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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Knaack, CarolinefromTaylor, Robt. S.188185:216
Knaga, HestertoFalkinburgh, Eli187572:370
Knaga, I. H. & P. K.fromLong, Nancy V.188391:234
Knapp, AthaliafromHiggins, George A.187770:358
Knapp, F. W.toKeyser, P. H.188287:535
Knapp, IsaactoOakley, Harriet186970:56
Knapp, J. R.fromJohnson, F.187463:310
Knapp, Jno. R.fromShaffer, Jno.188186:428
Knapp, John K.toMaxwell, Geo. W.187564:480
Knapp, John R.toHiggins, George A.187365:238
Knapp, R. L. (Et al.)toBurrowes, E. M.188598:534
Knapp, Thos. W.toTaylor, J. M.188287:32
Knapp, Thos. W.fromTaylor, Judson M.188287:92
Knapp, W. S.fromSensiney, Willis187566:7
Knappenberger, W.fromLillie, Jno.188183:123
Knappennberger, W.fromWells, W. L.188289:224
Knecht, Jno. J. (Et al.)fromRawles, Frank W. (Com.)188393:274
Kneede, D. B.toVodde, Magdalena188286:238
Knentzel, MarytoDiehl, M. & Co.188287&132
Knepper, C. (Et al.)toDarroch, A. M.188080:520
Knepper, Lewis M.toKennedy, James & Sophia187463:594
Knepper, Lewis M.fromKennedy, Sophia187463:593
Knepper, LouistoBarkdall, Henry187565:83
Knepper, MargaretfromCartwright, E. M.187976:251
Knepper, MargaretfromReam, Jos. G.188183:155
Kneubuhler, F.fromHutchinson, C. W.188391:512
Knider, Jno.fromHill, O. E.188184:146
Knidop, Jno. E.fromWhite, Jas. B.188081:78
Knight, A. H.fromKnight, Conrad188297:104
Knight, A. H.toMurray, J. E. & L. E.188397:105
Knight, ChristenafromMiller, Amherst Sr.188287:500
Knight, ConradfromAuditor188392:393
Knight, ConradfromBeck, Geo. W.187874:174
Knight, ConradfromFelts, E. J. (Et al.)187482:450
Knight, ConradfromHoopenganier, Noah187873:373
Knight, ConradtoKnight, A. H.188297:104
Knight, ConradtoKohr, Elias188392:487
Knight, ConradfromKohr, Elias188392:321
Knight, CoonrodfromShoup, Nathaniel188288:362
Knight, E. L. & Dever, Jno.fromCassiday, Minerva186374:368
Knight, Ellen M.toHough, John187469:474
Knight, LewisfromMiller, Amherst Sr.188287:499
Knight, Phillip A. (Guard)toHosler & Fox187360:548
Knight, S. F.fromSnow, Isaac B.187669:50
Knipstein, FrederickfromDaugherty, Wm.187669:53
Knise, ChristianfromNahrwold, Wm.187668:230
Knisely, J. W. & G. M.fromKock, Simon188598:587
Kniss, Geo.toHull, M. E. (Et al.)188393:148
Kniss, Harvy J.toHull, M. E. (Et al.)188393:149
Kniss, J. H.toMathews, Alfred188081:202
Knoblanch, OttofromHopkins, Zelous188186:141
Knoblauch, OttofromEdgerton, J. K.188287:538
Knoblauck, OttofromBowman, O.P.188185:53
Knoche, PeterfromRemmel, A. C.188185:369
Knoche, StinafromSheriff188391:500
Knode, L. B.fromBaker, Killian188992:269
Knode, L. B.fromBurgess, Henry188186:103
Knode, L. B.toDeVilbies, A. & L. A.188495:612
Knode, L. B.fromFulton, Julia A.188186:197
Knode, L. B.toGreen, E. W. & J. A.188185:48
Knode, L. B.fromHoagland, Pliny188185:300
Knode, L. B.toRos, Mathias188289:94
Knode, Lucy B.fromBurgess, Henry188393:68
Knode, Lucy B.fromBurgess, Henry188393:65
Knode, Lucy B.fromBurgess, Henry188393:66
Knode, Lucy B.toMcIntosh, Alexander187065:133
Knode, Lucy B.fromTaylor, Z. P.187464:320
Knode, R. S.fromBurgess, Henry188393:64
Knode, R. S.fromCastle, Susan188185:103
Knode, R. S.fromGreen, Silas188598:280
Knode, R. S.toGreen, Silas188598:294
Knode, R. S.toGrover, Sidney188182:171
Knode, R. S.fromMcDonald, L. J.187876:296
Knode, R. S.toPickel, Jno. E.188185:104
Knode, R. S.fromSchnelker, N. (Adm.)188185:185
Knode, R. S.toWhitaker, J. W.188185:370
Knode, R. S. & L. M.toFederspiel, John187360:313
Knode, Robert S.fromKronimaker, William188080:131
Knode, Robert S.toTaylor, Z. P.187464:320
Knode, Robert S.fromTenge, Henry187359:374
Knode, Robt. S.fromAuditor188080:132
Knoder, Geo. W.fromFort Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.187977:569
Knoder, Geo. W.toHutchinson, T. J.188082:85
Knoder, Geo. W.fromTrustees Ft. Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.187977:569
Knodi, R. S.toMix, Thomas D.187976:297
Knoll, Wm. B.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187360:344
Knoph, AdentoBrunson, Nathan187671:241
Knoph, AdentoBrunson, Nathan187773:19
Knoph, John A.toTaylor, John M.186173:56
Knothe, JuliusfromHill, Maria A.187669:330
Knouse, C. A. & M. B.fromHerrick, W. S.188288:403
Knouse, David S.toHerrick, Wm. S.187873:111
Knouse, M. B.fromBaker, M. L.187567:457
Knouse, M. B.fromBritzins, Jno.187567:455
Knouse, M. B.toDuhme, Herman (Et al.)188495:474
Knouse, M. B.toSmith, H. & N. A.188082:472
Knouse, M. B.toSmith, H. & N. A.188598:173
Knouse, M. B.toVanBuskirk, L.187568:205
Knouse, MariatoHerrick, Wm. S.187874:438
Knouse, MariafromNeff, P. J.188496:405
Knouse, MariatoNeff, P. J. (Trustee)188496:410
Knouse, MariatoVan Buskirk, L.187877:44
Knouse, Michael B.fromHiles, Jackson187361:140
Knouse, Michael B.fromKennard, Gilbert B.187361:97
Knouse, Michael B.fromKennard, John187361:96
Knouse, Michael B.toKennard, John187771:524
Knouse, S. A.toVan Buskirk, L.187777:43
Knowlton, AlberttoAke, Ledakiah187565:291
Knowlton, AlbertfromStellhorn, Fredk. W.187464:58
Knowlton, Geo. W.toTrustee Lafayette Tp.187358:551
Knowlton, W. W.fromCoonrod, Peter188495:425
Knowse, M. B.fromBaker, M. L.187567:546
Knox, M. J.toHindman, Saml.187572:102
Knox, Mary J.fromSiemon, A. F.188290:169
Knox, Wm.toStahl, R. H.187976:346
Knox, Wm.fromStahl, R. H.187976:341
Knuger, A. C.toSmith, Elisha J.187977:31

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