo. L. & A. M.187566:310
Hall, HiramfromScott, Francis M.187565:442
Hall, IsaactoDorsey, Robt.188496:201
Hall, IsaactoHarter, Wm. H. & L.188495:367
Hall, IsaacfromUnited States183796:200
Hall, IsraeltoFoster, David N.187873:277
Hall, L. R.toKimball, L. A. & M. E.188289:319
Hall, M. A. (Et al.)toZeis, Lewis187978:201
Hall, PutnamtoShaffer, John (admr.)187667:282
Hall, R. C. (by will to his wife)to184383:401
Hall, R. H. (will)toHall, Sarah L.187298:470
Hall, Robt. C. (Will of)to184383:401
Hall, Sarah A.fromSmith, Almeda188289:544
Hall, Sarah L.fromHall, R. H. (will)187298:470
Hall. N. B. (guard.)toEly, John H.187358:425
Hallaner, DavidtoSeidel, Edward187464:55
Hallein, GeorgefromWake, John (Et al.)187873:323
Hallein, JohnfromArcher, John H.187566:347
Hallenbeck, David E.toLindsey, Wesley188079:216
Haller, GotliebfromDouglass, W. B.188598:321
Haller, GottliebfromJohnson, Huldah187771:78
Haller, Lucy L.fromRhodes, Malissa C.188597:261
Halliday, E. E. (Et al.)toRundles, Jno. J.188291:355
Hallien, Geo. (Et al.)toWake, Ellen Ann187873:325
Hallien, Geo. (Et al.)toWake, John187873:324
Hallien, Geo. (Et al.)toWake, Loretta187873:322
Hallien, GeorgefromWake, George187566:190
Hallien, Jno.fromD'Isay, I. (Adm.)188183:484
Hallien, JohntoArcher, Anna M.187668:72
Hallien, JohnfromArcher, John H.187360:117
Halliman, Thos.toWagner, Saml.187977:442
Hallman, ThomasfromSpitler, John187668:187
Hallopeter, IsarelfromArnold, Henry18882:253
Halls Safe & Lock Co.toBall, Samuel L. (et ux.)187464:328
Halsey, HenryfromHaley, Jacob187566:450
Halsey, J. W.toBeebe, Frances187567:269
Halsey, J. W.fromSouser, J. O.187977:586
Halsey, J. W.toStiver, S. J.188082:364
Halsey, JacobtoRomy, Robt. L.187669:507
Halsey, Jacob W.fromAndrews, Wm. H.187772:2
Halsey, Jacob W.toMerritt, Alvisa187669:333
Halsey, Jacob W.fromReinehart, Sarah187565:462
Halsey, Jacob W.fromRomy, R. L.187669:387
Halsey, Jacob W.toRomy, Robert L.187671:298
Halsey, Jacob W.toSpindler, Wm. A.187565:63
Hambrock, C.fromWallies, G. F.188079:500
Hambrock, W. J.fromBitner, Alonzo188390:294
Hambruck, Jno. F.toMoellering, Wm. L.188394:144
Hamilton BankfromSheriff187771:273
Hamilton BankfromSheriff187975:517
Hamilton BankfromSheriff187977:207
Hamilton BankfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187975:519
Hamilton BanktoWilliams, J. S.187975:553
Hamilton Bank (Et al.)toGalloway, J. H. D.188495:294
Hamilton Nat. BanktoBoyles, R. D.188393:81
Hamilton Nat. BanktoBrooks, H. C.188287:94
Hamilton Nat. BanktoCarnahan, Wm. L.188289:354
Hamilton Nat. BanktoCrick, R. W.188183:210
Hamilton Nat. BankfromEckart, Fred188393:252
Hamilton Nat. BanktoErickson, Jno.188391:332
Hamilton Nat. BankfromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188290:112
Hamilton Nat. BanktoFt. Wayne Nat. Bank188290:24
Hamilton Nat. BanktoGalloway, J. H. D.188289:213
Hamilton Nat. BanktoGaskins, C.188185:582
Hamilton Nat. Bank toMeyers, Henry188393:15
Hamilton Nat. BanktoPaul, H. C.188082:181
Hamilton Nat. BanktoPaul, H. C.188182:492
Hamilton Nat. BanktoQuinn, M.188183:400
Hamilton Nat. BankfromRandall, P. A.188289:74
Hamilton Nat. BanktoSiebold, C. F.188184:33
Hamilton Nat. BanktoWilliams, E. L.188289:27
Hamilton Nat. BanktoWilson, Gains188286:456
Hamilton National BankfromBond, Stephen B.188081:504
Hamilton National BankfromBond, Stephen B.188081:505
Hamilton, A.fromState of Indiana184669:
Hamilton, A. (asi.)fromState of Indiana184169:
Hamilton, A. (asi.)fromState of Indiana184669:
Hamilton, A. H.fromAuditor1875A:69
Hamilton, A. H.toBradley, Marhette187873:570
Hamilton, A. H.toCommincafish, F.187873:539
Hamilton, A. H.toCressler, E. E.188081:208
Hamilton, A. H.toCressler, E. E.188082:176
Hamilton, A. H.toGaetje, Jno.188390:408
Hamilton, A. H.toHamilton, Allen187875:111
Hamilton, A. H.toHamilton, M. V.188190:266
Hamilton, A. H.fromHamilton, Mont. (et al.)187669:417
Hamilton, A. H.toKerr, Murray Mfg. Co.188393:72
Hamilton, A. H.toKramer, John187063:351
Hamilton, A. H.toMoellering, Wm. (Et al.)188287:85
Hamilton, A. H.toPaul, H. C.188392:385
Hamilton, A. H.toPaul, H. C.188392:79
Hamilton, A. H.fromPaul, H. C.188392:83
Hamilton, A. H.toTrustee Wayne Lodge No. 25187874:9
Hamilton, A. H.fromZollars, Enoch187565:506
Hamilton, A. H. (Et al.)toCity of Fort Wayne188080:81
Hamilton, A. H. (Et al.)toCity of Fort Wayne188080:81
Hamilton, A. H. (et al.)toHamilton, Ellen187669:412
Hamilton, A. H. (et al.)toHamilton, M. V.187669:409
Hamilton, A. H. (et al.)toHamilton, M. V.187669:409
Hamilton, A. H. (et al.)toHamilton, Montgomory187669:402
Hamilton, A. H. (Et al.)toHenscil, A. G. & D.188393:255
Hamilton, A. H. (Et al.)toMorgan, O. P. (Et al.)188393:583
Hamilton, A. H. (Et al.)toTrustees United Presbyterian Ch.188393:596
Hamilton, A. H. (Et al.)toWilliams, J. L.188185:338
Hamilton, A. H. (et al.)toWilliams, Mary187669:405
Hamilton, A. O.toShoaff, Wm. W.187772:213
Hamilton, AllenfromHamilton, A. H.187875:111
Hamilton, AllentoMannix, Margaret187463:57
Hamilton, AllenfromState of Indiana184669:
Hamilton, AllenfromTaber, Cyrus184592:328
Hamilton, AllenfromTaber, Cyrus185387:181
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185066:264
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185069:344
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185069:345
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185069:349
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185069:350
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185069:351
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185269:352
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:320
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:321
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:322
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:323
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:324
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:341
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:342
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:343
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:346
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:347
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185369:348
Hamilton, AllenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185480:516
Hamilton, Allen (est.)toBullard, Sherman L.186558:455
Hamilton, Allen (est.)toHeist, Henry187358:356
Hamilton, Allen (est.)toMiller, Margaret187366:417
Hamilton, Andras H.toWhite, John I.187976:168
Hamilton, Andrew H.fromHamilton, Mont (et al.)187669:417
Hamilton, Andrew H. (et al.)toDriscoll, Edward187566:363
Hamilton, Andrew H. (Et al.)toHamilton, Phoebe A.188182:328
Hamilton, B.toMiller, E.188186:295
Hamilton, B. & F.fromHarper, Wm.187782:552
Hamilton, B. A.toHamilton, Jno. W.188184:383
Hamilton, B. A.fromKelsey, H. S. (Coms.)188080:402
Hamilton, B. A. (Guard)toWeaver, David188289:531
Hamilton, B. S.fromSmall, John187668:126
Hamilton, BenfromBrobst, Louisa & Jacob187463:170
Hamilton, Benj.toCoffelt, T. A.187689:187
Hamilton, BenjamintoHopkins, Zelous187668:154
Hamilton, BenjamintoSmall, John187565:619
Hamilton, E. A.toHamilton, M. C. (Et al.)188599:156
Hamilton, E. J.toAfrican M. E. Ch. 187993:448
Hamilton, E. j. (Et al.)toJones, L. M.188390:283
Hamilton, EllenfromHamilton, A. H. (et al.)187669:412
Hamilton, EllenfromSheriff187976:291
Hamilton, F.fromWilliams, Jesse L.188286:568
Hamilton, J. A.toCartwright, E. M.188081:142
Hamilton, J. A.fromHamilton, Wm. (Dec.)187483:255
Hamilton, J. A.fromYoung, Mary M.187978:188
Hamilton, J. C.toStratton, Mary H.187668:257
Hamilton, J. C. & M. H.fromRomy, Robt. L.188495:424
Hamilton, J. M.fromSheriff187877:360
Hamilton, J. M.fromSheriff187877:362
Hamilton, J. W.fromHesler, Jas.188497:107
Hamilton, J. W. & J. D.fromMurray, L. E. &J. E.188497:106
Hamilton, James A.toHamilton, Wm. A.187566:238
Hamilton, Jas. M.toBittinger, Mary H.187893:165
Hamilton, Jno. C.toJeffries, A. & R.188183:464
Hamilton, Jno. C.toRomy, Robt. L.188495:423
Hamilton, Jno. C.fromStevens, Mary187667:370
Hamilton, Jno. W.fromHamilton, B. A.188184:383
Hamilton, Jno. W.toMurray, L. E.188497:93
Hamilton, Jno. W.toShelley, D. M.188597:221
