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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Michael, AndreastoNord, Henry187773:495
Michael, CarryfromMichael, Fred187771:479
Michael, F.fromFort Wayne (City)188080:412
Michael, FredtoMichael, Carry187771:479
Michael, FrederickfromMichael, Herman187771:475
Michael, H.fromAmentz, S.188288:436
Michael, H.fromBauer, K. J.188290:32
Michael, H.toEhrmann, Mary188080:506
Michael, HermanfromBarton, C. M.187976:400
Michael, HermantoBrinkroeger, Frederick187771:451
Michael, HermantoBrinkroeger, Wm.187771:451
Michael, HermanfromBroom, Jane187360:301
Michael, HermanfromBrower, Elizabeth188598:515
Michael, HermanfromDraker, Frank188598:64
Michael, HermanfromEhrman, Charles187875:127
Michael, HermanfromEhrmann, Matthis187564:317
Michael, HermanfromForbing, Jno.188496:253
Michael, HermanfromFurste, E. B.188392:337
Michael, HermanfromGrage, Wm.188288:437
Michael, HermantoJones, E. A. L. M187979:499
Michael, HermanfromLasselle, C. E.187977:591
Michael, HermantoLehman, Jacob187671:167
Michael, HermantoLivelsberger, A. M.187669:374
Michael, HermantoMichael, Frederick187771:475
Michael, HermantoScherer, Fredk.187360:283
Michael, HermanfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)188079:31
Michaelis, CharlesfromJahns, Elizabeth187875:310
Michaelis, Chas.fromMichaelis, H. A. (Et al.)187875:311
Michaelis, H. A. (Et al.)toMichaelis, Chas.187875:311
Michaels, FredfromCity of Fort Wayne 188080:412
Michaels, HermanfromFisher, D. C.187668:211
Michaels, HermanfromFisher, David C.187359:358
Michall, HermantoGable, Peter187564:413
Micheals, FredtoCity- Fort Wayne188183:500
Michel, Geo.fromThieme, John G.187359:454
Mick, Kittie M.fromBridge, Chas.188079:316
Mickels, JonathanfromEllison, John T.187566:489
Middaugh, A. J.fromSeaton, Robt.187461:364
Middaugh, JacobfromNickkleson, Samuel185870:535
Middaugh, Sidney R.fromBaker, Andrew J.187565:475
Middeton, Geo. A.toDunifon, Henry187361:122
Middleton, A. E.fromRollins, C. W.187874:468
Middleton, A. E.toRollins, Chas. W.187670:353
Middleton, Ambrose E.toCary, Melancthon187462:340
Middleton, Geo. A.toHite, John & Henry187064:265
Middleton, Geo. A.fromMathias, D. W.187670:4
Middleton, Geo. A.toWilson, John186861:587
Middleton, Geo. H.toMathias, Daniel W.187565:389
Middleton, George A.toRomy, Catharine A.187872:502
Middleton, Thos.fromLenharr, Harriet188183:41
Miick, O. P.fromRuppert, Elias187771:526
Mikle, JohntoCochoit, Joseph187462:420
Mikle, JohnfromMikle, Peter187361:423
Mikle, JohntoMonot, Eugene187464:361
Mikle, PetertoMikle, John187361:423
Milburn, B. F.toFoot, H. B.187874:455
Miles, Chas.fromCarroll, Margaret188495:2
Miles, Chas.fromHanna, O. S.187770:188
Miles, Sarah A.fromHilkert, Lucy187360:349
Miley, JohntoStevenson, John D.187772:387
Millburn, Benj. F.fromBrousin, Wm. S.187770:351
Miller & BellfromTompkins, Eliab H.187360:313
Miller & BoergerfromSheriff187462:84
Miller & FarmerfromBowser, Jacob E.187362:629
Miller & MoritzfromAveline, Shurick & Hasby187464:41
Miller & WiesefromHennick, Hermon184768:116
Miller & WieserfromAuditor (H. W. Jones)184768:115
Miller, A. (et al. Trustee)fromTrustee Milan Tp.187369:368
Miller, AbrahamfromDriver, Charles185780:203
Miller, AbrahamfromHenning, George187161:145
Miller, AbrahamtoMiller, Geo. W.187161:139
Miller, AbrahamtoSlater, Isaac A.185880:204
Miller, Abraham (Assignee)fromState of Indiana184181:25
Miller, Abraham (Assignee)fromState of Indiana184181:26
