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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Hoagland & TresseltfromHanna, Chas.187461:330
Hoagland, Harriet E.fromRudisill, A. Melis L. Est.187463:29
Hoagland, Jno. R.fromCheney, Jas. (Et al.)188598:83
Hoagland, John R.fromHoagland, Pliny187463:33
Hoagland, P. & William J. L.toCochrane, Sarah J.186868:363
Hoagland, PlinytoDalman, Fred188183:541
Hoagland, PlinytoEvard, Clement187360:203
Hoagland, PlinytoFederspiel, Jos.188185:301
Hoagland, PlinytoHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:483
Hoagland, PlinytoHoagland, John R.187463:33
Hoagland, PlinytoKnode, L. B.188185:300
Hoagland, PlinyfromTustison, Oliver187668:242
Hoagland, PlinytoWilliams, J. L.187669:389
Hoagland, PlinyfromWilliams, Jesse L.187667:297
Hoagland, PlinytoWilliams, Jesse L.187667:315
Hoagland, PlinyfromWilliams, Jesse L.187669:425
Hoagland, PlinytoWilliams, Jesse L.187670:30
Hoagland, Pliny (et al.)toHill, Eliza J.187569:128
Hoagland, Pliny (trustee)toFort Wayne City187358:404
Hobbs, CarolinetoFlaugh, Maria188186:58
Hobbs, F. H. & F. E.fromEby, Jno.188496:322
Hobbs, Geo. H.fromHobbs, Geo. W.187568:196
Hobbs, Geo. W.toHobbs, Geo. H.187568:196
Hobbs, Geo. W.toHobbs, Wm. R.187261:172
Hobbs, Juli AnnfromWiddifield, M.187669:131
Hobbs, Julia A. (Et al.)toCarr, Thomas188081:521
Hobbs, Julia AnntoWebb, M. R.187983:497
Hobbs, Thos.fromHite, Henry187977:243
Hobbs, Wm. R.fromHobbs, Geo. W.187261:172
Hobrock, C. H.fromColerick, Jno. A.188191:185
Hobrock, CarolinefromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188496:458
Hobrock, J. H.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188496:387
Hobrock, J. H.fromEngle, Geo. 188392:191
Hobrock, Jno. H.toLong, Nancy V.188186:229
Hobson, G. L. & W. M.fromHobson, Jacon E.187983:42
Hobson, Geo. L.fromHobson, Jose K.187567:477
Hobson, J. E.fromBeeching, Geo. E.187874:343
Hobson, JacobtoBaldwin, Abel187975:485
Hobson, Jacon E.toHobson, G. L. & W. M.187983:42
Hobson, James (et al.)fromHobson, Jose K.187567:478
Hobson, James P.toMorgan, Julia A.188080:185
Hobson, Jose K.fromBaldwin, Abel186963:159
Hobson, Jose K.toHobson, Geo. L.187567:477
Hobson, Jose K.toHobson, James (et al.)187567:478
Hoch, WilliamtoZink, John187772:258
Hoch, Wm.fromStoll, Henry187359:576
Hochstetler, Wm.fromSheriff188080:356
Hock, ChristinafromZink, John187873:274
Hock, Wm.toHolzwarth, Louise187565:372
Hock, Wm.fromHolzworth, Eberhardt187565:371
Hockemeier, SophiatoNieter, Sophia187771:558
Hockemeier, Wm. H.toHockemier, Fredk. 187669:211
Hockemeyer, C. H.toHockemeyer, Frederick187770:340
Hockemeyer, FrederickfromHockemeyer, C. H.187770:340
Hockemeyer, HenryfromWolf, Margaretha N.187669:215
Hockemier, Fredk. fromHockemeier, Wm. H.187669:211
Hockemire, FredfromHockermise, Wm.185287:112
Hockenbery, NancytoMcCeune, Jas.187682:16
Hockermise, Wm.toHockemire, Fred185287:112
Hodge, Chester P.toCaskey, Marquis D.187669:10
Hoekemeyer, AugustfromCommissioners by Partition187978:210
Hoekemeyer, ChristianfromCommissioners by Partition187978:210
Hoekemeyer, FrederickfromCommissioners by Partition187978:210
Hoekemeyer, HannahfromCommissioners by Partition187978:210
Hoevel, Henry (Et al.)fromGombert, Jno. (Et al.)188390:553
Hofer, AndrewfromMoknweiser, John187567:25
Hoff, Chas. H.fromBarrett, Jas. W. (Et al.)188598:567
Hoff, Nathaniel B.fromBowman, Henry187669:252
Hoffer, AndrewtoRomke, Ernst187667:359
Hoffer, FredfromHeurmann, A.188185:318
Hoffman, A. & W. H.fromAubrey, Claude J.187461:289
Hoffman, A. & W. H.fromBrackenridge, Chas. S.187360:305
Hoffman, A. E.fromFreiman, Luthera M.187875:366
Hoffman, A. E.fromHoffman, Wm. H.187461:308
Hoffman, A. E.fromTefft, Erastus T.187265:346
Hoffman, A. E.fromWheeler, Mary R.187977:490
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromBaker, Killian187977:112
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromCochrane, Jno. (Et al.)188183:235
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromCrane, Geo. D. Comr.187361:308
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromHarding, Frederick187669:278
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromHumphrey, Geo. (Et al.)188183:235
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromMcCulloch, Hugh (et al.)187463:114
Hoffman, A. E. & W. H.fromReed, Hugh B.187978:446
Hoffman, A. E. & Wm. H.fromCromwell, Jos. W.187771:455
Hoffman, A. E. & Wm. H.fromWeisman, Anna187976:476
Hoffman, A. E. & Wm. X.fromRockhill, Howell C.187771:542
Hoffman, A. E. (Et al.)toMueller, H. E.188185:493
Hoffman, AndrewfromSheriff187360:26
Hoffman, Andrew E.toFreeman, Phebe187361:124