Hamilton, John C.fromSheriff187872:530
Hamilton, M.toHamilton, M. V.188185:544
Hamilton, M.toKohler, C. A.188288:354
Hamilton, M.toLillie, Jno. (Et al.)188597:378
Hamilton, M. C. (Et al.)fromHamilton, E. A.188599:156
Hamilton, M. C. (Et al.)toWeaver, David188287:445
Hamilton, M. V.toBaker, Jno.188186:430
Hamilton, M. V.toBaltes, Michael188286:435
Hamilton, M. V.fromHamilton, A. H.188190:266
Hamilton, M. V.fromHamilton, A. H. (et al.)187669:409
Hamilton, M. V.fromHamilton, A. H. (et al.)187669:409
Hamilton, M. V.fromHamilton, M.188185:544
Hamilton, M. V.toLogan, Nora188496:42
Hamilton, M. V.toMcNemara, Wash.188598:447
Hamilton, M. V.toMoellering, Wm. (Et al.)188287:86
Hamilton, M. V.toPrescott, E. W.188288:229
Hamilton, M. V.fromWagenhals, Ellen H.188390:264
Hamilton, M. V.fromWilliams, M. H.188287:116
Hamilton, M. V.fromWilliams, M. H.188390:268
Hamilton, Mary H.fromStratton, John (et al.)187669:52
Hamilton, Mont (et al.)toHamilton, Andrew H.187669:417
Hamilton, Mont.toFoster, S. & D. N.188185:273
Hamilton, Mont.toLange, Jno. Henry188597:298
Hamilton, Mont.toMcCulloch, Hugh188287:301
Hamilton, Mont.toWohlfort, M. E.188183:303
Hamilton, Mont. (et al.)toHamilton, A. H.187669:417
Hamilton, MontgomerytoKasmier, John187771:198
Hamilton, MontgomerytoWann, George188079:383
Hamilton, MontgomerytoWilson, Gaines & Geo.187977:97
Hamilton, MontgomoryfromHamilton, A. H. (et al.)187669:402
Hamilton, P. A. (Et al.)toColes, Jesse186677:115
Hamilton, PeterfromJones, Emma A.188080:15
Hamilton, PeterfromJones, L. M.188392:148
Hamilton, Phebe AnnfromPratt, Daniel D. (Comr.)187670:11
Hamilton, Phoebe A.fromHamilton, Andrew H. (Et al.)188182:328
Hamilton, Phoebe A.fromWilliams, M. H. (Et al.)188182:328
Hamilton, R. J.fromMason, Nancy188286:361
Hamilton, Wm.fromIngram, S. M.186884:522
Hamilton, Wm. (Dec.)toHamilton, J. A.187483:255
Hamilton, Wm. (Dec.)toHamilton, Wm. A. (by will)187483:255
Hamilton, Wm. (Will of)to187483:255
Hamilton, Wm. A.fromHamilton, James A.187566:238
Hamilton, Wm. A. (by will)fromHamilton, Wm. (Dec.)187483:255
Hamish, SusanfromBehms, Mary (Et al.)187975:426
Hamish, SusanfromGrate, Harriet, (Et al.)187975:426
Hamlin, D. W.toBaldridge, Elizabeth188290:216
Hamlin, D. W.fromBleekman, Jerome187874:413
Hamlin, Danl. W.fromRemmel, Augustus C. (Et al.)187874:414
Hamm, A. & B.fromForbing, John (Et al.)188289:446
Hamm, AdamtoHamm, Jacob187976:351
Hamm, AdamtoHamm, Jacob188393:73
Hamm, AdamtoTrustee M. E. Church (Leo)188081:289
Hamm, Adam & RebeccafromZimmerman, Jackson188080:84
Hamm, Adam, Jr.fromDepew, Wm.187770:517
Hamm, Geo.fromHolsworth, D.188494:482
Hamm, GeorgetoHamm, Jacob187775:466
Hamm, GeorgefromHamm, Margaret (et al.)187772:430
Hamm, GeorgefromHamm, Margaret (Et al.)187873:158
Hamm, GeorgefromLochner, Margaret (et al.)187772:430
Hamm, GeorgefromLodmer, Margaret187873:158
Hamm, GeorgetoZentener, Jacob188079:242
Hamm, JacobtoGoldsmith, N.187976:179
Hamm, JacobfromHamm, Adam187976:351
Hamm, JacobfromHamm, Adam188393:73
Hamm, JacobfromHamm, George187775:466
Hamm, JacobtoHamm, R. & A.188393:74
Hamm, Margaret (et al.)toHamm, George187772:430
Hamm, Margaret (Et al.)toHamm, George187873:158
Hamm, R. & A.fromHamm, Jacob188393:74
Hammerlw, C.fromBrackenridge, J.187874:402
Hammomd, JohnfromStoneman, Jacob M.187462:52
Hammon, M. A.fromJackson, A. P.187669:142
Hammon, M. A.toJackson, A. P.188391:412
Hammon, M. A.toRossean, Reuben187669:143
Hammond, D.fromFry, James187465:415
Hammond, DyanfromFleming, William187772:365
Hammond, DyantoFry, Philip188186:149
Hammond, DyantoHite, Samuel188185:62
Hammond, Jno.toJoslyn, C. E.188082:10
Hammond, JohntoBearman, Frederick 188182:319
Hammond, JohntoMiller, C. A.188289:444
Hammond, JohnfromRulo, John187462:90
Hammond, R.toMoaddux, Geo.188394:169
Hammond, RebeccafromSheriff188079:583
Hammond, RebeccafromSheriff188079:585
Hamon, AdamtoMuller, Herman188190:482
Hance, Barbara A. (et al.)toMartz, Philip S.187772:499
Hance, Barbary A.toAber, David J.187771:502
Hance, Barbery A.toEngle, A.187566:436
Hance, Geo. R.fromBeckman, Jno.188495:82
Hand, Geo. W. (admr.)toHand, Wm. E.187770:573
Hand, Wm. E.toDolin, Lucetta187272:352
Hand, Wm. E.fromDolin, Lucetta187772:352
Hand, Wm. E.fromDolin, Lucetta187979:129
Hand, Wm. E.fromHand, Geo. W. (admr.)187770:573
Handenschild, JacobtoStratton, Robt.188496:157
Handenschild, S.fromSchoepf, Jno. 188495:45
Handle, CatharinefromGrant & Williamson186961:186
Hanefeld, C.fromBurgess, Henry187466:103
Hanefeld, C.toHanefeld, Wm.187566:216
Hanefeld, Wm.fromHanefeld, C.187566:216
Hanes, Jno.toFarmer, Isaac188499:12
Hanes, Jno.fromTaylor, M.187999:11
Hanes, JohntoGarver, Charley187572:384
Haney, AlicefromStoops, Saml. W.187570:398
Haney, Jno. C.toStone, Richard L.187670:399
Haney, PatricktoMiller, Thos. J.186568:244
Haning, A. C.fromHollopeter, Israel188081:252
Hankel, JacobfromHankel, John188494:199
Hankel, Jno.fromHartman, H. C. (Coms.)187978:201
Hankel, Jno.toLehner, Jos.187995:92
Hankel, JohntoHankel, Jacob188494:199
Hankel, JohnfromZuber, Panteleon187565:550
Hankers, B.fromPaul, H. C. (Et al.)188289:463
Hankers, BernardfromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188289:463
Hankers, BernardfromBarrett, M. (Et al.)188289:463
Hankers, BernardfromEllison, Thos. E. (Et al.)188289:463
Hanky, JohnfromUnited States183774:295
Hanley, Ann (et al.)toMcMahan, Thomas187772:414
Hanley, FrederickfromJustus, Lewis S.187464:410
Hanley, J. M. (Et al.)toDupell, Chas. A.188495:496
Hanley, Jas. H.fromOshaughnessy, Michael187668:360
Hanley, Jno.toFritcha, Henry188287:180
Hanley, Jno.fromRobinson, D. C.187566:159
Hanley, John (ex.)fromBowser, J. C.187566:168
Hanley, John (Ex.)toFroizard, Alexander187465:336
Hanley, John (Ex.)toRothger, H. & Wm.187474:36
Hanley, John (Ex.)toStutz, Joseph187468:282
Hanley, John H.fromWorthington, Wm. M.187464:416
Hanley, JuliatoFederspiel, Balser187668:512
Hanley, M. & E.toDupell, C. A.188391:580
Hanley, Mary (Et al.)toDupell, Chas. A.188597:473
Hanley, Michael (Est.)toLoveall, Mary E.187565:156
Hanley, S. A.toKuhn, C. (Et al.)188391:271
Hanley, S. A. (Et al.)toDupell, C. A.188391:571
Hanline, Jno.toBrown, Eliza187979:373
Hanna & HaydentoRay & Nelson187462:279
Hanna Jos. T.toOlds, Chas. H.188080:433
Hanna, Adam Sr.fromSchlatter, Benjamin187463:549
Hanna, Alice, Jesse E., Saml. D., Horace W., Chas. H. fromPurman, E. E.187772:68
Hanna, Bass (et al.)fromHanna, Horace H. (est.)187360:529
Hanna, C. H. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188084:405
Hanna, C. H. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188084:405
Hanna, C. L.toBarbour, M. F.188186:123
Hanna, CarolyntoWhite, Maria188288:527
Hanna, Carolyn (Et al.)toFricke, Jos.188393:472
Hanna, CharlesfromBrobst, Jacob187461:501
Hanna, CharlestoCarnahan, Wm. L.187464:370
Hanna, CharlestoComincavish, Felix187274:226
Hanna, CharlesfromHanna, Samuel T.187358:418
Hanna, CharlestoHartman, Homer187464:105
Hanna, CharlestoHowe, James B.188080:66
Hanna, CharlestoReid, John187462:217
Hanna, CharlestoSkinner, Thomasetta H.187564:527
Hanna, CharlesfromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187564:539
Hanna, Chas.toBard, Samuel187359:466
Hanna, Chas.fromBard, Samuel187359:473
Hanna, Chas.fromBrobst, Jacob187359:474
Hanna, Chas.toBrobst, Louisa M.187461:502
Hanna, Chas.fromBrokaw, R. H.187463:274
Hanna, Chas.toBrokaw, S. J.187463:330
Hanna, Chas.toCommincavish, F.187394:375
Hanna, Chas.toDela Camp, John187461:307
Hanna, Chas.toEvans, Edwin188081:88
Hanna, Chas.toFish, Wm. W.187359:604
Hanna, Chas.toGeerken, Geo.187771:403
Hanna, Chas.toGreene, Mary M.187358:533
Hanna, Chas.toGreene, Mary M.187359:307
Hanna, Chas.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:574
Hanna, Chas.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187362:335
Hanna, Chas.toHanna, Hugh T.187461:477
Hanna, Chas.fromHanna, Hugh T.187462:336
Hanna, Chas.toHanna, Hugh T.187462:337
Hanna, Chas.toHanna, Hugh T.187462:589
Hanna, Chas.toHanna, Saml. T.186562:28
Hanna, Chas.toHanna, Sarah C.187774:74
Hanna, Chas.toHayden, Eliza H.187565:488
Hanna, Chas.fromHayden, Eliza H.187671:500
Hanna, Chas.toHoagland & Tresselt187461:330
Hanna, Chas.toJames, Jesse M. & Wm. H.187360:295