Miller, Aggie F. & C. G.toHeller, Peter187463:164
Miller, Aggie F. F.toBleekman, Henrietta187565:35
Miller, Aggie F. F.toSixbey, Charlie C.187671:508
Miller, Agnes F. F.toOrff, Esther A.187670:176
Miller, Alice M.toMuldvon, J. & heirs187976:325
Miller, AmandafromCollier, L.188087:456
Miller, AmastoJohuston, Belinda187980:17
Miller, AmeliafromGasso, August187770:155
Miller, AmeliatoHaak, Theordore187976:45
Miller, AmherstfromDresback, Isaac187873:175
Miller, Amherst (et al. Trustee)fromSprague, Leroy187369:
Miller, AmosfromGriffin, Cornelius188392:578
Miller, AnastasiafromDiebold, Jos.188184:85
Miller, AnastasiatoEhle, Wilhelm188183:175
Miller, AnistisiafromKampheus, B. J.187670:397
Miller, AnnastaniafromChapman, B. W.188183:441
Miller, AnnastasiafromChapman, B. W.188183:441
Miller, AnnefromMiller, John187360:479
Miller, AnsontoVan Camp, W. W.187772:45
Miller, B. & L.fromOverholb, Jno.188079:505
Miller, B. F.toNail, John187669:520
Miller, BarbarafromRankert, Michael188081:540
Miller, BarbarafromRankest, M.188183:390
Miller, Benj.fromCotton, Jno.188083:426
Miller, Benj.fromCotton, John188083:426
Miller, Benj.fromHill, C. A.187978:328
Miller, Benj.fromHollopeter, M.187978:327
Miller, Benj.toMiller, Michael188079:482
Miller, BenjamintoFitgerald, Louis (Trustee)188079:568
Miller, Benjamin F.toLoudenbeck, John187565:427
Miller, Benjamin F.fromMotz, Calvin187570:36
Miller, Benjamin T.fromLoudenbeck, John187465:120
Miller, C. H.fromDreier, W. H.188498:167
Miller, Calvin A.fromConderat, Antoine187874:323
Miller, Calvin A.toNull, L. S.187771:392
Miller, Calvin A.fromNull, Lycurgus S.187360:227
Miller, CarolinetoEby, Andrew188183:467
Miller, CarolinefromEby, Jno. (Et al.)188081:430
Miller, CarolinefromEby, Jno. (Et al.)188183:466
Miller, CarolinefromHutker, B. (Et al.)188183:466
Miller, CarolinefromHutker, Bernard (Et al.)188081:430
Miller, Caroline (Et al.)toEby, Andrew188081:432
Miller, Caroline (Et al.)toEby, Andrew188183:481
Miller, Caroline (Et al.)toEby, Jno.188081:431
Miller, Caroline (Et al.)toHutker, Bernard188081:433
Miller, CathariefromForbing, Jacob188495:211
Miller, CatharinefromArnold, Amos W.188597:4
Miller, CatharinetoMiller, Catharine187464:293
Miller, CatharinefromMiller, Catharine187464:293
Miller, CatharinefromRoy, John B.187360:325
Miller, CatharinetoYoder, John187464:294
Miller, CatherinefromGeaugue, A. M.188496:33
Miller, CatherinefromMason, Nancy188183:358
Miller, CathrinefromYoder, Jno.187979:18
Miller, Charles H.fromWhite, Jas. B.187771:429
Miller, CharlottatoFrench, J. A.187772:109
Miller, CharlottafromMiller, George187771:134
Miller, CharlottefromNeiman, J. B.187773:474
Miller, CharlottetoRich, Sanford187873:475
Miller, Charlotte H.fromWhite, James B.187772:472
Miller, Chas. A. (Trustee)fromSheriff188079:387
Miller, Chas. H.toEdgerton, Jos. K.187976:102
Miller, Chas. H.toPetz, Pauline & August187564:478
Miller, ChrisriantoArcher, D. R.187461:623
Miller, ChristiantoHoffman, George187770:348
Miller, ChristianfromRabus, John187463:513
Miller, ChristianfromStock, George187874:284
Miller, ChristingfromMiller, Henry186483:29
Miller, ClemenstoNoha, Joseph187360:378
Miller, ClementfromBond, L. A.188287:252
Miller, ClementsfromBond, Chas. D.187359:511
Miller, ConradtoGresley, John187464:117
Miller, ConradfromMoshamer, John L.187464:45
Miller, CorneliustoFranklin, Zachariah187462:630
Miller, CorneliustoSpade, Mary M.187670:174
Miller, Cornelius (et ux.)toKernes, F.187463:239
