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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
McArdle, P.fromLongbrake, Gerome187668:333
McBennett, F.fromCummings, J.188183:394
McBennett, F.fromCummings, J.188183:394
McBennett, FrancisfromBauer, Kajetan J.187772:305
McBennett, FrancistoBauer, Kajetan J.187772:305
McBride, A.fromPlatter, Lemuel187667:555
McBride, A.toThimlar, Theo.187977:108
McBride, AbnerfromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
McBride, AbsalomtoRomy, Catharine A.187771:382
McBride, BrentonfromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
McBride, GeorgefromSkinner, B. L.187271:13
McBride, HenriettatoFreeman, R. L.187670:528
McBride, MitchellfromFreeman, Sarah (Et al.)187878:395
McBride, MitchellfromMcBride, Sarah187670:301
McBride, MitchellfromMcBride, Wm. G. (Et al.)187878:395
McBride, PollyfromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
McBride, Robt.fromJustus, Lewis S.187668:274
McBride, SarahtoMcBride, Mitchell187670:301
McBride, Sarah (Will)to187670:301
McBride, StrawdertoCarroll, James187567:80
McBride, StrawdertoHensel, A. D.187770:430
McBride, StrawderfromSimonton, James187568:124
McBride, StrawderfromThomas, Lee R.187567:79
McBride, StrawdorfromJohnson, A.187567:79
McBride, SusanfromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
McBride, W. M.fromCrawford, Elizabeth188599:121
McBride, Wm.fromShoaf, Jno. F.187668:470
McBride, Wm. G. (Et al.)toMcBride, Mitchell187878:395
McCachlan, NeilfromBowser, Jacob C.187359:477
McCachlan, NeilfromBowser, Jacob C.187359:478
McCaffrey, A. M.fromAuditor188288:290
McCahan, Geo.toDaugherty, Oliver187360:431
McCahan, Geo.fromHarrod, Joseph187360:527
McCahan, Geo.toWigman, Henry187360:528
McCain, J. H.fromTerry, Geo H.188079:403
McCain, J. H. & Phillips, JayfromWorthington, Wm. W.188080:298
McCain, J. H. (Et al.)toHoming, John187978:336
McCain, Jno. H. & E. J.fromBell, R. c. 188393:30
McCann, A. F.fromVordermark, Ernst 187975:580
McCann, John & CatharinefromHoulehan, Wm.187565:606
McCarthy, DennisfromSchaich, Jno. G.188083:325
McCarthy, P.fromWorcester, L. E.188183:499
McCartney, Jno.fromAuditor188390:257
McCartney, Jno.fromFleming, Wm.188392:259
McCartney, JohnfromPierce, Wm. Y. B.187568:108
McCartney, JohnfromPierce, Wm. Y. B.187568:109
McCartney, JohnfromPratt, Wm. T.187874:79
McCartney, JohntoPratt, Wm. T.74:801878
McCarty, DennisfromGreene, Mary M.187360:475
McCarty, DennisfromSchumacher, Catharine E.187360:478
McCarty, E. E.fromMcCarty, S. A. (Et al.)187978:41
McCarty, Eunice E.fromMcCarty, John H.187772:459
McCarty, John H.toMcCarty, Eunice E.187772:459
McCarty, JuliafromCalaghan, John187468:138
McCarty, JuliafromCallaghan, John187668:137
McCarty, Julia (et al.)toHarper, Wm. (et al.)187566:167
McCarty, MaryfromManning, Elias187872:519
McCarty, MarytoMcCarty, Saml. A.187872:520
McCarty, NicholasfromSheriff187667:317
McCarty, S. A. (Et al.)toMcCarty, E. E.187978:41
McCarty, Saml. A.fromMcCarty, Mary187872:520
McCaun, JohntoFitzgibbons, Margaret187976:189
McCeune, Jas.fromHockenbery, Nancy187682:16
McClanahan, M. A.fromHedges, Thomas J.187668:509
McClanahan, M. A.toHenschen, Henry187668:509
McClanahan, Mary A.toHerminghuysen, Ernst187566:342
McClaren, E.fromDille, C. (Et al.)187091:221
McClaren, H. & E.fromFoellinger, Jacob188494:251
McClaren, HenryfromSpencer, D. J.188599:197
McClaughan, J. J. (et al.)fromTodd, Elmira187975:572
McClaughan, Jno. (Et al.)toTodd, Elmira187875:567
McClave, Jno. (Executor)toLawrence, Geo. B.187978:448
McClintock, J. O.fromJenness, C. H.188083:516
McCloud, J. L.fromNills, Geo, C.187564:551
McCloud, John L. & M. C.toRink, J. C.187465:469
McClure, David B.toHarter, Phillip187360:334
McClure, I. L.fromCommissioner in Partition188288:522
McClure, Jas. A.fromCommissioner in Partition188288:522
McClure, Jennie A.fromHarter, Phillip187360:386
McClure, S. A.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:348