Hanna, Chas.fromJames, Jesse M. & Wm. H.187462:217
Hanna, Chas.toLonergan, Bridget187362:88
Hanna, Chas.fromLonergan, Bridget187462:89
Hanna, Chas.toMuhler, Chas F.187463:99
Hanna, Chas.toOswald, Joseph187262:446
Hanna, Chas.toRemmel, A. C.187358:555
Hanna, Chas.toShoaff, Wade C.187259:425
Hanna, Chas.toSiemon, Rudolph187463:95
Hanna, Chas.toVollmer, D.187463:321
Hanna, Chas.toWilson, George H.187463:99
Hanna, Chas.toWithers, Warren H.187771:398
Hanna, chas.toWorthington, Lillie P.187462:482
Hanna, E. C.toBeach, F.187978:459
Hanna, E. C.toHayden, F. J.188290:74
Hanna, ElizatoHayden, Eliza188080:574
Hanna, ElizafromHayden, Eliza H.187873:90
Hanna, Eliza Jr.fromFleischer, Edward187361:154
Hanna, Eliza Jr.fromHanna, Samuel T.187259:378
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toCarnahan, Hanna O. S. & J. T.187360:400
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Chas.187360:574
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Chas.187362:335
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Elizabeth187361:310
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Henry C.187362:382
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Henry C.187362:444
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Hugh T.187360:573
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Hugh T.187361:333
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Hugh T.187361:618
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Hugh T.187470:138
Hanna, Eliza Sr.fromHanna, Saml. T.187360:396
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Saml. T.187361:87
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHanna, Saml. T.187361:88
Hanna, Eliza Sr.fromHanna, Saml. T. (Trustee)187360:525
Hanna, Eliza Sr.fromHanna, Samuel T.187360:396
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toHayden, Eliza187361:145
Hanna, Eliza Sr.fromHoagland, Pliny187360:483
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toPurman, Elizabeth E.187360:526
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:506
Hanna, Eliza Sr.toSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:506
Hanna, Eliza Sr.fromWilliams, J. L.187360:483
Hanna, ElizabethfromHanna, Eliza Sr.187361:310
Hanna, Elizabeth E.toHartman, Homer C.187360:541
Hanna, H. C.toBowser, Alex187463:383
Hanna, H. C.toBowser, LaFayette187463:399
Hanna, H. C.toBowser, S. F.187463:400
Hanna, H. C.fromCarson, Wm. W.188495:605
Hanna, H. C.toHull, L. O.187463:419
Hanna, H. C. (Coms.)toEmerick, J. P.188599:94
Hanna, H. C. (Coms.)toTolan, H. T.188392:290
Hanna, H. c. Jr.toFleming, O. E.188288:190
Hanna, H. C. Jr. (Coms.)toVizard, M. & J.188290:213
Hanna, H. T.fromEmery, Sarah187579:23
Hanna, H. T.fromWorthington, W. W.187463:405
Hanna, H. W. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188084:405
Hanna, Henry C.toAuger, B. L.187462:606
Hanna, Henry C.toCarson, Jane188495:605
Hanna, Henry C.toCarson, Wm. W.187462:445
Hanna, Henry C.toFisher, D. C.187463:530
Hanna, Henry C.toFisher, Wm. B.187463:502
Hanna, Henry C.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187362:382
Hanna, Henry C.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187362:444
Hanna, Henry C.toKeller, Roth, & Keefer187463:519
Hanna, Henry C.toLillie, James187463:232
Hanna, Henry C.fromMcKinley, John187565:554
Hanna, Henry C.toMiller, Margaret187360:408
Hanna, Henry C.toMyers, Emma D. W.187359:450
Hanna, Henry C.toNuttman, Joseph D.187462:373
Hanna, Henry C.toPickard, Thos. R.187360:350
Hanna, Henry C.toPickard, Thos. R.187461:551
Hanna, Henry C.toPickard, Thos. R.187463:247
Hanna, Henry C.toPickard, Thos. R.187463:529
Hanna, Henry C.toReichards, Catharine187465:507
Hanna, Henry C.toSmith, Mary A.187362:327
Hanna, Henry C.fromSmith, Mary A.187565:598
Hanna, Henry C.toStruver, Louisa187875:24
Hanna, Henry C.toTrustee Free Methodist Ch.187365:507
Hanna, Horace (Plat of the Partition by Coms. of the estate of)to188084:405
Hanna, Horace H. (est.)toHanna, Bass (et al.)187360:529
Hanna, Hugh T.toCarnahan, Clara L.187461:397
Hanna, Hugh T.toEmery, Charles187579:69
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Chas.187461:477
Hanna, Hugh T.toHanna, Chas.187462:336
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Chas.187462:337
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Chas.187462:589
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:573
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187361:333
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187361:618
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187470:138
Hanna, Hugh T.toHanna, James T.187461:397
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHayden, Eliza H.187464:200
Hanna, Hugh T.toHenderson, Angeline187360:586
Hanna, Hugh T.fromHenderson, Angeline197360:572
Hanna, Hugh T.toKlug, Gregor187463:5
Hanna, Hugh T.toRay, Mary & Wm.187667:453
Hanna, Hugh T.fromRay, Wm. F.187667:452
Hanna, Hugh T.toSkinner, Thomasetta187461:430
Hanna, Hugh T.toSkinner, Thomasetta187462:36
Hanna, Hugh T.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187462:5
Hanna, Hugh T.toWorthington, W. W.187463:333
Hanna, J. E.toForbing, Jennie H.188496:162
Hanna, J. T.toBolyard, James K.187464:312
Hanna, J. T.fromCarson, W. W.187873:566
Hanna, J. T.toZwahlen, Frank187463:217
Hanna, J. T. & A. F.fromWheeler, Nelson187977:413
Hanna, J. ThomastoNoble, J. E.187565:219
Hanna, James T.toCarnahan, Clar L.187461:609
Hanna, James T.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187360:566
Hanna, James T.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187360:567
Hanna, James T.toCochrane, Humphrey & Co. 187462:206
Hanna, James T.toFisher, Wm. B.187565:320
Hanna, James T.fromHanna, Hugh T.187461:397
Hanna, James T.toHanna, Oliver S.187360:503
Hanna, James T.fromHanna, Oliver S.187360:566
Hanna, James T.fromHanna, Samuel T.187564:410
Hanna, Jas. T.toSiemon, Rudolph187770:186
Hanna, Jesse, E. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188084:405
Hanna, Jos. T.toBoitel, Francis188286:263
Hanna, Jos. T.toCarson, W. W.187891:127
Hanna, M. E.toHayden, J. W.188393:454
Hanna, M. E.fromNuttman, C. L.188289:294
Hanna, M. E.fromNuttman, C. L.188289:335
Hanna, M. E.toNuttman, C. L.188289:336
Hanna, M. E.toRodabaugh, J. F.188290:60
Hanna, M. E.toSeabold, Christian188393:152
Hanna, M. T.fromCommissioner in Partition188288:522
Hanna, Martha E.toEckart, Fred187976:408
Hanna, O. S.toFort Wayne City Hospital188391:527
Hanna, O. S.toHarter, Philip187770:200
Hanna, O. S.toLindlag, C. W.187566:265
Hanna, O. S.toMiles, Chas.187770:188
Hanna, O. S.toNuttman, C. L.188289:287
Hanna, O. S. & J. T.toCarnahan, Clara L.187360:499
Hanna, Oliver S.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187360:503
Hanna, Oliver S.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187360:599
Hanna, Oliver S.toCarnahan, clara L.187361:27
Hanna, Oliver S.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187564:442
Hanna, Oliver S.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187564:442
Hanna, Oliver S.toGreen, Mary M.187360:98
Hanna, Oliver S.fromHanna, James T.187360:503
Hanna, Oliver S.toHanna, James T.187360:566
Hanna, Oliver S.toOBrien, Dennis187770:504
Hanna, Oliver, S.toMaurer & Fowles187566:304
Hanna, S. C.fromWithers, W. H. (Trustee)188184:178
Hanna, S. F.toForbing, Jno. & J. H.188495:307
Hanna, S. F.toWhite, Maria188289:418
Hanna, S. F.toWhite, Maria188495:308
Hanna, S. F. & C.toWesson, F. (Et ux.)188496:173
Hanna, S. T.toHayden, E. H. & F. J.188391:368
Hanna, S. T. & H. T.fromPlymouth, K. & P. R. R. Co.187258:365
Hanna, S. T. (Et al.)toBrokeing, M. S.187786:273
Hanna, Saml. toGercrken, Geo.185598:551
Hanna, Saml.fromMartin, Wm.186359:377
Hanna, Saml.toSith, Edward184273:287
Hanna, Saml.fromTrustee W. & E. Canal185394:140
Hanna, Saml. (Heirs)toPurman, Elizabeth E.187360:515
Hanna, Saml. D. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188084:405
Hanna, Saml. F.toEckart, F.187566:55
Hanna, Saml. TfromSkinner, Benj. D.187568:376
Hanna, Saml. T.toCarnahan, Clara L.187462:370
Hanna, Saml. T.toGreen, Mary M.187359:371
Hanna, Saml. T.fromHanna, Chas.186562:28
