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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
La France, AnnatoRousseau, R. D.187874:389
Labbe, Jos.fromHoffmann, C. A.188079:416
Labbott, Levi C.fromEdlin, J. H.187976:461
Labig, NicholasfromGrabner, R. M.187266:88
Labourin, FrancisfromUnited States184872:413
Lachemeyer, Mariah D.toSmith, Christopher187667:336
Lachenmeier, D.toSommers, Frederick186571:213
Lachenmeier, Fredk.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185570:369
LaClair, PeterfromCochrane, Geo. G.187462:162
Laclair, Peter O.toEckles, N. P. & J. A.187771:388
Lacroix, LewistoVuillemin, E.187976:458
Lacroix, LouisfromLavanway, Josephine187771:426
Lacroix, LouistoMartin, Francis C.187669:496
Lacroix, LouisfromO'Conner, Louisa187771:426
Lacroix, LouisfromWhite, James B.187772:230
Lacroix, LousfromUrbine, Falicie187771:426
Lade, M. G. & S.fromWigman, Henry188183:376
Ladig, ChristiantoCroy, Henry A.186862:10
Ladig, E. C.fromFitch, N. H188286:323
Ladig, E. J.toWolf, M. & C. Wolf187874:85
Ladig, Elizabeth I.fromTarr, P. S.187874:283
Ladig, Elizabeth JanefromWolf, christopher187772:375
Ladig, Mary M.fromTime, Henry188081:391
Ladig, Mary M.toTimme, Henry188081:394
Ladig, Mary M.fromTimme, Henry188081:429
Ladig, N.fromMathias, D. W.187566:87
Ladig, N. P.fromBeugnot, P. s.188494:418
Ladig, NicholasfromKline, James187466:89
Ladig, NicholastoRichards, Elizabeth186360:480
Laemmle, DavidtoFoy, Jos. B.187476:104
Laemmle, DavidfromHutzell, Daniel187462:351
Lafever, SarahfromAtwood, W. H.188287:582
Lahman, Geo.fromPapa, Chas.187360:600
Lahman, GeorgetoRuppel, Margaret187567:37
Lahman, J. A.fromLawrence, David187976:437
Lahman, Theo.fromLawrence, David187976:437
Lahmany, W. & F.fromBode, Henry188185:529
Lahmeyer, DanielfromBollman, Aug.188185:518
Lahmeyer, DanielfromDierstein, Anton188494:343
Lahmeyer, DanielfromHannam Oliver s.187361:145
Lahmeyer, Daniel & F.fromLahmeyer, Henry187669:200
Lahmeyer, Fredk.fromLahmeyer, John P. (Heirs)187566:512
Lahmeyer, HenrytoLahmeyer, Daniel & F.187669:200
Lahmeyer, HenrytoPageler, Frederick187770:513
Lahmeyer, HenrytoRippe, Frederick187461:303
Lahmeyer, J. C.fromBush, E. K.188289:124
Lahmeyer, J. C.fromReidmiller, J. W.187770:17
Lahmeyer, John P. (Heirs)toLahmeyer, Fredk.187566:512
Lahnnan, JacobfromKetchum, Walter187360:271
Lahnnan, JacobfromKetchum, Walter187859:308
Lahrman, Geo.fromSheriff187977:323
Lahrman, GeorgefromRuppel, John187567:25
Laible, C.toKomp, Daniel187463:423
Laidlau, WaltertoDroger, Margaret A.187462:441
Laidlaw, WaltertoBequette F.187777:320
Laidlow, PetertoHarber, Valentine187463:81
Laine, S. H.fromHarvey, James187770:419
Lainley, M. (Et al.)fromBaker, S. S.188597:455
Laisure, M. (Et al.)toWhitten, Jno.187979:189
Lake, CurtistoVancamp, James188079:259
Lake, ElifromBurgess, H. (Guard)187874:347
Lake, ElifromMetzger, Andrew187373:472
Lake, ElifromMetzger, Andrew187771:375
Lake, ElifromPowers, Helen (Et al.)187874:348
Lake, ElitoShimp, R.187363:291
Lake, ElifromSkinner, Orlando186073:471
Lake, Geo. P.toZeimmer, George187670:547
Lake, IsabellafromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Lake, Jno. N.fromSmith, Kelley187463:131
Lakey, IratoBushman, E.187565:141
Lallow, A. & H.fromHollopeter, Israel188182:365
Lalone, CharlestoForbush, Joel F.187771:257
Lalone, ElizabethfromColeman, Geo. W.187771:258
Lalone, ElizabethtoSutton, P. M.187771:457
Lamaster, IsaacfromDoty, Wm.188496:161
Lamb, W. T.toWork, C. D.187772:450
Lamboley, EugenefromCommart, J. & wife187361:123
Lamboley, J. B.toLevanway, Like187464:61
Lamboley, John B.toTimmie, Henry187260:456
Lamle, GothiebfromThomas, C. L.188183:194
