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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Keagle, LeahfromBronson, Thompson (Adm.)187976:219
Keanley, F. (Et al.)toSeeger, Adam188289:23
Kearns, Jno.fromLindenwood Cemetery186484:77
Keck, AlfredtoArnold, Albert (et al.)187462:272
Keck, AlfredfromSinclair, Samuel E.187462:271
Keck, ElizafromBeck, Anna M.187976:174
Keck, J. W.fromRodabaugh, J. F.188599:117
Keck, JacobfromStevick, Wm. C.188394:21
Keck, M. E.toLafever, Sarah188287:583
Keck, M. K.toAdams, Sarah188494:358
Keck, Mary E.fromArnold, Albert187772:225
Keck, Mary M.fromBurke, Saml.188393:334
Keck, Mary M.fromWhipple, Jas.188185:573
Keck, Mary R.fromStevick, Wm. C.188392:241
Keck, Wm.fromStevick, Wm. C.188293:333
Keck, Wm. H.fromMcMillen, Jas. B.188392:238
Keck, Wm. H.toSteward, Jasper N.188392:239
Keck, Wm. H.toTimbrook, Jas. M.188392:240
Keck, Wm. H.fromWidner, Anna188293:332
Keeck, PeterfromHenline, Michael187566:71
Keef, CatherinefromFitzgerald, Patrick187462:118
Keef, WilliamtoFitzgerald, Patrick187462:117
Keefe, DanieltoKeefe, Edward188599:137
Keefe, EdwardfromKeefe, Daniel188599:137
Keefe, EdwardfromKeefe, Jno.188599:109
Keefe, EdwardfromPickett, C. (Et al.)188599:108
Keefe, Jno.toKeefe, Edward188599:109
Keefer, AdamtoKeefer, Jacob Jr.187772:41
Keefer, C.toRath, Fred188184:500
Keefer, C. & Roth, FrederickfromKeller, Sebastian187873:377
Keefer, C. (Admr.)fromLindenwood Cemetry188082:105
Keefer, C. (Et al.)toMay, D. A.188494:325
Keefer, C. (Et al.)fromStelts, Sarah C.188288:587
Keefer, CatharinefromKeefer, Christian187770:461
Keefer, ChristfromJones, Bridget188081:407
Keefer, ChristianfromIngraham, C. A.188183:269
Keefer, ChristiantoKeefer, Catharine187770:461
Keefer, ChristianfromKeefer, George187770:462
Keefer, ChristianfromKellar, Sebastian187359:535
Keefer, ChristiantoKing, Raginia188290:131
Keefer, ChristiantoPohle, E. & C.188183:266
Keefer, ChristianfromRoth, Fred188287:330
Keefer, ChristiantoRoth, Fred188290:83
Keefer, ChristianfromStophlet, Anna L.187462:376
Keefer, E.fromFarner, C. & C.188288:59
Keefer, E.toRandall, P. A.188288:337
Keefer, ElizabethfromKeefer, Jno. Estate188081:478
Keefer, ElizabethtoRoller, H. B.188287:554
Keefer, ElizabethtoRoller, H. B.188392:124
Keefer, FredfromBl ???, H. (Et al.)188183:335
Keefer, FredfromFreitag, S. (Et al.)188183:335
Keefer, FredfromLeykauf, C. (Et al.)188183:335
Keefer, FredericktoSebold, Geo.188287:95
Keefer, Geo. & ChristianfromReidmiller, Jno. M.187565:259
Keefer, GeorgetoKeefer, Christian187770:462
Keefer, HenryfromBrown, Wm.187361:152
Keefer, HenryfromFoster, Levi187361:152
Keefer, Jacob Jr.fromKeefer, Adam187772:41
Keefer, JeremiahtoChorpening, Michael187669:444
Keefer, JeremiahtoCrall, Milton187567:514
Keefer, Jno. EstatetoKeefer, Elizabeth188081:478
Keefer, Jos.fromShepard, Ashbel185180:284
Keefer, L.toHayden, F. J.187876:562
Keefer, LouisafromKing, Reginia188290:131
Keefer, P.fromFrach, J. J.187463:242
Keefer, SamueltoAstry, Mary E.187565:107
Keefer, Sarah J.fromPrentiss, Joseph R.187362:499
