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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Moaddux, Geo.fromHammond, R.188394:169
Mock, A. E. (Et al.)toFlaugh, Jno. M.188495:244
Mock, A. E. (Et al.)toQuandt, A. B.188494:239
Mock, JacobfromDavis, Catherine187978:433
Mock, JacobtoFlaugh, Maria188186:58
Mock, JacobfromKuhne, F. w. (Et al.)188185:42
Mock, JacobtoMock, W. W.188494:425
Mock, W. W.fromMock, Jacob188494:425
Moderwell, H. C.toAlden, Samuel188496:388
Moderwell, H. C.fromKlaehn, W. R. (Adm.)188288:526
Moderwell, H. C.toKlarhn, W. R. (Et al.)188290:488
Moderwell, H. C.fromModerwell, J. M.187873:328
Moderwell, H. C.toModerwell, J. M.188286:189
Moderwell, H. C.fromNelson, W. R.187463:282
Moderwell, J.fromNelson, W. R.187463:284
Moderwell, J. M.toModerwell, H. C.187873:328
Moderwell, J. M.fromModerwell, H. C.188286:189
Moderwell, J. M.toModerwell, M. D.188286:190
Moderwell, M. D.fromModerwell, J. M.188286:190
Modewell, J. M.fromDilld, Thos. J.188496:80
Moehring, J. C.fromRomy, R. C.187463:132
Moelle, C. C. F. H.fromMoeller, C.188288:197
Moellening, W. L.fromBlum, August (Adm.)188393:75
Moeller, C.toMoelle, C. C. F. H.188288:197
Moeller, C. F. H.fromHartman, Maria188288:54
Moeller, C. H. G.fromHartman, A. J. F.188597:358
Moeller, Chas.fromStock, Ferdinand188097:301
Moellering, C.fromRuppel, M. (Et al.)188394:37
Moellering, Chas.fromKetscher, Magdalena (Et al.)188394:37
Moellering, Chas.fromOswald, Barbara188394:37
Moellering, Chas.fromScherschel, K. (Et al.)188394:37
Moellering, HenryfromMoellering, Wm.187874:194
Moellering, W. L.fromGerke, H. F.188495:331
Moellering, WilliamfromCartwright, John M.187566:282
Moellering, Wm.fromAbbott, R. B.187979:10
Moellering, Wm.fromBeck, Jos. R.187977:42
Moellering, Wm.toBruns, Wm.188085:411
Moellering, Wm.toEvers, Henry188286:244
Moellering, Wm.toEvers, John188286:245
Moellering, Wm.fromMeyer, Amanda188393:233
Moellering, Wm.toMoellering, Henry187874:194
Moellering, Wm.fromMoelling, Henry187874:146
Moellering, Wm.fromPaul, H. C.188390:284
Moellering, Wm.toPaul, H. C.188390:338
Moellering, Wm.toRackeweg, Chas.188286:268
Moellering, Wm.toRandall, P. A.188184:539
Moellering, Wm.fromReiter, F. (Et al.)188390:590
Moellering, Wm.fromRemus, Julius188499:186
Moellering, Wm.fromRudisill, E. E. & H. J.187564:282
Moellering, Wm.fromRudisill, Henry J.187564:360
Moellering, Wm.fromSheriff188183:129
Moellering, Wm.toStahlhut, Elise188599:212
Moellering, Wm. (Et al.)fromHamilton, A. H.188287:85
Moellering, Wm. (Et al.)fromHamilton, M. V.188287:86
Moellering, Wm. (Et al.)toKoehler, John188082:223
Moellering, Wm. (Et al.)fromWagenhals, E. H.188287:87
Moellering, Wm. L.toBash, Chas. S.188080:16
Moellering, Wm. L.toGerke, H. F.188393:409
Moellering, Wm. L.fromHambruck, Jno. F.188394:144
Moelling, HenrytoMoellering, Wm.187874:146
Moering, MaryfromHayden, Eliza H.188392:438
Moerlim, ChristianfromWhite, John I.187976:169
Moffat, David W. & Mary J.fromAveline, Junis A.187566:361
Moffett, HamiltonfromCraig, John187464:53
Moffett, HamiltontoCraig, John187464:54
Mohr, H. H.fromBrackenridge, F. A.188287:164
Mohr, H. H.toDwenger, Jos. Rt. Rev.188287:298
Mohr, H. H.toLoos, A. H.188291:541
Mohr, H. H.toLoos, Anthony188288:316
Mohr, H. H.toLoos, Bernard188288:315
Mohr, H. H.toRyns, D. A.188289:437
Mohr, H. H.toScheid, P. J. & M.188183:517
Mohr, Hannah H.fromDewald, Sophia A.187464:199
