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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Leach, EdwardfromEckart, Fred187975:473
Leach, EdwardfromEckart, Frederick187879:118
Leach, EdwardfromRowe, James H.187359:419
Leach, Eliza A.toArcher, C. M. & D. R.188080:596
Leach, Eliza A.toHohing, Eliza187669:443
Leach, Eliza A.fromHohing, Jno. J.187669:376
Leach, JohntoHartman, S. E.187669:530
Leah, John T.fromRudisill, Emanuel187360:50
Leahe, P. J. & Jordan O. F.fromCoats, Rebecca (Et al.)187976:453
Leahy, P. J.fromJordan, O. F.188081:15
Leaisure, M.toCorson, Jonah188079:418
Learsure, MarcellusfromCorson, Silas187975:409
Leavitt, OrmelfromBittinger, Geo. L.187566:412
Leavitt, S. C.toWill186070:134
Leavitt, Sheldon C. (Will of)to186070:134
Lee, BenjamintoWhitehead, John G.187358:340
Lee, EdwardfromBegue, Mary (Et al.)188185:238
Lee, EdwardfromRogers, Lamont M.187464:430
Lee, EdwardfromRogers, Lamont M.187464:432
Lee, EdwardfromSomers, Thomas187568:221
Lee, Geo. D.fromAuditor1876A:80
Lee, Geo. D.fromAuditor1876A:81
Lee, Geo. D.fromEllison, Thos. E. (comr.)187772:158
Lee, Geo. D.toJones, L. M.187771:148
Lee, Geo. D.toJones, L. M.187771:149
Lee, Geo. D.fromJones, Levi M.187771:146
Lee, Geo. D.fromKiser, Ellis187060:584
Lee, Geo. D.fromSheriff187463:410
Lee, Geo. D. & SarahfromWarner, Wilhelmina (Guard)187462:592
Lee, Geo. D. & SarahfromWarner, Wilhelmina (Guard)187462:593
Lee, George D.toGwinn, Susan M.187461:380
Lee, George D.fromPhillips, John187770:330
Lee, IsraelfromLeek, George W.187876:406
Lee, Israel, (Guard)toBright, Wm. J.187880:359
Lee, Jos. C.toHosler, Elizabeth187978:227
Leek, George W.toLee, Israel187876:406
Leemkul, FredericktoHildebrand, Henry 184672:410
Leeser, C. F. H.toBeck, F. J.187565:535
Leeser, ElizabethtoLeeser, Mary187770:117
Leeser, Francis & ElizabethfromKoeble, Eve187360:17
Leeser, MaryfromLeeser, Elizabeth187770:117
Leeson, JohntoBiemer, George187977:24
Leeson, JohnfromScott, Francis M.187466:566
Leeson, Mary PfromMcQuiston, John187874:50
Leeson, Mary PfromMcQuiston, John187874:51
Leeson, Mary P.toORourke, M.187772:22
Leeuw, E. V. D.fromPaul, H. C.188082:148
Leferver, SarahfromLefever, U. Y.187875:42
Lefever, Martin G.fromEdwards, Sarah E.187565:499
Lefever, U. Y.toLeferver, Sarah187875:42
Leffler, C. H. W.toGerke, J. H. L.188080:152
Leffler, Chas. H. W.fromLeffler, Otto187668:405
Leffler, Chas. H. W.toLeffler, Otto187668:406
Leffler, OttotoLeffler, Chas. H. W.187668:405
Leffler, OttofromLeffler, Chas. H. W.187668:406
Leggett, John AdamtoBowman, Henry187772:436
Legras, AugustfromBaltes, Michael187771:524
Legras, AugustfromKoenig, Edward (et al.)187771:524
Legras, AugustfromWagner, Henry G.187771:524
Leha, Mary J.fromThorp, H. D.187978:83
Leheu, Moses S.fromSheriff187771:343
Lehew, M. S.toEllis, Jno.187873:512
Lehew, M. S.fromRobinson, Wm.187272:521
Lehew, Moses S.fromCarpenter, C. C.187571:329
Lehew, Moses S.fromRobinson, Jonathan187671:328
Lehew, Moses S.toWright, Wm. H.187774:362
Lehman, ConradfromBailey, Hannah187667:387
Lehman, ConradfromWhite, James B.187976:195
Lehman, FrederickfromBrandt, Detrick187564:459
Lehman, FredericktoBrandt, Wm.187564:501
Lehman, GeorgefromLehman, Jacob187565:395
