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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
JeanMongin, Chas.fromJeanMongin, H.188494:490
JeanMongin, Chas.fromPion, M. & J.188494:489
Jeanmongin, GabrielfromMontague, August188080:332
JeanMongin, H.toJeanMongin, Chas.188494:490
JeanMongin, MatildatoHugennard, A. F.188494:496
Jeanmougier, MatildafromUebele, Christian188290:25
Jeanpierre, CelestinfromGeoffrey, Peter187565:56
Jedkins, Jno.fromComs. W. & E. Canal183593:381
Jefferds, O. W.toDehne, Mena188393:375
Jeffries, A. & R.fromHamilton, Jno. C.188183:464
Jeffries, AdamtoBaker, Kilian188182:324
Jeffries, AdamtoBlyler, Sarah187565:177
Jeffries, AdamfromCook, Jacob188289:541
Jeffries, AdamtoDafforn, Wm.187462:371
Jeffries, AdamtoGeisman, A. & E. L.188290:40
Jeffries, AdamfromJeffries, Alfred186962:131
Jeffries, AdamfromRoss, Wm.186962:133
Jeffries, AlfredtoJeffries, Adam186962:131
Jeffries, Jno.toKelsey, Emma187681:419
Jeffries, JohnfromKelsey, Wm. A.187670:27
Jeffries, Salem S.fromKelsey, Emma188081:446
Jeffries, Salem S.toKelsey, Wm. A.188081:447
Jeffries, SusannahtoRoss, Rachel187361:128
Jeffries, SusannahtoRoss, Wm.186962:132
Jeffris, SusannafromRoss, Rachel187461:449
Jenison, Wm. T.toRabus, Jno. Sr.188184:144
Jenison, Wm. T. (Coms.)toBender, Christina187488:344
Jenkins, C. H.toHelmer, C. J.187360:463
Jenkins, C. H.fromUpdegraff, R. D.187160:356
Jenkins, IsaactoJoost, A. A. & L. F. A.188288:532
Jenkins, LewisfromJohnson, W. C.188082:153
Jenkins, LewistoTurpie, J. H. & Wm. 188184:360
Jenkins, LewistoYanmans, M.188184:360
Jenkins, Mary K.toCarnahan, Clara L.187461:381
Jenkinson, EmmafromGriffith, Wm. E.187783:444
Jenkinson, EmmafromJenkinson, Jos. J.187568:369
Jenkinson, EmmafromJenkinson, Joseph J.187462:311
Jenkinson, EmmafromLocke, Josiah188289:576
Jenkinson, EmmatoNoll, B. R.188289:580
Jenkinson, EmmatoRemmel, August187667:370
Jenkinson, EmmatoRemmel, Harmon L.187668:370
Jenkinson, Emma (Et al.)toScheifer, C. & W.187490:14
Jenkinson, IsaacfromHartman, S. E.188291:555
Jenkinson, IsaacfromPurman, A. A.188079:431
Jenkinson, IsaacfromSheriff188083:370
Jenkinson, IsaacfromSheriff188083:372
Jenkinson, J. J. (Coms.)toBreniser, Wm.188288:9
Jenkinson, J. J. (Coms.)toDidier, Francis187978:515
Jenkinson, Joe & EmmatoDessauer, Trauerman, & Wolf187360:124
Jenkinson, Jos J. & EmmatoScheifer, Christian187461:484
Jenkinson, Jos. J.fromFee, Thos. W.187771:529
Jenkinson, Jos. J.toJenkinson, Emma187568:369
Jenkinson, Joseph J.toJenkinson, Emma187462:311
Jenne, C. R.toHercules Powder Co.188391:413
Jenne, S. L.fromFremion, Jos.188288:1
Jenness, C. H.toMcClintock, J. O.188083:516
Jenness, Chas.fromStephens, Thos. M.187668:292
Jenney Electric Light & Power Co.fromRandall, P. A.188394:257
Jenney Electric Light & Power Co.fromSimons, O A. (Et al.)188394:257
Jennings, HenryfromShutt, S. S.188599:158
Jennings, HenryfromShutt, S. S.188599:158
Jennings, HenryfromSputt, S. S.188289:77
Jennings. D. W.fromWyatt, P. J.188288:365
Jenssen, E.fromCommissioner in Partition188186:518
JermantoSchwab, John187770:133
Jerman, D. F.toJerman, M. E. & I. L.187977:381
Jerman, D. F.toRandall, P. A.187977:374
Jerman, D. F.fromRandall, Perry A.187977:380
Jerman, Dorcas F.toHess, Gertruse M.187770:104
Jerman, Dorcas F.fromStahl, John187669:501
Jerman, M. E. & I. L.fromJerman, D. F.187977:381
Jerome, AnntoBlodgett, Drucilla188289:427
Jeronie, Jas. S.fromFairfield, C. K.188494:364
Jessel, HenrytoArcher, John H.187565:542
Jessel, HenryfromWelch, J. H.187463:58
Jewell, E.fromJones, L. M.188185:115
Jewell, ElizabethfromBower, Jno. F.188393:104
Jewell, ElizabethtoBower, Jno. F.188393:103

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