Mohr, Hannah H.fromLasselle, Caroline E.187772:192
Mohr, Hannah H.fromMeegan, C. E.187669:202
Mohr, J. J.toBrown, Geo.188288:39
Mohr, Jno.toDavis, M. M.188185:271
Mohr, Jno. J.fromBrown, George188289:386
Mohr, Jno. J.toClem, Daniel B.188598:489
Mohr, Jno. J.fromKlinger, J. P.188288:38
Mohr, Jno. J.fromMcMahon, Thos.188183:377
Mohr, Jno. J.toMorgan, Jos. D.188598:488
Mohr, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)toMiller, Antasia188185:177
Mohr, John Jr.toMeegan, C. E.187670:181
Mohr, LouisfromHill, Chas. L.187360:2
Mohr, LouistoKrock, John187566:191
Mohr, LouisfromNelson, Wm. R.187360:383
Mohr, MarytoKettler, Elise188289:362
Mohr, MarytoMunch, F. E.188287:573
Mohr, MaryfromPaul, Henry C.188393:150
Mohr, MaryfromTaylor, Jno.187887:520
Mohr, MaryfromTaylor, Jno.188087:521
Mohr, MaryfromTaylor, John187564:545
Mohr, MarytoWeber, F. P.188287:574
Mohrweiser, JohnfromK187361:102
Moire, B. (Et al.)fromState of Indiana184092:160
Moknweiser, JohntoHofer, Andrew187567:25
Moliton, AdamfromHough, Jno.187063:135
Moliton, AdamtoKoenig, Edward187463:136
Moller, H. W.fromHumbrecht, H. G.188391:269
Moller, JohnfromEvans, S. Cary187462:21
Mollerine, Wm.fromHumphrey, Jane & Jane187566:521
Mollerine, Wm.fromKanne, Fredk.187565:597
Mollering, Wm.fromBegue, John187566:300
Mollering, Wm.fromBraunan, Julia187771:409
Mollering, Wm.toCartwright, John M.187566:281
Mollering, Wm.toCartwright, John M.187566:282
Mollering, Wm.fromFlint, H. (Et al.)188390:590
Mollering, Wm.fromKrudop, John B.187461:341
Mollering, Wm.toKrudop, John B.187466:360
Mollering, Wm.toMeyer, H. C. W.187463:236
Mollering, Wm.toMorris, John187071:41
Mollering, Wm.toPaul, Henry C.187566:300
Mollering, Wm.toPaul, Henry C.187771:124
Mollering, Wm.fromPaul, Henry C.187771:125
Mollering, Wm.toPeriquey, Felix187667:526
Mollering, Wm.fromSheriff187771:96
Mollering, Wm.fromSpooner, B. J. (Com.)188086:164
Mollering, Wm.fromUpmeyer, F.187566:38
Mollering, Wm.toUpmeyer, Frederick187567:47
Mollering, Wm. & Chas.toSwair, Michael187362:65
Mollet, P. & C.toBauer, K. J.188185:345
Mollet, PetetoGers, Sophia187875:28
Mollet, PetertoBauer, K. J.188287:493
Mollet, PeterfromGers, Philip187875:24
Mollet, PeterfromSchlabagh, Josiah188392:500
Mollou, GeorgefromDalmon, John187667:497
Molnowski, GustavefromStratton, Robt.188494:378
Molony, P.fromHickey, Michael184667:192
Momer, Mary AnnfromPfeiffer, Christian F.187461:600
Mommer, FrancisfromMommer, Jno.188495:268
Mommer, Francis JanetoMommer, J. & G.188495:269
Mommer, J. & G.fromMommer, Francis Jane188495:269
Mommer, J. F.fromMommer, Jos. Jr.188494:126
Mommer, J. F.toMommer, Jos. Jr.188494:127
Mommer, J. F.fromMommer, Jos. Jr.188494:128
Mommer, J. F.toMommer, Jos. Jr. & M. A.188494:129
Mommer, J. F.fromMommer, Lewis188495:273
Mommer, J. J. & M. A.fromMiller, Lewis187977:423
Mommer, Jas. Jr.fromFry, Jacob188079:470
Mommer, Jno.toMommer, Francis188495:268
Mommer, Jos. F.toLuley, P. & M.188495:267
Mommer, Jos. F.toMommer, L. & F.188495:274
Mommer, Jos. J.fromHill, Jno. H.188182:355
Mommer, Jos. Jr.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188393:567
Mommer, Jos. Jr.fromFox, Jas.188288:462
Mommer, Jos. Jr.toHudnett, Cyrus188183:489
Mommer, Jos. Jr.fromMetcalf, E. F. (Et al.)188186:300
Mommer, Jos. Jr.toMommer, J. F.188494:126
Mommer, Jos. Jr.fromMommer, J. F.188494:127
Mommer, Jos. Jr.toMommer, J. F.188494:128
Mommer, Jos. Jr.fromSannders, M. E.188186:300
