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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Loag, Geo. W. (Et al.)fromMcCulloch, C. R.188597:307
Lochner, JacobtoAmstutz, John187872:508
Lochner, JacobfromGerig, J. O.187772:210
Lochner, Jno.fromClayton, Henry187873:403
Lochner, Margaret (et al.)toHamm, George187772:430
Lock, Geo. E. (et al.)toOtt, John187371:555
Locke, JosiahfromAllen Co. Superior Court188494:410
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188186:78
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:66
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:36
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:24
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:264
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:32
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:30
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:262
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:273
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:22
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:10
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:40
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:2
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:58
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:16
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:26
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:284
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:14
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:270
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:282
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:44
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:34
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:20
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:271
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:62
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:279
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:54
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:60
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:46
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:8
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:12
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:280
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:42
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:64
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:266
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:52
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:50
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:18
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:1
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:28
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:4
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:275
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:261
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:68
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:38
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:277
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:56
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:286
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188288:268
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:48
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188287:6
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:141
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:138
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:144
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:147
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:135
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:146
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:133
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188390:568
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:142
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:130
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:139
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:136
Locke, JosiahfromAuditor188391:131
Locke, JosiahtoBaldridge, Elizabeth188494:85
Locke, JosiahtoBarnes, J. B.188391:521
Locke, JosiahtoBastian, Jacob188286:357
Locke, JosiahtoBauer, K. J.188288:409
Locke, JosiahtoBell, R. C. (Trustee)188287:469
Locke, JosiahtoBrothers, Gideon188395:500
Locke, JosiahtoBrown, Jno.188288:303
Locke, JosiahtoChurchman and Fletcher188597:337
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:51
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:59
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:56
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:45
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:47
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:53
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:50
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:57
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:60
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:48
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188392:54
Locke, JosiahfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188391:197
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:429
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:436
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:434
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:445
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:431
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:441
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:440
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:438
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:432
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188185:443
Locke, JosiahfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188288:149
Locke, JosiahtoCochran, Thos. (Et al.)188289:522
Locke, JosiahfromCommissioner in Partition188288:150
Locke, JosiahtoCoombs, Jno. M.188391:575
Locke, JosiahtoCorbett, Chas.188496:125
Locke, JosiahfromCourt (Superior) by Decree188494:410
Locke, JosiahfromDecree Superior Court Allen Co.188494:410
Locke, JosiahtoEby, Jno.188598:441
Locke, JosiahtoEckart, Frederick188392:430
Locke, JosiahtoEvans, Nathan188496:170
Locke, JosiahtoFahlsing, F. W.188495:207
Locke, JosiahtoFisher, D. C.188497:119
Locke, JosiahtoFleming, Wm.188391:489
Locke, JosiahtoFletcher, S. J.188597:336
Locke, JosiahtoFoster, Andrew188394:47
Locke, JosiahtoGibson, Mary Jane188393:135
Locke, JosiahtoGrund, Johanna188290:206
Locke, JosiahtoHartman, S. E.188393:475
Locke, JosiahtoHayden, F. J.188494:157
Locke, JosiahtoHeingartener, Sevilla188289:413
Locke, JosiahtoHoladay, Jesse188186:272
Locke, JosiahtoHolland, M. A. & R.188494:281
Locke, JosiahtoJenkinson, Emma188289:576
Locke, JosiahtoKamp, George188289:489
Locke, JosiahtoKinkle, E. B.188390:539
Locke, JosiahtoKintz, J. J.188286:569
Locke, JosiahtoLeinskey, Hannah188392:339
Locke, JosiahtoLichtsinn, Wm.188393:254
Locke, JosiahtoMarquit, Alfred188495:352
Locke, JosiahtoMartz, Phillip188496:233
Locke, JosiahtoOlds, N. G. & Sons188393:395
Locke, JosiahtoOlmsted, A. H.188391:103
Locke, JosiahtoPaine, Lemmel C.188392:477
Locke, JosiahtoPape, Wm. 188393:50
Locke, JosiahtoParker, Danford188394:1
Locke, JosiahfromPrezinger, J. R.188391:520
Locke, JosiahfromPrezinger, J. R.188598:500
Locke, JosiahtoRandall, Perry A.188494:570
Locke, JosiahtoReed, H. B.188399:24
Locke, JosiahtoRuffug, Martin188495:577
Locke, JosiahtoSchaughnessy, M.188394:87
Locke, JosiahtoSeavey, G. W.188294:155
Locke, JosiahtoShoaff, Susan R.188397:239
Locke, JosiahtoSmith, Thos.188391:554
Locke, JosiahtoSorg, Jno. M.188393:335
Locke, JosiahtoStiver, Wm.188290:228
Locke, JosiahfromSuperior Court A. Co.188496:439
Locke, JosiahfromSuperior Court Allen188494:410
Locke, JosiahtoSwain, Jas. W. S.188297:468
Locke, JosiahtoTrentman, A. C.188391:584
Locke, JosiahtoTrustees Berry St. M. E. Ch.188394:527
Locke, JosiahtoWatkins, A. A.188390:440
Locke, JosiahtoWentworth, D.188498:337
Locke, JosiahtoWiebke, Henry188395:83
Locke, Josiah (Br Decree)fromSchuck, Henry (Et al.)188494:410
Lockewood, AlonzofromBorden, Jos. W.188079:308
Lockwood, AlonzotoHollopeter, Wm. C.187773:276
Lockwood, HarrytoMcCormick, Patrick186393:553
Lockwood, OlonzofromCrane, William187672:497
Lockwood, P. J. (Et al.)toLower, David188496:605
Lodmer, MargarettoHamm, George187873:158
Lodzeisky, HarristoSimon, Dora187770:53