Hanna, Saml. T.toHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:396
Hanna, Saml. T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187361:87
Hanna, Saml. T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187361:88
Hanna, Saml. T.toMeyers, Dederich187978:555
Hanna, Saml. T.toSpellman, Elizabeth B.187565:590
Hanna, Saml. T.toTag, Christian187461:374
Hanna, Saml. T.toVan Voorhis, Frank187359:448
Hanna, Saml. T. (Trustee)toHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:525
Hanna, Saml. T. (trustee)toPurman, Elizabeth E.187462:180
Hanna, SamueltoCorcoran, John184866:58
Hanna, SamueltoCorcoran, Patrick184866:58
Hanna, SamueltoHickey, Michael184367:186
Hanna, SamuelfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185265:373
Hanna, SamuelfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185367:124
Hanna, SamuelfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185367:125
Hanna, SamuelfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185379:201
Hanna, SamuelfromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185394:444
Hanna, Samuel T.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187468:375
Hanna, Samuel T.toHanna, Charles187358:418
Hanna, Samuel T.toHanna, Eliza Jr.187259:378
Hanna, Samuel T.toHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:396
Hanna, Samuel T.toHanna, James T.187564:410
Hanna, Samuel T.toHayden, Eliza187565:413
Hanna, Samuel T.toSkinner, Thomasetta H.187564:514
Hanna, Samuel T.toSnell, Angles Jr.187361:104
Hanna, Samuel T.toSnell, Angles Jr.187361:98
Hanna, SarahfromSheriff187877:193
Hanna, Sarah C.toCunnison, Jas.188286:376
Hanna, Sarah C.fromHanna, Chas.187774:74
Hanna, Sarah C.fromHowe, James B.188080:62
Hanna, Thomas J.toLichtenberger, John187565:34
Hanna, Thomas J.toPickard, Thos. D.187463:149
Hanna, Thomas J.toReinking, Conrad187359:595
Hanna. J. T.toWheeler, M. R.187977:574
Hanna. Jas. T.toHayden, E. H.188288:520
Hannam Oliver s.toLahmeyer, Daniel187361:145
Hannen, SarahtoBoston, Alex188187:375
Hannen, SarahfromSwift, C. F.188391:238
Hannum, M. A.toStier, Theresa188288:219
Hannum, Matha A.fromBohn, Benjamin E.188079:462
Hanschan, FredericktoDruken, Henry & Elizabeth187873:499
Hanschan, FrederickfromDruker, Henry187873:498
Hanschild, H.fromSappington, Wm.188079:300
Hansel, FranktoEpple, G. & Jno.187979:542
Hansinger, H.fromSchwartz, B.188081:149
Hanson, H. N.fromClem, Noah188287:134
Hanson, HarrietfromAuditor188597:363
Hanson, Jos.toWolf, Abraham188080:605
Hanson, Jos. & B. F.fromWolf, Abraham188081:264
Hanson, JosephfromRich, Sanford188080:434
Hanson, Joseph & B. F.fromAldrich, Chas. H.188392:432
Hanson, M. J. (Et al.)toFunk, Jacob188184:150
Hansz, AdamfromJacoby, Josaphine188289:269
Hanuel, FrancisfromGerke, H. F.188392:324
Happel, Amanda (Et al.)toHappel, Edward188079:144
Happel, EdwardtoAnderson, Oliver188288:366
Happel, EdwardfromBlessing, Geo. (Et al.)188079:144
Happel, EdwardfromHappel, Amanda (Et al.)188079:144
Happel, EdwardfromHappel, Katy Ann188079:246
Happel, EdwardfromLaemmle, G.188288:440
Happel, EdwardfromMayer, Theo.188598:439
Happel, Katy AnntoHappel, Edward188079:246
Harbaugh, E.toHarbaugh, Jno. D.188598:495
Harbaugh, J. D.toBeaber, Thos.188598:496
Harbaugh, Jno.fromHarbaugh, Peter188599:120
Harbaugh, Jno. D.fromHarbaugh, E.188598:495
Harbaugh, Jno. D.fromHarbaugh, Simon188598:215
Harbaugh, PetertoHarbaugh, Jno.188599:120
Harbaugh, SimontoHarbaugh, Jno. D.188598:215
Harber, Chas. F.fromRich, Sanford (Et al.)188598:387
Harber, GertrudefromFarrell, Jno. C.187668:151
Harber, GertrudetoHarber, John187977:59
Harber, JohnfromCartwright, A. J. (heirs)187565:191
Harber, JohntoDwenger, Jos.187977:385
Harber, JohnfromHarber, Gertrude187977:59
Harber, M. & T.fromSteir, Henry A.187772:23
Harber, MartinfromGibson, David188289:583
Harber, MartinfromMeyers, Mathias188080:5
Harber, MarytoSchmidt, Pankraz188183:257
Harber, Mary & PetertoSchmidt, Bankraz188496:144
Harber, NicholasfromBloch, Geo.187978:516
Harber, NicholasfromBradberry, Wm.187461:446
Harber, NicholasfromHelle, C. F.187978:422
Harber, NicholasfromMcClaren, Eliza188391:216
Harber, NicholastoReosler, Agatha187873:479
Harber, NicholastoSchnitzler, Adam188182:166
Harber, NicholasfromSchnitzler, Anna187975:350
Harber, NicholasfromWatkins, Mary187874:127
Harber, NicholastoWeaver, Cornelius188186:60
Harber, PetertoBeverforden, H. F.188081:128
Harber, ValentinefromLaidlow, Peter187463:81
Harber, ValentinetoPape, Wm.188183:161
Harden, Wm.fromBauserman, Samuel187463:588
Harden, Wm.toGarrison, Geo. W.187770:268
Hardendorf, C.fromBinger, F. H.188185:547
Hardesty, JamestoBrown, Hester A.187772:82
Hardesty, JamesfromWilson, Alfred B.187670:424
Hardig, D. L.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.187874:145
Harding, Daniel L.fromAuditor1880A:172
Harding, Daniel L.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.187874:286
Harding, Danl. L.toBittinger, Mary H.188080:313
Harding, FredtoFortriede, Louis187772:53
Harding, FredfromWhite, James B.187565:144
Harding, FredericktoGebhard, A. M.187976:252
Harding, FredericktoGebhard, Wm.187976:253
Harding, FredericktoHoffman, A. E. & W. H.187669:278
Harding, FredrichfromReed, H. B.187465:143
Harding, Jno. H.fromReichelderfer, Chas.188082:501
Harding, Jos.fromDresback, Isaac188288:136
Harding, Jos.toGrice, Jesse188288:111
Harding, Jos.fromRoussey, Felix188289:586
Harding, Mary A.toHartsuff, Wm. D.187874:149
Hardister, James C.toKillian, Israel187668:484
Hardsell, PeterfromGraber, Jacob M.187464:284
Hardung, FrederickfromGebhard, Wm.187976:494
Hare, Abel & WalterfromHare, Alva188079:444
Hare, AlvafromBarrand, C. S. (Et al.)187977:164
Hare, AlvafromCremer, Anna (Et al.)187977:164
Hare, AlvatoHare, Abel & Walter188079:444
Hare, AlvafromMarks, M. S. (Et al.)187977:164
Hare, AlvafromOBrien, M. E. (Et al.)187977:164
Hare, AlvafromSterling, H. (Et al.)187977:164
Hare, Jacob W. (et al.)toHiser, George Jr.187669:145
Hare, LydiafromStratton, Irvin (Coms.)188290:65
Hare, WalterfromCremer, Jno. A.187977:163
Harfield, BenjaminfromHatfield, Catharine187462:525
Hargenrather, MargarettoWaldschmidt, Peter & Catharine187566:272
Hargrave, A. (Et al.)toSutton, P. M.188183:385
Hargrave, Augusta B.toBeecher, C. M.187566:467
Hargrave, F.fromMahony, Jas.188079:327
Hargrave, F. L.toAkey, C. F.188391:457
Hargrave, F. L.fromJoslyn, C. E.188391:432
Hargrave, Franklin L.fromEdgerton, Joseph K.187873:552
Harison, M.toHite, George188185:154
Harkenrider, FranktoHarkenrider, John187876:76
Harkenrider, H. J.toJones, Levi M.188393:206
Harkenrider, H. J. & Jos.toHarkenrider, John187976:77
Harkenrider, JohnfromHarkenrider, Frank187876:76
Harkenrider, JohnfromHarkenrider, H. J. & Jos.187976:77
Harkey, Adam (Will of)to188184:396
Harkey, CatharinefromHerkey, Adam (Dec.)188184:396
Harkey, Jno. N.fromErick, S. G.188597:267
Harkless, Wm.toCordeway, J. P.187463:84
Harliman, H. C. (Assignee)toBass, Jno. H.187475:335
Harlor, James A.fromNoll, Geo. W.187463:59
Harmeier, E.fromOppenheimer, F.187463:361
Harmeier, N.toOppenheimer, F.187463:361
Harmell, Solomon P.toBeeby, Wm. J. & C. M.187361:462
Harmeyer, Henry (Will of)to185576:132
Harmeyer, L.fromLange, Johanna187976:66
Harmon, DanielfromFletcher, Jennie187267:299
Harmon, DanielfromHartnett, James187566:173
Harmon, H.fromBeverforden, S.188598:313
Harmon, H. & S. W.toChapin, A. A. (Et ux.)188495:621
Harmon, HenerietafromMcCartney, Jno.188392:260
Harmon, J. K. (Et al.)toFlemimg, Wm.188393:324
Harmsdarfer, G. A.toEckert, Frederick187670:508
Harmsdarfer, Geo.fromRoppa, Wm.187667:258
Harmsdarfer, Geo. A.fromGoebel, Frederick187667:458
Harmsdarfer, Geo. A.fromGoebel, Frederick187667:469
Harmsdorfer, GeorgefromArcher, John H.187364:156
Harnesdarfer, Geo. A.toRoppa, Sophia187667:470
Harnischfeger, PetertoGans, Anna M.187565:388
Harnischfiger, PeterfromGaus, Louis187564:467
Harnish, Jno.toHaifley, Geo.187978:478
Harnish, JohnfromTimbrook, Abigal187979:225
Harnish, susanfromAllen Circuit Court188495:143
Harnish, SusantoGreenawalk, O. J.188496:116
Harnish, SusanfromTimbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)187975:426
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toBehm, Mary187975:429