Mommer, Jos. Jr.toWarrier, G. F. & J. F.188494:594
Mommer, Jos. Jr. & M. A.fromBrown, Ellen B.187976:187
Mommer, Jos. Jr. & M. A.fromMommer, J. F.188494:129
Mommer, L. & F.fromMommer, Jos. F.188495:274
Mommer, LewistoMommer, J. F.188495:273
Mommer, LouisfromWelsh, Patrick188184:501
Mommer, Mary A.toWard, Loran D.187976:188
Mommer, SusannahtoMiller, Henry & S.188393:133
Mommes, Joe Jr.fromAuger, Chas.188597:227
Momner, Jno.fromDehaven, Abram186091:273
Monahan, C.fromSchnelker, H. H.188098:65
Monahan, CatharinetoMiller, Margaret188396:107
Monahan, DanieltoBeegan, Eliza187668:78
Monahan, DanieltoBeegan, Eliza187668:79
Monahan, DanielfromBengnot, August F.187360:538
Monahan, DanieltoFinan & Stephenson187360:539
Monahan, DanieltoFinnan, Edward187463:625
Monahan, DanieltoWorden, L. & J. B.187360:540
Monahan, DennisfromNestel, Daniel188081:306
Monahan, E. (Et al.)toDwenger, Jos. Rt. Rev.188289:266
Monahan, E. C.fromGruber, E. (Et al.)188290:221
Monahan, E. C.fromHeiny, B. (Et al.)188290:221
Monahan, EllenfromFinnan, Eliza J.187463:415
Monahan, EllentoFitzgerald, Wm. Jr.188394:586
Monahan, Ellen & DavidtoDavis, Joseph B.187564:297
Monahan, JamesfromSheriff187463:554
Monahan, M. A.toSpitzenberg, N.188288:85
Monahan, Mary AnnfromChase, Stephen, Jno. R. & James N.187567:66
Monahan, MichaelfromReed, Jennie E.188496:157
Mondy, ElizabethtoYoung, O. L.187975:540
Mondy, ElizabethfromYoung, Oscar L.187875:179
Mondy, J. W.fromYoung, O. L.187975:541
Mondy, Jno. W. & E.fromMondy, Martin187777:251
Mondy, Jno. W. & E.fromMondy, Martin187977:250
Mondy, John W.toMondy, Martin L.187975:539
Mondy, John W.toShutt, William187573:159
Mondy, MartintoMondy, Jno. W. & E.187777:251
Mondy, MartintoMondy, Jno. W. & E.187977:250
Mondy, MartinfromSchell, Alfred187977:188
Mondy, Martin L.toMcKeuin, E.187774:86
Mondy, Martin L.fromMondy, John W.187975:539
Mondy, Martin L.toOpdyhe, D. F. & A. M.187772:539
Monehan, DanielfromMariotte. Celestine187358:391
Monehan, DanieltoOBrien, Mary187349:412
Monehan, DanieltoOBrien, Mary187349:413
Monesmith, M. G.fromGinther, Geo. E.188392:150
Monesmith, N.toCox, Simeon187781:357
Moneysmith, H.fromCox, Simeon188288:421
Monin, FrancisfromConnolly, Wm. A.187359:325
Monin, FrancisfromMcMahon, Thos.187462:329
Monin, FrancistoWass, Samuel W.187349:407
Monn, V. & E.fromPettit, D. L. (Ex.)188391:12
Monnahan, Jno.fromJustus, Lewis S.187669:60
Monner, J. F.fromLuley, Philip188495:266
Monnier, AlexistoSausette, Geo. E.188494:124
Monnier, AlexistoTrustee Jefferson Tp.187362:378
Monnier, Jos.toHubler, Henry188494:341
Monnier, Jos.toMay, D. A.188597:616
Monnier, Jos.fromMay, Daniel A.188494:555
Monnier, Jos.fromNeireiter, Eliza188286:316
Monning, HenryfromAuditor1877A:105
Monning, HenrytoKoehl, Adam188494:98
Monning, HenrytoLimecooley, F. R.188599:60
Monning, HenryfromMonning, J. Z.186890:8
Monning, HenrytoOrff, Ester A.188185:26
Monning, HenryfromReidt, John H.187359:436
Monning, HenrytoRupp, Jno.188494:97
Monning, HenrytoSchelle, Aug.188082:520
Monning, J. B.fromLink, Wm.188494:103
Monning, J. Z.toMonning, Henry186890:8
Monning, Jno. B.toLink, Emma M.188494:442
Monnot, E. (Et al.)toBowers, D. B.187978:278
Monnot, EugenetoMonnot, Mary188496:451
Monnot, L. F. (Dec)toMonnot, Nancy (by will)188185:511
Monnot, Louis F. (Dec. Will of)to188185:511
Monnot, MaryfromMonnot, Eugene188496:451
Monnot, Nancy (by will)fromMonnot, L. F. (Dec)188185:511