Miller, D. S.fromHouser, Chas. & Jos.187771:239
Miller, D. S. (Et al.)toFrank, Mendel187874:472
Miller, DanielfromSternman, Adam188081:423
Miller, David A.toTodd, Almira M.187874:191
Miller, E.fromHamilton, B.188186:295
Miller, E. E. & L.toHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
Miller, E. V.fromReed, H. & B.188083:484
Miller, EbenezerfromWilliams, S. M.187472:281
Miller, EbenezertoYoung, Geo. A. (Et al.)187981:17
Miller, EdwinfromAnthony, Abram188598:528
Miller, ElanorfromMiller, Geo. W. (Will)187977:494
Miller, Eliza AnnfromMiller, Jeremiah187978:328
Miller, ElizabethfromMiller, John (heirs)187566:523
Miller, ElizabethtoShilling, Martin & Sophia187773:395
Miller, Elizabeth A.fromMorrison, Thomas R.187365:423
Miller, Elizabeth A.fromNail, John187670:37
Miller, Elizabeth J. (admn.)toNoonin, Josephine187565:434
Miller, Elizabeth J. (admn.)toNoonin, Josephine187565:435
Miller, EmiliefromKukuk, Joseph187770:506
Miller, EmilyfromSheridan, Michael187771:440
Miller, EmmafromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
Miller, EmmafromMiller, Michael187572:203
Miller, ErnstfromReed, Hugh B.188080:230
Miller, F. C.fromHuguenard, Julian188080:12
Miller, F. J.toMiller, Lewis187873:319
Miller, FrancisfromHuguenard, A.187978:279
Miller, Frank J.fromRing, John188080:1
Miller, FrederickfromSnodgrass, Margaret E.187463:511
Miller, Fredk.fromSkinner, B. D.187359:532
Miller, Fredk. W.toPape, Charles187565:358
Miller, G. J.toHeigh, Elizabeth187874:256
Miller, G. J.toHigh, Elizabeth187875:362
Miller, Geo W. (Will of)to187977:494
Miller, Geo.fromNestle, Phillip187259:344
Miller, Geo. (by admrs.)toDrake, James H.187566:502
Miller, Geo. J.toWatson, S. A.187469:219
Miller, Geo. W.toAlderman, Frank188182:452
Miller, Geo. W.fromAndrews, Rhodes186461:443
Miller, Geo. W.toCooper, James P.187566:409
Miller, Geo. W.fromFritz, Reuben188185:465
Miller, Geo. W.fromGriffin, Cornelius188392:597
Miller, Geo. W.toJones, A. O.187978:554
Miller, Geo. W.toMartin, Isiah187975:453
Miller, Geo. W.fromMiller, Abraham187161:139
Miller, Geo. W.fromMiller, Michael187572:146
Miller, Geo. W.fromShimp, William187472:358
Miller, Geo. W.toShrimp, William187772:359
Miller, Geo. W.fromWhite, Jas. B.187978:553
Miller, Geo. W. (Will)toMiller, Elanor187977:494
Miller, GeorgetoMiller, Charlotta187771:134
Miller, George F. Wm.toAugustine, Geo. F.187360:324
Miller, George J.toMiller, Samuel T.187264:281
Miller, George W.toByers, Phebe A.187464:123
Miller, GustavtoWagner, Henry G.187360:103
Miller, H. A. (Et al.)fromColbert, Jos.188288:434
Miller, H. F. C.fromMeyer, G. F. C.187877:317
Miller, H. J.fromArcher, A. M.188286:507
Miller, H. J.fromTancy, Michael188080:390
Miller, H. J.toWhite, J. W.188080:499
Miller, HannahfromMcDonnough, J. B.187775:180
Miller, Hannah J.toMcDonnough, Jas. B.187772:294
Miller, HenriettafromRodemann, Wm.187569:197
Miller, HenryfromEby, Andrew188183:467
Miller, HenrytoHollenbeck, August W.187567:26
Miller, HenrytoMiller, Christing186483:29
Miller, Henry (Will of)to186483:29
Miller, Henry B.toBrown, William R.187976:192
Miller, Henry B.fromMiller, Jno. B.187774:253
Miller, Henry J.fromWhite, John W.188081:491
Miller, HeremiahtoHollopeter, Geo. W.187873:228
Miller, Huldah J.fromHeckler, Sarah187469:93
Miller, Huldah J.fromMercer, Sherman (et al.)187469:93
Miller, IsaactoWalton, C. E.188081:253
Miller, Isaac J.fromAuditor1875A:76
Miller, Isaac J.toStone, Solon187770:524
Miller, IsaeltoGebhart, C.187566:426
