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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Hiatt, A. L.fromGillett, D. D.187978:369
Hiatt, Anson, L.toCubberly, Lewis P.188392:235
Hiatt, M. M.fromWatts, I. P.188495:173
Hibbelen, Theo.fromBauer, K. J.188392:562
Hibbelen, Theo.toPoor Handmaids Jesus Christ188496:523
Hibbler, AnthonyfromKoehler, John187565:247
Hibbler, AnthonyfromSpangler, Martin187565:247
Hibler, Jno.toBleke, C. & M.188183:393
Hickey, MichaelfromHanna, Samuel184367:186
Hickey, MichaeltoMolony, P.184667:192
Hickman, DanieltoSmith, Ester187387:274
Hickman, Geo. (Et al.)fromChase, Stephen W.188079:112
Hickman, JosephtoRice, B. F.187667:473
Hickman, M. N.fromEvans, M. C.188394:84
Hickman, M. N.toHill, E. C.188495:537
Hickman, Mary N.toSiemon, Rudolph188599:211
Hickman, May N.fromGotshall, E. P.187978:261
Hickox, RichardfromAuditor185973:365
Hickox, RichardfromAuditor185973:365
Hickox, W. S. (Et al.)toDehle, S. E.187277:286
Hickox, W. S. (Et al.)toRice, Mary187279:540
Hiddens, Jas. M.fromHoke, Mary E.188079:70
Hider, IsaactoZubro, Henry187667:414
Hidr, IsaacfromSeckler, Jacob (by will)187567:326
Hieber, Geo.fromHutton, J. B.188185:374
Hieber, MichaeltoGerke, Jno. H.187668:327
Hiebler, BernardfromDwenger, Joseph187360:12
Hier, WilliamfromLenz, Henry187564:473
Hierholzer, M.toMiller, C. H.188598:602
Hiesner, SophiafromSchwehn, Jno.188598:159
Hiet, Jno. M. Jr.fromShide, Charles187977:357
Higgens, Wm.fromBates, L. A. (Et al.)188390:407
Higgins, C. R.fromFleming, Wm.188495:384
Higgins, C. R.toHiggins, Ella S.187992:452
Higgins, C. R.fromLindenwood Cemetry188081:350
Higgins, C. R.fromMcManus, S. B.188289:379
Higgins, C. R. (Et al.)toDeVilbiss, Allen188392:473
Higgins, C. R. (Et al.)toEdwards, J. (Trustee)187976:94
Higgins, Cecilious R.toAmes, Geo. W.187770:537
Higgins, Cecilious R.fromBean, Edward L.187462:592
Higgins, Chas. H.fromHiggins, Wales188185:390
Higgins, E. S.toBauer, K. J. (Et al.)188288:324
Higgins, E. S.toHopkins, M. B.188291:456
Higgins, E. S.fromSheriff188182:541
Higgins, E. S. (Et al.)toBurrier, Isaac188081:233
Higgins, Ella S.fromHiggins, C. R.187992:452
Higgins, Geo.fromFosnight, Solomon188288:86
Higgins, George A.toKnapp, Athalia187770:358
Higgins, George A.fromKnapp, John R.187365:238
Higgins, Oscar A.fromWhite, James B.187872:454
Higgins, PaulinetoFreiburger, I. Jr.188495:105
Higgins, V. H.fromSheriff188183:198
Higgins, Van H.toNational Life Ins. Co.188185:282
Higgins, WalestoHiggins, Chas. H.188185:390
Higgins, Wm.fromTurner, Asa188290:181
High, C. F. (Et al.)toKryder, J. L.188290:374
High, ElizabethfromMiller, G. J.187875:362
High, Joseph D.toRow, Elenor B.187873:351
High, MarthatoWatres, Simon187174:234
Highlen, W. F.fromMiller, Geo. J.188392:377
Hight, CarolinetoHouser, Charles187668:216
Hight, Caroline (et al.)toHouser, Henry187668:213
Hight, Caroline (et al.)toHouser, Joseph187668:215
