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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Jabas, EmilfromBuesching, Fred188393:32
Jabker, Anna M.fromStoppenhagen, Ernst187874:583
Jabker, Anna M.toStoppenhagen, Ernst187874:584
Jabker, G. H.toSiemon, A. F.186272:74
Jackson Tp.fromEvard, Clement188287:498
Jackson Tp.fromFoster, Chas.188081:325
Jackson, A. P.toHammon, M. A.187669:142
Jackson, A. P.toTrustees Christian Church188079:178
Jackson, Allen P.fromMygrant, Wm.187258:539
Jackson, Chas. W.fromJackson, Harriet188182:305
Jackson, Elizabeth J.toReddin, Wm. J.187669:45
Jackson, Elizabeth J.fromReddin, Wm. J.187669:46
Jackson, H. W.fromBlack, Calvin (Et al.)188287:201
Jackson, H. W.toLoveland, H. W.187977:123
Jackson, HarrietfromDriver, Willis M.187566:340
Jackson, HarriettoJackson, Chas. W.188182:305
Jackson, Henry W.fromLoveland, Hezekiah W.187461:469
Jackson, I. C.toCraig, P. H.187978:81
Jackson, J. H.fromReddin, S. Q.187976:330
Jackson, J. P.fromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188183:491
Jackson, J. P.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188183:491
Jackson, John M. C. G.toKore, Elias187362:248
Jackson, Johnson P.fromOlds, Charles H.188080:452
Jackson, Johnson P.toOlds, Sarah E.188080:453
Jackson, Mary A.fromBoyles, Robt. D.187359:526
Jackson, P. W.toRoss, J. B.187874:400
Jackson, P. W.fromRoss, J. B.187978:523
Jackson, PeterfromCameron, James187668:397
Jackson, PetertoCameron, Malinda187668:396
Jackson, Silas A.fromCarson, W. W.188393:561
Jackson, Thos.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188596:556
Jackson, Thos.fromBursley, G. E.188598:299
Jaclson TownshipfromGerard, Auguste188288:545
Jacob, Geo. & Bitler, Wm.fromSheriff187976:7
Jacob, Geo. & Wm. BittlerfromFort Wayne G. B. L. & S. A. No. 4187882:569
Jacob, GeorgetoBittler, Wm. & M.187977:426
Jacobs, Chas W.fromEgeter, Geo.187668:100
Jacobs, Chas. W.fromAlliger, Sarah M.187669:204
Jacobs, G. & MaryfromDiehe, Michael188598:479
Jacobs, Jno. H.fromSchaich, Jno. G.188080:544
Jacobs, John H.fromPurman, Andrew A.187771:37
Jacobson, RosaliefromSheriff188081:571
Jacobson, RosaliefromSheriff188081:575
Jacobson, VigdorfromBeck, Francis J.187464:115
Jacoby & WiegandfromArcher, John H.187566:517
Jacoby & WiegandfromBond, S. B.187667:460
Jacoby & WiegandfromBond, Stephen B.187360:308
Jacoby & WiegandfromEdsall, Wm. S. & Simon187464:17
Jacoby & WiegandfromFleming, Wm.187360:308
Jacoby & WiegandfromFleming, Wm.187667:460
Jacoby & WiegandfromHood, Wm. E.187668:320
Jacoby & WiegandfromMaier, Amelia C.187464:17
Jacoby & WiegandfromReffelt, Mary & Wm. R.187564:521
Jacoby & WiegandfromStein, Joseph W.187462:398
Jacoby & WiegandfromWiedelman, Wm.187668:321
Jacoby, DavidtoClayton, Henry187873:526
Jacoby, ElizabethfromFoster, R. S. (Sp. Coms.)188186:147
Jacoby, ElizabethfromSheriff187772:129
Jacoby, Fredk.fromHough, John187361:121
Jacoby, Geo.fromBoester, Fredk.187565:308
Jacoby, Geo.toBrooks, Wm.187463:318
Jacoby, Geo.fromBrooks, Wm.187771:483
Jacoby, Geo.toBrooks, Wm.187771:484
Jacoby, Geo.fromEdsall, W. S.187463:116
Jacoby, Geo.toReffelt, Mary187566:112
Jacoby, GeorgetoBrooks, Wm.187771:560
Jacoby, George (et al.)fromSheriff187770:286
Jacoby, Jno. WeslyfromJohnston, Archibald187979:455
Jacoby, JosephinefromShultz, Fredk.187466:563
Jacoby, Lewis H.fromReed, Geo. W.187363:508
Jacoby, Lewis H.toWidener, Amos187363:509
Jacoby, Mary A.fromOakley, B. W.187061:359
Jacquay, LemuelfromBlackburn, Jacob187590:331
Jacquay, LemuelfromCaps, B. J.188597:409
Jacquay, LemuelfromMathews, Samuel187564:327
Jaebker, G. H.fromPiepenbrink, C. (Comr.)185969:467
Jaeger, AugustfromBeck, Francis J.187463:41
Jaeger, AugusttoHenline, Michael187564:544
Jahn, E. & M. (Et al.)toMiracle, Geo. K.188081:369
Jahn, EdwardfromEwing, Wm. A. (ex.)187467:56
Jahn, EdwardtoPepe, Francis187872:471
Jahn, EdwardfromPepe, Francis187872:471
Jahn, NicalfromBrackenridge, Jos.187669:294
Jahns, ElizabethtoMichaelis, Charles187875:310
Jahr, F. A. & J. C.fromBond, Jared D.187978:349
James & CollarfromBeck, Francis J.187462:168
James, ElizafromSheriff188183:108
James, Geo.toEckles, Jno. H.188080:607
James, Geo.fromGawthrop, B. F. (et al.)187567:212
James, JessefromFairfield, C. K.188291:350
James, Jesse M. & Wm. H.fromHanna, Chas.187360:295
James, Jesse M. & Wm. H.toHanna, Chas.187462:217
James, John H.toSeavey, G. W.187976:511
James, John H.toTaylor, Robt. S.187570:257
James, JoshuafromMarquit, Alfred187669:49
James, JoshuatoWells, Joseph C.187770:563
James, Mary A.fromStone, Elizabeth187978:132
James, WilliamfromDaniels, Solon A.187874:22
James, William I.fromPhillips, Barbara187463:147
James, Wm. J.toDarling, Geo. W.187566:90
James, Wm. J.toDarling, Geo. W.187571:543
James, Wm. J.toMills, Samuel187465:427
James, Wm. J.toOmo, Matilda A.187574:212
Jamey, FrancisfromJones, Paul187360:429
Jamey, FrancistoRichard, John187360:421
Jamey, M. E.fromD.Isay, Alida L.187873:574
Jameyson, JontoDavis, Benj.187874:555
Janert, AugusttoWelsheimer, W. T. E. A.188183:485
Jansen, HermantoLepper, Christian187978:91
Jantz, CharlestoPens, Margaret187359:372
Jaquen, C.toAnderson, Robt.186463:209
Jaques, Caroline M.toHuffman, Jacob187771:288
Jarrett, Marth H.fromJones, Emma & L. M.187463:177
Jaxtheimer, LeonardfromHerber, Valentine187463:78

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