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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Hubach, HenrytoZoller, Marquerit187772:3
Hubbard, A. E.toColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Hubert, RichardfromBeckman, N. F.188598:619
Hubertus, CatharinefromSheriff187875:304
Hubler, HenryfromBarkley, Jacob188287:336
Hubler, John Sr.toBlake, Christian187462:561
Hubler, M. M.toMenges, E. K.188079:340
Hubler, M. M.fromRichardson, Thos. A.188081:181
Hubler, Mary M.fromColeman, Adam L.187462:316
Hubler, Mary M.toCoolman, Adam L.187462:522
Hubler, Mary M.fromMcKinley, Clara J.187462:316
Hubler, Mary M.toMcKinley, Clara J.187462:317
Hubler, S. M.fromDevilbiss, Allen188495:454
Hubler, Wm. H.fromEmerick, Barbara188286:558
Huden, H. J. & B. H.fromBush, Sarah188298:174
Hudnett, CyrusfromMommer, Jos. Jr.188183:489
Hudson, Chas. A.toCary, Melancthan187462:340
Hudson, HamiltontoPfeiffer, John C.187669:327
Hudson, HamiltonfromSteiger, David187668:335
Huedtis, Alex C.toWebb, Mary H.187771:330
Huestis, A. C.fromAbbott, R. B.187978:341
Huestis, A. C.fromBeaver, D. S.187463:289
Huestis, A. C.fromCarver, A. H.188189:488
Huestis, A. C.toKasmier, John187771:198
Huestis, A. C.toMorris, John187667:182
Huestis, A. C.fromUnderhill, P. S.187566:186
Huestis, A. C. (Et al.)toCarier, A. H.188184:564
Huestis, A. C. (Et al.)fromCarier, A. H.188185:487
Huestis, Alex C.toBoynten, Thos. E.187461:357
Huestis, Alexander C.fromNuttman, Joseph D.187565:455
Huestis, W. H.83:406fromDiether, Louis1881
Hufferd, EmanueltoBarr, Saml. F.187771:21
Huffman, A. E. & Wm. H.fromCochrane, John187771:486
Huffman, A. E. & Wm. H.fromHumphrey, George187771:486
Huffman, C. E.toLong, Sarah M.187778:386
Huffman, C. V.fromBailey, J. C.188082:500
Huffman, C. V.toMcNabb, W. J.188081:405
Huffman, C. V.fromMcNabb, W. J.188082:499
Huffman, C. V.fromMiller, L. J.187875:344
Huffman, Chas. V.fromCarper, Ella & Jacob187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMcNabb, Daniel187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMcNabb, Geo. H.187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMcNabb, Jno. O.187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMcNabb, Prudence187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMcNabb, S. H.187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMcNabb, Wm. C.187773:292
Huffman, Chas. V.fromMiller, E. E. & L.187773:292
Huffman, ChristianfromFairfield, James M.187565:460
Huffman, ChristianfromSlemmer, George187469:195
Huffman, F.toWilliams, S. M.187263:225
Huffman, HenryfromBradmiller, Wm.187061:301
Huffman, HenryfromWilson, John187771:74
Huffman, JacobfromBrown, Chas. L.187671:288
Huffman, JacobfromColeman, J. D.187874:470
Huffman, JacobfromColeman, Warren187565:208
