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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Lybarger, EnochtoLaw, T. M. L.185690:411
Lydolph, Fredk.toLydolph, Henry187360:296
Lydolph, HenryfromJones, Silas C. & Julia A.187464:69
Lydolph, HenryfromLydolph, Fredk.187360:296
Lydolph, HenrytoPrange, Fredk.187667:316
Lykauf, NicholasfromBollman, C. F.188183:70
Lykauf, NicholasfromBollman, C. F.188183:69
Lyle, J. Q.fromEdwards, J. (Trustee)188185:124
Lyle, J. Q.fromEquitable Trust Co.188185:124
Lyles, J. Q.toKonig, Wilhelm187976:495
Lyman, Martha J.fromMcCulloch, Chas. (atty.)187771:261
Lynch, IsabelefromJackson, W. T.188288:186
Lynch, Jas. H.toFinney, M & M.188288:537
Lynch, Jas. H.fromFinney, Michael188288:536
Lynch, JohntoRyan, Mary187671:339
Lynch, JoshuafromRyan, John187360:443
Lynch, Mary AnnfromLynch, Thomas187669:57
Lynch, Mary AnnfromLynch, Thomas187669:58
Lynch, SarahfromSimonton, Helen188286:388
Lynch, Sarah (Et al.)toRolland, Fred188496:460
Lynch, ThomastoLynch, Mary Ann187669:57
Lynch, ThomastoLynch, Mary Ann187669:58
Lyne, R. W. & W.fromSullivan, M. A.188087:468
Lyne, R. W. & Wm.fromSullivan, Mary A.187773:413
Lyne, Rebecca W.fromMarkey, E. J.187772:15
Lyne, WilliamtoMarkey, Mary187669:179
Lyne, Wm.toSullivan, Mary A.187772:158
Lyne, Wm. & W. J. MarkeyfromBittinger, Geo. L.187668:471
Lynn, Geo. H.fromCrane, Geo. D.187976:72
Lynn, Geo. H.toTons, Wm.188184:251
Lynn, Jno.toLeffler, Margaret188391:272
Lynn, Jno.fromLeffler, Otto188391:272
Lyon, AustinfromSwift, Alpheus187566:239
Lyon, AustintoSwift, Isabelle B.187770:295
Lyon, D. A.toGrosvenor, E. O.188184:585
Lyon, Daniel A.fromSutermeister, Arnold (et al.)187667:242
Lyon, Daniel A.fromSutermeister, Arnold (et al.)187667:243
Lyon, Jno. L.fromHursh, H. A. (Adm.)187880:328
Lyon, L. L.toAstry, Jas.188495:125
Lyons, DavistoWitmer, Jacob188081:354
Lyons, J. L.fromHursh, H. a. (Adm.)188286:474
Lyons, Jno. L.toNuffman, C. V.188598:586
Lyons, M. J. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188188:375
Lyons, M. J. (Et al.)toSpitler, Elias188186:228
Lyons, RichardtoNoonan, Jas. A.188186:219
Lyons, ThomastoKramer, William188080:47
Lyons, Thos.fromUnited States183580:22
Lysher, C. B.toDisler, M. A.188185:313
Lysher, F. & S. F.fromShaffer, S. C. (Et al.)188182:479
Lysher, S. F.toLysher, Thos. Jr.188395:162
Lysher, T. & S. F.fromShaffer, S. C. (Et al.)188182:479
Lysher, Thos. Jr.fromLysher, S. F.188395:162
Lytte, Wm. (Coms.)toRandall, F. P.184387:262

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