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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Lichtenberger, John toFish, Mary E.187565:91
Lichtenberger, JohnfromHanna, Thomas J.187565:34
Lichtenwalter, A.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Lichtenwalter, O. J.fromDreier, Wm. H.188494:180
Lichtenwalter, S.fromCarles, M. G.188286:302
Lichtenwalter, S.toKing, Dimond188286:414
Lichtenwalter, S. M.toTrustee of the United B.187463:331
Lichtsian, Wm.fromBarrett, J. M. (Et al.)188391:506
Lichtsinn, HenryfromThieme, J. G.187770:231
Lichtsinn, WilliamtoBradtmuller, Charles187770:235
Lichtsinn, WilliamfromSchoppman, William188079:457
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromAidrich, C. H.188391:506
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromBickness, Fred188393:182
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromBradtmuller, Charles187770:236
Lichtsinn, Wm.toDoenges, Wm. (Et al.)188496:129
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromHuxoll, August187873:577
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromLocke, Josiah188393:254
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromPrezinger, J. R.188393:483
Lichtsinn, Wm.toRathart, Henry187770:361
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromTrowbridge, Addison187668:445
Lichtsinn, Wm.fromWiebke, Henry188393:183
Lichty, MatildafromBarnes, Sagishinael188392:65
Lichty, MatildatoTaylor, Henry188597:368
Lickey, ChristianfromBrockman, Henry187979:474
Licsic, Jno. Jr. & C.fromSheriff188599:225
Liddell, Oliver B.toMuir, James & H.187361:327
Lieb, HenryfromSheriff1878
Lieb, HenryfromTaylor, Jno.187568:258
Liebeg, CarltoBaltes, Michael188596:597
Liebeg, CarlfromKeyser, Jacob M.188394:309
Liebeg, ElizabethfromBaites, Michael188599:146
Lieber, A. P.toMeyer, F. H.188599:47
Liebig, CarlfromKeyser, Jacob M.188495:546
Liebman, EarnesttoColerick, Jno. A.187880:98
Liebman, ErnstfromColerick, Maria A.187566:189
Liebman, R.fromLindenberg, C.188184:250
Liebman, RichardfromColerick, Maria A.187566:188
Liedtke, JohnfromPlugge, Henrica187873:284
Liembard, S. C.fromDwenger, Jos.188286:252
Liggett, F. H.fromTaylor, R. S.188082:172
Liggett, JohntoBowersoch, Andrew187976:588
Lighty, IsbelltoGordon, Jno. L.188191:116
Likes, David D.toMcIntosh, Jno. W.188184:269
Lilberrt, WaynefromLane, Sands H.187873:402
Lillie & BaltesfromArcher, John H.187360:132
Lillie & BatesfromTaylor, John187566:222
Lillie, Elizabeth E.toBushman, E.187565:141
Lillie, H. (Et al.)toSwayne, S. F.188597:417
Lillie, HenrytoTrentman, August187463:575
Lillie, JamesfromHanna, Henry C.187463:232
Lillie, JamestoLillie, John Jr.187462:228
Lillie, JamesfromRillie, Robert187771:452
Lillie, JamestoShoemaker, James S.187976:311
Lillie, JamestoShoemaker, James S.187976:316
Lillie, JamestoShoemaker, James S.187976:317
Lillie, JamestoShoemaker, James S.187976:310
Lillie, JamestoShoemaker, James S.187976:309
Lillie, JamestoWeber, Lizzie187462:447
Lillie, James & John & Baltes, M.fromMaier, Amelia C.187464:22
Lillie, James & John & Baltes, MichaelfromEdsall, Wm. S. & Simon187464:22
Lillie, James & John Jr.fromPoulson, Sarah A.187359:465
Lillie, Jas.toBoltz, Catharine188391:233
Lillie, Jas. & Co.fromArcher, Jno. H.187566:453
Lillie, Jno.toKnappenberger, W.188183:123