Monot, EugenefromMikle, John187464:361
Monot, L. F.toMonot, Peter M.187773:337
Monot, Lewis F.fromMonot, Peter M.187773:340
Monot, P. M.fromGrisey, Eulalie187773:338
Monot, P. M.fromPiquard, Mary M.187773:339
Monot, Peter M.fromDodane, Francis187773:337
Monot, Peter M.fromMonot, L. F.187773:337
Monot, Peter M.toMonot, Lewis F.187773:340
Monrey, PaulfromSordelet, Jacque188183:71
Monroe Tp.fromBevelheimer, Danl.187995:599
Monroe Tp.fromClem, Andrew J.187895:598
Monroe Tp.fromKrick, E.187795:597
Monroe Tp.fromParker, Nathaniel187795:596
Monroe Tp.fromRedelshermer, D. S.188599:41
Monroe Tp.fromTryon, Jno. M.187595:595
Monroe, AngelinefromGant, Joseph187875:266
Monroe, AngelinetoWilkinson, John187360:134
Monroe, F. M.fromHorn, Jno. P.188291:44
Monroe, F. N.toHettinger, E.187978:203
Monroe, M. M.toHettinger, Emanuel187567:202
Monroe, PhoebetoPepe, Melissa (Et al.)188391:409
Monson, L. M.toByers, A.187469:274
Montagne, AugustfromKrueger, A. C.188081:256
Montagne, AugustfromKuhne, F. W. (Et al.)188081:256
Montagne, AugustfromSheriff187874:165
Montague, AugustfromEckerle, A.187361:16
Montague, AugusttoJeanmongin, Gabriel188080:332
Montague, AugustetoViard, Adelinde187566:497
Montague, AugustefromViard, Victor187566:84
Montague, AugustetoZeddies, Henrietta187565:419
Montgomery, LouisefromSmith, Henry C.187361:99
Montgomery, LouisetoWidner, Anna187977:274
Mood, MosestoPaul, H. C.188495:609
Moody, CharlestoTrease, Geo. W. & Jno. L.187565:124
Moon, C. C. & C.fromMorris, R. A.188498:198
Moon, C. C. & C.toRogge, Wm. & F.188598:199
Moon, WilliamfromWebber, Charlotte187464:274
Mooney, ElizabethtoMooney, J. C.187883:380
Mooney, FloratoBloomhuff, A. M.187669:65
Mooney, J. C.fromMooney, Elizabeth187883:380
Mooney, J. C.fromMooney, Osborn188289:221
Mooney, J. C.fromWarcup, Geo. & Ann187461:578
Mooney, JohnfromLord, Amos187668:117
Mooney, Mary R.toNeff, P. J. (Trustee)188496:406
Mooney, OsborntoMooney, J. C.188289:221
Mooney, W. F.fromUnited States184096:182
Moor, A. J.toKuhus, J. M. & A. F.188081:404
Moor, RachaeltoWorden, J. B. & Co.187669:111
Moore, Alice (Et al.)toCohill, Jno. M.188598:339
Moore, AndrewfromArcher, William187976:233
Moore, AndrewfromArcher, Wm.187976:233
Moore, AndrewfromUnited States183584:562
Moore, AsiafromBelt, Charles187668:70
Moore, Charles H.fromSturgis, Mary C.187567:514
Moore, Chas. H.toMettert, Peter187362:256
Moore, D. H.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188183:216
Moore, E. A. (Et al.)toDannenfelser, C.188288:452
Moore, E. S.fromBerry, Wm. A.187874:115
Moore, FrankfromBaird, J. W.188086:415
moore, FranktoHosler, Elizabeth188286:416
Moore, FrankfromRhodes, Mary187980:46
Moore, Geo. W.fromTinkham, Jno. Perry188496:153
Moore, JohntoErwin, Richard K.187360:4
Moore, L. A.fromSargent, Wm. Jr.188495:415
Moore, LathamfromGraves, J. D.188187:432
Moore, LaviniafromMiller, Wm. H.188185:312
Moore, M. J.fromRussell, Wm. J.188496:95
Moore, MossesfromDeatsman, Fred187669:245
Moore, S. G.fromArieon, H. E.188392:188
Moore, Saml. G.toJones, L. M. & E. A.188392:249
Moore, Thos.fromUnited States183777:330
Moorhead, DanieltoSuter, Edward187771:528
Moos, FrederickfromBowman, Henry187978:471
Mopes, LovinatoDeitrick, J. M.188290:86
Moran, Jas. E.fromMoran, Peter188082:144
Moran, Jas. E.fromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Moran, Julia T.fromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Moran, P. A.fromDittoe, A. J. (Et al.)188185:56
