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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Meads, ThomastoCulver, Henry187565:100
Meads, Thos.fromLinnemann, Frederick188080:214
Means, Wm.toSnowden, Wm.186381:322
Medsker, Isaac N.fromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187462:355
Medsker, Isaac N.fromGable, Frank A.187361:476
Medsker, Isaac N.toKemp, Ophelia187667:547
Medsker, Isaac N.fromMaddux, George187464:416
Meech, Wm. A.fromBashelier, Hanetta187669:103
Meech, Wm. A.toHart, Geo.188186:160
Meech, Wm. A.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188191:462
Meech, Wm. H.fromBashelier, Hanetta187669:102
Meegan, C. E.toDriver, Willis M.187669:84
Meegan, C. E.toMohr, Hannah H.187669:202
Meegan, C. E.fromMohr, John Jr.187670:181
Meegan, C. E.toPayne, Wilson B.187772:59
Meegan, C. E.toSeekup, A. & M.187669:366
Meegan, CarolinetoNuttman, J. D. Jr.187669:62
Meegan, Caroline E.toCary, L. M.187463:535
Meegan, Caroline E.toDwenger, Joseph187565:618
Meegan, Caroline E.toHess, P. J.187668:372
Meegan, Caroline E.toHill, O. E.187668:526
Meegan, Caroline E.toMiller, Jno. M.187669:67
Meegan, Caroline E.toMother Ephrem187669:75
Meegan, Caroline E.toOrff, Adelia A.187669:340
Meegan, Caroline E.toO'Ryan, Patrick187566:539
Meegan, Caroline E.toO'Ryan, Patrick187566:540
Meegan, Caroline E.toPage, C. E.187669:170
Meegan, Caroline E.toPayne, Wilson B.187668:488
Meegan, Caroline E.toRitter, Jacob187669:214
Meegan, Caroline E.toRuhling, Conrad187669:29
Meegan, Caroline E.toRyan, Patrick O.187464:112
Meegan, Caroline E.toWalter, E. Agnes187669:286
Meegan, Caroline E.toWernhoff, Rev. Jno.187669:156
Meegan, Caroline E. & Thos. J.toCary, L. M.187567:23
Meegan, Caroline EllatoBookwalter, C. L.187670:43
Meegan, Caroline EllatoBookwalter, Elizabeth187669:463
Meegan, Thos.toHouser, Saml. L.188079:349
Meegan, Thos.fromHouser, Saml. L.188079:351
Meegan, Thos.toRohrer, S. B.188598:131
Meegan, Thos.toSeaver, M. S.188081:307
Meegan, Thos. J. (wife)toHettler, C.187675:85
Meeks, Alice A.fromBarbour, M. F.188394:36
Meeks, James F.toDratt, John187462:591
Meeks, James F.fromMeeks, John W.187262:146
Meeks, James F.toMeeks, John W.187269:215
Meeks, John W.fromMeeks, James F.187269:215
Meeks, John W.toMeeks, James F.187262:146
Meeks, Mary C.fromCochrane, Rachel P.187772:293
Meeks, NancyfromDavis, E. V.188081:49
Meeks, NancytoDavis, E. V.188080:554
Meeks, NancyfromDavis, J. B.187667:237
Meeks, NancyfromDavis, J. B.188081:48
Meeks, Thos.toDavis, J. B.187667:211
Meeks, Thos.toDavis, Joseph P.187669:515
Meeks, Wm. R.toSpringer, E.187566:180
Meeks, Wm. R.toWilliamson, Alex187364:248
Meerian, N.toLapp, Valentine188390:546
Meese, ElizabethfromBarnhart, Jno.187667:250
Meese, M. A.toMain, Malinda187875:20
Meese, Micha AnnfromMain, Jesse187772:270
Mehaffey, robt.to1st Nat. Bank, Lima, O.187977:352
Mehaffey, Robt. (Prost.)fromSheriff187977:347
Mehre, Clara (Et al.)toNiebergall, Henry187976:308
Meier, DoretheafromTrustees G. E. L. St. Johns Church187987:567
Meier, HenryfromThiele, Henry187992:119
Meierding, CatharinefromGeye, Henry188080:116
Meierding, CatharinetoKrock, John188080:79
Meierding, ChristiantoMeyer, Dietrick187565:591
Meierding, ChristianfromShorden, Daniel187566:280