Lehman, JacobtoLehman, George187565:395
Lehman, JacobtoLehman, Jacob Jr.187565:396
Lehman, JacobfromMichael, Herman187671:167
Lehman, Jacob Jr.fromLehman, Jacob187565:396
Lehman, WelhelmeniafromGraham, Geo. W.187772:140
Lehman, WilhelmenatoBrandt, Augusta187874:566
Lehmeyer, PeterfromBollman, August187669:55
Lehneke, CatharinefromSunderland, Joseph R.187462:201
Lehneke, CatharinetoSunderland, Joseph R.187462:28
Lehner, DorotheatoGross, Christian & Wm.187566:529
Lehnert, HenryfromBrunner, John187669:433
Lehnert, HenrytoBrunner, John187669:434
Lehr, J. G. (Et al.)toZeis, Lewis187978:201
Lehr, Jno. G.toPoulson, Wm.187977:441
Lehr, Mary J.fromMcKee, Lydia S.187978:169
Lehr, Mary J.fromMeyer, Diederick188182:568
Lehr, Mary JanefromCity of Fort Wayne 188079:181
Lehr, Mary JanefromKoenig, Edward (et al.)187770:150
Lehr, Mary JanetoMeyer, Diedrich188182:556
Lehrman, Geo.fromLipes, David H.188080:175
Lehrmann, V.fromBucher, C.188287:95
Leible, ChristiantoSchmidt, Charles187770:374
Leichner, Jno.toMordhurst, H. W.188079:480
Leichner, Jno.toMordhurst, H. W.188079:489
Leighner, RufusfromBice, David188183:167
Leighner, RufusfromHerrick, Horace187876:366
Leightner, ElizabethtoPierr, John & Christina187565:490
Leikauf, JohnfromMcElvaine, Saml.187360:562
Leikuf, JohnfromHattersley, Alfred188182:570
Leininger, JohnfromBond, Lavinia A.187565:109
LEinker, C. H.fromBowser, Jacob C.187372:199
Leinker, C. HenryfromBrase, Fredk. C. (guard.)187462:488
Leinker, ChristophfromBowser, Jacob C.187361:183
Leitch, Daniel (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, Jno.187875:293
Leitch, Daniel (Et al.)toGray, Susan187874:301
Leitch, Daniel (Et al.)toSmith, Barbara187875:290
Leitch, Daniel (Et al.)toSmith, Mary A.187875:292
Leitch, Daniel (Et al.)toSnyder, Eliza187875:289
Leitch, M. A. (Et al.)toMayer, Theo.188081:218
Leitch, M. A. (Et al.)toStraus, F. (Et al.)188081:523
Leitch, MaryfromDiffendarfer, Jno. (Et al.)187874:511
Leitch, MaryfromGray, Susan (Et al.)187874:511
Leitch, MaryfromSmith, Barbara187874:511
Leitch, Mary A. (Et al.)toMiller, Wm.187978:411
Leither, Israel, Jr.fromBrosius, Henry & Ann187462:343
Lemle, GottliebfromTyler, Allen G.187361:91
Lemmle, GottleibfromOrndorf, Geo. W.187462:602
Lemon, John S.fromDresback, Joseph187064:166
Lemon, John S.fromRenn, Mary A.187770:59
Lemon, PhilemenatoWhite, James B.187566:454
Lemon, PhilominafromWhite, James B.187361:45
Lenham, HarriettefromKernes, Mary187976:387
Lenharr, HarriettoFry, Jacob187361:280
Lenharr, HarriettoGorrell, Jennie187361:40
Lenharr, HarriettoMiddleton, Thos.188183:41
Lenk, Jno.toFelger, Louise188079:492
Lennart, JohnfromKing, C. A. & F. J.187360:545
Lentz, Fredk.fromJosse, John M.187359:488
Lentz, Fredk.toJosse, Louisa187359:489
Lentz, JohnfromUnited States185170:393
Lenz, ErnstfromMatch, Wm.187359:434
Lenz, ErusttoStoppenhagen, Chas.188183:1
Lenz, FrederickfromWise, Jacob187978:222
Lenz, HenrytoHier, William187564:473
Leoh, Gabriel B.toRipple, Lewis188082:398
Leonard, H.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1876A:79
Leonard, HarveytoGinther, Sidney187565:418
Leonard, HeewaytoBurgart, Peter187875:363
Leonard, HenryfromLeonard, Wm. A.187461:608
Leonard, NelsonfromSnider, Lois M.187771:71