Huffman, JacobfromFrancis, Wm.187772:381
Huffman, JacobtoFrancis, Wm.188183:224
Huffman, JacobfromJaques, Caroline M.187771:288
Huffman, JacobfromKoehlinger, Jacob187668:149
Huffman, JacobfromStump, Samuel187668:179
Huffman, JacobfromStump, Samuel188079:128
Huffman, JacobfromWhitaker, Daniel (heirs)187565:206
Huffman, RudolphfromBeach, W. J.187668:455
Huffman, S. N.toSmith, Andrew187978:482
Huffman, Saml. (Et.)toShelters, J. H.187978:108
Huffman, Saml. M.fromPotter, O. E.187978:111
Huffman, Walter L.toWeipert, Michael187565:49
HuffmanntoHoffman, George187259:360
Hufford, EmanueltoTrustee Ger. Baptist Ch.187566:383
Huggins, Edward E.fromHuggins, Susan W.187358:348
Huggins, Edward E.toSmith, Henry C.187358:349
Huggins, Susan W.toHuggins, Edward E.187358:348
Hugh M. & Howell, C.toTaylor, Robert S.187772:307
Hugh, M. & Howell, C.toTaylor, Robert S.187772:307
Hughes, E.toGallmeyer, C.187463:259
Hughes, E.toKrudop, J. B.187463:346
Hughes, E. J.fromBash, C. S.188286:334
Hughes, EdwintoKrudop, John B.187463:8
Hughes, Jos. & Co.fromBash, Solomon188394:531
Huguenard, A.toMiller, Francis187978:279
Huguenard, AugustfromHuguenard, Victor A.187565:569
Huguenard, AugusttoSpringer, Monroe188079:120
Huguenard, August F.fromHuguenard, Victor A.187566:488
Huguenard, AugustefromWork, James A.187349:409
Huguenard, AugustinetoBobay, Adelaide187976:145
Huguenard, FeliceanfromHuguenard, J. P.187771:210
Huguenard, FrancisfromHuguenard, Victor187464:74
Huguenard, FrancistoHuguenard, Victor187464:75
Huguenard, J. P.toHuguenard, Felicean187771:210
Huguenard, JuliantoMiller, F. C.188080:12
Huguenard, M. A.fromBennigan, C. (Et al.)188599:87
Huguenard, P. C.fromBoley, M. (Et al.)188184:81
Huguenard, P. C.toHuguenard, P. J.188184:82
Huguenard, P. C.fromHuguenard, P. J. (Et al.)188184:81
Huguenard, P. C.toTrease, Geo. W.188184:83
Huguenard, P. J.fromHuguenard, P. C.188184:82
Huguenard, P. J. (Et al.)toHuguenard, P. C.188184:81
Huguenard, Pierre ClaudetoHuguenard, Pierre Jos.185764:295
Huguenard, Pierre Jos.fromHuguenard, Pierre Claude185764:295
Huguenard, V. A.fromChaffin, R. B.187978:504
Huguenard, V. A.fromCody, Bridget188495:168
Huguenard, V. A.fromDrew, Stephen, A.188391:263
Huguenard, VictortoHuguenard, Francis187464:74
Huguenard, VictorfromHuguenard, Francis187464:75
Huguenard, Victor A.toHuguenard, August187565:569
Huguenard, Victor A.toHuguenard, August F.187566:488
Hull, A. T.toKeller, Jacob188183:404
Hull, Abram T.fromHull, Ella188183:263
Hull, Altha (et al.)toTaylot, John M.187473:39
Hull, Eliza J.toGappinger, John187875:124
Hull, ElizabethtoHull, L. O.187463:420
Hull, EllatoHull, Abram T.188183:263
Hull, Geo. W.toGappinger, John187875:124
Hull, Geo. W.toHazen, Martin188082:559