Keefer, Susan J.fromHollopeter, Cyrus (admr.)187158:470
Keegan, J. E.toBauer, K. J.188391:569
Keegan, Jas. E.fromSlocum, Aurelia187975:531
Keegan, P. H.toBass, Georgie B.187875:115
Keegan, R. H.fromBass, Eliza M.187875:117
Keegan, R. H.fromBass, Georgie B.187875:117
Keegan, Sarah A.fromGreene, Mary M.187359:496
Keegan, Sarah A.fromGreene, Mary M.187566:7
Keel, A. C.fromDille, Jos. H.188495:76
Keel, A. C.toKeel, Mary G.188496:540
Keel, Aurora C.toStands, Levi H.187360:222
Keel, DavidfromDoyle, Michael187071:106
Keel, JacobfromWilkinson, Charity188496:314
Keel, M. G.toNewell, C. M.188288:10
Keel, Mary G.fromKeel, A. C.188496:540
Keel, Mary G.fromRopa, Sophia187977:219
Keel, Mary G.toRopa, Sophia187977:392
Keel, Mary G.fromStands, Levi H.187360:601
Keen, J. M.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.188287:317
Keener, Sarah C.toWarner, George W.187564:401
Kees, Frank & PollyfromCourdavey, Phil (et al.)187773:3
Kees, Frank & PollyfromDruhet, Christene (et al.)187773:3
Kees, Frank & PollyfromGardner, Sarah (et al.)187773:3
Kees, Frank & PollyfromSavageot, Nicholas (et al.)187773:3
Kees, Frank & PollyfromShondel, Matilda187773:3
Kees, HenrytoKees, Samantha A.187770:347
Kees, S. A.toDarling, A. G.188287:225
Kees, Samantha A.fromKees, Henry187770:347
Kees, Susanah (Et al.)toMills, Samuel188192:591
Kees, Wm.toBoultin, Henry (Et al.)187976:585
Kees, Wm.fromBoulton, Henry187165:110
Kees, Wm.fromHollopeter, Austin187888:181
Kees, Wm.fromOber, Geo. W.187888:180
Kees, Wm.fromPerkins, John187465:111
Keese, Wm.toBoulton, Henry187465:544
Keesler, HoweytoSnyder, George R.187270:464
Keesler, JamesfromBeam, Jno.187468:94
Keesler, JamestoWann, George187772:116
Keesler, JohntoBrown, Wm.187362:165
Keesler, Mary (Et al.)toBenninghoof, Jno.188393:323
Keesler, Mary M.toBaker, John S.186867:521
Keesler, William F.toSnyder, George R.187370:465
Keesler, Wm. F.toWalker, E. F.188189:41
Keevel, DavidtoPratt, M. M.188080:152
Keever, ElisabethfromSutton, Hawey188289:404
Keever, ElizabethfromSheriff188495:198
Keever, SamueltoCurrant, Sylvanus S.187359:329
Kefer, Sarah A. (Et al.)toRidenour, Lewis187976:474
Keffer, SarahfromKime, John184966:13
Kegelmann, JuliusfromSmith, H. P. & B. F.188081:5&6
Kegelmann, JuliusfromSmith, Sarah A.188080:603
Kegg, EmanueltoKegg, Wm. A.187474:505
Kegg, EmanueltoKegg, Wm. A.187474:508
Kegg, EmanuelfromWeimman, A. & P.187274:506
Kegg, EmanuelfromWilliams, J. S.186674:505
Kegg, Wm.fromSesler, Elizabeth187566:22
Kegg, Wm. A.fromCook, M. M.187978:458
Kegg, Wm. A.fromKegg, Emanuel187474:508
Kegg, Wm. A.fromKegg, Emanuel187474:505
Kehnert, AugustfromGill, Geo. w. (Et al.)188287:576
Kehnert, AugustfromGriswold, R. J.188287:576
Kehnert, AugustfromPlank, M. G. (Et al.)188287:576
Kehnert, AugustfromWilcox, Susan (Et al.)188287:576
Kehuert, AugustfromColton, S. A. (Et al.)188287:576
Kehuert, AugustfromCrane, E. (Guard)188287:578
Keifer, ChristiantoBurkholder, Joseph187469:123
Keifer, Jacob N.toBurkholder, Joseph187469:122
Keiffer, JacobfromGarton, James B.187669:309
Keil Bros.fromLindenwood Cemetery187462:345