Hoffman, Andrew E.toFreeman, Phebe187361:133
Hoffman, Andrew E. & W. H.fromNelson, Wm. R.187358:543
Hoffman, C.fromBrenhiser, Wm.188288:27
Hoffman, C.fromCoverdale, E. G.188081:224
Hoffman, C.fromScar, Adam187978:464
Hoffman, C. G.fromHoffman, Daniel187669:328
Hoffman, C. G.fromHoffman, Martin J.187669:328
Hoffman, C. V.toMcNabb, Wm. J.187877:87
Hoffman, Chas.fromFt. W. G. B. L. & S. A. No. 1187566:1
Hoffman, Chas. V.fromCarnahan, M. A. (Et al.)188081:214
Hoffman, Chas. V.fromShippy, Susan (Et al.)188081:214
Hoffman, ChristianfromPierce, John E.187462:435
Hoffman, ChristiantoRedelsheimer, D. T.188184:102
Hoffman, ChristianfromVanbuskirk, A. E.187771:74
Hoffman, DanielfromGallmeyer, Christian188395:252
Hoffman, DanieltoHoffman, C. G.187669:328
Hoffman, DanielfromHonick, Henry187467:286
Hoffman, Daniel C.fromMyton, Robert187566:375
Hoffman, Daniel C.toMyton, Robert187771:554
Hoffman, Emma E. (et al.)toFreeman, Luthera187770:577
Hoffman, Geo.toSpringfield Tp.187976:94
Hoffman, Geo. W.fromChenevert, Chas.187360:457
Hoffman, GeorgefromHuffmann187259:360
Hoffman, GeorgetoLauer, August187464:273
Hoffman, GeorgefromMiller, Christian187770:348
Hoffman, GeorgetoMunch, Elizabeth187977:189
Hoffman, GundmanfromColerick, P. B. (Comr.)187976:591
Hoffman, GundnurtoHoffman, Sebastian187673:281
Hoffman, GundrumfromHoffman, S.187976:465
Hoffman, GundrumfromHoffman, Sebastian187668:302
Hoffman, GundrumtoKoehlinger, Jacob187975:491
Hoffman, GundrumtoMunch, Elizabeth187977:190
Hoffman, GundrumfromSchieferstien, Geo.187975:557
Hoffman, HenrytoFry, Absolem188185:589
Hoffman, Henry L.fromHoffman, Nicholas187360:381
Hoffman, J. & A. E.fromFrancies, W. F. (Et al.)188289:429
Hoffman, JacobfromColeman, L. F.187463:210
Hoffman, JacobtoFrances, Wm.187770:212
Hoffman, Jacob (Et al.)fromFrancies, W. F. (Et al.)188289:470
Hoffman, Jno. M.toWallace, Fanny188184:347
Hoffman, Jno. M.fromWhite, Jas. B.188080:524
Hoffman, John A.fromHerndon, John M.186561:464
Hoffman, MartinfromOrff, John187463:24
Hoffman, Martin J.toHoffman, C. G.187669:328
Hoffman, MarytoSeiler, Frank187683:158
Hoffman, N.fromFlaugh, Michael188393:423
Hoffman, NicholastoHoffman, Henry L.187360:381
Hoffman, NicholastoHoffman, Nicholas187360:385
Hoffman, NicholasfromHoffman, Nicholas187360:385
Hoffman, Nicholas & JohnfromFord, James187360:383
Hoffman, S.toHoffman, Gundrum187976:465
Hoffman, SebastiantoCartwright, James M.187564:547
Hoffman, SebastianfromHildebrand, H. W. (et al.)187570:378
Hoffman, SebastianfromHoffman, Gundnur187673:281
Hoffman, SebastiantoHoffman, Gundrum187668:302
Hoffman, SebastianfromHoffmann, Gundrum187260:158
Hoffman, SebastianfromRaab, John187361:305
Hoffman, W. H. A. E.fromD'Isay, Isaac (Adm.)187978:323
Hoffman, Wm. H.toHoffman, A. E.187461:308
Hoffman, Wm. H.fromOrff, E. A.188080:271
Hoffman, Wm. H.fromRumsey, Philo187567:163
Hoffmann, C. A.toLabbe, Jos.188079:416
Hoffmann, ChristiantoLong, Sarah M.187772:206
Hoffmann, D.fromPaul, H. C.187978:467
Hoffmann, GundrumtoHoffman, Sebastian187260:158
Hoffmann, PeterfromBowser, Jeff C.187358:340
Hoffmeier, H. L.fromKoehlinger, Peter187667:380
Hoffmeister, A. C.fromKamm, Jacob J.187566:47
Hoffmeister, A. C.fromZollinger, Chas. A.187566:47
Hoffmman, A. E.fromCity of Fort Wayne188184:402
Hoffopeter, Cyrus A.fromSkinner, Jonas187059:335
Hofmann, A. M.fromDudenheifer, Phillip188287:293
Hofmeyer, CarolinetoDresler, August C.187565:74
Hofmeyer, CarolinefromReed, Wm. B.187564:468
Hofner, WilhelminafromCoolhan, Adam188291:179
Hogan, MargaretfromRosenberger, Chas.188080:364
Hogan, TimothyfromBorden, James W.187360:9
Hogan, TimothyfromBurke, Ann187360:10
Hogan, TimothyfromCosgrove, Bridget188289:96
Hogan, TimothyfromFogerty, Edward188598:75
Hogan, TimothyfromSheriff187360:171
Hogarth, Dessie A.fromParks, Volney187771:557
Hogg, N. B.fromAuditor187667:238
Hogg, N. B.toBlee, Jas. Sr.188081:301
Hogg, N. B.toClippinger, Daniel187669:222
Hogg, N. B.fromKelsey, S. B. (Et al.)187874:319
Hogg, N. B.toSwaidner, John187669:222
Hogg, Nathaniel B.toKelsey, James F. (et al.)187667:437
Hogle, B. M.toCummings, M. I.187980:19
Hogle, Belle M.fromCummings, L. J. F.187976:110
Hogne, Jno.fromSheriff187977:424
Hogue, Jno.fromCommissioners by Partition188080:353
Hogue, Jno.toO'Dea, Dennis188287:310
Hogue, Jno.fromSheriff187981:477
Hogue, Jno. H.toJones, C. B.188081:451
Hogue, Jno. Jr.fromAuditor187873:309
Hogue, Jno. Jr.fromAuditor187873:309
Hogue, JohnfromAuditor188083:155
Hogue, JohntoO'Dea, Dennis188080:94
Hogue, JohntoZerull, Jno. & E.188182:568
Hohenstein, LeonardtoStrauss, Henry188183:490
Hohing, ElizafromLeach, Eliza A.187669:443