Leonard, Wm.fromHarrington, Elias S.187668:402
Leonard, Wm. A.toLeonard, Henry187461:608
Lepper, ChristianfromJansen, Herman187978:91
Lepper, ChristianfromSchoppman, H. F. W.188080:260
Lepper, ChristophertoNeiriten, Conrad187462:200
Lepper, Jno. & M.fromLauer, Henry188081:209
Lepper, MargarettoBass, Jno. H.188081:103
Lepper, MargarettoLaour, Jesse187771:394
Lepper, MargaretfromWhite, James B.187358:532
Lepper, Margaret & J.fromLaour, Jesse187771:395
Lepper, SophiatoBrudi, Joseph187358:377
Lepple, GottliebfromHarrison, William H.187770:344
Lepple, GottliebtoHarrison, Wm. H.187770:343
Leppor, ChristiantoSchoppman, H. F. W.187978:114
Lerch, FranzfromLandgraf, John187975:524
Lerch, Geo. W.fromKeller, Pkarus187873:258
Lerch, George W.toKeller, Harriet E.187873:385
Lerch, LydiafromBoots, Rebecca A.187566:246
Lerch, LydiafromGillespie, susan187566:245
Lerch, LydiafromLivenberger, Elizabeth & Albert M.187566:246
Lerch, LydiatoMcNall, Wm.187581:173
Lerch, ReubentoSchlatter, Benedict187464:161
Lerck, FrankfromFisher, David C.187464:56
Lerck, FrankfromHough, Saml. L.187464:56
Lesh, G. V.fromSheriff188082:42
Lesh, Gabriel B.toRipple, Lewis188082:41
Lesh, George B.fromScott. Lucy M.187770:364
Lesh, I.fromManuel, F.187463:273
Lesh, IsaactoShoemaker, George187770:292
Lesh, IsaacfromStephenson, John D.187359:301
Lesh, J.fromReese, D.187363:235
Leslie, B. F.toHeller, Thos. S.187266:52
Lesner, Fred W.toHood, Henry G.187668:519
Lessing, LouisfromCertia, Peter187465:356
Lessing, LouisfromRaukert, Charles187465:356
LeSueur, Fredk. W.fromEwing, Geo. W. (est.)187360:179
Leubking, S. W. H.toDumell, M. H. & A.188080:187
Levan, ElizabethfromBradburry, Benj.187978:184
Levan, ElizabethtoBradburry, John187978:183
Levan, ElizabethtoMcDoroll, Wm. & Franklin187977:438
Levanway, LikefromLamboley, J. B.187464:61
Levanway, LuketoPratt, Wm. T.187567:296
Lew, JacobfromFelts, E. J. (Et al.)188082:446
Lew, JacobfromSchoonover, Wm. (Et al.)188082:446
Lewis, AmandafromBond, Stephen B.187565:304
Lewis, AmandatoBrown, J. H.187977:370
Lewis, AmandafromFleming, Wm.187565:304
Lewis, AmandafromLong, Andrew188083:137
Lewis, Edwin M. (trustee)fromCooke, Jay (et al.)187462:96
Lewis, IrafromBarnett, Susan R.186663:90
Lewis, JessefromGilchrist, John187262:266
Lewis, JessefromWilson, Wm. T.187262:266
Lewis, John H. [Luers]fromDonohue, Michael (heirs)061:531
Lewis, JosephfromSteinman, Adam188083:138
Lewis, Joseph M.fromNinde, Lindley, M. (admr.)187158:358
Lewis, MargaretfromHenry, Sarah C.187565:298
Lewis, Margaret L.toHayden, J. W. & wife187873:436
Lewis, S. J.toBrown, J. A. & L.188081:362
Lewis, S. J.fromCommissioners by Partition188082:139
Lewis, Sarah J.toHeller, Thomas187770:329
Lewis, Sarah J.fromSpencer, D. J.188082:487
Lewis, Sarah J. (et al.)fromRobbins, A. L.187566:146
Lewis, Susan A.fromWatson, John O.187465:471
Lewis, WilliamtoVollmer, Louisa187773:34
Lewis, Wm.fromORourke, Edward (Coms.)187976:480
Leykauf, C. (Et al.)toKeefer, Fred188183:335
Leykauf, N.fromCrow, Mary Ann187874:341
Leykauf, N. (Et al.)toKoch, Charles188081:380
Leykauf, N. (Et al.)toSchwarz, Geo.188183:469
Leykauf, NicholasfromBohnan, Albert F.188080:52

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