Keil BrothersfromScott, Lucy M. & Francis M.187462:344
Keil, AmericafromGlass, Nancy187880:588
Keil, D. S. (Guard)toAntrup, F. W.187772:33
Keil, D. S. L. D. & J. H.fromLittle, George L. (guard.)187358:429
Keil, D. S. L. D. & J. H.fromLord, Mary O.187358:430
Keil, J. H. (et al.)toWhite, Jas. B.187668:523
Kein, DanielfromStraus, F. W. (Et al.)188182:361
Kein, J. J. (Guard)toDavis, Saml. T.188288:167
Keinz, PhillipfromCentliore, C. L.187978:228
Keinz, PhillipfromSmoker, Tebor187360:128
Keiser, MichaeltoMarquett, Alfred187262:245
Keiser, RebeccafromBicknese, Fred (Et al.)188289:305
Keiser, RebeccafromWiebke, Henry (Et al.)188289:305
Keith, Isaac M.toLove, Catharine187667:359
Keith, Isaac M.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187464:369
Keith, J. S.fromGlaze, E. J.188289:539
Kelker, AnthonyfromJohnson, Francis H.187462:204
Kelker, SusanfromOgle, Jno. J.187464:79
Kelker, Susan & Geo.toUlery, Angeline187564:280
Kell, A. C.fromNewell, C. M.188288:11
Kell, Geo. V.fromChappell, P.187977:590
Kell, Geo. V.toKell, Jacob187873:520
Kell, Geo. V. (Adm.)toHatch, N. V.188392:108
Kell, GeorgetoDennis, Phillip H.187566:356
Kell, GeorgetoEsmond, George187566:356
Kell, GeorgetoRundle, Chas.187566:356
Kell, GeorgefromSheriff187464:176
Kell, GeorgefromStoner, Emilia187978:306
Kell, George E.toMiller, Margaret187577:377
Kell, JacobtoFt. W. Kackson & S. R. R. Co.187363:595
Kell, JacobfromHarrod, Lucinda188287:253
Kell, JacobfromHatch, Neroman V.188079:458
Kell, JacobfromKell, Geo. V.187873:520
Kell, JacobfromWilkinson, Charity188391:454
Kell, Jacob (Ex.)toKell, Solomon188183:178
Kell, SolomanfromPichon, Alex C.187464:300
Kell, SolomonfromKell, Jacob (Ex.)188183:178
Kell, SolomontoStapleton, Joshua187771:150
Kellar, JacobfromSheriff187873:311
Kellar, SebastiantoKeefer, Christian187359:535
Kellar, SebastiantoRoth, Fredk.187359:536
Kellemeyer, LewisfromAuditor187770:313
Kellenberger F.fromGraham, James187668:140
Kellenburger, FrancestoGraham, Mary E.187668:112
Keller & KanntoNivkey, David W.188081:441
Keller & KanntoRoberson, A. W.188081:440
Keller & KanntoRoss, Wm. (Heirs)188082:478
Keller & MillerfromSmith, Henry187566:321
Keller & RochfromBaltes, Michael187361:152
Keller, Chas.fromWhite, J. B.188081:457
Keller, E. (Et al.)toHoffer, Fred188185:318
Keller, E. F.toRobinson, A. J.188082:8
Keller, Harriet E.fromHarrison, Mary188392:485
Keller, Harriet E.fromLerch, George W.187873:385
Keller, Harriet E.fromRosser, Mathias188392:484
Keller, Harriet E.toZuber, Pantalion188392:486
Keller, HenryfromGreene, Mary M.187570:102
Keller, J. & J. KamfromSheriff188081:188
Keller, J. & P.toBear, George188185:000
Keller, J. (Et al.)toLipes, D. H.188085:566
Keller, J. (Et al.)toWeirich, Jno.188183:566
Keller, J. L.toRice, Geo. W.187978:329
Keller, JacobfromCommissioner in Partition188185:66
Keller, JacobtoDice, Henry188390:481
Keller, JacobfromHazen, Martin188183:356
Keller, JacobfromHull, A. T.188183:404
Keller, JacobtoRoberson, D. A.188287:531
Keller, JacobtoRomy, Catherine A.187979:222
