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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Muchlenbrich, G.fromMeyer, J. F. W.188183:32
Muchlenbruch, MarthafromMeyer, John F. W.187976:121
Muchlenbruck, MarthafromGerke, John D. (heirs)187461:560
Mudge, E. B. toEhle, E. A.188496:334
Mudge, Ellen B.fromDreier, Henry187771:105
Mudge, Ellen B.fromDreier, W. H. (Et al.)188496:325
Mudge, Ellen B.fromDreier, Wm. H.187771:105
Mudge, Ellen B.toEngelking, H. D.187875:234
Mudge, Ellen B.fromPeters, Mary & J. C.187771:105
Mudge, I. R.toAllen, Libbie H.187874:71
Mudge, I. R.fromFletcher, C. C.187874:27
Mudge, J. C.toMudge, John A.187463:173
Mudge, John A.fromMudge, J. C.187463:173
Mudge, John A.toMudge, Mary E.187463:172
Mudge, Mary E.fromMudge, John A.187463:172
Mudge, S. R.toDrier, Wm. H.187771:145
Mudge, Smith R. Ellen B.fromSchracker, Chriatian187566:299
Muehlenbruch, M.toMeyer, Juliana187978:289
Mueller, H. E.fromHoffman, A. E. (Et al.)188185:493
Mueller, H. F. C.toSoest, Wm.188496:285
Mugan, ThomasfromIvy, Ephriam188080:176
Muhkenrick, G.toMeyer, J. F. W.188496:44
Muhlenbruch, Wm.toKlix, Pauline187977:283
Muhlenbruck, G.fromKettler, Elise188496:43
Muhlenbruck, GottreichtoKensill, Jno. C. & Martha187977:433
Muhlenbruck, MarthafromMeyer, John F. W.187565:595
Muhler, C. F.fromMuhler, Geo. L.188394:235
Muhler, C. F. (Et al.)toMiller, R. E.188494:393
Muhler, Chas F.fromHanna, Chas.187463:99
Muhler, Chas. F. (Et al.)toShryock, Ann E.188597:333
Muhler, Geo. L.toMuhler, C. F.188394:235
Muhler, M. A. (Et al.)toRosenthal, A. L. (Et al.)188184:382
Muhler, M. A. (Et al.)toWright, L. A. (Et al.)188184:382
Muhler, MaryfromTrentman, John H.187874:184
Muhlfeith, R. B.fromBirkner, Chas. B.188392:282
Muhn, MichaeltoHartzell, Caroline187874:254
Muhn, MichaelfromHartzell, Paul187874:163
Muhn, MichaelfromStover, Jno. S.188289:130
Muhn, Wm.fromStover, Minerva187670:544
Muhn,wm.toStover, Minerva187678:46
Muier, B. D.toEhrmann, Henry188394:138
Muir, James & H.toFair, Gabriel187361:328
Muir, James & H.fromLiddell, Oliver B.187361:327
Muirhead, H. & A.toWoodworth, L. & A.188081:465
Muirhead, HarrietfromWoodworth, B. S.187873:463
Muirhead, Jno. W.toSnyder, Simon188079:58
Muishead, Jno. W.fromRomy, Bertha187876:64
Muldoon, A. J.toMuldoon, Jane (Et al.)188390:397
Muldoon, AngelinefromMuldoon, Margaret187771:229
Muldoon, H. W.toMuldoon, Jane (Et al.)188390:321
Muldoon, H. W.fromOrr, Wm.188288:327
Muldoon, HenryfromRing, Jno. (Coms.)187876:327
Muldoon, JanefromDreco, Wm. E. (Et al.)188082:343
Muldoon, JanefromHerbert M. A. (Et al.)188082:343
Muldoon, JanefromMcGrady, A. L. (Et al.)188082:343
Muldoon, JanetoSenk, Philip188184:438
Muldoon, JanefromSheriff188393:211
Muldoon, Jane (Et al.)fromMuldoon, A. J.188390:397
Muldoon, Jane (Et al.)fromMuldoon, H. W.188390:321
Muldoon, Jane (Et al.)fromRauner, Mary A.188287:462
Muldoon, MargarettoKillian, Daniel186465:382
Muldoon, MargarettoMuldoon, Angeline187771:229
Muldoon, MargaretfromSkinner, B. D.187771:228