Miller, IsaeltoParks, Volney187566:427
Miller, IsaeltoWessell, Elizabeth187566:458
Miller, IsraeltoEsmond, George187669:258
Miller, IsraelfromFrance, Henry F.187674:409
Miller, IsraeltoGreene, Geo. G.187667:515
Miller, IsraelfromMiller, John (Heirs)187566:425
Miller, IsraelfromParks, Volney187566:430
Miller, IsraeltoWhite, James b.187874:410
Miller, IsraeltoWhitmore, Edward187162:289
Miller, IsraeltoWhitmore, Edward187162:290
Miller, IsrealfromParks, Volney187668:300
Miller, J. A. (Et al.)toBrown, A. M. & D. M.188081:346
Miller, J. C.fromKenan, Alvin187977:295
Miller, J. D.fromBiggs, Martha (Et al.)187980:420
Miller, J. D.fromClem, Margaret187980:420
Miller, J. D.fromCorville, B. (Et al.)187980:420
Miller, J. D.fromKrider, Martin (Et al.)187980:420
Miller, J. D.fromMeriam, R. (Et al.)187980:420
Miller, J. D.fromScott, Mary (Et al.)187980:420
Miller, J. D.fromWalters, Susan187980:420
Miller, J. D. & LewisfromClem, Adam (Et al.)186976:210
Miller, J. D. & LewisfromCorvill, Lewis (Et al.)185976:209
Miller, J. D. & LewisfromMeriam, A. (Et al.)185976:209
Miller, J. F. W.toBarnes, James187565:430
Miller, J. H. HermanfromLuhmann, Anna M.187565:545
Miller, J. M.fromTresselt, C.187463:348
Miller, J. R.fromUrbine, Cassimer187667:553
Miller, JacobtoBitner, J. R.188081:200
Miller, JacobfromCommissioners by Partition188081:414
Miller, JacobtoJustus, Lewis S.187874:59
Miller, JacobfromPickard, Thos. R.187667:540
Miller, JacobfromSuter, Edward187461:591
Miller, JacobtoSuter, Edward187772:392
Miller, Jacob B.fromBower, Jno. F.188189:319
Miller, Jacob B.toJustus, Lewis S.187669:94
Miller, Jacob D.toMiller, Lewis D.187772:396
Miller, Jacob D.toMiller, Lewis D.187976:411
Miller, Jacob D. & LewisfromGrider, Martin (Et al.)186976:210
Miller, Jacob D. & LewisfromWalter, Jno. C. (Et al.)185976:209
Miller, Jacob W.fromDrake, Jas. H.187875:574
Miller, Jacob W.fromDrake, Jas. H.187976:423
Miller, JeremiahfromBarr, Amos187463:447
Miller, JeremiahtoMiller, Eliza Ann187978:328
Miller, Jeremiah & H. M. StonertoMather, Roland187668:500
Miller, JerryfromCotton, Eliza A (Et al.)188296:75
Miller, Jno.fromForbing, Jno.188495:340
Miller, Jno. (heirs)toMason, Nancy187667:319
Miller, Jno. A.fromBowers, L. H.187566:61
Miller, Jno. A.toBowers, L. H.187566:61
Miller, Jno. A.toKline, Jas.187463:402
Miller, Jno. B.fromBond, Stephen B.187567:313
Miller, Jno. B.fromFleming, Wm.187567:313
Miller, Jno. B.toMiller, Henry B.187774:253
Miller, Jno. H.toMiller, Wm. L.188081:250
Miller, Jno. M.fromAuditor187882:409
Miller, Jno. M.toBaker, J. & K.187874:233
Miller, Jno. M.fromBaker, Kilian187874:231
Miller, Jno. M.fromBaker, Kilian188079:474
Miller, Jno. M.fromBrown, L. S.186984:108
Miller, Jno. M.fromBundy, Jos.188495:451
Miller, Jno. M.fromEckart, Fred188184:197
Miller, Jno. M.fromEmpie, Thos. B.187978:39
Miller, Jno. M.fromEvans, S. C.188393:87
Miller, Jno. M.fromFleming, Wm.188185:9
Miller, Jno. M.fromHill,Margaret W.187978:534
Miller, Jno. M.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:67
Miller, Jno. M.fromSheriff187874:206
Miller, Jno. M.fromSheriff187874:214
Miller, Jno. M.fromSheriff187977:318
Miller, Jno. M.fromSheriff187978:129
Miller, Jno. M.fromSheriff187978:425
Miller, Jno. M. (Et al.)fromBeaver, A. C.188393:99
Miller, Jno. M. (Et al.)fromCrow, Mary A.188496:210
Miller, JohnfromArcher, John H.187360:94
Miller, JohntoMiller, Anne187360:479
Miller, JohntoRomery, A.188081:554
Miller, John & PetertoShaff, B. F.187349:414