Moran, P. A.fromMoran, Peter188082:88
Moran, P. A.fromMoran, R. A. (Et al.)188185:561
Moran, PetertoBoester, George187668:370
Moran, Peter fromBrooks, Wm. H. Jr.187874:496
Moran, PeterfromCity of Ft. Wayne187875:78
Moran, PeterfromEvans, Edwin187976:298
Moran, PeterfromEvans, Edwin187977:29
Moran, PetertoKeyser, M. H.188080:444
Moran, PetertoLangohr, Andrew J.187566:416
Moran, PetertoMcKenzie, Jane187461:410
Moran, PeterfromMcKinzie, Jane187461:411
Moran, PetertoMoran, Jas. E.188082:144
Moran, PetertoMoran, P. A.188082:88
Moran, PetertoMoran, Peter A.187879:374
Moran, PeterfromNelson, Wm. R.187461:470
Moran, PeterfromRockhill, H. C.187771:466
Moran, PetertoSchultz, Wm.187265:400
Moran, PeterfromTaylor, Robt. S. (Guard)187463:89
Moran, PetertoWiedelman, Wm.187565:529
Moran, Peter (Estate)toDitto, Margaret187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toDitto, Mary187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toDwenger, Jos. Rev.187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toMoran, Jas. E.187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toMoran, Julia T.187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toMoran, Peter A.187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toMoran, Rachel187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toMoran, William187982:45
Moran, Peter (Estate)toSt. Peters Church187982:45
Moran, Peter (Will of)to187982:45
Moran, Peter A.toBasso, A and A. B.188393:195
Moran, Peter A.fromBasso, Antonio188393:342
Moran, Peter A.fromBrooks, Wm. H. Jr.187874:495
Moran, Peter A.toJacob, C. G.188390:384
Moran, Peter A.toKraft, Frederick187980:186
Moran, Peter A.fromMoran, Peter187879:374
Moran, Peter A.fromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Moran, Peter A.fromWeisenburger, Geo.187873:136
Moran, R. (Et al.)toStier, Jacob J.188184:215
Moran, R. A. (Et al.)toBrant, F.188185:343
Moran, R. A. (Et al.)toCraft, F. (Et al.)188185:343
Moran, R. A. (Et al.)toHoneck, Alex188193:216
Moran, R. A. (Et al.)toLauer, M. W.188193:56
Moran, R. A. (Et al.)toMoran, P. A.188185:561
Moran, RachelfromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Moran, RosatoLauer, Justin188496:151
Moran, RosatoZern, X. & J.188391:518
Moran, RosetoNelling, Fred188392:561
Moran, WilliamtoLove, Catharine188392:464
Moran, WilliamfromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Moran, Wm.toSchnetzler, Anna187464:170
Mordhurst, H. W.fromGraham, Jas. E. (Coms.)187874:489
Mordhurst, H. W.fromLeichner, Jno.188079:480
Mordhurst, H. W.fromLeichner, Jno.188079:489
Mordhurst, H. W.fromPratt, Wm. T. (Adm.)187874:488
Mordhurst, H. Wm.fromArcher, John H.187359:322
Mordhurst, Henry W.toMcFee, Margaret187873:35
Mordhurst, Henry W.fromMcFee, William187873:34
More, Wm. A.toBartholemew, S. A.187593:537
More, Wm. A.toOmo, John W. & Harriett E.187566:209
More, Wm. A.fromWorden, Caroline187566:209
Moree, EleanoretoCour, Eugene187875:407
Morehouse, H. B.fromRockhill, H. M. (et al.)187669:27
Morehouse, HoracefromAdkins, Armus187565:184
Morel, EdwardtoDelagrange, C.188393:585
Morel, EdwardfromDouglass, Gaylord187463:21
Morel, EdwardtoMcMullen, John187572:273
Morel, EleanorfromCour, Eugene187977:287
Morel, J. B.toMyers, F. D.187463:267
Moreley, CatharinefromEngle, Jacob B.187360:6
Morell, C. & H.toRastetter, Louis188597:594