Muldoon, Margaret (Et al.)toSoest, Fredric187874:567
Muldoon, X. W.fromDavis, Jane188288:467
Muldoon, X. W.fromMcLauchlin, I.188288:468
Muldron, JanetoKlopfenstien, J. M.188393:522
Muldvon, J. & heirsfromMiller, Alice M.187976:325
Mulharen, H.fromDidier, E. & F.188495:300
Mulharen, JohntoFlacherty, Sarah187264:148
Mulharen, T. & H.fromRobinson, M. F.188495:301
Mulharen, Thos.fromHeaton, O. N.188596:641
Mulharen, Thos. (Et ux.)toHeaton, O. N.188596:640
Muller, F. J.toMuller, M. W.187978:180
Muller, FrancisfromBaird, Jno.187668:301
Muller, FrancisfromCatlett, Hannah187667:548
Muller, FrancisfromZimmerman, Elias187361:290
Muller, H. F. C.fromBeckman, Jno. C.188597:186
Muller, H. F. C.fromMeyer, Geo. F. C.187667:527
Muller, H. F. C.toMuller, J. H. Herman187565:545
Muller, HarmantoStevick, Lydia A.188598:164
Muller, HermanfromHamon, Adam188190:482
Muller, J. H. HermanfromMeyer, Anna G. K.187565:545
Muller, J. H. HermanfromMuller, H. F. C.187565:545
Muller, M. W.toMcCormick, A. H.188494:230
Muller, M. W.fromMcCormick, A. H.188494:230
Muller, M. W.fromMuller, F. J.187978:180
Muller, MetthatoHildebrand, Ernest185872:407
Muller, NicholastoBrink, H. & M.187979:6
Muller, V. H.fromBaird, Jno.188391:344
Muller, V. H.fromBrooks, Jay A.188494:396
Muller, VictorfromDisler, Henry187771:468
Muller, Victor H.fromEwing, Wm. A. Sr.187564:515
Muller, Victor H.toShuler, J. C.187566:133
Muller, Victor H.fromTytus, Minnesota E.187564:518
Muller, Wm.fromTaylor, John187567:78
Mullet, PeterfromHarvey, Noah (Et al.)188185:344
Mullet, PeterfromSesslabaugh, L. (Et al.)188185:344
Mullet, PeterfromShlabaugh, V.188286:505
Mumma, G. W.fromAuditor188391:7
Mumma, G. W.fromAuditor188391:6
Mumma, G. W.fromBell, John (Et al.)187574:582
Mumma, Geo. W.toBlack, Sophia188394:251
Mumma, Geo. W.fromSimmons, Elias188393:589
Mumma, Geo. W.fromTrustees of M. E. Church, East Liberty187574:582
Mumma, Geo. W. (Et al.)toSprague, R. B.188292:44
Mumma, J. H.toLower, Sylvester188185:31
Mumma, N. J.fromWilliams, Maey E.187879:171
Mumma, WashingtonfromWhipkey, Sarah A.187879:172
Munch, ElizabethfromHoffman, George187977:189
Munch, ElizabethfromHoffman, Gundrum187977:190
Munch, F. E.fromMohr, Mary188287:573
Munch, FranktoMitsderfer, Andrew187673:134
Munch, FrankfromRohrback, Jno.188183:475
Munch, HenryfromHubler, Wm. H.188496:203
Munch, HermanfromMunch, Philip188496:487
Munch, NicholasfromScherer, Christian188182:529
Munch, PhiliptoMunch, Herman188496:487
Mundorff, A. B.toWass, Samuel187771:110
Mundorff, A. B.toWass, Samuel187771:111
Mundorff, HattiefromWass, Samuel W.187771:112
Mundt, Wm.fromBeck, F. J.187463:385
Munn, E. E.toBlair, B. F.188289:8
Munn, E. E.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.188182:271
Munsel, Mary T.toFleming, Wm.186470:219
Munson, C. A.fromAuditor187978:451
Munson, C. A.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:150
Munson, C. A.fromCooper, Eleanor188391:112
Munson, C. A.fromCoroner188185:38
Munson, C. A.fromHazzard, Lewis188289:436
Munson, C. A.fromHobecker, A. m.188497:115