McClure, Sarah A.fromCommissioner in Partition187997:18
McClure, Sarah A.fromParks, Mary J.187977:237
McClure, Sarah A.fromSheriff188081:506
McClure, Thos. F.toBrown, Chas J.187567:45
McClure, Wm.toGerke & Young187461:244
McClure, Wm.fromSheriff187975:581
McClure, Wm.fromSheriff187977:99
McClure, Wm. S.fromCommissioner in Partition188288:522
McConaughy, ElizatoMcConaughy, Jno.187977:273
McConaughy, Jno.fromMcConaughy, Eliza187977:273
McConaughy, JohntoMcWhirter, Hugh187770:94
McConnel, Jno.fromGibson, Wm.188393:355
McConoughy, JohnfromMcWhirter, Hugh187770:95
McCook, L. J.fromCampbell, Louisa188495:67
McCord, Geo. S.fromBittinger, Geo. L.188496:555
McCord, Geo. S.fromSheriff188183:459
McCord, Wm.fromSpittler, John187976:572
McCormick, A. H.fromBaird, Jno.188088:349
McCormick, E.fromMorrison, Jas. F.187567:166
McCormick, E. J. (Et al.)toMcCormick, W. H.188082:535
McCormick, JamestoBarkdell, Henry187462:220
McCormick, JamesfromRosseau, Rest187362:153
McCormick, JohnfromGreene, Mary M.187566:568
McCormick, L. & P.toDriver, D. D.188082:29
McCormick, MarthafromDailey, Samuel (Et al.)187877:54
McCormick, MarthafromDever, Clara187877:54
McCormick, MarthafromManning, Mary A. (Et al.)187877:54
McCormick, MarthafromMaxfield, O. W. (Et al.)187877:54
McCormick, MarthafromMurphy, Geo. (Et al.)187877:54
McCormick, Martha (Et al.)toDailey, Samuel 187877:55
McCormick, Martha (Et al.)toDever, John187874:147
McCormick, Martha (Et al.)toDever, John187875:243
McCormick, Mary A.toMcCormick, Wm. H.187771:290
McCormick, Mary A.toMcCormick, Wm. H.187772:243
McCormick, T. H.fromTrue, C. F.188080:481
McCormick, ThomastoMorrison, James F.187567:30
McCormick, W. H.fromClapesattle, J. G. (Guard)187982:533
McCormick, W. H.fromMcCormick, E. J. (Et al.)188082:535
McCormick, W. H.fromPrice, Isaac187982:532
McCormick, W. H.fromSesseman, David188082:534
McCormick, W. H.fromWhelan, M. C. (Et al.)188082:535
McCormick, W. H.fromZook, M. M. (Et al.)188082:555
McCormick, W. M. & L. A.fromBell, R. C. (Trustee)188289:120
McCormick, Wm.fromRockhill, Wm.185378:28
McCormick, Wm. H.fromBeaber, John T.187772:282
McCormick, Wm. H.fromMcCormick, Mary A.187771:290
McCormick, Wm. H.fromMcCormick, Mary A.187772:243
McCormick, Wm. R.toSavage, Jno. N.187466:34
McCoy, F. J. (Et al.)toGaskill, Michel187978:40
McCoy, Geo. W.fromOakley, B. W. (admr.)187161:573
McCoy, T. J.toBowman, A. M.188079:575
McCoy, ThomasfromGaskill, Michael (Et al.)187978:159
McCoy, ThomasfromSewell, Lawrence (Et al.)187978:159
McCracken, J. K.toFrank, Mendel187874:472
McCracken, J. K.fromHouser, Chas. & Jos.187771:239
McCracken, J. K.toPaulus, F. D.188081:375
McCracken, J. K.fromStevens, Rufus L.187874:346
McCracken, J. K. E. A.fromFrohlich, Simon188288:91
McCreary, Jos.toBauer, K. J.188080:495
McCreary, Jos.fromCartwright, Jas. M.187977:322
McCreary, Jos.fromMyers, N. J.188080:342
McCreary, Jos.fromMyers, Wm. H.188080:341
McCreary, Jos.toSwayne, M. C.188081:237
McCrory, A. J.toMcCrory, Jno. W.187882:73
McCrory, DavidfromViberg, Conrad H.187669:107
McCrory, F. M.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:357
McCrory, Geo. S.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:357
McCrory, JamesfromAuditor187770:442
McCrory, James P.fromDouglass, Albert187670:289
McCrory, Jas.fromAuditor188185:538
McCrory, Jas.fromAuditor189685:534
McCrory, Jno. W.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:357
McCrory, Jno. W.toLugbull, Jno.188082:74
McCrory, Jno. W.fromMcCrory, A. J.187882:73
McCrory, RebeccafromCommissioners by Partition188079:357
McCullich, JosiahtoGreen, Elisha W.187360:482
McCulloch, C.fromSheriff187977:578
McCulloch, C.fromSheriff187977:580
McCulloch, C. & L.fromBullard, J. m.188598:423
McCulloch, C. (Trustee)fromSheriff187976:466
McCulloch, Carrie R.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187358:405
McCulloch, CharlesfromBond (est.)187770:541