Keller, JacobfromSheriff188289:584
Keller, JacobtoWilliams, Nancy188186:333
Keller, Jacob (Et al.)toBennet, X. L.188186:167
Keller, Jno.fromCarson, C. E.188086:444
Keller, Jno.toRudkin, Jas.188186:445
Keller, Jno. L.fromBuskirk, S. P.188182:206
Keller, JosephtoColerick, P. B.187669:98
Keller, JosephfromDierstein, Conrad187566:151
Keller, JosephtoMiller, John C.187669:99
Keller, KassimertoBuech, John187461:536
Keller, KassimerfromBuech, John187462:385
Keller, MalvinafromDresback, Isaac187978:358
Keller, PkarustoLerch, Geo. W.187873:258
Keller, Roth, & KeeferfromHanna, Henry C.187463:519
Keller, S. & M.fromArantz, Philip188496:72
Keller, S. (Ex.)toWebber, M. N.188288:105
Keller, SebastiantoArantz, P. & R.188496:69
Keller, SebastiantoKeefer, C. & Roth, Frederick187873:377
Keller, SebastiantoRoth, Frederick187566:341
Keller, SebastianfromRoth, Frederick187566:342
Keller, SebastianfromRoth, Fredk.187359:534
Keller, SebastianfromSchilling, Frank187359:534
Keller, SusanfromColerick, P. B.187669:102
Keller, SusantoNeuroth, Louis187874:303
Kellett, M. E.fromLangley, Jno. (by will)188187:43
Kelley, A. M.toAndrew, Asberry186081:262
Kelley, CatherinetoAndrew, Asberry186181:263
Kelley, DennistoAharen, Thos.188185:585
Kelley, DennisfromHerron, Thomas A.187564:333
Kelley, J. B.fromFawley, John188182:566
Kelley, J. B.toFawley, Martha188182:567
Kelley, J. M. & C. M.fromFox, A. M.188287:296
Kelley, M. M.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188183:468
Kelley, M. M. & A. E.fromSimpson, J. V. I. & T. W.188183:424
Kelley, Michael M.toBabcock, John H.187976:538
Kelley, VictoriafromFederspiel, Phillip187669:365
Kellog, DennistoHerron, Thos. A.187564:332
Kellogg, D. E.toZollinger, M. F.187879:7
Kellogg, Douglass E.fromWhite, James B.187773:382
Kellogg, Douglass E.fromWhite, James B.187773:383
Kellogg, Jno. H.toFreadmann, Mathias F.188390:366
Kellogg, John H.fromPickard, Thomas R.187566:573
Kellogg, MargaretfromFreadmann, Frank188390:366
Kelly, Anna ElizabethfromHartnett, James187464:31
Kelly, ChristianfromHoxie, Perry G.187360:241
Kelly, Geo. W.toFederspiel, Phillip187669:317
Kelly, Geo. W. & V.fromCasey, W. R.188599:157
Kelly, JamestoHarris, Sawyer & Rawle187568:444
Kelly, JamesfromWolcott, J. R. & F. M.187567:12
Kelly, JohntoCrozier, Saml. H.187461:569
Kelly, JohnfromMarquet, Jacob187569:442
Kelly, JohntoStrevy, Lewis187669:443
Kelly, Michael M.fromCody, Morris, Sr.187361:2
Kelly, R. C.fromTaylor, Jno.188184:512
Kelly, TimothytoKennelly, Michael188080:174
Kelsey, A. G.toSites, Malochi185391:477
Kelsey, A. G. (Ass.)fromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185291:168
Kelsey, A. G. (Ass.)fromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185291:167
Kelsey, A. N. & C.fromChase, S. W.188598:254
Kelsey, Aaron G.toPocock, Elihu185592:389
Kelsey, Aaron, G.fromHenderson, Calvin T.187161:334
Kelsey, AbnertoKelsey, Aden187567:152
Kelsey, AbnerfromKelsey, Aden (Et al.)188183:520
Kelsey, AbnerfromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Kelsey, AbnerfromWilkerson, T. (Et al.)188183:526