Meierding, ChristiantoTschannen, Christian187770:254
Meierding, ChristianfromTschennen, Christian187770:253
Meierding, K.fromKruse, Henrietta188082:269
Meilaender, Anna (Et al.)toHartman, C. & W.188598:451
Meiller, W. D.fromBloomhuff, A. M. (Guard)188598:28
Meiller, W. D.fromBloomhuff, A. M. (Guard)188598:27
Meingen, HenryfromManison, William188079:286
Meingen, WilliamfromManison, Henry188079:287
Meirding, ChristianfromMeyer, Dietrich187565:553
Meiser, Benj.toAmbrose, Patrick187874:466
Meiser, Benj.toCavalier, Victor188290:183
Meiser, Benj.toDiffendarfer, H. C.188188:293
Meiser, Benj.fromForsyth, Charlotte (Et al.)188079:592
Meiser, Benj.fromMiller, Wm. H. H. (Coms.)186879:590
Meiser, Benj.toPrill, Emanuel188190:287
Meiser, Benj.toRhodes, D. J.188286:387
Meiser, Benj.fromSheriff188079:507
Meiser, Benj.fromYork, John187579:591
Meiser, Benj.fromYork, Justina187279:591
Meiser, Benj.fromYork, Justina (Et al.)188079:592
Meiser, Benj. (Guard)toFelger, Fred188080:347
Meiser, BenjamintoBeard, Warren M.187279:209
Meiser, Jno.fromRitz, Geo.185578:192
Meiser, Jno. & Geo. RitzfromRockhill, Wm.185478:191
Meisner, AmandafromCity of Fort Wayne187669:149
Melching, A. W. (Et al.)toBeck, Leopold188390:455
Melching, AlbertfromBracht, Jos.188598:632
Melching, AlberttoDreibelbiss, Robt.188598:638
Melching, AlbertfromGrotholtman, H. A.188495:136
Melching, AlbertfromMelching, C.188080:550
Melching, C.toMelching, Albert188080:550
Melching, CarolinefromDreibelbiss, Robt.188599:1
Melching, CharlottefromMelchino, Albert188495:24
Melching, ErnstfromEckart, Fredk.187566:499
Melching, ErnsttoEckert, Frederick187874:563
Melching, ErnsttoLinker, Henry187874:563
Melching, ErnstfromLinker, Henry E.187566:499
Melchino, AlberttoMelching, Charlotte188495:24
Melester & PenrosefromRobinson, Jonathan187358:362
Melliron, Mary (Et al.)toRuff, Sarah188393:470
Mellott, M.fromRobb, M. T.187977:67
Mellott, M.toWalker, Leonard188183:128
Melmater, J. C.fromGinther, Sidney187359:410
Mencke, J. H.fromRemmel, A. C.187771:263
Mencke, J. H.fromRemmel, H. L.187771:263
Menefee, C. M.fromHayden, E. H.188287:466
Mengerson, Chas.fromBusching, Henry188599:56
Menges, E. K.fromHubler, M. M.188079:340
Menges, E. K.toRichardson, F. A.188185:570
Menges, E. r.fromSesseman, David188185:586
Menges, JonathantoRomey, Robert L.187464:329
Menldoon, H. W.fromMallone, Ezra188288:466
Mennch, HenryfromEmerick, Jacob (Et al.)188599:101
Mennebroker, M.fromAllen Circuit Court188189:320
Mennebroker, M.fromThurman, C. W. (Adm.)188189:320
Mensing, Chas. Jr.toMayer, Chas.188393:46
Mensing, MaryfromMayer, Charles188393:47
Mensing, MarytoWiehe, Ferdinand188596:562
Mentzer, AlextoTaylor, Wm.187667:366
Mentzer, AlexanderfromDevore, David G.187361:151
Menze, Christian & ConradtoWoods, Wm. S.187463:542
Menze, WilliamfromDieckmeyer, Wm.188090:83
Menze, WilliamfromKlee, John187873:151
Menze, WilliamtoKlee, Mary A.187873:152
Menzel, G. A.fromStorm, Jos. A. M.188597:133
Menzes, Emanuel K.toCoolman, Adam L.187462:519
Menzes, Emanuel K.fromCoolman, Adam L.187462:523
Menzies, Wm.toLoend, Charles187362:260
Menzies, Wm.toMettert, Samuel G.187362:257
Mercantile Trust Co.toDarr, S. & F.188495:504
Mercantile Trust Co.toDevilbiss, Wm.188495:258
Mercantile Trust Co.fromFitzgerald, L. (Trustee)187994:620