McCulloch, CharlesfromBond, Stephen B.188081:497
McCulloch, CharlesfromBond, Stephen B.188081:498
McCulloch, CharlestoDavis, Augusta S.187567:4
McCulloch, CharlesfromMcCulloch, Hugh187358:403
McCulloch, CharlestoNew Haven & Ft. Wayne Turnpike Co.187668:120
McCulloch, CharlestoSchock, William H.188079:210
McCulloch, CharlesfromSwift, Isabella B.187771:62
McCulloch, Chas.fromBarbour, M. F.187976:529
McCulloch, Chas.fromBond (est.)187770:541
McCulloch, Chas.fromDavis, John C. & Augusta S.187565:541
McCulloch, Chas.fromEckart, Fred188082:28
McCulloch, Chas.fromEvans, S. Cary187566:505
McCulloch, Chas.toHoopingamer, Solomon187565:477
McCulloch, Chas.toPranger, Jno. H.187566:124
McCulloch, Chas.fromPranger, Jno. H.187566:150
McCulloch, Chas.toWeller, Louisa187771:227
McCulloch, Chas. & Nelson, Wm. R.fromWinch, Calvin J.187464:4
McCulloch, Chas. (atty.)toLyman, Martha J.187771:261
McCulloch, Chas. (atty.)toPittsburgh Ft. W. & C. R. R.187670:143
McCulloch, Chas. (Et al.)toEpple, Gottlieb187977:505
McCulloch, Chas. (Trustee)fromSheriff187979:47
McCulloch, Chas. (Trustee)fromSheriff188081:228
McCulloch, Chas. (Trustee)fromSheriff188081:499
McCulloch, Chas. (Trustee)fromSheriff188082:228
McCulloch, F. H.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187464:155
McCulloch, F. H.toMiner, W. E.188183:197
McCulloch, F. H.fromSheriff187875:576
McCulloch, Fred H.toKinsey, Jacob J.188081:386
McCulloch, H.toDurfee, Julia A.188082:405
McCulloch, H. M.toWeller, Louisa187771:227
McCulloch, HughtoBass, John H.187358:503
McCulloch, HughtoBidler, Wm.187359:317
McCulloch, HughtoCarrell, Catherine L.187361:361
McCulloch, HughfromFrank, A. & C.188080:117
McCulloch, HughfromHamilton, Mont.188287:301
McCulloch, HughtoHitzman, Wm.187349:423
McCulloch, HughtoHoopingamer, Solomon187565:477
McCulloch, HughtoMcCulloch, Carrie R.187358:405
McCulloch, HughtoMcCulloch, Charles187358:403
McCulloch, HughtoMcCulloch, F. H.187464:155
McCulloch, HughtoMorris, E. J. & M.188081:60
McCulloch, HughtoPeters Box & Lumber Co.187977:141
McCulloch, HughtoRomy, Chas.187361:360
McCulloch, HughtoWhitmore, Edward184860:107
McCulloch, Hugh (et al.)toHoffman, A. E. & W. H.187463:114
McCulloch, Williams & BondfromSheriff187464:407
McCullouch, P. H.fromArcher, J. H.187463:111
McCumsey, CatharinefromWood, Isaac187566:446
McCumsey, CatharinetoWood, Martha J.187776:398
McCune, AmostoVian, Jno.187982:19
McCune, Jas. (Et al.)toVian, Jno.187882:18
McCune, JohntoCochran, Wesler187362:131
McCurdy, A. C.toJohnston, Wm. H.187978:413
McCurdy, A. R.fromGrosvenor, E. O.188286:296
McCurdy, Alex C.toCraig, Alex187360:304
McCurdy, AlexanderfromFanner, Andrew187349:403
McCurdy, Andrew R.fromWaterson, James A.187875:41
McCurdy, Andrew R.toWaterson, Saml. K.187975:378
McCurdy, C. A.fromSunderland, R. A.187771:240
McCurdy, ElizabethfromMcCurdy, Rebecca187568:116
McCurdy, Mary J.fromKamm, John J.187566:449
McCurdy, Mary J.fromZollinger, Chas. A.187566:449
McCurdy, McClainfromKillian, Israel187670:301
McCurdy, McLainfromEley, Jno. H.187876:227
McCurdy, RebeccafromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
McCurdy, RebeccatoMcCurdy, Elizabeth187568:116
McCurdy, RebeccafromMcCurdy, Samuel187565:503
McCurdy, SamueltoMcCurdy, Rebecca187565:503
McDermut, W. B.toMcDermut, W. E.187977:297
McDermut, W. E.fromMcDermut, W. B.187977:297
McDermut, Wilson E. & Whitney B.fromSpencer, Ann M.187565:425
McDerrmut, N. V.fromCour, Frank188393:107
McDonald John G.toScar, Adam187565:326
McDonald, A. C.fromColeman, Chas. F.187670:524
McDonald, A. C.fromFleming, William187873:514
McDonald, A. T.fromWadington, R. (Et al.)187976:564
McDonald, A. T. (Et al.)toBradley, J. D.187976:101
McDonald, A. T. (Et al.)toRussell, A. C.187976:101
McDonald, Burt P.toMcDonald, Emmet H.187873:16
McDonald, CalphumiatoGothi, Carl188082:347
McDonald, E. H.toFoellinger, J. M.187566:120
McDonald, E. H.toSeavey, A. O.187771:364
