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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Jobst, AlmandfromZiegler, Louisa187875:474
Jobst, AmandtoSchwier, Catherine187976:109
Jobst, AmandfromSchwier, Charles187976:108
Jobst, AmandtoZiegler, Louisa187977:391
Jobst, BrunotoHulsenbeck, Ferdinand187463:501
Jocquel, P. (Et al.)toRekers, C. A.188083:354
Joeger, CatharinefromHenline, Michael187566:76
John, AnthonyfromColerick, Thos. W. (Coms.)187694:33
John, AnthonytoSchwartz, Jacob187567:290
John, AnthonyfromStippich & shorr187463:441
John, AnthonytoWitmer, Christian187567:345
John, AnthonytoWitmer, Christian187670:498
John, NicholasfromEnglert, Frank187359:547
John, NicholastoKirchner, Gottleib W.187463:472
John, NicolastoAlter, Jacob187359:319
Johns, L. B.fromChurchman, F. M. (Et al.)188598:501
Johnson, A.fromBishop, Peter188183:47
Johnson, A.toMcBride, Strawdor187567:79
Johnson, A. F.toD'Isay, Alida L.187875:402
Johnson, A. S.fromShoaff, John F. & I. A.187977:512
Johnson, Asa F.fromTaylor, Wm. C.187873:107
Johnson, AugustinefromOrff, John187361:309
Johnson, B. F.toJohnson, Elmira187770:551
Johnson, B. F.fromJohnson, Nathan A. (et al.)187770:549
Johnson, B. F.fromJohnston, Nathan A. (et al.)187770:548
Johnson, B. F. (et al.)toJohnson, Wm. R.187770:284
Johnson, BarneyfromMarks, Simon188080:32
Johnson, Benjamin (Et al.)toCarr, Thomas188081:521
Johnson, CatharinefromCrabill, F. W. (et al.)187770:552
Johnson, CatherinefromWatkins, Mary A.187874:297
Johnson, Charles H.toJohnson, Mary E.187669:227
Johnson, D. A.fromDriver, Casseny188390:342
Johnson, DavidfromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Johnson, David A.toBeebe, Francis187259:461
Johnson, David A.toReynolds, Newton187359:545
Johnson, DavisfromWork, C. D.187873:507
Johnson, E. (Et al.)toJohnson, J. M.187782:184
Johnson, ElisabethfromBowser, Saml.188496:194
Johnson, Elizabeth B.toBarthold, Fredk. L.187566:442
Johnson, ElmirafromJohnson, B. F.187770:551
Johnson, F.toKnapp, J. R.187463:310
Johnson, F. A.fromEly, Geo. W.188082:67
Johnson, F. M.fromBrown, Jno. W.188397:190
Johnson, F. M.fromBrown, John187572:34
Johnson, Frances A.toBidlack, Martin187359:442
Johnson, Francis H.toKelker, Anthony187462:204
Johnson, Francis H.toStout, Eli T.187668:227
Johnson, Francis M.toGale, George A.187464:150
Johnson, Geo. E.fromJohnson, Nathan A. (et al.)187770:549
Johnson, Geo. E.fromJohnson, Wm. R.187770:553
Johnson, H. M.toWhite, Andrew H.188080:494
Johnson, H. O.fromBobilya, E. J.188393:473
Johnson, Hannah M.fromHaud, Caroline & E.187980:423
Johnson, HarveytoGreek, charles W.187566:421
Johnson, HuedahtoBecker, A.187977:3&4
Johnson, HuedahtoOuting, Wm.187977:3&4
Johnson, HuldahfromDills, Thos. J.188287:116
Johnson, HuldahfromDills, Thos. J.188393:187
Johnson, HuldahtoHaller, Gottlieb187771:78
Johnson, HuldahtoMarkey, Laurence187668:384
Johnson, HuldahtoMarkey, Lawrence187977:506
Johnson, HuldahtoSeidel, Edward187463:96
Johnson, IsaacfromCarnrike, Margaret188496:505
Johnson, IsaacfromFleming, Wm.187461:255
Johnson, IsaactoMcKliff, P. F.188182:192
Johnson, J. D.fromKomp, Daniel187975:479
Johnson, J. M.fromCrabill, F. W. (Et al.)187782:184