Kelsey, Abner (ex.)fromKelsey, Catharine187565:386
Kelsey, AdenfromKelsey, Abner187567:152
Kelsey, AdenfromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Kelsey, AdenfromKlesey, Abner187667:223
Kelsey, AdenfromSecor, Jas.188183:399
Kelsey, Aden (Et al.)toKelsey, Abner188183:520
Kelsey, Allen H.fromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Kelsey, B. D.fromKelsey, J. H.187978:429
Kelsey, CatharinetoKelsey, Abner (ex.)187565:386
Kelsey, E. J.toCrawford, G. L.188289:528
Kelsey, E. J.fromCrawford, Geo. L.188494:204
Kelsey, E. J.toHarris, Lucinda188184:18
Kelsey, ElizafromHatfield, Amos187669:90
Kelsey, ElizatoKelsey, Eliza J.187874:124
Kelsey, ElizatoKelsey, Robt. A.188080:396
Kelsey, ElizafromRich, Joseph187669:183
Kelsey, Eliza J.toCarr, Walter188599:49
Kelsey, Eliza J.toCrawford, Geo. L.187979:155
Kelsey, Eliza J.fromKelsey, Eliza187874:124
Kelsey, EmmafromJeffries, Jno.187681:419
Kelsey, EmmatoJeffries, Salem S.188081:446
Kelsey, EmmafromKelsey, Isaac187781:418
Kelsey, EmmafromKelsey, James F.187670:526
Kelsey, EmmafromKelsey, Samuel B.187670:525
Kelsey, H. S.toCrabbs, Wm. R.188396:236
Kelsey, H. S. (Coms.)to Kelsey, S. E.188287:323
Kelsey, H. S. (Coms.)toHamilton, B. A.188080:402
Kelsey, Henry S.toScott, Martin188186:359
Kelsey, I. H.toCarr, Walter188599:48
Kelsey, I. H.fromCraig, S. A.188185:138
Kelsey, I. H.fromCrawford, G. L. (Guard)188186:275
Kelsey, I. H.fromFoultz, Mary188185:137
Kelsey, I. H.fromRobinett, Jas.188186:275
Kelsey, I. H.toRobinett, Jas.188186:48
Kelsey, I. H.fromSnider, John188185:139
Kelsey, IsaactoKelsey, Emma187781:418
Kelsey, Isaac H.fromHarris, Clara188185:140
Kelsey, Isaac H.fromHarris, Lucinda188185:136
Kelsey, Isaac H.toKelsey, S. B.187976:436
Kelsey, Isaac H.toKelsey, Samuel B.187976:171
Kelsey, Isaac H.toSnider, John187976:461
Kelsey, J. H.fromClaggett, H. (Et al.)187977:132
Kelsey, J. H.toKelsey, B. D.187978:429
Kelsey, J. H.fromRemer, Emma (Et al.)187977:132
Kelsey, J. T.toRich, Jos.187463:200
Kelsey, J. T.toRich, Jos.187463:202
Kelsey, James F.toClark, Enoch187564:447
Kelsey, James F.toKelsey, Emma187670:526
Kelsey, James F. (et al.)fromHogg, Nathaniel B.187667:437
Kelsey, James T.toBarcus, Beulah187360:602
Kelsey, James T.fromBarcus, Daniel187360:603
Kelsey, James T.toDraker, John187565:315
Kelsey, James T.toKelsey, Samuel B.187565:416
Kelsey, Jas. H.fromUnited States185094:595
Kelsey, Jno.toBeck, Geo.187482:449
Kelsey, Jno.toHoverstock, Wm.187482:449
Kelsey, JohnfromFelts, E. G.187462:286
Kelsey, JohnfromRobart, Jacob187362:284
Kelsey, JohnfromSink, Elijah (Heirs)187362:285
Kelsey, JohnfromSink, Elizabeth187462:287
Kelsey, JohnfromSink, Elizabeth (Guard)187364:231
Kelsey, John M.fromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoGaskill, Anna L.187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoKelsey, Abner187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoKelsey, Aden187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoKelsey, Allen H.187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoKelsey, John M.187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoKelsey, Laura E.187567:224