Lillie, Jno. (Et al.)fromHamilton, M.188597:378
Lillie, Jno. Jr.toFee, Lancereta188392:114
Lillie, Jno. Jr. & C.fromSheriff188599:225
Lillie, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)fromOlds, J. D.188597:63
Lillie, JohnfromFt. Wayne City187461:251
Lillie, JohntoOrff, Martha187566:368
Lillie, JohntoWagner, R. & P.188185:17
Lillie, John & JamesfromAuditor187873:434
Lillie, John & JamesfromAuditor187873:434
Lillie, John Jr.fromLillie, James187462:228
Lillie, John Jr.fromShoemaker, L. (Guard)188393:215
Lillie, John Jr.fromShoemaker, Lizzie188393:502
Lillie, John Jr. &Shoemaker, Jas. S.fromBaltes, Michael187976:313
Lillie, John Jr. &Shoemaker, Jas. S.fromBaltes, Michael187976:315
Lillie, John Jr. (Et al.)toSites, Sarah188081:518
Lillie, M. E.toBogely, A.187463:356
Lillie, M. E.toCartwright, Chas.187890:150
Lillie, M. E. & T. H.toWhiting, Ann M.187978:251
Lillie, Mary E.fromBass, Jno. H.187874:97
Lillie, Mary E.fromBass, Jno. H.187874:97
Lillie, Mary E.fromCommissioners by Partition187571:192
Lillie, Mary E.toCoonrad, Elizabeth187461:520
Lillie, Mary E.toCoonrod, Elizabeth C.187464:43
Lillie, Mary E.toDreier, Henry & Wm.187359:585
Lillie, Mary E.toEdsall, Clarence W.187358:544
Lillie, Mary E.toEdsall, Wm. S.187466:572
Lillie, Mary E.toMitten, Emmet187978:469
Lillie, Mary E.fromNinde, Lindley M. (comr.)187461:589
Lillie, Mary E.fromWilkinson, Millie A.187667:340
Lillie, Mary E.toWilkinson, Millie A.187667:446
Lillie, Mery E.toVogley, Andrew187462:9
Lillie, Saml.fromLillie, W. W.188290:194
Lillie, SamueltoBusby, George W.187065:38
Lillie, SamueltoCutler, Wm. M.188291:533
Lillie, W. W.toLillie, Saml.188290:194
Lillies, Jas. & John Jr.fromSheriff187874:90
Lillies, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)toBlood, Reuben188185:255
Limbach, H.fromRoebke, Fred188597:453
Limbard, Sidney C.toNeireiter, Conrad187873:441
Limecooley, F. R.fromMonning, Henry188599:60
Limes, M. J.toMillhouse, S. & E. J.188289:518
Limley, GottleibfromTyler, James S.187464:232
Limmerman, LouisafromLinnerman, Fred188598:121
Lincoln, C. B.fromRodeheaver, Wm. H.188183:501
Lincoln, EdwindfromBattie, C. W.187978:225
Lincoln, Margaret A.fromRobertson, Robert S.187565:164
Lincoln, Mary E.fromRodgers, Rachel187770:266
Lindeman, FredfromHepner, Chas.188496:166
Lindeman, L. F.fromGimbel, Michael185278:333
Lindemann, D.toBeck, Francis Jos.187371:77
Lindemann, DanieltoBeck, Francis J.187360:453
Lindemann, E. W.toStratton, Robt.188288:569
Lindemann, FredtoHepner, Caroline188496:189
Lindemann, Wm.fromMeyer, F. C.188289:144
Lindemann, Wm.toMeyers, F. C. & C.188289:145
Lindemuth, A. C.toBishop, P. C.188498:240
Lindemuth, A. C.fromBishop, P. C.188496:634
Lindemuth, ClaytonfromJohnson, F. A.188392:30
Lindemuth, J. B.fromBouer, B. F. (Et al.)188080:499
Lindemuth, Jas. B.fromLuidemuth, M.188596:632
Lindemuth, Jas. B.fromStreeter, Mary J.188080:499
Linden, Geo. W.fromBass, Jno. H.188184:539
Linden, Geo. W.fromBell, George W.188080:1
Linden, Geo. W.fromBell, Martin186892:542
Linden, Geo. W.fromBell, Martin186865:387
Linden, Geo. W.fromCoombs, Wm. H. (Ex.)187772:91
Linden, Geo. W.fromDickerson, Geo. W.188080:205
Linden, Geo. W.fromFisher, D. C. (ex.)187772:91
Linden, Geo. W.fromGronaner, Geo. F.188494:320
Linden, Geo. W.fromHough, John186769:175
Linden, Geo. W.toPowers, Sarah188288:496