Hohing, Jno. J.toLeach, Eliza A.187669:376
Hohing, John J.toMunson, Chas. A.187976:395
Hohnes, Reason C.fromVoetter, Julius (in Bankruptcy)187810:509
Hohnhaus, GeorgefromFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 5187874:418
Hohnhaus, N.fromFt. Wayne G. B. & S. A. No. 6187979:37
Hohnhaus, NicholasfromHorstmeyer, Louis187667:358
Hohnig, John J.fromBond, Chas. D.186665:532
Hoke, Geo. W.toRemmel, A. C. & H. L.187669:459
Hoke, Geo. W.toStein, John187566:110
Hoke, George (Et al.)toSchuler, John187873:216
Hoke, George W.fromCooper, Lewis187262:109
Hoke, George W.toMowry, John N.187465:42
Hoke, George W.fromMowrys, John N.187462:110
Hoke, MaryfromDiebold, Joseph (Et al.)187873:153
Hoke, MaryfromKramer, Barbara (Et al.)187873:153
Hoke, MaryfromMettler, Catherine (Et al.)187873:153
Hoke, MaryfromShilling, Elizabeth (Et al.)187873:153
Hoke, MaryfromWike, Theressa (Et al.)187873:153
Hoke, Mary E.fromBurgess, Henry187874:442
Hoke, Mary E.fromCarrier, Hannah G.187566:473
Hoke, Mary E.toCarrier, Hannah G.187566:542
Hoke, Mary E.toHiddens, Jas. M.188079:70
Hoke, Mary E.fromKay, Benjamin187978:356
Hoke, Mary E.toKay, Sarah S.187978:384
Hoke, Mary E.fromMoury, John N.187465:316
Hokemeyer, F.fromBrown, Jno. H.187467:214
Hoker, Susana (Et al.)toSchroder, Edward187977:45
Holbrook, E.toReiter, Geo.188287:325
Holbrouck, EvetoWhite, James B.187566:534
Holburn, WilliamtoGriffith, L. & S. A.188183:428
Holburn, Wm.fromBell, Mary188183:427
Holburn, Wm.fromBell, Wm.187873:571
Holburn, Wm.fromBell, Wm.187873:571
Holcolm, Jas. E.toReynolds, T. B.187875:391
Holcomb, B. J.toBenton, Charlie187772:83
Holcomb, B. J.toFrench, R. E.187771:410
Holcomb, B. J.fromWhite, Jas. B.187771:372
Holcomb, B. J.fromWhite, Jas. B.187771:373
Holcomb, Barton J.toCrisenbery, Peter S.187772:415
Holcomb, J. E.fromKomp, Daniel187770:310
Holcomb, J. E.fromWhite, James B.187872:447
Holcomb, J. E.fromWorden, John B.187873:2
Holcomb, J. E.fromWorden, John B.187873:58
Holcomb, James E.fromCrisenberry, Peter S.187873:61
Holcomb, James E.toMark, Jno. C.187873:58
Holcomb, James E.toMayer, Mrs. Lizzie C.187872:463
Holcomb, James E.toOrff, Esther A.187872:485
Holcomb, James E.toOrff, Esther A.187872:568
Holcomb, James E.toOrff, Esther A.187873:18
Holcomb, Jas. E.toDawson, J. Wallace187873:135
Holgate, CurtisfromUnited States183375:561
Holladay, JessefromEwing, Wm. A. (trustee)187668:502
Holladay, JessefromEwing, Wm. A. (trustee)187668:505
Holladay, JessetoKiser, Peter187771:206
Holladay, JessefromMiner, B. D.187668:505
Holladay, Jesse (Trustee)toCotton, John187772:515
Holladay, Jesse (trustee)toKiser, Peter187771:303
Holladay, Jesse (trustee)toWebb, Rhoda A.187771:463
Holland, A. J.toTracy, Lucas187468:178
Holland, M. a.toKeyser, J. M.188085:85
Holland, M. A. & R.toStoops, Saml. W. & Maria187360:437
Holland, Mary A & R.fromStoop, Saml. W. & M.187360:435
Holland, Mary A.toBlotkamp, Aue188079:343
Holland, Mary A.toRemy, Hedges & Walter187566:264
Holland, Mary A. & Rick F.fromColerick, Chas. F.187360:435
Holland, R.toBowser, S. T.188080:573
Holland, RichardtoColerick, Chas. F.187360:245
Holland, RichardtoColerick, Chas. F.187360:248
Holland, RichardtoColerick, Jno. K. & Wm. H.187361:121
Hollbrook, ErrontoWhite, James B.187566
Holle, HenryfromAdair, Saml.188287:507
Hollenbeck, August W.fromMiller, Henry187567:26
Hollenbeck, August W.toRodemann, Wm.187567:70
Hollman, EdwardtoBrokaw, Mary E.187566:455
Hollman, FrankfromHollman, Wm. & Jno.187873:296
Hollman, FrankfromTrier, Henry187566:389
Hollman, JohnfromBergman, Fredericka187667:525
Hollman, JohnfromBergman, Wm.187667:495
Hollman, Sophia L.fromWilliams, Jesse L.187359:486
Hollman, Wm. & Jno.toHollman, Frank187873:296
Hollman, Wm., Frank & JohnfromBlecke, Christian187566:382
Hollmann, AugustfromThieme, J. G. & wife187360:267
Hollmann, WilliamfromMix, Thomas D.187976:286
Hollmann, Wm. Frank & JohntoBleeke, Christian187566:381
Hollopeter, A.toHollopeter, Wm. C.188773:275
Hollopeter, A.toWells, Moses185187:236
Hollopeter, B. F.fromImmell,Samuel187358:485
Hollopeter, C.toRoberts, Cortland187681:408
Hollopeter, C.toRoberts, Josiah187667:228
Hollopeter, C. A.fromCommissioners by Partition187180:318
Hollopeter, CalestatoHerrick & Stopher187362:255
Hollopeter, CalistatoAnderson, Richard187567:428
Hollopeter, CalistafromCommissioners by Partition187180:318
Hollopeter, CalistafromRoberts, Josiah187667:398
Hollopeter, Cyres (Admr.)toMarquit, Alfred187279:235
Hollopeter, Cyrus (Admin.)toBoulton, Henry187166:128
Hollopeter, Cyrus (admr.)toKeefer, Susan J.187158:470
Hollopeter, Geo. W.toDouglas, Albert187975:558
Hollopeter, Geo. W.fromDouglass, Albert187976:356
