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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Maars, John C.toDidier, Sophia187461:448
Mac Dougal, Jno.fromBaughman, Jerimiah187976:587
MacDougal, JohntoBaughman, Mary187979:588
MacDougel, JohntoBanghman, Mary187979:588
Mack & PetersonfromWebber, Noel T.187566:316
Mack, A. J.toFrank, George A.188079:110
Mack, FredericktoCarnahan, Wm. L.187978:378
Mack, J. G.fromBrockman, * W.188184:587
MacKall, M.toCunnison, J.188080:76
Mackall, M.toHerr, Frank187770:545
Mackall, M.fromJustus, Lewis S.187567:160
Mackall, MontervilletoCunnison, James188080:76
Mackall, MontervilletoWatkins, Mary187873:21
Mackall, MontravillefromSeymoure, Calvin A.187566:460
Mackall, MontravilletoYagerlenner, John187771:523
Mackall, MortervillefromYagerlimer, John187773:378
Mackey, JamesfromBleekman, Jerome187977:368
Mackey, JamestoStearns, Wm. L.188183:246
Mackey, Jas.toBeck, Mary P.188081:120
Mackey, Jas.toReynolds, F. B.188082:352
Mackey, Jas.toReynolds, T. B.187983:345
Mackey, Jas.toStearus, W. L.188081:186
Maddax, Geo.fromReed, H. B.187683:262
Madden, Catherine (Et al.)toParker, Abraham187978:68
Madden, Catherine (Et al.)toParker, J. D.187978:67
Madden, Catherine (Et al.)toParker, William187978:69
Madden, Jos. R.toTaylor, John M.187473:38
Madden, M. (Et al.)toPatterson, Thos. R.188182:509
Madden, M. E.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.188286:261
Madden, MarthafromCommissioner in Partition188290:130
Madden, Thos. Sr.fromFair, Jacoble187360:366
Madden, W. & E. A.fromHire, Elisha187977:311
Madden, W. W.fromHire, Elias188495:426
Madden, Wm.fromDiffendarfer, Samuel187569:241
Madden, Wm. W.toTaylor, John M.187573:38
Maddox, A. M.fromPotter, D. M.188183:510
Maddox, Geo.fromBurgess, Henry187364:446
Maddox, GeorgetoBeals, Susan R.187565:97
Maddux, Geo.fromBrokaw, R. H.188184:217
Maddux, GeorgefromBeals, Wm.188392:497
Maddux, GeorgetoMedsker, Isaac N.187464:416
Maden, Mary A.fromParker, Christian186565:373
Maden, Mary AnntoParker, C. (guard)187567:389
Maequardt, JacobtoMarquardt, Adam187876:74
Magers, G. M.fromAuditor187268:170
Magers, G. M.fromAuditor187268:171
Maghew, J. H.toLangly, John187875:108
Magner, Francis M.toMagner, Rhoda187771:513
Magner, Francis M.fromMagner, William187771:513
Magner, IsaiahtoWyer, George186665:7
Magner, JohntoMagner, Rebecca187468:126
Magner, JohnfromWilliamson, Alex187473:215
Magner, RebeccafromMagner, John187468:126
Magner, RhodafromMagner, Francis M.187771:513
Magner, S.fromSweet, Nancy J.187977:547
Magner, S. E.fromSpencer, Jno. T.187568:92
Magner, SusanfromBarnhart, Jno.187567:406
Magner, WilliamtoMagner, Francis M.187771:513
Magner, Wm.fromMcGovern, S.187463:257
Magness, WilliamfromGreene, Mary M.187673:46
Magnihan, A. J.fromDonley, Thos. B. (Et ux.)188289:548
Magrader, James B.fromByers, Sarah J.187565:6
Magruder, D. B.toAlderman, F.187874:573
Magruder, E. E.toHartzell, Jno.187979:248
Magruder, E. E.toSpindler, Wm. A.187572:84
Magruder, Jas. B.toGrabb, Richard187466:41
Magruder, Jas. B.fromShimp, W.187463:248
Mahan, Bridget (Et al.)toArnold, Catharine187874:589
Mahan, Jas. (Et al.)toZarbaugh, E.187978:212
Mahew, Jas. H.fromBowser, Wm.187875:105
Mahon, Bridget (Et al.)toArnold, Catharine188081:53
Mahon, E. A.toHedekin, Thos. B.187360:239
Mahon, E. A. (guard.)toHedekin, Thos. B.187461:281
Mahon, Elvin A.fromAllen, Alfrecht D.187360:238
Mahoney, JameafromNull, Lycurgus S.187771:104
Mahoney, JamestoNull, Susan187771:73
Mahoney, JamesfromWhiteleather, J. F.187771:103
Mahony, Jas.toFisher, J. (Et al.)188079:327
Mahony, Jas.toHargrave, F.188079:327
Mahurin, M. B.fromBird, James S.187771:178