Miller, John (heirs)toGundy, Mary A.187566:525
Miller, John (heirs)toMiller, Elizabeth187566:523
Miller, John (Heirs)toMiller, Israel187566:425
Miller, John (heirs)toMiller, John A.187566:526
Miller, John (heirs)toMiller, Julia A.187566:524
Miller, John A.fromKomp, Daniel187464:553
Miller, John A.fromMiller, John (heirs)187566:526
Miller, John A.toMiller, Saml.187362:320
Miller, John A.fromMiller, Samuel187360:598
Miller, John A.fromMiller, Samuel187565:378
Miller, John A.toMiller, Samuel187567:10
Miller, John B.toBrown, Wm. R.187771:10
Miller, John C.toEpple, Gotlieb187771:491
Miller, John C.fromKeller, Joseph187669:99
Miller, John ChristiantoRodemann, Jno. W.187669:316
Miller, John D.toODea, Dennis187176:100
Miller, John H.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187358:482
Miller, John M.fromArcher, John H.187461:579
Miller, John M.fromBaker, Adam187566:550
Miller, John M.toBaker, Adam187567:136
Miller, John M.fromCarey, Rebecca M.187875:340
Miller, John M.fromComparet, Elizabeth187358:488
Miller, John M.toEdgerton, Jos. K.187359:578
Miller, John M.fromHill, Maria A.187669:330
Miller, John M.toKanning, Wm.186462:545
Miller, John M.fromMarkley, Mary Alice187873:386
Miller, John M.fromScar, Adam187670:334
Miller, John M.toScherer, Christian187463:13
Miller, John M.fromSheriff187873:411
Miller, John M.fromSheriff187873:541
Miller, John M.fromSheriff187976:163
Miller, John M.fromSweet, Saml. B.187975:379
Miller, John M. (Et al.)fromSheriff187976:203
Miller, John MichaelfromBeckman, Henry W.187566:558
Miller, John R.toFauret, Lucas187566:386
Miller, John R.toGerardot, Lewis187566:395
Miller, John R.fromGerardot, Lewis187566:413
Miller, Jos.toBashelier, Louis188079:290
Miller, Jos.fromRoy, Julian187668:312
Miller, JosephtoBurgess, Henry187771:172
Miller, JosephtoForthmiller, J.& Hellwarth, M.187873:358
Miller, JosephtoGeiger, H. & Mayes, M.188080:455
Miller, JosephtoKampheus, B. J.187670:396
Miller, JosephtoRoy, Mary Alice187669:313
Miller, Joseph A & RebeccafromSinclair, Saml. E. (Comr.)187463:471
Miller, Joseph L.fromWolke, Louis184861:158
Miller, JuliafromBayless, Alex H.187668:521
Miller, JuliafromBrooks, Wm. H.188081:409
Miller, JuliatoBrooks, Wm. H.188081:475
Miller, JuliafromGreek, V. A.188082:59
Miller, JuliafromRomy, C. A. & R. L.187978:527
Miller, JuliafromSteiger, David187462:16
Miller, Julia A.fromMiller, John (heirs)187566:524
Miller, L. D.fromBauserman, E. D.188394:639
Miller, L. D.toPhipps, R. V.188080:514
Miller, L. J.toHuffman, C. V.187875:344
Miller, L. J.fromShippy, Robt. M.87875:344
Miller, Levi H.toWest, Samuel186158:494
Miller, LewisfromBeckman, Jno. C.188391:248
Miller, LewisfromMiller, F. J.187873:319
Miller, LewistoMommer, J. J. & M. A.187977:423
Miller, Lewis A.fromBunn, Lewis187267:34
Miller, Lewis D.fromBiggs, Martha (Et al.)187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.fromClem, Margaret187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.fromCorville, Barbara (Et al.)187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.fromKrider, Martin (Et al.)187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.fromMeriam, Rebecca (Et al.)187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.fromMiller, Jacob D.187772:396
Miller, Lewis D.fromMiller, Jacob D.187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.fromScott, Mary (Et al.)187976:411
Miller, Lewis D.toStites, Almira187976:196
Miller, Lewis D.fromWallers, Susan (Et al.)187976:411