Kelsey, JonathantoKelsey, Sarah M.187667:224
Kelsey, JonathantoWilkerson, Lydia187667:224
Kelsey, Laura E.fromKelsey, Jonathan187567:224
Kelsey, PhebefromDraker, Jno.187782:272
Kelsey, R. H.toKelsey, S. B.188080:446
Kelsey, RebeccatoKelsey, Wm. A. 188286:583
Kelsey, Robt. A.fromKelsey, Eliza188080:396
Kelsey, S. B.fromClifford, Jas. (Et al.)188288:161
Kelsey, S. B.fromKelsey, Isaac H.187976:436
Kelsey, S. B.fromKelsey, R. H.188080:446
Kelsey, S. B.toLeech, Wm. A.188391:100
Kelsey, S. B.toLinton, Elizabeth188391:279
Kelsey, S. B.toMiller, Robt.188495:133
Kelsey, S. B.toN.Y.C. & St. L. R. Co.188289:574
Kelsey, S. B.fromWalker, L. S.188186:69
Kelsey, S. B. (Et al.)toHogg, N. B.187874:319
Kelsey, Samuel B.toHatfield, Amos187669:89
Kelsey, Samuel B.toKelsey, Emma187670:525
Kelsey, Samuel B.fromKelsey, Isaac H.187976:171
Kelsey, Samuel B.fromKelsey, James T.187565:416
Kelsey, Samuel B.toKelsey, Wm. H.187670:63
Kelsey, Sarah M.fromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Kelsey, W. A. (Trustee)fromCorey, Jno. N.188393:171
Kelsey, Wm. A.toJeffries, John187670:27
Kelsey, Wm. A.fromJeffries, Salem S.188081:447
Kelsey, Wm. A. fromKelsey, Rebecca188286:583
Kelsey, Wm. A. (Trustee)fromHarper, Isiah W.188393:172
Kelsey, Wm. H.fromClark, Enoch187669:423
Kelsey, Wm. H.fromKelsey, Samuel B.187670:63
Kelug, GregorfromGetty, F. (Et al.)188391:435
Kemp, EdgartoSeimon, Rudolph188182:390
Kemp, O. & E.toTaylor, Jno.187669:126
Kemp, O. E.toEme, Adele188495:57
Kemp, O. E.fromOLeary, Catharine (Guard)188185:296
Kemp, O. E.toTresselt, Christian188183:477
Kemp, O. E.fromWood, Mary188079:443
Kemp, OpheliafromMedsker, Isaac N.187667:547
Kemp, OpheliafromTaylor, John187669:126
Kemp, Ophelia E.toViberg, Augusta187462:356
Kempf, LouisatoHaiber, Chas. F.188494:576
Kempf, LouisafromHeishner, Henry187360:362
Kenan, AlvinfromBenton, Charlie187877:295
Kenan, AlvintoMiller, J. C.187977:295
Kenan, AlvintoRiblet, John P. K.187876:128
Kenan, Jno. M.toSommers, John187669:5
Kendall, James M.toKimmel, Jacob H.187463:32
Kenedy, JamestoBarkdakk, H. C.187976:149
Kenedy, JamesfromBarkdall, Henry187667:304
Kenedy, Jno.fromFry, Jos. B. (Adm.)188496:293
Kenedy, T.fromCassady, J.187363:314
Kennan, Jno. M.toRandall, P. A.188085:426
Kennan, Jno. M.toSummers, John187669:48
Kennard, EdwardfromKennard, Wm. (admr.)187462:140
Kennard, Gilbert B.toKnouse, Michael B.187361:97
Kennard, JohntoKnouse, Michael B.187361:96
Kennard, JohnfromKnouse, Michael B.187771:524
Kennard, Wm. (admr.)toKennard, Edward187462:140
Kennark, JohntoKennark, S.187771:536
Kennark, S.fromKennark, John187771:536
Kennark, SalmatoKennark, Wm.187462:383
Kennark, Wm.toFortieve, Louis187462:493
Kennark, Wm.fromKennark, Salma187462:383
Kennedy, DavidfromAuditor185886:549
Kennedy, DavidfromAuditor Allen Co.185875:368
Kennedy, DavidfromAuditor of Allen Co.185375:368
Kennedy, James & SophiafromKnepper, Lewis M.187463:594
Kennedy, JohnfromFry, Maria M.188598:299