McDonald, E. H.fromTolan, Thos. J.188082:11
McDonald, E. H.fromWebb, Marion A.187463:463
McDonald, Emmet H.toEsmond, George187565:440
McDonald, Emmet H.fromMcDonald, Burt P.187873:16
McDonald, Emmet H.toWebb, Marion A.187566:273
McDonald, Ernst H.fromFoellinger, John M.187565:552
McDonald, F. P.toSchearer, Christian187976:504
McDonald, F. P.fromScherer, Christian187976:536
McDonald, Francis P.fromScar, Adam187776:276
McDonald, J. G.toArgo, M. E.187977:254
McDonald, J. G.toArgo, M. E.187979:345
McDonald, J. G.toScar, Adam187770:434
McDonald, J. G. (Et al.)toFinan, Edward188081:223
McDonald, James J.fromEdgerton, J. K.187360:413
McDonald, Jno.fromPatterson, S. L.188081:165
McDonald, Jno. G.toMcDonald, Lewis187976:535
McDonald, John G.toArgo, Martin E.187464:247
McDonald, John G.toMcDonald, Lewis187976:452
McDonald, John G.toPlain, Mills W.187565:487
McDonald, John G.toWhittern, Charles187565:72
McDonald, John G.toWorden, John B. & Co.187565:70
McDonald, L. J.toKnode, R. S.187876:296
McDonald, Lavina J.fromGreen, Elisha W.187873:331
McDonald, Lavinia J.toGreen, Silas187462:590
McDonald, LewisfromMcDonald, Jno. G.187976:535
McDonald, LewisfromMcDonald, John G.187976:452
McDonald, M.toMyton, Honora187772:67
McDonald, M.fromMyton, Robert187772:67
McDonald, M. H.toMunson, Chas. A.187976:372
McDonald, M. H.toMunson, Chas. A.187976:373
McDonald, M. H.toTumer, Sarah J.187875:312
McDonald, Margaret H.fromDykes, Andrew & Sarah (et al.)187463:447
McDonald, Margaret H.fromDykes, Andrew & Sarah (et al.)187463:497
McDonald, MaryfromBrown, Stephen187874:568
McDonald, MichaelfromMyton, Robert187771:502
McDonald, P. (Et al.)fromPapa, Wm.187977:358
McDonald, R. S.fromAdams Co. Bank187875:420
McDonald, R. T.fromAdams Co. Bank187875:420
McDonald, R. T.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:348
McDonald, R. T.fromFisher, Abel (Et al.)187976:564
McDonald, R. T.toJohnson, Margaret187360:190
McDonald, R. T.toPageler, Fred188079:452
McDonald, R. T. (trustee)fromNoll, Mary F. & M. A.187468:454
McDonald, Ronald T.fromBell, Robert, C. Comr.187462:175
McDonald, Ronald T.fromWard, Horatio N.187358:489
McDonald, Ronald T.toWard, Horatio N.187359:528
McDonald, S. E.fromBrounell, H. A. R.187875:56
McDonald, S. E.fromWilt, Jno. M.188182:291
McDonald, S. E. & E. H.fromWilt, John M.187464:224
McDonell, Archie C.fromCoombs, John M.187260:513
McDonell, JohannafromDriscoll, Edward187358:522
McDonell, JohannafromFleming, Wm.187358:523
McDonnall, MichaelfromWatson, William187771:3
McDonnell, JohannatoDriscoll, Edward187565:122
McDonnough, J. B.fromArgo, M. E.187873:297
McDonnough, J. B.fromArgo, Martin E.187873:297
McDonnough, J. B.fromArgo, Martin E.187980:331
McDonnough, J. B.toCochrane, Rachel P.187772:338
McDonnough, J. B.toFisher, John187670:20
McDonnough, J. B.toMiller, Hannah187775:180
McDonnough, James B.fromEstill, Delia187465:73
McDonnough, James B.fromEstill, Delila187359:368
McDonnough, James B.fromFisher, John187465:270
McDonnough, Jas. B.fromMiller, Hannah J.187772:294
McDonough, Jas. B.toHaley, Catherine187978:172
McDoroll, Wm. & FranklinfromLevan, Elizabeth187977:438
McDougal, Geo. M.toMcDougall, T. F.188080:18
McDougal, Theo. F.fromMcDougall, Wm. J.187779:273
McDougall, JanefromBowser, Geo.187462:277
McDougall, RoberttoStephens, Marie187873:13
McDougall, Robt.toMcDougall, T. F. N.187573:118
McDougall, T. F.fromMcDougal, Geo. M.188080:18
McDougall, T. F. N.fromMcDougall, Robt.187573:118
McDougall, Wm.fromHetsel, Edward187462:276
McDougall, Wm. J.toMcDougal, Theo. F.187779:273
McDounough, J. B.fromFisher, Andrew J.187570:21
McDowall, J. A.fromAuditor1881A:177
McDowee, James A.toMaples, Deborah187058:445
McDowell, A. F.fromMaples, Lewis S.187978:496
McDowell, AlexfromSpringer, Geo L.186779:514
McDowell, AlextoTurner, Haevey K.187462:160
McDowell, AlexandertoChristman, Nicholas188079:520
McDowell, AlexanderfromOverley, William188079:520