Mahurin, M. B.toWilkins, Christ187771:236
Mahurin, M. B.toWoolworth, C.187772:127
Mahurin, Melville B.toTinkham, John P.187564:559
Mahut, ConradfromRudolph, Frank187667:482
Maichal, Jno. C.toDolin, S. Ellen187977:329
Maier, A. C.toHorton, Elizabeth M. C.187465:59
Maier, Amelia C.toColerick, Helen J.187361:149
Maier, Amelia C.fromCommissioners by Partition187771:219
Maier, Amelia C.toHattersley, Alfred187464:44
Maier, Amelia C.toJacoby & Wiegand187464:17
Maier, Amelia C.toLillie, James & John & Baltes, M.187464:22
Maier, Amelia C.fromSinclair, Samuel E.187360:504
Maier, Amelia C.toWolke, Francis N.187772:195
Maier, Elizabeth J. & Jno. G.toGavin, Margaret & S.187565:237
Maier, GeorgiettafromDawson, E. J. (Et al.)188391:317
Maier, W. D.fromDawson, E. J. (Et al.)188391:316
Mailand, CarlfromClark, M. E.188392:67
Mailand, CarlfromMcLain, Nelson187462:145
Maily, PatricktoFitzpatrick, Michael187770:276
Maily, Patrick & BridgetfromFitzpatrick, M.187771:548
Main, C. C.toBrooks, A. W. (trustee)18758:61
Main, C. W.fromMain, Geo. W.187780:493
Main, Columbus C.toWillbur, Geo. W.187667:151
Main, Geo.fromH?, William187873:374
Main, Geo. W.toMain, C. W.187780:493
Main, GeorgefromBrown, Jno. W.187872:486
Main, George W.fromThomas, Alfred B.187565:119
Main, JessetoMeese, Micha Ann187772:270
Main, Lyntha (Et al.)toYerks, Jas. M.188080:257
Main, MalindafromMeese, M. A.187875:20
Main, S. (Et al.)toYerks, Jas. M.188080:504
Main, SynthiafromBeebe, Francis187876:148
Main, WilliamfromIngram, Jacob187564:529
Main, Wm. C. & Geo. W.toHeine, Wm.187880:358
Maines, C. C.fromBaker, Kilian188290:172
Maiser, J. & C.fromGerlach, F. & J.188287:554
Majors, B. H.toShaffer, Polly188082:158
Majors, ByronfromWass, John187978:223
Majors, ByronfromWhittern, Charles188079:466
Majors, J. B. & M. E.fromRomy, R. L.187978:467
Majors, J. B. & M. E.toSapp, Levie187978:468
Majors, JohnfromUnited States183778:267
Makrt, ConradtoRudolph, Sophia187667:539
Malanaphy, FrankfromFuchshuber, J. l.188393:461
Malcolm, E. D.fromBinkley, R. B.188496:77
Malcolm, Jno.fromHunter, Wm. T.188294:508
Malcom, Emily S.fromRicket, George E.187879:229
Malle, MaryfromBrames, Christopher188080:263
Mallett, DanielfromState of Indiana184470:509
Mallott, Joseph B. (Et al.)toCarr, Thomas188081:521
Maloney, JohnfromDubois, Louis187671:23
Maloney, M.fromJones, L. M.188287:548
Maloney, MargaretfromBard, Samuel188394:513
Maloney, MargaretfromGluting, A. F.188289:45
Maloney, MargaretfromHito, Harvey T.187874:501
Maloney, MichaelfromColerick, Chas. F.187463:459
Maloney, MichaeltoHite, Harvey187874:500
Malott, J. B.fromJohnson, Mary187978:65
Malott, J. B.fromJohnson, R. M.187978:64
Maloy, MichaelfromJustus, Lewis S.187462:515
Maloy, Thos.fromBeugnot, J. F.187566:31
Maloy, Thos.fromCoverdale, E. G.188182:287
Maloy, Thos.toRollins, L. S.188182:287
Mamrix, ThomasfromMurphy, Edward187564:438
Manaray, J. c. & E.fromJones, L. M.188291:108
Manet, AdalinefromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Mangel, ClausfromKing, C. A. & F. J.187362:212
Mangels, ClaustoBaack, Barthold187462:210
Manghan, CatharinefromManghan, Nancy187564:314
Manghan, NancytoManghan, Catharine187564:314
Manier, FrancestoTaylor, John187360:84
Manier, Jos.fromKane, Patrick187574:346
Manier, Jos.toTworney, Patrick187566:48
Manier, JosephfromColbert, Joseph188080:113
Manier, JosephfromSheriff187977:165
Manier, Joseph (guard)toKane, Patrick & Mary187565:406
Manison, HenrytoMeingen, William188079:287
Manison, WilliamtoMeingen, Henry188079:286
Manison, Wm. & HenryfromWolf, Michael187360:420
Mann, Perri F.toRush, Henry187464:222