Higley, M. R.toBaker, W. D.188391:434
Hilbert, AlfredtoBeerbower, Peter187365:57
Hilbert, IsaactoNusbaum, W. D.188597:597
Hilbert, SolomontoKoch, Simon187566:12
Hilbrecht, H.fromAuditor188598:128
Hilbrecht, H.fromSchulze, Louise (Et al.)188184:200
Hilbrecht, HenryfromAlbright, M. E.188391:483
Hilbrecht, HenrytoBuschman, F. W.188185:111
Hilbrecht, HenryfromBuschman, W.188184:200
Hilbrecht, HenrytoShea, Mary A.188598:431
Hilbright, Henry, Sr.fromBowser, Jacob C.187669:224
Hild, HenryfromSinclair, Thomas188080:29
Hildebrand, ErnestfromMuller, Mettha185872:407
Hildebrand, H. W. (et al.)toHoffman, Sebastian187570:378
Hildebrand, HenryfromAnderson, Wm. C.187358:416
Hildebrand, HenryfromBrockmeyer, Henry (et al.)187772:411
Hildebrand, HenryfromHildebrand, Reka (et al.)187772:411
Hildebrand, Henry fromLeemkul, Frederick184672:410
Hildebrand, HenryfromSchlenbecker, George184972:409
Hildebrand, Henry W.fromCarter, Geo. H.187361:154
Hildebrand, Henry W.toHildebrand, Mary187369:85
Hildebrand, Henry W.toWhite, Maria187359:509
Hildebrand, MaryfromHildebrand, Henry W.187369:85
Hildebrand, Reka (et al.)toHildebrand, Henry187772:411
Hildebrand, Wm.fromAltekruse, E. (Et al.)188286:553
Hildebrand, Wm.fromKukkuk, Louis187567:145
Hildebrand, Wm.fromNiehoff, A. (Et al.)188286:553
Hildebrand, Wm.fromSchiefer, C. (Et al.)188286:553
Hildebrand, Wm.fromSchwurz, L. (Et al.)188286:553
Hildebrand, Wm.fromVordermark, C. (Et al.)188286:553
Hildebrand, Wm.fromVordermark, J. W. (Coms.)188287:138
Hildebrand, Wm. H.toAnderson, Wm. C.187358:414
Hildebrand, Wm. H.toCarter, Geo. H.187358:415
Hildebrandt, F.fromReihling, P. J.188184:5
Hilderbrand, Henry W.fromWhite, James B.187359:500
Hildinger, JacobtoSpitz, Michael187668:104
Hildinger, JacobtoSpitz, Michael & M. Jr.187464:163
Hildinger, JcobfromSchele, Francis (Heirs)187464:162
Hiler, J. V. & N. J.fromKerr, W. J.188083:73
Hiler, John V.toWinget, William187359:320
Hiler, SalatheilfromCorey, Jno. N.187595:248
Hiles, JacksontoKnouse, Michael B.187361:140
Hilgeman, Fredk.fromVordermark, Ernst187361:120
Hilgeman, H. W.fromPrichard, Thomas187464:577
Hilgeman, WilhelmenafromNeireiter, Harriet188290:51
Hilgeman, Wm.fromTaylor, Jno.188394:57
Hilgeman, Wm.fromTaylor, John187567:140
Hilgeman, Wm.fromTaylor, John187978:113
Hilgemann, H. W.toWakefield, A. W.188392:357
Hilgemann, J. w.toHitzemann, Geo.188289:48
Hilgemann, WilhelminatoKayser, F. E.188290:84
Hilgerman, H.toKonemann, Jno.188288:145
Hilgermann, F.toSmith, J. Mc.187772:51
Hilker, CarolinefromRathert, Henry187564:298
Hilker, CharlestoRathert, Henry187669:339
Hilker, Charles & CarolinefromRippe, Wilhelmina187565:567
Hilker, Chas.fromRathert, Henry187564:298
Hilker, Chas.fromSchroeder, Henry187461:283
Hilker, Chas.fromSkinner, T. H.188596:611
Hilkert, LucytoMiles, Sarah A.187360:349
Hill, C. A.fromBash, Chas. S.188286:266
Hill, C. A.toBash, Solomon188286:267
Hill, C. A.fromBicknese, F. (Et al.)188183:44