Mercantile Trust Co.toGuenther, Jno. W.188392:110
Mercantile Trust Co.toMcClaran, Eliza188392:205
Mercantile Trust Co.toMiracle, Enoch188081:159
Mercantile Trust Co.fromSheriff188081:484
Mercantile Trust Co.fromSheriff188081:155
Mercantile Trust Co. N. Y.fromSheriff187978:549
Mercer, Henry (heirs)fromJustus, Lewis S.187469:86
Mercer, JacobtoBoltemeier, Louis188287:121
Mercer, JacobfromFry, Jas.188286:550
Mercer, JacobfromHeckeker, Thos.188290:164
Mercer, L.fromMercer, Wm. B.187566:165
Mercer, LorenzotoFarroll, Cornelius187572:57
Mercer, LorenzotoJustus, Lewis S.187669:94
Mercer, NancyfromCommissioner in Partition188188:554
Mercer, ShermantoMercer, Walter187463:196
Mercer, Sherman (et al.)toMiller, Huldah J.187469:93
Mercer, WalterfromMercer, Sherman187463:196
Mercer, Wm. B.toMercer, L.187566:165
Merch, W. H.toCox, George187770:323
Merchant, Jas. & Robt.fromBouser, J. C.187171:365
Merchland, JamestoMerchland, Louis187772:71
Merchland, Jas & MarthafromMerchland, Louis187772:72
Merchland, LouisfromMerchland, James187772:71
Merchland, LouistoMerchland, Jas & Martha187772:72
Mercier, Mary (Et al.)toEley, Edward187978:310
Mergel, CarolinetoMergel, Elizabeth188289:588
Mergel, CarolinefromMergel, Reinhard188289:587
Mergel, ElizabethfromMergel, Caroline188289:588
Mergel, ElizabethfromPrezinger, J. R.188496:472
Mergel, ElizabethfromTrier, Conrad188495:189
Mergel, R. & E.toWagner, H. G.188288:152
Mergel, ReinhardtoMergel, Caroline188289:587
Mergentheim, A.fromNelson, Wm. R.187463:82
Mergentheim, AlextoHoward, W. B.188186:20
Meriam, A. (Et al.)toMiller, J. D. & Lewis185976:209
Meriam, EdwardtoShuckman, Geo.188293:241
Meriam, J. A. (Et al.)toDaugherty, E.188288:412
Meriam, Julia A. (Et al.)toHarrad, Isaac188287:184
Meriam, R. (Et al.)toMiller, J. D.187980:420
Meriam, Rebecca (Et al.)toMiller, Lewis D.187976:411
Merian, JuliatoShuckman, Geo.188293:241
Merica, AnnisfromRowe, M.188287:297
Merica, AnnistoRowe, Melissa188290:205
Merica, Annis (Et al.)toValentine, Maria188393:143
Merica, J. A.fromRoads, Daniel188287:453
Merica, JemimatoMaxwell, Geo. W.188494:192
Merillat, A. (Et al.)toAber, D. J. & S.188289:215
Merillet, J. & M. A.fromTaylor, R. S.188187:482
Merillot, AugustfromHall, Chas. H.188183:402
Merriam, E.toJamison, C. C.188287:409
Merrillat, AugustfromEdsall, C. W. (Coms.)188184:343
Merrillat, August (Guard)toAber, D. J. & S.188289:293
Merritt, AlviratoMadden, W. F.188289:227
Merritt, AlvisafromHalsey, Jacob W.187669:333
Merschendorf, CatharinetoWelss, Henry187670:246
Merschendorf, CatharinetoWelss, John187670:247
Mersiam, EdwardfromShopman, D.188286:328
Merz, AlbertfromMerz, Jas.188495:87
Merz, AlberttoMerz, Jos.188495:86
Merz, AlbertfromPratt, Wm. T.188184:520
Merz, Jas.toMerz, Albert188495:87
Merz, Jos.fromMerz, Albert188495:86
Merz, JosephfromPratt, Wm. T.187361:65
Merz, LouisfromWilliams, Jesse S.188496:386
Merz, PetertoSimons, O. A.188082:453
Merz, TheodorefromPratt, Wm. T.188184:521
Meschendorf, CatharinetoWelss, Henry187670:246
Mescho, NicholasfromRyan, John187359:472
Mesler, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition187978:206
Messenger, LestertoKyser, Cecelia187465:367
Messing, CharlesfromBlase, John H.187564:449