Morell, CatharinetoKaag, M. F. & E.188495:588
Morell, CatharinefromMorell, Maria (Et al.)188287:547
Morell, CatherinefromKleinmiller, Henry188289:136
Morell, ChristianfromKoch, John M.187359:349
Morell, E. & C.fromMorell, Henry188287:540
Morell, HenrytoKoch, John M.187359:483
Morell, HenrytoMorell, E. & C.188287:540
Morell, Henry & C.toPorter, Hiram188287:544
Morell, Jas.toBass, Jno. H.188080:404
Morell, MariatoMorll, Catharine188287:543
Morell, Maria (Et al.)toMorell, Catharine188287:547
Morell, MaryfromWhite, Jas. B.187875:215
Morell, Mary (Et al.)fromSheriff188186:130
Morell, Mary (Et al.)fromSheriff188186:133
Morell, Mary (Et al.)toWhits, James B.187875:278
Morgan, Ann E.fromRothenberger, George187566:463
Morgan, Ann E.toRothenberger, George187566:513
Morgan, E. M. (Et al.)fromWolf, A. C.188390:577
Morgan, J. & J. NichoelfromSheriff187978:294
Morgan, Jacob (Et al.)toHobson, Jacob E.188494:64
Morgan, Jas. & Nichol Jno.fromSheriff187978:387
Morgan, Jas. & Nichol, JohnfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187976:25
Morgan, Jas. (Et al.)toRobinson, Henry H.188079:274
Morgan, Jas. (Et al.)toRobinson, Henry H.188079:276
Morgan, Jno.fromLongworth, H.188290:325
Morgan, John B.toFt. Wayne Lodge No. 14 I. O. O. F.187770:462
Morgan, Jos.fromBrown, Geo.188496:608
Morgan, Jos. D.fromMohr, Jno. J.188598:488
Morgan, Julia A.fromHobson, James P.188080:185
Morgan, M. E.toIsable, Christian187669:528
Morgan, M. E.fromMcKean, W. T.188288:519
Morgan, O. P.toCummings, J.188185:504
Morgan, O. P.toKuentzel, F. J. & M.188390:492
Morgan, O. P.toSweeney, Abraham188185:199
Morgan, O. P.toWaltemath, C. H.188190:66
Morgan, O. P. (Et al.)fromHamilton, A. H. (Et al.)188393:583
Morgan, O. P. (Et al.)fromWagenhals, E. H.188393:583
Morgan, O. P. (Et al.)fromWilliams, M. H. (Et al.)188393:583
Morganthaler, E. G.toMurray,Jane (Et al.)188184:46
Morganthaler, Ella G.fromNirdlinger, Julia M.187771:18
Morganthaler, P. & E. G.fromCressler, A. D. (Et al.)188184:36
Morganthaler, P. & E. G.fromMurray, Jane (Et al.)188184:36
Morgenthaler, Ella G.fromVanVoorhis, Frank187362:53
Moriarty, MarytoDawling, B.187978:513
Moriarty, MaryfromDowling, Bartholomew187873:194
Morley, Park B.toEngle, J. B.187360:61
Morll, CatharinefromMorell, Maria188287:543
Morneau, Jos. (Et al.)fromRigdon, Mary O188496:465
Morningstar, S.fromSheriff187978:240
Mornsner,Jos. Jr.toAuger, Chas.188597:227
Morover, IsaacfromMorover, John188079:84
Morover, JohntoMorover, Isaac188079:84
Morrell, CatharinefromBond, S. B.188598:469
Morris, E. J.toDoehrman, Wm.188495:410
Morris, E. J. & M.fromMcCulloch, Hugh188081:60
Morris, EdwardtoMarti, F. C.188081:54
Morris, Geo. W.toDunten, H. J.188599:98
Morris, Geo. W.toDunton, M. N.187875:32
Morris, Geo. W.fromHippenhammer, J. W.188597:49
Morris, Geo. W.fromHippenhammer, Jno.188390:578
Morris, Geo. W.toHippenhammer, R. E.187772:190
Morris, Geo. W.toSturgis, C. M.188393:344
Morris, Geo. W. & Ella G.fromHippenhammer, Rosa E.187772:525
Morris, George W.toHiooenhammer, Rosa E.187772:266
Morris, J. & T. J.fromPerrin, A. C.188286:420
Morris, Jno.fromEwing, Geo. W.186083:100
Morris, JohnfromCoombs, Wm. H.187771:95
Morris, JohnfromHuestis, A. C.187667:182
Morris, JohnfromMollering, Wm.187071:41
Morris, JohntoMorris, Saml. L. & C.187873:409
Morris, JohnfromNelson, I. D. G.185783:99
Morris, JohnfromReed, Hugh B.187071:40
Morris, JohntoSmith, Wm. S.186583:77
