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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Kubach, Fredk.fromPickard, Thos R.187360:143
Kuckman, JacobfromNewberger, Louis187565:229
Kuckman, LouisafromNewberger, Louis187565:228
Kuckman, MargaretfromNewberger, Louis187565:228
Kuckuck, C. A.fromMeteany, Jno. M.188495:403
Kuentzel, F. J.toRea, Geo. N.188288:103
Kuentzel, F. J. & M.fromMorgan, O. P.188390:492
Kuhn, C. (Et al.)fromHanley, S. A.188391:271
Kuhn, CatharinefromFitzpatrick, E.188391:270
Kuhn, Catherine (Et al.)toDupell, C. A.188391:571
Kuhne & KmegartoRobertson, Robt. S.188082:224
Kuhne, EmmatoDitsell, Wm.188183:95
Kuhne, EmmafromORourke, P. S.188185:458
Kuhne, EmmafromSheriff188182:195
Kuhne, F. A.toSager, D. B.187977:407
Kuhne, F. M.toBloomhuff, Catharine187770:339
Kuhne, F. W.fromAbbott, R. B.188079:167
Kuhne, F. W.fromAuditor187464:353
Kuhne, F. W.fromAuditor187463:584
Kuhne, F. W.fromAuditor187464:354
Kuhne, F. W.fromAuditor187464:356
Kuhne, F. W.fromAuditor1875A:70
Kuhne, F. W.toORouske, P. S.188185:459
Kuhne, F. W.toRoe, Adam188390:390
Kuhne, F. W.toRomy, R. L.188288:483
Kuhne, F. W.fromSiemon, Rud.187464:358
Kuhne, F. W.fromSiemon, Rud.187564:359
Kuhne, F. W. & E.fromArgo, M. E.188290:142
Kuhne, F. W. & E.fromKrueger, A. C.188393:22
Kuhne, F. W. & E.toSiemon, Rudolph188393:25
Kuhne, F. W. & Knuger, A. C.toScherer, Christian188079:152
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor1879A:156
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor1879A:146
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:270
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:274
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:272
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:352
Kuhne, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor1880A:166
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toAbbott, R. B.188183:37
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toBaker, Catharine188081:403
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toBaker, M. E. G. L. & A. C.188597:512
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toBauer, K. J.188391:552
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toComer, Winafred188183:104
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toHogan, Timothy188289:97
Kuhne, F. w. (Et al.)toMock, Jacob188185:42
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toMontagne, August188081:256
Kuhne, F. W. (Et al.)toSmith, Elisha J.187977:31
Kuhne, Fredk. W.toMark & Peterson187566:297
Kuhne, P. F.fromHirschfeller, M.188495:18
Kuhne, P. F.toHirschfeller, M. & C.188495:19
Kuhne, P. F.toStumpp, L. & C.188495:97
Kuhne, PaultoDammeier, Hanna188496:502
Kuhnert, F. A.fromFisher, D. C. (Coms.)187874:405
Kuhnert, F. A.fromHough, Sarah D.187874:405
Kuhnert, FredtoBerthold, J. G.188390:345
Kuhue, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:270
Kuhue, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor1879A:146
Kuhue, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:274
Kuhue, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:272
Kuhue, F. W. & Krueger, A. C.fromAuditor187976:352
Kuhue, PaulfromDammeier, Henry188496:501
Kuhus, J. M. & A. F.fromMoor, A. J.188081:404
Kukelhan, FredericktoFiling, Lisetta187564:454
Kukkuck, L.fromHille, H. & L.188495:411
Kukkuck, LedwigfromBender, Phillip P.187976:55
Kukkuck, LouisfromOedzel, Elizabeth187567:7
Kukkuk, LouistoHildebrand, Wm.187567:145
Kukuk, JosephfromCollar, Ann & G. W.187669:77
Kukuk, JosephtoMiller, Emilie187770:506
Kukuk, JosephfromMiller, Wm.187770:505
Kull, D. M. C. (Et al.)fromKull, Geo. F. (Dec.)188188:339
Kull, FrederickfromBeck, Francis J.187463:528
Kull, FredericktoWestphal, Christian187669:163
Kull, Geo. F.fromArcher, John H.187360:99
Kull, Geo. F. (Dec.)toKull, D. M. C. (Et al.)188188:339
Kull, Jno. toKienzle, Christian188186:161
Kull, JohnfromBashelier, Louis188286:585
Kull, JohntoKienzle, Christian187565:125
Kulse, Wm. L.fromBowser, Jacob C.187669:224
Kumfer, Benj.fromWoods, Geo.187977:310
Kumfer, MartintoGibson, David187566:280
Kumler, C. J. S.toBass, Jno. H.188598:294
Kumler, C. J. S.toWalter, Chas. W.188091:489
Kumler, Emma B.toBearss, Frank (by will)187771:366
Kumler, Emma B.toBearss, Oliver J.187349:406
Kumler, Emma B.toKumler, J. S.187771:366
Kumler, Emma B.toKumler, J. S. (by will)187771:366
Kumler, Emma B.toMcMaken, Henry C.187565:56
Kumler, Emma B. (Last Will & Testment of )to187771:366
Kumler, Emma B. (Will)to187771:366
Kumler, J. S.fromKumler, Emma B.187771:366
Kumler, J. S. (by will)fromKumler, Emma B.187771:366
Kummer, AlbertfromSpeule, Louis187359:345
Kune, JuliustoStevens, M. E. & A. E.187881:150
Kunifer, OwentoRhine, Jno.188496:197
Kunkle, E. B.fromEickoff, Francis188289:540
Kuntz, EdnafromFairfield, C. K.187978:439
Kuntz, EvetoMason, J. S.187772:121
Kuntz, PeterfromRudisill, H. J.186288:479
Kunyz, S. E.fromHathawat, Jno.188287:385
Kurtz, Jacob C.toLawrence & Whistler187368:156
Kuster, HenrytoDehne, Ernest187262:253
Kuster, HenryfromKanny, Fredk.187262:252
Kuster, HenrytoMiller, Wm.187570:212
Kustz, AndrewtoWhiting, I. C.188081:29

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