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toBogar, Rebecca187975:432
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toGrate, Harriet187975:427
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toStauffer, Rhode187975:430
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toTimbrook, Abigal187975:431
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toTimbrook, Elisabeth187975:428
Harnish, Susan (Et al.) toTimbrook, James187975:425
Harper, EdwardtoN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:411
Harper, H.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:408
Harper, H. & E.fromHarper, Wm.188082:467
Harper, Isiah W.toKelsey, Wm. A. (Trustee)188393:172
Harper, J. B.fromBowen, Wm.188290:515
Harper, JamestoTaylor, Emily s.187565:276
Harper, Jas. B.toBowen, E. M.188290:516
Harper, Jas. B.toKerr, W. j. (Et al.)188597:272
Harper, Jas. B.fromKerr, Wm. J.188597:270
Harper, Jno.fromPike, Robt. R.184993:52
Harper, MalissefromBarrows, Richard (est.)187260:534
Harper, R. E.fromHarper, Wm.188082:450
Harper, Saml. (Register in Bankruptcy) toBrainard, Ira F.187810:509
Harper, Saml. (Register in Bankruptcy) toHolmes, Reason 6187810:509
Harper, Wm.toHamilton, B. & F.187782:552
Harper, Wm.toHarper, H. & E.188082:467
Harper, Wm.toHarper, R. E.188082:450
Harper, Wm. (et al.)fromMcCarty, Julia (et al.)187566:167
Harrad, IsaacfromMeriam, Julia A. (Et al.)188287:184
Harres, John L.fromStoneman, H. D.187463:76
Harrier, Jno.fromSheriff188393:398
Harries, FredtoDenges, Jno.188598:20
Harries, FredfromPrusse, Ernest188184:440
Harries, Jno.fromLauer, M. W.188393:218
Harries, Jno.toSchwier, Wm.188080:493
Harrington, Cornelius, Jeremiah & DanielfromBoiteux, Peter F.187464:104
Harrington, E. B.toBeck, F. J.187771:133
Harrington, Edward B.toCaetia, Peter187358:422
Harrington, Edwin B.toWalls, Samuel S.187463:550
Harrington, Elias S.toLeonard, Wm.187668:402
Harrington, Elias S.fromWells, Wm.187468:394
Harrington, MarytoButler, Elizabeth188186:77
Harrington, MarytoHendry, Wm.187772:106
Harris, ClaratoKelsey, Isaac H.188185:140
Harris, Ella F.fromHull, Lewis O.187873:77
Harris, Ella L.fromKressler, Maggie187874:196
Harris, Ella L.fromKressler, Maggie187874:197
Harris, Ellar F.toWilliams, Hellen187979:68
Harris, FredfromDeuges, Jno.188598:18
Harris, FredfromHartman, Fred188597:308
Harris, FredfromHartman, Fred188599:204
Harris, FredtoLepper, J. G. F. W.188597:303
Harris, JohnfromPaul, Ferdinand (et al.)187566:225
Harris, L. F.toSawyer, Julia A.187675:47
Harris, L. F. & Sawyer, G.fromRawle, Wm.187675:46
Harris, LucindafromKelsey, E. J.188184:18
Harris, LucindatoKelsey, Isaac H.188185:136
Harris, M. A. (Et al.)toHentner, E. S.188182:201
Harris, Sawyer & RawlefromKelly, James187568:444
Harris, Thomas B.toHarris, Wm. H.186965:272
Harris, Wm. H.fromHarris, Thomas B.186965:272
Harris, Wm. H.toHill, John S.187565:274
Harrison, J. T.toArnold, Wm.188598:557
Harrison, J. T.fromMcAdams, J. O. B. (Et al.)188598:240
Harrison, J. T.toSickler, Everet188598:558
Harrison, J. T.toValentine, Jno.188598:308
Harrison, Jas. M.toGandy, O. (Et al.)188391:289
Harrison, Jas. M.toGandy, Oscar (Et al.)188186:138
Harrison, Jos.toFegarden, M. T.188392:326
Harrison, Jos. T.toRodabaugh, J. F.188599:116
Harrison, LouisafromWhite, James B.187771:182
Harrison, LouisatoWhite, Maria187874:298
Harrison, MarytoKeller, Harriet E.188392:485
Harrison, MaryfromWalker, Jane187770:183
Harrison, R. H.fromMeyer, J. F. W.188185:546
Harrison, Richd. F.toLopshire, George187359:562
Harrison, Thos. R.toKimmel, John187360:369
Harrison, W. H.toLoney, A. J.188495:157
Harrison, W. H.toNewell, Agnes188183:64
Harrison, W. H.fromSheriff187669:279
Harrison, W. H. & M.fromNewell, Agnes188183:65
Harrison, W. H. & M.fromWillias, J. L.188494:579
Harrison, William H.toLepple, Gottlieb187770:344
Harrison, William H.toTraub, S. & Leple, F.187770:339
Harrison, Wm. & MaryfromGero, Philip187770:270
Harrison, Wm. H.fromLepple, Gottlieb187770:343
Harrison, Wm. H.toMcKeag, Agnes188393:584
Harrison, Wm. H.fromSheriff187770:271
Harrison, Wm. K.toWalker, Jane187770:182
Harrod, EunicefromClark, Jason (Et al.)188393:414
Harrod, EunicefromSweet, Warren188290:308
Harrod, IfromRollins, L. S.187873:567
Harrod, IsaacfromDaugherty, E. E. (Et al.)188287:184
Harrod, IsaacfromLauferty, Isaac188287:185
Harrod, IsaacfromLopohive, Louis188079:215
Harrod, IsaactoRhodes, Jno.187983:58
Harrod, IsaactoRollins, L. S.187873:572
Harrod, IsaacfromRuhl, Almira (Et al.)188287:184
Harrod, IsaacfromShookman, Jacob (Et al.)188287:184
Harrod, IsaacfromWearley, M. J. (Et al.)188287:184
Harrod, Jos.fromCunningham, Mary188082:207
Harrod, Jos.toHuffman, Rudolph188495:55
Harrod, JosephfromBeach, W. G.187668:379
Harrod, JosephtoCunningham, Mary187359:431
Harrod, JosephtoMcCahan, Geo.187360:527
Harrod, L.fromStiner, E. B.188080:348
Harrod, L.toTrustee Perry Tp.188081:212
Harrod, LucindatoKell, Jacob188287:253
Harrod, LucindafromScott, Arza188289:140
Harrod, LucindatoStiner, E. B.188079:471
Harrod, M.fromSnow, Jennie M.187566:50
Harrod, M.fromWheeler, Mary R.187566:51
Harrod, M. (Et al.) TrusteefromSheriff187982:102
Harrod, Margan (et al.)toNoyer, Chas.187668:264
Harrod, MorganfromBowser, Isaiah188392:575
Harrod, MorgantoScheimann, D.188391:537
Harrod, MorgantoSpuller, Francis T.187462:19
Harrod, NewtontoPotts, Wm. A.188183:569
Harrod, TheronfromJohnson, E. M.188290:319
Harrod, TherontoJohnson, E. M.188495:481
Harrold, M.toBarcus, Beulah, P.187770:487
Harrold, M.toJones, Levi M.187674:151
Harsch, Jno.fromGlutting, A. F.188597:121
Harsh, H. j.toSmith, H. W.188288:195
Harshman, RebeccatoCline, Jno.187667:336
Hart, AnntoDeWitt, D. W.187593:546
Hart, Bridget E. (Et al.)toHart, George188079:221
Hart, Geo.fromMeech, Wm. A.188186:160
Hart, Geo.fromNinde, Jas. W.188496:185
Hart, Geo.fromTreas, Francis187358:378
Hart, GeorgetoAndoffer, Jos.188495:556
Hart, GeorgefromFletcher, Mary M. (Et al.)188079:221
Hart, GeorgetoHaiber, John187667:434
Hart, GeorgefromHart, Bridget E. (Et al.)188079:221
Hart, GeorgefromMiller, Conrad188392:497
Hart, GeorgetoVachon, Thos.188495:557
Hart, GeorgetoWyes, Franz Sr.188079:341
Hart, Hannah (Et al.)toHerber, Jno.188185:274
Hart, J. R.toFairfield, chas.187670:391
Hart, Jno. R.fromBaltes, Michael187565:622
Hart, John R.toBaltes & Link187565:599
Hart, John R.fromWhite, James B.187360:145
Hart, JonathanfromDague, James W.187360:606
Hart, JonathanfromMcLain, Nelson188185:239
Hart, JonathanfromPaine, Jas. D.188082:191
Hart, JonathantoParker, Nathaniel187349:427
Hart, JonathanfromRatlidge, Arthur187360:605
Hart, O. T.fromFriedly, Lawrence188394:14
Hart, Wm.fromShearer, Hubbert188183:414
Hartbaugh, SimonfromAnderson, Jno.188598:214
Hartel, Philip (Et al.)toLehman, Jacob Jr.188494:307
Harter, AlfredtoHarter, Philip187182:386
Harter, E. (Et al.)toJohnson, J. M.187782:184
Harter, JosephfromLangohr, Jno. W.187565:323
Harter, M. C. (Et al.)toHarter, Philip188182:301
Harter, PhilipfromD'Isay, Isaac (Coms.)188183:196
Harter, PhilipfromHanna, O. S.187770:200
Harter, PhilipfromHarter, Alfred187182:386
Harter, PhilipfromHarter, M. C. (Et al.)188182:301
Harter, PhilipfromHartman, L. R. (Et al.)188182:301
Harter, PhiliptoHays, R. M.188081:451
Harter, PhilipfromPeus, E. C.188183:195
Harter, PhiliptoSeelig, Henry188182:399
Harter, PhilipfromWeaver, Isiah187382:300
Harter, PhillipfromMcClure, David B.187360:334
Harter, PhilliptoMcClure, Jennie A.187360:386
Harter, PhillipfromMcKeehan, David187462:495
Harter, W. H. (Trustee Springfield)fromCopenhaver, Jacob188082:530
Harter, Wm. H. & L.fromHall, Isaac188495:367
Hartman & RodenbeckfromSmall, Purrington187462:473
Hartman, A. J. F.toMoeller, C. H. G.188597:358
Hartman, AblonefromAllen Cir. Court188597:595
Hartman, AmostoHazzard, Lewis187567:544
Hartman, AnnafromHartman, Charles187975:459
Hartman, AnnatoHartman, Louisa188597:188
Hartman, AnnafromSheriff188393:188
Hartman, AnnafromSheriff188393:190
Hartman, AnnafromWoebbeking, Conrad188494:468
Hartman, AugustfromHeine, Wm.187362:182
Hartman, AugusttoStock, F.187363:221
Hartman, C. & W.fromCook, Charlotte (Et al.)188598:451
Hartman, C. & W.fromMeilaender, Anna (Et al.)188598:451