Munson, C. A.fromLasselle, C. E.187978:117
Munson, C. A.fromLininger, J. A.187977:18
Munson, C. A.toLininger, J. A.187977:17
Munson, C. A.toNeireiter, C. & H.188185:82
Munson, C. A.fromPens, E. C.187976:328
Munson, C. A.fromRollman, E.187977:216
Munson, C. A.fromSimonton, E. & J.188080:213
Munson, C. A.toThain, Rosina188391:18
Munson, C. A.fromTrentman, A. C.188182:283
Munson, Charles A.fromAuditor187976:300
Munson, Charles A.fromAuditor187976:302
Munson, Chas. A.fromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188497:87
Munson, Chas. A.fromAuditor187976:302
Munson, Chas. A.fromAuditor187976:300
Munson, Chas. A.fromAuditor188391:25
Munson, Chas. A.fromAuditor188391:265
Munson, Chas. A.fromAuditor188391:267
Munson, Chas. A.fromBass, Jno. H.187975:477
Munson, Chas. A.fromBird, Ann187875:137
Munson, Chas. A.fromBissell, George P. (Trustee)187980:42
Munson, Chas. A.fromConover, A.O. D. (Et al.)187873:490
Munson, Chas. A.fromCooper, Eleanor187874:571
Munson, Chas. A.fromCoroner (Wm. Goeffney) 187875:134
Munson, Chas. A.fromDavis, Chas. G.187873:489
Munson, Chas. A.fromDudley, Wm. W. (Comr.)188080:41
Munson, Chas. A.fromEdsall, Lucy A.187875:90
Munson, Chas. A.fromFleming, Wm.188080:214
Munson, Chas. A.fromGaffney, Wm. (Coroner)187875:134
Munson, Chas. A.fromHabecker, E. (Guard)188496:566
Munson, Chas. A.fromHafeeker, Elias187873:490
Munson, Chas. A.fromHafeeker, Elias (Guard)187873:491
Munson, Chas. A.fromHohing, John J.187976:395
Munson, Chas. A.fromMcDonald, M. H.187976:372
Munson, Chas. A.fromMcDonald, M. H.187976:373
Munson, Chas. A.fromMcDonald, M. H.188391:254
Munson, Chas. A.fromMeyer, Diedrich187873:393
Munson, Chas. A.fromMeyer, Diedrich187874:502
Munson, Chas. A.fromMeyer, Diedrick188080:40
Munson, Chas. A.fromPaul, H. c. (Et al.)188497:87
Munson, Chas. A.toPens, Ernest Conrad187976:244
Munson, Chas. A.fromPens, Ernst Conrad187976:245
Munson, Chas. A.toRodenbeck, F. H.188397:472
Munson, Chas. A.toSchacher, Barbara187978:106
Munson, Chas. A.fromSchacker, Leonard187978:105
Munson, Chas. A.fromSmith, E. B. (Et al.)187873:490
Munson, Chas. A.toTagtmeyer, Wm. (Et ux.)188081:139
Munson, Chas. A.fromWelch, John187978:266
Munson, Chas. A.fromWilmot, Jas. C.187978:403
Munson, Chas. A.toZuber, Nicholas188496:60
Munzer, BarbarafromWalter, Wm. B.187463:19
Murch, Richard H.fromBauer, K. J.187771:256
Murch, Richard H.toBauer, Kajerton J.187873:72
Murchland, Jas.fromMurchland, Wm.188393:405
Murchland, M. A.fromClem, Noah188084:494
Murchland, M. A.toMurchland, Wm.188494:440
Murchland, M. A.toPuntney, Wm.188494:437
Murchland, S. C.fromClem. Pheby188599:124
Murchland, Wm.toMurchland, Jas.188393:405
Murchland, Wm.fromMurchland, M. A.188494:440
Murchland, Wm.fromPuntney, Wm.188494:440
Murchland, Wm.toPuntney, Wm.188494:437
Murchland, Wm.fromStudabaker, David188184:190
Murdoch, A. (Executors)fromFleming, Wm.187979:21
Murphy, A. (Receiver)toGreenwalt, Jesse188496:591
Murphy, A. P.toFoote, M. & J.188290:108
Murphy, A. P.toFoote, M. & J. B.188290:332