Messing, CharlestoBlase, John H.187564:450
Messinger, LesterfromOsborn, Elias B.187261:47
Messler, M. R. & T. D.toP. Ft. W. & C. R. R. Co.188597:496
Messler, T. D.fromContinental Imp. Co.187667:334
Messler, Thos. D.fromBarrett, W. (Et al.)188390:456
Messler, Thos. D.fromBass, Jno. H.188290:242
Messler, Thos. D.fromBond, J. D.188289:448
Messler, Thos. D.fromBond, J. D. (Et al.)188390:456
Messler, Thos. D.fromColerick, J. K. & W. H.188391:258
Messler, Thos. D.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.188290:243
Messler, Thos. D.toNahrwold, Conrad188288:55
Messler, Thos. D.fromSlataper, D. Lee188289:452
Messler, Thos. D.toStead, Jas. & Ferrall J. D.188079:456
Messmiun, LouistoSchultz, Wm.188289:270
Metcalf, E. F. (Et al.)toMommer, Jos. Jr.188186:300
Metcalf, E. T.fromBissell, Geo. P.188182:438
Metcalf, Jos.toWalter, Henry A.188183:191
Metcalf, M. V.fromDuly, Wm. F.187669:263
Metcalf, M. V.fromStirlen, Alex188183:30
Metcalf, Samuel C.fromSaunders, Jos. B.187771:122
Metcalf, Samuel C.toSaunders, Mary E.187771:405
Metcalf, Sarah E.fromDykes, Andrew & Sarah (et al.)187463:495
Metcalf, VacheltoSterling, Alexander187166:501
Metcalf, Vachel (Et al.)toRoussay, August188783:28
Metcalfe, Daniel F.toFreeman, Mary187464:471
Metcalfe, Daniel F.toStapleford, Julia M.187566:557
Metcalfe, ElizabethfromHebbison, Geo. M.187875:316
Metcalfe, ElizabethtoMeyer, Deidrich188185:233
Metcalfe, Jno.fromMeyer, Deidrich188185:234
Metcalfe, JohntoHebbisen, Geo. M. & I.187975:334
Metcalfe, Sarah E.fromDykes, Agnes187464:219
Metcalfe, Sarah E.fromDykes, Andrew (et al.)187465:572
Meteany, Jno. M.toKuckuck, C. A.188495:403
Metheany, AndrewtoO'Brien, Patrick187668:486
Metheany, Jno. M.toDobler, Theo.188495:401
Metheany, John M.fromHough, John187359:430
Methley, AnnafromBoltz, Fred C.188395:277
Methley, AnnafromBoltz, Kattie188392:354
Methley, AnnatoJones, A. L.188495:472
Methley, AnnatoJones, A. L.188495:530
Methley, AnnafromTons, Henry187977:104
Methley, AnnafromVesey, W. J. 188286:355
Methley, AnnatoVesey, Wm. J.188184:297
Methley, Jno.fromVesey, Wm. J. 188184:297
Methley, JohnfromJones, L. M.187771:380
Methley, JohntoJones, L. M. & E. A.187772:19
Methley, JohntoRichards, C. & Waggmer, A. E.188080:188
Methley, JohntoTons, Henry187976:382
Methley, JohntoVesey, Wm. J.188286:355
Methley, JohnfromWhite, Jas. B.187975:450
Methley, JohnfromWhite, Jas. B.187975:482
Metkeo, MaryfromDinklager, E.187979:24
Metker, MaryfromFisher, D. C.188185:6
Metker, MaryfromPaul, H. C.188082:194
Metker, MarytoWeidemann, Casper188183:242
Metters, Sam'l G.fromBurgett, Harvey187362:257
Mettert, M.fromFair, Emma (Et al.)188185:460
Mettert, M.fromFair, George188185:460
Mettert, M.fromSmith, C. A. (Et al.)188185:460
Mettert, M. G.toBeyer, Chas.188081:42
Mettert, M. G.fromRoss, Geo. B.188599:168
Mettert, MartinfromFair, Emma (Et al.)188193:297
Mettert, MartinfromRoss, F. W. (Et al.)188193:297
Mettert, MartinfromRoss, F. W. (Et al.)188185:460
Mettert, MartinfromSmith, C. A. (Et al.)188193:297
Mettert, Martin G.fromTyler, Allen G.187462:323
Mettert, PetertoBurrier, Isaac187667:339
Mettert, PeterfromMoore, Chas. H.187362:256
Mettert, Samuel G.fromMenzies, Wm.187362:257
Mettert, Samuel G.fromViele, Stephen187362:257
Mettert, W. H.fromCummins, J. D.187775:49