Lamle, GotleibfromSheriff187976:175
Lamle, GotleibfromTrentman, A. C.187978:408
Lamle, GotliebtoLawle, Wm. A.187978:409
Lamly, GotliebfromTyler, Adaline187874:499
Lammley, JohnfromWhite, James B.187461:335
Lammley, JohnfromWhite, James B.187462:26
Lammley, JohntoWhite, James B.187462:31
Lammley, John (Will of)to187576:413
Lampe, DiedrickfromSimon, Eugene187360:178
Lampe, DietrichfromLampe, Sophia187976:579
Lampe, SophiatoLampe, Dietrich187976:579
Lampert, C.fromFulton, Mary (Et al.)188185:126
Lanacker, Saml.fromMazeiiw, Barbara187976:186
Landee, ErnstfromGood, Henry187462:142
Landgraf, JohntoLerch, Franz187975:524
Landin, JacobfromYerks, James M.188079:557
Landin, JohnfromLandin, Michael Sr.187668:123
Landin, Michael Jr.fromLandin, Michael Sr.187668:122
Landin, Michael Sr.toLandin, John187668:123
Landin, Michael Sr.toLandin, Michael Jr.187668:122
Landin, WilliamfromWilt, John M187463:434
Landre, M. S. D.toPaune, H. C. L.187778:224
Landredth, DavidfromSheriff188182:219
Landsman, Fredk.toBittinger, Geo. L. & A. M.187566:319
Landstoffer, GeorgefromLauer, Augustin187565:62
Lane, Sands H.fromHerrington, Wm. S.187772:544
Lane, Sands H.toLilberrt, Wayne187873:402
Lane, WilliamfromClutter, Phoebe Ann187875:145
Laner, MaryfromSheriff187875:345
Lanferty, AlextoBittinger, J. R.188183:90
Lanfesty, IssacfromSheriff187875:159
Lanfranz, HeinrichtoRohrs, Henry187772:21
Lang, A. J.fromRockhill, J. D. B. & H. M.187668:476
Lang, A. J.fromTaylor, Robt. S. (Gdn.)187668:475
Lang, AnnafromBond, S. B.188392:532
Lang, ChristianfromEhrhardt, L.188598:119
Lang, Jos.toLauer, M. W.187873:587
Lang, JosephtoReiter, Magdalene187670:383
Lang, MargarettoKleber, Christopher187462:554
Lang, Margaret (Et al.)toSorg, John187473:347
Langacher, J.fromOverholt, Jno.187463:344
Langan, MichaeltoDedier, Philomena188081:65
Langan, MichaelfromDedier, Philomene188090:218
Langard, JosephfromHedekin, Thos. B.187361:110
Langard, JosephtoReffelt, Mary187361:412
Langard, V.fromBegue, John (Et al.)187681:216
Langard, V.fromCarier, A. H. (Et al.)187681:216
Langardnir, JosephfromSmall, Perington187770:574
Lange, H. F. R.toBower, William187775:313
Lange, J. HenryfromGerke, John D. (Heirs)187361:415
Lange, Jno. H.fromKoch, Christian187361:112
Lange, Jno. H.fromKoch, Fredk. C.187361:113
Lange, JohannatoHarmeyer, L.187976:66
Lange, John H.fromHagedorn, Hermon187772:159
Lange, John H.fromSheriff187875:193
Lange, John H.fromSheriff187875:195
Lange, Wm.fromClutter, Phoebe A.187976:392
Lange, Wm.toDammeier, Hannah187770:77
Langehr, J. W.toBrase, Fred187879:484
Langenbacher, M.fromBerghorn, Fred188391:51
Langenbaker, M.toSpanger, Fred187771:327
Langenbaker, MadiofromSpangler, Catherine187771:326
Langensbacker, M.fromSheriff187976:60
Langham, JepetoPearson, James187464:277
Langheinick, G.fromEckart, Fred185784:199
Langhor, J. W.fromAuditor1878A:126
Langhor, J. W.fromAuditor1878A:127
Langhor, J. W.fromAuditor1878A:128
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:86
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:87
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:88
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:89
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:90
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:91
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:92
Langhor, John W.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:93
Langhour, J. W.toTower, Nancy (et al.)197361:12
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:399
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:402
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:405