Hollopeter, Geo. W.fromDouglass, Gayford187875:438
Hollopeter, Geo. W.fromMiller, Heremiah187873:228
Hollopeter, Geo. W.fromMyers, Keziah187874:532
Hollopeter, Henry J.fromStephenson, John187567:370
Hollopeter, I & Arnold HenryfromValentine, Jackson (Guard)188081:530
Hollopeter, I. (Et al.)toAtwood, W. H.188082:277
Hollopeter, I. (Et al.)toHenning, Alice188082:114
Hollopeter, IsarealfromBrown, Elizabeth188287:570
Hollopeter, IsraelfromArnold, Eli187279:390
Hollopeter, IsraeltoAtwood, W. H.188081:198
Hollopeter, IsraeltoHaning, A. C.188081:252
Hollopeter, IsraeltoLallow, A. & H.188182:365
Hollopeter, Israel (Et al.)toBenward, Jno. S.188082:208
Hollopeter, IsrealtoArnold, Henry188182:254
Hollopeter, IsrealfromEvans, A. S. (Et al.)188288:260
Hollopeter, J. C.fromCommissioners by Partition187180:318
Hollopeter, J. W. (Et al.)toPishon, Frank188082:251
Hollopeter, JacobtoDaniels, J. R.186776:544
Hollopeter, Jacob (Admr.)toMarquit, Alfred187365:260
Hollopeter, James F.toBinkley, Levi187358:438
Hollopeter, M.toMiller, Benj.187978:327
Hollopeter, M. E.fromBowser, F. & A.188599:170
Hollopeter, M. E.toSchlatter, C. J.187463:382
Hollopeter, MathiastoCotton, John187976:515
Hollopeter, O. E.fromKrumbigel, Susanna187771:58
Hollopeter, O. E.fromZimmerman, Saml.187873:307
Hollopeter, O. E.toZimmerman, Saml.187873:308
Hollopeter, O.E.toKrumbigel, Henry187771:81
Hollopeter, W. H.fromBishop, Elizabeth188599:119
Hollopeter, W. H.fromBishop, M. C.188288:8
Hollopeter, WesleytoDouglass, Eliza187066:380
Hollopeter, WesleytoTrustee of Ceder Creek Tp.187068:377
Hollopeter, WesleytoZimmerman, Jackson187061:173
Hollopeter, Wm H. (Et al.)toBishop, Elizabeth187873:420
Hollopeter, Wm. C.fromHollopeter, A.188773:275
Hollopeter, Wm. C.fromLockwood, Alonzo187773:276
Hollopeter, Wm. C. (guard.)toWarner, Sophia187566:495
Hollopeter, Wm. H.fromBishop, Elizabeth187873:421
Holman, Jos.toComparet, Francis183586:368
Holman, Wm. J.toFay, Jas. A.187668:87
Holmes, DavidtoHillegass, Jeremiah187360:342
Holmes, ElenortoAlter, Geo. J. & J. M.187977:217
Holmes, ElenortoSchulz, Henry188182:380
Holmes, Elizabeth M.fromHillegass, Jeremiah187360:343
Holmes, Elizabeth M.toJohnston, John187360:585
Holmes, EllenorfromCoombs, W. H. (Com.)188080:575
Holmes, JoannahfromChase, S. W. (Coms.)188288:557
Holmes, JoshuafromTam, Jane187359:362
Holmes, JoshuafromUnited States183471:141
Holmes, MargaretfromCommissioners by Partition188079:44
Holmes, Margaret S.toGresley, John188079:261
Holmes, R. C. (Assignee)toVoetter, Margaret E.187873:449
Holmes, R. C. (Assignee)toVoetter, Margaret E.187873:452
Holmes, Reason 6fromHarper, Saml. (Register in Bankruptcy) 187810:509
Holmes, WilliamtoVoetter, Julius187462:125
Holmes, Wm.toPoinsett, J. S.188286:364
Holmes, Wm. J.fromSchaich, John G.187264:489
Holmes, Wm. P.toHite, Jno197363:101
Holmeyer, ReginafromGreen, E. W. 186896:226
Holopeter, CalistafromHerrick, Horace187462:223
Holopeter, CalistafromStopher, Joseph D.187462:223
Holt, Andrew H.fromCourdaway, John P.187463:624
Holt, Andrew H.toGrayless, Geo. W.188080:78
Holt, Andrew H.fromHerrington, John S.187770:523
Holt, Andrew H.toHerrington, May187770:522
Holt, Andrew H.fromHolt, Orrin D.188079:59
Holt, Andrew H.fromHolt, Orrin D.188079:60
Holt, Andrew H.fromHolt, Orrin D.188079:61
Holt, Andrew H.fromOswalt, William A.187560:212
Holt, AnntoMyerson, L. G.187784:7
Holt, AnnfromSheriff187770:389
Holt, B. E.fromZies, Christopher187777:81
Holt, Orrin & AndrewfromStophlet, Mary (Guard)187567:492
Holt, Orrin & AndrewfromStophlet, Mary (Guard)187667:492
Holt, Orrin D.fromCourdeway, John187361:214
Holt, Orrin D.toHerrington, May187770:522
Holt, Orrin D.toHolt, Andrew H.188079:59
Holt, Orrin D.toHolt, Andrew H.188079:60
Holt, Orrin D.toHolt, Andrew H.188079:61
Holtzworth, A.fromBowen, Wm.188183:62
Holtzworth, A. (et al.)toBarthold, F. L.187667:191
Holustiner, J. M.toSeeger, Adam188082:37
Holzwarth, LouisefromHock, Wm.187565:372
Holzwarth, S. A. (Et al.)toSovine, Mary Ann188079:25
Holzworth, AddisontoPoysen, Hiram188184:315
Holzworth, EberhardttoHock, Wm.187565:371
Holzworth, Eve M.fromMarkel, Charles187565:69
Holzworth, Geo. toAltor, Jacob188287:347
Holzworth, Geo. & FredericafromTrabbler, Mary A.187566:468
Holzworth, GeorgetoMyers, George187567:508
Holzworth, GeorgetoTrabblbee, Mary A.187668:270
Holzworth, H. G.toKinsey, Chas.188185:517
Holzworth, HenryfromCrall, Milton187565:350
Holzworth, Jno. A.toBarthold, F. L.187668:266
Holzworth, LouisatoFrench, Ransom E.187771:126
Hom, PatricktoGandy, Oscar188081:270
Hom, PatricktoNickey, A. B.188081:270
Hom, R. H.toHom, S. M.188182:278