Lodzeisky, HarrisfromSimon, Moses187669:160
Loebert, C. F. & M. T.fromOlds, Sarah E.188392:140
Loeffler, Henry C. (Last Will & Testament of ) (Deed)to187368:403
Loend, CharlesfromMenzies, Wm.187362:260
Loend, Chas.fromBurgett, Harvey187362:260
Loend, Chas.fromViele, Stephen187362:260
Loesch, Mary M.fromPratt, Wm.188390:339
Loffler, HaneyfromSweetzer M. School Com.184968:114
Logan, AdalinefromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, Alice E.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, AnnafromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, Blanche M.fromLogan, Nora188393:555
Logan, D. C.toLogan, Jno. F.188287:257
Logan, David C.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, Geo. W.toLogan, Jno. F.187979:74
Logan, Geo. W.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, Henry M.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, J. C.fromLogan, Jane188184:511
Logan, J. F.toHays, H. P.188393:504
Logan, JacobfromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, JanetoFitch, N. H.188392:572
Logan, JanefromFry, Henry187771:310
Logan, JanetoLogan, J. C.188184:511
Logan, Jno. F.toHays, Hulda Ann188597:72
Logan, Jno. F.fromLogan, D. C.188287:257
Logan, Jno. F.fromLogan, Geo. W.187979:74
Logan, Jno. F.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, Jno. F.fromRobertson, M. C.188394:389
Logan, John F.fromWillson, Anna (Adm.)187979:75
Logan, L. A.toCantwell, O. R. & M. C.188182:259
Logan, Levi L.toHays, H. P.188598:247
Logan, Lewis L.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, LottfromBittinger, A. H. (admr.)187360:415
Logan, LottfromYahne, John187360:416
Logan, Lott A.fromWood, Hester A.187667:418
Logan, Lott A.toWood, Hester A.188079:232
Logan, MalissafromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, Mary C.fromLogan, Samuel (Est.)187667:353
Logan, NorafromHamilton, M. V.188496:42
Logan, NoratoLogan, Blanche M.188393:555
Logan, Nora (Et al.)fromWithers, W. H. (Coms.)188286:243
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Adaline187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Alice E.187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Anna187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, David C.187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Geo. W.187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Henry M.187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Jacob187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Jno. F.187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Lewis L.187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Malissa187667:353
Logan, Samuel (Est.)toLogan, Mary C.187667:353
Logg, Wm.toFisher, D. C. & Tons, H.187567:85
Logg, Wm.toWhite, James B.187462:577
Logg, Wm. & AgnesfromWhite, James B.187462:542
Lomas, CharlestoBowser, Isaiah187565:129
Lomas, Chas., Jr.fromBowser, Isaiah187565:165
Lomas, ElizabethfromKrauzman, Henry187359:599
Lomas, ElizabethfromParker, Christian187669:464
Lomas, ElizabethtoParker, Christian187669:473
Lomax, Jno. T.toRich, B. L.186197:131
Lomont, C. F.toCoulardot, S.187566:43
Lomont, C. F.toGladio, Francis187566:43
Lomont, Claude F.fromLomont, Peter187566:442
Lomont, F.toRomy, R. L.188085:111
Lomont, FrancisfromSheriff188080:457
Lomont, M.toSargeant, A. & T.188287:473
Lomont, M.toSargeant, Wm. Sr.188287:473
Lomont, P. V.toGrumaux, V.188182:302
Lomont, PaulinefromLomont, Seraphin188495:278
Lomont, PetertoLomont, Claude F.187566:442
Lomont, SeraphintoLomont, Pauline188495:278
Lomont, TheophitetoGladio, Francis (et al.)187771:162
Lonergan, BridgetfromHanna, Chas.187362:88
Lonergan, BridgettoHanna, Chas.187462:89
Lonergan, M. J.fromColler, Ann187676:484
Lonergan, M. J.fromColler, Ann187683:547
Lonergan, M. J.toLittle, Alfred187976:487
Lones, J. H.fromBond, Chas. E.188391:181
Lones, J. H.toEagle, Wm.188598:106
Loney, A. J.fromHarrison, W. H.188495:157
Loney, A. J. & C.fromKlien, Anthony188184:21
Long, AndrewtoLewis, Amanda188083:137
Long, EliasfromBogart, J. B.187994:391
Long, ElizabethfromBissell, Geo. P. (Trustee)187978:522
Long, ElizabethfromCollins, L. D.187873:314
Long, ElizabethtoDowie, Catharine187981:318
Long, ElizabethfromDowie, John R.187976:147