Linden, George W.fromSmith, Wm. S. (Comr.)186669:174
Lindenberg, C.fromBrunner, Jno.188289:89
Lindenberg, C.fromFerrall, J. D. (Et al.)188079:492
Lindenberg, C.toLiebman, R.188184:250
Lindenberg, C.fromStead, Jos. (Et al.)188079:492
Lindenberg, FredfromReidmiller, Jno. M. (Adm.)188495:90
Lindenberg, FredtoVogel, Caroline188495:91
Lindenwood CemeterytoAchduth Veshalom Cong.188494:427
Lindenwood CemeterytoAldrich, C. H.188286:486
Lindenwood CemeterytoArcher, Jno. H.187463:237
Lindenwood CemeterytoBarnet, Louson187462:525
Lindenwood CemeterytoBass, Jno. H.188185:509
Lindenwood CemeterytoBorden, Jane C.188292:317
Lindenwood CemeterytoBuckles, Jno. H.187686:280
Lindenwood CemeteryfromComparet, D. F. (Et al.)187978:383
Lindenwood CemeterytoDailey, Amanda187668:158
Lindenwood CemeterytoDavenport, E. N.188496:481
Lindenwood CemeterytoDonnivan, J. W.188184:57
Lindenwood CemeterytoDoty, Wm.188393:418
Lindenwood CemeterytoDrake, T. F. (Et al.)188392:157
Lindenwood CemeterytoEmery, Charles187670:516
Lindenwood CemeteryfromFaman, Owen (Et al.)187978:383
Lindenwood CemeterytoFry, Franklin187569:379
Lindenwood CemeterytoFry, Jacob188184:344
Lindenwood CemeteryfromHoward, W. B.188286:464
Lindenwood CemeterytoKaag, Margaret188496:112
Lindenwood CemeterytoKaag, Mathias, F.187772:9
Lindenwood CemeterytoKearns, Jno.186484:77
Lindenwood CemeterytoKeil Bros.187462:345
Lindenwood CemeterytoN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188190:185
Lindenwood CemeterytoShepard, D. O.187165:456
Lindenwood CemeterytoStone, E. E.188286:246
Lindenwood CemeterytoStouder, H. F.187358:488
Lindenwood CemeterytoTaber, Stephen C.186385:201
Lindenwood CemeterytoTibbles, J. H.188184:57
Lindenwood CemeterytoTrustee B. C. E. A. of N. A.187358:454
Lindenwood CemeterytoUnderhill, F. W.187267:248
Lindenwood CemeterytoUnderhill, P. S.186661:75
Lindenwood CemeterytoWilliams, H. M. & M. H.188085:324
Lindenwood CemetrytoEdwards, Daniel (Admr.)187875:349
Lindenwood CemetrytoEmpie, Wm. B. (Et al.)188082:160
Lindenwood CemetrytoGellner, H. (Dec.)188082:105
Lindenwood CemetrytoGraham, James187873:384
Lindenwood CemetrytoHiggins, C. R.188081:350
Lindenwood CemetrytoKeefer, C. (Admr.)188082:105
Lindenwood CemetrytoRabus, John187875:232
Lindenwood CemetrytoReed, Hugh B.186177:489
Lindenwood CemetrytoStouder, Solomon B.187977:294
Lindenwood CemetrytoWise, P. J.186574:353
Lindenwood CemetrytoWoodworth, A. L.187278:221
Linderman, E. W.toRapp, Sophia188287:423
Linderman, E. W. (Adm.)toKatker, Elizabeth188185:558
Lindlag, B. S. (Et al.)fromTrustees P. E. G. R. St. John's Ch.188294:256
Lindlag, C. W.fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187976:406
Lindlag, C. W.fromHanna, O. S.187566:265
Lindlag, C. W.toQuidor, N. K.188081:90
Lindlag, C. W.toTrustees 2nd Ger. R. Salem Cong.187564:496
Lindlag, JacobtoLintlag, Phillip188494:209
Lindlay, J. C.fromFisher, Margaret188494:400
Lindsey, Chas. W.toLindsey, Scott188597:488
Lindsey, Chas. W.fromRichey, Mary E.187876:500
Lindsey, Elmira (Et al.)toConrad, Jos.187876:567
Lindsey, ScotttoDignan, M. S.188598:12
Lindsey, ScottfromDills, Chas. E.188397:489
Lindsey, ScottfromDurbin, Zulerna188079:219
Lindsey, ScottfromLindsey, Chas. W.188597:488
Lindsey, ScottfromLindsey, Wesley C.188079:218
Lindsey, W. C.fromHartzell, Caroline188079:31?