Hom, S. M.fromHom, R. H.188182:278
Homan, Mary E.toConway, D. M.187777:464
Homeyer, CarolinefromGrub, Peter187668:90
Homeyer, Fredk. W.toGrub, Peter187464:48
Homiann, HenryfromKronmiller, Geo.187873:486
Homing, JohnfromMcCain, J. H. (Et al.)187978:336
Homing, JohnfromPhillips, Jay (Et al.)187978:336
Hommerly, C.fromReidmiller, J. M.187669:189
Homsher, B. F. (Et al.)fromWagner, John187874:459
Homung, AgnesfromAbbott, R. B.188086:582
Homung, AgnestoWebber, M. N.188286:583
Homung, C.fromEdwards, J. (Trustee)188288:139
Homung, C.fromEquitable Trust Co.188288:139
Homung, GeorgetoRead, Henry A.187976:130
Honeck, AlexfromDittoe, A. J. (Et al.)188193:216
Honeck, H. & Kraft, F.fromScheffer, Joseph187363:162
Honeck, HanryfromKraft, Frederick W.187977:60
Honeck, HenrytoBusche, Ernst187566:243
Honeck, HenrytoKraft, Frederick W. (Et.)187980:190
Honeck, HenrytoKraft, Frederick W. (Et.)187980:191
Honeck, HenryfromParnin, Auguste185566:374
Honeck, HenryfromPickaed, Thos. R.187669:192
Honick, AlexfromWeber, Andrew S.187359:470
Honick, AlexandertoFt. W. B. L. & S. Assc. No. 5187770:132
Honick, H. & Kraft, F.fromHough, John187264:403
Honick, H. (et al.)toKrackman, F.187363:191
Honick, HenryfromEvens, Jos. A.187463:381
Honick, HenrytoHoffman, Daniel187467:286
Honick, HenryfromHough, John187264:404
Honick, HenrytoKramer, John & Mathias187464:482
Honick, HenrytoSchwartz, Henry187370:233
Honick, HenrytoSchwarze, Wm.187770:423
Honk, GeorgetoHonk, Hiram187773:161
Honk, HiramfromHonk, George187773:161
Honrck, HenrytoGushing, Jos.188182:430
Hood, AlfredtoHood, Joseph187977:576
Hood, AlfredfromRudisill, Henry J.187566:208
Hood, AmyfromGeorge, Lorenzo D.187060:275
Hood, David B.toOrff, christian187772:189
Hood, Geo.toMorrison, Sarah187462:638
Hood, GeorgetoHood, Joseph187977:577
Hood, George C.toShutt, Samuel S.187163:597
Hood, H. G.toMays, Joseph187568:176
Hood, H. G. & Thos.fromFleming, William187772:550
Hood, Henry G.toBittinger, Geo. L. & A. M.187772:165
Hood, Henry G.fromCarr, Thomas187668:530
Hood, Henry G.toCarr, Thomas187669:112
Hood, Henry G.toCoomer, Lafayette187463:464
Hood, Henry G.toCummins, Jos. D.187272:369
Hood, Henry G.fromHood, Thomas187772:549
Hood, Henry G.toHood, Thomas188182:464
Hood, Henry G.fromLesner, Fred W.187668:519
Hood, Henry G.toLuke, Mary A.188081:136
Hood, Henry G.fromPiatt, Henry187668:520
Hood, Henry G.toRomy, Robt. L.187566:537
Hood, Henry G.fromSmith, John Wilson187372:548
Hood, Henry G.fromTimbroob, John187565:118
Hood, Henry G.toTimbrook, John187565:85
Hood, J. W.fromThomas, I. & M.187575:414
Hood, J. W.fromThomas, M. J. & A.187575:413
Hood, James W.toHood, Thomas187872:560
Hood, Jas. W.toFurney, Jeramiah187780:93
Hood, Jas. W.fromThorp, Geo. F.187575:554
Hood, Jas. W.toThorp, Geo. F.187577:505
Hood, Jos. & M. A.fromBaxter, Jas.188495:115
Hood, JosephfromHood, Alfred187977:576
Hood, JosephfromHood, George187977:577
Hood, Martha B.fromSpencer, Martin V. B.187566:261
Hood, RoberttoFarner, Christina187978:243
Hood, RoberttoMarquit, Sarah188080:248
Hood, RoberttoMinick, Annettie188183:230
Hood, Robt.fromAshton, M. (Et al.)188081:466
Hood, Robt.fromMinick, O. (Et al.)188081:466
Hood, SamueltoMills, Samuel187462:426
Hood, SamueltoRitcha, Silas187261:396
Hood, ThomastoHood, Henry G.187772:549
Hood, ThomasfromHood, Henry G.188182:464
Hood, ThomasfromHood, James W.187872:560
Hood, ThomasfromReichelderfer, Chas.187361:179
Hood, ThomasfromReichelderfer, Chas.187462:229
Hood, ThomasfromReitcha, Samuel187565:130
Hood, Thos.toTaggy, David188081:340
Hood, W. E.toNuttman, C. L.187463:275
Hood, Wm. E.toJacoby & Wiegand187668:320
Hood, Wm. E.toPaine, L. C.187772:224
Hooer, JanefromBedioards, Wm.188081:538
Hoogland, J. E.fromCheney, Jas. (Et al. Ex.)188598:33
Hook, John H.fromKetchum, James187770:175
Hooney, Jno.fromBrueback, Geo. T.188289:332
Hoopengainer, NoefromBeck, F. P.187772:10
Hoopenganier, NoahtoKnight, Conrad187873:373
Hooper & McDonaldfromOwens, Jeremiah187549:417
Hoopingamer, SolomonfromMcCulloch, Chas.187565:477
Hoopingamer, SolomonfromMcCulloch, Hugh187565:477
Hoopingamer, SolomonfromWilliams, Jesse L.187565:477
Hoopingarmer, SolomonfromBond, Stephen B.187565:477
Hoops, R. B.toNull, A. C.187470:100
Hoops, R. B.fromNull, Alex C.187770:138
Hoops, R. B.toNull, L. S.187879:546
Hoops, ReubenfromBowman, A. R.188599:2
Hoops, Reuben B.fromWilson, John187464:185
Hoosier, Chas.fromBohnard, Donatus187667:194
Hoover, AbrahamtoBedwards, William188081:537
Hoover, JamesfromCooke, Pitt187171:444
Hoover, JamesfromPierson, Wm. S.187171:444
Hoover, JamestoSweet, Henry187061:485
Hoover, Jas. (Est.)fromFleming, Wm.188184:153