Kennedy, Mary A.fromWilson, Jesse S.187771:42
Kennedy, P. P.toJiant, Jacob187978:556
Kennedy, Philo. P.toMiller, Samuel T.187979:96
Kennedy, SophiafromCartwright, James M.187463:538
Kennedy, SophiatoCartwright, Samuel187668:417
Kennedy, SophiafromCartwright, Samuel187771:25
Kennedy, SophiatoKnepper, Lewis M.187463:593
Kennelly, MichaelfromKelly, Timothy188080:174
Kennerk, JohnfromCushing, Michael186464:126
Kennerk, M. E.toCrow, J. J.188288:205
Kennerk, MargaretfromOShaughnesy, Thomas187873:164
Kennon, AlextoGier, Jane W.187363:390
Kennon, AlextoKennon, Wm. N.187362:338
Kennon, Wm. N.fromKennon, Alex187362:338
Kensell, G. W. Jr.toBilser, John188392:491
Kensell, Louisa (Et al.)toBilser, Jacob188392:445
Kensill, Jno. C. & MarthafromMuhlenbruck, Gottreich187977:433
Kensill, LouisafromBilser, Jacob (Et al.)188392:490
Kensill, LouisatoPeters Box & Lumber Co.188598:533
Kentner, E. S.fromDoering, C. A. (Et al.)188182:201
Kentner, E. S.fromGraves, T. A. (Et al.)188182:201
Kentner, M. M.toBlum, August Sr.188184:551
Kentner, M. M.fromHouk, George188184:461
Kentner,E. S.toSaylor, Jacob188182:203
Kenyon, E. P.toKenyon, S. M.187585:92
Kenyon, S. M.fromKenyon, E. P.187585:92
Kepler, ElizabethfromKepler, Sappena (heirs)187361:114
Kepler, ElizabethtoKrah, C. F.188186:109
Kepler, Sappena (heirs)toKepler, Elizabeth187361:114
Keplinger & KnightfromKohr, Elias188497:61
Keplinger, A. M.fromHoverstock, Wm.187687:217
Keplinger, A. M.fromNoaker, Jas. (Et al.)187678:102
Keplinger, A. M.fromReeder, William I.187278:99
Keplinger, A. m. (Adm.)toShoup, W. H.188287:246
Keplinger, A. M. (Et al.)toShelley, D. M.188597:220
Keplinger, AbrahamfromKore, Samuel187778:99
Keplinger, Abraham M.fromChupp, Jacob H.187278:97
Keplinger, AbramfromHoverstock, Anna E.187378:100
Keplinger, AbramfromHoverstock, Wm. (Atty)187278:98
Keplinger, AbramfromTerrance, Belle187278:98
Keplinger, Abram M.fromHoverstock, Mary (Et al.)187578:101
Keplinger, Abram M.fromHoverstock, Mary (Et al.)187678:102
Keplinger, Abram M.fromHoverstock, Wm. J.187578:102
Keplinger, Daniel S.fromAuditor188081:384
Keplinger, Daniel S.fromAuditor188081:382
Keplinger, H. A.fromBickford, Geo. R.188597:477
Keplinger, J. A.fromZimmerman, Jno.187566:109
Kepple, L. (Et al.)toCrouse, Jesse188089:10
Kepple, L. (Et al.)toCrouse, Jesse188289:9
Kepple, LeahtoCrouse, Jesse188290:26
Kepple, LewistoEggimann, Lovina188391:588
Keppler, Louisa C.fromVordermark, Ernst187360:164
Kerbach, ErnstfromKerbach, Fred188393:118
Kerbach, FredtoKerbach, Ernst188393:118
Kerkerndall, Jas. (Et al.)toEby, Daniel187673:456
Kerkwood, Cynthia A.fromKingsley, Julia H.187361:191
Kern, CasperfromKern, Jacob J.188188:17
Kern, CaspertoKern, Jacob J.188192:99
Kern, Casper & John J.fromSheriff187462:561
Kern, J. J.toMcMillen, J. B.188392:97
Kern, J. J.fromSheriff188392:89
Kern, Jacob J.toKern, Casper188188:17
Kern, Jacob J.fromKern, Casper188192:99
Kern, Jacob J.fromMcWhinney, Frank188496:227
Kern, Jacob J.fromSheriff188391:124
Kern, Jacob J. (Adm.)toSauers, Martin & Borden, George187873:400