Hull, Geo. W.fromSheriff187875:121
Hull, L. O.toBoester, George187463:418
Hull, L. O.toCarter, William187566:217
Hull, L. O.fromFray, E. S. (Et al.)188082:157
Hull, L. O.fromFray, E. S. (Ex.)188183:514
Hull, L. O.fromHanna, H. C.187463:419
Hull, L. O.fromHull, Elizabeth187463:420
Hull, Lewis O.toHarris, Ella F.187873:77
Hull, Lewis O.fromHill, Margaret W.187465:295
Hull, Lewis O.fromHull, Wesley187770:96
Hull, Lewis O.toMeyer, John F. W.187770:467
Hull, Lewis O.fromWheeler, Sarah J.187462:605
Hull, Lewis, O.fromNeireiter, Casper B.187359:485
Hull, Rufus K.fromDiffendarfer, Samuel187567:100
Hull, S. P. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188186:66
Hull, S. W.fromGrotholtman, H. A.188597:281
Hull, V. C.toRockhill, Emily188286:477
Hull, WesleytoHull, Lewis O.187770:96
Hulmes, C. V.toHunter, J. E. (Et al.)188182:276
Hulmes, C. V.toMartin, Thos. (Et al.)188182:276
Hulmes, Chas. V.fromNegley, Ichabod187771:393
Hulse, Wm. L.toFalls, Margaret187874:96
Hulsenbeck, FerdinandfromJobst, Bruno187463:501
Hulsenbeck, FerdinandtoYobst, Catharine187464:136
Hulsenbeck, FrederickfromYobst, Bruno186463:503
Humbert, AlextoDidrick, Jacob187772:211
Humbert, Alex (et al.)toPepe, Victor187667:524
Humbert, AlexanderfromDidrick, Jacob187772:260
Humbert, JosephtoHumbert, Justin187060:38
Humbert, JustinfromHumbert, Joseph187060:38
Humbird, Nancy E.toFreeman, Robt. L.187770:532
Hume, J. M. (Et al. Exr.)toMausur, Hannah187180:345
Hummel, J. G. & W. S.fromDunfee, Emmett188597:160
Humphrey, D. Y.fromBurgess, Henry187977:256
Humphrey, Geo.fromSheriff187669:150
Humphrey, Geo. (Et al.)toHoffman, A. E. & W. H.188183:235
Humphrey, GeorgetoAbbott, Wm. T.187770:67
Humphrey, GeorgetoAbbott, Wm. T.187770:86
Humphrey, GeorgetoHuffman, A. E. & Wm. H.187771:486
Humphrey, GeorgefromMcFee, Wm.187670:15
Humphrey, HannahfromBrackenridge, Jos.187874:224
Humphrey, HannahfromSheriff187874:249
Humphrey, J.fromNelson, W. R.187463:283
Humphrey, Jane & JanetoMollerine, Wm.187566:521
Humphrey, Jno. M.fromRenz, Adam187566:553
Humphrey, JohntoBeverforden, S.187668:144
Humphrey, Lucina W.fromSiemon, Rudolph187977:460
Humphreys, D. Y.toCameron, Jas.187977:257
Humphreys, HannahtoGray, Jas. P. & Jane187977:340
Humphreys, W. S.toCase, W. W.188184:258
Hunnicat, C.fromSheriff187978:231
Hunsche, HenryfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187975:545
Hunsicker, Jno. C.fromHunsicker, R. J.187977:261
Hunsicker, R. J.toHunsicker, Jno. C.187977:261
Hunt, A. H.toEddy, Robt. E.187772:228
Hunt, A. H.fromPurman, E. E.187770:411
Hunt, A. H.fromWilson, Geo. H. 187772:228
Hunt, Abram H.toRandall, Perry A.187873:63
Hunt, Charles E.toReam, Joseph G.187876:144
Hunt, Charles E.fromScott, George & Mary A.187465:252
Hunt, HermanfromBowen, Wm.188494:586