Long, ElizabethfromFleming, Wm.187361:203
Long, ElizabethfromLee, Henry W.188391:337
Long, ElizabethfromLong, Rachel186761:204
Long, ElizabethtoPorter, Samuel187361:205
Long, ElminetoGlaney, H. G.188184:32
Long, ElmirafromMagner, Thos. (Guard)187384:31
Long, ElmiratoWilliamson, Alex187361:457
Long, F. A.toBaker, W. D.188182:279
Long, Geo. W.fromArcher, David R.187565:618
Long, Geo. W.toCollins, L. D.187873:227
Long, Geo. W.toSwayne, M.188393:80
Long, Geo. W.fromSwayne, M. J.188393:87
Long, H. F.fromPerney, Jos. 188184:506
Long, Henry F.fromArcher, John H.187359:124
Long, Henry F.fromArcher, John H.187359:252
Long, Henry F.toDolin, Robert187359:418
Long, Henry F.fromFields, Delphine187462:141
Long, J. C. W.toEstry, Nettie188187:278
Long, J. C. W.fromLehr, M. J.188290:282
Long, JeremiahtoLong, Tobias A.187570:414
Long, JeremiahfromLuce, Franklin187462:238
Long, Jno. C. W.fromLehr, M. J.188396:54
Long, Jno. C. W.fromLehr, M. J.188496:53
Long, M. C.toHarvey, O. H.188494:412
Long, M. C.fromSmith, C. W.187983:304
Long, Nancy V.toBossler, J. A.188598:24
Long, Nancy V.fromGreene, G. G.187567:539
Long, Nancy V.fromHobrock, Jno. H.188186:229
Long, Nancy V.toKnaga, I. H. & P. K.188391:234
Long, Nancy V.fromShurick, F. S.188599:103
Long, RacheltoLong, Elizabeth186761:204
Long, Sarah M.toGlutting, A. F.187978:420
Long, Sarah M.fromHoffmann, Christian187772:206
Long, Sarah M.fromHuffman, C. E.187778:386
Long, Sarah M.fromSlemmer, George187772:206
Long, Sarah M.fromSlemmer, Heo. (Et al.)187778:386
Long, TobiasfromStout, George W.187464:157
Long, Tobias A.toAurand, Daniel187770:290
Long, Tobias A.fromGlutting, A. F.187978:421
Long, Tobias A.fromLong, Jeremiah187570:414
Long, Tobias A.toParker, John R.187770:415
Longacre, JohnfromYodder, John187976:509
Longbrake, GerometoMcArdle, P.187668:333
Longgardener, J. W.fromSkinner, T. H.188391:370
Longsworth, H.fromEngle, J. B.188287:465
Longsworth, H.fromFleming, Wm.188287:465
Longworth, H.toMorgan, Jno.188290:325
Longworth, H.toTaylor, Edmond188290:207
Longworth, H.fromTaylor, Edmond188393:170
Loomis, P. B.fromEvans, S. Cary187668:206
Loomis, P. B.toFt, Wayne Jackson R. R. Co.188082:91
Loos, A. H.fromMohr, H. H.188291:541
Loos, AnthonyfromMohr, H. H.188288:316
Loos, AnthonytoSchulte, Adolph188494:472
Loos, BernardfromMohr, H. H.188288:315
Loos, HenrytoSaunders, Mary A.187359:384
Loos, Wm.toHager, Henry188290:121
Loper, S. M.toForbuch, Joel F.187668:436
Lopes, C. H.toRemus, Julius185599:61
Lopohive, GeorgefromFogwell, Willim (Adms.)188081:529
Lopohive, LouistoHarrod, Isaac188079:215
Lopshire, CatharinefromGarverick, Aaron187667:506
Lopshire, CatharinetoNicodemus, P. & E. E.188599:19
Lopshire, CatharinetoRuch, Lewis187466:137
Lopshire, CatharinetoRuch, Lewis187464:39
Lopshire, ElizabethtoEmerick, Henry187565:453
Lopshire, ElizabethtoSmitley, Enos C.187468:316
Lopshire, Geo.toGarverick, Aaron187359:563
Lopshire, Geo. L.fromEarlywine, Wm. H.188185:560
Lopshire, GeorgefromHarrison, Richd. F.187359:562
Lopshire, H. B. (Et al.)toSwayne, S. F.188291:384
Lopshire, JohntoSmittey, Enos C.187175:142
Lopshire, Leo. L.toCrawford, Elizabeth188394:62
Lopshire, LewistoSmitley, Geo.188184:416
Lopshire, LewistoSmitley, Geo.188288:254
Lopshire, MatildafromJames, Geo. T.188289:391
Lopshire, S. C.fromGriffith, Nancy187874:440
Lopshire, WilliamfromWeaver, Sarah187465:31
Lopshire, Wm. H.fromPompey, Mary E.188498:23
Lorain, Jno. B.toTrustee Jefferson Tp.188598:490
Lord, AmostoMooney, John187668:117
Lord, Amos & SusanfromGreene, Mary M.187565:586
Lord, George C.toRanke, Yergens & Brandt187976:288
Lord, Mary O.toKeil, D. S. L. D. & J. H.187358:430
Lordier, A & E.fromCestia, Peter188081:202
Lordier, Aug.fromPio, Wm.187462:518
Lordier, AugustfromFleming, Wm.187360:82
Lordier, AugusttoGranneman, Chas.188392:192
Lordier, AugusttoLazzarini, Amadeo187875:253
Lordier, AugusttoLazzarini, Amadeo187875:253
Lordier, AugustfromSauser, Catharine187565:397
Lordier, AugusttoSauser, Catherine187669:6
Lordier, AugusttoShaler, Catherine (Et al.)188079:284
Lordier, AugustfromSheriff187875:165
Lordier, AugustfromSutton, Catharine187667:484
Lordier, AugustfromVioland, Joseph187875:287
Lordier, August & EugeniafromLazzarini, Amedeo187875:307