Kernes, F.fromMiller, Cornelius (et ux.)187463:239
Kernes, MarytoLenham, Harriette187976:387
Kerns, DanieltoBishop, Sarah E.187982:381
Kerns, Jno. H.fromReichelderfer, Louis188495:493
Kerns, LuthertoDresbach, I187463:217
Kerns, Mary & Jas.fromGorrell, Jennie E.187568:367
Kerns, S. C.toCrofford, David187474:333
Kerns, Solomon C.fromDooley, John187360:380
Kerr Murray Mcfg. Co.fromCressler, E. E.188183:386
Kerr Murray Mcfg. Co.fromCressler, E. E. (Et al.)188183:387
Kerr Murray Mcfg. Co.fromMurray, Jane (Et al.)188183:387
Kerr Murray Mcfy. Co.fromCressler, E. E.188183:386
Kerr Murray Mcfy. Co.fromCressler, E. E. (Et al.)188183:387
Kerr, HughfromGresly, Peter M.188080:139
Kerr, Murray Mfg. Co.fromHamilton, A. H.188393:72
Kerr, W. J.toHiler, J. V. & N. J.188083:73
Kerr, W. J. & AnnafromKeyser, Mary H.188080:338
Kerr, W. j. (Et al.)fromHarper, Jas. B.188597:272
Kerr, Wm. E.fromMackey, Jas.188290:214
Kerr, Wm. J.toHarper, Jas. B.188597:270
Kerr, Wm. J.fromTagtmeyer, Anna187360:193
Kesler, Comelius B.toSeavy, G. W.187873:190
Kesler, Marion P.toEley, John187360:340
Kessens, ChristianfromArenz, Barney187359:332
Kessens, ChristiantoPfeiffer, Phillip187360:83
Kessler, S. H.toFerber, Henry188597:355
Kessler, S. HenryfromBrueback, G. T.188286:470
Ketcham, A. J.fromBeardsley, Jame O.187359:306
Ketchum, Andrew J.fromDunton, Washington187565:268
Ketchum, Andrew J.fromWilkinson, Thomas187462:62
Ketchum, Elizabeth H.fromChappell, Christopher187669:527
Ketchum, JamestoHook, John H.187770:175
Ketchum, WaltertoLahnnan, Jacob187360:271
Ketchum, WaltertoLahnnan, Jacob187859:308
Ketscher, Magdalena (Et al.)toMoellering, Chas.188394:37
Ketselman, Jno.toGage, P. R.188392:351
Kettler, ElisefromMohr, Mary188289:362
Kettler, ElisetoMuhlenbruck, G.188496:43
Kettler, WilliamfromStemler, Philopene187770:314
Kettler, Wm.fromRau, Casper188094:339
Kever, HenrytoFredley, L.187976:492
Kever, S. a. (Et al.)toMcMahin, Thos188183:378
Keyser, J. M.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188184:477
Keyser, J. M.fromFrost, J. H.188186:102
Keyser, J. M.fromHolland, M. a.188085:85
Keyser, J. M.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188184:477
Keyser, J. M.fromMcWhinney, Frank188495:315
Keyser, J. M.toOwens, Owen188287:162
Keyser, J. M.fromParks, Volney188391:163
Keyser, J. M.toPrangey, Geo. C.188288:481
Keyser, JacobfromBittinger, G. L.188089:466
Keyser, Jacob M.toBittinger, G. L.188392:476
Keyser, Jacob M.toBundy, Chas.188288:588
Keyser, Jacob M.toLiebeg, Carl188394:309
Keyser, Jacob M.toLiebig, Carl188495:546
Keyser, Jacob M.toParks, Volney188286:486
Keyser, Jacob M.toSelover, N. H.188288:568
Keyser, Jacob M.toSelover, Nelson188288:568
Keyser, Jacob M.toShhuman, Geo. W.188081:374
Keyser, M. H.fromMoran, Peter188080:444
Keyser, M. H.toUnderhill, A. E.188290:85
Keyser, Mary H.toGavin, Sedonia187361:31
Keyser, Mary H.toKerr, W. J. & Anna188080:338
Keyser, Mary H.fromRocht, Jos.188080:337
Keyser, Mary H.fromRocht, Joseph187361:32
Keyser, P. H.fromKnapp, F. W.188287:535

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