Hunt, J. T. & S.fromEckart, Fred188495:14
Hunter, AnntoBeck, C. H.187770:230
Hunter, GeraldinefromBacon, Savilla188288:183
Hunter, H. M.toHunter, Wm. T.187361:5
Hunter, J. C. & D. C.fromHunter, Wm. T.188079:448
Hunter, J. E. (Et al.)fromHulmes, C. V.188182:276
Hunter, Jno. C.fromHunter, Wm. S.187874:61
Hunter, John C.toHunter, Wm. T.187771:416
Hunter, John C.fromSircle, Emanuel J.187566:414
Hunter, L. c.toHunter, Wm. T.188184:78
Hunter, L. C.fromMcNamara, Washington187567:256
Hunter, Lewis C.fromHunter, Wm. T.187976:347
Hunter, Lewis C.fromWarcup, Ella M.187669:13
Hunter, Mary J.fromHunter, Wm. T.187668:487
Hunter, U. T.toHunter, Wm. S.187361:19
Hunter, W. s. (Et al.)toHunter, W. T.188287:364
Hunter, W. T.toGay, J. C.188287:277
Hunter, W. T.fromHippenhammer, C. O.188081:453
Hunter, W. T.fromHunter, W. s. (Et al.)188287:364
Hunter, William S.toHunter, William T.187976:170
Hunter, William T.fromHunter, William S.187976:170
Hunter, William T.toWagner, Josiah B.187772:226
Hunter, William T.fromWagner, Josiah B.187873:496
Hunter, Wm. S.toFitzsimmons, N.188287:206
Hunter, Wm. S.toGaus, John C. Sr.187873:295
Hunter, Wm. S.toHippenhamer, C. O.187874:114
Hunter, Wm. S.toHunter, Jno. C.187874:61
Hunter, Wm. S.fromHunter, U. T.187361:19
Hunter, Wm. S.fromHunter, Wm. T.187564:402
Hunter, Wm. S.toHunter, Wm. T.187772:1
Hunter, Wm. S.toMcKamara, Peter187566:41
Hunter, Wm. S.toPfeiffer, Louuis187566:111
Hunter, Wm. S.toSircle, Emanuel, J.187361:4
Hunter, Wm. S.toSpice, John W.187462:138
Hunter, Wm. T (admr.)toWoods, Albert W.185970:570
Hunter, Wm. T (admr.)toWoods, Albert W.187270:572
Hunter, Wm. T.toBeardsley, James O.187771:4
Hunter, Wm. T.toBrandsley, M. J.187776:234
Hunter, Wm. T.toCarroll, James184571:24
Hunter, Wm. T.toFisher, D. C. (Trustee)187977:34
Hunter, Wm. T.toGranwell, F. (Et al.)188079:448
Hunter, Wm. T.toGreenwell, F. & M. J.187977:7
Hunter, Wm. T.fromGreenwell, F. (Et al.)188287:364
Hunter, Wm. T.toHippenhammer, Jno. W.187772:485
Hunter, Wm. T.fromHunter, H. M.187361:5
Hunter, Wm. T.toHunter, J. C. & D. C.188079:448
Hunter, Wm. T.fromHunter, John C.187771:416
Hunter, Wm. T.fromHunter, L. c.188184:78
Hunter, Wm. T.toHunter, Lewis C.187976:347
Hunter, Wm. T.toHunter, Mary J.187668:487
Hunter, Wm. T.toHunter, Wm. S.187564:402
Hunter, Wm. T.fromHunter, Wm. S.187772:1
Hunter, Wm. T.toSaylor, E. A. & D. E.188286:349
Hunter, Wm. T.fromSheriff187978:297
Hunter, Wm. T.fromSheriff188081:50
Hunter, Wm. T.fromStahe, Geo. M.187873:272
Hunter, Wm. T.toWolford, Henry187476:79
Hunting, Hannah A.fromBecker, Mayer188080:455
Hunting, Hannah A.toSmith, H. & M.188080:391
Hunting, W. H.toMason, J. S.187875:445
Hunting, Wm. H.fromBond, Stephen B.187566:201
Hunting, Wm. H.toRandall, P. A.187975:560