Hoover, LavinafromKampe, C. A.188183:407
Hoover, M. A.fromNewland, E. E.187874:474
Hoover, NancytoIrey, Sarah187686:356
Hoover, Thomas W.toShirley, Robert B.187362:232
Hoover, Thos.fromWirebaugh, Wm. & wife187361:18
Hopkins, M. B.fromGlutting, A. F.188394:627
Hopkins, S. C. (Et al.)toKruser, Christian188286:374
Hopkins, ZelousfromHamilton, Benjamin187668:154
Hopkins, ZeloustoKnoblanch, Otto188186:141
Hopple, A. M.toRomy, Frederick188183:151
Hopple, Alzina J.fromJones, L. M.187670:446
Hopple, Alzina J.toWhiting, Ira C.187872:473
Hopple, AmeliafromHopple, James187463:592
Hopple, Amelia (Partition)fromHopple, Charles (Estate)187873:205
Hopple, Charles (Estate)toHopple, Amelia (Partition)187873:205
Hopple, Chas, J.toJones, L. M.187669:82
Hopple, E. G.toGill, Joseph187669:518
Hopple, EmmatoGill, Joseph187669:519
Hopple, HueslistoGill, Joseph187875:87
Hopple, JamestoHopple, Amelia187463:592
Hopple, JamesfromTaylor, Robt. S. (Comr.)187263:592
Hops, E. A.toCoblentz, Ephraim188081:110
Hops, Elizabeth A.toBarcus, Beulah, P.187564:554
Hops, Elizabeth A.fromBarcus, Daniel187564:556
Horak, PhiliptoHouk, Samuel188080:162
Horingan, DanielfromHoringan, John188182:317
Horingan, JohntoHoringan, Daniel188182:317
Horman, F.fromBradtmullear, C.188286:551
Horman, HenryfromBell, R. C. Comr.187565:149
Horman, HenryfromVanopen, Bernard188080:64
Hormann, Caroline (Et al.)toSchroder, H.186479:450
Hormann, H. (Et al.)toSchrader, Wm.186477:315
Hormann, H. (Et al.)toSchrader, Wm.187277:316
Horn, E. H.fromDeitrick, A. J. Adm.188494:162
Horn, Jno. P (Et al.)toTaylor, Jno. M.188183:14
Horn, Jno. P.fromCremer, Jno. A.188391:62
Horn, MichaeltoTaylor, John M.188079:139
Horn, Michael Jr.fromBowser, Jefferson C.187479:139
Horn, PatrickfromBlaker, Chas. F. & M. C.187361:44
Horn, PatricktoHewen, M. & J.188286:281
Horn, PatrickfromHewen, Maria188286:312
Horn, PatricktoJordan, Mary J.187158:345
Horn, PatrickfromJordan, Mary J. (et al.)187358:435
Horn, Patrick (et al.)toJordan, Mary J.187358:436
Horn, Robert H.fromGrabb, Ira J.187361:273
Horn, W. S.fromFulkerson, D. L.187566:118
Horning, GeorgefromFleming, Wm.187566:378
Horning, Jno.toHorning, Max187978:547
Horning, MaxfromHorning, Jno.187978:547
Hornsher, B. F.toWagner, Jno.187874:458
Horstman, M. C. (et al.)toRacine, Jno. F.187770:370
Horstman, Mary (et al.)toGrage, William187770:134
Horstmann, W. & A.fromDehne, H. W.188393:529
Horstmann, W. & A.fromPaul, H. C.188183:474
Horstmeier, Wm.fromWhite, Jas.B.187976:91
Horstmeyer, Fredk.fromWells, Joseph C.187461:377
Horstmeyer, LouistoHohnhaus, Nicholas187667:358
Horstmeyer, Wm.fromSheiman, Caroline187771:17
Horstmeyer, Wm.fromSheriff187771:142
Horton, E. M. C.toWilkinson, M. E.187978:51
Horton, Elizabeth M. C.fromMaier, A. C.187465:59
Hortsman, Fredk. H.fromDidricks, Jacob187462:481
Hortz, JohnfromGohring, Jacob187462:108
Horz, JohnfromBrosius, Aaron188080:181
Horz, JohntoSeavey, Gideon W.188080:182
Hosey, Wm.fromGoodman, F. X.188288:69
Hosler & FoxfromKnight, Phillip A. (Guard)187360:548
Hosler, E.toSpringer, E. & W. S.188287:219
Hosler, ElizabethfromDeventer, Louisa188286:416
Hosler, ElizabethfromLee, Jos. C.187978:227
Hosler, GeorgefromBaker, Alexander187772:46
Hosler, Jno.toHosler, Mary E.188184:466
Hosler, Jno. D.toSwander, Anthony187984:370
Hosler, JohnfromFox, August187565:180
Hosler, JohntoFox, August187568:173
Hosler, JohnfromFox, August188185:329
Hosler, JohnfromHosler, Lewis (Et al.)188079:588
Hosler, JohnfromShirey, Jno. (Et al.)187978:514
Hosler, JohnfromZenker, E. (Et al.)188079:588
Hosler, Lewis (Et al.)toHosler, John188079:588
Hosler, Mary E.fromHosler, Jno.188184:466
Hosler, S.fromKlinger, M. S.187363:194
Hosler, SamueltoWarner, Alexander187364:397
Hosler, SamueltoWhitmore, Geo. G.187565:439
Hossler, FranklintoOhueck, Mary188182:261
Hossler, Jno. D.toSwanderr, A.187978:57
Hossler, Peter P.toSwanderr, A.187978:56
Hostler, PollyfromWhitmore, George G.187565:548
Hostman, C. (Et al.)toRacine, Theophelus188287:258
Hostmeyer, BettiefromBattershall, Emma187570:430
Hostmeyer, LouisfromWiehe, August187358:389
Hostmeyer, LouistoWiehe, August187359:411
Hostmyer, Charles M.toBattershall, Emma187564:421
Houch, Jno.fromDalhoff, Sophia188495:520
Houck, Jno.fromBaltz, Alex188597:52
Hough & FisherfromSkinner, B. D.187359:574
Hough, Jessie W.fromConklin, Mary F.187668:469
Hough, Jessie W.fromFisher, D. C. (Ex.)188080:400
Hough, Jessie W.toRyan, Michael188081:73
Hough, Jno.toDickerson, Joshua187463:128
Hough, Jno.fromFleming, Wm.187360:326
Hough, Jno.toLanergan, T. D. & M. J.186283:555
Hough, Jno.toMatker, Berney187463:138
Hough, Jno.toMoliton, Adam187063:135