Murphy, A. P.fromStopher, J. D.188079:513
Murphy, A. P. (Adm.)toAmstutz, Jacob188393:267
Murphy, A. P. (Adm.)toCarr, Thos.188393:245
Murphy, A. P. (Adm.)toHoover, S. E.188187:399
Murphy, A. P. (Adm.)toLaome, Jessup188494:578
Murphy, Amos W.toArcher, John H.187462:25
Murphy, Amos W.fromKing, Chas. A. & F. J.187364:566
Murphy, BridgetfromNinde, Fred F.188495:422
Murphy, BridgettoSmith, Thos. C.188496:85
Murphy, DennistoClifford, Jos.188288:540
Murphy, DennisfromCommissioners by Partition187975:439
Murphy, DennistoGallagher, A.188080:505
Murphy, EdwardtoEuyle, Amiel187259:443
Murphy, EdwardtoMamrix, Thomas187564:438
Murphy, EdwardfromMurphy, Ellen187668:136
Murphy, ElinorfromGrime, Geo. E.187568:434
Murphy, EllenfromCommissioners by Partition187975:439
Murphy, EllentoFrance, J. S. (Et al.)188289:534
Murphy, EllenfromMannix, Thomas187565:474
Murphy, EllentoMurphy, Edward187668:136
Murphy, Ellen (Dec)toBrown, Mary188085:571
Murphy, Geo.fromCook, Reuben187574:182
Murphy, Geo.toDailey, Samuel187877:55
Murphy, Geo.toDever, John187874:147
Murphy, Geo.toMaxfield, O. W.187774:183
Murphy, Geo. (Et al.)toMcCormick, Martha187877:54
Murphy, GeorgetoDever, John187875:243
Murphy, GeorgetoGarman, Enoch188495:106
Murphy, J. D.toClifford, Jos.188288:538
Murphy, Jno.toGallagher, A.188288:484
Murphy, Jno. J.fromFairfield, C. K.188183:328
Murphy, Jno. J.toKing, E. M.188183:305
Murphy, JohnfromCommissioners by Partition187975:439
Murphy, M. A.toMariotte, Louisa188287:458
Murphy, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition187975:439
Murphy, Mary A.fromHenderon, Geo. H.187668:450
Murphy, MichaeltoMyers, Fred188495:240
Murphy, N. H.fromHartzell, Chas. A.188393:205
Murphy, NormandafromCommissioner in Partition188496:338
Murphy, Robert W.fromGrund, Phillip R.187462:475
Murphy, Robert W.toTrustees of H. Lodge No. 19 I. O. O. F.187673:79
Murphy, Robt. W.toHenderson, Geo. H.187668:447
Murphy, Robt. W.toTrustees Harmony Lodge I. O. O. F.18769:130
Murphy, VirginiafromArcher, John H.187467:138
Murphy, Wm.toPugh, Jas. M.188083:169
Murray, Geo. S.fromVordermark, Ernst187975:558
Murray, J. E. & L. E.fromKnight, A. H.188397:105
Murray, JanefromHough, Sarah D.188082:268
Murray, Jane (Et al.)toAldrich, C. H.188393:110
Murray, Jane (Et al.)toDills, Thos. J.188393:109
Murray, Jane (Et al.)toKerr Murray Mcfg. Co.188183:387
Murray, Jane (Et al.)toMorganthaler, P. & E. G.188184:36
Murray, Jno.toFisher, Regina188496:543
Murray, KerrfromClark, David P.187464:188
Murray, L. E.fromHamilton, Jno. W.188497:93
Murray, L. E. &J. E.toHamilton, J. W. & J. D.188497:106
Murray,Jane (Et al.)fromMorganthaler, E. G.188184:46
Muson, C. A.fromRandall, P. A.188182:284
Muson, Chas. A.fromBarrett, J. M.188497:87
Muson, Chas. A.fromRobinson, F. C. (Et al.)187873:490
Muson, Chas. A.fromSheriff188289:64
Musser, JacobfromScheiman, Conrad187565:354
Muthlenbruch, MarthatoMeyer, John F. W.187976:119
Muzarin, J. B.toZwahlen, Melanie188185:552

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