Miller, LissettefromRodemann, J. W.187770:417
Miller, LouisfromStock, George187565:43
Miller, LouistoStock, George187874:283
Miller, Louis A.fromHesler, Geo. F.187874:463
Miller, Louis D.fromStites, Almira187976:196
Miller, LucretiafromGundy, Mary A.187569:70
Miller, LydiafromBrunson, Reuben188185:4
Miller, LydiafromFrech, Henry188390:357
Miller, Lydia A.toBurgess, Henry187462:358
Miller, Lydia A. (guard.)toBurgess, Henry187462:452
Miller, M.fromVollmer, D.187463:326
Miller, M. & H.fromHafner, Jno.188185:298
Miller, M. & S.fromHafner, Jno.188185:297
Miller, M. A. E.toBittinger, G. L. & A. W.187977:479
Miller, M. A. E.fromBittinger, Geo. L.187977:451
Miller, M. E.toBittinger, J. R.188183:117
Miller, M. H.toHayes, Wm. C.188183:79
Miller, M. H.fromRichards, David187669:114
Miller, MargaretfromClayton, Henry187981:539
Miller, MargaretfromHamilton, Allen (est.)187366:417
Miller, MargaretfromHanna, Henry C.187360:408
Miller, MargaretfromKell, George E.187577:377
Miller, MargarettoSchwier, William187772:344
Miller, MargaretfromSheriff187565:125
Miller, MargaretfromWalter, Euphernia C.187875:202
Miller, Margaret E.fromCretzer, Henretta B.187360:390
Miller, MargarethfromEme, C. F.187463:325
Miller, Margaretta fromWalter, Charles W.187566:545
Miller, MarthafromRandall, P. A.188182:573
Miller, MarthafromRupeert, Ira187773:80
Miller, MarthafromRupert, Ira188080:14
Miller, Martha (Et al.)toDiffendorffer, H. C.187978:265
Miller, MaryfromGoeglein, Jno.187566:17
Miller, MaryfromKleinmuller, Henry187566:17
Miller, Mary & HenryfromCommissioners by Partition188081:414
Miller, Mary C.toStone, Alba C.187565:357
Miller, MathiastoEmbre, Frank187461:269
Miller, MathiastoEme, O. F.187463:45
Miller, MathiastoParks, Volney187461:435
Miller, MathiasfromParks, Volney187462:324
Miller, MathiastoVollmer, Daniel187463:46
Miller, MathiasfromWalter, Chas. W.187463:45
Miller, MathiastoWalter, Wm. A.187462:325
Miller, MathiastoWalter, Wm. B.187462:326
Miller, Mathias Jr.toBuckles, J. P.188082:63
Miller, Mathias Jr.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:414
Miller, Mathias Jr.toStratton, Robt.188081:13
Miller, Matthew Jr.fromPickard, Thos. R.187771:537
Miller, MichaeltoBear, George187873:445
Miller, MichaeltoCollier, Leonard187873:43
Miller, MichaelfromFitzgerald, Louis188079:482
Miller, MichaelfromGreenwell, C. L.187072:202
Miller, MichaelfromGreenwell, F.187072:202
Miller, MichaelfromGreenwell, G. W.187072:202
Miller, MichaelfromMiller, Benj.188079:482
Miller, MichaeltoMiller, Emma187572:203
Miller, MichaeltoMiller, Geo. W.187572:146
Miller, N. J.fromMason, Nancy188183:358
Miller, NancyfromCoverdale, H. L.188494:492
Miller, P. A.fromCommissioner in Partition188599:50
Miller, PetertoRitter, Jacob & Anna187566:191
Miller, R. E.fromCochrane, Jno. (Et al.)188494:393
Miller, Robt. E.fromSheriff187873:172
Miller, Rosamond H.toBurlingame, Simon D.187462:598
Miller, S. M.fromEmenhiser, S.187368:77
Miller, SamanthafromRuhling, Theresa187873:236
Miller, Saml.fromDornte, Wm.188186:349
Miller, Saml.fromMiller, John A.187362:320
Miller, SamuelfromBrooks, John187464:182
Miller, SamueltoMiller, John A.187360:598
Miller, SamueltoMiller, John A.187565:378
Miller, SamuelfromMiller, John A.187567:10
Miller, Samuel T.fromKennedy, Philo. P.187979:96
Miller, Samuel T.fromMiller, George J.187264:281
Miller, SeraphinfromCommissioners by Partition188081:414
Miller, SeraphinefromPickard, Thos. R.187771:538
