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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Jud, ElizabethtoKrouskopf, Henry187771:362
Juergens, HenryfromTilbery, Nathan188080:24
Juif, FrancisfromCarier, A. H. (admr.)187462:515
Juif, FrancistoPequignot, Claude J.187462:498
Juif, FrankfromGuiff, Lester188286:502
Juif, LesterfromGuiff, Frank188286:503
Juif, Paul (Et al.)toPepe, Louis & J. D. Urbin187979:15
Juif, Victor (Et al.)toPepe, Louis & J. D. Urbin187979:16
Jules, SimonfromGreene, Mary M.187060:303
Jules, SimontoSimon, Charles187874:185
Julian, Susannah (Et al.)toBoger, D. D.187976:578
Jump, I. M. (Et al.)toBurrier, Isaac188081:233
Jump, L. D.toJump, O. J.187668:119
Jump, L. D.fromSquires, A.187668:118
Jump, Lorenzo D.toSowers, Daniel187669:38
Jump, ManahtoSowers Christian187462:314
Jump, O. J.fromJump, L. D.187668:119
Junck, John PeterfromHaryman, Henry187462:148
Junk, CatharinefromCarson, W. W.188495:77
Justice, L. S.fromFarrell, C. (Et al.)188494:525
Justice, Lewis S.fromAmbler, S. A. (Et al.)188494:525
Justis, LewisfromFuller, A. M.188495:573
Justus, L. S.toBohnard, R.187977:95
Justus, L. S.fromBohnard, R.188185:490
Justus, L. S.fromBohnard, R.188185:493
Justus, L. S.fromFarrel, J. W.188091:5
Justus, L. S.toMeyers, Lizzie187775:484
Justus, L. S.fromPriesh, Stephen B. (Assignee)187879:212
Justus, L. S.toSeavey, G. W.187980:378
Justus, L. S.fromSheriff187771:435
Justus, L. S.toShuler, Frank X187669:61
Justus, L. S.toStack, Catherine188080:149
Justus, L. S.fromStonebrook, Mary A.187671:238
Justus, Lewis StoThieme, Jno. A.187977:124
Justus, Lewis S.toAmbler, Catharine187670:75
Justus, Lewis S.toAustin, Louisa187565:257
Justus, Lewis S.fromBennett, Marvin W.187360:251
Justus, Lewis S.fromBohnard, Donadue187771:38
Justus, Lewis S.toBonard, Donatus187361:356
Justus, Lewis S.toBonard, Donatus187462:535
Justus, Lewis S.toBrull, Albert187669:55
Justus, Lewis S.toCrance, Art187770:350
Justus, Lewis S.toDalman, William188079:211
Justus, Lewis S.toDeahl, Edward H.187466:223
Justus, Lewis S.fromFarrell, Cornelius187874:59
Justus, Lewis S.fromFarroll, Cornelius187572:57
Justus, Lewis S.toFitzgerald, Patrick187361:2
Justus, Lewis S.toGreek, Jno.187462:489
Justus, Lewis S.toHanley, Frederick187464:410
Justus, Lewis S.toHeckbeer, F.187771:570
Justus, Lewis S.toHeckbeer, Lahener187771:571
Justus, Lewis S.toHeckbeer, Theadore187771:571
Justus, Lewis S.toMackall, M.187567:160
Justus, Lewis S.toMaloy, Michael187462:515
Justus, Lewis S.toMcBride, Robt.187668:274
Justus, Lewis S.toMercer, Henry (heirs)187469:86
Justus, Lewis S.fromMercer, Lorenzo187669:94
Justus, Lewis S.fromMiller, Jacob187874:59
Justus, Lewis S.fromMiller, Jacob B.187669:94
Justus, Lewis S.toMonnahan, Jno.187669:60
Justus, Lewis S.toMoses, Wm.187670:240
Justus, Lewis S.fromMowery, John N.187566:513
Justus, Lewis S.fromMowry, John N.187464:572
Justus, Lewis S.fromMowry, John N.187567:11
Justus, Lewis S.toOssian, B. L. & S. A.187979:267
Justus, Lewis S.fromPowel, John187465:256
Justus, Lewis S.toPowell, Sarah187565:407
Justus, Lewis S.toRing, John187874:79
Justus, Lewis S.toSeaman, Henry187566:551
Justus, Lewis S.fromSeawey, Gideon W. (Comr.)187772:56
Justus, Lewis S.toSeymour, Calvin A.187464:573
Justus, Lewis S.fromSeymour, Calvin A.187465:255
Justus, Lewis S.toStonebrook, M. A.187670:101
Justus, Lewis S.fromSturgis, Stephan B.187669:30
Justus, Lewis S.toSuter, Charles187365:286
Justus, Lewis S.toSuter, Edward187365:287
Justus, Lewis S.toThieme, Jno. A.187670:491
Justus, Lewis S.toTodd, Jesse W.187360:268
Justus, Lewis S.toTodd, Margaret B.187464:194
Justus, Lewis S.toWeaver, Cornelius187567:312
Justus, Lewis S.toWeaver, Cyrus J.187564:393

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