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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Lubkin, RudolphfromFisher, Louisa187565:385
Lucas, L. L.fromKocher, Wm. C.187975:575
Lucas, T. L.toBatchelder, L. J. R.187978:30
Lucas, Thomas L.fromBatchelder, Frank H.187976:145
Lucas, Thos. D.fromPugh, Lucinda C.187976:462
Lucas, Thos. L.fromBrobst, Louisa M.187975:384
Lucas, Thos. L.toShirk, E. H.188188:101
Lucas, Thos. L.toThompson, Charles187976:229
Luce, B. E.fromLuce, Wm.187985:235
Luce, CatharinetoMitchell, S. J.188495:484
Luce, CatharinetoTimbrook, Lavina188495:490
Luce, CatherinetoLuce, Geo. W.188495:108
Luce, FranklintoLong, Jeremiah187462:238
Luce, FranklinfromSwift, Alpheus187162:238
Luce, Geo.fromScar, Adam187777:70
Luce, Geo. W.fromLuce, Catherine188495:108
Luce, Geo. W.fromLuce, Wm.188185:252
Luce, JohnfromBullard, Geo.188183:318
Luce, Mary M.toScherer, Christian187565:436
Luce, RosafromPoole, Samuel187669:89
Luce, RosatoTaylor, Oliver188494:412
Luce, WmfromCochrane, Geo. G.187361:119
Luce, Wm.fromDollarhite, Alex187669:113
Luce, Wm.toLuce, B. E.187985:235
Luce, Wm.toLuce, Geo. W.188185:252
Luce, Wm. F.toArgo, Martin E.187667:352
Luce, Wm. F.fromHough, John187461:617
Lucey, JeremiahtoRulo, J. A.188286:479
Lucke, ElizabethfromBrockeman, J. R.187771:53
Lucke, ElizabethtoZuber, Mary187976:438
Lucke, ElizabethfromZuber, Mary187976:457
Luckey, ElizabethtoKramer, C.187977:537
Luckey, Geo. W.toParker, John R.187565:615
Lucy, JeremiahtoBandelier, August187462:599
Ludlaw, WilliamfromBrannan, Julia187772:328
Ludlow, J. B.toWhitten, Jno.187979:189
Ludlow, R. (Et al.)toSwank, Daniel188183:71
Ludlow, Wm.toCarmike, M.188286:498
Ludlow, Wm.fromCarmike, M.188286:499
Ludlow, Wm.toCruse, A. B.188287:232
Ludlow, Wm. & R.fromPlayfair, Jas.188183:177
Ludwick, C. W. (Guard)toSalomon, Chas.188391:566
Ludwick, Chas. W.toFair, Andrew188394:459
Ludwick, Chas. W.fromRuff, Sarah188393:471
Ludwick, Chas. W. & JosephtoWinch, Calvin J.187364:5
Ludwick, Chas. W. (Guard)toFair, Andrew188394:460
Ludwick, EsdrastoWinch, Calvin J.187364:8
Ludwick, M.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Ludwick, M.fromSavage, J. H.187463:278
Ludwick, M. W.fromWilcox, Geo. E. Jr.188083:176
Ludwick, M. W. (Et al.)toFair, Andrew188394:455
Ludwick, M. W. (Et al.)toSalomon, Chas.188291:561
Ludwick, Margaret & Benj. D.toWinch, Calvin J.187364:5
Ludwick, Margaret (Extrix.)toWinch, Calvin J.187464:10
Ludwick, Wm.toWinch, Calvin J.187364:6
Ludwig, Jacob (Et al.)fromSwinney, Thos. W.184593:253
Luebking, Sophia fromSheriff187669:
Lugbill, C. (Et al.)toSchwartz, Jno.188183:4
Lugbill, Jno. C.fromMcCrory, Rebecca (Guard)188184:148
Lugbill, Jno. C.fromMcCrory, Rebecca (Guard) 188184:149
Lugbill, L. & B.toSchwartz, Jno.188598:218
Lugbill, Mary (Et al.)toSchwartz, Jno.188183:3
Lugbull, Jno.fromMcCrory, Jno. W.188082:74
Luhman, Wm.fromMeyer, John187462:347
Luhman, Wm.fromThieme, John G.187361:3
Luhmann, Anna M.toMiller, J. H. Herman187565:545
Luhmann, W.fromKoenig, Helena188391:493
Luhmann, Wm.toMeyer, John187462:343
Luhrs, HenryfromBanline, Sarah188494:292
Luhrs, HenryfromBird, Ochmig187669:196
Luhrs, HenryfromFawley, Martha J.188286:249
Luidemuth, M.toLindemuth, Jas. B.188596:632
Luisey, JohnfromAuditor1876A:77
Luitz, DeliafromSchoerpf, Delia (Et aal.)187977:407
Luitz, DeliafromSigl, Jos. (Et al.)187977:409
Luke, Mary A.fromHood, Henry G.188081:136
Luken, Jno. H.fromBurlager, Gerhart187566:363
Luken, Jno. H.toBurlarger, Wm.187668:466
Luken, John H.toBurlager, Gerhart187566:339
Lukens, A. T.toJones, Harvey188392:283
Lukens, M. M. (Et al.)toCarver, J. F.188599:55
Lukmann, Fredk.toTrier, Henry187462:532
Luley, FranktoWessell, J. & C.188289:116
Luley, Geo. F.fromRandall, J. W.188391:150
Luley, GertrusefromHerndon, Chas. (ex.)187872:423
Luley, P. & M.fromMommer, Jos. F.188495:267
Luley, PhiliptoMonner, J. F.188495:266
Lulie, FranktoLulie, Philip186195:185
Lulie, PhilipfromLulie, Frank186195:185
Lumbard & BondfromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188182:511
Lumbard, AddiatoBlondiot, Wm.188393:597
Lumbard, AdeliafromBond, L. A. (Guard)188393:579
Lumbard, S. C.fromAbbott, R. B.187978:351
Lumbard, S. C.fromBond, C. E.188186:105
Lumbard, S. C.fromBond, C. E.188186:104