Miller, Silas M.toRuch, B. C.187771:94
Miller, SophiafromEhle, August N.188494:356
Miller, susan C.toFrance, Henry F.187674:408
Miller, Susan C.fromGreen, Geo. G.187668:68
Miller, Theo. N.fromBieser, Milton188598:442
Miller, Thos. J.fromHaney, Patrick186568:244
Miller, W. H. H.toHough, S. D.187977:400
Miller, W. H. H.fromHough, S. D.187977:401
Miller, WhilleminafromHartman, Henry187360:122
Miller, WilhelmenatoSpenley, Martin Jr.187977:514
Miller, WilhelminafromMcKnight, James & Cath.187464:262
Miller, WilhelminafromMcKnight, James (guard)187464:261
Miller, WilliamfromColerick, R. B. (Coms.)188393:353
Miller, WilliamfromZegenfus, David187873:192
Miller, Wm.fromBass, Jno. h.188286:254
Miller, Wm.toBecker, John J.187462:572
Miller, Wm.fromBird, OChmig185491:169
Miller, Wm.fromBowser, D. & J. C.188394:48
Miller, Wm.fromDiffendarfer, H. (Et al.)187978:411
Miller, Wm.toEaston, chas. E.187461:233
Miller, Wm.fromEgelhoff, S. (Et al.)188392:72
Miller, Wm.fromFisher, David C.187359:457
Miller, Wm.fromGeiger, Augusta (Et al.)187978:411
Miller, Wm.toKukuk, Joseph187770:505
Miller, Wm.fromKuster, Henry187570:212
Miller, Wm.fromLeitch, Mary A. (Et al.)187978:411
Miller, Wm.fromMiller, Wm. H. H.187359:457
Miller, Wm.toMisener & Murphy187359:577
Miller, Wm.toNeireiter, Casper187259:484
Miller, Wm.fromPape, Chas.187360:417
Miller, Wm.toPranger, Conrad187359:512
Miller, Wm.toSchearer, Christian187565:240
Miller, Wm.fromSheridan, Michael187668:277
Miller, Wm.fromSmith, Wm. T.187876:342
Miller, Wm.toStevens, Wm. & Ephraim187364:37
Miller, Wm.fromTeckenbrock, Fredk.187360:323
Miller, Wm.toTrustees 2 Ger. R. Salem Cong.187564:496
Miller, Wm.fromWiley, S. J.188080:160
Miller, Wm. H.toBayless, Alex H.187668:518
Miller, Wm. H.fromGreek, V. A.188184:543
Miller, Wm. H.fromGundy, Mary A. (et al.)187568:239
Miller, Wm. H.toParker, H. C.187463:408
Miller, Wm. H. H.toAldrich, H. M.187668:210
Miller, Wm. H. H.toBell, Robert C.187462:568
Miller, Wm. H. H.fromBell, Robt. C.187462:587
Miller, Wm. H. H.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:185
Miller, Wm. H. H.toHough, John187462:588
Miller, Wm. H. H.toKocks, Francis J.187360:47
Miller, Wm. H. H.toMiller, Wm.187359:457
Miller, Wm. H. H.toWhite, Jas. B.187875:79
Miller, Wm. H. H. (Coms.)toMeiser, Benj.186879:590
Miller, Wm. L.fromMiller, Jno. H.188081:250
Miller, Wm. L.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187464:377
Millering, Wm.fromKrudop, John B.187461:340
Millhouse, S. & E. J.fromFrance, J. E. K.188496:5
Milliard, John D.toRohrbach, John187565:112
Milligan, H. J.fromFletcher, S. A.188496:138
Milliman, H. J.fromSmith, John W.187976:541
Millimater, Jacob C.toEvard, Clement187360:379
Mills, CatharinefromFairfield, C. K.188392:408
Mills, CathrinefromFairfield, C. K.188393:8
Mills, FrancistoDavis, Waldo T.187872:483
Mills, FrancisfromRassett, Chas. J.187770:101
Mills, Geo.fromUnited States185077:561
Mills, Geo. W.toDentelsbeck, Geo. M.187461:483
Mills, JamestoBaxter, Lavina187565:512
Mills, M. M. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188186:518
Mills, RachelfromArcher, David R.187360:590
Mills, Saml.toBrown, Wm. E.187883:8
Mills, Saml.fromRoberts, Edward 188083:9
Mills, Saml. (Admr.)toHerrick, Mary187879:253
Mills, SamuelfromBreen, Wm. P. (Coms.)188392:593
Mills, SamueltoCummins, Martha188083:306
Mills, SamuelfromFleming, William188192:592
Mills, SamuelfromHood, Samuel187462:426
Mills, SamuelfromJames, Wm. J.187465:427
Mills, SamueltoPage, Wm.187668:222