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:407
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:410
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:413
Langhour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187462:416
Langhour, John W.fromTreasurer City (C. M. Barton)187564:351
Langley, Jno.toBrookes, Robt.188183:483
Langley, JohntoEvard, Julius187978:309
Langley, JohnfromNelson, Wm. R.187364:275
Langley, Thos.fromBurritt, J. R. (Et al.)187978:285
Langley, Thos.fromLangley, Wm. (Et al.)187978:285
Langley, Thos. (Et al.)toLangley, Wm.187978:205
Langley, Willian (Et al.)toBurritt, Diana187978:156
Langley, Willian (Et al.)toGarver, Matilda187978:137
Langley, Wm.fromBurrett, J. R. (Et al.)187978:205
Langley, Wm.fromGarver, J. L. (Et al.)187978:205
Langley, Wm.fromLangley, Thos. (Et al.)187978:205
Langley, Wm. (Et al.)toLangley, Thos.187978:285
Langly, JohnfromMaghew, J. H.187875:108
Langohn, Jno. W.toBickness, Fred.188080:389
Langohr, A. J.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Langohr, A. J. & C.fromEvans, Amos S.187669:83
Langohr, AmeliafromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Langohr, Andrew H.fromSweet, Edward R.187873:169
Langohr, Andrew J.fromMoran, Peter187566:416
Langohr, J. W.fromCity Treasurer187669:389
Langohr, J. W.fromCity Treasurer187669:392
Langohr, J. W.toEdwards, J. (Trustee)187977:172
Langohr, J. W.toPanie, L. C.188082:179
Langohr, Jno. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187873:244
Langohr, Jno. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187873:246
Langohr, Jno. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187873:247
Langohr, Jno. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187873:249
Langohr, Jno. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187873:251
Langohr, Jno. W.fromGrieble, Christian187770:356
Langohr, Jno. W.toHarter, Joseph187565:323
Langohr, Jno. W.toHough, John187469:476
Langohr, JohnfromSheriff187461:262
Langohr, John A.toToledo National Bank187771:293
Langohr, John W.toCity of Ft. Wayne187462:207
Langohr, John W.fromCity Treasurer187571:352
Langohr, John W.fromCity Treasurer187571:354
Langohr, John W.fromCity Treasurer187571:356
Langohr, John W.fromCity Treasurer187571:358
Langohr, John W.fromCityTreasurer187571:360
Langohr, John W.toCole, Emily187771:458
Langohr, John W.toDierstein, Fredricka187770:92
Langohr, John W.fromFt. Wayne City187358:459
Langohr, John W.fromFt. Wayne City187358:462
Langohr, John W.fromFt. Wayne City187358:465
Langohr, John W.fromFt. Wayne City187358:467
Langohr, John W.toGrieble, Christian187770:357
Langohr, John W.toStrope, Mary187977:364
Langohr, John W.toSweetzer, C. E.187770:300
Langohr, Mathilda (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Langohrs, AugustafromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Langohrs, J. W.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Lanoir, LouisefromBeuret, Xavier & Mary187565:609
Lansdale, Wm. M.fromMcKee, Jno.185168:275
Lansdale, Wm. M.fromUnited States183768:276
Lansdale, Wm. McK.toMcKee, Thos. L.187775:436
Lansdale, Wm. McK. (Will of)to187775:436
Lantenier, Jos.fromAllen Cir. Court188495:398
Lanton, D.fromCharville, G.187463:242
Lantz, Christian fromBernreiter, Jno.188290:126
Lantz, EllenfromCampbell, Louisa187772:315
Lantz, Ellen, L.toReuille, Jules H.187872:524
Lantz, J. F.toBowman, D. P.187579:512
Lantz, JacobtoHaines, Ephraim187565:450
Lantz, Jno. F.fromFoulks, Chas. S.187668:406
Lantz, John F.toFaulks, Charles S.187772:491
Laour, JessefromLepper, Margaret187771:394
Laour, JessetoLepper, Margaret & J.187771:395