Mettert, W. H.fromOmo. Jos. H.188182:575
Mettert, Wm. H.toOmo, Jos. H.188187:397
Mettey, FredericktoTaylor, Wm.187565:86
Mettler, Catherine (Et al.)toDiebold, Katherine187873:153
Mettler, Catherine (Et al.)toHoke, Mary187873:153
Mettler, Catherine (Et al.)toReichard, A. P.187873:153
Mettler, M. (Et al.)toAufrecht, C. F.188288:213
Mettler, MathiasfromBielmahn, H. C.188599:202
Mettler, MathiastoBuechel, Maria L.187360:410
Mettler, MathiastoBulmahn, H. C.188599:201
Mettler, MathiastoCity of Fort Wayne188192:387
Mettler, MathiasfromMcCann, John188393:200
Mettler, MathiastoNussbaum, Peter188392:308
Mettles, MathiasfromBulmaker, H. C.188599:201
Metts, Geo. W.fromWeaver, Sarah187462:624
Metty, FredtoWagenhals, Ellen188598:216
Metty, FredericktoPerney, Joseph187669:381
Metz, EupheniatoBell, Huldah E.187060:406
Metzger, AndrewtoLake, Eli187373:472
Metzger, AndrewtoLake, Eli187771:375
Metzger, Elizabeth (Et al.)toGruber, J. M.187875:64
Metzger, H. M.fromFlynn, Josephine188289:185
Metzger, H. M.toKilian, E. & F.188494:191
Metzger, H. M.fromKilian, Ella188494:190
Metzger, H. M.toSmalyz, F. M. & Jno.188393:335
Metzger, H. M.fromSmith, C. G.188498:210
Metzger, Henry M.toStephan, Emile188079:57
Metzger, John Sr.fromUnited States183771:496
Meyer & MillerfromSoest, Wm.187565:61
Meyer & Voicab (Assignment in Bankryptcy)to187812:283
Meyer Heinrich (Adm.)toMeyer, Deidrick188287:93
Meyer Henry & John C.fromEwing, Geo. W. (est.)187462:113
Meyer, AmandatoMoellering, Wm.188393:233
Meyer, AmandafromOpenshaw, Geo.188393:251
Meyer, Anna G. K.toMuller, J. H. Herman187565:545
Meyer, AugustatoMeyer, Frederick187564:444
Meyer, AugustafromMeyer, Henry (est.)187464:34
Meyer, Bernard (et al.)toMeyer, John (et al.)187872:487
Meyer, BryantoStellhorn, J. A.188286:318
Meyer, C. A. G.toWhite, Jas. B.188081:556
Meyer, C. F. G. & J. F. W.toWilliams, E. P.187976:542
Meyer, C. F. G. (et al.)fromSheriff187566:68
Meyer, C. F. W.fromJones, Levi M.187772:185
Meyer, C. F. W. (Et al.)toWiding of Pontiac St.188287:211
Meyer, CharlesfromMeyer, Valentine187975:406
Meyer, CharlestoMires, Volentine184674:240
Meyer, CharlesfromPrang, Henry187565:297
Meyer, CharlesfromRiedel, John & Geo.187360:103
Meyer, Chas.toReidel, Geo.187360:587
Meyer, Chas. (Et al.)toReidel, Jno.187383:203
Meyer, Chas. F. W.fromSchiffer, John187359:323
Meyer, ChristenatoMeyer, John (et al.)187872:487
Meyer, ChristiantoSelking, Christian188182:391
Meyer, Christian F. G.toMeyer, Jno. F. W.187463:134
Meyer, ChritiantoMeyer, Frederick187976:342
Meyer, ConradtoBass, Jno. H.188080:410
Meyer, ConradfromBickness, F. (Et al.)188080:496
Meyer, ConradfromKlipper, Geo. (Et al.)188080:496
Meyer, DeidrichfromEnglish, Jas.188079:328
Meyer, DeidrichfromMetcalfe, Elizabeth188185:233
Meyer, DeidrichtoMetcalfe, Jno.188185:234
Meyer, DeidrickfromBell, Robert C.187463:589
Meyer, DeidrickfromMeyer Heinrich (Adm.)188287:93
Meyer, DiederichfromWillson, O. J.187978:520
Meyer, DiedericktoLehr, Mary J.188182:568
Meyer, DiedrichfromEix, Wm.188597:114
Meyer, DiedrichfromLehr, Mary Jane188182:556
Meyer, DiedrichtoMunson, Chas. A.187874:502
Meyer, DiedrichtoMunson, Chas. A.187873:393
Meyer, DiedrichfromRekers, C. A.188289:257
Meyer, DiedricktoMunson, Chas. A.188080:40