McDowell, Hiram C.toCotton, John187462:82
McDowell, J. A.toNahrwold, Ernst188183:36
McDowell, James A.toMaples, Louis S.187978:495
McDowell, James A.toRoberts, Wm.187361:190
McDowell, Jas A.toRitter, B. F.187669:104
McDowell, Jas. A.toNahrwold, Ernst188183:282
McDowell, Jas. A.fromRitter, Benj. F.187671:505
McDowell, Sarah A.fromTurner, Harvey K.187462:318
McDuffee, H. G.fromGandy, Oscar (Et al.)188391:300
McDuffie, Horace G.fromMcDuffie, Martha187976:294
McDuffie, Horace G.fromMcGuire, Caroline187976:294
McDuffie, MarthatoMcDuffie, Horace G.187976:294
McElfatrick, EvetoGlover, J. L.187564:412
McElfatrick, J. M.fromGlover, Jos. L.188390:432
McElfatrick, Josiah H.toDavis, P. B. & N. S.187566:440
McElfatrick, Saml. (et al.)toGlover, J. L.187770:298
McElfatrick, SamueltoStraughan, Jesse R.185664:349
McElfatrick. Jno. E.toGlover, J. L.187770:298
McElvaine, Saml.toLeikauf, John187360:562
McEnery, MaryfromO'Rourke, Edward (comr.)187565:551
McEntosh, Alex F.toBurgess, Henry187566:255
McEntosh, Alex F.toBurgess, Henry187566:284
McEwen, EmelinetoNotestine, Peter187772:132
McFarlin, H.fromHite, Jno.188184:528
McFee, MargaretfromMordhurst, Henry W.187873:35
McFee, WilliamtoMordhurst, Henry W.187873:34
McFee, WilliamfromSheriff187669:150
McFee, Wm.toCochraine & Humphrey187670:15
McFee, Wm.toCochrane, John187670:15
McFee, Wm.toCochrane, John & Humphrey, George187670:81
McFee, Wm.toHumphrey, George187670:15
McGaughlin, BarnettoMcGloughlin, Michael187271:118
McGeehon, Jno.fromAmes, Rufus188393:531
Mcgill, James D.toHinkle, Mary A.187874:246
McGill, Jas. D.fromHinkle, Oscar N.187874:243
McGloughlin, MichaelfromMcGaughlin, Barnet187271:118
McGonagle, McCaslinfromAurand, Dan'l187772:342
McGonagle, McCaslintoAurand, Nancy A.187772:343
McGovern, S.toMagner, Wm.187463:257
McGovern, StephentoHays, John187261:25
McGrady, A. L. (Et al.)toMuldoon, Jane188082:343
McGrath, ThomastoDenahy, Michael187565:401
McGrath, ThomasfromGordon, Wm. H.187566:119
McGregor, JamesfromWilliamson, Alex187261:460
McGrew, G. D. (Guard Et al.)toHemphill, A. M.187981:293
McGuire, CarolinetoMcDuffie, Horace G.187976:294
McGuire, Surlinda (et al.)toTaylor, John M.187473:39
McGuire, Thos.fromPaine, Jas. D.188082:40
McGuyre, T.toDonahoe, Jno. (et al.)187566:104
McHenry, J. D.toWilliams, C. J.187463:407
McHenry, Joseph D.fromBird, Ochmig (et al.)187462:166
McHenry, Joseph D.fromUrbine, Cassimer187361:302
McIntire, Jno. H.fromOrff, Esther A.187879:149
McIntire, John H.toGlenn, James C.188079:150
McIntire, Oliver. B.fromEllis, John188079:466
McIntosh, Alex F.fromColeman, James187565:135
McIntosh, AlexanderfromKnode, Lucy B.187065:133
McIntosh, AnnfromRausis, Maria F.187567:9
McIntosh, B. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188289:66
McIntosh, Benj.toEnglish, Jas.188080:491
McIntosh, Benj.fromEnglish, Jas.188392:210
McIntosh, BenjaminfromMcIntosh, John186770:512
McIntosh, Emma B.fromCommissioners by Partition187571:192
McIntosh, Emma B.toWhiting, Ann M.187976:375
McIntosh, JohntoHeckler, Thos.187668:325
McIntosh, JohntoMcIntosh, Benjamin186770:512
McIntosh, JohnfromSorg, Joseph187771:45
McIntosh, John & Benj.fromMcIntosh, Thomas186570:511
McIntosh, ThomastoMcIntosh, John & Benj.186570:511
McIntosh, WilliamtoSheridan, Michael187669:262
McIntosh, WilliamtoSheridan, Michael187976:243
McIntosh, Wm.toAdams Township187977:86
McIntosh, Wm.toHayden, Jno. W. & Sarah G.187360:495
McIntosh. Wm.fromSheridan, Michael187669:40
McJohnson, JamestoJohnson, Martin187465:88
McKamara, PeterfromHunter, Wm. S.187566:41
McKean, Wm. T.fromHough, John187564:294
McKean, Wm. T.fromWhite, Jas. B.187874:325
McKee, Jno.toLansdale, Wm. M.185168:275
McKee, Lydia S.toLehr, Mary J.187978:169
McKee, RoberttoBerger, Frank188182:351
McKee, Thomas L. (comr.)toEwart, Samuel187565:397
McKee, Thos. L.toBash, C. L.187977:523
McKee, Thos. L.fromBennett, H.188081:85
McKee, Thos. L.fromd'Isay, A. L.187976:69