Lordier, EugeniatoLazzarini, Amadeo187875:306
Lordier, EugeniafromLazzarini, Amadeo187875:254
Lordier, EugenietoGust, J. & M.188391:67
Lordier, FrancisfromEstamy, Hubert (et al.)187358:431
Lordier, J. E.fromBlystone, Isaac188183:223
Lordier, Julia E.fromWhite, Jas. B.187772:128
Lordier, PhiliptoRandall, P. A.188287:349
Lordies, J. E.fromSlichter, Wm. H.188184:447
Lorrain, FerdtoJamey, Francis186497:440
Lose, C. J.fromFrance, J. E. K.188290:172
Lose, C. J.fromFrance, J. E. k.188393:512
Lose, C. J.fromPepple, James188289:334
Lothammer, Jos.fromEverett, C. W.188390:522
Loudenback, Jno.toMiller, E. J.188189:117
Loudenback, Jno.toMiller, N. J.188190:582
Loudenback, Jno.toWeaver, Jno. R.188189:119
Loudenbeck, JohnfromMiller, Benjamin F.187565:427
Loudenbeck, JohntoMiller, Benjamin T.187465:120
Loudenbeck, JohnfromSheriff187358:457
Loudenslager, C.toVanzile, Azariah188185:97
Loudenslager, CarolinefromCommissioner in Partition188289:536
Loudon, Moses H.fromDevore, David G.187468:464
Loudon, Moses H.fromMcMahon, Thomas187468:474
Louer, AugustinefromWhite, Jas. B.187572:60
Louer, CatherinefromPhilley, M. S.187669:135
Louer, Geo.toPhilley, M. S.187669:134
Loughlin, HenryfromCulver, Henry187566:440
Loullet, JamesfromOpenshau, Geo.187462:268
Loultit, KatefromBlum, Geo. P. Sr.188183:22
Lounden, M. H.toMcMahon, Thos.188185:284
Lour, MichaeltoAukt, Joseph184480:371
Louthion, Wm. P. (comr.)toJoy, Jas. F. & Smith, E. (trustee)187772:346
Louttit, JamestoBlum, Geo. P. Sr.188183:21
Lovall, S. B.toDecker, Jno. F.188289:371
Lovall, S. B.fromFrisby, A. E.188079:473
Lovall, Saml. B.fromFrisby, Ann Eliza188079:160
Lovall, Saml. B.toFrisby, Ann Eliza188079:159
Love, CatharinefromKeith, Isaac M.187667:359
Love, CatharinefromMoran, William188392:464
Love, Wm.toWatson, E. W.188392:173
Loveall, Mary E.toColeman, Charles F.187365:145
Loveall, Mary E.fromFitzpatrick, Elizabeth (et al.)187364:276
Loveall, Mary E.fromHanley, Michael (Est.)187565:156
Loveall, NancyfromCommissioners by Partition184578:557
Lovelace, H. & M.fromBarnhart, Jno.187567:167
Lovelace, H. L.fromBarnhart, Lavina187777:544
Loveland, H. W.fromJackson, H. W.187977:123
Loveland, H. W.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:6
Loveland, H. W.toTibbet, Barny187976:264
Loveland, H. W.toTustison, Oliver187360:278
Loveland, Hezekiah W.toJackson, Henry W.187461:469
Loveland, Jno. N.toJackson, A. A.188286:338
Loveland, John (et)fromLoveland, Luther187772:117
Loveland, L. C. (et al.)toLoveland, Luther187565:239
Loveland, LuthertoLoveland, John (et)187772:117
Loveland, LutherfromLoveland, L. C. (et al.)187565:239
Loveland, Luther (Guard)toShutt, Geo.187373:161
Lovett, Wm. O.toSapp, M. A.188287:565
Low, ThomastoAgster, Annie M.187464:95
Lowe, G. W. & E. L.fromStratton, Sarah E.188598:414
Lowe, Jno. G. (Guard)toDenges, C. &. E.188494:529
Lowe, Jno. G. (Guard)toPaul, H. C.188497:102
Lower, Alex M.fromMcQuiston, John187874:50
Lower, AugustinefromLower, Catherine187770:408
Lower, B. H.fromMcQuiston, John187874:50
Lower, C. (Et al.)toLower, Sylvester188185:31
Lower, CatherinetoLower, Augustine187770:408
Lower, DavidfromLockwood, P. J. (Et al.)188496:605
Lower, JessefromDoll, Frederick187564:453
Lower, Margaret A.fromMcQuiston, John187874:50
Lower, Nancy B.fromMcQuiston, John187874:50
Lower, SylvestertoEhrmann, J. A.188185:40
Lower, SylvesterfromFriedline, Jno. (Et al.)188185:31
Lower, SylvesterfromLower, C. (Et al.)188185:31
Lower, SylvesterfromLower, Wm.187785:22
Lower, SylvesterfromMiller, Geo. W. (Et al.)188185:31
Lower, SylvesterfromMumma, J. H.188185:31
Lower, SylvesterfromWelty, A. (Et al.)188185:31
Lower, Wm.fromGodard, M.187385:34
Lower, Wm.toLower, Sylvester187785:22
Lowery, A.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:400
Lowry, Robertson & O'RourkefromKrout, Charles187567:68
Lowry, Robt.toWestminister Seminary188496:305
Lowry, Robt. (Coms.)toStevens, Mary187774:377
Lowry, Robt. (Et al.)toStrasser, Rupert187874:523
Loy, Wm. F.toBird, John187360:36
Loy, Wm. F.toCampbell, Chas. E.187359:549
Loy, Wm. F.toThomas, Alfred B.187364:530
Loyd, Thos. Wm.fromHagest, Geo.188598:110
Loyer, FrancistoTaylor, Isaac Z.188393:23

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