Morris, JohnfromWilliams, Jesse L.187464:66
Morris, JohntoWilliams, Jesse L. & S. C.187464:65
Morris, L. C.fromWard, H. M.188494:117
Morris, L. W.toPerry, E. J.188287:313
Morris, MargarettfromPoley, Mary Francis187772:425
Morris, R. A.fromDawson, J. W.188184:362
Morris, R. A.toMoon, C. C. & C.188498:198
Morris, S. L.toSeavey, G. W.187977:15
Morris, S. L. & C. E.fromTaylor, R. S.187874:116
Morris, S. L. (Adm.)toBell, R. C. (Guard)188184:413
Morris, S. L. (Trustee)toKowiansky, Hannah188289:351
Morris, Saml. L. & C.fromMorris, John187873:409
Morris, Saml. L. Coms.toStopher, John187669:502
Morris, SamueltoDawson, J. W. & Emma R.187565:462
Morris, SamuelfromDawson, J. Wallace187565:461
Morris, Samuel L.toPratt, Amos187667:410
Morris, W. S.toWard, H. N.188494:116
Morris, Wm. S.fromAbbott, R. B.188184:456
Morrison, James F.fromMcCormick, Thomas187567:30
Morrison, Jas. F.toMcCormick, E.187567:166
Morrison, Jas. F.fromRomy, Robert L.187874:407
Morrison, SarahfromDiffendarfer, Samuel187462:639
Morrison, SarahfromHood, Geo.187462:638
Morrison, Thomas R.toMiller, Elizabeth A.187365:423
Morsch, J. & S.fromKorn, August188184:2
Morse, C. E.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:406
Morse, Charles (Last Will of)to186276:333
Morse, Charles (Will of)to186276:502
Morse, Chas. (by will)toMorse, Louisa186276:333
Morse, Chas. E.fromBressin, Jos.188494:445
Morse, Chas. E.toLamont, Alphonse188496:23
Morse, Chas. E.fromMorse, Joel W.187470:554
Morse, E. S.fromBerry, Wm. A.187874:115
Morse, E. S.toProbasco, Lucina187978:133
Morse, EdwardfromLloyd, H. P.188392:408
Morse, EdwardtoMills, Catherine188392:409
Morse, Emeline S.toBerry, Wm. A.187772:155
Morse, F. F. (Et al.)toWarner, Geo. W.188082:439
Morse, Geo. C.toWarner, Geo. W.188287:249
Morse, Geo. M.fromLaughlin, Henry188182:346
Morse, Geo. M.toRothgeb, Amos188391:320
Morse, Joel W.toMorse, Chas. E.187470:554
Morse, LouisafromMorse, Chas. (by will)186276:333
Morse, M. D. E. (Et al.)toGillette, D. D.188290:197
Morse, Saml. E.fromNelson, Wm. R.187463:80
Morss, S. E. (Et al.)toHackett, E. A. K.188081:127
Morss, Saml. E.fromCrau, Chas., Jr.187671:346
Morss, Saml. E.fromFleming, Wm.187981:115
Morss, Samuel E.toCran, Catharine187669:181
Morss, Samuel E.toRockhill, H. C.187771:347
Morss, Samuel E.toRockhill, H. M.187771:347
Morss, Smuel E.toRockhill, J. D. B.187771:347
Morton, Geo. A.fromMorton, Richard187773:321
Morton, Geo. A. (Et al.)toCox, Simeon187781:357
Morton, GerardfromUnited States183783:338
Morton, GerardfromUnited States183783:339
Morton, JaredfromUnited States183583:337
Morton, JaredfromUnited States183583:340
Morton, Jno. A.fromMorton, Richard187772:289
Morton, L. E.fromThomton, S. A.188496:358
Morton, Laura E.fromDunten, M. N.187978:548
Morton, Laura E.toThornton, S. A. (Et al.)188496:357
Morton, RichardtoMorton, Geo. A.187773:321
Morton, RichardtoMorton, Jno. A.187772:289
Morvilius, ElizabethfromArment, Wm.187771:324
Morvilius, ElizabethtoArmet, Catharine187671:325
Mosbaum, Wm.toGothe, F. L. R.188498:326
Mosedy, Jno. W.toYoung, O. S.187875:115
Moser, A. F.fromBittinger, Geo. L.188597:88
Moser, A. F.toBrowne, C. E.188598:251
Moser, J. M. toTegtmeyer, M.188390:327
Moser, Jno. M.fromGriebel, M. (Et al.)188390:326
Moser, Jno. M.fromMoser, R. (Et al.)188390:326
Moser, R. (Et al.)toMoser, Jno. M.188390:326
Moses, HenryfromMoses, William187874:412