Manning, CatharinetoFreeman, Robt. L.187670:529
Manning, EliastoMcCarty, Mary187872:519
Manning, Elias (Et al.)toDever, John187874:147
Manning, MaryfromSweet, Hannah (Guard)187258:342
Manning, Mary A. (Et al.)toDailey, Samuel187877:55
Manning, Mary A. (Et al.)toDever, John187875:243
Manning, Mary A. (Et al.)toMcCormick, Martha187877:54
Mannix, MargaretfromHamilton, Allen187463:57
Mannix, ThomastoMurphy, Ellen187565:474
Mannstoefer, JacobtoBreese, Eliza187565:299
Manok, K. (admr.)toStratton, Robert187873:28
Manok, KresengiatoStratton, R. F.187772:191
Manok, KrozeneiafromSheriff187976:427
Manom, H. A.fromFox, Louis187874:526
Manot, J. EdwardtoSarrazin, Joseph186472:276
Mans, Nicholas D.fromShuck, Louis187462:178
Mansbaum, A.fromSchnelker, Herman (Ad.)188080:48
Mansbaum, A.toSchonefeld, H. W.188081:75
Mansbaum, BarneyfromBurlager, John188182:244
Mansur, HannahfromMansur, Wm. (Et al.)187180:345
Mansur, Wm. (Et al.)toMansur, Hannah187180:345
Manth, Anna L.fromManth, Ephraim187682:475
Manth, EphraimtoManth, Anna L.187682:475
Manth, Ephraim (Will of)to187682:475
Manth, J. & J.fromManth, Louisa (Et al.)187883:78
Manth, J. & J.fromSturmer, Augusta (Et al.)187883:78
Manth, Louisa (Et al.)toManth, J. & J.187883:78
Manthe, EphriamfromWhite, James B.187359:389
Manthe, JohnfromNey, Patrick & Ann187360:487
Manthey, Wm.fromGreene, Mary M.187359:492
Manthey, Wm.fromWhite, James B.187361:69
Mantte, JohannettiefromBareus, H. H.188599:95
Manuel, AdelaidefromComeille, Jno. B.188597:384
Manuel, F.toLesh, I.187463:273
Manuel, F. J.fromBengnot, J. B. (Atty.)188286:428
Manuel, F. J.fromBeugnot, John B.187668:193
Manuel, Jule P.toBobay, Victor187360:70
Manuel, Jules (et al.)toDuPezron, J. B.187668:330
Manuel, Jules P.toTreulman, A. C.187875:222
Manville, D. H.fromBurgess, Henry188393:61
Manyhan, AnthonytoManyhan, Martin187464:13
Manyhan, MartinfromManyhan, Anthony187464:13
Manyhan, MartintoManyhan, Nancy187464:13
Manyhan, NancyfromManyhan, Martin187464:13
Mapel, Lewis S.toFitch, A. H.187566:24
Mapels, Lewis S.fromFitch, Appleton, H.187361:383
Mapes, LovinafromDeitrick, D. F. (Et al.)188081:133
Mapes, LovinafromSnyder, Susan I. (Et al.)188081:133
Mapes, Lovina (Et al.)toDeitrick, D. F.188081:130
Mapes, Lovina (Et al.)toDeitrick, J. M.188081:132
Mapes, Lovina (Et al.)toSnyder, A. E.188081:131
Mapes, Lovina (Et al.)toSnyder, Susan I.188081:129
Maple, Lewis S.toCrawford, A. C.187771:281
Maples, DeborahfromMcDowee, James A.187058:445
Maples, Geo. O.fromFry, Geo.188189:582
Maples, L. B.fromBass, J. H. & wife188597:366
Maples, L. S.fromBass, Jno. H.188495:283
Maples, L. S.fromBass, Jno. H.188495:284
Maples, L. S. (Et al.)fromDawkins, Jno. (Et al.)185777:50
Maples, LewisfromBird, O. & Bowser, J. C.185358:443
Maples, LewisfromBird, O. & Bowser, J. C.186358:444
Maples, LewisfromClear, John185471:60
Maples, Lewis S.toMcDowell, A. F.187978:496
Maples, Lewis S.fromUrbine, Cassimer186359:497
Maples, Louis S.fromMcDowell, James A.187978:495
Marble, J. M. C.fromBest, Peter188495:346
Marc, Jos. (by will)toMarc, Mary185083:438
Marc, Joseph (Will of)to185083:438
Marc, MaryfromMarc, Jos. (by will)185083:438
Marchal, PetertoCourdegras, Antoine187565:246
Marchal, PeterfromDidier, Alexis187464:350
Marchall, PetertoBose, Frederick187361:86
Marcy, JuliafromGeiger, Wm. A.187772:526
Marguardt, JacobfromRandall, Geo. W.187678:161
Marguardt, PhilipfromFry, John187876:149
Marhenke, AugustfromBradtmueller, Louise187669:14
Marhenke, AugustfromHizteman, George187669:14
Marhenke, AugusttoMarhenke, H.187978:254
Marhenke, ChristianfromAuditor1880A:164
Marhenke, ChristianfromDehne, William H.187976:166
Marhenke, H.fromMarhenke, August187978:254
