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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Iba, ElizabethtoHerrington, Edwin B.187461:448
Ichor, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition188079:44
Idsay, L. D. AlidatoCromwell, Jos. W.187567:262
Ihrig, A. J.toWells, Chas.188081:471
Iler, Oliver P.fromWisell, David D.187464:505
Immel, LouisafromWhite, Jas. B.187668:356
Immell,SamueltoHollopeter, B. F.187358:485
Indianapolis & B. R. R. Co. bytoBurt, Mary J. Charlotte V. & Wm. H.187464:14
Ingraham, C. A.toKeefer, Christian188183:269
Ingram, JacobtoMain, William187564:529
Inmel, PhilipfromDeppler, Jacob187977:5&6
Ireland, C. A. (Et al.)toHowe Machine Co.187875:275
Irey, EphraimtoIsebay, Elizabeth187873:235
Irey, EphraimfromIsebay, Louis C.187770:459
Irving, AlexfromHatfield, John187360:119
Irving, AlexandertoMyers, Nelson & Elizabeth187261:249
Irving, Jno.toDriver, W. M.187463:372
Irving, JohntoColerick, W. G.187564:263
Irving, JohntoFederspiel, Balser187564:260
Irving, M.fromColerick, W. G.187564:264
Irving, MelissafromDriver, Wills M.187463:371
Irwin, John W.fromBeck, Frances J.187359:414
Irwin, John W.fromBeck, Frances J.187359:415
Irwin, John W.fromBeck, Frances J.187359:416
Irwin, John W.fromBeck, Frances J.187359:417
Iry, John A.toStone, Alva C.187463:440
Isable, ChristianfromMorgan, M. E.187669:528
Isebay, ElizabethfromIrey, Ephraim187873:235
Isebay, Louis C.toIrey, Ephraim187770:459
Iselin, AdarianfromSwift, Alpheus187772:186
Iselin, AdraintoBond, H. R.188082:443
Iselin, Adrain (Et al.)toGordon, Wm. H.188182:506
Iselin, AdriantoRoosevelt, James A.187875:251
Iselin, AdrianfromSpooner, B. J. (Comr.)188080:193
Iselin, AdrianfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187977:126
Iselin, AdrianfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:120
Iselin, AdrianfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:122
Iselin, AdrientoRapp, Christian G.187977:342
Israel, HenryfromBeals, Wm. L. (Et al.)188496:642
Israel, HenryfromPepe, Francis187873:408
Iten, AdalinetoBercot, J. F. C. H. & J. A.187165:234
Iten, J. C.toWalker, Anthony187772:254
Iten, O. P.toSchoonover, Wm.187568:177
Ivy, EphriamtoMugan, Thomas188080:176

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