Hill, C. A.fromGillett, D. D.188183:43
Hill, C. A.toMcMillen, J. B.187885:231
Hill, C. A.toMcMiller, Jas B.187667:350
Hill, C. A.toMiller, Benj.187978:328
Hill, C. A.toShirey, Geo. W.187977:131
Hill, C. A.toStevick, W. C.187787:424
Hill, C. A.fromWaltemath, H. C. (Et al.)188183:44
Hill, C. A. & O. G.toShirey, Geo. W.187876:370
Hill, C. L.fromStrack, John187566:314
Hill, Charles L.fromEdsall, Wm. S.187565:429
Hill, Charles L.fromScheffer, Joseph187358:559
Hill, Chas. L.toMohr, Louis187360:2
Hill, ClarafromBonter, G. W. P.188289:134
Hill, Clara A.fromBeals, Sarah188287:355
Hill, Cynthia A.toEdgerton, Joseph K.187360:501
Hill, Cynthia A.fromEmpie, Wm. B.187358:401
Hill, Cynthia A.toFulkesson, Huldah187771:141
Hill, Cynthia A.fromTaylor, Esther E.187358:399
Hill, Cynthia A.toTibbles, Jno. H. & H. E.188182:350
Hill, Cynthia A.toTrustees of the Ch. of Christ187363:139
Hill, D.toDraker, Frank188185:187
Hill, D. (Et al.)toKammyer, F.188184:54
Hill, E. C.fromHickman, M. N.188495:537
Hill, E. C.toRobinson, Rachael188598:464
Hill, E. J.toEvans, M. C.188391:486
Hill, E. J. & Rudisill, E. E.fromEvans, Elizabeth187163:510
Hill, E. J. (Et al.)toOrbison, Alx.188086:369
Hill, Eliza J.fromHoagland, Pliny (et al.)187569:128
Hill, Eliza JanefromRudisill, Elizabeth E.187565:585
Hill, ElizabethfromHill, Mary C.187360:472
Hill, GeorgefromSchearer, Godfrey188079:429
Hill, H.toPoetsch, F.187463:301
Hill, IndianafromHendry, Wm.188183:347
Hill, JacobtoHill, Mary C.187360:470
Hill, JacobtoT. W. & W. R. R. Co.187359:386
Hill, Jno.fromMcCulloch, Hugh188494:447
Hill, Jno. A.toWebster, Geo. & J. Weiler187078:524
Hill, Jno. D.toBennett, Anna188394:282
Hill, Jno. H.toMommer, Jos. J.188182:355
Hill, John E.toEvans, S. Cary187462:3
Hill, John E. Jr.fromRudisill, Henry J.187567:94
Hill, John S.fromHarris, Wm. H.187565:274
Hill, Margaret W.toHull, Lewis O.187465:295
Hill, Maria A.fromHayden, Eliza H.187463:486
Hill, Maria A.toKnothe, Julius187669:330
Hill, Maria A.toKrudop, Jno. B.187669:330
Hill, Maria A.toMiller, John M.187669:330
Hill, Maria A.toWilliams, H. M.187669:330
Hill, Mary C.toHill, Elizabeth187360:472
Hill, Mary C.fromHill, Jacob187360:470
Hill, N. A.fromBennett, Anna188598:311
Hill, Nathan A.toBennet, Anna188598:322
Hill, O. E.fromJones, L. M.188079:12
Hill, O. E.toJones, L. M.188185:83
Hill, O. E.toKnider, Jno.188184:146
Hill, O. E.fromLasselle, C. E.187978:237
Hill, O. E.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187668:526
Hill, O. E.toPhillips & McCain1879
Hill, O. E.toWing, Warfield188186:427
Hill, Owen E.toBundy, Jos. & L.188082:457
Hill, Owen E.toBurton, Amos N. B.187770:110
Hill, Owen E.toFremion, Jos. H.188182:342
Hill, Owen E.fromJones, L. M.187872:557
Hill, Owen E.toJones, Levi M.187672:8
Hill, Wm.fromShearer, Solomon188287:208
Hill,Margaret W.toMiller, Jno. M.187978:534
Hille, H. & L.toKukkuck, L.188495:411
Hille, HenryfromBower, Jno. F.188393:76