Hartman, CharlestoHartman, Anna187975:459
Hartman, CharlottetoBock, Wm. C.188597:401
Hartman, ChristiantoBradtmiller, G.187977:393
Hartman, E. & J. F.toScherschel, Lewis188494:350
Hartman, ElizatoHartman, W. W.188598:607
Hartman, ElizabethtoBittinger, Geo. L.187669:28
Hartman, ElizabethfromBittinger, Geo. L.187669:281
Hartman, ElizabethfromFrance, J. E. K. (Coms.)188495:607
Hartman, ElizabethfromStevens, Emily187667:367
Hartman, FredfromColerick, W. G.188599:204
Hartman, FredtoHarris, Fred188597:308
Hartman, FredtoHarris, Fred188599:204
Hartman, FredfromMcMaken, Caleb188598:608
Hartman, FredfromSpice, Jno.188599:144
Hartman, Fred K.fromCaldwell, David187361:237
Hartman, G. B. & M. E.fromMason, J. S. (Et al.)188081:66
Hartman, G. B. & M. E.fromZollar, A. (Et al.)188081:66
Hartman, H. C.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187668:80
Hartman, H. C.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)187986:256
Hartman, H. C.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)187986:258
Hartman, H. C.toEly, Geo. W.187566:19
Hartman, H. C.fromEtzold, Louis A.188496:354
Hartman, H. C.toHartman. S. E.188597:268
Hartman, H. C.toRodenberg, H.188391:443
Hartman, H. C.toSwift, Bayless188290:263
Hartman, H. C. (Adm.)toHassler, Sarah188395:416
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toBass, Jno. H.188391:85
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toBass, Jno. H.188391:87
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toBercot, Louis188290:186
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toBodine, J. E.188291:34
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toEwing, Mary C. (Guard)188391:471
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toFleming, Wm.188391:64
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toFleming, Wm.188391:66
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)fromHolladay, Jesse, (Trustee)188289:81
Hartman, H. C. (Assignee)toKryder, J. L.188290:375
Hartman, H. C. (coms.)toBoyle, Mary187772:196
Hartman, H. C. (Coms.)toHankel, Jno.187978:201
Hartman, H. C. (Trustee)toOddon, Jos. F.187873:102
Hartman, H. C. Comr.toBowersock, Andrew187569:277
Hartman, HenrytoBaier, Valentine & Nicholaus187360:219
Hartman, HenryfromBorden, Jas. H.187668:286
Hartman, HenrytoHartman, Wm.188390:406
Hartman, HenrytoHoffman, A. E.188288:572
Hartman, HenryfromMcCulloch, Hugh188288:574
Hartman, HenrytoMiller, Whillemina187360:122
Hartman, HenryfromSheridan, Dennis187668:271
Hartman, HenrytoTombaugh, T. C.187683:184
Hartman, HenryfromUnited States184878:432
Hartman, Henry (Et al.)toHartman, John187975:515
Hartman, HomerfromHanna, Charles187464:105
Hartman, HomertoKrusey, Jesse T.187462:163
Hartman, HomerfromRaab, F.187567:450
Hartman, Homer C.fromAuditor187463:568
Hartman, Homer C.fromBaird, Robt. D.187567:450
Hartman, Homer C.toBittinger, Jacob R.187670:33
Hartman, Homer C.toDwenger, Joseph187465:100
Hartman, Homer C.toFay, James A.187568:523
Hartman, Homer C.toFitzpatrick, M.187358:447
Hartman, Homer C.fromFlakerty, Sarah & Patrick187464:140
Hartman, Homer C.fromHanna, Elizabeth E.187360:541
Hartman, Homer C.fromLasselle, Caroline E.187771:251
Hartman, Homer C.toMyers, John F.187670:1
Hartman, Homer C.toPurman, Elizabeth E.187360:542
Hartman, Homer C.fromRockhill, Wm. W.187464:1
Hartman, Homer C.toSlatter, Mary J.187564:495
Hartman, Homer C.toSmith, Elliott187360:213
Hartman, Homer C.fromTagtmeier, David187565:585
Hartman, Homer C.fromTreier, Henry187565:585
Hartman, Homer C. (Assg.)toFerguson, John187565:187
Hartman, IsaactoPutt, Elizabeth188497:8
Hartman, J. F. & E.fromOConnor, Jas.188185:315
Hartman, J. F. L.fromGrover, Taylor188186:113
Hartman, J. H.fromKappel, Jno.188081:41
Hartman, Jno. F.toStevens, Emily187679:282
Hartman, Jno. H.fromDiederick, H. W.188290:132
Hartman, Jno. H.fromKappel, John188080:118
Hartman, JohnfromHartman, Henry (Et al.)187975:515
Hartman, JohnfromRodenbeck, Henry (Et al.)187975:515
Hartman, Jos. (Heirs)fromUnited States184596:560
Hartman, Jos. H.fromRowe, M.188288:185
Hartman, L. R.toHartman, S. B188081:179
Hartman, L. R.fromHartman, S. B. (Et al.)188081:176
Hartman, L. R. & David C.fromTobey, Winfield S.187361:22
Hartman, L. R. (Et al.)toHarter, Philip188182:301
Hartman, LouisafromHartman, Anna188597:188
Hartman, M.fromHartman, Nancy A.187463:286
Hartman, M.fromUnited States183878:431
Hartman, M. M.toBayer, Jno. M.188495:627
Hartman, MargaretfromSheeham, Edward187878:280
Hartman, MariatoMoeller, C. F. H.188288:54
Hartman, Mary M.fromSchneider, Geo.188395:626
Hartman, Nancy A.toBrewster, Charles (et. al.)187565:483
Hartman, Nancy A.fromCuster, Geo. G.187361:570
Hartman, Nancy A.fromEdsall, Simon187461:571
Hartman, Nancy A.toEdsall, Simon, S.187461:570
Hartman, Nancy A.toGreenick, Fanny C.187565:485
Hartman, Nancy A.toHartman, M.187463:286
Hartman, Nancy A.toRockhill, Emily187461:572
Hartman, Nancy A.toWass, Samuel L.187565:484
Hartman, S. BfromHartman, L. R.188081:179
Hartman, S. B. (Et al.)toHartman, L. R.188081:176
Hartman, S. E.toEtzold, L. A.188496:348
Hartman, S. E.toJenkinson, Isaac188291:555
Hartman, S. E.fromKinsey, J. T.187990:263
Hartman, S. E.fromLeach, John187669:530
Hartman, S. E.fromLocke, Josiah188393:475
Hartman, S. E.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:389
Hartman, S. E.fromSherriff Allen Co.187996:354
Hartman, S. E.fromSwift, Bayless188290:400
Hartman, S. E.fromWalcott, F. J.187986:255
Hartman, Sarefata E.fromKalbacher, Anton187874:221
Hartman, Sarepta E.toKalbacker, Anton187874:138
Hartman, W. W.fromHartman, Eliza188598:607
Hartman, Wm.fromHartman, Henry188390:406
Hartman, Wm.toORourke, P. S.187976:498
Hartman. S. E.fromHartman, H. C.188597:268
Hartmann, AnnafromPerriguay, Peter188081:280
Hartmann, C. & C.fromBradtmiller,G.187977:394
Hartmann, CharlottefromAllen Cir. Court188496:335
Hartmann, ChristianfromStruver, Wm.187669:197
Hartmeyer, FredfromSheriff187771:337
Hartmeyer, FrederickfromSheriff187772:511
Hartnett, JamesfromBass, J. H. & Bowser, J. C.187565:617
Hartnett, JamestoHarmon, Daniel187566:173
Hartnett, JamestoKelly, Anna Elizabeth187464:31
Hartnett, Jas.toSheehan, Edward187878:279
Hartnett, MargarettoShine, Daniel187462:424
Hartnett, RichardtoOhlsager, Fredk.187359:598
Hartnett, RichardfromWilliams, Jesse L.187359:435
Hartranft, L. M.fromDelp, Philip188287:410
Hartsel, JosephtoWilliams, R. B.187566:129
Hartsel, MarytoWilliams, R. B.187566:130
Hartsel, PaultoHaikey, Adam187461:441
Hartsell, EliasfromHartzell, Mary (Et al.)188083:34
Hartsell, F. A.toErrick, S. G.188081:234
Hartsell, Fayn A.fromWzckoff, Eliza A. (Est.)187360:90
Hartsell, MaryfromShell, Jacob H.187565:555
Hartshom, AlzinafromHartshom, Byron187875:423
Hartshom, ByrontoHartshom, Alzina187875:423
Hartshom, LuthertoFrances, A. & S. A.187977:284
Hartstrom, LutherfromGoein, Ellen187977:305
Hartsuff, PhebefromHartsuff, Wm. D.188192:516
Hartsuff, Wm. D.fromBroknig, Mary S.187976:332
Hartsuff, Wm. D.fromComstock, J. B.187873:420
Hartsuff, Wm. D.fromEsmond, George187771:222
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toHardig, D. L.187874:145
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toHarding, Daniel L.187874:286
Hartsuff, Wm. D.fromHarding, Mary A.187874:149
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toHartsuff, Phebe188192:516
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toJones, L. M.187876:357
Hartsuff, Wm. D.fromLing, Annie E. & Geo. W.187564:386
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toMcMahon, G. W.188082:6
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toMunn, E. E.188182:271
Hartsuff, Wm. D.fromSheriff187978:77
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toWheeler, Mary R.187874:201
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toWorthington, Wm. H.187771:301
Hartsuff, Wm. D.toZurbuch, Xaiver188185:226
Hartwig, H. H.fromBeuret, M. M.188495:586
Hartwig, JohannatoOrtlieb, George188393:525
Hartzel, PaulfromSwartz, Benewell187567:341
Hartzell, A. M. (Et al.)toWilliamson, J. C.188288:204
Hartzell, A. S.fromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Hartzell, CarolinetoLindsey, W. C.188079:31?