Hough, JohntoB187466:278
Hough, JohntoBrophy, Wm.187461:376
Hough, JohntoCarpenter, Cryden C.187461:274
Hough, JohntoCheney, Aaron187463:537
Hough, JohntoCoblentz, Ephram187362:37
Hough, JohnfromColerick, D. H. & John H.187360:577
Hough, JohnfromColerick, Edward F.187360:576
Hough, JohntoDague, Jacob & E. D.187365:313
Hough, JohnfromDavis, Augusta S.187360:44
Hough, JohntoDillon, Edward187463:570
Hough, JohntoDunbar, Mary A. & Wm.187359:348
Hough, JohntoEdgerton, J. K.187359:490
Hough, JohntoFricke, Wm.187360:491
Hough, JohntoHitzemann, Henry187462:585
Hough, JohntoHonick, H. & Kraft, F.187264:403
Hough, JohntoHonick, Henry187264:404
Hough, JohntoJacoby, Fredk.187361:121
Hough, JohnfromJones, Wm. H.187462:209
Hough, JohntoKillian, John187365:394
Hough, JohnfromKing, Chas. A. (et al.)187361:6&7
Hough, JohnfromKnight, Ellen M.187469:474
Hough, JohnfromLangohr, Jno. W.187469:476
Hough, JohntoLawrence, George B.187464:472
Hough, JohntoLinden, Geo. W.186769:175
Hough, JohntoLuce, Wm. F.187461:617
Hough, JohntoMcKean, Wm. T.187564:294
Hough, JohntoMetheany, John M.187359:430
Hough, JohnfromMiller, Wm. H. H.187462:588
Hough, JohnfromNorton, Robert (est.)187462:553
Hough, JohnfromNuttman, Joseph D.187566:292
Hough, JohntoOtten, Henry187161:482
Hough, JohnfromPeckham & Smith187567:206
Hough, JohntoPequenot, Joseph187471:49
Hough, JohntoRippe, Christian187360:174
Hough, JohntoRoembke, August187360:160
Hough, JohntoRoembke, August187361:206
Hough, JohnfromScheiman, Ernst187361:161
Hough, JohntoSchwier, Chas.187261:398
Hough, JohnfromSheriff187358:363
Hough, JohnfromSheriff187361:7
Hough, JohnfromSinclair, S. E. (Comr.)187360:578
Hough, JohntoSmith, Melville187261:367
Hough, JohntoThieme, John G.187360:579
Hough, JohntoWasserbach, John187359:495
Hough, JohntoWill, John187360:287
Hough, John toYogulet, Paul187360:409
Hough, John (ex.)toNuttman, Caroline L.187567:128
Hough, John (Trustee)toKanne, Fredk.187361:63
Hough, Lydia M.fromLarch, Frank187875:184
Hough, S. D.fromAuditor188185:276
Hough, S. D.toBass, Jno. H.187977:299
Hough, S. D.fromFisher, D. C.188187:89
Hough, S. D.fromFort Wayne City (by Clerk)188288:373
Hough, S. D.toHutchinson, C. W.188185:202
Hough, S. D.toHutchinson, C. W.188185:202
Hough, S. D.toHutchinson, C. W.188185:203
Hough, S. D.fromMiller, W. H. H.187977:400
Hough, S. D.toMiller, W. H. H.187977:401
Hough, S. D.toScoville, Harmon187977:546
Hough, S. D.toWilder, J. H. & J. L.188184:149
Hough, Saml. L.toLerck, Frank187464:56
Hough, Sarah D.fromAbbott, William T.187976:170
Hough, Sarah D.fromAbbott, William T.187976:172
Hough, Sarah D.fromAuditor188184:93
Hough, Sarah D.fromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188288:373
Hough, Sarah D.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188288:373
Hough, Sarah D.fromCommissioners by Partition187980:253
Hough, Sarah D.toCressler, E. E.188082:268
Hough, Sarah D.fromFisher, D. C. (Ex.)187976:477
Hough, Sarah D.fromFisher, D. C. (Executor)187977:156
Hough, Sarah D.fromForce, Wm. M.187360:191
Hough, Sarah D.toKuhnert, F. A.187874:405
Hough, Sarah D.toMurray, Jane188082:268
Hough, Sarah D.fromSheriff188080:102
Hough, Sarah D.toWhite, James B.187977:184
Hough, Sarah D. (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition187977:185
Houghman, J. L.toWelsh, P. T. & H. m.188286:227
Houk, ElijahfromHouk, Philip188080:54
Houk, Geo.fromSheriff188183:218
Houk, GeorgetoKentner, M. M.188184:461
Houk, HiramfromWiser, C. & Sylvester187463:561
Houk, HiramtoZehner, Samuel187667:505
Houk, PhiliptoHouk, Elijah188080:54
Houk, PhiliptoScott, L. B. & S.188079:556
Houk, SamuelfromHorak, Philip188080:162
Houlehan, Wm.toMcCann, John & Catharine187565:606
Hourigan, D.toHourigan, Jno.188183:298
Hourigan, DanielfromDawson, J. W. (Et al.)188286:350
Hourigan, DanielfromEvans, M. C. (Et al.)188286:350
Hourigan, Jno.fromHourigan, D.188183:298
Hourigan, Michael & MaryfromHaiber, Nicholas187567:147
Houschild, L.toLampe, D.188185:453
Houseer, TressetoHouser, Charles187668:218
Houser, CharlesfromHight, Caroline187668:216
Houser, CharlesfromHouseer, Tresse187668:218
Houser, CharlesfromHouser, Henry187668:218
Houser, Charles (et al.)toHouser, Henry187668:214
Houser, Chas. & Jno.fromDevilbiss, Allen187771:445
Houser, Chas. & Jos.toHedges, Wesley187771:239
Houser, Chas. & Jos.toMcCracken, J. K.187771:239
Houser, Chas. & Jos.toMiller, D. S.187771:239
Houser, HenryfromHight, Caroline (et al.)187668:213
Houser, HenrytoHouser, Charles187668:218
Houser, HenryfromHouser, Charles (et al.)187668:214
Houser, HenrytoHouser, Joseph187668:216
Houser, HenrytoHouser, Tresse187668:212