Johnson, J. M.fromHarter, E. (Et al.)187782:184
Johnson, J. M.fromJohnson, E. (Et al.)187782:184
Johnson, J. M.toJohnson, Minnie188082:185
Johnson, J. W. (Et al.)toDrebert, Henry & Jno. K.188080:437
Johnson, JacobtoJohnson, Joseph187669:146
Johnson, JacobtoJohnson, Mary187975:476
Johnson, JamestoJohnson, Mary187773:7
Johnson, Jno. A.toSims, G. D. & M.187977:476
Johnson, Jno. W.toDrebort, Henry & Jno. K.187976:213
Johnson, JohntoWaterson, Wm.187770:470
Johnson, John A.fromMarsh, Geo. H.187360:133
Johnson, JosephtoAshton, Ambrose187361:277
Johnson, JosephtoCarr, Thomas187873:47
Johnson, JosephfromJohnson, Jacob187669:146
Johnson, Joseph P.fromFrisby, Candis187463:461
Johnson, JosiahfromAngevine, Wm. E.188392:165
Johnson, MargaretfromMcDonald, R. T.187360:190
Johnson, MartinfromBennett, John187262:187
Johnson, MartinfromKinzy, Christian186862:186
Johnson, MartinfromMcJohnson, James187465:88
Johnson, MarytoCarr, Thos.188082:73
Johnson, MaryfromJohnson, Jacob187975:476
Johnson, MaryfromJohnson, James187773:7
Johnson, MarytoMalott, J. B.187978:65
Johnson, Mary E.fromJohnson, Charles H.187669:227
Johnson, Mary E.toPolhamus, A. H. 187669:228
Johnson, MinniefromJohnson, J. M.188082:185
Johnson, Nathan A.fromCrabill, F. W. (et al.)187770:550
Johnson, Nathan A. (et al.)toJohnson, B. F.187770:549
Johnson, Nathan A. (et al.)toJohnson, Geo. E.187770:549
Johnson, OrvilletoJohnson, Wm. R.187670:285
Johnson, PhibefromGreek, Charles W.187566:422
Johnson, R. M.toMalott, J. B.187978:64
Johnson, RachaeltoHitzemann, Henry188079:539
Johnson, RachelfromTaylor, Wm. C.187873:108
Johnson, Robert A.fromWhite, James B.188080:117
Johnson, S. E.fromDiehl, Michael188495:37
Johnson, Sarah A.toBennett, J. G.187773:273
Johnson, Sarah A.fromClerk Allen Cir. Court187677:342
Johnson, SophiatoKinzy, Christian186762:185
Johnson, W. C.toJenkins, Lewis188082:153
Johnson, William C.fromBehrins, Louis188081:531
Johnson, Wm. C.toBehrens, Louis187360:401
Johnson, Wm. C.toGabel, F. L.188081:544
Johnson, Wm. C.fromWhipple, S. E.187875:216
Johnson, Wm. R.fromJohnson, B. F. (et al.)187770:284
Johnson, Wm. R.toJohnson, Geo. E.187770:553
Johnson, Wm. R.fromJohnson, Orville187670:285
Johnston, A. F.fromWhite, James B.187772:184
Johnston, AllenfromCommissioners by Partition187975:329
Johnston, AlminafromCommissioners by Partition187975:329
Johnston, ArchibaldtoJacoby, Jno. Wesly187979:455
Johnston, ArchibaldfromTrainer, John H. S.187379:454
Johnston, ArchibaldtoWalker, Wm. M.187161:386
Johnston, BelindafromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
Johnston, Chas. F.fromCommissioners by Partition187975:329
Johnston, DavidfromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
Johnston, David A.fromRandall, Jas. W.188080:4
Johnston, Emma (Et al.)toGappinger, John187978:273
Johnston, Esther M.fromStites, Almira187980:316
Johnston, GeorgefromCommissioners by Partition187975:329
Johnston, JamesfromCommissioners by Partition187975:329
Johnston, Jas.toJohnston, Perry188183:409
Johnston, Jno. C.fromWhite, James B.187772:293
Johnston, JohnfromHolmes, Elizabeth M.187360:585
Johnston, John C.toBrown, Jno. W.187873:526
Johnston, John C.fromFrench, John A.187772:194