Hartzell, CarolinefromMuhn, Michael187874:254
Hartzell, Chas. A.toMurphy, N. H.188393:205
Hartzell, E. (Et al.)toHartzell, Mary188286:570
Hartzell, EddiefromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Hartzell, EliasfromNull, L. S. (Et al.)188083:34
Hartzell, EliasfromShilling, T. C. (Et al.)188083:34
Hartzell, FrankfromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Hartzell, I. M.toWatson E. L.188394:10
Hartzell, I. M. & E.fromClark, L. B.188289:191
Hartzell, J. R.fromNull, L. S. (Et al.)188080:151
Hartzell, J. R.toNull, Susan188094:327
Hartzell, J. R.fromShilling, Lounsend (Et al.)188080:151
Hartzell, Jno.fromMagruder, E. E.187979:248
Hartzell, Jno. R.fromHartzell, Mary (Et al.)188080:151
Hartzell, Jno. R.fromShilling, Jennie188080:179
Hartzell, JosephfromPoole, Florence & Thos. D.187565:556
Hartzell, Levy (est.)toZollinger, H. & Meyers H.187463:65
Hartzell, LuettafromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Hartzell, MaryfromHartzell, E. (Et al.)188286:570
Hartzell, MaryfromNull, Susan (Et al.)188286:570
Hartzell, MaryfromSheriff188080:216
Hartzell, MaryfromShilling, Jennie188286:570
Hartzell, Mary (Et al.)toHartsell, Elias188083:34
Hartzell, Mary (Et al.)toHartzell, Jno. R.188080:151
Hartzell, Mary (Et al.)toNull, Susan188080:171
Hartzell, Mary (Et al.)toNull, Susan (Et al.)188080:169
Hartzell, Mary (Et al.)toRebber, G. H. F.188183:450
Hartzell, Mary (Et al.)toShilling, Jennie188080:170
Hartzell, NormandfromCommissioners by Partition188079:577
Hartzell, PaultoMuhn, Michael187874:163
Hartzell, PhilipfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185379:136
Hartzell, S. M.fromFalls, Jos.188290:139
Hartzell, Sarah K.toBodine, J. E.188394:506
Hartzell, Sarah K.fromGrubb, Ira I. (Adm.)188394:505
Hartzell, WinifredfromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Harvey, Harriett (Et al.)toSurfus, Geo.188079:368
Harvey, HarrisontoBouman, John H.187061:362
Harvey, JamestoLaine, S. H.187770:419
Harvey, Jno. S.toAlter, John187976:534
Harvey, Jno. S.toEckels, W. J.187976:560
Harvey, John S.fromCartwright, E. M.187976:531
Harvey, MalindafromDorsey, James M.187462:214
Harvey, Noah (Et al.)toMullet, Peter188185:344
Harvey, O. H.fromLong, M. C.188494:412
Harvey, O. H.fromSchlemer, Caroline188597:473
Harvey, O. H.toSchlemer, Caroline188597:542
Harvy, JamesfromStahl, Simon187669:
Harwood, E. B.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:74
Harwood, E. B.toGuilford, Lyman188390:566
Harwood, E. B.toGuilford, Lyman188598:219
Harwood, EdwinfromWillbur, Arvilla188080:55
Harwood, Edwin B.fromCole, Martha J.187463:458
Harwood, Edwin B.fromWilson, Thos. E.187463:457
Harwood, Louisa (Et al.)toSurfus, Geo.188079:368
Hary, J. R.fromLink, Geo.187565:622
Haryman, HenrytoJunck, John Peter187462:148
Haryzell, KansasfromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Hash, GeorgetoMiller, Mary188392:498
Haske, JacobfromHaske, John187887:195
Haske, JohntoHaske, Jacob187887:195
Hasler, JohnfromDisler, Samuel (Et al.)187978:514
Hasmioh, SusanfromStauffer, Rhode (Et al.)187975:426
Hasonpflug, DanieltoOberholtzer, Anna187161:407
Hasper, J. B. (Coms.)toHayser, Dedrick188183:111
Hass, E. O.fromDeahl, Susan C.187981:46
Hass, MagdalenafromCour, C. J. A.187565:476
Hass, MagdalenatoTaylor, Isaac N. (Et al.)188091:594
Hassenpflug, Q.toBice, David188080:20
Hassenpflugh, DanielfromDebolt, Geo.187668:293
Hasserd, Susan J.fromHassert, Barnhart187461:247
Hassert, B.toCoardevey, Lewis188287:461
Hassert, BarnharttoHasserd, Susan J.187461:247
Hassler, Mary E.fromCommissioners by Partition188182:419
Hassler, SarahfromHartman, H. C. (Adm.)188395:416
Hastemeyer, HenryfromMartz, Phillip187565:610
Hastman, L. R.fromEakin, M. A. (Et al.)188081:176
Hastman, S. B.fromEakin, M. A. (Et al.)188081:179
Hasty, ClarafromRamsey, Peter187780:140
Hasty, ClaratoReed, Mary M.187772:141
Haswell, Geo. I.fromComincavish, Felix188183:432
Haswell, Geo. I.fromComincavish, Felix188183:432
Hatch, F. J.fromHatch, N. V.187790:136
Hatch, Mary D.fromCommissioner in Partition188392:1
Hatch, Mary D.fromCommissioner in Partition188393:17
Hatch, N. V.fromBeardsley, J. O.187786:71
Hatch, N. V.toHatch, F. J.187790:136
Hatch, N. V.fromKell, Geo. V. (Adm.)188392:108
Hatch, Neroman V.toKell, Jacob188079:458
Hatch, T. J.fromRicker, M. P.187568:184
Hatch, TheronfromBosler, George187261:414
Hatchinson, C. W.fromParks, Volney188286:352
Hatfield, AmostoKelsey, Eliza187669:90
Hatfield, AmosfromKelsey, Samuel B.187669:89
Hatfield, Benj.fromArcher, John H.187359:387
Hatfield, BenjamintoTrustee Hatfield Cemetery Assc.187462:631
Hatfield, CatharinetoHarfield, Benjamin187462:525
Hatfield, J. C.fromSchuhler, F. X.188598:7
Hatfield, J. C.fromSixbey, Edmee188393:203
Hatfield, Jas.fromHatfield, Wm.188598:486
Hatfield, Jno. N.fromThieme, Jno. A.187980:395
Hatfield, JohntoIrving, Alex187360:119
Hatfield, John N.toWard, Amos M.187672:319
Hatfield, Matilda J.fromShipman, N. (Ex.)187572:568
Hatfield, Wm.toHatfield, Jas.188598:486
Hatfield, Wm.toHeine, Christian187462:241
Hatfield, Wm.toRailing, Henry187464:326
Hatfield, Wm. H.toTimmons, Sarah187463:438
Hatfield, Wm. H.fromWilliamson, Alex186462:463
Hathawat, Jno.toHathaway, Phillip188287:384
Hathawat, Jno.toKunyz, S. E.188287:385
Hathaway, J. F.fromVanCamp, Jas.188189:222
Hathaway, J. F.toVanCamp, Jas.188394:198
Hathaway, Jno.toRobinson, Wm. H.188494:293
Hathaway, Jno. Sr.fromHathaway, Philip188494:181
Hathaway, Jno. Sr.fromSchroeder, Jno.188081:470
Hathaway, JohntoGandy, O. & Nickey A. B.187975:394
Hathaway, JohntoHathaway, Stephen188079:193
Hathaway, JohntoRippa, Christian Sr.187461:368
Hathaway, JohnfromUnited States183779:94
Hathaway, John Sr.fromFry, Franklin187978:339
Hathaway, John Sr.fromSwart, C. F. M.187770:22
Hathaway, John Sr.toSwart, C. F. M.187770:23
Hathaway, PhiliptoHathaway, Jno. Sr.188494:181
Hathaway, PhillipfromHathawat, Jno.188287:384
Hathaway, S.fromFair, Gabriel188081:302
Hathaway, StephentoGandy, O. Nickey W. B.187875:377
Hathaway, StephenfromHathaway, John188079:193
Hatmeyer, E. C.fromDodez, G. C. (Adm.)188495:121
Hatmeyer, E. C.toPeters, Jno. C.188496:8
Hatmeyer, E. c.toScherer, Louis188598:136
Hatsel, JohnfromButler, John187566:527
Hattendord, HenryfromBicknese, Fred188391:261
Hattendorf, HenryfromKing, Kregor188393:277
Hattersley, A. (Et al.)fromTower, H. B.188597:600
Hattersley, AlfredfromCarnahan, Wm. L.187462:310
Hattersley, AlfredfromEdsall, Wm. S. & Simon187464:44
Hattersley, AlfredtoFletcher, Jennie187875:23
Hattersley, AlfredtoHattersley, Willis188080:59
Hattersley, AlfredtoHattersley, Willis188082:142
Hattersley, AlfredfromKamm, J. J. (et al.)187566:182
Hattersley, AlfredtoKamm, Jacob J.187465:87
Hattersley, AlfredtoLeikuf, John188182:570
Hattersley, AlfredfromMaier, Amelia C.187464:44
Hattersley, AlfredfromPaul, H. C.187978:466
Hattersley, AlfredfromSinclair, Thos.188495:41
Hattersley, AlfredtoUmstead, N. A.188184:340
Hattersley, AlfredtoWard, Christina187771:161
Hattersley, AlfredfromWard, H. N.187771:154
Hattersley, AlfredfromWebber, Bridget188494:600
Hattersley, AlfredtoWebber, M. N.188494:601
Hattersley, AlfredfromWhite, Jas. B.187771:159
Hattersley, Sarah A.fromHattersley, Willis188080:60
Hattersley, Sarah A.fromHattersley, Willis188082:143
Hattersley, WillistoBedwards, Wm.188182:370
Hattersley, WillisfromHattersley, Alfred188080:59
Hattersley, WillisfromHattersley, Alfred188082:142
Hattersley, WillistoHattersley, Sarah A.188080:60
Hattersley, WillistoHattersley, Sarah A.188082:143
Hattersley, WillisfromSheriff187977:507
Hattersley, WillisfromTaylor, John187567:342
Hattessley, AlfredfromSheriff187874:262
Haud, Caroline & E.toJohnson, Hannah M.187980:423
Haudenschild, Jno.fromCartwright, C.188599:62
Haurer, CharlottafromConcordia Collage188495:40
Hauser, HenrytoSchmidt, F. S.188496:326
Hausman, Wm.toNix, Valentine187359:542
Hausmann, Wm.fromGreen, Mary M.187359:364
Hausmann, Wm.toSullivan, Ellen188288:447
Hauss, DavidtoTons, Henry187667:310
Hauss, SusanafromTons, Henry187771:341
Hauss, SusannatoEckart, F.187977:432
Hauss, SusannafromGood, Caroline187978:162
Haussmann, Wm.fromOriff, John187559:472
Haverley, E.toBradtmiller, C.188286:497
Haverly, ElizabethtoStevens, Emily187667:365
Haverly, Elizabeth A.fromBowen, Geo. W.187463:533
Haverly, Elizabeth A.toBowen, George W.187464:537
Havert, AphousefromHavert, Theo.187873:467
Havert, F. J.fromHavert, M. M.188185:248
Havert, M. M.toHavert, F. J.188185:248
Havert, M. M.fromHavert, T. J.188289:398
Havert, M. M.fromLeeson, M. P. (Et al.)188185:158
Havert, M. M.fromTower, N. B. (Et al.)188185:158
Havert, T. J.toHavert, M. M.188289:398
Havert, Theo.toHavert, Aphouse187873:467
Havesly, E. A.toGallmeier, Wm.188598:554
Havigin, PatrickfromUnited States184098:428
Hawbecker, JohnfromGriebel, Frederick187564:278
Hawbecker, JohntoZuber, Joseph187669:225