McKee, Thos. L.fromLansdale, Wm. McK.187775:436
McKee, Thos. L.fromMcKee, Wm. J.187978:115
McKee, Thos. L.fromRockhill, H. C.187770:103
McKee, Thos. L.fromRockhill, H. M.187770:103
McKee, Thos. L.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187770:103
McKee, Thos. L.fromSheriff187976:512
McKee, Thos. L.toSovine, F.187977:481
McKee, Thos. S.fromBennett, Isaac188080:178
McKee, Wm. J.toMcKee, Thos. L.187978:115
McKeehan, DavidtoHarter, Phillip187462:495
McKeeman, M.fromCommissioner in Partition188188:554
McKeeman, M. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188188:554
McKeeman, M. A.fromDower, Jennie (Adm.)188295:85
McKenzie, Francis & Jacob J.fromSummer, Christian187565:132
McKenzie, JanefromMoran, Peter187461:410
McKeog, Wm.fromBurgess, Henry187362:11
McKeuin, E.fromMondy, Martin L.187774:86
McKinley, AdamfromThornton, Andrew187771:540
McKinley, alexfromBaker, Hannah188393:444
McKinley, AlexandertoMcKinley, Nancy187465:208
McKinley, AlexanderfromMcKinley, Nancy187569:21
McKinley, Benj.toFitzgerald, M. R.187771:418
McKinley, Benj.toHerbert, John187771:418
McKinley, BenjaminfromHeibert, John (Heirs)187464:18
McKinley, Clara J.toCoolman, Adam L.187462:522
McKinley, Clara J.toHubler, Mary M.187462:316
McKinley, Clara J.fromHubler, Mary M.187462:317
McKinley, JohntoBash, Barrett & Aldrich188182:378
McKinley, JohntoHanna, Henry C.187565:554
McKinley, L. B.toSpanger, Michael187564:429
McKinley, Lucius B.fromSpangler, Michael187462:455
McKinley, NancyfromMcKinley, Alexander187465:208
McKinley, NancytoMcKinley, Alexander187569:21
McKinley, PercyfromSkinner, B. D.187980:334
McKinley, PerrytoClear, Angeline187278:163
McKinley, PerryfromClear, Jno.187277:559
McKinley, PerryfromFaling, C. D.188290:190
McKinley, S. A.fromButler, L. F.188286:288
McKinley, Wm.fromShutt, Samuel S.187568:111
McKinney, ElizabethtoFreeman, R. L.187570:531
McKinnie, HenrytoBean, Edward L.187358:420
McKinnie, HenrytoEckert, Fredk.187359:459
McKinnie, HenryfromLinker, Henry E.187360:423
McKinnie, MalindafromBeau, Edward L.187358:421
McKinty, Clara J.fromColeman, Adam L.187362:317
McKinzie, FrancistoSummer, Christian187669:504
McKinzie, JanetoMoran, Peter187461:411
McKinzie, S. I.fromHermsdorfer, G. A.188183:554
McKinzie, Wm.fromAnderson, T. P.188184:115
McKinzie, Wm.fromSwaidner, Jehu187669:
McKliff, P. F.fromJohnson, Isaac188182:192
McKnight, James & Cath.toMiller, Wilhelmina187464:262
McKnight, James (guard)toMiller, Wilhelmina187464:261
McLachlan, JamesfromOlds, Chas. L.187771:293
McLachlan, NeilfromBass, Jno. H.187873:529
McLachlan, NeilfromBass, Jno. H.187873:529
McLachlan, NeilfromEstey, Albert G.187360:596
McLachlan, NeiltoEstry, Albert G.187160:591
McLachlan, NeilfromHeist, Henry187874:131
McLachlan, NeiltoKannaman, Catharine187565:212
McLachlan, NeilfromKannamann, Catharine187565:77
McLachlan, NeiltoOlds, Chas. L.187874:88
McLachlan, NeiltoPlayfair, James187669:250
McLachlan, NeilfromSheriff187977:302
McLachlan, NeiltoWalters, Mary Ann187978:79
McLachlan, NeilfromWilson, Wm.187361:113
McLachlan, NeiltoWybourn, Robt. J.187158:520
McLachlan, Neil (Et al.)toBass, Jno. H.187873:528
McLachlin, NeilfromBowser, J. C.187668:407
McLachlin, NeiltoBowser, Jacob C.187668:414
McLachlin, NeiltoOlds, Eliza J.187669:529
McLachlin, NeiltoSheldon, Chas. (et al.)187668:352
McLaid, PatricktoBrames, Louis187669:34
McLain, B. P.toMcLain, Geo. & L.187875:317
McLain, ElizabethfromSnider, Evan187566:125
McLain, ElizabethtoSnider, Lois187566:125
McLain, Geo H. & Z. E.fromMarine, A.187360:439
McLain, Geo. & L.fromMcLain, B. P.187875:317
McLain, Hannah (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition188182:420
McLain, James P.fromMcLain, Patrick187668:695
McLain, James P.toMcLain, Patrick187770:322
McLain, Jas. P.fromCommissioners by Partition188182:420
McLain, Jas. P.fromCommissioners by Partition188182:420
McLain, MarytoCran, Catharine187462:419