Hunting, Wm. H.fromWilding, James W.187770:34
Huntington & HasseytoCody, John H.187462:621
Hurch, CarolinefromBullard, J. M.188184:327
Hurnfer, Benj.fromCrabbs, Elizabeth188289:545
Hursh, CatherinefromCommissioner in Partition187891:245
Hursh, ElisabethtoMoss, Franklin188184:40
Hursh, Elizabeth (Et al.)toGarrett, Henry187975:463
Hursh, Elizabeth (Et al.)toOHerrin, D. E.187775:266
Hursh, EnochfromHursh, John C.187565:48
Hursh, H. A.fromGarrett, Henry188090:479
Hursh, H. A.toGoldschmidt, J.188082:111
Hursh, H. A. (Adm.)toLyon, Jno. L.187880:328
Hursh, H. a. (Adm.)toLyons, J. L.188286:474
Hursh, JacobtoBachtle, Geo.187387:320
Hursh, Jno. W.fromHursh, Wm. A.188080:201
Hursh, John C.toBlakley, Terman186562:22
Hursh, John C.toEmanuel, Jonas187564:522
Hursh, John C.toHursh, Enoch187565:48
Hursh, John C.toHursh, Wm. C.187464:523
Hursh, John C.toHursh, Wm. C.187775:204
Hursh, John C.fromShutt, Samuel S.187772:509
Hursh, John C.toWitmer, Jacob187874:285
Hursh, N. J.toBishop, Elizabeth187873:420
Hursh, SadeliafromCommissioner in Partition188289:536
Hursh, Wm. A.toHursh, Jno. W.188080:201
Hursh, Wm. C.fromHursh, John C.187464:523
Hursh, Wm. C.fromHursh, John C.187775:204
Hursh, Wm. C.toShambaugh, D.187977:549
Hursh, Wm. C.toShambaugh, Daniel187166:311
Hursh, Wm. C.toVancamp, Albert187976:581
Hursh, Wm. C.fromWithers, W. H. (Com.)187873:404
Husener, LouisefromScheuman, Caroline187669:285
Husener, Wm.toScheuman, C. & E.187669:245
Huser, Louis P.fromHelmke, F. W. E.188079:574
Huser, Louis P. (Adm)toWitte, Frederick187775:186
Huss, E. O.toCoverdale, Henry187876:371
Huss, Elisha O.fromCloverdale, Henry187873:128
Huss, Elisha O.toCoverdale, Henry187873:128
Huss, Elisha O.toKline, Wm.187565:242
Huss, Elisha O.fromTaylor, Andrew J.187361:67
Huss, HiramfromTaylor, Andrew J.187361:68
Huss, M. A.fromDalman, Wm.188085:63
Hutch, F. J.toCone, Charlotte187786:125
Hutcheson, H. H.fromCour, C. J. A.187565:431
Hutcheson, H. H.toDrake, E. F.188183:188
Hutchins, PermeliafromCraig, Alex187461:540
Hutchins, PermentiatoDice, Henry187668:234
Hutchins, Wm. H.fromDice, George187668:195
Hutchinso, C. W.fromFisher, D. C. (Ex.)188185:204
Hutchinson, C. W.fromAuditor188185:505
Hutchinson, C. W.fromCoombs, M. & (Et al.)188185:279
Hutchinson, C. W.fromCoombs, W. H. (Et al.)188185:587
Hutchinson, C. W.fromFischer, D. C. (Et al.)188185:587
Hutchinson, C. W.fromFischer, D. C. (Ex.)188185:584
Hutchinson, C. W.fromFisher, D. C.188185:278
Hutchinson, C. W.fromFisher, D. C. (Et al.)188185:279
Hutchinson, C. W.fromHough, S. D.188185:202
Hutchinson, C. W.fromHough, S. D.188185:202
Hutchinson, C. W.fromHough, S. D.188185:203
Hutchinson, C. W.toHutchinson, Jas.188113:358
Hutchinson, Chas. W.fromAuditor188494:584
Hutchinson, JamestoCarson, Wm. W.187566:110