Marhenke, HenrytoGerkel, Wm.187360:235
Marhenkel, WilhelmeniafromHederherst, Mary187462:95
Marig, CalvintoMarig, Ira J.187149:411
Marig, Ira J.fromMarig, Calvin187149:411
Marine, A.fromJones, Levi M.187359:507
Marine, A.toMcLain, Geo H. & Z. E.187360:439
Marion TownshipfromSmith, Andrew J.187361:538
Mariotte, LouisafromBall, Saml. L.188079:497
Mariotte, LouisafromGerardin, H.188392:218
Mariotte, LouisafromSheriff188079:324
Mariotte. CelestinetoMonehan, Daniel187358:391
Mark & PetersonfromKuhne, Fredk. W.187566:297
Mark & PetersonfromSiemon, Rudolph187566:297
Mark, J. C.fromPeterson, Henry187770:199
Mark, Jno. C.fromHolcomb, James E.187873:58
Mark, John C.toSeiler, John187976:180
Markel, CharlesfromFitzgerald, Peter187565:67
Markel, CharlestoHolzworth, Eve M.187565:69
Markel, E.fromBoger, O. (et al.)185088:157
Markel, E.fromDunkel, J. (Et al.)185088:158
Markel, E.fromFranenfelter, S. & A. (Et al.)185088:158
Markel, E.fromFreese, H. (Et al.)184988:155
Markel, EphraimfromAldendarfer, H. (Et al.)184988:155
Markenke, ChristiantoDehue, Ernst187667:416
Markey, E. J.toLyne, Rebecca W.187772:15
Markey, LaurencefromJohnson, Huldah187668:384
Markey, LawrencefromJohnson, Huldah187977:506
Markey, MaryfromLyne, William187669:179
Markey, MaryfromMarkey, W. J.187669:179
Markey, MaryfromMarkey, W. J.187669:180
Markey, W. J.toMarkey, Mary187669:179
Markey, W. J.toMarkey, Mary187669:180
Markle, JeremiahfromTimbrook, Jas.187979:251
Markle, John JacobfromBogar, Peter P.187770:470
Markley, AarontoBittinger, G. L. & A. M.187567:60
Markley, AaronfromMarkley, Catherine187360:317
Markley, C.fromRobinson, R. D.187463:280
Markley, CatherinetoMarkley, Aaron187360:317
Markley, David & wifetoRobinson, R. D.187463:121
Markley, Mary A. & AarontoThomas, David W.187566:536
Markley, Mary AlicetoMiller, John M.187873:386
Marks, M. S. (Et al.)toHare, Alva187977:164
Marks, Martha J.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187980:232
Marks, SimontoAllgeier, Henry188080:138
Marks, SimontoJohnson, Barney188080:32
Marks, SimonfromTrentman, Aug. C.188080:111
Maroney, HenryfromCoombs, Ino. M.187773:355
Marquardt, A. & P.fromAuditor188393:271
Marquardt, A. E.fromMarquardt, A. J.187975:561
Marquardt, A. E.toMarquardt, John187770:180
Marquardt, A. E.fromMarquardt, Louisa187975:561
Marquardt, A. E.fromMarquardt, Louisa (Guard)187975:562
Marquardt, A. J.toMarquardt, A. E.187975:561
Marquardt, AdamfromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, AdamfromMaequardt, Jacob187876:74
Marquardt, AdamfromMarquardt, Jacob187668:530
Marquardt, CharlottafromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, ElizabethfromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, FredfromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, GeorgefromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, JacobfromBauserman, W. H. (Et al.)188496:352
Marquardt, JacobtoDugan, Jno.188183:426
Marquardt, JacobfromFry, Jno. (Et al.)188496:353
Marquardt, JacobfromFry, Jno. (Etux.)188496:352
Marquardt, JacobtoFry, John187874:557
Marquardt, JacobtoMarquardt, Adam187668:530
Marquardt, JacobtoMarquardt, John187159:400
Marquardt, JacobfromPurman, Samuel187267:274
Marquardt, JacobtoRandall, Geo. W.187668:425
Marquardt, JacobtoRiley, John187977:483
Marquardt, JacobfromSheriff187874:159
Marquardt, JacobtoWork, James188083:249
Marquardt, JohnfromMarquardt, A. E.187770:180
Marquardt, JohnfromMarquardt, Jacob187159:400
Marquardt, JohnfromRow, Daniel A.187158:401
Marquardt, LouisafromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, LouisatoMarquardt, A. E.187975:561