Johnston, MarthafromCommissioners by Partition187975:329
Johnston, Nathan A. (et al.)toJohnson, B. F.187770:548
Johnston, PerryfromJohnston, Jas.188183:409
Johnston, W. H.fromCompton, W. F.187876:324
Johnston, WesleyfromBear, George188185:170
Johnston, WesleyfromBennett, Hannah188598:437
Johnston, Wm.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
Johnston, Wm. H.toCompton, W. F.187874:431
Johnston, Wm. H.fromMcCurdy, A. C.187978:413
Johuston, BelindafromMiller, Amas187980:17
Jolly, Chas. M.fromSchmucker, Sebastian187771:113
Joly, Chas. M.fromJoly, John187771:531
Joly, JohntoJoly, Chas. M.187771:531
Joly, L. C. G.fromBobilya, Geo. L.188182:389
Jone, PaulfromRhodes, Mary L.187360:589
Jones, A. D.fromAllen, S. H. (Et al. Ex.)188289:91
Jones, A. D.fromCoffin, H. R. (Et al.)188289:91
Jones, A. D.fromDexter, E. D. (Et al. Ex.)188289:91
Jones, A. O.fromMiller, Geo. W.187978:554
Jones, A. W.fromBallinger, C. H.188395:525
Jones, Ambrose F.fromBurgess, Henry187361:70
Jones, BenjaminfromJones, John187566:169
Jones, BridgetfromHenreken, Timothy187272:326
Jones, BridgettoKeefer, Christ188081:407
Jones, BridgettoRoth, Fred188081:406
Jones, BridgetfromWhite, Jas. B.187874:514
Jones, C. B.fromHogue, Jno. H.188081:451
Jones, CatharinefromColeman, A. L.187565:81
Jones, CatharinetoJones, P. Henry187772:281
Jones, E. A.toShordon, Danl.188081:241
Jones, E. A. L. MfromMichael, Herman187979:499
Jones, Eliza F.fromGreene, Mary M.187565:295
Jones, EmmafromMcLain, Rosau187360:29
Jones, EmmatoSpellman, E. B.187566:152
Jones, EmmafromSpellman, Elizabeth B.187564:411
Jones, EmmatoSpillman, Elizabeth B.187564:343
Jones, EmmafromWageman, Jacob187770:460
Jones, EmmafromWalter, Elizabeth A.187461:454
Jones, Emma & L. M.toJarrett, Marth H.187463:177
Jones, Emma & L. M.toWalter, E. Agnes187564:532
Jones, Emma & L. M.toWells, William187464:1
Jones, Emma A.toClark, Jane187978:36
Jones, Emma A.fromConverse A. Carrie & Lyman P.187464:283
Jones, Emma A.toHamilton, Peter188080:15
Jones, Emma A.toLasselle, C. E.187977:509
Jones, Emma A.fromLasselle, C. E.187978:34
Jones, Emma A.toSpellman, E. B.187567:263
Jones, Emma A.fromWalters, E. Agnes187464:283
Jones, Emma A. & L. M.fromGodard, Lizzie Isabelle187669:192
Jones, F. W.toGarrison, Chas. A.187977:418
Jones, Fred W.fromJones, Thos.187874:113
Jones, G. M. (Et al.)fromBaker, Bridget188496:483
Jones, Hanna (et al.)toTaylor, John M.187473:38
Jones, Henry W.toZuber, P.187361:92
Jones, J. F.toBurgess, Henry187566:8
Jones, J. F.fromSensiney, Willis187566:7
Jones, Jasper W.fromPaine, Jas. D.188082:190
Jones, Jno. A.fromSteinman, Adam187977:125
Jones, Jno. M.fromWells, W.187463:260
Jones, Jno. W. Jr.fromJones, L. M.187976:345
Jones, JohntoHenrehan, Timothy187772:326
Jones, JohntoJones, Benjamin187566:169
Jones, JohntoSutter, Jacob187670:392
Jones, L. M.fromBarcus, Beulah P.187770:181
Jones, L. M.fromBrooks, Wm. H.187463:97
Jones, L. M.fromComes, Horace G.187669:153
Jones, L. M.toComstock, Anna M.187771:387
Jones, L. M.toDymond, M. L.187771:226
Jones, L. M.toEveringham, John J.187770:101
Jones, L. M.toFoster, Andrew187669:168
Jones, L. M.toGeismar, Emma L.187872:496