Hille, HenryfromKrafft, Conrad187360:67
Hille, HenrytoKrafft, Conrad187360:68
Hille, John F. W.fromBowen, George W.187564:465
Hille, John F. W.toBowen, George W.187564:538
Hillegas, JeremiahtoKolb, Caroline187566:295
Hillegass, J.fromStratton, Robt.188495:281
Hillegass, J.toValentine, Jno. W.188495:282
Hillegass, J. D.toBaird, Wm. H.187360:595
Hillegass, J. D. fromShelner, Geo.187392:573
Hillegass, J. D.toShelner, Rebecky187392:574
Hillegass, J. D.fromWells, David187360:446
Hillegass, JacobtoCulver, Geo. W.186464:23
Hillegass, Jacob (Et al.)toNewton, C. H.188392:395
Hillegass, JeremiahtoCramer, H. C.188079:545
Hillegass, JeremiahfromHolmes, David187360:342
Hillegass, JeremiahtoHolmes, Elizabeth M.187360:343
Hillegass, JeremiahfromKolb, George A.187566:294
Hillegass, Jeremiah fromSheriff187774:108
Hillegass, Jeremiah fromSheriff187774:110
Hillegass, JeremiahtoStratton, Robt.188289:591
Hillegass, JeremiahtoStratton, Robt.188393:321
Hillegass, JeremiahfromWorthington, Wm. M.187465:104
Hillegass, Josiah D.toDreier, Henry & Wm.187349:400
Hillegass, Josiah D.toPurdy, Sarah A.187349:402
Hillegass, Josiah D.fromWhite, James B.187358:525
Hillegss, HezekiahfromSaylor, Mathias187462:20
Hilleke, HenryfromGocke, Anthony187358:480
Hillerbrand, HenryfromAnneman, Harman185572:408
Hilt, Fredk.toWilliams, Jesse L.187462:449
Hilt, Jno. M. Jr.toShidel, Lena187977:365
Hilton, C. S.fromJones, L. M.188288:333
Himbert, M.fromFleming, Wm. (Et al.)188495:565
Himbert, MichaelfromBissell, Geo. P. (Trustee)188082:13
Himbert, MichaeltoStrodel, Jno. Geo.188495:636
Himes, G. W. & C.fromJohnston, W. H. (Guard)188391:302
Himes, G. W. & C.fromPape, Wm. (Adm.)188391:28
Himes, Geo. W. & C.fromHyatt, William G.188081:435
Himes, H. A. & D.fromFletter, H. A.188184:179
Hinderer, GeorgetoBeierlein, George187360:157
Hindman, Saml.fromKnox, M. J.187572:102
Hindman, Thos. J.fromSomers, Saml.188391:460
Hine, E. (Et al.)toRandall, P. A.188183:588
Hine, WilliamfromBurgess, Henry187567:393
Hiner, John H.toWoods, John J. B.186367:530
Hinkle, Mary A.fromMcgill, James D.187874:246
Hinkle, Mary A.toNewell, C. D.187977:260
Hinkle, Oscar N.fromGodown, John M.187360:162
Hinkle, Oscar N.toGodown, John M.187360:163
Hinkle, Oscar N.toMcGill, Jas. D.187874:243
Hinkle, Oscar W.toBoltz, Katie187272:329
Hinkle, Wm.fromCully, Martha187771:334
Hinman, A. J.toKlett, Jacob188496:393
Hinman, Adaline L.fromEmbry, Lewis S.187566:474
Hinmann, H. F. & A. L.toWoodworth, Benj. S.187461:563
Hinton, Jno.fromHough, Sarah d.188597:546
Hinton, Jno. C.fromBascher, Christian187978:195
Hinton, Jno. C.toBosekir, Comilia187978:196
Hinton, Jno. C.fromNinde, F. F. (Trustee)188597:547
Hintzman, ErnsttoHintzman, F.187873:538
Hintzman, F.fromHintzman, Ernst187873:538
Hiooenhammer, Rosa E.fromMorris, George W.187772:266
Hippenhamer, C. O.fromBacon, L. B.188084:97
Hippenhamer, C. O.fromHunter, Wm. S.187874:114