Hawes, P. & Thos. GrayfromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185992:569
Hawk, B. F.toDaniels, J. S.187787:495
Hawk, Benj.toHowell, Daniel187569:231
Hawk, Benj. F.toPhillips, Jacob187771:31
Hawk, CatharinefromBanks, Wm. R.187567:240
Hawk, CathrinefromHowell, Daniel187978:57
Hay, A. A. (Et al.)toDraker, Frank188185:187
Hayden, A. L. (Et al.)toVonderan, Jacob188286:528
Hayden, E. H.toBush, Sarah188598:295
Hayden, E. H.fromCarnahan, C. L.188288:520
Hayden, E. H.fromFalvy, Daniel188193:299
Hayden, E. H.fromFirst Pres. Church188494:188
Hayden, E. H.fromFleming, Wm.188185:29
Hayden, E. H.fromHanna. Jas. T.188288:520
Hayden, E. H.toLinker, H. E.188391:395
Hayden, E. H.toMenefee, C. M.188287:466
Hayden, E. H.toPage, W. D. & E. C.188291:582
Hayden, E. H.toPaine, L. C.188294:200
Hayden, E. H.toRehorst, Fred188391:334
Hayden, E. H.toSkinner, F. H.188185:84
Hayden, E. H.fromSkinner, T. H.188185:212
Hayden, E. H.fromTrustees 1st Pres. Church188494:188
Hayden, E. H.toTrustees Zion Luthern188391:425
Hayden, E. H.toWaltemath, L. D.188188:40
Hayden, E. H.fromWinburn, M. E.188184:517
Hayden, E. H. & F. J.toBeidenweg, G. & C.188081:230
Hayden, E. H. & F. J.toBiedenweg, G. & C.188392:126
Hayden, E. H. & F. J.toBrooks, Jemima J.188080:256
Hayden, E. H. & F. J.fromHanna, S. T.188391:368
Hayden, E. H. & F. J.fromLinker, H. E.188391:307
Hayden, ElizafromHanna, Eliza188080:574
Hayden, ElizafromHanna, Eliza Sr.187361:145
Hayden, ElizafromHanna, Samuel T.187565:413
Hayden, ElizatoPurman, Elizabeth E.187461:545
Hayden, Eliza & Fredk. J.toVachon & Palmer187567:35
Hayden, Eliza H.toDiether, L. Campbell, I. W.188182:384
Hayden, Eliza H.toFaloy, Daniel187669:80
Hayden, Eliza H.fromHanna, Chas.187565:488
Hayden, Eliza H.toHanna, Chas.187671:500
Hayden, Eliza H.toHanna, Eliza187873:90
Hayden, Eliza H.toHanna, Hugh T.187464:200
Hayden, Eliza H.toHill, Maria A.187463:486
Hayden, Eliza H.toMoering, Mary188392:438
Hayden, Eliza H.toNestel, Martha A.188598:182
Hayden, Eliza H.fromPalmer, John187772:373
Hayden, Eliza H.toRhodes, Chapman188080:112
Hayden, Eliza H.toSebastian, Jacob187463:28
Hayden, eliza H.toSkinner, Thomasetta H.187564:514
Hayden, Eliza H.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187564:536
Hayden, Eliza H.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.188183:81
Hayden, Eliza H.toSlinner, Thomasetta188183:82
Hayden, Eliza H.toWeber, Frederick188079:158
Hayden, Eliza H.toWinburn, M. E.188080:233
Hayden, Eliza HannafromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187667:350
Hayden, Eliza HannatoSkinner, Thomasetta H.187667:518
Hayden, Eliza HannafromVachon, Thomas187772:373
Hayden, F. (Atty.)toFuchshuber, J. L. (Et al.)188288:393
Hayden, F. J.fromArcher, C. (Et al.)187876:562
Hayden, F. J.toBlock, J. F. A.188392:146
Hayden, F. J.fromBrooks, J. J.188287:306
Hayden, F. J.fromDierstein, C. (Et al.)187876:562
Hayden, F. J.fromHanna, E. C.188290:74
Hayden, F. J.fromKeefer, L.187876:562
Hayden, F. J.fromKing, R. (Et al.)187876:562
Hayden, F. J.toKluppel, J. G.188184:376
Hayden, F. J.fromLocke, Josiah188494:157
Hayden, F. J.toNewland, Henry188392:292
Hayden, F. J.toOstermeir, X. F. & S. W.188081:282
Hayden, F. J.fromPaine, L. C.188289:492
Hayden, F. J.fromParker, F. A. C.188290:159
Hayden, F. J.fromPfeiffer, J. C. (Et al.)187776:563
Hayden, F. J.toRehling, Theresa188287:146
Hayden, F. J.fromSheriff187875:326
Hayden, F. J.fromWaltemath, H. C.188080:310
Hayden, F. J.fromWaltemuth, 188184:35
Hayden, F. J.fromWheeler, M. R.188182:432
Hayden, F. J. & E.fromHeckman, A. H.188183:453
Hayden, F. J. & E. H.fromSheriff188183:124
Hayden, F. J. (Et al.)toBrocking, Deidrick188496:524
Hayden, F. J. (Guar) toTrustee St. Paul's Luthern Ch.188290:258
Hayden, F. J. (Guard)toBrocking, Deidrick188496:525
Hayden, F. J. (Guard)toEizinger, Geo.188597:615
Hayden, F. J. (Guard)toHeit, Amos187874:87
Hayden, F. J. (Guard)toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:393
Hayden, F. J. (Guard)toTrustee St. Paul's Luthern Ch.188290:259
Hayden, Fred (Atty.)toVonderan, Jacob188286:528
Hayden, Fred J.fromAuditor188286:425
Hayden, Fred J.fromAuditor188392:109
Hayden, Fred J.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188193:43
Hayden, Fred J.toKoop, Henry188392:558
Hayden, Fred J.fromOakley, Harriet187770:57
Hayden, Fred J.fromSkinner, Benjamin D.187980:53
Hayden, Fred J. (Guard)toJurgensen, P. K.188288:493
Hayden, Fredk. (Atty.)toWoodworth, E.188287:335
Hayden, Fredk. J.fromFleming, Wm.187565:454
Hayden, Fredk. J.toPhillabaum, Adam J.187565:589
Hayden, Fredk. J.fromSheriff187565:324
Hayden, J. W.fromFox, Francis188289:100
Hayden, J. W.toFox, Francis188289:101
Hayden, J. W.fromHanna, M. E.188393:454
Hayden, J. W.toThomas, D. W.187566:134
Hayden, J. W. & wifefromLewis, Margaret L.187873:436
Hayden, J. W. (Coms.)toSimons, O. A.188496:89
Hayden, J. W. (Register in Bankruptcy)toWalter, A. R.187873:37
Hayden, J. W. (Register)toCrane, Geo. D. (Assigned in Bankruptcy)187811:117
Hayden, J. W. (Register)toSeavey, G. W. (Assignee)187875:496
Hayden, J. W. (Register)toSeavey, Gideon W. (assignee)187875:460
Hayden, Jno. W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187668:82
Hayden, Jno. W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187668:84
Hayden, Jno. W.toCran, Chas. & Catharine188494:107
Hayden, Jno. W.fromLewis, E. P.188391:348
Hayden, Jno. W.toSiemon, Rudolph188391:348
Hayden, Jno. W.fromSiemon, Rudolph188391:353
Hayden, Jno. W. & Sarah G.fromMcIntosh, Wm.187360:495
Hayden, Jno. W. (register)toCrane, Geo. D. (assg.)18779:523
Hayden, John W.fromDaugherty, Alfred187566:298
Hayden, John W.toFedeli, Jerome187670:17
Hayden, John W.toMyers, John F.187670:3
Hayden, KeyiahtoSweet, Warren187876:49
Haydenm Jno. W.toBurkholder, Joseph187369:121
Hayes, Charles A.toSchrader, Kate187872:432
Hayes, D. M.toWagner, Jacob188393:544
Hayes, Daniel M.fromKolb, Jno. Adam188392:499
Hayes, Daniel M.fromRovo, John A.188081:558
Hayes, Daniel M.fromWhittern, Charles188081:558
Hayes, Fred (Assignee)toGillett, D. D.187978:528
Hayes, H. F.toPealer, W. F.188495:339
Hayes, Melissa A.toGeiger, Hettie188081:426
Hayes, Melissa A.fromGeiger, Hettie188081:427
Hayes, R. M. & E. C.fromSmith, T. L.188287:575
Hayes, SeymorefromFry, Jno. W.187876:559
Hayes, W. I.fromDresback, Isaac188287:509
Hayes, W. I.fromParent, H. J.187677:134
Hayes, Wm. C.toGandy, Oscar (Et al.)188393:345
Hayes, Wm. C.toJohnson, N. A.188392:421
Hayes, Wm. C.fromMiller, M. H.188183:79
Haynard, Chas.toFrank, Marion S.187361:595
Haynes, F.fromDille, Jos. & H.188289:314
Haynes, FrankfromDierstein, Samuel188080:73
Hays, C. A.fromWhite, James B.187670:502
Hays, C. A. & C. M.fromTaylor, R. S.187882:199
Hays, Charles A.toBittinger, Geo. L.187464:435
Hays, Chas. A.fromBrooks, Robert188494:453
Hays, Chas. A.toBrooks, Robt.188494:535
Hays, Chas. A.fromConverse, L. P.187463:468
Hays, chas. A.fromFairfield, Jas. M.188496:412
Hays, Chas. A.toJustus, L. S.188596:557
Hays, Chas. A.toKline, Barney188496:413
Hays, Chas. A.fromLeggett, F. H.188194:461
Hays, Chas. A.fromRoebel, Emma188182:198
Hays, Chas. A.toTustison, Oliver187668:242
Hays, Chas. A. & C. M.fromFairfield, James M.187875:250
Hays, Chas. A. (Coms.)toPhillips, Jno. T.188391:176
Hays, Chas. A. (Coms.)toSwayne, S. F.188186:205
Hays, Clara M.fromRockhill, H. M.187770:179
Hays, DennisfromHays, Thos. D.188495:226
Hays, H. F.fromCongleton, H. N.188081:559
Hays, H. P.fromLogan, J. F.188393:504
Hays, H. P.fromLogan, Levi L.188598:247
Hays, HenryfromAdams County Bank188494:310
Hays, HenrytoMathias, Caroline187976:206
Hays, HenryfromMathias, Leonard187976:206
Hays, Hulda AnnfromLogan, Jno. F.188597:72
Hays, JohnfromMcGovern, Stephen187261:25
Hays, MatildafromCommissioner in Partition187989:1
Hays, MatildafromCommissioners by Partition187978:206
Hays, MatildatoFogwell, Wm.188289:325
Hays, R. C.toBower, J. F.188081:314
Hays, R. M.fromHarter, Philip188081:451
Hays, R. M.toPatten, W. S.188183:360
Hays, R. M.toSlater, Jos.188287:591
Hays, R. M. & E. C.fromBrackenridge, G. W.188082:148
Hays, Robt. C.fromFay, Ezra187669:88
Hays, Thos. D.toHays, Dennis188495:226
Hays, W. S.fromRummell, A.187463:365
Hays, W. S.toRummell, A.187463:366
Hays, Wm.toEllison, John T.187462:442
Hayser, DedrickfromHasper, J. B. (Coms.)188183:111
Hazelet, Wm.fromBurritt, Diana187978:157
Hazelet, Wm.toGrub, M. & B.188287:231
Hazelet, Wm.fromSteel, Thos. J. (Et al.)188288:590
Hazen, MartinfromHull, Geo. W.188082:559
Hazen, MartintoKeller, Jacob188183:356
Hazzard, A. & L.fromNull, L. S.187977:355
Hazzard, AnnatoSeymour, Calvin A.187875:37
Hazzard, L. (Et al.)toSargent, W. & D.187978:507
Hazzard, LewisfromHartman, Amos187567:544
Hazzard, LewistoMunson, C. A.188289:436
Hazzard, Lewis (Et al.)toSargeant, Wm. Jr. & D.188392:35

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