McLain, NelsontoMailand, Carl187462:145
McLain, PatricktoMcLain, James P.187668:695
McLain, PatrickfromMcLain, James P.187770:322
McLain, RosannfromJones, Levi. M. & Emma187363:35
McLain, RosautoJones, Emma187360:29
McLallen, Elisha B.toCity of Fort Wayne187564:500
McLane, HanniahfromCarroll, Jno188084:95
McLaughlin, DanieltoCrou, Mary A.187668:291
McLaughlin, DanieltoTurner, Jane187668:351
McLaughlin, M.fromShaffer, Chas.187358:374
McLaughlin, M. E.toChapple, Philemon187576:230
McLaughlin, MarytoRead, Thos. L.187771:119
McLaughlin, MichaeltoRead, Thos. L.187771:119
McMahan, SophiafromRandall, Franklin P.187463:550
McMahan, SylvesterfromRapp, Jacob188079:308
McMahan, ThomasfromAdams, W. et al.187772:414
McMahan, ThomasfromDougherty, Jno. (et al.)187772:414
McMahan, ThomasfromFite, R. L. (Assignee)188081:424
McMahan, ThomasfromGallagher, Michael (et al.)187772:414
McMahan, ThomasfromHaley, Mary (et al.)187772:414
McMahan, ThomasfromHanley, Ann (et al.)187772:414
McMahan, Thos.toTaylor, Mary A.187667:435
McMahin, ThosfromKever, S. a. (Et al.)188183:378
McMahin, Thos.fromClem, A. J. (Et al.)188183:378
McMahin, Thos.fromClem, Henry188184:384
McMahin, Thos.fromMartin, D. (Et al.)188183:378
McMahon, G. W.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.188082:6
McMahon, Gilbert W.toMcMahon, Sylvestor188079:397
McMahon, JohntoAmmon, Sarah E.187878:352
McMahon, JohnfromRockhill, Howell C.187875:279
McMahon, M.fromCarmike, Jno. & W. S.188183:290
McMahon, M.fromCarnrike, Jno. & W. S.188183:290
McMahon, M. (Et al.)toCarnrike, W. S.188183:283
McMahon, M. A.fromBrackenridge, Jos.188185:41
McMahon, SylvesterfromSwift, Bayless (Coms.)188082:15
McMahon, SylvestorfromGroves, Hannah M.187979:398
McMahon, SylvestorfromMcMahon, Gilbert W.188079:397
McMahon, ThomasfromDevore, David G.187261:256
McMahon, ThomastoLoudon, Moses H.187468:474
McMahon, ThomastoYoung, Anna187467:106
McMahon, Thos.toEngle, Amiel187259:443
McMahon, Thos.fromFinan, Edward188290:349
McMahon, Thos.toMohr, Jno. J.188183:377
McMahon, Thos.toMonin, Francis187462:329
McMahon, Thos.toTryon, Jno. M.187566:25
McMahon, Thos.fromTryon, Jno. M.187874:391
McMaken, C.fromMcMakew, J. D. (Et al.)187682:403
McMaken, C. S.toFelger, Gottleib D.187462:341
McMaken, E. V.fromStophlet, Samuel185464:473
McMaken, H. C.fromLink, Adam188183:353
McMaken, Henry C.fromKumler, Emma B.187565:56
McMakew, C.fromBeston, C. P. (Et al.)187682:403
McMakew, J. D. (Et al.)toMcMaken, C.187682:403
McMakin, Thos.fromClem, A. J. (Et al.)188183:378
McMamara, P. & M.fromBrooks, Robt.188496:62
McManus, S. B.fromAbbott, R. B.187979:174
McManus, ThomasfromTancey, Ellen187669:510
McManus, ThomastoTancy, Michael187669:509
McManus, Thos.toFt. Wayne Organ Co.187975:527
McMeans & TrumpfromStoops, Samuel W.187566:210
McMeans, Wm. H.fromWard, Simon T.187567:53
McMillan, J. B.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187667:399
McMillan, J. B.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187667:401
McMillan, J. B.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187667:402
McMillan, JamestoEdgerton, Joseph K.187873:356
McMillan, JohntoGibson, David188080:92
McMillen, J. B.fromHill, C. A.187885:231
McMillen, JamestoBarns, Joshua B.187667:271
McMillen, Jas. B.fromEvans, S. Cary187668:307
McMiller, Jas B.fromHill, C. A.187667:350
McMullen, JamesfromMcMullen, John187772:273
McMullen, JohntoMcMullen, James187772:273
McMullen, JohnfromMorel, Edward187572:273
McMurphy, MosesfromReynolds, Levi187361:155
McNabb, DanieltoHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
McNabb, FannytoBailey, Jno. C.187978:373
McNabb, FannyfromBailey, Mary (Et al.)187877:399
McNabb, FannyfromCarnahan, M. (Et al.)187877:399
McNabb, FannyfromCommissioners by Partition187873:375
McNabb, FannyfromMcNabb, W. J. (Et al.)187877:399
McNabb, FannyfromShippy, Susn (Et al.)187877:399
McNabb, Geo. H.toHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