Lindsey, WesleyfromHallenbeck, David E.188079:216
Lindsey, WesleyfromWilson, Williams188079:217
Lindsey, Wesley C.toLindsey, Scott188079:218
Line, Lucelta C.toWhite, Jas. B.187874:268
Line, Lucetta C.fromWhite, James B.187873:60
Line, O. E.toMatthews, Jno. (Et al.)188183:536
Line, O. E.fromWhite, Jas. B.187874:265
Lines, J. H.toWilson, Gains188391:500
Ling, A. E.toShorey, Geo. W.188184:192
Ling, Annie E. & Geo. W.toHartsuff, Wm. D.187564:386
Lininger, CarolinetoLininger, Jacob187164:398
Lininger, J. A.fromMunson, C. A.187977:17
Lininger, J. A.toMunson, C. A.187977:18
Lininger, JacobfromLininger, Caroline187164:398
Lininger, Jacob K.toBroking, Mary S.187770:437
Lininger, JohntoBarve, Bernard187873:1
Lininger, Julia A.fromBroking, Ernst D.187770:436
Link, AdamtoMcMaken, H. C.188183:353
Link, Anna M.toFledderman, J. G. & wife187772:153
Link, Emma M.fromMonning, Jno. B.188494:442
Link, Geo.toHary, J. R.187565:622
Link, Geo.toHedekin, Thos.B.188079:291
Link, Geo.toSlocum, Clark E.187565:622
Link, GeorgefromHedekin, Thos. B.188079:389
Link, MaryfromSwayne, S. F.188391:296
Link, Wm.toMonning, J. B.188494:103
Linker, ElizabethtoLinker, M. E.188392:327
Linker, ElizabethfromOrff, Esther A.188290:54
Linker, H. E.toDammeier, K.188082:80
Linker, H. E.toEckart, Fred188082:99
Linker, H. E.toEckart, Fred188082:96
Linker, H. E.toEckart, Fred188082:97
Linker, H. E.fromFry, Jacob188182:477
Linker, H. E.fromHayden, E. H.188391:395
Linker, H. E.toHayden, E. H. & F. J.188391:307
Linker, H. E.toLitot, Geo. A.187463:110
Linker, H. E.toNeuenshwander E.187567:388
Linker, H. E.toNeuenshwander, I. M.187567:377
Linker, H. E.fromSheriff188393:256
Linker, HenrytoHelling, Frederick187669:193
Linker, HenryfromMelching, Ernst187874:563
Linker, Henry E.fromDammeier, A.187668:259
Linker, Henry E.fromEckart, Frederick (et ux.)187359:515
Linker, Henry E.fromEckhart, Fredk.187360:373
Linker, Henry E.fromEckhart, Fredk.187360:374
Linker, Henry E.toFalker, Frank187669:54
Linker, Henry E.toHeckman, Ernest187566:498
Linker, Henry E.toKampe, Charles A.187567:122
Linker, Henry E.toLitot, George A.187567:118
Linker, Henry E.toMcKinnie, Henry187360:423
Linker, Henry E.toMelching, Ernst187566:499
Linker, Henry E.toReuss, J. B.187566:503
Linker, Henry E.toSchmueckle, Fredk.187566:504
Linker, Henry E.toVoirol, Frank187566:491
Linker, M. E.fromLinker, Elizabeth188392:327
Linker, N. E.fromEckart, Fred188082:100
Linker, N. E.fromEckart, Fred188082:98
Linker, V. (Et al.)toDraker, Frank188185:187
Linneman, FredrickfromSchwanz, Conrad187979:90
Linnemann, FredericktoMeads, Thos.188080:214
Linnerman, FredtoLimmerman, Louisa188598:121
Linnes, M. J.fromKrider, Jno.188286:383
Linsky, H.toKlug, Gregor188288:111
Linsky, H.toNiemann, Theo.188391:203
Linsky, H. (Guard)toKlug, Gregor188288:109
Linsky, H. (Guard)toNiemann, Theo.188391:202
Linsky, HannahtoMcLain, Danl.188597:298
Linsky, HannahfromMcLane, D. P.188393:505
Linsky, HannahfromSiemon, Rudolph188494:227
Linsky, HannahtoSiemon, Rudolph188494:215
Linsky, Hannah (Guard)toSiemon, Rudolph188494:216
Linsky, ThadeusfromMcLain, Danl.188597:300
Lintlag, PhillipfromLindlag, Jacob188494:209
Linton, ElizabethfromKelsey, S. B.188391:279
Linton, JacobtoBinkley, Jno.188082:25
Linton, Jacob (Et al.)toArnold, J. J.188287:170
Linton, Mary E.fromEgolf, Samuel (et al.)187770:266