Meyer, DietrichfromEggers, Fredk.188494:435
Meyer, DietrichtoMeirding, Christian187565:553
Meyer, DietrichfromWoy, James M.187358:527
Meyer, DietrickfromMeierding, Christian187565:591
Meyer, DorettefromRekeway, Wm.187287:566
Meyer, ErnstfromBastian, Jacob187462:302
Meyer, F. & M.fromKruse, Christ188494:367
Meyer, F. C.fromGebhard, Wm.187874:178
Meyer, F. C.toGeohard, Wm.187874:179
Meyer, F. C.toLindemann, Wm.188289:144
Meyer, F. H.fromBrandriff, A. D.188391:576
Meyer, F. H.fromLieber, A. P.188599:47
Meyer, Frank H.fromFrederickson, J. C.188599:46
Meyer, FredtoColter, J. & P. W. Smith188288:502
Meyer, FredfromKoenemann, August188288:43
Meyer, FredfromRupert, Ira (Adm.)188391:308
Meyer, FredfromSwinney, Rhesa (Ex.)188495:590
Meyer, Fredeick (Et al.)toCin. Richmond & Ft. Wayne R. R. Co.188183:419
Meyer, FredericktoAhlschwede, Christian187770:384
Meyer, FrederickfromMeyer, Augusta187564:444
Meyer, FrederickfromMeyer, Chritian187976:342
Meyer, FrederickfromMeyer, George F. C.187564:442
Meyer, FredericktoMeyer, Henry187874:4
Meyer, FrederickfromMeyer, Henry (est.)187464:34
Meyer, Frederick A.fromSarazin, August188079:100
Meyer, Frederick C.toRomy, Robt. L.187976:138
Meyer, Frederick W.fromSiemon, August F.188081:330
Meyer, Fredk.fromAhlswede, C.188185:502
Meyer, G. F. C.toMiller, H. F. C.187877:317
Meyer, Geo. F. C.toMuller, H. F. C.187667:527
Meyer, Geo. M.toCourady, J. G.188184:446
Meyer, Geo. M.fromSmith, M. J.187977:69
Meyer, GeorgefromMeyer, Henry (est.)187464:34
Meyer, George F. C.toMeyer, Frederick187564:442
Meyer, H.fromZollinger, Henry187363:64
Meyer, H. C. W.fromMeyer, Henry188392:242
Meyer, H. C. W.fromMollering, Wm.187463:236
Meyer, H. C. W.toWeikart, Wm. H.188079:13
Meyer, H. C. W.fromWeikart, Wm. H.188079:14
Meyer, H. C. W.fromWeikart, Wm. H.188079:320
Meyer, H. W.fromDouglas, Jos.188287:539
Meyer, H. Wm.fromKmdop, John B.188080:68
Meyer, HenryfromBeerger, Clara E.188079:430
Meyer, HenryfromDouglass, Joseph187369:169
Meyer, HenryfromGuillaume, Jas. 188292:120
Meyer, HenryfromGuillaume, Jas. (Adm.)188192:120
Meyer, HenrytoKoehlinger, G. H.187978:503
Meyer, HenryfromMcCulloch, Chas.188391:236
Meyer, HenryfromMeyer, Frederick187874:4
Meyer, HenrytoMeyer, H. C. W.188392:242
Meyer, HenrytoMeyer, J. F. W.187879:402
Meyer, HenrytoOverly, C. L.188184:468
Meyer, HenrytoPoole, Martha187569:115
Meyer, HenryfromSheriff188495:322
Meyer, HenrytoSmith, J. McNutt187569:115
Meyer, HenryfromVollride, Christian187773:214
Meyer, HenryfromZollinger, August188081:273
Meyer, HenrytoZollinger, August188185:407
Meyer, HenrytoZollinger, Henry C.187566:291
Meyer, Henry (est.)toKayser, Mary187464:34
Meyer, Henry (est.)toMeyer, Augusta187464:34
Meyer, Henry (est.)toMeyer, Frederick187464:34
Meyer, Henry (est.)toMeyer, George187464:34
Meyer, Henry (est.)toMeyer, Louis G.187464:34
Meyer, Henry W.toZollinger, Henry187464:171
Meyer, J. & H. M.fromParks, Volney188185:3
Meyer, J. C. (Et al.)toSchrader, Henry187279:449
Meyer, J. C. (Et al.)toSchrader, Wm.187277:316
Meyer, J. F. W.toBenoit, Julian188288:233
Meyer, J. F. W.fromBlum, August188185:542
Meyer, J. F. W.fromBurns, James187873:568
Meyer, J. F. W.fromBurns, James187873:568
Meyer, J. F. W.toHarrison, R. H.188185:546
Meyer, J. F. W.fromMeyer, Henry187879:402