Marquardt, Louisa (Guard)toMarquardt, A. E.187975:562
Marquardt, Louisa Jr.fromCommissioners by Partition188082:22
Marquardt, P.toDugan, Eliza188081:569
Marquart, Mary E.toHowell, Marion187463:541
Marquart, P.fromDugan, Jno. 188081:151
Marquet, JacobtoKelly, John187569:442
Marquett, AlfredfromKeiser, Michael187262:245
Marquett, PhillipfromBeck, Samuel & John186962:246
Marquette, PhillipfromFlaugh, Michael187976:224
Marquik, S. M.fromBrown, Elizabeth188495:351
Marquik, S. M.fromBrown, Geo. (Et al.)188495:350
Marquis, Robert C.toBeaty, John & Wm. J.187464:490
Marquis, Robt. C.fromWilson, Oscar F.187361:171
Marquiss, ElizabethtoConstant, Wm. W.186465:424
Marquit, AlfredtoBrooks, A. W. (trustee)187770:418
Marquit, AlfredfromDaniels, William B.187873:115
Marquit, AlfredfromEckles, Nathan P.187979:236
Marquit, AlfredfromHollopeter, Cyres (Admr.)187279:235
Marquit, AlfredfromHollopeter, Jacob (Admr.)187365:260
Marquit, AlfredtoJames, Joshua187669:49
Marquit, AlfredtoPatter, Theodore A.187980:137
Marquit, AlfredfromTimbrook, John187362:193
Marquit, AlfredtoTrustees Masonic Assc.187362:194
Marquit, AlfredfromWiddifield, Mordecai187668:180
Marquit, PhillipfromShaffer, Catharine186962:246
Marquit, S. M.fromFriedt, M. E.188495:350
Marquit, SarahfromDaniels, Wm. B.187365:266
Marquit, SarahfromHood, Robert188080:248
Marsh, Geo. H.toJohnson, John A.187360:133
Marshall, ElishatoRaab, Frederick187567:449
Marshall, F. R.fromBudd, Charles188185:145
Marshall, F. R.toRhodes, M. C.188081:205
Marshall, Hattie E.fromCarptenter, Jas. H. (guard.)187468:374
Marshall, JohntoEby, Daniel187462:300
Marshall, John W.toRaab, Christena187771:561
Marshall, John W.fromRaab, Frederick187463:572
Marshall, John W.toRaab, Frederick187464:368
Marshall, John W.toRoesner, Christian187464:139
Marshall, John W.toRosener, Christian F.187463:561
Marshall, PeterfromBase, Frederick187564:567
Marshall, SarahfromArcher, John H.187359:445
Marshall, T. R.fromRhodes, T. A.188081:204
Marshall, W. S.fromBittinger, Geo. L.188399:104
Marti, F. C.fromMorris, Edward188081:54
Martin, A. A.fromJulliard, Victor188390:419
Martin, A. J.fromBobay, Adelaide188185:251
Martin, A. J.fromBobay, Ferdinand188185:250
Martin, A. J.toBobay, Phillip188079:342
Martin, A. J.fromSixbey, Sallie187977:205
Martin, AlvanfromButler, L. F.188598:422
Martin, AlvanfromDelavan, J. H.188186:548
Martin, August J.fromPratt, Wm. T.187975:544
Martin, August J.fromPratt, Wm. Y.187874:276
Martin, CharlesfromBuckberger, Valentine187566:325
Martin, Charles (et al.)toReuille, Jospeh & Catharine187566:325
Martin, D. (Et al.)toMcMahin, Thos.188183:378
Martin, DelphisfromKrugler, N.188081:252
Martin, Delphis F.fromChapman, Solomon187358:409
Martin, F. & M.fromCreigh, Michael188598:322
Martin, F. C.fromPoley, Mary F.187977:372
Martin, F. C.fromSordelet, August187977:371
Martin, Francis C.fromLacroix, Louis187669:496
Martin, FrntztoAnkenbruck, M.188183:287
Martin, H. C.toOConnor, M. & R.188081:482
Martin, HonorafromAurand, Daniel187770:157
Martin, HonorafromGrumaux, Victor188182:303
Martin, IsiahfromMiller, Geo. W.187975:453
Martin, JacobtoSmith, Mary C.187261:582
Martin, Jacob L.toDisler, F. P.187669:230
Martin, John T.fromAuditor1873A:67
Martin, JulianfromGinther, Sidney187873:55
Martin, JuliusfromGrumaux, Victor188182:304
Martin, L. R.fromBailey, Wm. M.188183:183
Martin, M. E. E.fromPeters Box & Lumber Co.188183:227
Martin, MalindafromAuditor187477:38
Martin, Malinda (Et al.)toRidenour, Lewis187976:474
Martin, PhebefromBarney, Geo.187165:204
Martin, PhebefromMoss, Alexious187364:257
Martin, Phebe & JacobtoBaird, Julius W.187465:197