Hutchinson, Jas.fromHutchinson, C. W.188113:358
Hutchinson, L. J.toWarner, G. Frank O.187978:118
Hutchinson, T. J.fromKnoder, Geo. W.188082:85
Hutchinson, T. J.toSpiegel, G. E. & C.188187:333
Hutchinson, Thos J.fromHetter, Christoph187676:299
Huth, ErweintoCoonrad, Casper187771:29
Huth, ErweinfromCoonrad, Casper187771:30
Huth, ErweintoCoonrad, Peter187771:31
Huth, ErweintoCoonrad, Peter G.187872:469
Huth, ErweintoSchneider, C.188081:483
Huth, ErwinfromCoonrad, Peter187565:307
Huth, ErwintoCoonrod, Peter187569:465
Huth, ErwinefromTinkham, Jno. P.188082:38
Hutker & EbyfromCarrier, Augustus187462:391
Hutker, B. (Et al.)toEby, Andrew188183:481
Hutker, B. (Et al.)toMiller, Caroline188183:466
Hutker, BernardfromEby, Jno. (Et al.)188081:433
Hutker, BernardfromMiller, Caroline (Et al.)188081:433
Hutker, Bernard (Et al.)toEby, Andrus188081:432
Hutker, Bernard (Et al.)toEby, Jno.188081:431
Hutker, Bernard (Et al.)toMiller, Caroline188081:430
Hutker, J. B.toMayhew, Sarah188080:340
Hutsel, Harriet A.fromBear, John187462:71
Hutsel, Harriet A.toWaterson, Jas. A.187874:198
Hutsel, Harriett A.fromWaterson, Wm.187771:442
Hutsel, John W.toGandy, Oscar187349:431
Hutsel, John W.toGandy, Oscar187349:432
Hutsel, John W. Jr.toBear, John187462:58
Hutsel, John W. Jr.fromGandy, Oscar187462:57
Hutsel, John W. Sr.toBear, John187462:59
Hutsel, John W. Sr.toDill, George187464:145
Hutsel, John W. Sr.fromGandy, Oscar187462:57
Hutsel, NancyfromBear, John187462:72
Hutsell, John W. Jr.toMaxwell, Adam187464:313
Hutton, H. M. (Et al.)toDitmars, H. A. & M. B.188080:264
Hutton, J. B.toHieber, Geo.188185:374
Hutton, J. B.fromHutton, Mary A. (Et al.)188081:390
Hutton, Mary A.toDitmars, H. A. & M. B.188080:264
Hutton, Mary A.fromDouglass, Joshua S.187359:370
Hutton, Mary A.toFair, Jacob C.187371:282
Hutton, Mary A. (Et al.)toHutton, J. B.188081:390
Hutton, Mary AnnfromFair, Jacob C.187976:257
Hutzel, DanielfromHutzel, Jacob187360:159
Hutzel, JacobtoHutzel, Daniel187360:159
Hutzel, JohntoBeach, Frederick187272:329
Hutzell, Chas. (Et al.)toWeisenbarger, Geo.188081:12
Hutzell, DanieltoLaemmle, David187462:351
Hutzell, TheresafromArcher, Jno.188183:384
Huxford, S. R.fromHuxford, Saml.H.187875:201
Huxford, S. R. (Et al.)toHuxford, Saml. H.187978:530
Huxford, Saml. HfromBaldwin, F. C. (Et al.)187978:530
Huxford, Saml. HfromBope, M. H. (Et al.)187978:530
Huxford, Saml. H.fromAdams, Jno. (Et al.)187978:530
Huxford, Saml. H.fromHuxford, S. R. (Et al.)187978:530
Huxford, Saml.H.toHuxford, S. R.187875:201
Huxford, Samuel H.toWood, Lovinie H.187566:507
Huxoll, AugustfromBradtmuller, Charles187770:236
Huxoll, AugusttoLichtsinn, Wm.187873:577
Huxoll, AugusttoRathart, Henry187770:361

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