Lapp, HenryfromTounley, R. W. & J. W.187349:429
Larch, FranktoFisher, D. C.187875:184
Larch, FranktoHough, Lydia M.187875:184
Lardier, FrancistoBernardin, Francis J.187567:32
Lardier, FrancisfromDupont, Marcellus187771:64
Lardier, M.fromBernardin, F. J.187669:372
Large, CharlestoFratenburgh, Rachel186859:324
Large, Saml. E.toDollarhite, Alex187668:195
Large, Samuel E.fromCochrane, George G.187565:218
Larimon, E & Thos. J.fromGoheen, Catherine187979:66
Larimon, ElmiratoMayo, Wm. J.188079:140
Larimore, A. L. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188495:328
Larimore, ThomastoEgolf, Samuel & Nancy187464:119
Larimore, Thos.fromGrayless, Geo. W.188080:23
Larimove, Jno.fromBowen, America J. (Et al.)188393:26
LaRue, A. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188288:319
Larwill, M. W.fromFleming, Wm.187576:419
Lasselle, C. E.toHill, O. E.187978:237
Lasselle, C. E.fromJones, Emma A.187977:509
Lasselle, C. E.toJones, Emma A.187978:34
Lasselle, C. E.fromJones, L. M.187876:345
Lasselle, C. E.toJones, L.M.188079:499
Lasselle, C. E.toMichael, Herman187977:591
Lasselle, C. E.toMunson, C. A.187978:117
Lasselle, C. E.fromPage, C. E. & Wm. L.187978:117
Lasselle, C. E.fromSheriff187978:545
Lasselle, Caroline E.toGorsline, Maria B.187772:374
Lasselle, Caroline E.toHartman, Homer C.187771:251
Lasselle, Caroline E.toJones, L. M.187772:345
Lasselle, Caroline E.fromJones, L. M.187976:241
Lasselle, Caroline E.toMohr, Hannah H.187772:192
Lasselle, Caroline E.fromOlds, Henry G.187976:441
Lasselle, Caroline E.toOlds, Henry G.187976:445
Lasselle, Carshire E.fromOlds, Henry G.187976:440
Lasselle,C. E.fromGabel, Christian187978:116
Lassing, LouisfromBlenck, Geo.187463:276
Latham, Mary E.toCary, Elizabeth187360:116
Latle, AndrewfromBennett, J. G.188598:450
Lau, JulianfromChristen, Busggy188599:217
Lauer, AnnafromRaab, Christina187977:22
Lauer, AugustfromHoffman, George187464:273
Lauer, AugusttoLauer, E. & Catharine187464:272
Lauer, AugustfromLauer, George187462:454
Lauer, AugustfromLauer, George187464:271
Lauer, AugustfromWhite, James B.187360:556
Lauer, AugustfromWhite, James B.187360:557
Lauer, AugustfromWhite, James B.187462:451
Lauer, AugusttoWolf, Elizabeth187361:21
Lauer, AugustintoLandstoffer, George187565:62
Lauer, AugustinetoLauer, Gustav187569:332
Lauer, AugustinefromSheriff188079:528
Lauer, AugustustoWhite, James B.187565:498
Lauer, CatharinefromLauren, Augustine187772:61
Lauer, Catharine (Et al.)toStein, P. N.187873:505
Lauer, E. & CatharinefromLauer, August187464:272
Lauer, GeorgetoLauer, August187462:454
Lauer, GeorgetoLauer, August187464:271
Lauer, GregoryfromLauer, Gustave187462:466
Lauer, GustavtoBloch, Geo.187667:209
Lauer, GustavfromLauer, Augustine187569:332
Lauer, GustavetoLauer, Gregory187462:466
Lauer, HenrytoAuer, Conrad187360:175
Lauer, HenrytoLepper, Jno. & M.188081:209
Lauer, HenryfromSheriff187358:482
Lauer, John A.fromSchaich, Ann M.187359:557
Lauer, JustinefromWallace, Fanny187977:139
Lauer, JustinefromWallace, W. J.187977:139
Lauer, M. & A.fromBreen, Jas. (Et al.)187978:479
Lauer, M. & A.fromBreen, Jas. (Et al.)187978:480
Lauer, M. & A.fromFry, Jacob (Et al.)187978:479
Lauer, M. & A.fromFry, Jacob (Et al.)187978:480
Lauer, M. W.fromDittoe, M. G. (Et al.)188193:56
Lauer, M. W.fromLang, Jos.187873:587
Lauer, MichaeltoStein, P. N.188183:202
Lauer, Wm.fromPickard, Thos. R.187361:118
Lauferly, IsaacfromSheriff187873:75
Lauferty, A. S.toBecker, Emil187771:116
Lauferty, A. S.fromHalcomb, J. E.187770:311
Lauferty, AlexfromSheriff187874:310
Lauferty, IsaacfromBarton, Chas. M.187772:386
Lauferty, IsaacfromSheriff187874:235
Lauferty, IsaacfromSheriff187976:569