Meyer, J. F. W.toMuchlenbrich, G.188183:32
Meyer, J. F. W.fromMuhkenrick, G.188496:44
Meyer, J. F. W.toRice, B. F. (Et al.)188290:49
Meyer, J. F. W.toSchwier, Anna187669:431
Meyer, J. F. W.fromStellhorn, Frederick187772:54
Meyer, J. F. W.toTaylor, Wm. C.188182:177
Meyer, J. F. W.fromWalter, Wm. B. (Adm.)188086:242
Meyer, J. F. W. (Et al.)toRanner, Geo.187981:146
Meyer, Jno F. W.fromGerke, John D. (heirs)187461:558
Meyer, Jno.fromPoeppel, H. D. F.188598:379
Meyer, Jno.fromSchafer, Gottlieb188495:141
Meyer, Jno. C.fromLahmeyer, Daniel (Et al.)188496:70
meyer, Jno. C.fromRudolph, Herman187874:258
Meyer, Jno. C.fromSchmity, Chas.188599:68
Meyer, Jno. C.toTrier, Paulus188496:179
Meyer, Jno. F. W.toDettman, Katharina187565:595
Meyer, Jno. F. W.fromKover, Emeline188080:401
Meyer, Jno. F. W.fromMeyer, Christian F. G.187463:134
Meyer, Jno. F. W.fromMosshemur, John187873:423
Meyer, Jno. F. W.toNeff, J. H.187565:577
Meyer, Jno. F. W.fromSheriff188183:239
Meyer, Jno. F. W.toUngemach, Mary188184:447
Meyer, Jno. F. W.fromWelch, George187975:438
Meyer, Jno. F. W.toWelch, Mary E.187668:330
Meyer, Jno. H.fromTons, Wilhelhmena188494:552
Meyer, Jno.C.fromKounty, Mary188496:71
Meyer, JohntoBartels, Jno. (Et al.)188393:545
Meyer, JohnfromDinklag, E. (et al.)187872:487
Meyer, JohntoGibert, Jno. F.188079:262
Meyer, JohnfromHerbst, Frederick187667:368
Meyer, JohntoLuhman, Wm.187462:347
Meyer, JohnfromLuhmann, Wm.187462:343
Meyer, JohnfromNieman, Mary (et al.)187872:487
Meyer, JohnfromPetigniey, Timothy187565:592
Meyer, JohnfromStemler, Francis187360:125
Meyer, John (et al.)fromMeyer, Bernard (et al.)187872:487
Meyer, John (et al.)fromMeyer, Christena187872:487
Meyer, John (et al.)toMeyer, Margaret187872:488
Meyer, John C.toAke, Zedekiah187669:362
Meyer, John C.toBuehler, Jacob188288:566
Meyer, John C.toEggeman, Fred188288:565
Meyer, John C.toZollinger, H. C. (Et al.)188288:565
Meyer, John F. W.toDettman, Katrine187976:122
Meyer, John F. W.fromDettmann, Catherine187976:120
Meyer, John F. W.fromGerke, John D. (heirs)187461:561
Meyer, John F. W.toGoeppert, Bernhart187565:543
Meyer, John F. W.fromHull, Lewis O.187770:467
Meyer, John F. W.toMuchlenbruch, Martha187976:121
Meyer, John F. W.toMuhlenbruck, Martha187565:595
Meyer, John F. W.fromMuthlenbruch, Martha187976:119
Meyer, John F. W.toPeter, Fred Rudolph188080:64
Meyer, John F. W.toSchiour, Anna187976:121
Meyer, John F. W.toSchwier, Anna187565:596
Meyer, John F. W.fromSchwier, Anna187976:119
Meyer, JulianafromGerke, John D. (heirs)187461:559
Meyer, JulianafromMuehlenbruch, M.187978:289
Meyer, Louis G.toKruckeberg, August187464:33
Meyer, Louis G.fromMeyer, Henry (est.)187464:34
Meyer, M. E. W.toKoehlinger, Frederick188079:229
Meyer, MargaretfromMeyer, John (et al.)187872:488
Meyer, MargaretfromNieman, Mary (et al.)187872:488
Meyer, Margaretha E. W.fromAhlschwede, Christian187770:520
Meyer, MarytoBeineke, Ernest187976:566
Meyer, MaryfromGrannamann, Karl187876:558
Meyer, MaryfromOffenloch, Michael 188182:210
Meyer, Mary (Et al.)toScherer, C. Jr.188289:347
Meyer, Mary (Et al.)toTrustees Martini E. L. Cong.187873:550
Meyer, ValentinetoMeyer, Charles187975:406
Meyer, ValentinetoSoest, Lewis187567:146
Meyer, W. D.toAlbrecht, Anton188597:194