Mills, SamueltoRuppert, Eli188083:307
Mills, SamuelfromSmith, John W.187360:554
Mills, SamueltoTimbrook, John187464:85
Mills, SamueltoTimbrook, Wm.187466:324
Mills, SamuelfromWiddifield, Mordeeai187874:290
Minehart, Simon P.toWade, George G.187361:498
Miner, B. D.fromAuditor1875A:71
Miner, B. D.fromCase, Chas. (Coms.)185674:379
Miner, B. D.toColes, James187360:431
Miner, B. D.fromColes, Jesse (Admr.)187360:403
Miner, B. D.toHolladay, Jesse187668:505
Miner, B. D.toMiner, Wm. E.187975:508
Miner, Henry (Et al.)toVanhorn, A. J. & L.187976:218
Miner, L. R.fromSnyder, D. C.187463:115
Miner, L. R.toSnyder, R.187463:116
Miner, LeahtoTaylor, Jno. M.187770:234
Miner, M. J.toDeiwert, Henry187567:253
Miner, W. E.fromMcCulloch, F. H.188183:197
Miner, Wm. E.fromMiner, B. D.187975:508
Minerd, JanefromSheahan, Wm.187465:108
Mingerson, Chas.fromEicks, Henry188599:152
Minick, AnnettiefromHood, Robert188183:230
Minick, O. (Et al.)toHood, Robt.188081:466
Minick, OliverfromWilson, Alfred B.186361:566
Minick, Oliver P.toWells, Elizabeth188081:436
Minnich, NettiefromPreston, Mathias G.187472:476
Minnich, OliverfromCosgrove, F. K. Sr.188079:331
Minnich, OliverfromPreston, Mathias187872:475
Minnie, Mary L.toGasser, A.187261:46
Minnie, Mary L.fromWard, Ellwood187461:199
Minnie, Mary L.toWard, Elwood187461:474
Minor, LeahfromHenning, Adam187670:54
Minshall, D. W.fromGookins, S. B. & Thos. Dowling187668:357
Minshall, D. W.toTrull, Wm. B.187770:294
Miracle & WatsonfromMiracle, Esk.187565:481
Miracle, E. (Et al.)toGillett, C. M. & H.188081:122
Miracle, EnochfromMercantile Trust Co.188081:159
Miracle, EnochfromMiracle, Geo. K.187874:585
Miracle, EnochfromMiracle, Mary187978:540
Miracle, EnochfromWatson, Mary187770:250
Miracle, Enoch (Et al.)toEby, Daniel187673:456
Miracle, Esk.toMiracle & Watson187565:481
Miracle, Esk.toMiracle, George187565:481
Miracle, Geo. K.fromBarret, M. E. (Et. al.)188081:369
Miracle, Geo. K.toBartels, Henry188080:552
Miracle, Geo. K.fromJahn, E. & M. (Et al.)188081:369
Miracle, Geo. K.toMiracle, Enoch187874:585
Miracle, GeorgefromMiracle, Esk.187565:481
Miracle, MarytoMiracle, Enoch187978:540
Mires, Mary EllentoFreeman, Robt. L.187570:530
Mires, VolentinefromMeyer, Charles184674:240
Mirvitt, Mary L.toTreace. Geo. W.187875:372
Mischo, NicholastoFt. Wayne187566:371
Mischo, NicholasfromSkinner, F. H.188079:438
Misener & MurphyfromMiller, Wm.187359:577
Misner & MurphytoBiddle, Thomas M.187361:304
Misner, A. A.fromStoll, Henry187883:281
Misner, Amanda A.fromBrown, Amos187670:445
Misner, Amanda A.toQuinn, Daniel187462:119
Misner, Amanda A.toStall, Henry187873:238
Misner, James A.toBrown, Amos187566:44
Misner, RoseyfromPickard, Thos. R.187771:544
Mitchell, G. W.toEckes, Jas. A.187874:450
Mitchell, Geo. W.fromEckles, Jas. A.187772:14
Mitchell, Geo. W.fromEckles, N. P.187772:14
Mitchell, Geo. W.toSmall, John188081:516
Mitchell, Geo. W.fromSmith, Andrew188183:76
Mitchell, Geo. W. (Et al.)toSmall, Jno.187977:387
Mitchell, J. t.toFosnight, Solomon187674:479
Mitchell, J. T.fromSnyder, J.187463:204
Mitsderfer, AndrewfromMunch, Frank187673:134
Mitsdoerfer, AndreastoCleber, Christian187873:129
Mitten, EmmettoFanand, Wm. C.187978:536
Mitten, EmmetfromLillie, Mary E.187978:469
Mitten, Lucy C.toWheelock, E. G.187873:371
Mittendorf, BarneyfromKrull, udolph188183:141
Mix, Thomas D.toHollmann, William187976:286
Mix, Thomas D.fromKnodi, R. S.187976:297

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