McNabb, Jas. (Et al.)toBailey, John c.187875:288
McNabb, Jno. O.toHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
McNabb, PrudencetoHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
McNabb, S. H.toHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
McNabb, W. J.fromCarnahan, M. A. (Et al.)187877:88
McNabb, W. J.fromHuffman, C. V.188081:405
McNabb, W. J.toHuffman, C. V.188082:499
McNabb, W. J. (Et al.)toMcNabb, Fanny187877:399
McNabb, WilliamtoWatson, Margaret187571:5
McNabb, Wm.fromHowey, Wm.187566:81
McNabb, Wm. C.toHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
McNabb, Wm. J.fromBailey, Mary (Et al.)187877:88
McNabb, Wm. J.fromHoffman, C. V.187877:87
McNabb, Wm. J.fromShippy, Susan (Et al.)187877:88
McNabb, Wm. J. (Et al.)toShippy, Robt. M.187875:214
McNair, MargaretfromCommissioners by Partition187875:97
McNair, Mary S.fromCommissioners by Partition187875:97
McNair, Mary S.toMcNair, Sarah R.187873:264
McNair, S. R.fromBonnell, Jos. P.188184:209
McNair, SarahtoBowen, Catharine187668:67
McNair, SarahfromCommissioners by Partition187875:97
McNair, Sarah toPhillips, Jno. T.188080:403
McNair, Sarah R.toBranstrator, Mary S.187874:266
McNair, Sarah R.toMason, Amanda188080:346
McNair, Sarah R.toMason, J. S.187980:343
McNair, Sarah R.fromMcNair, Mary S.187873:264
McNair, WilliamtoMason, Joseph187873:193
McNair, Wm.fromCommissioners by Partition187875:97
McNair, Wm.toMason, Josephus187874:454
McNaley, MarytoOConnel, Catharine187771:333
McNall, Wm.fromLerch, Lydia187581:173
McNall, Wm.toSpitler, Emily187981:174
McNally, JamestoCreditor Edward, H. & E.187465:11
McNally, JohnfromAbbott, Rosetta B.188080:368
McNally, JohnfromAbbott, Rosetta B.188080:369
McNally, JohntoPassino, Peter187266:108
McNamara, J. & A.fromGarman, B. F.188293:477
McNamara, R.toTrease, H. A.187977:516
McNamara, Robt.fromFrances, Adam188495:187
McNamara, RoseamfromTreace, Henry187359:593
McNamara, W.toPaul, Henry187565:620
McNamara, WashingtontoHunter, L. C.187567:256
McNamara, WashingtonfromPaul, Henry187565:622
McNamara, WashingtontoSnyder, J. L.187667:157
McNay, OwentoFarney, Jeremiah187670:160
McNear, Thos. N.fromAckley, Ezra187878:530
McNear, Thos. N.fromRoberson, A. W.188082:11
McNulty, JanefromTieman, Mary187565:432
McNulty, JanefromTieman, Thomas187565:433
McNulty, JohntoMcNulty, Nancy A.197360:25
McNulty, JohnfromMcNulty, Nancy Ann187667:499
McNulty, JohnfromPape, William188080:134
McNulty, Nancy A.fromMcNulty, John197360:25
McNulty, Nancy AnntoMcNulty, John187667:499
McNutt, Jacob (et al.)toOtt, John187371:555
McPherson, SamueltoBabbite, Thos. S.187979:280
McPherson, SamueltoSmith, P. W. & Colter, Jacob187462:179
McQuarrie, A. R.fromBond, S. B.188391:186
McQuiston, Jno.fromFisher, D. C. (Trustee)187977:58
McQuiston, JohnfromCary, Melanthon187461:185
McQuiston, JohntoFisher, D. C. (Trustee)187977:57
McQuiston, JohntoLeeson, Mary P187874:50
McQuiston, JohntoLeeson, Mary P187874:51
McQuiston, JohntoLower, Alex M.187874:50
McQuiston, JohntoLower, B. H.187874:50
McQuiston, JohntoLower, Margaret A.187874:50
McQuiston, JohntoLower, Nancy B.187874:50
McQuiston, JohntoTower, Alex M.187874:52
McQuiston, JohntoTower, Hattie B.187874:53
McQuiston, JohntoTower, Margaret A.187874:54
McQuiston, JohnfromTower, Nancy B. (et al.)187874:49
McQuiston, JohntoWalter, Elizabeth A.187461:453
McWhinney, F.fromAuditor188391:157
McWhinney, FrankfromAuditor188391:157
McWhinney, FrankfromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188391:351
McWhirter, Catherine J.fromEmenhiser, Stephen187360:462
McWhirter, GeorgetoMcWhirter, Hugh187770:94
McWhirter, HughfromMcConaughy, John187770:94
McWhirter, HughtoMcConoughy, John187770:95
McWhirter, HughfromMcWhirter, George187770:94
McWhirter, Hugh (Et al.)toGresley, Jno. A.187975:513
McWhiter, M.fromDevilbiss, Allen187990:260

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