Hippenhammer, C. O.toHunter, W. T.188081:453
Hippenhammer, J. W.toHippenhammer, John187874:430
Hippenhammer, J. W.toMorris, Geo. W.188597:49
Hippenhammer, Jno.toHippenhammer, Jno. W. 187668:65
Hippenhammer, Jno.toMorris, Geo. W.188390:578
Hippenhammer, Jno. W. fromHippenhammer, Jno.187668:65
Hippenhammer, Jno. W.fromHunter, Wm. T.187772:485
Hippenhammer, JohnfromHippenhammer, J. W.187874:430
Hippenhammer, R. E.fromMorris, Geo. W.187772:190
Hippenhammer, Rosa E.toMorris, Geo. W. & Ella G.187772:525
Hipsking, A. M.fromDwenger, Jos.187978:315
Hire, E. & S. E.fromDawson, A. C. (Et al.)188393:275
Hire, E. & S. E.fromDawson, Chas. M.188393:274
Hire, E. & S. E.fromEvans, S. C. (Et al.)188393:275
Hire, EliastoBonnell, J. H.187466:275
Hire, EliastoCourter, Mary188495:238
Hire, EliastoDiffendarfer, Catharine187566:221
Hire, EliastoFleming, Wm.188494:566
Hire, EliastoHire, Elisha187774:308
Hire, EliastoHire, Elisha188083:225
Hire, EliasfromHire, Elisha188495:428
Hire, EliastoHire, Elisha188495:429
Hire, EliastoHire, Elisha & J.188495:343
Hire, EliastoKariger, Saml.188496:394
Hire, EliastoMadden, W. W.188495:426
Hire, EliasfromMadden, W. W.188495:427
Hire, EliastoNoll, Upton188494:300
Hire, EliastoRockhill, Joseph187567:394
Hire, EliasfromRoss, M. M.188494:52
Hire, Elias & S. E.fromFleming, Wm.188494:561
Hire, Elias & SusanfromHire, Elisha187773:225
Hire, Elias(Et al.)fromWoodworth, C. B.188393:328
Hire, ElishafromHire, Elias187774:308
Hire, ElishafromHire, Elias188083:225
Hire, ElishatoHire, Elias188495:428
Hire, ElishafromHire, Elias188495:429
Hire, ElishatoHire, Elias & Susan187773:225
Hire, ElishatoMadden, W. & E. A.187977:311
Hire, Elisha & J.fromHire, Elias188495:343
Hireholzer, C. (Dec.)toHireholzer, M.187491:448
Hireholzer, Colman (Dec. Will of)to187491:448
Hireholzer, M.fromHireholzer, C. (Dec.)187491:448
Hirrington, ElizabethtoThompson, Susan187878:160
Hirsch, L.fromRemmel, C. L.188597:147
Hirschfeller, M.toKuhne, P. F.188495:18
Hirschfeller, M. & C.fromKuhne, P. F.188495:19
Hirschy, JacobtoKipfer, Jno.188390:330
Hirschy, JacobfromRoth, Benedict188080:362
Hirschy, JacobfromSnyder, Lewis188391:476
Hirshfelder, M.fromTrentman, A. C.187977:555
His Beloved WifefromBuchman, H. C. 188290:249
Hiser, George Jr.fromHare, Jacob W. (et al.)187669:145
Hiser, JacobfromAllen Circuit Court187772:197
Hiser, JacobtoSpringer, Geo. L.187359:486
Hiser, JacobfromSpringer, Geo. L.187360:44
Hisner, CharlestoRandall, Perry A.187873:170
Hisner, Henry C.toHisner, Louisa187772:167
Hisner, LouisafromHisner, Henry C.187772:167
Hitchcock, A.toRandall, P. A.188183:457
Hitchcock, AmandafromMasters, F. P. (Et al.)187875:119
Hitchcock, AmandafromStewart, A. G. (Et al.)187875:119
Hite, AnnafromTodd, A. M.188495:477
Hite, ElizatoJohnson, E. S. (Et al.)188391:261
Hite, ElizafromNuttman, J. D.188185:243
Hite, GeorgetoCrozier, S. H.188598:288
Hite, GeorgefromHarison, M.188185:154
Hite, H. F.toBurrington, C.187463:214