Houser, HenryfromHouser, Tresse187668:214
Houser, JosephfromHight, Caroline (et al.)187668:215
Houser, JosephfromHouser, Henry187668:216
Houser, JosephfromHouser, Tresse187668:217
Houser, Saml. L.toFergusson, Sarah J.188081:334
Houser, Saml. L.fromGerard, Ann187461:514
Houser, Saml. L.fromMeegan, Thos.188079:349
Houser, Saml. L.toMeegan, Thos.188079:351
Houser, TressefromHouser, Henry187668:212
Houser, TressetoHouser, Henry187668:214
Houser, TressetoHouser, Joseph187668:217
Hoverstock, Anna E.toKeplinger, Abram187378:100
Hoverstock, Mary (Et al.)toKeplinger, Abram M.187578:101
Hoverstock, Mary (Et al.)toKeplinger, Abram M.187678:102
Hoverstock, WilliamfromFelts, E. J.187473:372
Hoverstock, Wm.toBeck, F. P.187674:173
Hoverstock, Wm.toCotten, John187567:43
Hoverstock, Wm.fromKelsey, Jno.187482:449
Hoverstock, Wm.toKeplinger, A. M.187687:217
Hoverstock, Wm.toShoup, U.187163:99
Hoverstock, Wm.fromSmith, Sarah A.187567:44
Hoverstock, Wm. (Atty)toKeplinger, Abram187278:98
Hoverstock, Wm. J.toKeplinger, Abram M.187578:102
Howard, H. J.toScar, M. N.187984:535
Howard, IlovetoDimond, Wallace W.188080:299
Howard, JamestoKlinger, Allen187770:379
Howard, OlivefromArcher, John (trustee)187771:108
Howard, W. B.fromBell, Wm. M.188184:587
Howard, W. B.fromBrunner, C.188186:31
Howard, W. B.fromBueter, B. H.188186:25
Howard, W. B.fromDwenger, Jos.188186:22
Howard, W. B.fromFleming, Wm.188186:19
Howard, W. B.fromFleming, Wm.188189:569
Howard, W. B.fromFry, M. M.188186:35
Howard, W. B.fromGilbert, Jno.188186:12*
Howard, W. B.fromHessert, B.188186:32
Howard, W. B.fromHessert, Geo.188186:31
Howard, W. B.toLindenwood Cemetery188286:464
Howard, W. B. (Trustee)fromBass, Jno. H. (Et al.)188188:430
Howard, W. B. (Trustee)fromBass, Jno. H. (Et al.)188188:431
Howard, W. B. (Trustee)fromCartwright, Saml.188186:29
Howard, W. B. (Trustee)fromCraw, A. M.188186:5
Howard, W. B. (Trustee)fromFleming, Wm. (Et al.)188188:430
Howard, W. B. (Trustee)fromFleming, Wm. (Et al.)188188:431
Howard, Wm. B.fromBerleman, C.188289:21
Howard, Wm. P.fromKohn, Wm. J.187873:204
Howard, Wm. P.toStairhime, C.187980:172
Howe Machine Co.toAlderman, F.188080:545
Howe Machine Co.fromBaker, Mary E. (Et al.)187875:275
Howe Machine Co.fromFile, Adeline (Et al.)187875:276
Howe Machine Co.fromIreland, C. A. (Et al.)187875:275
Howe Machine Co.fromShaffer, Conrad (Et al.)187875:275
Howe Machine Co.fromSheriff187874:423
Howe, EstesfromFleming, Wm.187462:362
Howe, EstisfromCompenhaven, John187159:407
Howe, James B.fromHanna, Charles188080:66
Howe, James B.toHanna, Sarah C.188080:62
Howe, Jas. B.fromSheriff187976:551
Howe, Sarah JanefromYerks, Franklin187771:401
Howe, SusanfromBartlett, S. H.188289:312
Howell, C. A. & C. C.fromBoyles, R. D.188392:314
Howell, DanielfromHawk, Benj.187569:231
Howell, DanieltoHawk, Cathrine187978:57
Howell, E. F.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Howell, H. M.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Howell, Jno. M.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Howell, L. A.toWhite, Jas. B.187976:377
Howell, Leonard A.fromWhite, James B.187565:171
Howell, LydiatoBollinger, Joseph187879:233
Howell, LydiafromCommissioner in Partition188496:403
Howell, M. E.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Howell, M. J.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Howell, MarionfromMarquart, Mary E.187463:541
Howell, R. B.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Howell, SolomonfromCoblentz, Ephraim187565:74
Howell, Wm.fromBlauser, Martha187462:264
Howell, Wm.toBlauser, Martha187978:537
Howell, Wm.fromUnited States185081:349
Howell, Wm. (heirs)fromBlauser, Martha (Et al.)188185:572
Howenstein, John & (heirs)toPfeiffer, Joseph & Eva197360:458
Howes, DavidfromBowen, Loretta187565:152
Howes, DavidtoSmick, M. M.187978:277
Howey, Jno. K.fromHowey, Wm.188182:441
Howey, Wm.toHowey, Jno. K.188182:441
Howey, Wm.toMcNabb, Wm.187566:81
Howey, Wm. C.fromCarman, Wm. O. (Et al.)188080:522
Howison, A. S.toBeneke, Sofia188183:442
Howison, A. S.toEdwards, Daniel188183:443
Howison, A. S.fromLloyd, Harland P.188183:445
Howison, Anna S.toEdwards, Daniel188080:74
Howison, Anna S.toLloyd, H. P.187772:443
Howison, Anna S.fromLloyd, H. P.187975:497
Howison, Anna S.fromLloyd, Hardan P.188080:74
Howison, Anna S.toSpereison, J. A.187975:530
Howison, Anna S.toWilson, George187770:564
Howley, Thos.toWickey, Martin187359:458
Hoxie, Perry G.toKelly, Christian187360:241
Hoyt, Chas. E.fromGreene, Geo. G.187369:63
Hoyt, Chas. E.fromGreene, Geo. G.187668:410
Hoyt, Chas. E.fromGreene, Mary M.187462:93

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