Lauferty, Max J.toBrahier, Jane F.187462:448
Lauferty, Max J.fromFleming, Wm.187360:426
Lauferty, Max J.toSapp, Absalom187360:427
Laugham, J. & A.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187771:547
Laugham, JohnfromSpencer, Perry187465:470
Laugham, Wm. H.fromBurrier, Adam Sr.188081:148
Laugher, Jno. W.toBass, Jno. H.187674:538
Laughley, Thos.fromGarver, J. L. (Et al.)187978:285
Laughlin, HenrytoMorse, Geo. M.188182:346
Laughlin, HenryfromNuttman, J. D.187874:467
Laughlin, JamesfromFinan, Edward187464:242
Laughlin, JamesfromStephenson, John D.187464:242
Laughlin, JamesfromWorden, John B. & Seymour187364:242
Laughlin, JohnfromWebster, George187668:447
Laughour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187464:235
Laughour, John W.fromFort Wayne City187464:237
Laughr, John W,toDean, Elvira M.188079:420
Laugohn, Jno. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187875:271
Laugohr, Jno. W.toFt. Wayne G. B. L. & S. A. No. 6187873:432
Laugohr, John W.toWheeler, Mary R.187874:200
Laumann, HermanfromPape, Chas.187772:207
Launer, JessetoSchaper, Ernst187872:489
Laurant, AnthonyfromSheriff187770:200
Lauren, AugustinetoLauer, Catharine187772:61
Laurent, AnthonyfromBussiere, Antoine187668:233
Laurent, Jno.fromParrot, P. F.187877:171
Laurent, JohntoBloomhuff, Saml. H.187162:40
Laurent, JohntoBussiere, Antonie187461:450
Laurent, JohntoCarier, A. H.187359:353
Laurent, JohntoParrot, Peter F.187359:351
Lauthner, BarbarafromSchwartze, Charles187872:429
Lavanway, JosephinetoLacroix, Louis187771:426
Lawarence, DavidfromFeighner, John187976:242
Lawle, Wm. A.fromLamle, Gotlieb187978:409
Lawrance, MilofromEdgerton, Jos. K.187874:392
Lawrence & WhistlerfromFleming, Wm.187668:157
Lawrence & WhistlerfromKurtz, Jacob C.187368:156
Lawrence, AlexfromFisher, Wm. B.187667:386
Lawrence, AlexfromStewart, D. B.187776:491
Lawrence, AmosfromLawrence, Jacob187978:73
Lawrence, DavidfromDennis, Jacob187362:147
Lawrence, DavidfromDennis, Jacob, Sr.187358:418
Lawrence, DavidtoFeighner, John187374:350
Lawrence, DavidtoLahman, J. A.187976:437
Lawrence, DavidtoLahman, Theo.187976:437
Lawrence, Geo. B.fromAiken, Jno.187874:266
Lawrence, Geo. B.fromAiken, Jno.187874:266
Lawrence, Geo. B.fromMcClave, Jno. (Executor)187978:448
Lawrence, Geo. B.fromTrainer, William187874:237
Lawrence, GeorgefromDennis, Jacob187464:383
Lawrence, George B.toDennis, Jacob187464:284
Lawrence, George B.fromHough, John187464:472
Lawrence, IsabellatoStone, Albac187465:347
Lawrence, JacobtoLawrence, Amos187978:73
Lawrence, JacobtoLawrence, Milo187978:74
Lawrence, JacobtoTrustee Lafayette Tp.187358:552
Lawrence, MilotoEwert, Samuel187977:237
Lawrence, MilotoFawley, Jno.187977:298
Lawrence, MilofromLawrence, Jacob187978:74
Lawrence, Milo (Et al.)toBaker, Belinda187875:303
Lawrence, Wm. J.fromStearns, Wm. L.188183:247
Lawson, B. W.toEagy, George187873:117
Lawson, B. W.fromStapleford, Augusta A.187772:252
Lawton, DanieltoChevalier, Gibson187461:430
Lawton, DanieltoMason & Ferguson187567:114
Lawton, OrvillafromFerguson, John187567:117
Lawton, OrvillafromMason, Josephus S.187567:115
Lawver, Geo. W.fromMygrantz, Joseph187976:390
Layman, Chas.fromBoger, Margaret188290:327
Lazzarine, AmedesfromDidier, Francis188079:517
Lazzarini, A.fromCordevey, Mary188183:316
Lazzarini, A.fromCordevey, Mary188183:316
Lazzarini, AmadeofromLordier, August187875:253
Lazzarini, AmadeofromLordier, August187875:253
Lazzarini, AmadeotoLordier, Eugenia187875:254
Lazzarini, AmadeofromLordier, Eugenia187875:306
Lazzarini, AmedeotoLordier, August & Eugenia187875:307

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