Martin, Phebe & JacobtoDisler, Ira W.187465:204
Martin, PhoebyfromTimbrook, John187677:277
Martin, Sally M. K.toGrodrian, August186359:383
Martin, SusannafromBond, Lavinia A.188182:193
Martin, SusannahtoBashelier, Lewis188079:309
Martin, Thos. (Et al.)fromHulmes, C. V.188182:276
Martin, Victor H.toDruenger, Joseph187874:150
Martin, Wm.toHanna, Saml.186359:377
Martin, Wm.toKiley, Mary187566:456
Martin, Wm.fromPhillips, John F.187259:315
Marts, Philip S.toBrown, N. P.187874:300
Martz, ChristianfromHollister, A. J.188392:420
Martz, M. J.fromMartz, Philip187882:548
Martz, M. J.toWhittern, N. H.188183:56
Martz, P. S.fromGailer, Mary187367:40
Martz, PhiliptoMartz, M. J.187882:548
Martz, Philip S.fromGaily, Mary (et al.)187872:499
Martz, Philip S.fromHance, Barbara A. (et al.)187772:499
Martz, PhilliptoBrewen, Chas. J.187776:103
Martz, PhillipfromCrabill, Jacob187464:460
Martz, PhilliptoHastemeyer, Henry187565:610
Martz, PhillipfromNill, Elizabeth A.187361:143
Martz, PhillipfromWilson, Wm. T.188081:377
Martz, Phillip S.fromSweet, Nancy J. (et al.)187872:499
Marvin, StephenfromMarvin, Wm.187977:233
Marvin, WilliamfromSheriff187977:230
Marvin, Wm.toMarvin, Stephen187977:233
Marye, John L. (trustee)toFulk, John187160:152
Masbaum, AnthonyfromShultz, Wm. F.187772:166
Masel, MartintoChase, Stephen W.188079:111
Masel, MartinfromGrant, J. O.187976:239
Maskel, JamestoSinciney, Willis186964:440
Mason & FergusonfromLawton, Daniel187567:114
Mason, AgnestoCook, C. E. & W. M.187873:507
Mason, AgnesfromHorn, Jno. P.188494:336
Mason, AmandafromMcNair, Sarah R.188080:346
Mason, B. E.fromMason, Warren187979:38
Mason, BenjamintoFarmer, Christina187349:428
Mason, Chas. Mrs.fromAuditor188494:302
Mason, ElizabethfromBrowning, Lucy J.187772:455
Mason, G. E. L.fromEarlywine, W. H.188497:353
Mason, G. L. & M.fromDennis, David188186:152
Mason, Henry M.toCulver, Henry187565:100
Mason, J. A.fromClark, D. H.188184:560
Mason, J. S.fromBlood, Reuben188186:48
Mason, J. S.fromBowen, Ira F.187875:390
Mason, J. S.fromCartwright, M. P. (Et al.)188497:208
Mason, J. S.fromHunting, W. H.187875:445
Mason, J. S.fromKuntz, Eve187772:121
Mason, J. S.fromMcNair, Sarah R.187980:343
Mason, J. S.fromSwayne, M. C. (Et al.)188183:437
Mason, J. S. (Et al.)toHartman, G. B. & M. E.188081:66
Mason, Jno.toGreene, Geo. G.187668:462
Mason, Jno. F.fromEmbry, Jas. S.187667:201
Mason, John F.toBarrett, James M.187668:504
Mason, Jos.fromBowen, Ira187674:205
Mason, Jos.fromVesey, W. J. (Coms.)188182:512
Mason, JosephfromKriss, Joseph187772:244
Mason, JosephfromMcNair, William187873:193
Mason, Joseph S.toStellhorn, F. W.187667:545
Mason, JosephusfromCollar, Luphina187670:18
Mason, JosephustoDidier, M. D. (Et al.)188182:512
Mason, JosephustoDidier, Philomane188182:513
Mason, JosephusfromMcNair, Wm.187874:454
Mason, Josephus S.fromCary, H. S.187567:522
Mason, Josephus S.toFields, A. A.188080:355
Mason, Josephus S.toGiddings, F. S. & Co.187875:224
Mason, Josephus S.toLawton, Orvilla187567:115
Mason, Josephus S.fromRandall, P. A. (Et al.)188183:437
Mason, Josephus S.toTrustees P. G. Ch. U. B. in Christ187565:78
Mason, Josephus S.fromWeber, Frederick187566:313
Mason, MaryfromBriedenstine, M.188597:357
Mason, NancyfromBarrett, James M.187668:507
Mason, NancytoEdwards, Daniel187667:324
Mason, NancyfromEnyard, M. L.188286:489
Mason, NancyfromGreene, Geo. G.187668:474
Mason, NancytoMiller, Catherine188183:358
Mason, NancyfromMiller, Jno. (heirs)187667:319
Mason, NancytoMiller, N. J.188183:358
Mason, WarrentoMason, B. E.187979:38
Masonic Temple Assn.fromTrustees of 2nd Ger. Reform Salem Cong.187874:181
Masson, J. B.fromSordelet, Antoine187770:225