Jones, L. M.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.187876:357
Jones, L. M.toHill, O. E.188079:12
Jones, L. M.toHill, Owen E.187872:557
Jones, L. M.toHopple, Alzina J.187670:446
Jones, L. M.fromHopple, Chas, J.187669:82
Jones, L. M.toJones, Jno. W. Jr.187976:345
Jones, L. M.toLasselle, C. E.187876:345
Jones, L. M.fromLasselle, Caroline E.187772:345
Jones, L. M.toLasselle, Caroline E.187976:241
Jones, L. M.fromLee, Geo. D.187771:148
Jones, L. M.fromLee, Geo. D.187771:149
Jones, L. M.toMethley, John187771:380
Jones, L. M.toOburn, B. E.187771:218
Jones, L. M.fromPayne, W. B.187670:105
Jones, L. M.toRowan, Jas. & B. A.188081:260
Jones, L. M.toShurick, F. S.187978:236
Jones, L. M.toWells, Wm.187463:230
Jones, L. M.fromWhite, James B.187872:555
Jones, L. M. & E.toBaltes, Jacob187773:573
Jones, L. M. & E. A.fromMethley, John187772:19
Jones, L.M.fromLasselle, C. E.188079:499
Jones, Levi & EmmafromWalters, Wm. B.187359:577
Jones, Levi M.fromBoester, George187873:42
Jones, Levi M.toCruse, Adelia B.187874:334
Jones, Levi M.fromHarrold, M.187674:151
Jones, Levi M.fromHill, Owen E.187672:8
Jones, Levi M.toLee, Geo. D.187771:146
Jones, Levi M.toMarine, A.187359:507
Jones, Levi M.toMeyer, C. F. W.187772:185
Jones, Levi. M. & EmmatoMcLain, Rosann187363:35
Jones, MarthatoKlopfenstine, Michael187465:502
Jones, MarytoBeams, H. W.187381:290
Jones, NancyfromSheriff187565:409
Jones, P. HenryfromJones, Catharine187772:281
Jones, PaultoJamey, Francis187360:429
Jones, Sarah A.fromEvans, S. Cary187360:225
Jones, Silas C.fromBowser, J. C.187669:162
Jones, Silas C.toSmith, John187463:553
Jones, Silas C. & Julia A.toLydolph, Henry187464:69
Jones, ThomastoSinger, Thomas J.187365:181
Jones, Thos.toJones, Fred W.187874:113
Jones, Thos. J.fromKahue, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.187976:354
Jones, Wm. F.fromAyers, Susan188184:173
Jones, Wm. H.toArcher, D. R. & Snow, I. B.187565:527
Jones, Wm. H.toArcher, D. R. & Snow, I. B.187565:528
Jones, Wm. H.fromAugustine, Wm.186573:586
Jones, Wm. H.fromAugustine, Wm.186573:586
Jones, Wm. H.fromBowman, Emeline D.187977:435
Jones, Wm. H.toEckart, Fredk.187567:88
Jones, Wm. H.toFigel, Chas G.187461:497
Jones, Wm. H.toHough, John187462:209
Jones, Wm. H.toRacine, Jacob187461:567
Jones, Wm. H.toStockman, Mary187977:436
Jones, Wm. H. (Et al.)toAugustine, Wm.186373:585
Jonson, R. A.toWhite, James B.188182:213
Jordan, M. J.fromFletter, Saml. C.187667:333
Jordan, Mary J.fromHorn, Patrick187158:345
Jordan, Mary J.fromHorn, Patrick (et al.)187358:436
Jordan, Mary J. (et al.)toHorn, Patrick187358:435
Jordan, O. F.toLeahy, P. J.188081:15
Joslin, William H. (Et al.)toDriftmeyer, Ernest188182:433
Joslyn, C. E.fromCarnahan, Wm. L.188188:288
Joslyn, C. E.fromHammond, Jno.188082:10
Josse, John M.toLentz, Fredk.187359:488
Josse, LouisafromLentz, Fredk.187359:489
Jourdain, CelestianfromTrentman, A. C.188079:20
Jourdain, CelestinetoChauvey, Charles187668:472
Jourdain, CelestinefromStorm, Joseph A. M.187359:438
Jourdain, MaryfromChauvey, Charles187668:473
Joy, Jas. F. & Smith, E. (trustee)fromLouthion, Wm. P. (comr.)187772:346

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