Lumbard, S. C.toBond, C. E.188182:522
Lumbard, S. C.toBulger, E. J.188286:504
Lumbard, S. C.fromCarier, A. H.188185:181
Lumbard, S. C.fromCarier, A. H.188185:486
Lumbard, S. C.toCarrier, A. H.188290:69
Lumbard, S. C.fromColerick, Jno. A. (Et al.)188289:296
Lumbard, S. C.toDoermer, Peter Jr.188495:629
Lumbard, S. C.fromFalls, Danl. M.188497:257
Lumbard, S. c.fromGrosvenor, E. D.188286:251
Lumbard, S. C.toMadison, Eliza Ann188494:58
Lumbard, S. C.toMaxwell, J. L.188290:107
Lumbard, S. C.fromMcCulloch, Chas.188289:361
Lumbard, S. C.fromNeirsiter, Conrad187873:442
Lumbard, S. C.toNelson, Nathan188391:257
Lumbard, S. C.toNelson, Nathan188598:273
Lumbard, S. C.fromOrff, John187873:119
Lumbard, S. C.toPublic for Street and Alley188393:591
Lumbard, S. C.toRhodm, Victor188289:53
Lumbard, S. C.fromRockhill, H. C.188182:521
Lumbard, S. C.fromSheriff188598:207
Lumbard, S. C.toWaddington, B. C.188598:248
Lumbard, S. C. (Adm.)fromBass, Jno. H.188289:460
Lumbard, S. C. (Adm.)toNieman, Theodore188186:365
Lumbard, S. C. (Adm.)toTaylor, Jno.188289:519
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al. )toFisher, Abel188495:420
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toBlakely, Mary C.188183:431
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toBond, Chas. E.188598:463
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toBugbee, Catharine188392:523
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toCarier, A. H.188184:564
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toDoswell, A. E.188494:308
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toFisher, Abel188393:563
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toFisher, Abel188598:462
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toHobrock, Caroline188496:458
Lumbard, S. c. (Et al.)toHobrook, J. H.188496:387
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toJackson, J. P.188183:491
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toKeyser, J. M.188184:477
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toNoble, Chas. & Jennie188392:524
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toPeake, Rudolph188496:529
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toWaddington, B. C.188393:543
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toWhiting, Ann M.188495:219
Lumbard, S. C. (Et al.)toYoung, Margaret188494:583
Lumbard, S. C. (Etal.)toSmith, Wm. A.188393:4
Lumbards, S. C. (Et al.)toGales, Simon188184:212
Lumbards, S. C. (Et al.)toWertz, Henry188184:6
Lumpkin, FrancisfromTrustees W. & E. C.185074:446
Lunbard, S. C.toBond, C. E.188289:382
Lunbard, S. C.toPeters, S. J.188184:211
Lund, J. & H.toTravio, P.& E.188080:360
Lund, Johanna M.D.fromBright, Wm. J.187564:574
Lungafelt, Wm.toGerig, Peter188598:235
Lungard, JohntoDodine, Francis188392:162
Lunnon, W. P.toJohnson, Franklin188391:191
Lunnon, W. P.toThomas, Jos.188496:520
Lunon, Wm. P.fromSmall, Jno.188188:223
Lunon, Wm. P.fromSmith, L. D.188288:224
Lunward, S. C.toVioland, Adalade188289:439
Lunz, J. G.fromCarmike, M.188287:99
Lunz, J. G.fromEdwards, D.188287:101
Lupken, LiboriusfromArney, M. H. & D.187770:480
Lupken, LiboriusfromGirardot, Jules188183:154
Lupkin, FranztoLupkin, L.187874:447
Lupkin, L.fromLupkin, Franz187874:447
Lusk, David K.fromWass, John187770:560
Luther, IsraelfromColeman, Mary187772:221
Luther, IsraelfromHerrick, Mahala187772:221
Luther, IsraeltoSchowe, Ludwick W.187772:222
Luther, IsraeltoSeavey, G. W.187977:375
Luther, Israel Jr.toBrosius, Matilda187772:376
Luttmann, H. (Adm.)toOastermwier, Henry188289:183
Lutz, G. (Et al.)toCentliore, C. L.188185:334
Lutz, J. S.fromCompton, Wm. (Et al.)188082:117
Lutz, J. S.fromThomas, L. R.188082:117
Lutz, J. S.fromTrue, R. (Et al.)188082:117
Lutz, JacobfromFerguson, Geo. W.187979:164
Lutz, JacobfromFerguson, Geo. W.188080:281
Lutz, JacobtoSaalfrank, J. H.188080:282
Lutz, JacobfromSargent, Charlott188293:186
Lutz, Jacob s.toBeckman, Wm.188394:270
Lutz, Jacob S.toEdington, James187569:119
Lutz, Jacob S.toEdington, James187565:343
Lutz, Jacob S.toPhipps, Jno.187569:119
Lutz, Jacob S.toPompey, Mary188393:186
Luxenberger, P.toBauer, K. J.187669:26

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