Masson, J. b. (Et al.)toCorbat, A. & F.188081:192
Masson, Jno.fromRomery, August188082:54
Masson, Peter & Mary E.fromSordelet, Peter J.187462:586
Mastbaum, BernhardfromMastbaum, Wm.186968:381
Mastbaum, Wm.toMastbaum, Bernhard186968:381
Masten, DavidfromUnited States184980:483
Masters, F. P. (Et al.)toHitchcock, Amanda187875:119
Match, Wm.toLenz, Ernst187359:434
Matheany, Jno. M.toCramer, David187568:428
Matheany, Jno. M.fromWoodward, M. E.187566:239
Mather, RolandtoCotton, Jno. Hollopeter, M.187672:283
Mather, RolandfromMiller, Jeremiah & H. M. Stoner187668:500
Mather, RolandfromSheriff187667:259
Mather, RolandtoTimbrook, Jno. (et al.)187668:522
Mathews, AlfredfromKniss, J. H.188081:202
Mathews, Saml.toBlackburn, S.188081:203
Mathews, Saml.fromGreenwell, C. L.188082:146
Mathews, Saml.fromTrustee Eel River Tp.188082:146
Mathews, SamueltoJacquay, Lemuel187564:327
Mathias, CarolinefromHays, Henry187976:206
Mathias, D. W.toLadig, N.187566:87
Mathias, D. W.fromMathias, J. D.187773:8
Mathias, D. W.toMathias, Joseph187669:76
Mathias, D. W.toMiddleton, Geo. A.187670:4
Mathias, D. W.fromReisdon, Altha187564:531
Mathias, D. W.fromReynold, Levi187566:86
Mathias, D. W.fromReynolds, Levi187564:541
Mathias, Daniel W.toMathias, Rebecca A.187565:609
Mathias, Daniel W.fromMiddleton, Geo. H.187565:389
Mathias, Daniel W.fromWork, James187565:308
Mathias, Daniel W.toWork, James187566:188
Mathias, J. D.toMathias, D. W.187773:8
Mathias, J. D.toMathias, Louis187775:182
Mathias, John C.toMathias, Louise187771:199
Mathias, JosephfromMathias, D. W.187669:76
Mathias, LeonardtoHays, Henry187976:206
Mathias, LouisfromMathias, J. D.187775:182
Mathias, LouistoMathias, R. A.187982:362
Mathias, LouisefromMathias, John C.187771:199
Mathias, R. A.fromMathias, Louis187982:362
Mathias, Rebecca A.fromMathias, Daniel W.187565:609
Matker, BerneyfromHough, Jno.187463:138
Matker, JosephtoDinker, Elizabeth187360:521
Matsch, Wm.toSchmetzer, M. F. & S.188082:76
Mattes, NicholasfromJones, Wm. F.188392:197
Mauk, F. M.fromFisher, Wm. B.187668:283
Mauk, F. M. & R. M.fromCooper, B. F.187980:215
Maumee Ave. G. road Co.fromMayhew, James H.187670:29
Maumee TownshipfromJohnson, Benj. (Et al.)188495:243
Maurer & FowlesfromHanna, Oliver, S.187566:304
Maurer, CharlottefromBlum, Jacob187670:60
Maurer, JacobtoCarnahan, Clara L.187565:65
Maurer, JacobfromForce, Wm. M.187161:369
Maurer, L. E.fromGard, Jas. F.188393:342
Maus, N. D.fromBinckley, R. B.187980:500
Mausur, HannahfromHume, J. M. (Et al. Exr.)187180:345
Mauth, EphriamfromMauth, Julius187461:491
Mauth, JuliustoMauth, Ephriam187461:491
Maxfield, Chas.toMaxfield, M.187874:471
Maxfield, Chas.fromMaxfield, Wm. H.187874:444
Maxfield, M.fromMaxfield, Chas.187874:471
Maxfield, O. W.fromFink, Jacob188080:470
Maxfield, O. W.fromMurphy, Geo.187774:183
Maxfield, O. W. (Et al.)toDailey, Samuel187877:55
Maxfield, O. W. (Et al.)toMcCormick, Martha187877:54
Maxfield, OrangetoDever, John187874:147
Maxfield, OrangetoDever, John187875:243
Maxfield, OrangefromEckles, Saml. M.187669:314
Maxfield, Orange W.fromAshley, E. D.187465:201
Maxfield, W. H.fromHerrick, Horace187874:274
Maxfield, Wm. H.toMaxfield, Chas.187874:444
Maxhammer, M.fromRow, Daniel A.187875:118
Maxhammer, M.fromRow, Daniel A.187875:308
Maxheimer, Wm.toNeed, Catharine187464:84
Maxheimer, Wm.fromSuter, Deliah187462:193
Maxhimer, Wm.toRow, Daniel A.187874:476
Maxwell, AdamfromHutsell, John W. Jr.187464:313
Maxwell, G. W.fromThompson, E. L.187979:30
Maxwell, G. W.fromThompson, S. R. W.187979:29
Maxwell, G. W.fromThompson, W. E.187979:28
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromBinkley, H. J.188079:91