Hite, H. T.toBrokaw, R. H. & S. J.188184:99
Hite, H. T. & L. R.fromBrokaw, S. J.188184:12
Hite, HarveyfromMaloney, Michael187874:500
Hite, Harvey T.fromBusby, Geo. W.187365:39
Hite, Harvey T.toHorstmeier, Wilhelm188392:431
Hite, Harvey T. & Laura R.fromHeckman, Alice H.188292:426
Hite, Harvey T. & Laura R.fromHeckman, Alice Hanna188192:427
Hite, HenrytoHobbs, Thos.187977:243
Hite, HenryfromParker, John R.187672:513
Hite, JnofromHolmes, Wm. P.197363:101
Hite, Jno.toMcFarlin, H.188184:528
Hite, JohnfromRash, Isaac187771:501
Hite, JohnfromSheriff187874:373
Hite, John & HenrytoGrible, Frederick187564:371
Hite, John & HenryfromMiddleton, Geo. A.187064:265
Hite, John D.toSims, Banet187161:324
Hite, MargarettoConverst, August188184:534
Hite, MargaretfromFry, George187571:203
Hite, MargarettoOlds, Hester A.187468:336
Hite, SamuelfromBird, Ochmig (atty.)187472:131
Hite, SamuelfromHammond, Dyan188185:62
Hite, SamueltoTodd, A. M. & J. L.188183:265
Hito, Harvey T.toMaloney, Margaret187874:501
Hitzaman, Geo.fromBradtmiller, Henry187977:457
Hitzeman, C. (Et al.)toHitzeman, Fred187595:205
Hitzeman, F. W.fromJuliard, Victor188390:308
Hitzeman, FredfromHitzeman, C. (Et al.)187595:205
Hitzeman, FredfromReiter, Wm. (Et al.)187595:205
Hitzeman, FredfromRippe, L. (Et al.)187595:205
Hitzeman, Geo.fromBlystone, I188182:519
Hitzeman, Geo.toGablenz, Lena188391:2
Hitzeman, Geo.fromTaylor, Jno.188081:14
Hitzemann, C.fromMcCurdy, A. R.188286:307
Hitzemann, F.fromHitzemann, Wm.187770:268
Hitzemann, Geo.fromGraffe, Fred (Et al.)188391:47
Hitzemann, Geo.fromHilgemann, J. w.188289:48
Hitzemann, HenryfromFisher, Emma A.188597:397
Hitzemann, HenrytoGombert, Fred188393:246
Hitzemann, HenryfromHough, John187462:585
Hitzemann, HenryfromJohnson, Rachael188079:539
Hitzemann, Wm.toHitzemann, F.187770:268
Hitzerman, Geo.fromRickmann, Henry188183:91
Hitzman, Catharine & GeorgetoHitzman, Frederick187565:508
Hitzman, F. W.fromAnman, Elias188082:33
Hitzman, FredfromBrockmyer, Wm. (Et al.)188182:418
Hitzman, FredfromKraft, Fred (Et al.)188182:418
Hitzman, FredfromSchoppoman, H. (Et al.)188182:418
Hitzman, Fred W.toColumbia Road Luth. Ch. & School188392:449
Hitzman, FrederickfromHitzman, Catharine & George187565:508
Hitzman, FrederickfromReiter, Wm. Rippe, Christian187565:508
Hitzman, Geo.fromSmith, James187359:504
Hitzman, Wm.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187349:423
Hitzmann, C.fromFerber, Conrad (Et al.)188289:433
Hitzmann, C.fromLeppa, E. (Et al.)188289:433
Hitzmann, C.toNord, Catherine188289:436
Hitzmann, C.toNord, Henry188289:435
Hitzmann, ChristianfromNora, Henry (Et al.)188289:433
Hixson, C. A. (Et al.)toSmith, H. W.188288:195
Hixson, CorneliafromHixson, Eli187463:185
Hixson, ElitoHixson, Cornelia187463:185
Hixson, ElifromSprague, Andrew M.187360:473
Hizteman, GeorgetoMarhenke, August187669:14

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