Lintz, AnthonyfromAlliger, Sarah M.187362:313
Lintz, AnthonyfromAlliger, Sarah M.187361:594
Lintz, AnthonytoLintz, Delia187565:460
Lintz, D.fromLintz, Jno. K.187463:27
Lintz, DeliafromAlliger, Sarah M.187362:312
Lintz, DeliafromAlliger, Sarah M.187360:161
Lintz, DeliafromLintz, Anthony187565:460
Lintz, DeliafromLintz, J. K. (Et al.)187977:407
Lintz, DeliafromWirley, F. (Et al.)187977:409
Lintz, DelicefromArcher, John H.187360:244
Lintz, E. J. Y.fromThaw, Charlie188079:573
Lintz, J. K. (Et al.)toLintz, Delia187977:407
Lintz, Jno. K.toLintz, D.187463:27
Lintz, John K.fromArcher, John H.187360:243
Lintz, John K.toThaw, Charlie187770:373
Linville, H. F.fromUnited States183794:32
Linz, EarnestfromRidgway, M. (Et al.)188183:388
Linz, EarnestfromThompson, E. (Et al.)188183:388
Linz, ErnestfromBecks, H.188183:388
Linz, ErnestfromBoyd, G. W. (Et al.)188183:388
Linz, ErnsttoSosenheimer, C. J.188185:211
Lipes, C. H.fromCook, A. H.188597:159
Lipes, C. T.fromEmenhiser, Amaziah187978:404
Lipes, C. T. (Et al.)fromDeVilbiss, Allen188392:406
Lipes, D. D.fromDevilbiss, Allen188083:190
Lipes, D. D.toUlrey, Jno.188290:5
Lipes, D. H.fromBlood, Jno.187885:499
Lipes, D. H.fromDole, F. B.188393:494
Lipes, D. H.toDole, Franklin188183:465
Lipes, D. H.fromKeller, J. (Et al.)188085:566
Lipes, D. H.toSnider, Solomon188082:68
Lipes, DavidtoTrustees Baptist Church187065:573
Lipes, David D.fromBowser, Jacob C.187667:469
Lipes, David D.fromDevilbiss, Allen187772:278
Lipes, David D.toFonner, Wm.187566:448
Lipes, David D.fromOHarra, Hugh187260:502
Lipes, David H.toEssig, Jno. J.188286:466
Lipes, David H.toLehrman, Geo.188080:175
Lipes, David H.fromWilson, Lewis O.187360:297
Lipes, Jno. W.toNahrwald, Henry188183:157
Lipes, Jno. W.fromTurner, Harvey K.187668:140
Lipes, John W.fromBorden, James W.187571:54
Lipes.David H.toGreenweel, F. (Et al.)188182:466
Lipp, Jno.fromBeyerlein, C.188185:291
Lipp, Jno.fromSuter, Jacob188290:464
Lipp. Jno.toSuter, Jacob188290:463
Lischey, O. A. (et al.)fromTodd, Elmira187975:571
Lischy, A. (Et al.)toTodd, Elmira187875:567
Lischy, O. A. (Et al.)toTodd, A. B.188083:378
Lisher, Saml. F.toShirey, Geo. W.188496:399
Lisky, HannahfromMcLane, J. J.188290:119
List, SusannafromDiederich, H. W.188495:270
Lister, EzrafromBurns, M.188184:376
Lister, EzrafromCampbell, Louisa188494:232
Lister, EzratoWilliams, E. L.188289:28
Litchfield, NancytoFalkenburg, Caleb187569:300
Litot, Geo. A.fromEckart F.187463:110
Litot, Geo. A.fromLinker, H. E.187463:110
Litot, George A.fromEckart, Fredk.187567:118
Litot, George A.fromLinker, Henry E.187567:118
Litot, George A.toSpringer, John M.188082:128
Little, A. H.fromLittle, Andrew188390:544
Little, AlfredfromLonergan, M. J.187976:487
Little, AndrewtoLittle, A. H.188390:544
Little, Andrew J.toShirley, Robert B.186763:516
Little, Geo. L. (Guard)toRanke, Yergens & Brandt187976:289
Little, George L. (guard.)toKeil, D. S. L. D. & J. H.187358:429
Little, Horatio AlbertfromShirkey, Robert B.187778:179
LittleJohn, Wm. & MargaretfromCoolican, Ellen B.188079:108
Litus, Theo.fromGreene, G. G. & M. M.187673:575
Livelsberger, A. M.fromMichael, Herman187669:374
Livelsberger, EmmafromGreenwald, S.188286:530
Livenberger, Elizabeth & Albert M.toLerch, Lydia187566:246
Lize, G. (Et al.)fromRabel, R. C.188597:621

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