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromBoggs, S. J. (Et al.)188392:552
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromFlanagan, E. E.188391:514
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromHull, Sarah J.188393:389
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromKnapp, John K.187564:480
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromMayo, Wm. J. (Adm.)188080:328
Maxwell, Geo. W.toParks, Joseph187566:105
Maxwell, Geo. W.fromRarick, Paulina187565:494
May, B. T.fromGreen, E. W.187183:5
May, D. A.fromAnthony, Abraham188494:324
May, EzrafromUnited States183766:226
Mayer & GraffefromSheriff187463:38
Mayer & GraffefromStapleford, Lucien P. (et al.)187463:48
Mayer & GraffefromThompson, Byron S.187463:47
Mayer, AnnafromEggart, Tobias187469:217
Mayer, Anna (widow)toFledderman, J. G. & wife187772:152
Mayer, C. (Et al.)toWhite, Jas. B.187977:522
Mayer, CarlfromGraffe, Henry C.187873:546
Mayer, CatharinetoFledderman, J. G. & wife187772:152
Mayer, Chas. F.fromBarnett, Abraham G.187359:503
Mayer, Chas. F.fromEvans, S. Cary187462:393
Mayer, DortheatoFledderman, J. G. & wife187772:152
Mayer, ErnsttoGunkey, Henry F.187461:613
Mayer, ErnsttoNaller, Gottlieb188080:463
Mayer, FranktoFledderman, J. G. & wife187772:152
Mayer, G. J. E. & L. C.fromFleming, Wm.188184:374
Mayer, Jos. M.fromDripps, Jane M.187771:406
Mayer, JuliafromBurhann, E. A.188184:27
Mayer, JuliafromDukeman F.188182:428
Mayer, JuliafromFleming, Mary (Et al.)188494:80
Mayer, JuliafromFleming, Wm.188494:79
Mayer, JuliafromSimons, Oscar A.188182:456
Mayer, JustinatoFledderman, J. G. & wife187772:152
Mayer, Lizzie C., Mrs.fromCrisenberry, Peter S.187872:464
Mayer, MichaelfromDoyle, Sena187771:438
Mayer, Mrs. Lizzie C.fromHolcomb, James E.187872:463
Mayer, SophiafromHengsteler, Martin188596:581
Mayer, Theo.fromBrown, Elizabeth188185:210
Mayer, Theo.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:348
Mayer, Theo.fromDiffendarfer, H. (Et al.)188081:218
Mayer, Theo.fromDiffendarfer, J. M.188081:218
Mayer, Theo.fromDiffendarfer, S. I. (Et al.)188081:218
Mayer, Theo.fromDiffendarfer, Saml.188081:218
Mayer, Theo.fromGeiger, A. (Et al.)188081:218
Mayer, Theo.fromGray, Susan188081:219
Mayer, Theo.fromLeitch, M. A. (Et al.)188081:218
Mayer, Theo.fromSmith, Mary A.188081:217
Mayer, Theo.fromSnyder, Geo.188081:219
Mayer, Theo.toStraus, F. W. (Et al.)188081:220
Mayer, TheodorefromSnyder, George188081:524
Mayer, TheodoretoStraus, F. W. (Et al.)188081:525
Mayer, Wm. & H. DickefromDick, Katharine (et al.)187771:432
Mayers, GabrielfromFynk, Martin & B.187066:485
Mayers, George W.toGraffe, Henry C.187873:279
Mayers, John B.toArnold, Christina187366:486
Mayhew, JamestoBrick, Morris187670:40
Mayhew, JamestoBruick, Morris187668:252
Mayhew, James H.toMaumee Ave. G. road Co.187670:29
Mayhew, James H.fromWeikart, Wm.187260:341
Mayhew, Jos.fromHopple, M. V. B.188290:223
Mayhew, S. & J.fromDavis, S. H. (Ex. Trustee)188391:322
Mayhew, SarahfromHutker, J. B.188080:340
Mayland, F.toBreen, Wm. P.188183:505
Mayland, MaryfromBreen, Wm. P.188183:506
Mayner, Wm.toBrantner, Levi187567:76
Mayo, Wm. J.fromLarimon, Elmira188079:140
Mayo, Wm. J.toTaylor, John M.188079:141
Mayo, Wm. J. (Adm.)toMaxwell, Geo. W.188080:328
Mayrader, Danl. B.fromShimp, Wm.187463:25
Mays, JosephfromElliott, Almira187568:175
Mays, JosephfromHood, H. G.187568:176
Mays, JosephfromWatkins, James F.187463:633
Mayse, Thos.fromBrown, V. & M.188598:216
Mazeiiw, BarbaratoLanacker, Saml.187976:186
Mazrine, J. B.fromEdsall, E. F. & J. W.188085:524

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