Meyer, W. D.toDicke, Henry188286:422
Meyer, W. D.fromWood, H. A.188286:378
Meyer, W. F.fromBoltz, F. C.188599:140
Meyer, W. F.toBoltz, F. C.188599:140
Meyer, WilhelmenafromRandall, P. A.188391:596
Meyer, Wm.toBrick, Adam187976:557
Meyer, Wm.fromBrick, Adam187976:580
Meyer, Wm.fromBuck, W. S.187977:398
Meyer, Wm.fromDicke, Henry187873:397
Meyer, Wm.fromFalls, Margaret187875:25
Meyer, Wm.toFalls, Margaret187897:325
Meyer, Wm.toORourke, P. S.187772:405
Meyer, Wm.fromPeters, John C.187573:218
Meyer, Wm.fromWhite, James B.187566:295
Meyer, wm. D.fromBrick, Christiana (Et al.)188596:588
Meyer, Wm. D.toDicke, Henry188081:298
Meyer, Wm. D.fromDidier, James188496:152
Meyer, Wm. F.fromBoltz, Catharine188599:139
Meyers, Anna C.toMeyers, John C.187464:63
Meyers, BernardtoDinkler, E.187977:511
Meyers, BernardtoMeyers, John187464:167
Meyers, BernardtoMeyers, Margaret187464:169
Meyers, Bernard & JohntoMeyers, Bernard Sr.187464:168
Meyers, Bernard Sr.fromMeyers, Bernard & John187464:168
Meyers, CatharinafromBerger, Eugenie188394:610
Meyers, CatharinetoLahmeyer, D. & C.188495:263
Meyers, CatherinefromORourke, Edward188391:36
Meyers, ConradtoMeyers, Henry187873:209
Meyers, CtharinetoFarmer, Caroline188598:126
Meyers, DederichfromHanna, Saml. T.187978:555
Meyers, DederickfromSheriff187875:140
Meyers, DeidrickfromWithers, W. H. (Coms.)187873:584
Meyers, DiedricktoGick, George187463:585
Meyers, ErnesttoSherman, Ernest187977:473
Meyers, ErnstfromSchenman, Ernst187978:80
Meyers, F. C.fromORourke, J. C.188184:147
Meyers, F. C.toStahl, Christian188184:113
Meyers, F. C. & C.fromLindemann, Wm.188289:145
Meyers, F. CharlesfromGebherd, Wm.187567:8
Meyers, F. Chas.toGebhard, Wm.187567:1
Meyers, F. W. & L.fromMeyers, Wm. F.188391:527
Meyers, GeorgetoAlter, Jacob187875:198
Meyers, HenryfromHamilton Nat. Bank 188393:15
Meyers, HenryfromMeyers, Conrad187873:209
Meyers, HenryfromMeyers, John C.187464:63
Meyers, HenrytoMeyers, John C.187464:64
Meyers, HenryfromRulo, Julia A.188393:106
Meyers, J. D.fromSwanston, Wm. E.188496:50
Meyers, J. T.toSteevick, Wm.187774:581
Meyers, Jno.toGebert, J. F.188390:388
Meyers, Jno.fromGerke, J. F. (Et al.)188393:556
Meyers, JohnfromMeyers, Bernard187464:167
Meyers, JohnfromWiegmann, H. (Et al.)188393:556
Meyers, John C.fromMeyers, Anna C.187464:63
Meyers, John C.toMeyers, Henry187464:63
Meyers, John C.fromMeyers, Henry187464:64
Meyers, John C.toOpliger, Daniel187464:62
Meyers, LizzietoBohuart, R.188185:492
Meyers, LizziefromJustus, L. S.187775:484
Meyers, LizzietoSeavey, G. W.188080:377
Meyers, M.fromDinkler, E.187977:512
Meyers, M. E. W.toAhlswede, C.188185:501
Meyers, MargaretfromMeyers, Bernard187464:169
Meyers, MariatoDochrman, Wm.188081:107
Meyers, MariafromKing, C. A. & F. J.187369:299
Meyers, MathiastoClark, Zackeas187360:442
Meyers, MathiasfromFerguson, Jno.188496:425
Meyers, MathiastoHarber, Martin188080:5
Meyers, NathantoTrustees G. R. Church187669:35
Meyers, S. L.toMyers, F. D.187463:268
Meyers, W. H.fromEdwards, J. (Trustee)188286:419
Meyers, Wm. F.toMeyers, F. W. & L.188391:527
Meyers, Wm. F.fromPickard, Thos. R.187670:48
Meyhew, Jas.fromOhl, Catharine A.187668:246
Meyres, JacobfromSpalt, Thos188081:462

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