Moses, HenrytoMoses, Wm.188394:481
Moses, LevinatoArgo, M. E.187667:447
Moses, WilliamtoMoses, Henry187874:412
Moses, Wm.fromJustus, Lewis S.187670:240
Moses, Wm.fromMoses, Henry188394:481
Moshamer, John L.toMiller, Conrad187464:45
Moshamer, John L.toSpringer, John M.187565:344
Moshammer, John L.fromCartwright, John D.187565:345
Mosier, Jno. M.fromEdmonds, Geo.188597:231
Mosier, Jno. M.fromEsmond, Geo. 188598:226
Moss, AlexioustoMartin, Phebe187364:257
Moss, FranklinfromGrosh, Isaac (Et al.)188184:40
Moss, FranklinfromHerin, D. E. O.188287:486
Moss, FranklintoHerin, D. E. O.188287:508
Moss, FranklinfromHursh, Elisabeth188184:40
Moss, FranklinfromKryder, H. W. (Et al.)188184:40
Moss, Geo. W.fromVanzilo, Abraham (Adm.)188494:448
Moss, R. & L.toGarrett, G. T.187567:178
Moss, RaphaeltoKrebs, Daniel187260:201
Moss, RaphaeltoPring, John187567:247
Mosshamer, JohnfromSmith, J. Sion187567:33
Mosshemur, JohntoMeyer, Jno. F. W.187873:423
Mossman, W. E.fromMcClave, Wm.188184:311
Mossman, W. E.toWilkerson, G. M. & A. C.188188:109
Mossman, W. E. & L. D.fromGeismar, E. L.188185:381
Mossman, W. E. (Et al.)toWeibet, F. & L.188494:280
Mother EphremfromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:75
Motherwell, J. E.toShordon & Black187977:209
Mottinger, H. E.fromEvans, S. Cary187463:398
Mottinger, N. W.fromEvans, S. Cary187463:397
Motz, CalvintoMiller, Benjamin F.187570:36
Motz, E. E. (et al.)fromTodd, Elmira187975:572
Motz, Geo.toRoth, Fred188289:502
Motz, Geo. & MaryfromBirkner, Chas. B.188494:397
Motz, Geo. (Guard)toKiser, Ellis188288:21
Motz, Geo. (Guard)toPoor Hand Maids Jesus Christ188288:127
Motz, Geo. J.fromKayser, Fred188080:497
Motz, Geo. J.toSchilmyer, Sophia188081:101
Motz, GeorgetoButz, Fred188496:46
Motz, GeorgefromButz, Fred188496:47
Moudy, Jno. W.toMoudy, M. L.187369:264
Moudy, Jno. W.fromMoudy, Wm.188494:202
Moudy, M. L.fromMoudy, Jno. W.187369:264
Moudy, Wm.toMoudy, Jno. W.188494:202
Mounie, AlextoSimmers, Calvin188290:438
Moury, Ellen G.fromHerr, Frank187566:506
Moury, J. N.toSchuhler, F. H.187463:378
Moury, J. N. (Et al.)toDehle, S. E.187277:286
Moury, John N.toHoke, Mary E.187465:316
Moury, John N.toM187463:182
Moury, John N.toOverly, William187464:225
Mousoeville Lodge 293 (F. & A. M.)fromSteinman, Adam188287:517
Mowdy, MartinfromHursh, W. C.188495:8
Mowery, John N.toJustus, Lewis S.187566:513
Mowrer, IsaacfromCarrell, A. A.188390:526
Mowrer, IsaacfromGibbs, M. D.188183:591
Mowrey, PaulfromGerardot, Srephen187360:505
Mowry, I. N. (Et al.)toRice, Mary187279:540
Mowry, John N.fromHoke, George W.187465:42
Mowry, John N.toJustus, Lewis S.187464:572
Mowry, John N.toJustus, Lewis S.187567:11
Mowrys, John N.toHoke, George W.187462:110
Mowser, IsaacfromMowser, Jno.187679:39
Mowser, Jno.toMowser, Isaac187679:39
Moynhan, Martin Sr.toMoynihan, Martin Jr.187259:312
Moynihan, A. J.toBercot, L. & A.188494:562
Moynihan, A. J.fromElder, Wm. (Trustee)188393:509
Moynihan, A. J.toRawley, Wm.188290:122
Moynihan, JohnfromCush, James B.187360:184
Moynihan, JohntoReid, Sylvanus D.187360:402
Moynihan, M.fromSchweger, Peter188289:392
Moynihan, MartintoSerferd, G. H. & A.188495:338
Moynihan, MartinfromThieme, Andrew188290:159
Moynihan, Martin Jr.fromMoynhan, Martin Sr.187259:312
Moynihan, Martin Sr. (Et al.)toGreve, Henry187978:193
Moyreihan, A. J.fromGaylord, F. G. (Et al.)188393:509

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